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Last updated: Nov. 26, 2017

566 Westgate Resorts Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2017

Don't know where to start. Promised a free vacation upon the package I bought for many more. Room isn't what was promised. In 4 days one person came to change the bedding. We called for someone to check on the washer and dryer. Promised free wifi and received nothing. Even when paid it is garbage. No signal anywhere on the facility. No cable channels. None of the water rides are free like promised, no gym facility. I was kicked out because I had no member card. Then told pay 5$. Upon the crazy fees and ticket prices. I had a sour experience of Florida and even worse of Westgate. They didnt even let us know we had a complimentary breakfast. You always get what you pay for and nothing is ever free even if it's written on the dotted line.

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Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

My parents received 3 gift certificates in the mail for a 3 days/2 night stay at Westgate Hotel. We called to make a reservation as they quality financially making $60,000/yr. We were on a phone call for 1 hour and that's not exaggerating, we were transferred to sales 2x and confirmation desk twice verifying the same information over and over. The fifth person was the supervisor name Linda stating that my parents do not qualify because my dad is retired.

All along they knew that my father was retired and qualifies for the $60,000 disclaimer they have in the back of the gift certificate. They said in the beginning that they do qualify and proceeded in taking my mother's credit card number. And then after one hour, they indicated they don't qualify because he is retired which is not shown in the back of the certificate. We feel that they were not treated fairly and this is a false advertisement. I still have a copy of the certificate and nowhere it says that if you are retire then you don't qualify.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I previously lodged at the location and was solicited on social media for a packaged stay which I accepted. The so called 90 minute presentation was included, my room was in the older construction of the resort, there were Roaches in the living room, a ring around the tub, Which I cleaned, it was still there and roach droppings in the kitchen. The refrigerator had a very big Rust stain that was visibly distracting and that 90 minutes sales pitch was an aggravating 3 1/2 hours.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

BUYER BEWARE: DO NOT BUY THEIR TRAVEL PACKAGES. If you are a Westgate timeshare owner eventually you will receive a call from Westgate Cruise and Travel Collection. Immediately hang up the phone. When they call they will try to sell you these packages and let on like you will get resort accommodations or use towards a cruise, which is far from the truth. When booking what you may think is a resort stay is actually a hotel, which trust me is far from any resort I have ever stayed at. It would of had been better to save my money and book my hotel stay on my own and not have money tied up in these so-called resort stays.

If you have any questions just contact me by messenger and hopefully I can save you from getting taken from this scam they have going on. If you want to actually stay in a resort you are actually going to have to dump more money into this scam to get a resort stay. BAD INVESTMENT. STAY AWAY. How Westgate gets by with this is they have a hotel that they put you up in and since it is owned by Westgate they call the hotel a resort.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

My husband and I attended a local home show where WG Resorts had a booth. For $99 we would get a 2 night stay at the Las Vegas resort, show tickets and a game allowance of $200 and all we would have to do is listen to a 90 minute computerized slideshow. We were promised no hard sell! Sounded good, so we signed up and put the $99 on our American Express.

After going home and researching this resort we decided there were too many negative reviews (many of them about bed bugs and the 90 minute pitch that turned into 3 hours). I called the WG number on the contract we signed (there is no cancellation policy or refund policy on the contract) and I was advised that they do not refund money, but she would send a refund request in. I was also told to call back today and speak with a supervisor. I immediately disputed the amount with American Express. Call WG today to speak with a supervisor (of course they never put me through to one), but was told they would know within a week if my money will be refunded (I'm not holding my breath). They cannot enforce something that is not on the contract! They messed with the wrong person!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I paid over $3,000 over a year ago to join Westgate Cruise & Travel which to my understanding would make my vacations cheaper and simpler to schedule. At the time I obtained and paid for a membership I was told that I would be getting two free weeks or two certificates for free vacations. Unfortunately when I called today to try to use one of my certificates for the alleged free vacation (Second attempt today at resolution). I spoke to what seemed to be a kind, likable woman in London. She researched the database and found the best available cruise for persons with children with disabilities. A Bahama cruise leaving from Baltimore in April with 4 US ports of call, and one in Grand Bahama.

