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My wife and I purchased a 2010 Mini Cooper convertible at Greenville, S.C. in Sept. of 2010. The vehicle was fun to drive and could easily bring out the teenager in you. After over 5 hours of being brow beat in the dealership, we left with what we were led to believe was a 5 year, 100k, extended warranty. We sadly found out that it was an extended service contract. We also found out that, at this dealership 2 hours from us, there always happened to be over $100 in work needing to be done that wasn't covered. This quickly rose to $500-600 each visit. When we took our first trip of over 2 days or went to buy more than 2 bags of groceries we quickly learned the best way to put items in the rear seat was to lower the top. So much for the $500 rear seat cover I ordered. We stopped using the rip off artists in Greenville, finding a repair facility locally that is reputable and does fantastic work, though the expense of service was still high due to Mini's pricing.

Recently the engine light has been coming on and the vehicle began skipping. Our repair shop did all they could, sometimes at no charge to us, to repair the vehicle. They suggested we take it to a dealership. There was a new dealership that had opened closer to our home. We took the vehicle there and it took them a week to call me to report that the #1 plug was fouling and the suggested repair was to replace the engine.

The vehicle was serviced regularly with all recommended services being completed locally. The vehicle was not abused, driven by 2 60-65 year olds. I think it is very poor workmanship when a vehicle with under 120k miles has to have the motor replaced. I was told by the dealer service manager that this was "high mileage". Basically got the same from Mini corporate and that this may also be the norm on BMW's .If you have a Mini get rid of it before 100k miles. As far as the manufacturer is concerned you have a disposable car.

My review will be short and sweet. I've learned over the last couple days that BMW is a professional corporate thief. My wife owns a 2012 Mini Cooper Countryman. I will admit she loves the look of the car and I will say that it looks pretty sleek. I won't go into details but her battery died and would not hold a charge. No worries all I will do is buy a new good battery and replace it. After needing to take the passenger's side wiper blade off to remove the stupid battery I learned I wasn't even close to being done. I learned I had to take her car into the dealership so they could program and certify my new battery to the car's computer. I called three dealers and the quotes were $75, $60 and $100 just certify the battery with a laptop and BMW software. I bought an expensive battery costing me $195 and then I had to pay the dealer $75 to program the battery. IMO that is horse **.

Why would BMW engineers design the car so that you had to take it to the dealer for such a simple maintenance project? Obviously I know the answer to my question and that is $$$$. What scares me is if I had to pay almost $300 to change my battery what happens when something real goes wrong. In the end I guess this is really my fault because I should have researched what I was buying. This is the first and last product that I buy from this corporation. It's not really the money that ticks me off but rather just the fact that BMW is one greedy bunch of people. I will make a concerted effort to tell my friends, family, peers, team-mates, acquaintances, neighbors, people I see at the store, people who are stopped at the same red light as me, my clergy, my Facebook friends, my Twitter friends and last but not least God to never, never, never buy a Mini Cooper or Mini Popper!

I first purchased a used 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman with automatic transmission in early 2015. I owned this car for 4 months and at about the 2 month mark I noted the transmission seemed to be having a hard time with the shift into 2nd gear when the car was cold. Initially, it was so infrequent that I thought it was nothing but then my boyfriend noted the stutter as well. Throughout the third into the fourth month of ownership, I returned to the Dealer for service three times trying to correct the issue. They insisted they could not duplicate the problem even when I left it for several days so that they could run the car cold. I was moving to Greenville, SC and was uncomfortable driving that car that distance with a faulty transmission so I traded in the car on a new Mini Cooper 4dr hardtop.

It is important to note that I had purchased a rear mount bike carrier from the same dealer about 2 months prior and had used it only about 6-7 times since the $700 purchase. I dealt with the same salesman on many occasions throughout the 4 months, Ryan **. When I decided to trade in the 2011 for a new Mini, he was aware of my need for a rear mount bike rack. When I picked the car up at the time of purchase, they had to remove the bike rack from the Countryman and install it on the Cooper. They were unable to but assured me that mini had an adapter for it which was not yet available.

