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160 Sandals Resorts Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 22, 2018

As I sit here waiting for our shuttle to the airport, I figured I’d write my review for this Sandals here in Grenada. I have to say the grounds here are very well kept and the pools and bars are fun. The food, at times, was fantastic and overall had a decent time. Now for my reason for two stars... We booked the honeymoon suite with butler and private pool. For the money we spent, we sure didn’t feel like we got our money worth. Our toilet broke three times, our jacuzzi broke twice, they must have mopped the floors with dirty water because we had to air it out for three hours for the stench to go away. The maintenance workers constantly worked on the AC outside our “private” fence and kept looking at us in our pool. It was not private and very upsetting.

The FAQ’s state you don’t need a power converter so we didn’t bring one and we used the “American” two prong outlet for our items. The outlet fried the hair straightener on day one which they refused to reimburse, sent my electric shaver to operate at double the speed and couldn’t use it all week. The butler consistently told us all week she was working with the manager to rectify the situation and upon checkout told us sorry nothing they can do. The outlet also fried the butler phone charger the first time we used it.

I gave them one of my brand new $70 dress shirts to press and iron before our romantic dinner in the gazebo. Upon receiving it back, they had burned a black line into the shirt with the iron and then tried telling me it was already there. Again, said nothing they can do and would not take any responsibility for ruining my brand new shirt because he talked to butler Jamie who said the line was already there. I can tell you now that an iron burn mark was not on my brand new shirt prior to giving it to them to iron. Laughable. At the end of the day, the place is nice, but the customer service you receive here is sub par at best. Most of the staff is nice, however, the few who are supposed to “take care of everything” ended up making our honeymoon worse.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2018

Booked over phone with Sandals and offered 10% military discount. Upon arrival (May 29, 2018) was told because I didn't bring proof of military duty, I had to pay an additional $330 or not enter. I was made to feel like a criminal - but paid, as I was with my grandchildren. Upon return, I mailed proof of my military service to Sandals and called customer relations directly. They denied my refund saying it was too late. A hell of a way to encourage returns.

19 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2018

Butler Penthouse vacation was the WORST vacation ever. My wife and I arrived on the resort on May 31st and we were looking forward to our luxury Butler package we had bought. The penthouse suite in the Balamora Tower and 7 days in the Bahamas sounds like we had it figured all out. If you want the gist of my experience here: SAVE YOUR MONEY and go ELSEWHERE or ONLY go here without Butler Service.

I wrote to the management team to try and get our vacation back on track, which eventually happened but it was only because I had to complain to management a SECOND time on my birthday, after that on the 4th (which left us with 3 days left on our vacation) did it improve. Essentially Sandals stole the first 4 days of our vacation from us with some atrocious service (the Butler service was a bad joke) and the candlelight dinner on the beach we had would have been better served if I had picked us up some takeout and we sat on the beach with a bottle of wine.

Let me set the stage for you: My wife and I are both professionals and work very hard so we can take a great vacation every year. Both our birthdays and our anniversary happens in the first week of June. So as you can imagine, I do my best to make this week amazing for my wife. This is not our first Sandals experience, but it was by far and away the worst of ALL vacation experiences we had. How bad? Well another couple who arrived when we did literally checked out of the hotel one day after the “butler” experience here. For us, on June 3rd I spoke with the butler manager and told her that if our experience did not take a 180 degree turn we would be leaving the resort.

On May 31st we arrived at the Sandal’s Resort shortly after 12PM and the ride from the airport in the Rolls Royce was very nice. At the resort we were introduced to our first (of three butlers) Lashondra. She was cordial and took us to the butler reception area where we did some initial paperwork and were given a phone to contact our butler anytime between 7AM and 10PM. No problem.

Our butler asked if we were hungry and we were we since it was lunchtime and we had been traveling most of the morning. She took us over to the Royal Café and told us to call her when we were finished. This was our first lackluster meal. The Steak Baguette is a depressing sandwich and the calamari was fairly flavorless. The one stand out of this place is the nacho bar, and even that is not half as good as any decent stateside Nacho bar experience…I will even say that Golden Coral has a better Nacho bar.

So we finished our poor meal and figured whatever let’s get the butler a call so they can get us to our room and we can enjoy some of this Bahamian weather. So we called and Lashondra and she said no problem. She would be right with us. So we waited… and waited some more… and drank some more water… and waited some more. 20 minutes later she arrived. So our first experience with our butler… after being at the resort less than an hour was a 20 minute wait to be shown our room. To give you my perspective at the time: our butler, who is there to make our experience smooth, hassle-free and seamless just made us wait for 20 minutes to show us to our rooms… As far as first experiences go this was very, very poor.

I wish I could tell you that this was the only issue but sadly that is not the case. Our Butler team was Damion, Lashondra and Shavanti. Damion put forth some effort to get us some good service but he was absolutely crippled by his team and what I feel is the poor support infrastructure around the property itself. After our experience with Lashondra I asked her straight up if she was a trained butler and she was honest and told me that no she was not and she had just started the position from working in entertainment. The final butler Shavanti… made it like she was doing us a favor when we asked for something and in literally every instance it was either incorrect, messed up, or took ages to get.

Here is a small breakdown of the various issues: May 31st. Had to repeat EVERYTHING that I covered with Lashondra to Shavanti and AGAIN to Damion regarding the tours we wanted to take, the restaurant reservations we wanted, the spa treatments we wanted, the timing of our candlelight dinner. Pass down amongst our team was horrible.

My wife and I put in a standing order for breakfast: Fruit, coffee, Ham and cheese omelet, 3 eggs over easy, breakfast potatoes, glass of orange juice and hot sauce to be delivered at 7am every morning. Our first morning, the breakfast came at 8am… and was the wrong items. For the entirety of our stay our breakfast was never right. There was always something wrong with it. Hashbrowns instead of breakfast potatoes, no hot sauce, 2 eggs over easy instead of 3, etc. Our breakfast was the perfect embodiment of the lack of attention to detail that we experienced with the entire resort.

