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Had a great experience with your service advisor Hugo **. Have had dealings with him in the past. I have nothing but good things to say about this gentleman. He gives great customer satisfaction and it's on top of things. I would recommend your company just on the dealings with Hugo. I also spoke with Ronmar ** the service director who was also very helpful. Because of these two gentlemen you should be proud of the work that they do for your company. Thank you for your services and I will continue to Patron your facilities.

3 years ago my husband's Ford 250 had water in the fuel system. We took it here at their service department. After a appraiser goes and samples the fuel, our insurance company decided to total our vehicle. The service manager told our insurance company that the work had already started and close to being completed. We were not advised of any of this. Nevertheless, our insurance company paid over $35,000 dollars to replace the engine and anything the fuel touched. Since then our vehicle has been in various Ford dealerships with issues tying the fuel system as the main cause. We have had several warranty work. All these problems and breakdowns on parts that should be brand new.

3 months ago, we took our vehicle to Planet Ford, again fuel system problems. Their service manager, no longer with the company, advised us that there was water in the fuel system and there was a lot of rust and corrosion in the fuel tank. Our insurance company send a appraiser to the dealership and obtain a fuel sample. They discovered no water in the fuel. Their analysis found rust, corrosion, fuel filter particles, and no water. The dealership couldn't explain why the service manager, JC who's no longer with the company, concluded to water in the fuel system. Our insurance company won't pay for lack of workmanship from Gulf Freeway Ford. We are told to take our vehicle to Gulf Freeway Ford, since they were the ones who replaced or were supposed to replace $35,000 thousand dollars worth of work.

There should be no rust or corrosion if everything was replaced brand new. We have the analysis and paper trail to prove that they committed fraud and think they're getting away with it. We have called several times and spoke with Raymond, the service manager. He said he would communicate with Crystal at Planet Ford, and obtain a report on what the situation is. Speaking with Crystal at Planet Ford today 10/10/2016, she had not received a call, email or voicemail from anyone regarding our truck. We don't trust this dealership with our truck and can you blame us. How do you steal $35,000 thousand dollars from anyone? Our truck is still having issues with the fuel system. I wouldn't recommend taking your vehicle to this dealership.

Brought the car in on a Friday. They didn't even look at it until the following Thursday. The following Thursday we got it back. Total of 13 days to get a very minor problem fixed. It was only 2 hours labor. They wouldn't call our warranty right away so we could get our rental car! The service was the worst ever! Don't bring your car to AutoNation in north Richland hills, TX!

Mercedes Benz Auto Nation of Reno, NV - Placed a deposit on a G-Wagon late in the day on a Friday. They were suppose to finish some maintenance and let me know when it was ready. On Monday happened to be driving on highway by the dealership and noticed the vehicle being joy-rided by one of their employees at high speeds down a side street. Needless to say I canceled the deal and will never set foot back into their dealership again. Poor ethics, disorganized staff, untrustable.

I will never get any service or any work ever again from them nor will I buy my next car from them nor any of my family. I will get everything from Orange coast infinity. Their customer service sucks, their paperwork is not correct nor do they care about the Customer. They're argumentative with no backup, can't find anything. They had to go to the old paperwork because the computers didn't have the information. The prices were $200 higher than every place else. Never again!!! You guys just lived up to your reputation as crooks. Too bad because I love my car.

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My engine light was on in truck. Went for service AutoNation security Blvd. Was told I had electrical problems. I paid $645.00. 2 weeks later same problem. Was told I need additional services 2 thousand dollars. Spoke with Albert. Told me don't be made because my car is broke. Requested manager Barry who couldn't explain anything to me at all. Very disappointed on the service and left with engine light still on. My car was serviced by the two same mechanics twice. Two different quotes two weeks apart. Don't deal with these people. Beware!

AutoNation Toyota Weston Fl. - What a disappointment. I have recently purchased a 2016 Toyota Prius and I took it in for a warranty repair. All went well. HOWEVER, I also own a Toyota Sienna that I took in for two RECALL REPAIRS. Upon my arrival the next day to pick up my van, I was informed I needed brakes and a battery. The odd thing was my car had sat in a parking lot for two weeks, I jumped in and it started first try. They said they had to jump start it twice!!! I did not believe them, so I left and took my car somewhere else and had the battery tested. There they said the battery couldn't be any better!!! Now I can ONLY hope they did the recall repairs of the back of third row and the spare tire carrier cable assembly. Will be taking my car to another dealer!

