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General Motors

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Last updated: Sept. 26, 2017

18 General Motors Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

Purchased used vehicle in 2015. 1 year later transmission failed (2008 Saturn Vue XR). Turns out to be 3-5-r waveplate. Part was not heat treated to spec in this year’s vehicle (faulty part). Should have been a recall for this problem. GM finally honored coverage of said repairs but only 120,000 miles or less. My vehicle had 123,000 miles when this happened. GM would not honor repairs even though the said faulty part was installed into transmission during assembly.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

I have a 2014 Chev Sonic, all 4 wheels are rusted, I went to the GM dealer and he told me that it was poor quality metal because they were made in Korea. Needed to contact GM. After 2 weeks of no news, I contacted GM customer service. They would check into it, 3 weeks later they told me there was no warranty but the dealer would paint them. The dealer said we would order the paint. That was in late June. They have still not contacted me. I went back last week to the dealer because the top center of the rubber steering wheel is worn smooth, not cover and no explication as why. I worked for GM dealers for 37 years and have seen a lot that was passed under warranty that should not have. The car is under 3 years old and less than 50,000 kilometers. I was a GM man all my life but that is over now. Never again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

    I talked to a GM "ambassador" about getting off-warranty work done this month. My 2005 GMC Canyon warranty was extended to 2013 or 160,000km because of valve problems. My vehicle had 108,946km on it when the check engine light came. A Tirecraft shop examined the truck and said I had burnt valves. I phoned the GM rep and was told to take it to a GM dealership to confirm that. The dealership charged me $368.98 to confirm what Tirecraft had diagnosed for only $221.66. The dealership said that they would only knock 5% off the $6000 repair bill. GM knows how much these repairs cost so the company rep should have been up front with me about what could be done before I took the truck in. I wasted my time as the repairs are more than my truck is worth. GM had no plans to help me even before I brought my truck in.

    Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

    I took my vehicle (2012 Equinox) to the dealership to have my piston rings replaced due to a recall. After having them replaced there was a noise coming from under the hood. I asked the dealership what was this noise, after having my vehicle for a month I was told that the noise is coming from a Vacuum which comes from the pistons not working properly. I was told that I must pay for this to be fixed because its not under warranty. My problem is that if the piston rings caused this and there's a recall for this, then the Vacuum problem should be in recall as well. I contacted GM and they told me the same thing the dealership said but added that this has not been seen in all vehicles. How many have to have this problem for GM to make it their priority? Not fair to pay for something that was caused by a recall!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2017

    I purchased a 2015 Silverado in December 2015. Advertised MPG is 17/18 City and 21 HWY. According to my calculations AND the truck computer, it averages less than 11 MPG and has never averaged more than 12-13. Even on a long trip, the best MPG I have ever gotten has been in the 14 range. I took it to my dealer and was told that this is consistent with many trucks they see while others get better gas mileage; apparently lots of variation. Important to note that GM has been sued via class action on many other categories of vehicles for the exact same issue and has had to pay large settlements to owners.

    I also have a very expensive feature that I paid for called "Radio Time shift." It is a DVR in the radio... one can rewind any radio station up to 15 minutes if you do not change the channel to listen to songs again. The feature does not work. Took to dealer and was told that there is no fix for the problem, in fact GM has a bulletin "PIC6110B: Timeshift Audio Playback Choppy Distorted." Apparently, this is a widespread problem. This "Time shift" feature / option was removed from all GM models the following year (2017).

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 16, 2017

    GM customer care and service department are awful. On May 20th, I purchased a 2016 Camaro 2SS with 2700 miles on it. By May 30th it was acting up and in the shop for warranty work. It is now June 16th, and the dealership still has my car. And that is GM's fault. After a week the dealership was stumped and began requesting assistance from GM. After two weeks of still being stumped, the dealership began requesting a field engineer, since they had not been able to diagnose the issue in over two weeks. GM will not give them an answer.

