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AutoZone will say or do ANYTHING to avoid honoring their warranties. If this is what it has come to, AutoZone is dead to me. To anyone thinking they will honor their warranty, think twice, and take my advice. Go somewhere else! From now on I will buy a premium battery online, and take my chances, being AutoZone's warranty is as fake as a $3 bill. I have had to jump start the battery several times, and they kept claiming "Bring it in when it fails". I did that too, and all they did was charge it and say my alternator was bad. So then the bastards sold me an alternator. I kept the old one, and used it in another vehicle, so that was another SCAM on AutoZone's part. It went dead in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, California, and the same song and dance, anything to not honor that warranty.

I shall be calling the state attorney general's offices in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California, and Oregon, as well as a lawyer. The battery developed a crack, and my car's paint job is ruined, but by AutoZone's account that battery is just fine. I had to deal with this junk battery during a trip after a death in the family, and have had to get numerous jump starts and carry a long extension cord and a battery charger. SHAME ON AUTOZONE, AND THE PLACE I HAVE SPENT $1000s OF DOLLARS KEEPING MY CARS RUNNING CAN GO TO BLAZES NOW! Their new policies have driven a customer that goes back to the Auto Shack brand decide to abandon this retailer as one of the worst entities on the planet.

I have an EE lab where I repair guitar amplifiers, Hi-Fis, ham radio equipment, and I own a Dynaload, alternator testing rig, DC ammeters, carbon load piles, and other gear to asses what the problem is in automotive electrical systems. The problem is the battery. It has been in TWO of the same make model vehicles and fails the same way in each one. The battery is defective to everyone BUT AutoZone. I am 100% sure as soon as the warranty expires, that status will change. If AutoZone wants to be this way, please take my advice, and don't buy anything from them that has a warranty. One of their competitors was very nice when my elderly father bought a battery in rural Colorado, and it failed within a month. He lost the receipt, but they honored the warranty.

I have a hard time finding AutoZone stores on the road, and when I do they all play the same games, so I will fire off a letter to their corporate offices, and hope this review does some good, by helping other not experience traveling with an unreliable car, and dealing with jerks who have obviously been coached in how to worm out of their warranty obligations. Since these trips were for settling estates and probate, the mileages, dates, times, etc. were all documented for legal, and tax purposes.

This store needs help. I had to wait for someone to help me for over an hour. Very rude and disrespectful to make a person wait that long for assistance. Customer service is out the window at this location. Shame.

Began changing the oil on my vehicles. Bought filters and a five quart bottle of Castrol. Back at the garage I realized I needed a drain plug washer for one of the cars I was working on. Drove down to AutoZone and found the display rack with the drain-plug washers. The ones that fit my car appeared opened. I grabbed another one. It was not opened (sealed) and it was obvious that the first choice had been picked over and some of the washers were not present. The counter clerk could care less. Back to the garage.

After draining the oil and replacing the filter and plug I began pouring the five quart bottle of Castrol into the engine. The oil appeared brown. Not what I was accustomed to seeing, but continued. First car done. Pulled the second car into the garage and upon pouring the oil into the engine I realized it was a light gold color. I then recalled that there was no aluminum seal on the first bottle like the one I was currently using. It dawned on me then that the first bottle had been re-filled with USED OIL. This is the absolute truth. I went back to AutoZone and the manager quietly replaced the used oil bottle with a new one with a seal under the cap. He seemed to know about it but I can't say for sure. Anyway, AutoZone is not to be trusted. USED OIL!!!

I called autozone in lumberton nc on 5th Street, they said they had part. Picked up part and I checked it on way back home and it's the wrong part and I had to drive over 10 miles to get part that's the reason for calling to make sure they had it, and gave them all the info of make and model, size of motor so they said they had part. Get it. It's the wrong one and brought the one back I just bought to them with receipt and they don't have it in their location so they sent me to Roberts Ave in lumberton nc and they had it and got there.

I had to buy the part cause they don't give parts and I having receipt, but I understand that the manager was at the other autozone was there and she knew better, and I had to go all the way back on other side of town to get my money for the first part and she said she had nothing to do with it, and she was standing right. She's rude and just dont care if they caused problems for the me. I will never go back to autozone and do business with people who's so in experienced. I can understand the new guy that's only been there 2 days but manager at 5th Street knew better and the autozone on Roberts Ave gave me a 10% discount and it wasn't their fault so my hat off! To Miguel thanks and manager at 5th Street you need to get a better attitude for customers.

