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National Tire & Battery (NTB) Reviews

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Reviewed Jan. 14, 2023

I brought my car in 1/14 for a routine oil change at 9:30AM. 5 hours later I am still here because ** “accidentally” drained my transmission fluid in my Hyundai instead of the oil. Apparently not only did they mess my car up, they don’t have the proper machines to fix it. They went next door to another shop to ask them if they could help put the transmission fluid back in the car. The other shop told them I would have to wait until 5PM until they are able to help me. I will be pursuing legal action especially since my transmission was drained without my permission as well as the fact NTB is no longer able to service the vehicle. This is at 14814 Baltimore Avenue Laurel Maryland 20707.

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2023

I reserved time and dropped my car at 9:00 AM. I got my car at 7:30 PM. For scheduled maintenance. No explanation no follow-up calls why it takes that long. When I called in myself- only answer, "We will have your car ready end of the day by 6 PM." At 6:00 PM, I went to pick up my car - it was not ready. They gave me keys at 7 PM. I asked if they change the Oil, front desk person said no. To my question, "Didn't you check your computer records what my car is due for." He said, "It does not work that way." I demanded to change oil- they rush changed oil in record 20 minutes? It takes longer than that just completely flush old one. Thus I suspect, they did poor job. To my concern that it took too short and I am not sure if they did good job, this person told me "next time you come, I'll decline you". I said, "You won't have to - you just lost a customer." I had high opinion about NTB, but one person ruined it.

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2022

I recently used this company's website to locate and schedule the installation of two tires. There were 2 options for continuing to schedule service - one was pay in store, and the other one was contactless payment, which is the option I chose, since I wasn't going to be with my husband when he went for installation. I had to input my credit card information, though the website does state that the card won't be charged until service is complete.

Today, my husband went to get the tires installed and the local NTB told him they didn't have my credit card information on file and that I would have to call them and give them that information over the phone once the tires were installed. I see zero reason for having to put that information into this company's website if it's not going to be processed when the service is complete. Now I'm going to have to turn around and give out this information over the phone, to someone working in the local store. Save yourself the time and just deal directly with the local store and skip the website!!

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Reviewed Nov. 4, 2022

I went to the Nolensville Rd NTB and was in and out in no time, the staff was professional and friendly.. I'd recommend them to all my family and friends.. You won't be disappointed with the prices...

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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2022

I took my vehicle to the National Tire and Battery shop located in Houston, Texas for a simple oil change. A couple of days later all the oil in my vehicle leaked out resulting a total destruction of my engine. I spoke with the NTB manager and she contacted a claims adjuster with a insurance company named Sedgwick. Since then I have heard very little from NTB or Sedgwick, and when I finally heard anything from them it was via an email in which Sedgwick's claims department stated that they do not share inspection reports with anyone (including the actual customer) and as a result I am left without transportation through no fault of my own. I warn anyone if they are thinking about bringing their vehicle to NTB for a simple oil change.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2022

Booked a 1:00pm appointment to have 4 tires put on vehicle. 2:30 and vehicle hasn’t even been touched and there is no one else waiting for service. Don’t waste your time at this location, they are obviously in no hurry to do any work but willing to overcharge you.

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Reviewed July 8, 2022

If I could give this store in Marion Ohio a -5 I would. As someone who works in the people field I would recommend highly HIGHLY staying away from this store. I ordered from Tire Rack and had 4 brand new EXPENSIVE tires sent to this store as I am from out of town and didn’t know which “service provider” in Marion from another. I NOW know Katz Tires is the place to go!!

In short I met my daughter at my Mother/Brother-in-Law's place (who live in Marion) to get my tires put on. As well because I was meeting my daughter there WHO also has her own car. I thought it would be a great time to get hers in and have the tires rotated AND to fix a leak in one of the tires. Mmmm? NEVER AGAIN! I actually went in to the store in person the day BEFORE the appointment and asked them if they could simply rotate my daughter's tires and check for the leak. Their famous last words… "Sure! Bring it in and leave it and we will be happy take care of that for you." So suffice to say more than two days later and numerous calls and check backs….I finally was able to pick it up on the FOLLOWING morning. They assured me it would get done.

So I go the next day….(giving them until 11:00 am July 08, 2022.) So I get there and they assure me…”all fixed and ready to go”——It was not. Come to find out they simply rotated the tires and put them back on. After leaving we notice all the ABS lights and tire pressure light on….Good grief!! Turned it around and asked them to FIX what they told me they had fixed that morning. They checked the tire in question and sure enough it was 10 pounds low AFTER they gave it back to me and told me everything was “good to go.”