The tub. My wife enjoys a jetted soak in the morning before our breakfast. I asked specifically on multiple occasions when I was making this reservation with the Sandals booking agent if the room had a Jacuzzi tub. Was told yes for sure it does. Guess what? No it does not. It is a standard tub with a standard “rain” type shower head. Overall not a big deal just another punch on the list as you will see.

I asked for some sliced limes for our room for some gin and tonics that I enjoy. They brought me lemons. I told the butler I asked for limes. And was told: There are no limes to give you. Which is funny because at EVERY bar we went to that night on the resort they had limes. Served with the fish my wife had for dinner was a sliced lime. I asked for a couple sliced limes and my butler informed me there were no limes to be had on the island… Unreal.

Called Shavanti for some drinks at the pool, a pair of mojitos. She brought them out to us: 23 minutes later. What in the world do I have a butler for if I need to wait nearly 30 minutes for a pair of drinks? I literally could have left the pool, walked across the street to a liquor store, brought the alcohol back and made my own drink in 23 minutes. Once again, service was terrible.

Made reservations for Gordon’s on the pier, Shavanti (our butler) met us there and got us seated. She did not take a drink order from us (which is standard practice for your butler to get you situated before handing you over to the restaurant). Also, here was another long wait. The wife and I sipped on water here for 21 minutes before someone even came up and talked to us for a drink or food order. Luxury is not a 21 minute wait for table service.

June 1st. As stated before we had a penthouse ocean facing room in the Balamora tower. The elevator was broken most of the day here. I don’t know about anyone else, but my definition of luxury is for sure going up six flights of stairs to get to my penthouse room. Absolute lap of luxury. I asked for a bottle of Maker’s Mark to be placed in our room as it is my preferred nightcap. Was told that there was no Maker’s Mark to be had at the resort. Literally every bar that we visited that night had Maker’s Mark. Piano Bar, Royal Theatre, both pool bars, Cricketer’s Pub… all had Maker’s Mark but I was told they needed to order it and it would be in tomorrow… so give me a sifter with some in there or something. I eventually got some Maker’s Mark after they “reordered” it two days later.

We called up Damion and asked for a couple of pizzas from the Bella Napoli near the pool. Was told it will take 45 minutes. These are small personal pizzas… 45 minutes. The cook on these literally takes 8-11 minutes. The wife and I walked past the pizza place to get a drink at the Royal Theater about 30 minutes after calling the butler… And both of our pizzas were there waiting for us. We grabbed them, called Damion to tell him we had them, and then proceeded to eat them… And they were already cold. So who knows how long they were ready for pick up. Like I said butler service was a for sure joke.

This evening I wrote a letter to the butler manager Tamara, with the hope that if I outlined my perception of the problems they would get resolved and I spoke with her after I brought the letter down. We discussed the issues and she agreed that all of them were unacceptable. I asked that I needed our service elevated and she agreed. Having thought I addressed the issue I went back to my wife and tried to look forward to the rest of our vacation. Keep in mind this is just day 1.5 at this time.

June 2nd. We spent most of our time on the private island this day. So, for those of you that do not know while you are on the island (which is one of the best things about this resort) you are 100% without your butler. Butler cannot even go on the ferry to the island. So, to enjoy the best amenity of this resort you have to trade away your high-dollar value butler service. This is something that would have been nice to know on the booking.

Candlelight dinner: I reserved our candlelight dinner about a month prior to our arrival. For our anniversary dinner, it is fairly important to me. Arranged for the private pier on our first day at the resort. Extra $85, but it is an exceptional area and the night is special for me and my wife so for sure I am all about it. Guess what? Around 1PM on this day I was told by our butler that they will not be able to get us the pier. Pretty awesome right? Come to find out a couple that got married that day wanted dinner there and the resort set them up. How do I know? I asked them the next day about the dinner and how did they get on the pier? Asked for it that day they said. You don’t say? So instead of asking us, and my wife and I would have given up our table 100% to them, they took it from us. Our conciliation prize? Read on…

When the server was confirming our order the ONLY thing that was correct were the salads we selected. Nearly everything else was wrong. Here we are with that attention to detail thing. Our appetizers were pan seared scallops. Which came out literally colder than the air temperature outside. Have you ever eaten a cold scallop? The whole melt in your mouth buttery sensation you are looking for is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve. However, the scallops were not over or undercooked and for that I was thankful. No worries I thought the dinner must be better.

Our server was hardly present as in not even on the beach… So we had to get up, go get our champagne and refill our own glasses. 100% luxury there. Our dinner was a piece of over-cooked… random cut of steak that was about as well done as a piece of meat can possibly be and not be burnt and inedible. Both our steaks were terrible. For the record we ordered them medium and medium-well. The vegetables on the plate were grossly undercooked, to the point of being essentially raw. Our lobster tails… so overcooked that they had to be sawed at with a steak knife. And the coup de’etat was the INSTANT MASHED POTATOES. Clearly the conversation I had with the manager hit home on the 1st. Not really.

June 3. Wife and I ate our third consecutive messed up breakfast order. Beautiful start for the day. We are largely creatures of habit. We wanted some chairs reserved for us on the far side of the beach near the water sport area and Windsor pool. Our chairs that were held were on the wrong side… again for the 3rd consecutive day. Also, other butler guests had some nice towel art on the chairs, our towels were just the rolls from the towel area. My wife likes to have some mimosas so we asked for champagne and a couple of cans of orange juice. We were brought a couple glasses of pulp filled orange juice. So, not only was it difficult to pour, but who wants a pulp filled mimosa? The carafe of coffee I ordered did not function. No amount of manipulation of the cap would allow it to pour. See the recurring theme of a significant lack of attention to detail?

As you can imagine after the dinner we had the night before, this to me was just outrageous. I called Shavanti and asked her if she was trying to sabotage my vacation. I then went back to the butler suite to complain for the second time. I advised the manager that if we did not see a dramatic increase in our level of service we would be leaving and I would be seeking a full refund.