I moved to Greenville, SC and after the winter, I went to the local dealer, explained the situation to them and asked whether the adapter was available. They informed me that with the 2016 year model, the rear mount bike rack required a factory installed option to be a part of the car at the time of purchase and that there never was nor ever will be an adapter. My car did not have a factory installed bike rack option. I have a shoulder issue that prevents my using a car top mount. Mini of Rochester AND Ryan ** failed to provide me with a suitable vehicle for my needs and in effect lied to me at the time I picked it up (note, I had not yet ever driven it off their lot after purchase) regarding the adaptability of the car I purchased.

I am stuck with a new bike rack I cannot use and a car that cannot transport bikes. Therefore, I will need to buy a new car. They could have corrected this issue by telling me that at the time and I would have bought a different vehicle from them that would permit the use of my bike rack, but they did not. After this experience, it will not be a Mini, nor could I ever suggest anyone buy a Mini given the ethics of the car dealer as displayed by their representative, Ryan **. I tried to post this testimonial online. However, Mini picks and chooses what gets posted so your testimonials are not accurate representation of customer satisfaction. Another reason not to trust Mini.

I purchased a 2009 mini cooper hard top used with 50k miles from the dealer. I was so excited to finally have my dream car, and for a year or so it was heaven. The car was not only adorable, but fun to drive and got great mileage! Sure, I had to pay for premium gas and oil changes were around $100, but the car was a dream. That was until the problems started to roll in at around 60k miles. The car began making a thumping noises after driving (with the engine off) and the engine would idle very loudly and even rattle. I took the car into the dealer and they assured me it was fine. One night the engine died. The cars oil had leaked into the engine and the engine was done. Third parties wanted 7k for a used engine replacement and mini wanted 10k for a new one. I was devastated. That was over half the price I bought the car for.

I found someone who was willing to rebuild the engine for 4k. That lead to more nightmares. Several nights making long drives the car just died on me. Stranded and alone I had to have a friend pick me up and the car towed (at least 3 separate times) and then wait for weeks while the car was in the shop. The car was on its last leg, huffing and puffing around, ready to die any second. More repairs were needed. Mini said the car needed a part, I can't remember what it was, and that it would be $900. And only mini had the part.

Recently I was rear ended on the freeway and the car was totaled. It was a rare case where the person whose car is totaled is actually happy about the situation. I still have a few more payments left on the car, and the payout will cover just a bit more than the payments and the engine rebuild, but at least this is done. Everyday driving my mini was uncertain. I never felt safe in the car. That said, I loved the car. It was still fun to drive and so cute, but the anxiety and maintenance repairs make this car criminal. I would not recommend this car to anyone unless they are leasing it or rich and don't care about all of the repairs.

I bought a 09 Mini Clubman s and at 53k the turbo oil line started leaking. Fought with dealer to repair and dealer just played games. Mini America didn't seem interested in helping. This oil leak is a known problem and Mini should have recalled this. Now it failed completely and I had to pay to have it fixed. Mini knows it's an issue by they put a cheap heat shield over oil fitting to stop the fitting from failing! But won't acknowledged this is faulty and dangerous. When it finally failed and started spraying oil all over! My brakes were soaked and couldn't stop fast enough! Not to mention the smoke that overwhelmed the cabin and windows.

Anyone who has had this issue needs to make a complaint and get together to make Mini pay. Another issue is the carbon build up inside intake that makes your Mini have horrible acceleration before 3k rpm. You have to have it walnut blasted and buy a delete plug to stop the returning of emissions being put back into intake.

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Purchased a Mini Cooper s new. After 32,000 miles engine started having major problems. Long list of repairs totalling $7,000 were needed. Sold car for a loss. I was sold on Mini's styling, fuel economy, and small size. I wish I had paid attention to its lack of quality and longevity. I been driving for over 30 years and have never had a car with so many issues with such low miles. The service people and dealers seemed to imply my mini was some kind of unique problem. Guess they've been drinking the Kool-Aid too long.

BMW/mini is in the BIG business of WHITE COLLAR CRIME! This company is no different than your average criminal that breaks in cars, Rob you at gunpoint, or even hold you hostage. The only difference is these criminals (BMW/mini) wear a fancy tie AND ARE IN RESPECTED POSITIONS! Pls beware and get informed about this company. May ruin your life. I pray this saves someone the heartache I am going through with this DEMON brand!!! Despite public record of this class action lawsuit of defective recalled products (skeen vs BMW) mini is refusing to pay for the repairs that are recalled. Which is the heart of any car, MY ENGINE!!! BMW threw me in the trash just like all the rest of you. I'm sorry.