Very rude customer service - Silverado Ranch in Las Vegas. Earlier transaction was confusing but not as bad but when I was told to come back ending up with a different guy, totally different experience. Worst customer service ever. Got ignored totally. Very rude guy. Felt I was discriminated due to my race. Maybe if I were a hot looking lady I was treated different. Did not complete my transaction. Went to different store.

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On Sunday, July 31, 2016 I had to have my car jumped and made it to the Auto Zone on Breazeale Ave in Mt. Olive, NC. We were having a downpour of rain as I walked in the store and stated that I had to have a battery. One of the employees stated that they could not do it while it was raining, and I told her that I certainly understood but did not mind waiting because I had to have a battery.

The rain just continued to get harder. I was told that it looked like it had set in for the night so I called my daughter to come and pick me up and I was going to have to leave my car overnight. It slacked off some and Jennifer ** was preparing the cart with tools and my battery and told me that she was going to put it in for me. I told her that I had a big umbrella and I would hold it over her head. In no time she had done that for me. I feel she needs to be commended for her excellence customer support. She definitely went over and beyond the call of duty to help me. I would say she deserves some kind of recognition for this.

I returned two sets of brake pads on July 31, 2016 to the 87th Lafayette St store Chicago, Illinois. The original price was $49.57. I paid with a debit card. The female clerk at the register took my return receipt and stated "$46.28", and handed me the cash; then balled the receipt up and tossed it in the trash. Since I didn't have a receipt at the time, I was not sure. I checked my bank record. The initial charge was $49.57.

The staff at store 1215 is very friendly, the manager Jacqueline is a different story. She is very rude, she doesn't speak fluent English, she is disrespectful towards customers and her staff members in front of customers. It took us 2 days and 5 trips to the store to be able to exchange an alternator that we previously bought with a lifetime warranty (we had to look for and show receipt, bank statement showing transaction and mechanic shop written inspection results to prove the part was damaged and wasn't working properly). The second day she made us wait for her for over 30 minutes to get the new part. That is not a good customer service! Everyone was complaining of her attitude customers and staff members.

I contacted the Autozone on Rosa Park in Nashville to purchase rotors for my 2008 truck. When I called the store, they told me that the rotors were in stock and that they would hold them for me. Due to work, I had my son pick them up. I then had the truck taken to a local shop to have them install the rotors. After going back to the Autozone to confirm the warranty, I found out they gave me the wrong rotors. The sales rep gave me rotors for a 2006 truck and not a 2008 truck. Due to the slight difference in size, the rotors did fit, but this could result in an issue with the warranty as well as the truck's performance. I could also hear them making noises when turning. Due to the error, I asked for the correct rotors and reimbursement for the cost I paid to have the incorrect rotors installed since this was an error of theirs.

My truck was on file with them since 2008. They had all my information supporting a 2008 truck and not a 2006. When I went to the store to tell them of the error, the store rep. took almost 30 mins telling me that the rotors were correct and that I was wrong and not to worry about it. He then got other customers involved in the conversation. He told me I did not know what I was talking about and was getting loud in the store so much that another person came from the rear of the store to assist. I stood my ground and asked to speak to a manager.

Feeling unsafe in this store as a woman, I left and called the manager and the general manager using the number posted on the front door. The store manager finally returned my call and agreed that they would change the rotors out and reimburse me for the cost of installation so I could get the correct rotors reinstalled. I took them my receipt and my credit card transaction and they refused to reimburse me. I called the store and asked for the general manager, but the staff purposely gave me the wrong number. They did not know I had the number programmed in my phone. I just wanted to see if this store would give me the information I requested. After giving the regional manager a call the second time, he still has not called me back and it has been 2 weeks, I still have the incorrect rotors on my truck with the incorrect warranty of a 2004 vehicle and I own a 2008.

After not getting any assistance, I call customer service in Memphis, the corporate office. They took a statement and still no call from anyone to speak with me about this situation. I was told I would hear something within 48 business hours. And, this again was not true. I am so shocked that Autozone would treat a female customer like this. If you are a female and don't want to be treated like you are stupid, be degraded and treated like you do not know anything, you better avoid Autozone all together!

