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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 5, 2019

      I went to Sandal's at OChi Beach Resort expecting a luxurious stay and got the WORST international experience of my life. It started at my arrival - my husband and I were NOT picked up by the resort although we called to confirm that someone would be present. We wound up having to pay $175 out of pocket for the 2 1/2 hour cab ride from Kingston's airport to the resort. When we arrived we told the front desk what happened and an "email" was sent to her manager. We were told we'd be followed up with - that never happened. We wound up following up every single day of our stay to which each front desk person said they'd tell their manager and someone would be in touch but NOTHING ever happened.

      On our last night we finally spoke with a manager that told us "we should've come sooner" instead of giving us our cab ride money back. He asked if we had a receipt from the cab (which we of course didn't have) and said he'd tell his manager and someone would follow up with us once we returned home. That was 3 weeks ago - almost a whole month - and NO ONE HAS FOLLOWED UP! Since this experience I've called the resort (876-974-5691) at least 20 times to speak with Semaj (the manager that was supposed to be helping us at extension **) and he's either avoided my calls, not in the office, or the phone continues to ring without any opportunity to leave a voice mail. What makes this experience so terrible was really the follow up.

      The resort was decent - highly overpriced for a small room. The meals were decent - nothing to rave about. And the excursions included weren't anything I've enjoyed at other resorts. My very first Sandal's experience was far from "luxury" as proclaimed mostly because of the follow up I had to do with staff every single day of my vacation only to be told my problem couldn't be solved. I'm still very annoyed, agitated, irritated, and concerned that my voice has not been heard. If anyone reading this can help please reach out to me directly! I've shared this terrible story with my family and friends and will report this location to the BBB since I'm still not getting any support. Will not be going back.

      Definitely disappointed,

      Victoria **

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 2, 2019

      I was extremely disappointed with the quality of food, beverage, and service that we received. Sandals committed fraud by advertising "luxury" and "gourmet" products, only to deliver average food, bottom shelf liquor, and unappreciative staff. I have had better quality and service at hotel zone Cancun resorts for 1/3 the price of Sandals Grande Antigua.

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      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Nov. 25, 2019

      I will front this with the weather was perfect, the people were friendly, and the food was good. Short summary: book if you're okay with getting woken up at 6 am every morning. I traveled to Montego Bay for my cousin's wedding and ended up traveling alone due to some last minute changes in my boyfriend's work schedule. I purchased the travel package from Sandals to get me through security and customs with an escort once I landed.

      Arrival went smoothly. My escort met me right off the plane with a sign in hand with my name on it. We got my bag from baggage claim and I was whisked through customs. The whole process took maybe 10-15 minutes and then I was at the Sandals Lounge. Upon arrival a bus was about to leave. They gave me the option of waiting at the lounge or taking the bus. I chose the bus. A red cap porter loaded our luggage and took it to the bus, where I was promptly told that I needed to tip the porter for handling my luggage. He was not shy in telling us that he only takes home the money that we tip him and is otherwise unpaid. After already paying the $80 for the travel upgrade, I was not expecting this. I had been told all of my tips and gratuities would be included the travel package, therefore didn't have cash and was I unable to tip the porter.

      I arrived at the resort, where we were handed damp, fresh wash clothes to clean our hands with, and sat down in the lobby with the other guests to wait for check in. After they found out my name they told me I had been upgraded (I suppose due to the travel package) and I was brought to a separate lounge for Club Sandals. I was promptly checked in to the resort and a $400 incidental fee was requested from me. I had read the emails Sandals had sent and I was already expecting this.

      I received a tour of the property and then was shown to my room, which had also been upgraded unexpectedly. I had originally booked the Caribbean Grand Luxe Poolside. I wasn't expecting to spend much time at the resort as my cousin was getting married at the resort located at Montego Bay. I was upgraded to the Crystal Lagoon Honeymoon One Bedroom Butler Suite, Poolside. I wasn't given a reason on why I was upgraded, but the room was beautiful and I was feeling like a queen.

      I was working on arranging dinner with my family and decided I would do room service and then meet them for game night. I looked around the room and could not find a menu anywhere. I tried calling room service, no answer. I called the front desk and they said they would send someone over with one. This was my first time out of the country, and there is definitely no sense of urgency. In the 30 minutes it took them to get a menu delivered to my room, my cousin and I had made plans to do dinner at one of the restaurants at her resort. I got dressed and was just about to leave when the menu was delivered to me.