While I have enjoyed driving this car, the cost of continuing repairs has been staggering. The electrics and the mechanical components of this car are poorly engineered and have been repaired or replaced on a regular basis throughout the eight years I have owned the car. It has leaked oil as well as burning oil from early on. It is now requiring a great deal of repairs due to leaking and burning oil and a non-functioning oil warning light. In fact I was told by my mechanic that it is not worth fixing. It only has about 160,000 miles on the clock. Fun to drive does not make up for poor engineering and high cost of repair. I would never recommend a MINI to anyone.

On 3/1/16 my 2009 Mini Cooper caught fire after I turned the engine off and walked away. It started smoking and the engine compartment was fully engulfed in flames in just minutes. My car only had approx 69,000 miles on it. The result was a total loss. I never received any recall notice about my car despite the fact that I took it in for maintenance numerous times. I've read that other owners had engine fires back in 2012. The dealership did perform a turbo heat shield check on 10/28/13.

On 5/ 13/11 I had to have the turbocharger and oil supply pipe replaced at a cost of $3212.38. I recently received a notice for a class action suit against BMW for timing belt issues and engine failures. Don't know if that is relevant to my fire issue. I have received a settlement from State Farm Insurance for the fire loss but I think Mini Cooper and BMW should be responsible for these issues. How many other Mini are on the road that may catch fire? I would just like to know where I should start with these companies. I would appreciate any advice. I have all my receipts and images of my car fire.

Do you want to avoid the heartache of loving your MINI yet paying repair bills from debtor's prison? Lease it! I wanted a small maneuverable car to replace my 2005 Volvo S40. Thought about a Fiat but the model was new in 2013; my test drive of one was less than exciting, especially on the acceleration. Throughout 2013/14 I see more and more Fiats on the road as zip cars and Budget rentals.

So, I start researching MINIs. I knew from talking to MINI owners that after 4-5 years the repairs were outrageous in nature and cost. After pumping thousands into repairs for 2 different Volvos over 23 year period, I was tired of riding to dealerships in tow trucks and dealing with pompous Volvo service managers. Charmed by the MINI but aware of the probable pitfalls. I was in a financial position to go for a 3-year lease.

The 2014 Cooper S has wacky and not-very-intuitive configuration/operating methods for most of the dash controls and esp. the radio. My 6-spd manual was giving me issues when up shifting for merges into highway speed traffic. You know, when the stick was in neutral, but would not go into any gear and I had to drift off to the shoulder. YIKES! At first I thought - is it me? Am I clutching mindlessly? Whaaa???

Longer story shorter - I have to have the engine replaced @ 17K miles, I'd driven it for 22 months. Of course it cost me nothing. I had a "free" loaner for 2 weeks, which BTW was much more comfortable than the S sports seats. I did notice that the 2015 loaner 4dr had controls that worked much better than mine do and the headlights seemed much brighter at night.

I would feel really great about the repair and the improvement in driving if I didn't now have a screamingly painful hip bursitis and Iliotibial band syndrome in my right hip & leg. The seats had been bothering me for the duration of the lease. I called MINI for solutions. They had nothing viable to offer - I won't bore with the parts dept's suggestion that I go to a junkyard, find a wrecked 2014 mini with regular seats and then all you have to do is blah blah blah, puhleeeze!!!

So I don't want to get another MINI mid-lease and spend another several K to do it. And I wouldn't lease another without adequate electronics in the driver's seat controls. But I would lease another in spite of this but will pay closer attention to the seats. I've ordered after-market back and seat pads for the driver's side. Read the product reviews before purchasing; what do I see? "I just bought my wife pads for her 2014 Cooper S sport seats."

I love my Mini. Aside from some superficial quality issues (bits of the grill have just simple fallen off on three different occasions), my 2011 Cooper has held up well. I utterly detest working with Mini dealerships. The list of reasons is long: Celebrity name dropping at Santa Ana on the day I purchased the vehicle in 2013. It just so happened to be a celebrity who knows quite a few gaming acquaintances and friends of mine, no less - and yes I directly told that person what happened. The utter lies told to us about our warranty and how it works, even when we showed noted from date of purchase which showed different information. The racial slurs tossed at me in Torrance by a car wash attendant. A regional BMW manager had to reach out personally to resolve that situation.