I furnished her with our debit card # to pay the exorbitant taxes associated with this cruise and she put me on hold several times, (allegedly arguing with her supervisor to attempt to get us more amenities for our credit count) claiming that she had a special place in her heart for children with disabilities. She said that she had gotten everything done. All that we needed now was to speak to a supervising agent to confirm the trip. When the supervisor got on the phone he read off a standardized sheet stating that due to our tenure as clients we were to be upgraded to "Platinum Status" for ONLY $95 a month for 2 1/2 years? I told him that he must be confused that paying $3000.00 more was not what was discussed with the British agent.

He got her back on the line and she apologized for the confusion and said that the cruise booking dept. would be closing in an hour and that she'd call back within a 1/2 an hour with the itinerary and tax pricing. 5 hours later still waiting? What Westgate and that massive crook "King of Versailles" DAVID Seigel do is attempt to sell you more of what you didn't get to begin with? My poor little angel is only 6 years old, has Down Syndrome, and a host of medical problems, was listening in the whole time excitedly, jumping up and down screaming "Mommy we're going to the Beehammas. We're going to the Beehammas! I'm so excited! Thank you Daddy! Thank You!" Hey David Seigel and Westgate, I hope that you meet God soon and get everything that you righteously deserve!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

Wow, what a complete waste of time... We were approached on the Vegas strip with an opportunity. We were guaranteed tickets to a show if we went to a presentation. We sat through an entire presentation and my husband politely declined the opportunity presented. After which, we were not given the promised incentive for our visit. It (again) was more than a complete waste of time. Do not go to this company for anything.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

We went to a 90 minute timeshare presentation on 10-02-2017. After the showing of the property TaTa started the sales pitch. We sat there for five hours and finally my boyfriend told her we wanted our free gifts and wanted to leave. We weren't interested. She ignored him. Finally he got piss and told her to get us the (choice words) out of there. She threatened to call security and has us removed. We said, "Good." Maybe we can get our ** and get out of there. She left. Another person who I didn't get his name signed us out.

If they don't want to give you the free stuff to listen to their HIGH pressure sales pitch then don't offer it. I wouldn't go back to that place if they gave it to me for free and paid the maintenance fee themselves. Very unprofessional bunch of **. Five hours really... what a crock. Yes we could have walked out after the 90 minutes and the price went from 12750 to 6500. When I realized it was all a crock and the whole thing was full of lies and holes we knew it was time to leave.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

I also thought the presentation would be two hours max! After listening to the very experienced sales rep for two hours, we finally went on a tour! As a single person I constantly had to remind her I have no use for more than one bedroom! They use everything from sympathy tactics to "you'll be sorry" to pressure you to buy! To make this story short, after FOUR hours and a $40k reduction, I purchased @ another resort unbeknownst to its specifications which they didn't even seem to care about as long as a sale was made! I researched the property I actually purchased (in FL) and found out it is nothing like the brand new property (in Las Vegas)! Today I cancelled the sale and FedEx'd their fake iPad mini back to them! Also, they entice you to apply for their MasterCard to make the payments! This card has a 24% interest rate that isn't mentioned during the presentation!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I've been out of work for some time now and the $900 "maintenance fee" just isn't in the budget. I've called Westgate to try to deed the timeshare back to them and they refuse to take it. I've also explored selling it. That's just as bad or worse. Those fees can become greater than the Westgate fee! All I want is to just give it back to them and get out of it.

I've only used it 3 times in the past 7 years and one those times I gifted the week to a family member. Speaking of which, the Westgate CSR tried to suggest that I try selling to family! Really? No! And they're of no real help in guiding you in how to dispose of it. I researched the sale of it and found out that most of the timeshare brokers won't touch it because Westgate can refuse the sales. Please help!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

Offered discounted show tickets plus dinner in exchange for no obligation to listen to a 1 1/2 hour presentation. Needless to say Rep was rude, presentation was long and boring. Took 2 1/2 hours. Pressure to buy buy buy! Stuck with no. They got mad. I will keep looking at my account.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

My wife and I visited Florida and Disney this past summer. We decided to purchase this "Westgate Resorts Vacation Traveler". Sounded like something that would fit both our busy work schedules, but we were extremely deceived. There was a 10-day cancellation, but it took more than 30 days to reserve our first vacation because I was told when I was trying to reserve that our deposit still hadn't posted to our account, but it had cleared out of my account immediately. Finally, when our deposit "posted", I could then speak to someone in regards to reserving a vacation. I was then enlightened on what the facts were on this vacation package. At that time we refused to make any more installment payments. Even if I wanted to cancel within 10 days I couldn't. I was sent a delinquency notice.

