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General Motors, also called GM, is a major national auto manufacturer of trucks, SUVs, crossovers and vans under several different brands. Read reviews for their models:

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General Motors Reviews

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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

On August 18, 2023 no warnings did my car give. I was driving. I lost power to no gas, no brakes to driving like this for five minutes to shutting down to error message shift to park. I continue to get the shift to park message. Thank God I'm alive. I wrote to the CEO & Craig Golden to a no reply. They never replied to me. I did my own studies to know 2018 Chevy Malibu have defects and GM is keeping these defects hidden.

I have asked GM to fix, replace, repurchase my car. This is the only car I have and they refuse my requests. How my car shuts down is how I love to see GM shut down. I could have injured or kill myself in this car. Please help me. This is my only car and I'd hate for 2018 Chevy Malibu owners get hurt in their car or die in their car. Thank you for your time and consideration. Shut GM down.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2023

Updated on 09/29/2023: After experiencing a 2nd wheel bearing defect, I contacted GM for (possible reimbursement) assistance and to report the (defect) problem. After a HUGE run around, I finally received a call back from Sharita, an executive at GM who stated she would send me an email with instructions detailing where to send my receipts and they would "look into a possible reimbursement/they would see what they could do".

I waited a week and received NO emails. I then received another call asking for an "update" because I hadn't responded (I didn't send the receipts because I didn't get any information on where to send them); I attempted to call Sharita back but couldn't get thru due to phone issues at GM; I then received another call from Sharita who rambled on as if she reading her disclaimers off a cue card and she offered me "1,500 in incentives" if I purchased a new GM vehicle but they decided that they weren't going to reimburse me for the 2 wheel bearing defect repairs (they didn't even get my repair receipts because they never sent me the info on where to send them)..

What a waste of time these people were - they do not care about customers - I told her to keep her incentives - I will never purchase another GM product if this is how they run their business - good thing I wasn't killed because their vehicles are defective. All they did was want me to purchase a new car lol - They couldn't care less about their products or anyone's welfare. BEWARE!

Original Review: I am a disabled woman with a limited income who has maintained my vehicle accordingly and who only has 64,000 miles on my 2015 Traverse and my car is currently inoperable (again) due to a 2nd wheel bearing hub assembly defect. The car was completely fine and then it wasn't - no warning (I'm lucky I wasn't in an accident). I got the vehicle to Firestone (because I could use my Firestone charge card there) for repair, thinking it was possible brake pads as the ABS light came on and the brakes were jerky out of nowhere.... After diagnosis, it was determined that it was a(nother) broken wheel bearing hub assembly. I contacted GM and was told that they will not assist me with the cost of this expensive repair.

The vehicle obviously has a defect/both times I was told this issue was rare - I have now spent over $1,600 to fix this issue twice (in less than 2 years) and the only thing the GM rep would tell me is that "If I had brought the car into their dealership for evaluation, they MAY HAVE POSSIBLY been willing to help with cost assistance depending on several factors but no guarantees".

I brought my vehicle to a mechanic I had the financial means to pay, with no concept of what was wrong but I'm now being told that they won't even consider helping me because they do not work with 3rd party mechanics, only their own dealerships. This has now happened TWICE - another expensive repair that I cannot afford but to state that a customer should bring the vehicle into their expensive dealership and then ask/hope GM MAY assist me with the bill after the fact is ridiculous.

Also the fact that there is a blatant defect with the wheel bearing assembly (it was missing a giant chunk out of it) and GM doesn't seem to care about that either is concerning and unprofessional (there is no recall on the part). SO BEWARE - stay away from the Chevy Traverse and do NOT Purchase GM vehicles - they DO NOT give a crap about their customers well being. I am furious and disgusted with GM at this point and will continue to pursue other options to be reimbursed.