      I arrived at the Montego Bay resort and after much deliberation, we were told that the restaurant could not acquire us as a single group and that we would all have to dine separately. This was slightly upsetting as they had tables set for two (couples' resort and all) and VERY few tables set for four or that they could put together to seat more. We ended up splitting up into groups of four. One set of us ate at the restaurant that we were all meant to dine at (Tokyo Joe's - 5 Stars on the food), and the other groups dined at other nearby restaurants.

      The rest of the evening passed uneventfully and I caught the 10:45 pm bus back to the Royal Caribbean location. I had a long day of traveling, starting at 4:00 am. I had spent 2.5 hours driving to the airport, 3 hours waiting on my flight, 3 hours on the plane, and I had been going non-stop since arriving. That garden soaking tub was looking better by the minute. I turned on the water, and kept turning. It was barely coming out of the faucet. It took over 35 minutes to fill the tub over the jets at the bottom of it (about 5 or 6 inches total). I soaked in the tub for a little bit to ease the strain in my back, but I could only soak my lower back because of how slow the tub filled. By this time it was close to midnight so I decided to go to bed.

      There were doors that went over the doors to the balcony so it blocked out the majority of the light, and there were shutters between the bathroom and bedroom to block the light from the bathroom window. I was able to sleep in the next morning (around 7:30 am is sleeping in for me) and I ventured out to check out the gym. The gym was clean and seemed to be well cared for. There were two jugs of infused ice water when I arrived and they had towels to take with you. It was small, but had a variety of cardio equipment, dumbbells, and barbells. Basically, if you know your way around the gym you can get in a decent workout. My only complaint is that the mats for cardio were barely usable (the last one available was thin and falling apart. It didn't exactly provide cushion on a tile floor) and the water was taken away during my workout but they never brought it back.

      I spent the remainder of the day at the other resort with family and returned around 11 at night. I had gotten sick, I believe from being in the sun all day, and I was up until 1:30 that night. The room next to me got room service in the middle of the night, and I was woken when they arrived with the meal. I had just fallen asleep when a cat began howling outside my door. Around 3 or 3:30 I finally fell back asleep only to be woken at 6:00 am by a staff member working on the pool outside my room. He was filling a bucket with water from the pool then dumping it on the concrete around the chairs and scrubbing the floors down with a broom. This continued for about 45 minutes and I had JUST fallen back to sleep when what sounded like a leaf blower started up. The staff member continued to use the machine for the next 30 minutes or so.

      I gave up on trying to sleep and went down to breakfast before going to join my family for my cousin's wedding. I returned to Royal Caribbean around 11 or so that night after the wedding. It takes me awhile to decompress before falling asleep, so it was about 12:30 before I fell asleep. Lo and behold, the staff members did the same maintenance on the pool at 6:00 am AGAIN, followed by the leaf blower. At this point I was completely exhausted. Between being sick and only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before, getting ready and helping with my cousin's wedding, and then only getting 5 hours of sleep I was at my wit's end.

      I HATE bothering people or complaining. I called to the front desk and asked whether they had any mandatory quiet hours where staff members and guests cannot make noise. I was promptly told no. They don't have any quiet hours and the machine I was hearing was to spray for mosquitoes on the property, and that it is done EVERY morning. I told her I was extremely frustrated as I had stayed for three nights and two of those I was unable to sleep in. Once I'm up, I'm up and can't get back to sleep. She asked when I was leaving. I told her that day, and she said "Sorry". That was it.

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      Rated with 1 star
      profile pic of the author
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Oct. 27, 2019

      It has taken me a while to come forward with any type of review. However, I am weakened by choking back the emotions that I have about our experience and I won't let it bring me down any longer. My husband and I invested a lot of time, money, and energy into planning what we thought was going to be the trip of our lifetime. For our wedding, we even asked for a contribution to our honeymoon rather than gifts. We had heard a few different couples suggest Sandals as a resort company and Because of this, we chose Sandals Montego Bay as our destination. We set a date and things started to fall into place. Before we knew it we were on a plane headed to Jamaica.