I tried to get a clutch for a custom truck. It was the wrong clutch, thus damaging the flywheel. They admitted they gave the wrong clutch and turned around and gave the same clutch and said it was all the same anyway. I feel if they give the wrong product, then they need to take responsibility for everything it destroys. When I called the next day they denied that it happened and then the website was altered regarding that part. Called corporate and was told district manager would call me back in 20-30 minutes. Come to find out the district manager is not even there today.

Call back to find out why no one called me back and talked to a female cust service rep who instead talked over me. I reported her to her manager. What is wrong with the lack of customer service these days? Hire ANYBODY off the street? You are dealing with the public. If you don't know the info I am asking for, get someone that does to assist me. If you don't know how to treat the customer with courtesy, then get another job. And to AutoZone I say, word of mouth is a powerful thing. See you at O'Rileys!

I have been shopping at AutoZone for about 9 years, get all of my parts from there. But goes in one day to buy brakes and a water pump, they look on my account and no record of the parts I have already purchased with Lifetime warranty. I am really pissed with AutoZone. And the employees know I come everyday to get parts. I'm gonna start dealing with another auto parts store. This isn't right for AutoZone to take people for granted. I STILL WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR MY PARTS. YOU CAN CALL ME IF YOU WANT.

I live near Cave Creek, AZ and a new AutoZone opened 2 months ago. I went there Friday night about 8 o'clock pm and no one was in the store. Both employees were outside. 1 was fixing his car and the other was smoking a cigarette. I ask them after entering the store and no one was there. I left and the employee asked me outside if he could help. I said "Finish your cigarette" and he would answer any questions about the part I was buying. I left and went to O'Reilly's and they helped with my problem. I will never go to the AutoZone to buy anything. They need to get some better help.

While I was at work my wife's car started to run hot. She called me and told me she was in town so I instructed her to stop at AutoZone since she was only one block from the store. I told her that they would check to look for obvious reasons that had caused the temp gauge to indicate that it was running hot. When she asked the employee to check it out, he told her that there are numerous reasons that will cause an engine to overheat and it would be a waste of time trying to pinpoint the cause. He told her that since we only live 5 miles from the store it would be fine to drive it that distance.

Halfway home the engine blew a head gasket and we wound up selling a very nice GMC Jimmy that we paid 7000.00 for, to a junk yard for 300.00. If the guy wouldn't even take time to look at the car for her, he certainly should've been on the safe side and advised her not to drive the car. I'm extremely disappointed in AutoZone. Do they even have a training program for their employees? By the way, the store is located in Boiling Springs S.C.

I'm almost positive there are countless stories like this but whatever, I'm pissed. Had a low beam bulb go out on my Infiniti G35. Went to autozone expecting a quick and easy fix. First they sell me the wrong bulb (looked up the part, etc). Long story short, went through the ordeal it is to get to the headlights on an infiniti, find out I got the wrong bulb, go back and they sell me the correct one for $108. I find out after the replacement I could've gotten it for 27.45 online elsewhere. ** YOU AutoZone. I'm through with you and will make sure I can get as many as I can to do the same. I work next door to one. ** YOU again for good measure. I'd leave 0 stars if y'all would let me.

June 2014 I purchased fuel pump and sender approx. $210.00 with phone number for warranty info. I went to several AutoZones and no such transactions were made. Finally, I found old receipt faded, but readable. AutoZone must get their ink for cash registers from Japan because magically the ink from your receipt disappears so does your purchase. My advice is to make copies of your receipt at FedEx or on good quality paper to keep for your records. AutoZone sells Chinese junk. Their service stinks!

I went to AutoZone on Daniel Morgan Avenue and Bought a battery. The technician was told what I needed the battery for. Then, he sold me the wrong battery. I got the battery home then tried to put it in. The battery was the wrong size. So I took it back to exchange for the proper battery. When I wanted to exchange I was told that I would have to do a repurchase for the new battery and my credit card would be reimbursed for the $92.63 that night.

4 days later, I get a reimbursement for $87.33 NOT $92.63. I called customer service and complained that I was not reimbursed the proper amount. The lady Cynthia ** was very rude to me. Acting as if it was my fault. I said to her "IF this happened to you wouldn't you be a little miffed?" and she SAY loudly "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME???" (obviously she does not understand the meaning of Miffed. I feel like I will never do business with this company again! Takes too long to refund. Then they want to steal a part of your refund from you. And their Customer Service is horrible on the corporate end.