At this point in time I literally lowered my expectations to just about the lowest I could and I was hesitant to even call a butler because why bother when I can do it quicker, better, and not have to deal with garbage service? That afternoon we were assigned a new butler team at this time: Zhaly, Denver and Sean. For the first time we were walked to dinner that evening. Our excursions got all squared away. We were given our weekly schedule with all our reservations and excursions planned in it that evening. We never had to repeat a request from here on out. Super special shout out to Zhaly as she is amazing and should be managing butler staff somewhere. Also special shout out to Sean who to me looked and acted like a formally trained English butler. Even Denver elevated the service we got, even though he had a few slips here and there.

In closing, I tipped all 6 butlers $50.00 each at the beginning of their service with us. The last three butlers earned it and I would have been happy to give the second team an additional $50.00 but I wasted it on the original 3. As far as I am concerned Sandals stole from us 4 days of luxury experience and we only got 3 days of anything that I would consider close to a luxury experience. The food at this resort was ok but only Baccarat and Kimono’s was anything approaching a solid culinary experience.

Also how the butlers work. Each team of butlers has 6-8 guests assigned to them. So they have a very difficult job getting everyone taken care of exceptionally… and when I say difficult I mean impossible. If you come here with a very low expectation of service, quality and luxury you will be delighted. If you do not want to lower your expectations go somewhere else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2018

Stayed early March in Sandals Royal Bahamian. Private island and 2 fine dining restaurants not available though no fault of Sandals. Not enough staff available go for a sail. Spa was overbooked so could not use the "free" services was promised. One butler promised to get back to me with information regarding golf, the spa and shopping but never did. Room had a few minor issues like stained bathtub and nonworking phone.

Sandals seems to be geared to selling us more services like trips, better wine and photography which I found a little annoying after spending over $6000 and not getting all that was promised. Didn't even get the Sandals gift bracelet was promised. Was advised there was no one in customer service or administration in the Bahamas that was allowed to make customer service decisions when I asked for an extra service worth about $50 as a substitute for services they were not able to provide. All future vacations will be to Hawaii using VRBO. 2 weeks in paradise for the same price as 1 week in the Bahamas. Live and learn.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2018

I am never the person that takes time to leave reviews, but since this vacation was supposed to be so special for us, I would hate for someone else to make the same mistake. This resort is disgusting, cracks in walls, a/c won’t cool down, views are not as expected or advertised. Beach area is so small and blocked off. NO ONE knows what’s going on or communicates to keep you informed. We will NEVER book with Elite Travel or travel to Jamaica again.

17 people found this review helpful
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2018

My first Sandals all inclusive vacation 4/18 through 4/24/18 was very disappointing. Took me 4 years to save $6,000 for this trip for my 65th birthday. My Ocean View room didn’t exist and it wasn’t the room I saw online. I could only eat in their fine dining restaurants on one night. Paid $1,000 extra in fees to enjoy myself by touring, having a massage and a special birthday dinner. If you don’t drink don’t go to Sandals. It was all about the alcohol. The resort closed down by 10 pm. So to bed you go. I complained about room but now I need to write customer service. For $5,500 for room and food was a ripoff at the new resort and feel people need to read reviews before planning a vacation.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 2, 2018

Our daughter got married at the Sandals Bohemian Resort in Nassau Bahamas 4/14/18. The resort was ok but DO NOT use the traveling service that books flights for you (Unique Travels). If you book under as a guest it’s a nightmare. We paid but got no confirmation. They sent out confirmation to her fiancé. We waited a few days and contacted the resort and they sent us a copy of what they sent her fiancé. We got no record locator number. We got no information when our flights had changed etc. We missed our flight out and had to buy new tickets through a different airline to get there on time. But the biggest deal is we had to pay them $600 to not cancel our returning flights!!!

We have been nonstop trying to voice our complaints but their customer support is terrible. We have asked for the documents that support. They gave us all the information we needed and they have refused. So it cost us about $2600 to get new flights with different airline to get to the resort and the extra $600 so they would not cancel our return flights home. Horrible experience and because of that along with not having towels etc. in our room when we finally got there... highly recommend doing your research. Not worth the headache or money but wedding was great.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 22, 2018

We got married on June 4, 2016 at the OCHI resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. We were given a wedding planner prior to our arrival and as well as one we got onto property. There were many things that went wrong, especially that I had so many "planners" via email. They were supposed to call you if you needed. That only happened on the first conversation. My wedding planner changed so many times, nobody knew my wishes, some were written down. On property I was also not complete listened to. The magistrate that married us was so rude and only wanted to leave and rush through. (I have a video to prove this). It was a rainy day, I was told by Sandals that they would wait until it was nice enough to be outside. In case it never cleared we would go inside. Due to the craziness of getting ready, and the location, I was about 15 or so minutes late, TO MY OWN WEDDING!!

The planner knew that we wrote our own vows, and my husband was breaking the glass. Yet, she never got that ready. I had to stop the ceremony to get those out of the bag!! The magistrate was annoyed at the time that she kept touching her watch and looking at planner, That she had to go!!! Once my sister gave her a mean look she stopped!! What would happen if it was raining? After my complaining to Sandals they gave me 2 nights FREE to any resort, but yet you have to be on property for 3 so how is that FREE? We never took it, I was also told that if I sign that agreement I can't write negative things about them. At the time we were married they gave us $200 for a future stay, but we had to add the $200 more in order to hold the room.

So we chose 2 years ahead in St Lucia, hoping we could make it. The flights alone will be between $1500-2000 so I decided not to go. I have now asked for my $200 back, which they claim you can always get. I guess I signed a paper that says NON-REFUNDABLE because I made it at the LOYALTY Desk, so how do they treat their "LOYAL" customers, lol. So I am sure if they read this, I will be offered "hush" money. I would rather lose my $200 and pay other resorts my money.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 11, 2018

We arrived February 21st. We paid extra money to be met at the airport. No one met us and we had to call the hotel to find out why. The lady from club Mobay took an incident report and said that Sandals had not provided the correct itinerary. We were never given a refund for the service we paid for. The Sandals Inn is very run down and not at all like the pictures. The room decor is from 1965 and the curtains had holes in them. The A/C unit dripped on our heads. ** was sucked into our room on a nightly basis. This hotel walks right out onto a public street. The beach is not private and runs about 15 feet. If you attempted to cross the street you were immediately approached by locals to purchase ** or be hustled. We walked about 100 feet before booking it back to the hotel.