The bizarre fees for even looking at a car (which change with every call and each dealership), ranging from $50-$250, even when the car was under full extended warranty. The misogynistic garbage I was fed by not only by the maintenance associate but the "liaison to the general manager" who told me that the first guy is close to his mother so couldn't possibly have treated me with disrespect.

We brought our Mini Cooper in for an issue we had while driving our car. The car lost power while we were driving the car. They said that a solenoid needed to be replaced and this was the issue that was causing the power loss. We had this replaced, and within 24 hours of Hendrick Mini "fixing" the issue the car did the exact same thing that was supposedly fixed. This time the car lost power on the interstate while traveling at highway speeds. We had the car towed to Hendrick Mini and after they looked at it they said that a freeze plug had blown and the car needed a new engine and radiator. They quoted us $12000 for the repair. They took no responsibility for missing the diagnosis and after 2 months of our car sitting at the dealership rotting away, we are now stuck making payments on a car that doesn't move from our driveway.

We have never been more disappointed in a business or car company. We are a young family and this was our "nice" car. We have not wanted anything more than to have our car fixed, and for Mini to own up to their mistake. Anyone who is reading this and considering a Mini Cooper, I strongly suggest researching the brand and the reliability. They are cool looking and fun to drive, but are very problematic.

Reading these reviews renewed my anger at this crap company. Bought a 2008 Clubman 3 years ago. Fine the first year minus needing brakes. End of year two: dies in the middle of an intersection. A tow bill later I'm told a belt in the engine snapped and bent valves. Engine is basically rebuilt (I later Google and find out that at 60,000 this very belt goes out in almost every Mini Cooper). LESS THAN A YEAR later, car dies in an intersection. Another tow bill. Faulty cylinder heads in rebuilt engine. Then, this winter. Driving to Ohio on the dark roads of Indiana country with my fiance and our dog. Car stops accelerating. We smell burning and pull over. Car is dead and barely makes it to the side of the road as huge semi trucks fly by and shake our stupid car. We feel like we are going to die on the Indiana interstate in a dinky small town. Merry Christmas to us. One day, two tow bills, one hotel night, one rental car fee we are at our destination.

It took Mini a full month to tell me (after I borrowed a friend's Triple A to tow it over a hundred miles to Chicago) what was wrong. That changed about 5 times. First, the cylinder (AGAIN). Then, a hose. Then the radiator. Then I was told the warranty wouldn't cover it because I had "maxed" the extra warranty I bought which had thankfully failed for the first two engine failures (at this point my warranty had paid 9,000 MORE than the stupid car is worth). After a full week of arguing with the ** head of maintenance (whom was ONLY nice when I was giving them money, but was a huge ** once I called Mini out on their crap cars) now my insurance is paying because Mini convinced them the damage was caused by a flying pebble we somehow didn't feel hitting the engine. I will be selling it for nothing near what I paid and NEVER EVER EVER getting this car again. I have told every single person I know not to buy one, either.

Never, never, ever buy a used Mini unless it has bumper to bumper warranty. They are junk with no resale value! My '09 Clubman with 67k miles had the water pump replaced that cools the turbo. The octopus thermostat water pump which was leaking had to be replaced. Clutch which is normal to go, rear wheel bearing which was howling, and 2 weeks ago a VVTI actuator motor at a cost of $1,117 and a towing bill of $400 from Savannah to Jacksonville. Can you believe there is no Mini dealer in between Jax. and Charlotte?! I don't want to add up my repair bills over the last year because I might throw up! Thank GOD I found a sucker this week to buy it after I detailed it to the MAX! I love the Mini but I'm not about to pay mid 30's for a new one, and lose 5k leaving the driveway, and another 5k plus a year later! That's my take on my Mini.

2015 Cooper 2-door hardtop - I was driving down a hill from my neighborhood and I braked to slow down. The brake pedal stuck midway to the floor and wouldn't stop. I had to use my emergency brake to stop. Once I let up on e-brake the brake pedal released. It is in the shop now.