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    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2023

    My 2020 Chevy Silverado is leaking through the poorly designed rear sliding window. The plastic around the window cracked in multiple places and the water seeps in and ruined the headliner. My truck smells musty every time I get in it. My service technician looked at it and agreed that GM should fix this by replacing the rear window and installing a new headliner. GM will only offer a small portion of a really expensive repair. This defect is all over the internet for these trucks, GM has acknowledged that it’s an issue but won’t issue a recall. This is really disappointing and I won’t be purchasing another truck from GM.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 27, 2023

    I called and left messages for the service manager group to get a price to repair my car. It’s a 91 Cadillac Coupe Deville and nice shape but they don’t even have the courtesy to call back, GM once you buy the products. I’ll never buy another GM product.

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    Customer ServiceCoveragePricePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed June 23, 2023

    I would like to share my experience I recently had with Varney’s GMC in hopes this helps others avoid the same issue I had. Below is the timeline for the course of events I had earlier this year. 1/20/23 - Truck would not start. Varney advised me to have it towed in. 1/23/23 - Varney's says I received contaminated fuel so they need to drain my fuel tank and flush my lines. 1/26/23 - I get my truck back from Varney's. 1/28/23 - My truck would not start. Varney's GMC advised me to have it towed in. 2/1/23 - Varney's says that my starter broke and they needed to replace it. Said it was going to take 2 weeks to get a new starter. 2/24/23 - Starter was replaced.

    3/4/23 - My truck would not start. Varney's advised me to have it towed in. 3/8/23 - Varney's says my fuse block for my starter blew. They replaced it and it still wasn't running correctly. So they determined that the fuel pump and all 6 injectors needed to be replaced due to contaminated fuel. Repair estimate $3900. 3/8/23 - I filed an insurance claim because Varney's told me that they could test the fuel pump and injectors for contaminated fuel. If they found contaminants in the fuel sample, my comprehensive auto insurance would cover the cost for the repairs. So I told Varney's to not do any repairs until a fuel sample was taken.. 3/24/23 - Fuel sample was taken under the direction of Varney's team. 1 sample from the original fuel taken out of my truck on 1/23/23 and another sample taken of the fuel tank itself.

    4/8/23 - I receive the forensic fuel sample report showing that there are no contaminants in the 1/23/23 fuel sample and no contaminants in the current tank. 4/8/23 - I sent Varney's GMC a copy of the report. And request that since my fuel was not contaminated, they should cover the repairs under my warranty. Varney's refuses to cover the repairs under my warranty. Claiming that the fuel was contaminated. I asked for proof, and they did not have any proof. They never tested the fuel. 4/8/23 - I asked them to make the repairs anyway and I planned to deal with the warranty issue later. The closest appointment they could give me was 3 1/2 weeks later. I called Quirk Chevrolet of Bangor and they said they could look at it on 4/19/23.

    4/18/23 - I had my truck towed from Varney's to Quirk. 4/18/23 - I filed a claim with General Motors. 4/19/23 - I called Quirk to make sure they got my truck in and also gave them the background for what had been going on with my truck. 4/25/23 - Quirk calls me and says that they replaced the fuse block for the starter again. And that the truck was running fine. I asked if I could come get it and they said they wanted to run some more tests to see why the fuse block was blowing. 5/10 - I reached out to Quirk telling them I would like to take my vehicle to Pratt's Chevrolet in Calais, ME for a 3rd opinion since Quirk could not find anything wrong with it.

    5/12 - Go to Quirk to pick up my truck. They charge me $455.33 to replace the fuse block. Replace a fuse block that I never drove a mile from when it was replaced previously. Drive my truck to Pratts. Ran perfectly fine the whole way. 5/15 - Pratt calls me and says my truck is fixed. They had to replace a brake pad sensor for my rear right tire. 5/19 - Pratt gave me an offer to trade my truck in. So I did and bought a new truck from them.