Another incident (there's a security woman at the door at all times). We were on property, waiting for a shuttle to go to one of their nicer hotels for the day and a homeless man walked on the property right next to us. I hid behind my fiancé. He then pulled out of his pillowcase people's old Sandals paperwork and started looking at it. He then proceeded to pull out his junk and pee in front of all the guests waiting for the shuttle. This was the last straw and we complained. The manager on duty said she would make some phone calls and try to get us moved to another location.

She came to us at dinner that night and told us that we could transfer to Sandals South Coast and pay $301 for the remaining 4 days. That they would pay to transport us on Sunday. We said that was great. When my fiancé went to the desk on Friday to make sure our Transport would be ready. He was told, "Oh, we heard about you guys." Then we were told there was some error and that they had known the entire day that South Coast would only take us as $301 a night. We asked why we weren't informed right away and couldn't get an answer. We then got irate and demanded to speak with the GM **. ** could not explain where the other manager got her prices. He finally found us a room in Ochi for $328. They got us a private bus and sent us to Ochi.

We were on the 4th floor and had no water pressure and no hot water most of the stay and we're told they were working on it and that we should write a letter to Sandals and we would get 2 free comped nights. The second evening, we discovered the hard way that we no longer have room service and my fiancé ended up eating 2 apples from the lobby for his dinner because he couldn't wait until 10:30 pm for dinner. There was an incident with a hateful bartender on the 2nd day and my fiancé had words with him. I also attempted to use the restroom by Neptune's and discovered they were all full of toilet paper and bloody paper and wouldn't flush. I did alert the staff nearby.

At this point we haven't received our 2 free comped days as ** said. No refund for not being met at the airport. Before we arrived the Sandals customer service also told me that our military discount had not been applied to our room and that we were due a refund of approximately $300. Have never received that refund either. We also made the error of putting a $250 deposit on another vacation with them, but are now thinking we don't want another experience like this.

Based on all these experiences Sandals should give us 4 complimentary nights and a $300 refund for our military discount. We would also like our $250 deposit back if they aren't going to allow us the comped nights on the next trip.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

My husband and I stayed at Sandals, Negril 2/4/18-2/11/18 for the first time and that will be the Last! "True 5 Star All-Inclusive" we would rate as 1 Star! We chose Sandals because for the first time we took a vacation alone without our kids and we were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary so we wanted it to be very special and something that we have never experienced before. (We have been in many all-inclusive resorts around the Caribbean.) When we got to the place we were in shock. The place is dated, the room smelled like musty mold, and the rug was sooo dirty it felt like we were staying in some kind of cheap Motel 6. That was just the beginning of our disappointments. We were informed that we don't have Room Service. WHAT? We had no robes/slippers provided. When we asked about it they told us only members of Sandals gets it. WHAT?

You have to basically beg for anything you need like body wash, body lotion, and extra towels."TRUE 5 STAR!" REALLY! Water bottles available only in the room or front desk. Beach chairs were always unavailable unless you're waking up at 6:30 am to put your personal stuff on them or pay the beach security guy the night before. The world class chefs that they promised in the commercials you'll never get to taste that food. The food at best is 3 stars! If you're looking for a friendly and happy staff you're definitely in a wrong place.

For the money they charge you would expect what you see on the commercials ultra exclusive and luxurious experience BUT what you find is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! Don't waste your money on Sandals. There are many all-inclusive luxurious resorts out there that we will be going back to again and again. We are NEVER coming back to Sandals again! The place is a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!! New City, New York. Location 3 stars. Rooms 1 star. Service 1 star.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2018

We stayed at Sandals Bahamas 1-26-18 through 2-3-18. At first it was so refreshing to be anywhere other than snow! However, it was fairly cool the week we stayed with a few cloudy days and windy. Probably high 60s or low 70s. Since it was a bit cooler it would have been nice to have the pool heated. No one used it! Even on the warmer days very few people used it. My husband went in the ocean by the dock and it smelled like sewage! On the last day there we let the bellman take our luggage down early. BIG MISTAKE! When we got home all of my jewelry was gone!

Emailed the manager and after a few emails back and forth they shut me down by saying, "I talked with Paul, the bellman, and he denies any tampering with your luggage". Seriously... like he's going to own up to it! We are 100% sure this happened in the 1 hour the bellman had our luggage. Don't go to this resort. If you do, keep your luggage in sight at all times! The manager of this resort doesn't care about you or your experience. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

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Original review: Feb. 9, 2018

My boyfriend and I were traveling to Sandals Resorts last September for a short Bahamian getaway. We were also traveling to another resort on Nassau for the second half of our trip. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma disrupted our arriving flights (postponed by a day and then cancelled) and outright cancelled our return flights completely. The Island was evacuated during this hurricane.

Sandals Resorts was absolutely horrific to deal with and not only refused to refund our money (while the other resort refunded our money quite easily) they would not provide us the necessary documentation to receive compensation from travel insurance provided on my credit card! First, Sandals offered to delay the trip by a week until after the hurricane passed. This is not how vacations work, however, and as I couldn't take off a second week from work, this did not work as a solution. After politely explaining this, Sandals simply said that there was nothing else they could do.

In order to receive compensation from my credit card company, I needed to have a letter from Sandals, on their letterhead, saying that I wasn't able to stay at their resort because of the hurricane and confirm that they wouldn't reimburse me (this record is important for the credit card claim so people do not get compensated twice for a travel disruption). It took MULTIPLE emails to get Sandals to finally respond to this request and they wrote "This is to confirm that ** did not check in. This was due to Hurricane Irma. We did offer them credits and hope to be able to serve them soon."