Waiting a long time to pay for a product and watching other customers who came in after me get service before me. Receiving the wrong parts on a regular basis due to the computer having the wrong information. Average # of trips to the store for a simple brake job is 4-5. I think I'll start going to advance Auto parts from now on. They seem to get it correct a lot more often! (Less trips back and forth for incorrect parts.)

Injured at a store in Arizona due to poor lighting in front of store. AutoZone refuses to compensate for the big scar on my face. Forced to start lawsuit. Will never buy from this store again. Bunch of real winners in the claims department.

I will NEVER BUY anything from AUTO ZONE EVER AGAIN because YOU WILL NOT STAND by the WARRANTY. I have bought 6 transmission in 1 year from Auto Zone. The 1st one was for a 2007 van - it went out within 30 days of putting it in. The 2nd one was for 1999 truck. I have had 2 transmission in this truck that has gone out within 1st year, then it went out again. The 3rd was for my 1996 Chevy truck. I have had 3 transmission in this truck in the last 3 months from Auto Zone. The warranty sucks. I will not buy anything ever again from Auto Zone.

I purchased a Duralast Gold battery 4 years ago and two years later I returned it because it flat out died. AutoZone did replace it, but the original one I purchased (which had more cranking amps than the one AutoZone was replacing the defective battery with now) was no longer available. I took the free replacement battery in spite of the fact it was not as powerful. Now after two years have passed the replacement battery fails to hold a full charge. I took it in today and was told that It was prorated because it was a replacement battery (3 year warranty) for the original one I had that went bad (which had a 5 year warranty). The first salesman told me it would cost $59 to replace this one. I went back to the store 30 minutes later after deciding to purchase the new battery at the cost of $59 after prorated credit given for this battery.

There was another salesman behind the counter who then told me a new battery would be $138 WITH THE PRORATED CREDIT OF $59. AutoZone batteries USED to be some of the best made and they stood behind them. NO MORE. Their best battery lasts an average of less than 3 years and the warranties are useless. Their employees are rude, careless and don't know a wrench from a fuel filter.

So bought a new pickup and want to dress it up a bit. Got online and ordered several items from different vendors. Found a deflector I liked called a AVS Aeroskin deflector at a fair price through AutoZone. Well shipping speed was decent but I have a Ford F150. I don't think the Chevy 1500 that they sent fit, so returned it to the store and said "well everyone has a bad day every now and then." So let's try it again, ordered another through, again shipping pretty speedy, however when applying deflector it has a crack in deflector on driver's side. I give up, since it's held on by double sided tape, and the crack is hardly visible due to being smoke color. I applied the deflector and I'll live with the crack, but will not order from AutoZone again!

This is now the second time I have purchased two batteries for my diesel truck from Autozone. The first time I attempted to return them I was told I had no warranty, but this was due to the wrong information they had entered in the computer. I finally gave up and purchased the two batteries I currently have, spending more money because I was assured the warranty was 2yrs and could swap out (again) as easy as bringing them in. So here we go again, take in my two batteries and what am I told "oh they are old batteries"... I purchased them in June 2015, but their system again shows batteries purchased years ago. How is that possible? This is absolutely ridiculous, I am done shopping there, total incompetence when it comes to customer service. Clearly cannot handle the simplest of tasks, data entry, or maybe they need to look deep into their IT department and get their computer systems fixed.

I purchased a transmission filter kit for my truck. When I received the kit I noticed that the seal wasn't at all shaped like the pan so I called AutoZone to return it. They would not refund my shipping or pay to ship it back because they stated I ordered the wrong kit. I checked the autozone site and of course my truck information was already in there and correct. I then searched for the filter I bought and sure enough it was there as the correct filter. Then this morning I went in again and looked at the filter and it says "does not fit". Of course it doesn't. I told them "it doesn't. It's not even close to fitting". In the end I'm out $17 bucks because I assumed that autozone's made in China crap would work. Never again will I be purchasing anything from autozone. First the parts were wrong & second as an engineer the gasket & filter were the worst made parts I've ever seen. Avoid this company.