AutoNation Tire and Wheel warranty is the worst. My wife had a flat tire on her way to work recently and she is riding on Nitto Grapplers AT 325 50 22. We bought the truck with the tires and lift already installed from the dealership. I have always purchased my tire warranties from Discount Tire and have ever had any problems. It took two days to get a new tire and after driving to the dealership to have it installed I sat there for 5 hours with an appt. Last week I went to get the oil change at the dealership and I noticed that one of the rims was bent. I pointed it out to the service tech and she initiated a claim. The claim was denied stating that even though the rim was bent and there was no damage or markings on the outside of the rim it could not be replaced because it was still holding air. So now I have a brand new truck with a bent rim and AutoNation will not replace the rim.

When I bought the tire package it was explained to me at financing that if we had a bent or cracked rim it would be covered 100%. Now AutoNation is stating that is not how the contract reads. Well that is how it was explained to me and my wife when we purchased the vehicle and warranty etc. And of course the spare tire is a 17" so if we have an issue out of town we will be in a bind. The truck rides completely different now and vibrates and shakes. I am now concerned that the bent rim is not letting the tire seal properly even though it is "holding Air" you can look at the tire bead and it's not the same all the way around the tire. I would never purchase any warranty from AutoNation ever again. So I have a brand new truck and I can't drive it out of town for the fear of having a issue with my rim and tire and being stranded on the side of the road. Safety is obviously not AutoNation's #1 priority.

I bought a used 2014 bmw a week ago. I have had nothing but problems since. The electronics/media center does not work. The passenger window was broken and the rear hatch was not working. In the last week I have been back to the dealer 6 times in the last. The window is and the back hatch is fixed BUT the electronics still are not working. The salesman who I bought the car from "disappeared". It was like a scene from the 70's movie Used Car. There is no way this car was properly inspected before sale. The previous owners info had not been deleted. Stay away!!!

We had the WORST experience with AutoNation Nissan. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. Beware of inaccurately represented cars here. After countless hours, 6 visits to the dealership, and going through 4 different cars we finally and unhappily walked out with a vehicle. My fiance and I were shopping for a 2016 Nissan Maxima and had found one at AutoNation Nissan Dallas. After getting a good quote that said the car had 15 miles on it, my fiance went to purchase the car. I'll call it Car #1. While waiting on finance, he test drove Car #1 and it turned out it had close to 4000 miles on it instead of the 15 miles on the quote. That's clearly not a new car. The salesman promised to get another car for us from a different dealership in the color of our choice.

There was a lot of back and forth, and the salesman got another 2016 Maxima in to the dealership (in the wrong color, but we decided to look at it anyways) and we went to test drive and hopefully buy this Car #2. Everything seemed good about Car #2, but the back seatbelt didn't buckle. So they took it to maintenance to replace the back seat and when they pulled the seat out, they found a bunch of broken glass in the back and in the trunk. Car #2 had hail damage, presumably, that was undisclosed. They apologized and said they would get another car for us and that they would look it over thoroughly before we got it. We went back to the dealership to check out Car #3 which they had brought in from another AutoNation dealership. The salesman had apparently looked over it and the miles were accurate, there was no glass in the back seat, and things were supposed to be good.

I took a quick look at this Car #3 and there was clear hail damage on the roof of the car, the hood of the car, and the trunk of the car probably at least 5 noticeable dents and once I started looking harder, there were at least 15-20 dents all over Car #3 that were deemed to be irreparable. Again, undisclosed hail damage. Clearly the salesman either didn't look over Car #3 or he was incompetent to tell if a car was in selling shape. This was our 5th visit to the dealership and we left without a car AGAIN. The salesman and sales manager were apologetic and said they would have another car for us and that they would make it right. We went back later that week, our 6th time to the dealership, to look at Car #4. We finally walked out with this car, after haggling more over the prices.

I am extremely unhappy with the entire experience. I feel that the whole situation was completely dishonest as 3 out of 4 cars were inaccurately represented to us, and I hope that people read this review and take their business elsewhere so they don't end up with cars that have hidden issues that AutoNation Nissan hasn't disclosed. Our Salesman Charles ** and his Sales Manager Garrett ** were nice, but for them to try and sell us 3 flawed cars before finally getting one right is completely unacceptable.