When I asked them if they did what I had asked them two of them started arguing with each other and questioning IF it got done. Final conclusion—- it did not. So here’s the rub….I would have never written this review but even after all that….they refused to pull me in and fix what they said they had already fixed. After waiting outside in the rain for nearly 30 minutes I went in and asked WHEN they were going to get it in. The young man at the counter (didn’t catch his name but had a partial beard) proceeded to tell me I didn’t have an appointment and that was the reason I had to wait!?!? What!?

I did get agitated with him and raised my voice. However I never swore or was nasty to him but he quickly yelled back at me….”Look give me 5 minutes and I’ll get to it”….I asked him if he understood my frustration which he continued to say I didn’t have an appointment. Good Grief! He actually told me to time him….5 minutes he said. After 30 minutes I just left and took it to Katz. Thank GOD for Katz….Within 10 minutes that had me in found that it had a bad sensor and replaced it. It is obvious the people you have working at this store just do NOT care about quality and/or the customer in any way.

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Reviewed April 11, 2022

#NTBsucks. 9:30 appointment for brakes and oil change. Car didn’t even get looked at till almost 1:00. 4:00 and car is still not done yet because they overbooked appointments. Even the person working the front of the store admitted their online system caused them to overbook. And all corporate 800# would do it offer me $150 coupon, and tell me, “I’ve had to wait for my barber appointment because he gets backed up, it happens.” Except your barber doesn’t have your transportation, you can leave.

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Reviewed March 25, 2022

I tried to do my homework before getting new tires installed on my truck.. Per the NTB website they had tires that were $200.00 per tire.. This was an acceptable amount so I requested two be ordered and set an appointment for a week later. The Thursday before my appointment I was called and advised that they didn't have the tires in and none were available in my area.. I asked what was available? After some research an off website brand was offered.. I thought at the same price.. The only tires that could be found now were $375.00 each.. This was a serious gouge to my wallet. They offer "price matching" but that was no where near the same amount as the increase in tire cost.. Then there was the tire pressure sensors that were installed but not set?? Low Tire Pressure warning is still going off.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2022

I would give them 0 stars if I could. Took car in for safety inspection and they told us we needed new tires, brakes, and rotors all around. They were not expecting my husband (who is an engineer) to do it himself because the brakes and rotors were well within acceptable limits (published by PA DOT). We told the technician and showed them the old brake pads. No plausible explanation for the inspection failure was provided. They agreed they were within limits but came up with excuses like "they are allowed significant discretion in failing the brakes" (they can fail good brakes). They also claimed they removed all the pads for inspection which is very suspect for a $40 inspection. These inspections are being falsely rejected due to incompetence or to drum up business. It cost us money and time to put on new brakes that did NOT need to be done. We gave them a chance to rectify the situation but they failed to do so.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2021

Bought new tires for motorhome. At install there was poor work done and had to go back. One tire went flat with only 6000 miles. Took back to original store with appointment. Over 2 hours later rude employee stated tire was road hazard. I drove the vehicle and did not hit anything. When challenged the "Service Writer" just walked off. Never spoke with a manager but they had me. I had to buy a new tire. Alton, IL store is bad! I will never buy another tire from NTB or have any service!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 19, 2021

We have been going to the local NTB in East Brainerd, Chattanooga, TN for years. These guys are not only reliable but honest and have never tried to screw us over. The place is always clean and tidy and they take respect in what they do.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2021

Not honest. They refused to do oil change because they are super busy and since I had an appointment they wanted me to do a check engine light first. I had many oil change at this store with engine light on my 2 odyssey’s and one accord. Not trustworthy store especially the manager. Will never come back again or recommend people to use their service.

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Reviewed Sept. 4, 2021

The overall service regardless of the location is not what it once was. No professionalism or company customer service training is apparent. There is no consistency in how the service advisors communicate and you never know who is in charge or who the store manager on duty is. I recently purchased a new set of tires and the next day found a missing lug nut and 2 other lug nuts that needed to be torqued. I called and they ask me to bring it in to check the torque for safety but denied the loose lug nuts and did not own up to the missing lug nut. They also don't have adequate records on file for your registered vehicles. I'm a long time customer and spend thousands with NTB yearly. I'm looking for a new service provider.

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Reviewed July 24, 2021

I felt compelled to leave this review because of the horrible customer service I received from the manager name ** from the 5890 Brook Rd. 23227 location today. I ordered 4 tires from a merchant on Ebay and purchased the installation service from Ebay as well via NTB. The wrong tire size was ordered incorrectly by me. The manager acted like he wanted to assist me with returning the tires via FedEx so he took pictures of the tires, email them to me and printed out the return shipping label. I noticed a few weeks had gone past but the tires hadn't reach the original merchant so I called the manager again. He says the tires have been sitting at his store for 2 weeks and he didn't know what to do with them.