My wife and I went into this contract in good faith and we don't want this to affect our credit. We feel we were deceived and lied to about the content of this vacation package. We would like this dissolved immediately. I hope others read this and they are deterred from any product at Westgate Resorts. Thank for taking time to read this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

When trying to pay my fees with rewards earned on my Westgate Mastercard. When we became owners with Westgate, representatives were very adamant that if you use your credit card with outrageous interest rates you will earn rewards to offset the costs of your mortgage, HOA fees and other amenities at Westgate resorts. I spent 2 days arguing with representatives trying to redeem a $50 reward on a $1000 HOA fee. It took two days before they would even let me talk to a supervisor and the problem was still not resolved. It appears Westgate is only interested in receiving, not reward customers who invest 1000's of dollars in their products.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

Westgate is a very high stress and corrupt place to own a timeshare. The salespeople are very high pressure and lie, lie, lie. They do not deliver what they promise. Our first trade experience they gave us an old room. We finally purchased (MORE MONEY) with one of the trading companies to find decent resorts. It is still hard. Once they know we are Westgate owners they try to give us old rooms. If you are not an owner, you can many times get a better deal than owners. It is one of the very worst financial decisions of our lives. Our fees keep going up.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

My family and I were approached by a very nice lady in a hotel in which she told us they just wanted to give us a brief presentation and we would get discounted Disney park tickets. After a very aggressive 4 hour sales pitch making myself and my family extremely uncomfortable they would not take no for an answer. Long story short I ended up signing up to get them to leave us alone and take us back to the hotel as they took us to a remote location. Now I have paid this package for 27 months and if I could not use it until it was paid in full and then if you don't take the vacation exactly when you finish with your monthly payments they then charge you $200 to extend the vacation. They are NEVER honest and give you the runaround for everything except to take money from you. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! STAY AWAY!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

Timeshare in Las Vegas - I bought a 2 bedroom villas in Las Vegas and I was very happy with the cost. My agent Charlotte, worked with me until we were able to come up with something I could afford. The breakfast was great and I even ate lunch. Very happy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

Went to deposit my unit today with RCI and Westgate told me I could not. So now Westgate dictates where you can deposit your unit. So I don't really have control over where I stay. Westgate does. So Westgate controls where I can travel and where I can stay. And from the reviews, my home resort of Westgate Lakes is going downhill. I recently stayed at my resort and agree with the recent reviews. I am sad to see my resort get bad reviews and wonder what they are doing with my maintenance fees. So buyers beware. You will be limited on where you can travel with your week depending on where you buy. I do not recommend buying a timeshare.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

My husband and I accidentally met a Westgate promoter at our hotel. She nicely invited us to attend a 90 minute presentation the following morning that included breakfast and $100.00 CASH after the presentation (we had to give her a 20.00 deposit). To make a long story short, when we got to the resort, we were introduced to whom seemed to be a sweet, nice Venezuelan sales lady. She promised that at the end of the presentation we could say yes or no, "but regardless of our choice, nothing would change her charming attitude."

Well, that was a lie. Three hours later, she called her manager when she noticed we were not going to purchase. He came with a very aggressive attitude making us feel somewhat uncomfortable. At the end they both left angry, and didn't even shake our hands out of courtesy. Oh, it doesn't end there. We walk down the stairs to collect our 120USD and guess what? Since the day before, they had stop giving cash and were now giving a debit master card. Another clerk comes to support the lady taking care of us and she says, "Oh yeah, we've always given out cards instead of cash..." So I wonder who was lying? One clerk says, "Since yesterday we only give out gift cards," the other says it's always like that. Or maybe, they were just pissed that we didn't purchase and ordered to give us a card. Anyway, thanks for the $100 Westgate.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

We have been owners for over 25 years at Westgate Vacation Villas in Kissimmee FL. Overall, we've been happy with our investment and our stays there have always been pleasant. My main complaints are, the wifi is pretty bad and the sales pitches are annoying. Other than those things, we appreciate the clean, spacious accommodations and all the amenities at the resort.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