Want to tow a small trailer with a Jeep Grand Cherokee. When I went to hook up the trailer lights to the factory installed wiring harness, nothing happened. There was no power. Had to take to Jeep dealer where they said the circuit had to be activated. OK, activate it. Well it cost $95 for this service to get something to work that should work in the first place. Chrysler Assistance was absolutely no help and the service manager at the dealer was a total jerk telling me somebody had to pay for his people to do this, and that Jeep would not reimburse them if they didn't charge. It's like having to pay to have the radio activated, and no, not Sirius radio!! Horrendous customer service to the point of being extremely condescending and rude.

Not a good experience... I had done my homework ahead of bringing my car to AutoNation of Las Vegas, Nv. I had estimated the total bill to be roughly 500 dollars... without tax. The bill they gave me was for 580 dollars... including tax. After talking with my service representative, her manager decide to refund me 30 dollars. As what she said was a "GOODWILL GESTURE." What happened to the other 20 or so dollars??? 1st of all the service writer couldn't even get my name right. She had it only as Joseph ** when in fact it is Joseph **. I keep getting mail addressed to Joseph **. 2nd whoever did the oil change didn't put the engine compartment equipment back in place. 3rd the wash job was lousy and when the service writer took me out to take control of the vehicle I noticed a small dent below the driver's door and when I ask her about it she ignored what I had said but told me to have a nice day.

These people sold me a used truck knowing it was not fully inspected nor ready to be in their sale lot. Next day after my purchase I discovered that one of my mirror did not fold and notify them within my three days of money back guarantee. I notified the sales team of my issue and I was told "no worries, bring it over on Monday, August 1st. We will take care of it."

Stopped at the dealership as directed and they came back saying that in order to fix my mirror It was going to cost me $1079. It's August 2nd, 2016 around 10:21 pm and the sales associated keeps texting me and emphasizing it's a used truck and there is nothing they can do to provide a better customer service. I will stay away from this dealership or you will find yourself in your biggest nightmare. I will never do business with this company again and I suggest you to think twice.

This place is a joke. My first time here at AutoNation of Marietta. I came in. It wasn't busy at all. Stood for a least 5 mins. I went to Richard ** as on contract. He did not acknowledge me at all. So finally I asked Ron ** Iis someone going to help me?" He stated he was busy. He called Stephanie ** to assist me. I felt like they didn't need my money. I should of left.

Two and a half years ago, I bought a vehicle from AutoNation Ford Frisco. I purchased the service maintenance agreement. Since that time, anytime I try to use it, they either can't find the problem or can't work me in with an appointment. It's a waste of a day when I go up there for even an oil change much less service appointment. For anyone who is thinking about adding the maintenance agreement to their loan, don't do it. There's no recourse when they don't deliver the service; however, you're still paying for it on your loan.

Took my SUV in for a oil change and it came back out with the check engine light on. Call back to dealer. Spoke with shop manager. He told me to bring SUV back. He took a look at it and put it on a scanner. Told me my email on system has a hole in it. My question to him is how and who did it. He had no answer but “We will find the hole and it's a 300$ service fee to find it.” Come on now. That sound like a rip-off but I would let them wash my bicycle.

I am beyond livid. I purchased a Volkswagen Tiguan 3 weeks ago from AutoNation Volkswagen in Columbus, GA and I am already having issues. My push to start had been struggling for a few days and I took it in on Thursday to find that it needed a new battery. I was very upset as I recently put down a large down payment to purchase the vehicle and was told the vehicle was under warranty. Oddly this battery was not covered under the warranty and the battery going bad is my fault.

I took the battery and had it tested to find that it was a bad cell. The individual who tested the battery was amazed that the dealership would not replace the battery being that the car was new. I have been doing my research to find that the battery is under warranty and that the dealership should make it good. Yesterday evening when I was leaving my Grandmother's house my car would not crank. Not only would it not crank, it would not even do anything. I wouldn't have been able to have even gotten in the car had it not already been unlocked. The system has shut down.

I called roadside assistance (which comes with my warranty) to find that my car doesn't have enough miles on it to have the vehicle towed in and I would be required to pay an initial starting fee of $75 plus $5 per mile to take the vehicle 45 miles to Columbus. Needless to say it has ruined my 4th of July. I would never encourage anyone to shop at AutoNation Volkswagen of Columbus, GA or better yet encourage anyone to buy a Volkswagen. #volkswagen #autonationcolumbus #volkswagentrouble #columbus #autonation.