I ask him politely why he didn't just give them to FedEx. He said it wasn't his job to contact FedEx for the return pickup. The manager knew I was not in the state but acted like it was too much trouble for him to make sure the tires got shipped. Fedex and UPS drop off packages at his store daily but it was too much like right to just gave them to next Fedex pick up driver. I'm sure they do this all the time for their customers. After all this I still took the responsibility and called Fedex and schedule a pick up the next day but when I called the store manager back he then again blew me off and lied that FedEx never came by to pickup the tires. At this point I was extremely upset that this manager didn't care or take any responsibility to help me. He then tried to blame FedEx and hung the phone up on me.

I called NTB location not far from his location and they said normally they contact FedEx for the customer which sounded exactly what I expected and explained what happened at the other location and this manager was very sorry for what occurred. I ended up having to get my 80 year old Mom to go by and get my tires and reschedule a pickup from her house. Totally unacceptable customer service from NTB management at 5890 Brook Rd. 23227. I also contacted the district manager Mr. ** about this horrible ordeal. Never again will I use NTB!

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Reviewed June 14, 2021

Caylin one of the staff/managers was helping us with the diagnosis. While explaining things to me we touched on a warranty issues and he suggested, to check out my warranty and find if the engine problems might be covered. I checked and found out that the intake and exhaust solenoids were covered by my warranty and the Chevy dealer also found that the timing and balancing chain were also bad and needed to be replaced also covered by warranty. I can't thank Caylin enough for suggesting that I check on the warranty. Also Amanda working the front desk, was so busy and working basically alone but she did it with grace, professionalism, finesse.

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Reviewed June 13, 2021

So, I had a tire emergency in Anderson, SC. I took my vehicle in for a new tire installation. I dropped the vehicle off for the service. Shortly after, I received a call from the store. My wheels have security lugs on the rims and they needed the special socket to loosen the lug nuts. I told them it was either in the glove box or in the rear storage compartment. The store closes at 6 pm and I received a call that it was ready around 5:45. I went to pick the vehicle up, was rushed out because it was bordering on 6 pm. I paid for the service and proceeding to leave. I stopped for shopping and as I was closing my vehicle up, I noticed something. What I noticed was black grease all over the inside of my beige leather interior... driver's seat, passenger seat, glove box front, armrests, carpet and door handles...

I immediately called the store. The employee just told me to get it detailed and they would cover it, that he didn't have time to deal with it....a somewhat nice gesture but I have kept the interior of this car in near mint condition for the five years I have owned it. I have been assured by a professional detailer that while the grease will probably come off the leather, the stitching will be permanently stained. This is far from over with NTB. If you live in the Anderson area, please beware...

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Reviewed May 23, 2021

This shop knows nothing about car mechanics. Moreover, after they messed up my car, I escalated to corporate expecting to deal with civil people. Corporate said: okay we messed up your car but we will not refund you. Do not expect to be dealing with a corporation when you're dealing with NTB, it's only a cover they use to convince customers that this is a corporation that is concerned about customer satisfaction. They have actually told me: okay we did this wrong to your car and we will not compensate. Another person in corporate told me: it is your mistake that you chose a shop like NTB. I will sue them soon. Read about how many people have sued them before you deal with them, cause they have zero sense of accountability if they do something wrong with your car.

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Reviewed May 18, 2021

NTB in Port Royal is experiencing a workforce shortage, I was not going to sit for hours and wait, and was going elsewhere; It is only thanks to Tin **’s professionalism and management that work was done in a reasonable time frame. He did a great job balancing the shortage and adapting to customer’s needs. It takes brains and a lot of work ethic to succeed. I hope management appreciates him, I can't say that in 20 years of coming over to NTB I have had such professional treatment.

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Reviewed April 27, 2021

It was my first time there to get a oil change. I had a great experience. The store was clean, great customer service, professional, very detailed and they take pride in their work. The staff is friendly as well.

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Reviewed April 25, 2021

This is what I just put on Facebook about our work truck ok. Had NTB change 4 tires aligner the work van on Thursday. Shook real bad. They rec'd it at 11 this morning. I called at 3:40. They close at 4. They were just taking it back in the shop. Not a sound. Bad review to say the least! They are a real bad store. Will update after I get the truck back! Bet is is not today. I do need it tomorrow.

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Reviewed March 31, 2021

Howard and his coworkers were fast and very professional, great customer service, this was the Pflugerville one, will be going back for sure, very satisfied!??. I will recommend this location to my friends, very clean too! Love everything overall!

