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The Ford Escape is a crossover SUV with fold-down seats and plenty of cargo storage space. Read more Ford reviews to learn about other models.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 23, 2022

It’s completely worst. Ford Escape I have November 2020. Today 23 Dec 22. I’m suffering from 17 month. Sunset ford service providers, salesman, worst. I would like to give -5 star. Please Check it out video on google.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2022

I purchased a Ford Escape in 2017. For the past 3 years, I’ve been dealing with multiple manufacturing defects and repairs that have rendered my vehicle unusable for extended periods of time. This has had a deleterious effect in many aspects of life, as I have no alternate means of transportation and live in an area where a car is necessary for work. Within the past 3 years I have experienced the following:

* 2 failed engines.
* 2 failed transmissions.
* All four of the above repairs resulted in extended time at a Ford dealership for repair.

* 1 failed Evaporative Valve – Continues to be repaired at Ford Smithtown since June 6th, 2022 due to a back ordered part. 

The first engine blew due to coolant leaking into the engine head Christmas Eve 2019. After having making plans with family and close friends, I had to cancel. Didn’t receive my repaired car until after January 20th 2020. The next month, it was back in the shop with a blown transmission. Had to be rebuilt. The engine and transmission failed as COVID-19 gained traction in March of 2020. I was without a loaner from Ford for most of this time and had to acquire a vehicle from a friend. Six months later, engine issues resurfaced. This time due to my many frustrating and stressful complaints to Ford, I was provided a loaner for a few weeks.

Currently, I have been renting a vehicle for 3 weeks which Ford has agreed to reimburse. Unfortunately, with the prior work missed, missed work opportunities from UBER, and the expenses I have incurred throughout the “Ford’s Built Tough Experience,” I am now experiencing another financial burden due to manufacturing defects. It is unacceptable for Ford to see a loyal customer struggling with a defective car for years without resolution. I was just informed that they have received the part and hopefully my vehicle will be done and ready for pick up tomorrow. 

Again, I have been in direct contact with Ford of Smithtown dealership, Ford Motor Company Corporate, and Ford Motor Credit in regard to the issues that I’ve been dealing with without much assistance and no permanent solution. With the current financial crisis, this is continuing to create a significant and unnecessary financial burden. Ford Motor Company, a leader in American made automobiles should be able to resolve this issue. I have tried to sell the car privately, however nobody will buy this car with its history.

My credit, my reliability at work, my safety and lifestyle have been greatly diminished by this whole situation. I’m finding it difficult to get through to the dealership nor am I finding any long-term solution from corporate. No one helps at the local dealership but to parrot that this is “beyond their control” and they say they understand my frustration. However, when my car payment is due I cannot answer with the same response. I was told during a follow-up call that it might be possible to repurpose an evaporative valve ordered for another Ford customer to get my car out sooner (that doesn’t make any sense as the other customer would be out the part).

As a ** gay man, I feel like this is has been one of the most frustrating and stressful scenarios I have had to contend with any company. My wealthy ** boss who is also a Ford customer, owns a F-150 Raptor had similar issues and was given a replacement vehicle with no questions asked. He cannot believe that I am still struggling with manufacturer defects and continued repairs to this vehicle. 

I have learned that there is a Class Action lawsuit pending due to manufacturer's engine defects in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California for the 2013-2019 Ford Escape, 2013-2019 Ford Fusion, 2015-2018 ford Edge. Once more, I own a 2017 Ford Escape. ** I will be forwarding this email to local media outlets, submitting a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and to my legislators. I have documentation of the type, duration of time and resolution of all prior repairs and am keeping records of the current repair.

Over the past 2 months, my vehicle has been at the dealership being worked on by FORD service. I have spent over $6,000 in car rentals during this time. When I received the call from the service manager that the vehicle was ready, I was skeptical. When I picked up the vehicle, it ran a little sluggish but due to it not being used for two months I decided to run it. Unfortunately, now every time that it sits long enough to the point of the engine cooling, then I start the vehicle, white smoke comes out of the exhaust pipes for about 30 seconds.

I have now started recording it every time that I start the video as evidence. I have called and left messages for the service manager as well as FORD corporate about this issue. A representative called me back and asked what was going on in detail. She then contacted my local FORD dealer to expedite things. I got a call immediately from the service department where he left a message for me to bring in the vehicle yet again.

All I want to do is be able to have reliable transportation to get to work, survive without all of this extra nonsense from a company that I now know has a history of mistreating its customers. I am formally requesting that Ford motor company buy back my car and place me in a suitable replacement (if it was a suitable outcome for my boss it should be a possible outcome in my situation)!!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2022

    My fiance likes to buy American, so we try to buy Ford products, After years of being with Ford, my fiance became sick, lost his job, covid, then disability. Ford has threatened to take his car, and disabled his account, so he can not make payments. All the years, of being a Ford customer, and one day, you have bad luck with illness, and Ford does not care!! Oh, we deferred payments for 3 months, we gave you an extension" Not good enough Ford!! We hate you, and we will let everyone know you are not good humanitarians at all! We will never buy your cars, products nothing!! You suck, and you are not people friendly! Apple pie my **!!!

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed March 18, 2022

    Updated on 04/14/2022: I have contacted FORD'S customer care team on 8 March, regarding an issue with my driver seat bottom and I haven't been contacted by them. I opened on another case on 8 April this time regarding a clunking noise in the rear of the vehicle and I haven't been contacted by FORD. Ford leads the consumer into thinking that they care! BEWARE FORD DOESN'T HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AFTER THE SALE! You buy their product and something goes wrong it's up to you to figure how you are going to get it FIXED!