Everything looked so nice and clean, even the room when we first went in it looks amazing. As we were getting ready for bed I noticed the sheets were dirty, I called them 4 times no one came to bring the new ones, after 4 hours of waiting we went to the lobby and we explained to the guy at the desk the situation, I even showed him pictures and videos of the dirty sheets and the bed, after I took the sheets off the bed, the bed was even worst than the sheets and even the guy said the bed looked bad but that there was nothing they can do at that time, that I had to wait until morning (it was 1:30 am when we were talking to him after waiting 4 hours).

We ended up covering ourselves with towels that were in the closets because they were a lot cleaner than the sheets. At the meeting they trying to convince us to buy timeshare, we show them the pictures and explained our horrible night, their answer was "Once you are an owner you will be treated better." The most ridiculous thing I have ever heard because if you are trying to sell a product you should do it right the first time and more people will buy. Do not waste your time. They are dirty and don't care if you are a guest.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2017

We were in Vegas from Aug 08-11, 2017. We booked a room at Westgate because it was cheap. We arrived early at the hotel, and so we went directly to the Guest Services to inquire if we can check-in early. We were "greeted" by staff who asked if it was our first time in Vegas. We were so honest -- and said yes. The staff offered us free Cirque De Soleil tickets. They also offered us free breakfast for the next day. My husband already have a bad feeling, but we just ignored it. We'd like to believe that people are genuine and thoughtful since it's our first visit in Vegas (oh darn)...

At the counter, they mentioned that the tickets were at discounted price of $40. We paid and was asked to fill in a yellow sheet with our name, occupation and income -- now this made the two of us nervous. In the evening, my husband read the yellow sheet, and at the bottom, read something about "Timeshare". Since we were so tired, we never had the chance to google it. The next day (morning), we went downstairs for our free breakfast. We were asked to wait (the actual breakfast area was covered). An agent came in to assist us to our table. We altogether went to get breakfast (which by far, is the worst breakfast food/menu we've seen). We sat on our table, chatted and eat.

The agent was an expert in talking and deceiving people! He sounded so friendly and genuine! We were promised that it's just a 90 minute presentation. We went to have breakfast at 10 am, and finished at 6:45! After getting toured at the suites, etc, My husband said NO! They were so persistent -- they called the manager, etc. There were 3 more people on our table. Everyone was talking fast, etc. There were other staff who looked like security guards staring at us! We were so tired, and so unfortunately, my husband signed for the 1 bed/1bath! They mentioned that ITS GOOD FOR OUR KIDS, OUR FUTURE VACATIONS, etc etc.

Our 2nd day in Vegas was such a waste. My husband and I went to MGM to eat afterward. My husband told me that he needs to eat and zone out, in order to realize what just happened. On our last day, we googled more about timeshare. He found out about the RESCISSION! In Nevada, you may cancel, by written notice, the contract of sale for a timeshare purchase up until midnight of the fifth calendar day following the date you signed the contract (Nev. Rev. Stat. § 119A.410(1)). The contract of sale must include a statement of the right to cancel.

And so on our way to Bellingham Washington, we immediately located a POSTAL OFFICE. Signed the TIMESHARE NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, Wrote Westgate Florida a letter stating that we want OUT, and attached a copy of the Contract. We were told that the fastest way to send it is through FedEx (1 day for $95). The post office staff thought that we would prefer a cheaper way to expedite it, but my husband was like: "This $95 express mail is worth a lifetime of peace of mind." We are still awaiting response from Westgate Florida.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I went on a tour at the Turkey Lake Rd and they offered me a 2/2 two bedroom with two bath. On my proposal it says 2/2, but because my legal documents say 2/1 they can't help me after me paying a whole year. Which means my deed was a bait and switch. The room on my deed is totally different from what they showed my husband and we got bunkbeds. Never knew they had bedbunks even with telling them we have grown kids. We were definitely fooled into signing the deed.