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Reviewed March 30, 2021

Took my car in for a simple flat tire. Taken into Harbison site in Irmo South Carolina. Quoted tire price of $65. When went to pay, the price was around 140. They called me from the shop to tell me that I needed a full set of tires, as the current ones were dry rotted and down to metal thread showing. I knew this was not true, as I had had the car inspected about 1000 miles ago, and tires passed inspection, and I had check them before I took them in. Move-in try to upsell me on On numerous services costing an additional thousand dollars. Beware!

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Reviewed March 3, 2021

My son took my car there on 2/2/21. Got service. One of the workers dropped my vehicle down and caused damage. I am very upset. It is now 3/2/21 a month later and they still have not paid for the damages on my car. An adjuster contacted me on 2/11/21 to come to my home to look at my vehicle. Kevin ** came out on 2/12/21 and inspected my vehicle. I received a call last week from the claims stating they will send someone out to inspection my vehicle. I advised this man it has been done already and it’s poor communication.

I received a call on 3/2/21 from a third party company stating they need to set up an inspection. I contacted the claims to see what is going on. No return call. I am very upset and. Will be contacting my attorney to get this settled. A person at NTB tires damaged my car and I want to be reimbursed for the damages their employee did. I am seeking damages for stress and inconvenience. My car is damaged and I should not have to suffer due to a inexperienced worker. I will never recommended anyone to do service with this company.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2021

This NTB was in sc. Where there is no longer inspections on cars. I was told from ntb that state law will not allow a plug on a tire that has so much percentage wear. Such a lie just to make a sale. Avoid ntb. They are dishonest. And people should not bring their business to dishonest businesses.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

** and ** along with the group of gentleman who work at 9255 Berger Rd of Columbia MD, I say Kudos and thank you for your honesty, professionalism and for being concerned about my safety. I bought a 2006 Chevy Colorado, with 53,000 miles, while the body and inside of my truck is in superb condition, however under my truck, my brakes were in shambles, along with other things. The gentleman told me, he could fix the brakes and rotors, but he would feel bad just bandage the problem, which was my bolts, shields, etc. My car was there 4 days, which was worth it, because I feel safe driving my vehicle, and I added value. Thank you for taking care of my first fabulous truck! Look them up in Columbia MD on Berger road.

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2021

1) I just received a CARFAX survey. The survey lists the work I had done on my vehicle. I purchased rear brakes and 2 new rotors. However, the invoice indicated they had the rotors turned. I asked about this when I paid the invoice. I was told, "That is how we write up 2 new rotors. It's done so the tech can get paid." I plan to sell my car in the next year. CARFAX has inaccurate information due to your store policy.

2) I brought my vehicle in for a brake check. I was called at home and advised I needed front and rear brakes and rear shocks. The rear shocks needed to be replaced due to a leak. I drove back to the store to see for myself. The tech advised me Toyota recommends replacing the shocks at 85k miles and my car has 87k miles. No leak.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2020

I went to NTB on 11/9 because my tire sensor was on. They told me I needed tires so I bought 4 new tires. When I got ready to leave the sensor light was still on. I got out and asked the guy why the light was still on. He said it would go off on its own. Week later light still on so I took it back. The guy said whoever told me that was incorrect so he told me to take it around to the garage and the guy will set it.

The guy came out to check it. He came out with some kind of device. Within 5 minutes he tell me I need a rear tire sensor. I asked them why they didn't do that when I brought it in there instead of buying 4 tires. He said he wasn't there that day. Everybody blaming someone else. He told me to go back and talk to the guy inside so I did. I'm asking him why they didn't fix it when I brought it in. That's was the reason I came in for and I probably didn't need no tires them. He telling me how much it was going to cost. At this point I'm pissed. I told him, I had spend all that money on tires. Now you want me to spend more money?" At this point I told him I was leaving before I pull him from behind the counter. Nobody have money to be spending like that. NTB 405 Home Dr. Pittsburgh, PA 15275.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2020

Made appointment for oil change 24 hours in advance. Still waiting after 2 hours and twenty mins. Will never be back. Rated a 1 because zero wasn’t an option. Watching technician work, I don’t believe he was qualified to do this service.

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Reviewed Sept. 27, 2020

I would like to thank Smitty and Bryan at the SAVANNAH HWY location. These 2 guys are "Johnny on the spot" literally for our business and customers. I have NEVER been dissatisfied with any service "Smitty" and his team of service technicians have performed on any of our vehicles. Doesn't matter the make or model.... They get the job done professionally and in superb timing fashion. They will always be our go to for all services needed. Thanks again guys.

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