    Original Review: Purchased a new 2020 Ford Escape Titanium Awd on March 21 2021 and less than a year the driver seat bottom is sagging! Returned to the Purchased Dealership Lafayette ford in Fayetteville NC and was told by a Ford technician that's the normal characteristic of the material used in the seat! I called the Ford customer care team and opened a claim through them and they never responded to me! I had to contact them 6 different times only to be read a scripted line. They will not help me! I spoke with a Customer Care Supervisor and was told to contact BBB and open a claim through them! What happened to BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY? All that was required was a new seat bottom!

    I was emailed by BBB in Michigan, that FORD wants me to go shopping for other opinions I wasn't aware that FORD IS NOW A SUPERMARKET! Why does the customer have to shop for other opinions? This is a Ford product! It has a BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY! I have read on Ford's Facebook the CEO OF FORD James Farley is going to limit the approvals of BUMPER to Bumper Warranty CLAIMS as It is costing FORD'S BOTTOM LINE! PROFITS! FORD'S Bumper to Bumper Warranty is at the discretion of Ford's CEO? Why Buy a FORD when they will not honor their BUMPER TO BUMPER WARRANTY?

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    Reviewed March 31, 2021

    I love this car Ford Escape but it's brand new and my powertrain went out and left me stranded. It's been almost 2 months and the company still hasn't fixed it???? I think it should've been recalled since others are dealing with the same with their escape.

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    Reviewed March 1, 2021

    My 2018 Ford Escape is saying power train malfunction reduced power. It’s a newer car it shouldn’t be having issues like this already. It doesn’t like to shift into gear correctly and the rpms go through the roof. I shouldn’t have to be paying this amount of money already to fix a car that’s not very old.

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    Reviewed Aug. 22, 2020

    FORD has a pretty big problem with their engines. One that could cost you the price if a new Engine. Please look up issues with antifreeze leaking in to the cylinders. Is has been a know issue and they continue to sell these cars to unsuspecting customers. IT IS A MAJOR DESIGN FLAW THAT WILL COST YOU THE PRICE OF A NEW ENGINE! Ford will not stand behind their vehicles and will only give you a "I'm sorry". This is exactly why foreign cars are holding their values better that American cars. FORD is a company who doesn't care about customers or building a good car with longevity in mind. My 2017 Escape with only 74k miles on it needs a new engine. This issue spans from all ford vehicles with the eco engines from 2013 to at least 2019 yet they continued to sell them even after the flaw was found. I strongly advise anyone to do your research on these vehicles or you may find yourself in a very uncomfortable financial situation.

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    Reviewed July 15, 2020

    Our 2018 Ford Escape Titanium joined our 2005 model. Rides great, interior and exterior fit and finish is excellent. Turbo 4 provides plenty of high-speed highway power with excellent gas mileage. Handling on twisty Maine back roads, dry, wet or snow is terrific. Service under warranty has been limited to routine service, but quality has been good. The only issue is a relatively loud clunking sound that occurs after backing up like into a parking space then pulling out. Seems a common problem with the Escape, so the vehicle is at the dealer now.

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    Paul increased rating by 3 stars.
    After a positive interaction with Ford Escape, Paul increased their star rating on Sept. 25, 2020.

    Updated review: Sept. 25, 2020

    In June I wrote a review on how my 2017 Ford Escape Power Steering Rod broke. My warranty expired and I had very low mileage on this vehicle (under 30,000). When this happened, Zook Motors in Kane PA gave us a phone number for Ford's main office and told us to contact them and explain about the rod broke on very low miles and warranty is expired and see if they will still cover it being the miles on the vehicle was so low. We did as Zooks instructed us to do.

    Within a week, we were notified that the Ford Company will make the repair without any cost to us. Zook Motors was so kind that they gave us a vehicle to borrow during the entire time. They did the repair and it’s now almost October and the vehicle is going good again. But now my check engine light keeps kicking on and off. I’m trying a higher grade gas to see if that makes it stay off. There is no issue with it running, why that light is doing that, I don’t know. If it continues, back to Zooks I will take it. They took very good care of us with the broke rod, so I’m sure they will with this matter too.

    Original Review: June 22, 2020

    My Ford Escape is a 2017 and I bought it brand new. It’s not drove much. Basically to work which is only about 2 miles away. I have only 18,500 miles on it and the power steering rack broke. This car was only used for work and out of town travel. No bad roads. The part has to be defective. I am over the 3 year warranty by one month and to replace this part it will cost around $2000.00. For only having 18,500 miles on this car and has been very well taken care of, this part should not break. I have always been happy with Fords. In fact I own a 2008 F150, which I bought brand new and never had an issue. The company was notified and now we are waiting to hear if they will pay for the fix.

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    Reviewed May 29, 2020

    I have a 2018 Ford Escape. My car is supposed to be under bumper to bumper warranty and Ford is refusing to repair it. The entire right side of the bottom of my car is hanging and ford is saying that I need to pay for it when they should cover it and apologize to me because this vehicle should not have as many issues as it does. Also, the vehicle has a pulling feeling when I'm on the highway. I specifically told them that the pulling does not happen when I drive on the street. So they test drove the car on the street only and told me they didn't feel any pulling. And if I wanted them to drive on the highway I would have to pay for time, labor, and tolls. That is so wrong. They are not honoring my warranty. Also, it is important to mention that they replaced the entire engine in September 2019.

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