    It's a less than one year old car with 2700 miles on it and it's been in the shop now for three weeks straight and counting, don't you think at this point it's an issue worth expediting? It's not an old car. It has very low mileage and should not have any issues. It's an almost $50,000 car for goodness sake. But in GM fashion they won't move until my attorney contacts them about a lemon law suit, and a civil suit for car payments, registration, taxes, loss of use, and being overall terrible to work with. Oh well, I guess GM doesn't care about another lemon on their record and another lawsuit lost.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 1, 2017

    Two weeks ago my engine light came on on my 2004 Chevrolet SSR. I took it in for routine maintenance and to have the light checked. About 10 days later, the Dealer contacted me and told me that they were unavailable to obtain the part needed and consequently, the engine light would not go off. The result of the light's staying on is that I am completely unable to use my eight year old vehicle which has fewer than 80,000 miles! I am unable to get the vehicle inspected, unable to sell it and if I were to drive it and something major went wrong I wouldn't know it because the light stays on!

    General Motors solution was to give me a list of "internal websites?" in order for me to search for the part myself. I had previously searched approximately twenty sites and a friend who owns a salvage yard is searching salvage yards for me. I have now searched another 29 internet sites GM provided to me and six salvage yards. When I bought this vehicle, I paid between $50,000 and $60,000 for it. It was the first vehicle I had ever bought by myself (following my husband's death). I am wondering if anyone has experience with suing GM over something like this. I consider this vehicle completely unusable and had planned to keep it until passing it down to a child of mine.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 20, 2017

    Bought brand New in 2011, my wife LOVES it. 2016, Exhaust Manifold & Catalytic Converter cracked. My wife brought it in. Dealer, Goldstein Buick GMC; Albany, NY; was going to charge $3000+ to replace. They Told her there was NO recall with this fix. A third party garage did the work for $1500. I called GMC and was told would 'NOT' be reimbursed because work was done at third party garage. The Rep told me, "Wait a Minute, the garage is not Warranted. "THE TRUCK" is Warranted! Plus, we just saved you Half the Price for the job! Goldstein Buick GMC was going to charge us over $3000!" I looked up online and found 10 recalls with the Terrain. My wife found a letter claim form in her glove box. We filled it out and sent it in with the receipt. Still waiting for a refund. One week later; The Transmission & Transfer Case catastrophic, Mechanical Breakdown. Manufacture Defect. 55,000 miles!! GMC-JUNK. Fighting again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 17, 2017

    In October of 2016 the engine light came on, and it was discovered to have been caused by the mass airflow system. I had this part replaced but within a few days the light was on again. I brought the car back to the shop and the part was replaced a second time. Upon test drive, the light again came back on. A third part was ordered and replaced. When the light came on for the fourth time, my mechanic ran through the wiring system but did not find anything out of the ordinary. He ran checks on the gas pedal and various other sensors. He then deduced that the problem was not with any of the sensors, nor any of the mechanical systems in the vehicle. He thought it might be the ECM, but advised me to bring the car to Central Chevrolet to have them look deeper into the issue.

    The Astra was taken to Central Chevrolet, where they subsequently ran diagnostics and discovered that the ECM was, in fact, bad. I inquired about purchasing an ECM from a parts site that I will not name, but was informed that GM would be unable to or would not program the computer unless it was an OEM part. At this point, my hands were tied. I would have to spend $700 on the part if I wanted my car to run properly again. I bit the bullet and told them to go ahead and move forward with the repair.

    Central Chevrolet received the part and assigned one of their GM technicians to begin the programming. As the process neared completion, the ECM was bricked. A second ECM was purchased and a second, more qualified GM tech was assigned to do the programming. He was on the phone with either a TAC or TISS representative I can't recall which and together they went through the programming process step by step. Again, the programming failed toward the end and bricked the part. It was not until after this second part failed that GM decided to inform the service department at Central Chevrolet that the pre-2009 Saturn software for this part is no longer available.

    So here I am now, six months after the engine light first came on and at least six weeks without my vehicle. As I was without the car for several days here and there for troubleshooting between October and March, the inconvenience is even greater. How can GM just let software go away for a car that is not even ten years old? It's software, it's not like it's taking up a bunch of space in a warehouse somewhere. Additionally, how does GM sell a part to a repair shop TWICE without advising that the software required to make it work no longer exists? And then to wait until AFTER the second part bricks?