My 2010 Clubman S had an exhaust problem roughly 2 years after purchase (I bought it new). Specifically, carbon buildup in the exhaust system, which has to be "sandblasted" out using walnut shells. MINI covered it under the warranty, but only after I threatened to sue. I was told to use Shell gas and to drive the car harder, which I did. Now, at 57,000 miles the problem has reoccurred and extended warranty I purchased, which was the best available from MINI, won't cover it. The cost: $1000. This is clearly a design defect in the car and MINI should have recalled it. I'd never recommend the car or the company to anyone.

I have put less than 7000 miles since my lemon was purchased used. Over 2,000 dollars in repairs so far. Mini Coopers should be made obsolete because of unreliability and bad engineering. The salesman I dealt with do the two step and lie by omission. Buy anything else!

We bought our daughter a used 2008 Mini Cooper S in 2014 and the transmission went out the first week of 2016. Mileage is currently at 134K. We have had 2 quotes for the repair, including the Mini dealer, both are $8,000 with no guarantee the transmission won't have another untimely fail. This repair cost is the book value of the Mini. It is very unfortunate as the car is in otherwise great condition and was fun while it lasted. It's now sitting in our driveway while we figure out how to dispose of it... at a total loss. This was our first and last Mini. I would run... not walk away... from buying one of these again. The cost to maintain too great. Do your research.

From the day, I bought this brand new Mini Cooper S Countryman in 2014, I started spending extra money like water. In a week of my purchases, I found out I had tire pressure issue then I took it back to dealer, they said I need to reset tire pressure but freaking every week the pressure lights comes on and I have to put air and reset it again. I'm sure, it is leaking air somewhere and because of that one of my tire got tore within 2 months which I had to change and cost me $300 and my tire pressure still pop up until, now. I'm so sick of tired that I don't even talk this issue with my dealer anymore.

Now, it been a year and I'm having different issue which is created by animal sabotage. In mini, there are lots of wires running through the hood inside the insulin cover which looks like made a soft foam can be damaged by anything. Mine was cut into pieces by chipmunks just couple weeks ago, my bad luck. It is already more than a 10 days and they could not figure out the problem. First, they said I need to change wires $400 then sensor and now diagnostic. It looks like they are trying to ripping me off. Even the lady told me that it is better if I talk to my insurance. Anyway, my point is mini is not reliable car for daily use. It is good only for the people who have lots of extra money. I'm not suggesting this car to any of my friends and relatives.

This is the worst car I've ever had! I was so excited when I first purchased this car. I felt like a celebrity because kids would run up to it and hug it. I just loved the way the wind felt against my hair as I drove with the top down. We all know this car kills you with cuteness. Don't be blinded by its adorable exterior, it's super sensitive money-eating machine. The first year the dashboard was lit up with issues. The first two years I drove a loaner and Mini Cooper employees knew my face very well, and I should have moved right in. Anyway this car has steering wheel issues that will cost you thousands of dollars. An airbag recall that Mini will repair but leave you to any other airbag related issue that's probably related to the stupid recall, but they want you to pay for it. I had plugin problems with the cooling system, whatever that means... The car would be shut off and it would sound like it's still on trying to cool off.

One issue that drove me crazy was you can't bring this car to any mechanic because this is a foreign car, they have no clue what to do with your car. I've had mechanic break parts on the car doing a simple oil change, so I was a slave to MINI Cooper. I couldn't take it anywhere else which is super annoying. MINI isn't trustworthy either though. I went in and asked them to check my engine because the light was on. I specifically asked them to check my fluids. They didn't and later my car overheated and was smoking everywhere. They came and served it but I was a scared mess after the experience. Overall I wouldn't recommend this car to anyone, and if you want to spend money on two cars to keep one cute one go ahead. I drove around anxious all the time worrying about what light will come on next and how many thousands of dollars will cost me when the next light comes on. Not a way to live.

With all the excitement, I bought a brand new Mini Cooper S 2-door on Saturday 12/12. Drove off to my home in it with a big smiling face. On reaching noticed white smoke coming from the hood. Alarmed, I contacted the dealer. They said it's not a biggie - it is just steam from the excess water being evaporated (due to the car wash). It is far fetched, but still I let it go. Drove again on 12/13, noticed the same smoke. At that time I checked the oil. Oil level was closer to minimum level. So my diagnosis was oil leak and oil getting evaporated by engine heat.