I returned the part I have bought. I had the receipt in hand but the cashier told me he will not give me my money back until I give him my phone number and all my names. I told him I did not provide that information when I bought the part. Why do you need my personal information when returning the money and you do not request it when buying the products? Shame on you AutoZone in Cockeysville Maryland.

On 30 Jan. 2016 I was assisting a friend with replacing a window regulator/motor assembly on a 1999 Blazer. We called AutoZone, asked if they had the part, and I specifically asked if it came with rivets or something so the new regulator assembly could be attached to the door. Upon acquiring the part we opened it up. No fasteners of any kind. We went to the counter and the lady behind the counter said none were available. By this point the truck door is disassembled, rivets drilled out, because we trusted AutoZone to have the right parts for the truck. Being later in the evening we stored vehicle. Now he is without his truck.

The next day in under 5 minutes I found a kit number online for that truck. I called AutoZone and the same lady said she could order that part. Since now we know the kit is available I asked her to verify it, make sure it's correct. She would not even take a moment to verify part number I gave her which I know is easy to do. At no point did anyone offer an apology for the major inconvenience but said kit would be there by Tuesday. Truck will be down for 3 days now minimum, a kit that she said wasn't available the day prior. The attitude and coarseness during this entire transaction will not be forgotten.

I have a 30 year history of working on cars and was an ASE-certified auto technician for 15 of those. Mistakes happen but it is how we react after that counts. They truly don't give a care. It's off to the dealership for the parts now. I have helped numerous people throughout the years fix their cars, went to auto part stores with them, parts for my cars. This is far from the issues I have had to deal with from AutoZone but never before felt the "I don't give a crap" until now.

Back in November I replaced a wheel hub on my 2010 Nissan truck with a new one from auto zone. After replacing the hub and replacing the tire (which was torqued to spec) I did a quick run down road, all seemed fine. The next day on way to work after crossing some railroad tracks and going a ways my tire fell off, not wiggle, no wobble, just poof, down on rotor. The tire caused $1800.00 worth of damage to the fender. Yes I took it to get est from a shop for it. Ok now, the facts. I found only one stud part, stuck in the hub assembly, looked all over road and side of road for more, found none at all. Police were there, tow truck came and got me etc. The stud found showed a very clear and obvious pitted center, called matte metal. It is easy to see it.

When I returned to AutoZone they even said "OMG that's defective" (4 guys working there saw it). Ok so I had to do a claim over it. I had to take pictures and give them the only stud I found showing it was defective. They would not do anything without that stud I was told, so reluctantly I gave it to them. The district manager told me I had to do it this way. Ok 3 months later and lots of calling to see what was happening, oh and by the way 3 different district managers I had spoke to over this I finally get mad and demand some action. It's explained they had to sent to the people who made part etc and they in turned to do some very specific testing on stud etc. My reply is well jeesh all they have to do is look at it. It's so obvious....

Anyways last week I still had heard not a word so I call again. They get back to me saying claims will be in contact within 2 weeks. 5 days later I get a notice it's rejected claim. The reason is in a form of a note from someone, I don't know who or from where it isn't signed or does it have a name on it, stating in his opinion this couldn't of happened the way I said it did and superficial damage could of been caused by anything any time... and he also states he didn't know if I had torqued it or not, (why wouldn't he call and ask? He had all my information to contact me.. or at least someone did) superficial damage is a few bucks not $1800,00 worth. The studs broke off that's what happened and how it happened and my feeling is they got the part proving it, and then tell me to go pound salt....

The AutoZone people are ok to deal with yet their only answers are "I'll do what I can, no promises," or "it's out of my hands, it's up to the manufacturer now...." I paid AutoZone for this not someone else. Why isn't AutoZone standing behind it???? And why should it of taken 3 months waiting to hear a word? And when I was told they need to do specific special testing, I never expected an opinion from someone as that testing. Now I wonder how many bad studs are out there from this manufacturer that are bad.... I was warned by so many people this would be how it would end up. Silly me I didn't think it possible seeing how easy it was to see the defective metal of that stud by a naked eye.

So in closing the letter basically said "dude you're a liar. This couldn't of happened and no way we are going to pay for it." I think it's funny how they needed 2 additional weeks to look into it and 5 days later I have a rejection and called a liar and in my eyes a thief! and a con man as well as a bunch of other things I despise.