The credit card claim cannot be filed if there are outstanding credits so I wrote back asking for a revised letter with the expiration date on the credits. Again, after multiple days (perhaps weeks) and reminder emails, they wrote back that the credits expire after a year. This was NOT what they communicated to me initially; they said that we could shift our trip by one week. With the expiration date of a year, I would need to wait until the credits expired to receive compensation from my travel insurance through my credit card company. They suggested I ask Sandals to provide me a letter indicating that I had forfeited the credits. I wrote back to Sandals and after weeks, I received an email stating that they could not fulfill this request. I explained that I was not asking for compensation from them but just to forfeit my credits so I could avail myself of the travel insurance but they said that they still could not.

After months of emailing and calling, I finally was put in contact with a kind soul who let me know that despite the fact that they wrote the letter regarding the credits, there was no record of the credits in their system. He gave me an email to reach out to and I ultimately was able to get an email saying that my trip was cancelled so I could provide this to my credit card. This ordeal took six months and dozens of emails and calls. I always explained the situation respectfully and politely, often in tears, stating clearly that I was not asking Sandals for compensation, but that I only wanted them to provide a simple letter so I could receive my travel insurance coverage.

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2018

I was a guest at Sandals Bahamas. I had just put my towel and personal belongings on a chaise and was walking around the pool. I turned around and noticed a man and a woman sitting in my chaises. I walked back around and asked nicely if they could move that these were my chairs. This occurred on 2/1/2018. The man first 2 words out of his mouth were, "You **. Get the ** out of here. I am going to throw you in the pool you **." If he said ** 1 time he said it 30 times; then the woman chimed in cursing and making fun of my physical appearance. I weigh 100 lbs and I am 5'3" tall. (I am a disabled handicapped person.) The man said "oh you must be an American" (although he had no accent I thought he was also an American).

This went on a couple of minutes so I reached in to get my towel and the woman PUNCHED me in the arm. Then I went and got security Officer ** witnessed their language and behavior. Security officer ** explained they were my chaise. That is the policy. If there is a towel then it is reserved. Then the man said they would leave. I was standing 3' away from him with my arm holding the umbrella and next to the Security Officer ** and the man 6'1" tall 200 lbs stood up and BODY CHECKED ME. I fell over a chaise on to the ground. The Security Officer said, "Now that is ASSAULT". There were 2 people I do not know that witnessed the incident and the man tried to help me and they verbally attacked him.

Finally the man & woman leave. The police come and file a report for Criminal Assault on 2/2/18. The man was arrested and released. The onsite GM and MGR NEVER came to me and asked if I was ok. The man and woman that ASSAULTED ME were allowed to stay at the resort. They were not asked to leave in spite of the assault. I have made several calls to the resort to the GM GARY ** AND AS OF THIS WRITING 2/5/18 HAS NOT CALLED ME BACK. Gary ** will not allow the Director of Security Prince ** to release the statements of the independent witnesses (the **), The Security OFFICER ** or the names of the Man & Woman that assaulted me.

I cannot believe they were allowed to stay on property with no ramifications of their PHYSICAL AND VERBAL ASSAULT ON ME (A DISABLED WOMAN) AND to date no contact from Sandals to see how I am. This is disgusting and disgraceful to see a guest assaulted and do nothing. Gary ** the general manager is a disgrace. He has ignored several calls and my husband's in person request for the statements. Our friends stayed 2 extra days. They tried to get the incident report and they were told it was none of their business. #BOYCOTTSANDALS

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Original review: Feb. 2, 2018

Sandals Resorts is into the business of selling dreams. I am booked for my wedding this year August and all the red flags are out. They ask you to pick an inspiration, but fail to tell you that not all inspirations are at each locations. I found out the hard way, so to make the correction. They tell me to split my trip and pay the difference. It's only $1000. What the hell! It's only money and they want it all. Truly sorry I change it from here in New York, it doesn't cost as much for dinner $120 plate, just a scam.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2018

This does not even deserve one star. My Husband and I had reservations for a vacation with friends to go to Sandals in Barbados. We had to cancel due to my health. I have Multiple Myeloma and had a transplant. Due to my immune system. I am not allow to be in crowds, public pools, etc. I have a lot of restrictions now. I tried to get a refund on the airfare from Sandals customer service. They refused and said we only have until Oct to use these tickets plus they will deduct $150 each for cancellation. I asked them if they had any kind of medical exception with my Dr letters. Offered them my entire medical file. They have no rules for an unexpected medical issue such as Cancer. Now they have kept $600 of our money for their benefit. Never Again would I even think of doing business with Sandals or JetBlue.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2018

This was our first experience with Sandals (Sandals South Coast Jamaica) and it will be our last. We were told this would be the best service experience and it was the worst. We paid $1,000 dollars a day to wait on ourselves. NO ROOM service, NO wait staff at any pool or beach front. No mint for a Mojito. No cream of coconut to mix a fresh tropical drink. Their website says scuba diving is included and if not certified to bring a doctor’s release and you can be trained, but they don't tell you it will be $350 per person for the certification. Once we accepted this information we decided we would just ride the glass bottom boat every day, guess what there was no glass bottom boat.

We complained about the high price with no service the first day, no one follows up with us so we went back 24 hours later to complain again, The management could really care less since they had our money. Manager Mathew promised us a private cabana for the last 4 days of our stay only to be told later that day, by him, that they were all booked. We witnessed several empty from sunup to sundown. It would have cost this man nothing extra to follow through with his promise. The resort really was not that full. We complained twice after returning home with no response.