AUTONATION FORD SCOTTSDALE HAS AN F RATING WITH THE BBB. Let me tell you my experience and you will understand why. When I finally got a raise at work, I decided it was time to get some heat and air conditioning. I have 3 stents, triple bypass, a defibrillator and a pacemaker, I didn’t want to go another summer driving 80 miles a day with no A/C. My credit sucked from the recession and that is how I ended up with these guys. They led me to their website and told me I could pick a vehicle off there from any local AutoNation and they would get it and bring it up to show it to me.

We saw lots of trucks online. But with a $2500 bad credit fee (don’t worry they add it to your loan) and 28% interest rate, most everything was cost prohibitive. The salesman I had went out of his way to find me something... I agreed to look at 2004 Dodge Dakota with157,000 miles. I was told I had to agree to purchase the vehicle before I saw it and had 4 days or 150 miles to return it if I didn’t like it. We agreed on a payment and I was off to the finance Manager.

This is where I met Mike. He offered me a Warranty and Gap Insurance. He offered me 6 more months on the loan for an extra $80.00 a month plus my payment. I asked him if it had unlimited mileage, he said it was good for 18 months and my truck qualified since it had less than 172,000 miles on it. I thought it would be worth the extra money ($3000.00) in case the A/C went out, only reason I bought the truck and the warranty. I signed all the papers and expected to get copies back and had 4 days to cancel so I just minimally looked at them while signed the stack of them. But he never gave me a copies..

I drove the truck the 12 miles home and got CHECK ENGINE LIGHT, plug went bad. I called them and met my next friend Ryan **. Ryan is as phony as a $3.00 bill. Spouts the company line before he even thinks. He told me to fix it myself and he would pay me back. He agreed to fix, why you ask ? They had forgotten to take it through smog. I told him the back wheels had some sort of problem and the CD had grunge album shoved it and wouldn’t come out. So I got the truck back about 10 days later. Asked him about the wheels, said there was no problem, they sold the safest vehicles, ran like an old Dodge truck he said.

Well I drove the truck to work the next day at 5 am in the dark, with El niño rain pouring down the truck would shake violently when I took my foot off the gas. When I looked at the rear wheel it was coming off and only had 2 studs remaining and both lug-nuts were almost off. Took 8 turns to get them back on. I called Mike again to see if I could get the warranty and get this fixed. Called all day - left at least 3 voice mails. Ryan fixed it after accusing me of having someone else work on it. They put new mags on it. Why you ask, because my rim was destroyed.

I finally got the truck in good shape but the tags had run out, I was hit and run on and the nice policeman told me that my registration never had even been submitted. Seems the title was lost. I finally got my paperwork with my new tag. My warranty was for 18,000 miles, 18 months, just the engine and transmission. I had asked for my paperwork for months. Got it 42 days after I signed it.

Fast forward to today 4 months later I 5000 miles left on a $3000.00 warranty that covers nothing. The A/C compressor went out, Ryan refuse to fix it, says he giving me a deal at $900.00. The other manager Tom ** is a bigger liar and creep than Ryan. I am to the hospital in the am for Heart Surgery and coming home in 114 degree heat with no A/C - Thanks to AutoNation Ford Scottsdale.

I was working on a deal for a car with one of the sales people when I found the same exact car for less money. When she called me I told her I was purchasing from another dealership and I was asked if they could match this offer would I buy from them, and they sent an offer letter with the numbers for the new price. I asked them to send the window sticker so I could make sure the car they found had the same options. They stalled me out for 3 days and the car I was going to buy was sold, so then they no longer wanted to match the price..

Now the sales person's manager calls me and aggressively tells me they need a decision on if I want to buy the car or not, and the price is back to the original price we were working with (which is $2000 higher). I told him "no I wasn't interested in buying a car from them", they stalled me out from a great deal and I wasn't going to award them with a purchase from their lot. He goes on to explain that a person selling this car at that price would take a $5000 loss and no one was in this business to lose money. So I asked if that was the case, why were they willing to take a $3000 loss, because the price difference was $2000.

Now he starts to stumble over his words and tells me they just wanted to sell the car because it had been on their lot a while (another lie). The car we were looking at they were going to have to trade a vehicle with another dealership to get so that was just a flat out lie.. I told him "have a good day." Now the General Manager emails me saying he wanted to help resolve the issues, I emailed him the entire spill of what happened and never heard back. Bottom line, they are not honest people, they made me feel as if I don't want a Chrysler now... Shopping for a Lexus...