      The overall arrival was good, everything went smoothly when we checked in but we noticed right off the bat that the staff cater to the guests that have purchased an expensive room or look a certain way. A couple that checked in at the same time as us were one of the big spenders and they were offered a tour of the grounds while we had to sit and wait for our room because no one ever showed up to give us our “tour”. I want you to keep in mind that My husband and I weren't going to let petty stuff get to us, so we took it upon ourselves to explore the property on our own. Once our room was available we retreated and spent the evening having dinner, enjoying each other's company and unwinding from a busy day of travel.

      The next morning, we woke up early and went to the main commons area to eat breakfast when we were very rudely turned down because the breakfast was supposed to start at 7 but it was 7:15 and things are on "island time" so they weren't ready yet. That's fine, we made do with visiting the coffee bar and relaxing on the couch until they were ready. We had nothing planned for the day so we decided that we would go to the Dunn's River Falls tour. We arrived at the tour desk in the lobby at the exact time that it was to open so that we could book the excursion and be on our way. The tour bus was due to arrive and depart an hour after the desk opened. After waiting a while, we finally asked the front desk if we could book the trip through them. They politely declined and told us that we had to book it through the tour desk and that it shouldn't be much longer before the attendant arrives.

      We wandered back to the couch to wait longer. After quite some time, the tour bus showed up. We asked the chauffeur if he could help us get a seat on the trip. He was very motivated and said he would help us as much as possible. He resorted to the front desk to ask them a few questions and came back after being declined much like us. Shortly after, a young woman came to the desk and started unloading her purse. We immediately went to the desk to see if she was the attendant. Rather than help us, she picked up the phone and started making phone calls. Feeling very neglected, we were about to throw in the towel when the chauffeur stepped in and demanded we get helped. Before long we were on our way to Dunn's River Falls which I do highly recommend and I am pleased that we did not miss out on it.

      The next few days consisted of my husband and I lounging on the beach and enjoying each other's company as well as a scuba diving trip that I had planned before we arrived. My husband use to be a commercial diver and though we understand that the resort has standards on diving experiences, he provided his experienced diving card and they told him he still needed to do a diving follow up course. After paying $80, he was told to meet the instructor at the pool where he was completely deserted and told to hook up his equipment and to do everything on his own. The money we paid for him to have the “follow up” went towards the instructor asking him 2 questions and telling him that he was good to dive. While I, on the other hand, took the entire training course and had a panic attack after the instructor took us in the ocean and let us go 30 feet under after a 2 hour training season.

      I don't think I should have ever passed the course but he insisted that I was good to go. After swallowing what felt like a gallon of salt water, I resorted back to the diving boat, never to dive again in my life due to the nightmares and anxiety I still receive from thinking about not being trained or instructed properly. That's neither here nor there, it could happen to anyone I suppose.

      The day after diving we had an offshore fishing trip planned. Though we never caught anything, it was an absolute blast. If there is one thing I can take from this trip, it would be how much fun I had on the offshore fishing. By now you are probably thinking, wow this girl can have fun? Yes, I know how to have fun, this trip was just a series of unfortunate events and mind you, we brushed the first half of the week off and didn't let it bother us at first.

      After we returned to our room following the fishing trip we found that the cleaning services had never cleaned our room. We thought that maybe they hadn't gotten to our room yet so we change our clothes and stayed out late that night only to return to a room that still had not been cleaned. We were at the resort for a week, and this happened more than once. Our room wouldn't get cleaned on multiple occasions. Normally this would not bother me but in a country like Jamaica, bugs are everywhere. The resort tries it's best to keep the bugs to a minimum but when the cleaning service hasn't shown up to your room and the sheets and garbage from the day before were never taken care of, The bugs accumulate quickly. I woke the next morning to a body cover in Painful bug bites. Due to the bed not being taken care of, a family of ants took it upon themselves to take a vacation in our bed and feast on our bodies throughout the night.

      The next morning I immediately requested our room get serviced as well as stock the fridge, which at this point we were 5 days into our vacation and the fridge had only been stocked once. The website says that the fridge is always fully stocked. The front desk told us to put a note out for the cleaning staff to stock the fridge but when the cleaning staff doesn't show up, the fridge doesn't get stocked.