Took the car to dealer on 12/14. My diagnosis was correct. First they said it was due to a loose pipe. Later said there is multiple leak and they need time to diagnose. So I am now on a loaner car. So I bought a 'DUD'!!! Even though it is highly fun to drive, kinda regretting my decision to buy a MINI. If brand new car is like this, can't even imagine how I would after some years. PS: Contacted MINI Customer Care - they advised me to go ahead with dealer repairs and if they are unable to fix it they will do what is necessary to get this sorted out. Even with all this, it is a big headache. A brand new car and on second day it is in dealer for repairs...

I drive a specific number of miles to work each day and the miles are doubled from what the actual mileage is.

Freak type of situation happened to my speedometer cover (the clear plastic)... On the weekend of 5/29/15 I decided to give my car a really deep clean and brought out my dealer supplied cleaning bucket of cleaning products. As I proceeded to start to clean the dash area and the speedometers lenses I noticed some cleanser seeping behind the speedometer plastic and then some very bad cracking and separating started. I immediately stopped and started to look at the problem and realized there had been a large crack that was not visible to the eye until the cleaner got onto it. I immediately called the dealer. Drove 1hr to get there and have them look at it. Now here is where things went bad.

After about an hour wait I was called into the service area and they started talking to me about non warrantable items. I at this point now realized my situation and outcome was NOT going to be favorable. They deemed this as a situation that they had never seen happened before and then they blamed me for the problem. I truly believe that a $30,000 car only owned by me for a few months and that would have a freak incident like this would have been covered. I was only asking for the damage that I believe could have been a manufacturing defect, it should have been taken care of. I was then told, "The service manager would reach out to you," and get back to me when a solution could be reached. I at this point got into my car and proceeded home a very dissatisfied customer.

I received a call back from the service manager after several days, according to him after talking to a district representative, he stated as a measure of good will they would be willing to offer me a replacement at ½ the cost of the entire unit which still would cost me out of pocket $1200.00, or they were willing to pay of my deductible ($500)... if I could get this covered under my auto policy. This is my mind speaks volumes that in some way the dealership felt a certain sense of responsibility to cover this if they were willing to offer me this so called "good will gesture". I fully understand this is an expensive item and there should have been a better resolution to the problem since the car is under warranty and you claim boot to bonnet coverage for 4 years or 50.000 miles. I truly do believe that my cost should have been $0.00.

I was absolutely astounded that my insurance company decided to cover this (thank god for State Farm to which I have had them for 30 years) under ACCIDENT. They did not have to but they did, they went out way to make sure I got my car repaired... I am elated to be a customer of theirs and can't praise them enough and that is why I will remain loyal to them for life. I really wish Mini had felt the same way and taken care of this the same way. Especially since all I heard was "We have never seen anything like this before."

I also want to include in this statement that after receiving the adjusters estimate of the repairs, the dealership's estimate was considerably higher on list prices for the components and I have both repair estimates as evidence of what I feel was an extreme mark up when it looked as if I was paying of pocket the cost of the repair. However on the dealership's behalf after calling and going over the pricing they did agree to work within the monies provided. Thank god I had that information or I would have paid WAY too much on this repair. My intentions of bringing this up is to let you know how appalled I was by this deliberate attempt to pad the bill.

Recently my own Mini Cooper taught me more than I ever wanted to know about interference engines. Apparently when the timing chain tensioner fails it destroys the engine completely. So my Mini, which I love, which was my only way to get to work and help keep this country free is now sitting on a $12,000 repair bill. Now I am left to explain to my wife why she will not have a vehicle available to take my 2 and 3 year old to the dentists because I need to make money to pay off the car loan on a vehicle that is essential worthless. So needless to say I have done my research and have found a plethora of issues concerning the timing chain design problems that plague minis. From my perspective it just does not seem fair. I want to get this issue resolved. Better yet I would like to get this issues resolved without the necessity to take out a second mortgage.

The car was bought used 2010 50K miles and about a yr later the trans took a dump. Class action lawsuit proved BMW America rushed the car to market with the design flaw. BMW America failed to tell the dealers they were selling cars to the consumers with a design flaw of the cvt trans. The 2nd trans failed 19K miles later. Irvine Mini replaced it again, waiting for the next failure. Class action forced BMW America to warranty the junk trans for 8Yrs. and 150K miles::)) Moral of the story Never buy BMW products again!!!