After going back and forth with a manager at the Town Center and being tossed around the Manager on site tells me "We give you what you can afford" and I tell him, "But why not explain that and show us what you are giving us". He could not answer that. Stood quiet. I also was told I can refinance with SunTrust which was also a lie everything they did and said is illegal. I will be going to a lawyer. Gave them chance after chance almost a whole year to fix and nothing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

We own with another company, and through them we found Westgate Resorts, or should I say gross motel like setting. This is in no way a resort. The rooms are tiny, their version of a kitchen is a counter with a sink & microwave, and their rooms are not cleaned very well. Upon arrival we saw several security vehicles on site, and thought this is a good thing, when in all reality it was a bad thing! There were loud parties going on until 2 am almost every night, not one security officer was enforcing quiet hours.

We called down to the desk each night requesting they take care of the noise. There were uncleared messages on the voicemail from the previous person who stayed. The blinds do not close all the way, and some are broken. There was a dead cockroach in the bathroom light fixture. The TVs are ancient and not clear to see what's on them. The people in the lobby were not very friendly, and when we asked them questions we got lazy partial answers. Internet is impossible to log onto and is very slow once you get logged on. Laundry facility is located on 1 of the 6 floors, and is open for anyone to go into it and take your clothes. The only two positives we had during our stay was there was a shuttle bus to and from the Theme Parks and the people who work in the restaurant were very nice.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 19, 2017

Attended a timeshare seminar @ Westgate Resorts in Orlando. We bought a just week at the resort and three free weekend getaways for $595. Salesperson promised all the information we would need would arrive in a "big package" in a few weeks. All we received was a membership in the vacation club. We received nothing re: the promised three weekends. When I called Westgate, I got a one hour runaround: "You need to talk with corporate", " You need to call the resort directly", "There is nothing we can do", "Read your contract". Everyone agreed we were lied to, but said they will not issue refunds.

Original review: July 8, 2017

Went to Westgate Resort to see 90 minutes presentation so we could get the discount tickets to Magic Kingdom... took more than 90 minutes but we got our discount. We told them up front we wouldn't buy anything. And everything went pleasantly. They told us they were "Fast Pass" tickets but it turned out to be a limited, reservation pass and they only got to use it on three rides! When we're checking out from the 90 minute presentation a lady ask if we planned to do anything else? We said yes. She told us she could give us some discounts to the two alligator parks we planned to go to. So we said, "Sure we'd love a discount." Well... to get a super discount we had to listen to their travel club presentation. We said ok because the discount was nice! So we paid the $40 front money with a guarantee there would be no additional charges.

The free breakfast was terrible the first day... worse the next visit. Well after the 90 minutes was over the salesman would not take NO! For an answer. He knew we were on our honeymoon but he still insulted my wife of only 6 days! He told her to be quiet once because he was talking only to me! Which prompted me to forcefully end it right there! As he got up he took one more stab at insulting us with comments about where we're currently staying. I spoke with a couple different manager level people and they assured me it would be handled.

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Original review: July 8, 2017

I bought a Timeshare in while in a vacation in Florida. After I completed all my payments, I called and booked my first vacation, they confirmed it in an email and even called me hours before to confirm. We flew from Illinois and once at the front desk they made us sign all paper works even charge our credit card for a hold. Then she proceeds: "Unfortunately we do not have your 2 bedrooms available, we are putting you in a 1bedroom" and am talking about a party of 5. All I can say is you will hear from my lawyer. You crook, thieves, scammers good for nothing lying stupid ignorants. I hate you. How irresponsible to make me come all the way to Las Vegas and disrespect me. These rooms are nothing you showed us or on your website. People please don't book here. It's a scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2017

I bought my original timeshare way back in the early 2000s with Blue Tree. I was forced to upgrade to another property because of issues with Blue Tree. Basically was told my property was not worth anything and I would never be able to trade into programs with interval etc. because of this. In 2015 I went ahead and upgraded at my own expense of course to Westgate Lakes. The sales rep to convince me to get a three bedroom instead of a two bedroom because I can easily rent it out and that SHE can do that for me. She told me I contact her directly and even named me numerous organizations who come there for conventions that I can rent out to. Specifically told me the summer was the best time to get the most money. Even drew me a diagram and all.