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Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

Make and hair service for our wedding was a disaster. No retribution/compensation. Wedding package suppose to include either pool or ocean side reservation. Management refuses to explain why we can't pool side reservations. After 5 times in 5 days no explanation on why we can't or what it takes. Brought daughters in for wedding at 3 pm. Sandals wants us to pay $85 per person when they have to leave at 6pm. Also would not help supply a room at Sandals or Beaches. Again a run around. Will not be returning unless something is done. Being my corporate status and contacts my review to professional relationships will definitively not favor them staying your facility. This matter needs to be addressed immediately. If you need to contact me or my husband call ** anytime. 24/7. Also best email is **.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

My husband and recently stayed at Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica. This was our first experience with Sandals. We liked that it was adults only. We opted for Sandals based on recommendations from a travel agent. I understand that experiences can be different by location. Our room was nice (club level) so our room faced the beach. Each night there was a nice sunset that we enjoyed.

We had to claim our beach chairs by 7am each morning or there was no chance of sitting in a shaded lounge chair. The same people walk the beach all day long trying to sell you beads, weed, cigars, parasailing, shells, music, etc. They start by 8 and go through sunset. Security does follow them constantly which was a plus.

Food was on par with cruise food. Nothing great but mostly edible. Some pretty bad. The included wines are cheap Robert Mondave. Yuk! We are savvy wine drinkers and thought the wines were horrible. The pina coladas were good though! My massage experience was a joke. Was told the delivery truck for the spa robes didn't arrive that day so I wasn't provided a robe. Later I saw others in robes. My massage person was clearly not properly trained to perform a deep tissue massage. Maid service was skipped a day. Room service took 2 hours. Photographers constantly hounded us. Pool table condition was terrible. Rules of beach chairs was not enforced. Smoking rules were not enforced. Dress codes was not enforced. Onsite craft vendors set prices at ** levels. We won't be returning to a Sandals resort ever!

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Sandals is very expensive and we had cash stolen from us on our honeymoon. My husband and I reported the theft and management was very unhelpful did nothing to get us our money back, insinuated we were mistaken and even refused to come out and speak with us. I would not recommend a Sandals Resorts to anyone.

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Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

Due to weather they could no longer accommodate us. They attempted several times to make us say that “we” were canceling. They then asked us to go through the company that they use for insurance (another racket). They are requiring full payment for a reservation that is no longer valid due to them being closed during that time.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2017

We can't get Sandals AKA Unique Vacations to refund all of our money for our planned vacation when they have closed the resort for repairs after a hurricane. About a month before our trip they closed the resort - cancelled our reservation and then kept almost $3,000 of our money that had been paid. We are unable to contact anyone higher than a scripted customer service representative. We don't understand why they should be entitled to keep some of the money when the resort is closed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

Where do I start? Too many horrible things to list. Me and my now wife Emma landed at GGT Exuma on 04 SEP and were not greeted by anyone and did not receive any help, or a private transfer to Sandals Emerald Bay Resort. As a butler guest, we assumed we would but did not. We eventually got crammed into a dirty van with others and dropped off at Emerald Bay. Next, after NO WELCOME DRINKS, we used the iPad to fill in information and were sent to our Oceanfront Butler Villa Suite. Next, the butler (Kevin) was very quick and left us with the butler phone. Our bags took two hours to make it to our room! Then, we had to call the front desk because the butler didn't answer and complain that everything in our room - the bed, the sofa, the chairs, everything was soaking wet to the touch and the room smelled like musty mold!!

We paid thousands for this once in a lifetime suite but were then told they would downgrade us to a cheaper/non-butler room due to lack of availability. We were not pleased but wanted a dry room to finally sit down/sleep for the night. Another hour and our bags were taken to our new, cheaper, non-butler room. It was time to sleep then. The next morning, we called our butler for breakfast, made the order and waited 1 hour and 15 mins before calling him back asking where our food was. He was very short and said he'll bring it right away, 20 mins later, our STONE COLD breakfast arrived, cold toast and cold tea and all not what we expected. The front desk said they had fixed our room, claiming it was a faulty air conditioner. We were happy to hear this at least so we said we will walk to our butler oceanfront suite.

We walked in, felt that the bed was indeed dry to the touch but we were choking on the overspray of air freshener!! They had only tried to cover up the musty, mildew smell and they said the room had been "fogged". They said they would "Fog" it every day? This doesn't seem appropriate for the price one has to pay for such a suite. The butlers hardly ever picked up so we gave up on the butler phone as it was useless.

On our wedding day, which was re-scheduled a day early due to Hurricane Irma, I got a call from our butler saying she was going home early (at 2 pm) and the manager will have the butler phone if we need anything?!? I was in the middle of getting ready to get married in an hour! My fiancée had to ask the stranger next door (SHE NEVER MET) to zip her dress up, as I was in a separate location as you do before seeing your fiancée at your wedding! SHE WAS CRYING THAT THE BUTLER (BOTH!) LEFT RIGHT WHEN SHE NEEDED THEM BOTH! Getting ready to get married!!! Sandals ruined our wedding (before-during-after!!).

Next, The butler came by the morning (10 am) of the 7th of SEP and I asked if the island would evacuate. Our butler said "No Mon, no need to worry". 1 hour later she called and frantically told us we had 30 mins to go to the lobby PACKED AND READY TO BE EVACUATED! She did not help us pack, or even offer!! We made it to the lobby and it was chaos! All the Americans had flights arranged to mainland USA, same for all of the Canadians. BUT WE FLEW BRITISH AIRWAYS AND WEREN'T GIVEN ANY ANSWERS! Eventually some other British guests there told us we would be sent to NASSAU then it's up to us from there!

We had 15 mins to make it to the airport! We barely made the flight to NASSAU, then argued until Sandals put us into a 4th floor apartment style room (No BUTLER) at Royal Caribbean. Still in the path of a hurricane and everyone we talked to at Sandals said that we need to voice our issues VIA this Sandals website. Even being one of the first to bring our bags to wait for the shuttle bus transfer to the airport to head back to the UK, they somehow didn't pack them on board the shuttle and we had to bring them onto the shuttle next to us. We later found that butler guests had private Rolls Royce transfers!? WE PAID FOR 7-NIGHTS of BUTLER SERVICE!! I am demanding that Sandals compensates us!!!