    I called GM's customer service line and spoke with Joe, who sent me to Shaneva. Shaneva informed me that she would call Central Chevrolet for more details, and that I would have to wait 24-72 hours before receiving an update. The call came at the 72nd hour. When Shaneva informed me that in lieu of a resolution, I was being offered an Owner's Loyalty Certification, I asked to be directed to a supervisor. I was told my call would be returned within 24-48 hours. I received no response within that time frame, and I actually had to call back again.

    I have since retrieved my car from Central Chevrolet. It is now in much worse condition than it was when I brought it in, and the vehicle is simply not safe to drive. I expected the original issue to still be a problem. I did NOT expect to be left with a car that I can no longer drive AT ALL! I have been a GM customer/vehicle owner for over 20 years, and I have never had a problem, until now. I am extremely disappointed in the way this situation has been unfolding. When I purchase a car, I expect it to get old and to need repairs. I also expect to have the choice of whether to make those repairs. In this situation, not only do I have no choice, but GM has the gall to offer me an Owner's Loyalty Certificate with the expectation that I would purchase another GM product.

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    Original review: April 19, 2017

    I own a 09 Saturn Vue and have been pretty happy with it till now. My Saturn seems to be having transmission problems, the gears keep getting stuck which causing the engine light to come but after a day or two it goes away on its own. I experienced this problem now twice. Found a letter from Saturn stating some models had a fractured wave plate which would cause tranny to slip gears, low 3rd or 4th gear etc.

    I took my car to GM to drop-off service. Advisor tells me I would pay 120 if it wasn't the wave plate. I get a call today stating they need me to authorize a 1600 charge for them taking apart my transmission which it could be under warranty or it could be not. Long story short I would not authorize that since I was never told that when I first came in. The manager was arguing with my boyfriend and I left with my Saturn Vue being untouched. They didn't even care that my car could possibly have that issue and they would have to honor that at no charge. So they try to get money another way. Sneaky GM. It's sad they won't even look at the car that's a Product of their GM motors. Horrible!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 31, 2017

    Timing chain defective product. 2010 Cadillac SRX 63k Cadillac dealer certified - told GM has recalled earlier years, product development issue! Needs a RECALL and EXTENDED WARRANTY. Told cost is 2600.00.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    I paid thousands for the GM extended warranty protection plan to get denied on a catalytic converter that is shot. The vehicle is 2 years old and under the federal emissions act warranty and even under my extended warranty. Nowhere on that protection plan paperwork states this would not be covered. I called GM direct and got a run around stating the vehicle was used and that is why it’s getting denied. Then their next excuse was in their records I was a third owner of the vehicle which is not fact. I'm the only owner of the vehicle. Then I get “We cannot help you due to you exceeded the miles by 6K so sorry.”

    Now I have a bill in the thousands after shelling thousands out upfront first so I would be protected from incidences like this. My vehicle is a 2014 Chevy Cruze with 86K miles. I purchased it certified used with 8k miles. I have an extended GM warranty that covers up to 108K miles. Instead GM and the GM Extended Warranty Protection Plan denied my case. I am now seeking the attorney general. Also GM refused to give me my case number.

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    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    I bought a new vehicle 2014 Chevy Camaro with a v6 3.7 engine and GM didn't think it was necessary to install a low oil sensor in their engines. Recently I changed my oil as I have always on time when prompted to. And replaced oil filter cap and the o-ring did not seal properly so needless to say without any warning lights or anything the engine pumped out 5 1/2 quarts of much needed 6 total of my oil. Didn't realize anything was wrong until the engine started making a loud noise. Of course GM says they're not responsible for this mistake because I changed my own oil. But I ask GM why I can buy a $99 lawn mower with a low oil sensor in the engine to protect my investment but a $26,000 Camaro does not have a low oil sensor in the engine to protect my investment. I said even if I fix the car myself this can happen again.