At approx. 1740 hours on Jan. 9 2016 at your AutoZone located on 1792 in Fern Park Florida. I was there to return an ignition switch because the mechanic stated that I did not need it. I spoke to a large white gentleman wearing prescription glasses with dark hair. Upon returning it, that associate stated that the switch has already been installed on the car then taken off, even though I assured him that it was not because I saw the Mechanic the whole time and he never placed it anywhere on the car.

Your associate also said that he would return it this time but he knows faces and that he would remember mine when I returned again in case I tried to do it again. I told the gentleman that it was never placed on the car, then he said it has scratches on it. I didn't told him that if it had scratches on it then it was from before I bought it because it was never placed on the car. Hey then smart almost to a giggle shaking his head and didn't believe me. I didn't became a little aggravated, told him, "I was prior law enforcement/corrections, and out reed tail investigator for things such as this and that I would never do anything like that, regardless." That gentleman then said, "So was I, so was I." And then refunded my money and I left.

I went to AutoZone this week because my battery was failing. I told the clerk I wanted a new battery and he was kind enough to pull the old battery and hook up a new one. As I was purchasing the new battery, I noticed that it was exactly the same battery as the old one. The clerk also noticed and looked it up in his database to realize that the old battery was still under warranty. "Great", I said, "I guess I get a new battery for free". The clerk looked at me with absolute fear in his eyes. Then he got out his little meter and told me my battery was still OK. I told him that it had failed to start my car twice that week. He said there was nothing he could do and then asked me if I still wanted to buy a new battery???

I said "No" and then he proceeded to put my old battery back in my car. When he hooked up the negative cable there was a spark off the battery. He told me my electronics were draining too much energy off the battery. Curious about his comment, when I got home I disconnected the battery and reconnected it through an amp meter. I was astonished to note that my car was pulling 7 amps however that died down over a 60 second period to 0 amps and then I realized that it initially used a lot of amps because it was temporarily powering the cabin lights. Once the timer ended, the battery was only supplying micro amps to my cellphone. So basically the clerk had deceived me.

I then drove to Walmart and purchased a new battery with a 5 year warranty for $45 less. Was my AutoZone battery bad? Yes and no. Yes, it was bad because it was charging too slowly to start my car three times within two hours, and no, because it did hold a charge. Did AutoZone cheat me. Yes, because their battery would not start my car and they tried to deceive me about problems that my car did not have. Will I ever purchase from AutoZone again? Not if I can help it. P. S. One of my tenants told me she had exactly the same experience at AutoZone this week and ended up buying a battery from AAA.

After contacting the regional manager, my claim was reimbursed. The process went smoothly. My faith in Autozone has been restored somewhat.

Original Review

I have a 2007 Sienna with a battery purchased in summer 2011 from AutoZone. The battery failed so I jumped it and drove to AutoZone for testing. Battery tested bad and was replaced under warranty. The battery was installed by their personnel. Upon driving the vehicle a few miles, it overheated. I opened the hood to find that a hose had been broken off from the radiator filler neck. The vehicle had to be towed for repair. Initially I was quoted $1,000 for a radiator. I found that there was an after-market filler neck and AutoZone comped me one.

However, they now don't want to pay for the $200 labor cost to install it even though it could have been $1,000 plus possible engine damage from overheating. They are saying the tech "discovered" the piece was broken when I arrived and told me that I need to get it replaced. I explained that that is simply not possible as it is part of the pressurized cooling system. I am now waiting to hear back from the manager. I really wish people would just stop lying and provide honest service. Fix what you break. Own up to making a mistake.

I'm a full Time diesel mechanic and just to purchase all my Truck and car parts at AutoZone for last 4 year and finally realize that their products SUCH power steering pumps, hydro boosters, fuel pumps are a complete garbage!!! And a total nightmare to exchange (warranty) them!!! Took me a total of 5 P/S pumps to fix the problem of truck and fail after a week (pressure test it all) until went to NAPA auto... AutoZone parts and customer service is really bad. In order to get the right parts the first time I have to get their parts numbers online (AutoZone app) and take the old part to match it over the counter!!! Bunch of kids that don't know what's a glow plug!!! Oh and joking around and cell phone on the other hand!!! Not good!!!