Just bought TWO Toyota Prius-C models for my daughter to use at college and myself for work. 50MPG and loving it. GM same Junk. They sold us a 2014 Cruze with a recall and then said "we don't have the axle to replace yours that has a crack." It met all three criteria for the forced buyback :) GM had the nerve to try and get us to eat 10K mileage deduct which would have been a 2K deduct in our monies returned. Dave ** in Mission Viejo, CA very good Lemon law Attorney.

Mini's new 4 door hardtop is beautiful but BMW/MINI cannot repair it. I have had my NEW car in the shop since August 20th. The part needed has been unattainable. ("It's backordered. We don't have a manufacturer.") & I haven't been given loaner.

2010 Mini Cooper - Had been wanting the car for quite some time. Bought a used one in Nov 2013. Had one previous owner and low mileage. Approximately 25K. Four months later in Feb 2014 had to change thermostat. Thank goodness it was under warranty. It was downhill from there. In Oct 2014 had a needed oil power flush to the tune of $165. Dec 2014 brakes and rotors needed replacement, yet no warning ever came on, $1300. Jan 2015 ignition coil $700. April 2015 valve cover gasket $600.

Sept 2015 thermostat replaced again as well as defective tire sensors $700. Nov 2015 took in for oil change to find out radiator hose has detached, oxygen sensor not working, and engine vacuum pump is leaking oil. Got all but engine vacuum for lack of cash for $500. And still have to take back for engine vacuum for another $600. In almost two years I've spent close to $5000 in repairs plus regular maintenance and oil changes. With what else to come. Seems like the cars weren't built for longevity.

Bought my Brand new 4 door mini sport a few months ago and have just over 3000 miles on the car. I have waited several years to get this car and finally I am surprised by my husband that it is time!!! Well a few time transmission seemed jerky and I thought "No! There couldn't be anything wrong!" WRONG! Had it towed and it's under warranty but come on! A NEW TRANSMISSION!!?! Then I was given a loner car which gave me something to compare and to my findings my hatch is not working properly and the lighted mirror is not working properly. Just SOOO disappointed!

2006 Mini Cooper Convertable S... Bought brand new. New transmission at 35k and now it's my steering fluid pump at 75k... Once the transmission went, it's been a repair every 6 months or less. Thanks Mini!

I recently brought in my 2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible for some jerky shifting issues about three weeks ago. Mini told me that they connected it to a computer to modify the timing of the shifting and sent me home after telling me that they fixed the issue. After a few days, the jerky shifting returned and I drove the car back to Grand Rapids Mini to have it checked again. I was told 45 minutes later that I need a new transmission. My car has 68,000 miles on it and has been services consistently at Mini for ALL maintenance issues, during and after warranty. The cost, $10,580.00 with parts and labor. After doing a bit of research, I found that there was a class action lawsuit settlement regarding the CVT transmission in the older model Mini Coopers, of which my particular mini falls under the category.

After posting a complaint on Mini's Facebook page, I did receive a phone call in reference to my issue. Tina, a Mini Cooper motoring relations team member, called to tell me that she was instructed not to discuss my case with me until I have received information from Grand Rapids... A very unproductive discussion. Grand Rapids called to offer a whole 25% off the cost of parts and labor with the new $10,580.00 transmission. I declined and told them that the offer is unacceptable and frankly, disrespectful. I called Tina back to discuss this case with her further only to be told that the offer from Grand Rapids was the only offer that could be made. After requesting to talk with a supervisor or manager THREE times, I was forwarded to Simon ** at Mini Corporate.

Simon talked over me several times, told me that there is no record of my car being serviced at Mini of Grand Rapids, which it has been serviced there and ONLY THERE since 2008, for which I have documentation, and told me that my car is too old to fall under the category of the class action lawsuit, even with only 68,000 miles on it. He stuck to the 25% discount on parts and labor and that was it.

I can't believe that BMW/Mini Cooper can really pass by without a recall of this transmission considering all of the well-documented material online regarding the lawsuit. How can we get a recall? Does it take death? Are faulty transmissions not considered to be a safety issue? This is ridiculous. I will NEVER purchase another Mini again and I will advise my friends and family against it. Customer Service is horrible and not taking responsibility for your own manufactured issues is disgusting. Mini sucks.

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