      The final two days were the worst. This is where everything that we brushed off and thought was trivial, came crashing down on us. We decided to book another excursion to fill the time before we went home. This time the gal was actually at the desk but she made it just as clear that she did not want to help us again. We booked it for the following day so that we could wake early and set out for the trip. That evening we went to the seaside grill, which we found to be our favorite. The staff was very welcoming and cheery at this place rather than others so we came here frequently. When we returned to the room and went about our night, we both woke to a very upset stomach. This was followed by us spending the entire night in the bathroom. We expunged every ounce of fluid that we had in our body that night. What better way to spend a honeymoon together, right?

      The next morning, our bodies still weren't clear to go 10 feet from the bathroom so I called the excursion desk because we had just paid for the excursion the previous day and it was a pretty penny to do so. I called solely to see what our options were to cancel. I was greeted with the same rude, condescending demeanor that we had received from this place before. The gal said the only way we could get a refund was to have a nurse evaluate us. Being very frustrated at this point, I responded with “great, Send one our way!”. She was not happy with that response so she hung up the phone. I called the front desk awhile after to see if one had been called for us. She said no and that she could arrange one to visit. We did, in fact, have food poisoning which allowed us to be refunded our money for the excursion.

      At this point, I was in tears and just plain ready for us to get out of this place. So I decided I would do the last of my shopping at the resort shop. By this time in our trip we had been in the resort shop multiple times and those multiple times that we visited, I was greeted by no one, asked if I could be helped by no one, and frankly, this took away all of my ambition. I knew that I had to go to the shop before we left though because we were due to return to the states on Christmas eve and if I showed up empty-handed my name would be mud. While I was in the shop for the last time, I witnessed a sales associate offer the “early bird special” to a woman that was in line behind me. When I got to the register I asked about the special and she said it was too late and over with. After I was finished purchasing my items I lingered a few minutes before walking out the door. To my dismay, The woman behind me in line was given the special.

      I just want to express that my pride, emotions, and well-being were sucked dry by this resort. I had never been out of the states before and after this trip, I don't have the desire to again. We were so excited about this trip and I don't know if we just didn't fit the bill or if it was because we didn't flaunt our wealth while we were there but I truly would not recommend this place. There are quite a few more things that I could go into detail about but if you have stuck with me this far, I will spare you the rest.

      I guess if you choose to go here, don't expect great service or anything in a timely matter. The resort seems to hide behind the phrase “island time” in a lot of instances, because of this the itinerary is not accurate and you may end up spending time waiting for even the smallest events such as bar side bingo. Make sure to Demand that your room gets cleaned promptly and well. Don't do the scuba diving training, unless you want a little trauma in your life. Lastly, try to avoid getting food poisoning. Thanks for listening. Sincerely - J

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 23, 2019

      Sandals Resorts Ochi is the worst run resorts I have ever been to. Bad food, bad service, outdated rooms that smell musty and if there is any problem there is no one on staff that can or will do anything to help you. I will never go to a Sandals again and would warn anyone against going. It is not as advertised at all!!

      17 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 15, 2019

      We were celebrating my husband‘s recent retirement, our 45th wedding anniversary and his 66 birthday. We were assigned a room in which the air conditioner leaked, water all over the entrance, maintenance came in two times it still leaked, also ants all over the counters. We checked in on 8/21 and on 8/23 no tv, did not come back on until after 10 pm on 8/25. In addition internet went out on 8/23 and no service until evening of 8/26, which was my husbands birthday so he missed all his birthday wishes from our children. I paid $4279.00, and we were told that we paid for the “lowest” package. No alcohol in room, no room service etc. We tried to make the best of this situation, but so very disappointed in Sandals. The commercials are misleading, and unfortunately we found out the hard way.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 13, 2019

      We spent $7K to sit in an outdated, rundown hotel room for 3 days... Let's start with a list of reasons why I would NEVER stay at another Sandals again:

      *Bed bugs! My husband and I are covered in bed bug bites.
      *Cockroaches! We found cockroaches swimming in our drinks one night!
      *Outdated rooms! We paid $935 for an outdated room that looked like it belonged in a motel.

      *Sub-par service!