I put down a down payment of $1,000. My understanding under the contract said my check will not be cashed for 21 days. The dealership AutoNation Fiat Roseville California cash my check the very next day which threw my account into an overdraft. I felt they violated the contract and I should be given back my thousand dollars and do business elsewhere.

Walked through showroom twice, and the lot twice before I finally got some help. Brad ** was able to help, he is fine as a salesperson. The new truck had a scratch and he scheduled to get it repaired and a full detail and the Android Auto Software update. I brought back the truck Thursday at 9 am for the repair, he let me know it be done that day. At 6:30 pm Brad called to say they needed one more day, they wanted to ensure it was perfect so they took it to their paint shop. I let him know that was fine I rather it be done correctly. Called Friday at 5:30 and Friday comes and goes no call back.

It is now Saturday, I called at 11:15, had to leave a message and no call back yet. They did give me a loaner, however it had less than a quarter tank of gas. Sales may be fine but lack of communication and timeliness - it horrible. I spoke with a manager named Ronnie at 12:15 - he was not very concerned and told me a paint scratch can't be repaired in 1 day. He told me that Brad was with customers and that is why he hasn't returned my call. I proceeded to tell him that the truck has been there 2.5 days, and I should have gotten a call on the second day, or at least when they opened. Having a customer is no excuse when you were given more than a day to call back. The only response "he will give you a call." Seriously??? It is now after 2 pm, with no call back.

My Aunt was told she needed a Co-signer to get another vehicle but to make a long story short the salesman knew her entire family - put her sister name on the paperwork until I notice what he did. He had her license and still put the wrong name into the system. My mom was the co-signer which at the end they made her the legal owner without saying a word until it came down to signing the paperwork about the monthly payments. That's when she was told she would be the owner of the vehicle. My aunt kept asking why did he make my mom the owner when he told her she had bad credit. She asked for her keys to the car she was trading in and he kept doing what he wanted to do. The car she picked out was sold but he came to her with a key and told her to test drive the car and all hell broke out. They tried to sell her a 4 cylinder car knowing she wanted a 6 cylinder.

Now this is where it gets even worst. They found a vehicle, told her it will take a few days to come in and they never called her. She had to call them. She was only given 1 key. They lied and said the second key will be overnight to them. A week went by still no call. Another week went by showing went up there and the salesmen was standing outside smoking, talking and once again she asked the sales manager about her key. He told her he had to order the key and it will take a week to come in. 3 weeks total and still no key!!! She called and spoke with a young lady where the vehicle came from and she told her she personally sent both keys with that vehicle.

Well now it's gotten worse. She went back up there to speak with the Jackass who sold her the vehicle and surprisingly he got her name right and acted like he didn't know why she was coming up there. This time I think their Boss that over them was there and things got rolling but still NO KEY!!! It's been a month now and it's not a pretty situation cause my aunt called to speak with their General manager and again they're claiming he's in a meeting and another person will handle the situation. Any answers anybody to resolved this situation???

These people actually get butt hurt over an average or poor rating given to them. They will confront you about it. Instead of fixing the problem they make it worse. I will never have any more auto body repair work done at this place. They do average to subpar work, take their time and give big attitude. Do yourself a favor and find a more reputable and more professional service center. This place is awful and I'm not kidding!!

Found my dream car. A 2011 cts v super car at AutoNation with only 21,000 miles. Asking price $39,000 internet price. After much back and forth emails (I live in pa - about 3 hours away) I sent a deposit in to hold the car. They assured me car went through a 125 point inspection and was a great car. Made my arrangements and went down with the money and when I saw the car I was really impressed. Went in, paid for it and started to head back to pa. Drove half a block and started to get a noise coming from the rear of car. And the ride on the car was horrible. Should have taken it back but decided to take it home. Called them soon as I got home. Salesmen said "no problem. Whatever it is we will take care of it". Took it to the Cadillac dealer and found out the whole rear end was no good and had to be replaced. Luckily it was under gm warranty.

Called them and wanted their autonation warranty for free since I just saved them 2500 dollars on a new rear. They should have put in before the car was delivered. They said "that's good. It was covered" but wasnt going to do anything further. Car sat in my backyard from day 1 for 3 weeks. Ok so now rear is fixed and I take it for inspection and it fails pa inspection. Right from shock was leaking - a 675.00 item not counting install. Went back and forth with autonation. They sent me a ck for 450.00 as a courtesy. Now you tell me a car that gets a 125 point inspection has a blown rear and wont pass pa inspection and I get 450.00 back... just great. This is a very bad dealership. They sell uninspectable cars and do nothing to take care of the customer. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP.