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

I booked a trip to Jamaica a while back and realized recently I am unable to go. I have been trying to cancel this reservation for over a month now. Every time I call and follow the prompts for a cancellation, no one answers. I have left multiple messages for them to call me with no response. Today I was placed on hold for 33 minutes before finally giving up. Interestingly enough, when I press the prompt to MAKE a reservation an agent comes on the line almost immediately. I had one come on this morning, only to tell me to call back later and she couldn't help me. When I explained to her that I've been trying to call she told me again that she couldn't help me and hung up the phone! I have emailed, called, and even started an online. All with no success. I've given up on the notion that they will even refund my deposit (which they assured me when I called was 100% refundable). I just want the reservation canceled! This is absolutely insane.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

Us and friends booked a trip in October of 2016. Were promised 2 champagne flutes each for the room we booked. They were a scam. We were promise 6-8 weeks after the trip which was taken in March 2017 by countless people they are coming. They have not. IT IS A SCAM. Why they just can't follow through. The resort was great. The customer service online it horrible. Would never recommend them cause they never follow through. We spent a lot of money on our trip you would figure they could give us what they promised. Very disappointed. Was our 20th wedding anniversary and a cancer survivor and wanted glasses as a souvenir to remember the trip by.

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Original review: July 31, 2017

It is evident to me that Sandals Resorts does not show the same kind of loyalty to their Select members, as the members do for them. My wife and I make several trips each year to Sandals, and this year has been the worst customer service I have ever had. I have two upcoming reservations. The first is in Antigua for this November. Now I find out not from Sandals mind you, but I find out from another website that Antigua will be closed from September 2017 to December 2017.

After I had contacted them, they confirmed the closure. So, then we were advised that we could change to one of their other resorts. However, they are all booked for this time. So, I agreed to postpone my trip for Antigua to 2018. Well even with me agreeing to the change, now they want to charge me more money for the room than was quoted for my original reservation. With this said, if Sandals want to keep a long-time customer happy they will do something to correct this issue. If not, then I will make it known to all my friends, and family to go somewhere else on vacation because Sandals does not care about them, all they care about is their money!

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Original review: July 14, 2017

We stayed at this property at the end of May. Yes it is beautiful and The entertainment was great. The room we had was spacious and a Nice location. We was celebrating our 15 year anniversary, and decided to splurge by paying extra for a butler service. As someone that has stayed at many all inclusives, butler service is a great service to offer but at Sandals Negril was not worth it. They assign you two Butlers to share of the day or split shifts. Orlando one of the Butlers seemed really nice but was never around when needed.

The other Butler GWayne. He always seemed to try and put one over us. Like he was doing us the favor. When it was simply his job to serve and help us. He lied to me three times and argued with me a few times. He made it seem so hard to get a reservation for dinner. But always seemed like he worked it out and he worked so hard getting us what we needed. (would like everyone to know there was hardly anyone in the restaurants so how hard can it be to reserve and make a reservation). I also believe that they should have informed us about events going on at the resort. To allow us to make the choice if we would like to observe or participate. We Missed certain shows and events (we should've been told about).

While on the beach, we were constantly bombarded by locals offering to sell us drugs & along the lines of **, special brownies, cigars and went as far as asking us if we would like ** or **. On the first day at the beach, we sitting amongst many people extremely close is where the Butler place us. There was a couple right in front of us smoking cigarettes being extremely loud and rude. My husband and I do not smoke and he also has asthma; So we got up and went back to our room. And felt very confined to our patio. Not enough Reggae music. I expected to be inundated with Bob Marley. Before we got to the resort, we paid to have the private beach dinner. We were not on the beach. He was stuck in the garden under Gazebo. It wasn't as private as we would have liked. The mosquitoes were plentiful (but of course the resort can't control that). We left the dinner early because of the stray cats and mosquitoes.

The Wi-Fi wasn't the best, but it was serviceable for posting pics or browsing the internet, but if you want to stream, the free Wi-Fi is not the way to go.The last day Internet was down. So disappointed on my last day that I decided to book an appointment for a massage and they ended up never showing. Then when they called and canceled on me, (45 minutes later) saying they could not accommodate me.

Overall, I was truly disappointed in the lack of inattentiveness and the lying from our butler. The resort was beautiful & the view was spectacular. It rained every day (which they have no control) but it did rain in our room! Right before the entrance of the bathroom and the floor would get slippery so we left a towel down on the floor against the wall throughout the week, to be careful not to slip.The staff at the resort would ignore my questions and give me a blank stare as if I were from a different planet.

In addition, The staff appeared to have preferential treatment for ** guests, as they were not attentive to others. Worst customer service I have experienced. Needless to say, I will never go back. This resort was average or below average at a premium price. Bars ran out of stuff daily (crown, mint, limes, lemons etc;) and some of our friends actually saw them dilute the liquor bottles with water after the bars had closed down, which explains why I was able to drink so much and still function. All I wanted was some Kahlua for coffee but they refused to give me any until the bar opened even though they were in the bar stocking it. Several bars had espresso machines but they didn't use them and were not open until like 10:30 am and then would always say it was being cleaned or was out of coffee. Basically they were just lazy and didn't want to deal with it.

The pool was not kept clean in my opinion. They require you to be ready in the lobby to go to the airport like 5 hours or more before your departure flight only to sit in the airport forever. I was highly disappointed and would not visit again. Also, this resort is too close to the main road and you can hear road noise from inside the resort. I can only state, I had a good time. Absolutely amazing husband and friends, but I do not plan on visiting another Sandals resort as it was not a good one. We will definitely not return to Sandals Negril.

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Original review: July 6, 2017

This was our first trip to Jamaica, Sandals South Coast. The trip was absolutely fabulous and beyond expectations. I would highly suggest a private car transport from the airport as the shuttles they provide can be just a bit slower and may have to wait for others to join. From the moment we arrived at the resort we were treated amazing from complimentary glasses of champagne to sitting us down in the lobby and bringing over a tablet so we could check in (instead of having to stand and wait at the counter). We were then showed around the resort and showed to our room. When we walked into our room. It smelled like mold (but that's what happens when you are in high humidity). We asked immediately to change rooms and it was done within 10 minutes. No problems in the other room at all.