      Now let's discuss the category 5 hurricane.. So clearly, the resort can't control the weather and we definitely know that but what they can control, is what they tell their future guests. The story went like this.. My anxiety was through the roof with hurricane Dorian nearing the Bahamas. The day prior to our departure, I chatted with Sandals via their website. I was told "we're not expecting much from the hurricane, we'll be in the outer-bands and will most likely just receive some rain and wind." I even called the morning of our flight when Dorian was moving at a fast pace towards the Bahamas. I asked again what they would advise and once again, was told "we're not expecting too much. We're still advising everyone to come."

      Fast forward to 4 hours later when we land, it looked like the resort was preparing for a major storm. Everything was boarded up, sandbagged, caution tape up, closed restaurants, all the guests were consolidated to one building, the staff was sent home..Definitely did not seem like things were "running as normal." Basically, we were told what they thought we wanted to hear. We were sold a bill of goods to get us down there. We spent the next 3 days/nights sitting in our rundown hotel room watching TV. We even asked for a deck of cards at one point because we were so bored..that didn't even happen!

      Also, the swim-up pool that we spent so much money to get, didn't get used once because it was FREEZING cold!! When I brought this to the attention of some other guests at the resort, we were told that some guests were offered to stay at another resort if they didn't want to go to the Bahamas, we were never given this option. There's no real consistency when it comes to Sandals and what they tell their guests.

      Reflecting back on the trip, I feel so extremely cheated by the whole experience. We didn't have the chance to do so many of the things we went there to do. Since our trip was such a bust, we decided to stay one additional night just so we would at least have the chance to go snorkeling, which was a major reason why we went. Instead of showing some sympathy for the horrific experience we just went through, Sandals charged us full price to stay another night, $935! The room looked absolutely NOTHING like the website btw. In closing, as I sit here with ** all over my bed-bug bitten legs, I hope this story serves as a warning to anyone considering visiting Sandals. :(

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      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 4, 2019

      As I am sure you know that the Bahamas was hit very hard by a strong Cat 5 hurricane. I had a reservation to leave Miami on August 30th and to return from the Bahamas on Monday September 2nd. Bahamasair was kind enough to reschedule my trip at no additional charge for October. They agreed with me that getting to the Bahamas with a hurricane looming was no problem, but returning from the Bahamas would be difficult if not impossible. (They were hit with a Cat 5) that proved total devastation of some areas of the Bahamas.

      Why is Sandals not honoring my original price??? Why do I lose the special price because I cancelled due to an impending disaster. That is ridiculous. Why should I have to pay almost $500 more. The airline is honoring their price, why isn't Sandals. They are charging me an additional $500 because I rescheduled the trip. No one in their right mind would travel to an area where a hurricane was coming, CAT 5. This will be my 6th and last trip to Sandals.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 21, 2019

      My engagement ring was stolen from my suitcase after being proposed to at this resort in February 2019. The happiest day of my life quickly turned into a nightmare after being accused of stealing it ourselves and then not getting any support from the resort. Months later and I can still feel the pain, agony and disappointment that made me cry myself to sleep for weeks. My fiancé spent thousands of dollars on a surprise trip and we were stolen from and the resort has offered nothing at all. It pains me to feel that we matter so little to Sandals that we don’t even deserve a response. I am not sure if it is because of our race, age, etc. but we deserve more than the way we are being treated. I have been pleading with Sandals for months to have someone contact me to discuss. Nothing has worked.

      26 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 21, 2019

      I started my reservation online and I priced out the room and airfare. I called in to have my discounts applied - Military and Sandals select. The agent matched my online price and I went online and made the deposit payment. I called back 10 minutes later to make the final payment of $3663.38. The agent put me on hold and contacted the airline department. She came back and confirmed the flight and final price. She then placed me on hold waiting for everything to be imported into the reservation, then to call dropped. I called back again, went through the same process, was placed on hold and the call dropped. I called back a 3rd time. This time the agent told me the flight information was loaded into my reservation.

      He verified the flight and total price and was ready to take my payment and the call dropped. Called back a 4th time, asked for a manager. The agent would not transfer to a manager, she pulled up my reservation and quoted me a price that was $2,000 more than the original quote. I asked several times to speak with a manager and she told that she has discussed it with the manager and it was nothing he could do. After several times of asking for a manager I finally spoke with he refused to honor the original price because the airline fares had increased since the other 3 calls. I cancelled my reservation. I will never use Sandals again.

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      21 people found this review helpful
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