    In summary, the only evidence that my fuel was contaminated was a forensic report saying it was not contaminated. 2 other dealerships told me there was nothing wrong with my fuel pump or injectors. One dealership even bought my truck from me. The misdiagnosis cost my about $8000 in invoices and rental vehicles while I waited for Varneys to diagnose my truck and get 2nd and 3rd opinions on the fuel pump and injectors. All of which should have been covered under warranty. I never received a loaner vehicle or rental reimbursement the entire time. The service dept clearly does not know what they’re doing if they are willing to replace parts that aren’t even broken. Do not buy a vehicle from this dealership so you can avoid dealing with their service dept.

    General Motors did nothing whatsoever to help me along the way. They would just call me asking for updates when I thought it would have worked the other way around. If I wasn’t forced to buy a new truck in order to trade in my other truck, I would not have bought at GM vehicle ever again. My credit cards are maxed out and GM did nothing to compensate me

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    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed May 18, 2023

    I purchased brand new Chevy Traverse 2023 and it was 111 mile. After few days I discovered multiple white dash spot over the dashboard. After 1 week and 600mile drive. There is a noisy sound coming from the engine and unfortunately this sound getting worse over time. I took it to the service at Vickar Who apologize for me stating that this is manufacturing issue and they will order another brand new dashboard to install it. Well, what about the noisy sounds? NOTHING, no actions. I was looking to get perfect car with no issues, but unfortunately I have this terrible experience… I owned Chevy Traverse 2018 and it was perfect, But this Chevy traverse 2023 is a LEMON compared to 2018. So dissatisfied and disappointed. Did not recommend this brand.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed May 16, 2023

    20,000 miles, the clutch failed. Slave cylinder which is inside the transmission bell housing. At first, dealership refused to honor warranty at all, but since "...such as slave cylinder..." was specifically stated in the warranty, and after a call to GM customer help, they covered the slave cylinder. GM and the dealership refused to cover the other parts that had to be replaced to the tune of $1000. On a car with 20,000 miles & it was a known issue. Never again GM.

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    Reviewed May 10, 2023

    Came to dealership 8:30 this morning because I have had to get a jump 3-4 times within the last 2 weeks. They were saying it was the battery at first then when they found out it was under warranty they quickly switched up and said something is draining my battery and wanted to charge me $150 to see what it is. I think Shone ** the service manager is just trying to get me to pay for something because they only wanted to prorate my battery instead of honoring my warranty. I have been coming to this dealership for over 18 years and since it has been recently sold in the last couple years the prices are much higher and customer services has went DOWNHILL Tremendously!! I will have to find some other dealership to take my car to. VERY UNHAPPY.

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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed May 9, 2023

    Contacted GM leadership three times about missing chips for park assist and never heard back. Was sent to an executive leadership resolution team which could only say they could not assist. The company made vehicles during pandemic and sold them with missing semiconductors. Despite having customers sign a waiver at time of purchase saying they would provide the chips when available as early as December 2022. I later learned that GM leadership had altered this agreement without letting customers know and had developed a two prong strategy which included providing to new vehicles first. The lack of transparency and trust with GM leadership has left me feeling that this is standard practice it seems where customer loyalty and transparency are not valued. Not one of the leadership team could even be bothered to reply to my email to let me know about the approach that they had adopted. It is clear they do not value my business or my time.

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    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed May 8, 2023

    I purchased a 2019 ZR2 Colorado that year, issues from the start. 9K miles distribution block went up in smoke and bender replaced. GM extended warranty to 2025 or 109K miles. Paint is cracked now and they say it’s not under warranty. They lied to me numerous times over the phone about pictures they had used to determine that, but has never been able to provide any evidence. I have had to truck back 4-5 times for transmission fluttering which GM knows is a problem and still all I hear is, "We can’t find anything wrong." This GM product is the worst product I have ever had. I would not recommend a Colorado to my worse enemy. No satisfaction from GM. When the letter states (The following components will be covered: All vehicle components; but excludes non covered items and maintenance as detailed in you GM vehicle warranty and owner assistance booklet).

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