I sold my fully paid-off car to an AutoNation dealer. I have never received payment for it.

I had a free oil change coupon and wanted to get a synthetic oil change for my first servicing. This may have been too much for the young lady to comprehend. Big time attitude given. Had to get manager. Then lady started asking why I had a grease pencil mark on my window (they use it for prepaid car wash) and could not stop asking me why it was there. I kept refocusing her and kept asking her about variable pricing options for the oil change and tire rotation. She finally got me the manager because she clearly had another agenda. When manager came I receive entirely different prices initially offered. Bad experience. Really makes me wonder if I am going to the synthetic I ordered. Not sure how to make sure they didn’t give me conventional. They don’t appear to have the stuff together. The first lady had other agendas. Was rude. Ill-informed of prices and time consuming. NEVER AGAIN.

My daughter and I purchased a car from AutoNation Mitsubishi 7200 Gulf Freeway Houston TX. We also purchased an extended warranty. The car was totaled a few months later. We went to the dealership and filled out the proper paperwork to get a refund on the remaining warranty. We were told it could take up to six weeks to get the money applied to the finance company of the car. Six weeks went by and my daughter started calling about the refund. AutoNation keeps telling her they will call her back and never do. They make sure to get your money up front, but try and get some back. Good luck.

We took our vehicle to AutoNation Ford Collision in order to get it repaired after an accident. While they repaired the damage, they didn't repair it correctly and we had to take it back in order for them to fix the problem. We picked it up only to find out yet again that something was still wrong with it... our power window controls weren't working. Instead of offering to look at it and try to fix it, they argued with us that it wasn't their fault and the onus was on us to prove it was something they had done. The manager was demeaning, argumentative, and unyielding. He would not entertain any responsibility on the part of his business and acted as if his bottom line was more important than "you consumers", as he called my husband.

The irony is that we took it to our Toyota dealership that night and they fixed it within ten seconds. Apparently when you do certain work on a Toyota you have to reset the power windows!! Amazing service from Toyota... none from AutoNation. I have children and we drive across the Buckman Bridge. Imagine if we needed to get them out of the car quickly and the only access was the windows and they won't go down because AutoNation refused to even look and see if they might have done something wrong. Just because they didn't touch a certain part of the vehicle, doesn't mean that what they did didn't affect the windows. Amazing how an auto repair shop wouldn't know this and that they wouldn't put two and two together that if the windows were working when we dropped it off and they weren't when we picked it up. Terrible customer service to not even try to work with a customer and to be rude.

To make it short: They had an Ad ONLINE Autotrader and on their corporate AutoNation site for a very specific limited new vehicle $3K below MSRP listed price. I go to dealership and they say "Oh that price was a "mistake"." Asked what the out-the-door price is: Sales guy says: "It is the MSRP price plus $5000 and your tags, title & taxes." Huh? What is the $5K? Because of this particular limited vehicle all the dealerships are charging a "surcharge". Most are charging $10K above of the MSRP. I asked why they don't disclose that on their ad - all the other dealerships included their surcharges into the advertised price (that's why their Ad price was so low). He says they don't have to. After we worked on the numbers, I asked them to honor the advertised price, he said they won't and don't have to. Said if I wasn't happy with the transaction don't buy from them.

I offered them the chance to make good as a "professional", "trustworthy", ethical dealership, they told me they didn't have to. Said AutoNation has been in business for 20 years and I wasn't the first to complain. I even handed him a copy of a short write up of Florida's Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act pertaining to false advertising; he shrugged his shoulders and pushed the paper back to me. Told me they were not going to honor the advertised price, didn't matter what I did. But he did add in that if the discrepancy was a matter of a couple of hundred dollars, they would honor that price, but not thousands of dollars. Kept telling me it was a mistake.

I said "Yeah, your 20 year business company doesn't make $3000 mistakes, maybe a deliberate mistake." I didn't buy the car but I still have printouts, pictures, transcripts, numbers, etc that will incriminate their guilt all the way. Maybe I will find the right entity to complain LOUD enough to humble this dealership into fair and ethical consumer practices. Jacksonville, Florida Autonation Ford dealership. If they read this they will know who I am but I'm sure they don't care.

Worst runaround I have had in my 50 years of buying cars. First they bait and switched me, then sold the car I signed a contract for and kept my deposit for 12 days. I would avoid this dealership at all costs as there are many of their competitors you can buy from.

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