The restaurants were fabulous and the service was outstanding, if we ordered something and didn't like it they just brought us something else. We met two of the restaurant managers RJ and Roberto. They were great and made sure that we were always happy. We never had to wait for anything (which could have been due to the timing of our trip, the resort was only 75% full) which was just perfect for me as I really don't like crowds. They were doing construction on the new over the water bungalows but the noise did not bother me at all, and if you didn't like it then just go to the other end of the resort where the main pool is and you didn't hear a thing.

The walkways and pool areas were pretty slippery when wet and they did have signs stating such, the only thing I would suggest is to maybe put some non slip pads in. My boyfriend got his PADI certification from Andre at the dive shop and it was an amazing experience for him as well. All in all the vacation was amazing and we have already booked our next trip to South Coast and looking forward to another great vacation. We are actually staying 11 days next time.

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Original review: June 27, 2017

My husband and I were there 5/20/17 through 5/23/17. Upon check-in we notified the front desk. Our door did not close properly and they didn't have a different room but would fix the door. Next day our room was robbed of my engagement ring and wedding band. Security and police were called. Since being home they have not returned any emails phone calls or responded to a FedEx letter. The vacation was ruined and they could care less about their guests.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 13, 2017

My fiancé and I are third time returning Sandals customers. We have no complaints as far as the resorts go and would highly recommend them, BUT BRING YOUR OWN CAMERA!! If I could rate their SNAPSHOP departments a 0, that wouldn't even be sufficient. I have never taken to a public forum before to speak out against a company, but I feel I have been left with no other choice.

We got engaged in Sandals Grenada. My fiancé PRE-PAID for an engagement package of photos that included 40 photos and a love block (a collage of photos on a block to hang on the wall). We did not like or even have 40 quality photos from our engagement photo shoots to pick from. We requested - to be able to successfully meet the required amount of photos that we PRE-PAID for - that we be able to pick from other photos that were taken on resort of us that we were pleased with. We were told that that was not possible, but we could purchase them at an additional cost!!!

We were not looking for a refund rather looking to get a product that we LIKED with the money we already paid. We were told by the resort staff who relayed the message of the Sandals Grenada manager there was "NO WAY we could pick from photo of us taken on property from different photographer utilizing the money we PRE-PAID for, because there was no way to allocate commissions correctly."

FIRST: The way in which Sandals employees are paid should NEVER be discussed with the guest let alone become their problem.
SECOND: Simple math could allow commissions to be divided according to how many photos where purchased from what photographer.

THIRD: If a product a consumer purchases does not meet or exceed their expectation then there should be some alternative option or refund offer - NO EXCUSES.

We were left no choice but to walk away with a series of photos and a love block (that was to be made and shipped to our house) that did not meet our expectations. The incompetence did not stop there. After we arrive home we called Sandals to address our dissatisfaction with the product the inability of SANDALS Grenada to offer a fair solution:

May 22, 2017: We spoke with Jasmine who open a ticket on behalf of our concerns and forwarded the concern to Rayne. May 23, 2017: Rayne stated via email he cannot offer us the photos we wanted and that he would relayed our concerns to the resort manager (who was the individual who slighted us in the first place and is the reason why we are in this situation.) May 26, 2017: Rayne stated he forwarded our concerns to SnapsShots manager whose team would like to speak with us.

June 2, 2017: We received an email stating our LOVE BLOCK has been shipped (from YAZMIN). June 3, 2017: We follow-up via email with Rayne in regards to no one reaching out as promised. June 4, 2017: The FIRST incorrect LOVE BLOCK (not us in the photos) arrives at our house and we email YAZMIN and Sandals Management.

June 5, 2017: Standard apology email from Ana also asking us to provide me with snapshots of the received package in order to further investigate. We reply that no one has called us at our request as of yet. Received an email stating our NEW love block has been shipped. Missed call from Margie whom unfortunately called during working business hours and call was unable to be addressed.

June 8, 2017: A SECOND incorrect (not us the photos) love block arrives at our house along with a email being sent to SANDALS management and MARGIE to notify. We receive a file transfer via email of the other photos that we have been requesting from the beginning, but once again the photos were NOT US!!! (email from Yazmin)

June 9, 2017: Margie emails lettings us know she tried to reach out and our love block is being printed and should be received soon. We still DO NOT have the product that we PRE-PAID for (despite the fact we didn't like it from the beginning) and don't get me started on whose hands OUR personal engagement photos ended up in given we have 3 separate couples photos! The thought turns my stomach!

My level of frustration has officially exceeded my patience for this situation. Sandals SNAPSHOT has proven unable to resolve ANY issue that SANDALS SNAPSHOTS single-handedly created and fueled with ignorance, incompetence and negligence. This was our third time in 3 years to a Sandals resort and one of the most meaningful because of our engagement. Thank you Sandals SNAPSHOT for taking the time to ruin that experience for us!!

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Original review: June 5, 2017

I have to warn those considering Sandals Barbados to know that there is major construction going on at resort. Do not believe lies that construction going on at adjacent property. The noise greatly affects vacation quality if you are booked in the CARIBBEAN Bridgetown house section. Check out my videos on YouTube **. Customer service team seems incompetent. Tried also corresponding with CEO Adam Stewart on Twitter and also experienced a lack of accountability. Made my issue clear, provided paid invoices so they could correct my Sandals Select account to reflect the correct info and it seemed impossible to get a simple task of correcting incorrect info updated.

My complaint also included a dissatisfaction of their so called "standard" room category which I was accidentally booked in at Sandals Barbados. I enjoyed three of my visits to Sandals Resorts BUT AM SO DISSATISFIED WITH THE MOST RECENT SANDALS BARBADOS STAY IN THE MONTH OF May 2017 and the lack of understanding from customer support that I will reconsider ever vacationing at the Sandals Resorts. I guess I will have to limit myself to EXCELLENCE RESORTS which have always provided excellent service and accommodation while I research new resorts to vacation at.

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