    I have always been a Chevy man but this just makes no sense to me why they would not invest another $20-$30 to protect what the dealer said will cost me now at least $9500 for a new engine, which I totally disagree with because it's only ticking and may not need a new engine but for now and the next 4-5 yrs. I'll be paying very high payments on a yellow lemon yard ornament... this should be a recall. There's no excuse for this type of manufacturing, very disappointed in the brand I've bragged about for many years. If this is their best they can build for consumers, they should stop building cars. At this point, I can promise I will always tell people about the warning of the disrespect for consumer investment that GM does not care one damn bit about you after you purchase their product. Thank you, Rick... a very disappointed consumer.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

    On October 28 I made a deal to purchase a new 2017 GMC crew cab 1500 Z71. At that time I put a thousand dollars down to hold the vehicle and signed a contract stating the price will not change unless come November 1 GMC changes any rebates. On November 1st I called my salesman to let him know I was coming in November 2nd to pay cash for the truck and asked for a total amount due including tax and title, which at the time was CONFIRMED as being the AGREED amount when I put money down to hold the truck because the rebates had not changed November 1st by General Motors.

    When I came in to pay for the truck November 2nd the price had increased over $2400.00 which Dennis Dillon stated GMC had actually taken off some cash back incentive on that particular VIN #... I asked for a meeting to speak with upper management which I could not get for a few days stating he had sent a text of the situation at hand... My salesman said it would not make a difference and the price was not going to adjust and basically either buy it or don't. They sell so many vehicles daily it won't matter what was signed and agreed upon previously because this is General Motors' doings and out of Dennis Dillon control.

    I personally feel my wife and I were mislead and there is some dishonesty involved because when all the rebates were presented to me and my wife at the time of money collected and a signed purchase agreement to hold the truck, never was this hidden GMC rebate EVER discussed nor a factor in the pricing of the vehicle???? So I had GMC accessories installed on the truck before I picked it up and set up the way I wanted it and we still bought the truck!!! Figuring we would get some answers from the dealership later when we reached out or GMC on their survey report which I still have not received?!! It was a horrible experience especially being a Ford consumer switching to General Motors.

    I have reached out to upper management at Dennis Dillon since the purchase trying to get an honest response to my concerns and I have yet to be contacted back after several attempts, even after filling out their survey they sent for my experience! I would like to see if there is ANYONE at General Motors that can explain this to me as being true or if Dennis Dillon was being dishonest throwing General Motors under the Rug as the bad guy to increase a sale. If not then why was this hidden rebate by General Motors never mentioned as a potential rebate I could lose come the first of November affecting the price change of the vehicle by over $2400.00? Had I known this I would have purchased the vehicle before November 1st because my salesman said he highly doubted the rebates to change.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

    I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado. Transmission went out 200 miles out of warranty. Never hauled or pulled anything out of the ordinary or out of what the specs allow for the truck. Obviously being a issue with transmission before the warranty was up, GM refuses any assistance at all. Said because I didn't buy it from a GM dealership, there is nothing they will do. So please be very careful buying any GM vehicle from anyone. They will not stand behind what they make, and you will be treated the same way I was.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

    My transmission failed in my Saturn close to 100,000 miles. I bought a remanufactured transmission from GM which cost over $5,000 dollars. Over $1,200 to install. Lasted 16 months and 9,400 miles. GM/Saturn said I'm over the year so although I'm so far under the mileage they said "sorry can't help you". 9,400 miles for over $6,000 dollars. They are selling us defective items and stealing our money. Shame on them and I hope all future consumers boycott GM. They could care less about you and are ripping us off. No more GM products and I'm spreading the word to all friends, family, and any way I can get the word out. Everyone I know can't believe how they treat people. Shame on all of you and I hope no one is stupid enough to bail you out again. You don't deserve it.

    Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

    I recently ordered and Purchased a Camaro. Unfortunately I was in car accident, therefore I had to have my new camaro repaired. I took it to a chevy dealership to have all the repairs done. Three weeks ago the dealership ordered black rally stripe decals to go on the hood of the Camaro. The dealership still has not had an expected date of arrival from GM on when the stripes will arrive. I could have had my car back three weeks ago all completed. I do not understand why it takes this long to make black rally stripes that goes on the hood of a Camaro and have them shipped to the proper place in a timely manner.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

    Just got off the highway thank God and the brakes went completely out. Putting me and my children in danger because the car wouldn't stop sending me into oncoming traffic to avoid hitting cars in front of me. This is horrible that GM won't do anything about this problem.

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