When I could never get a hold of her it was already past the time I could use my week. They were willing to let me use my week of course at a fee. Then after expressing my issues, they decided to waive it but needed to charge me another fee because of the week I had. Extremely upset, I stated my case regarding the sales rep selling us this upgrade on the idea that she would be able to rent it out for us easily. Something that I found out Westgate does not condone. I scanned the packet she gave me with her diagrams and information, I sent them telephone records and text message records (which they asked me for) and I even sent them a voicemail.

All which they say does not prove that she said she can rent out my property for me. I am looking for owners who've been approached to upgrade or buy this this same tactic whether they have proof or not so that I can contact the attorney general and have them look into this further. With more of us speaking in a group, the stronger case we can build because I know I'm not the only one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2017

We purchased a timeshare after being shown a nicely renovated unit. The Unit that was put onto our deed was a different unit than the one we seen, but they assured us that every unit on the property were all the same. When we arrived for our first stay, we were put in the far back corner in a smelly non renovated unit. I immediately asked for a room change. Next day I get a different unit, but I explained I want an answer on the crappy unit on my deed when I was shown a nicely renovated one. They say "contact sales manager". Then I receive a text from "management" asking how things are. I responded with my concerns, including telling them if it wasn't resolved that I would attend their presentation and voice my displeasure over their crooked sales tactics. They said someone would be in touch.

Next morning a sales manager calls me to come for a meeting to go over concerns and that they had an offer for us. THIS IS WHERE IT GOT CRAZY. I told her my issue of being shown one thing and sold another. She then says she would have to go find a broker. After 30 mins waiting in a large room with these sketchy sales people, I had to call her to see where she went. She comes back and I tell her "I am the type of person to stand up in here and tell everyone not to buy." Well she obviously thought I was bluffing. Takes us to another room to meet a broker. There were a lot of people doing their pitches. I told some people not to buy. Then Sales buddy gets into it with me. "That was really rude, you gonna pay my bills?" I respond, saying "it's rude what you guys do to people and the tricks you pull to get people to pay your bills." Escalates and he says he is going to have me arrested and says "let's go". To which I said "F" off.

He calls for "Leo" (a floor bouncer) to come over and get me out. They then clear about 20 tables around mine and get people away as about 7 security guys gather. Then this wanna-be tough guy comes over identifying himself as the floor manager and asks if I am telling people not to buy. I said I wasn't answering. He says if he finds out I was saying anything at all regarding their sales, he will have me thrown in jail and kicked off the property. I didn't give him the time of day. He was annoyed. I didn't respond and so he left but security remained until the broker came and spoke with me and said there was nothing that could be done with the deed, all the while tapping my arm and giving me his pitch. I told him not to touch me and that what they did was sell me something I didn't ask for and that I would be letting people know my opinion on their sales scam. He said it's my decision whether I want jail time.

I was like"piss off, the fact that you are even suggesting something like that is to try to instill fear and keep the person from talking." Got up and left. Oh and their access cards are not chipped, so if they get near a cell phone or magnet, it's wiped. I have a cell phone wallet case. Wiped the cards every time. Will never go to this place ever and am currently looking for an alternate timeshare. Makes you wonder what they are running there when they are so quick to have a lot of security and threats of arrest if you mention this stuff to someone. Totally crooked. Wish I read reviews first. If I could mark this as a zero star, I would.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2017

Came in on June 26, 2017 and toured the property. We were pressured into buying the cheapest travel club they offered. Once getting home we found out that my husband was being laid off of his job. We then contacted the corporate office and was told if within the 3 day window we could return the products to the resort for a full refund. We made a 3.5 hour drive back to the resort, returned all items, and was told that we would get our money in approximately 20 days. They are nothing but a bunch or crooks and thieves. I swear no one should even set foot on the property... This is the worst company ever!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2017

I received an email promotion advertising a 5 day stay including 4 free tickets to Shipwreck Island Water park for $299 if I agreed to a 90 minute tour. I thought it was an amazing deal, so I booked a 2 bedroom, 2 bath villa at Westgate Vacation Villas in Kissimmee, Florida for my family. Little did I know that it would start off as the vacation from HELL!!!

First, I called a day prior to arriving and spoke with a rep concerning changing our tour date from that Friday morning to Thursday due to I'd have to fly out that Friday morning b/c my Grandfather passed away and his funeral was that Saturday. I expected them to ask questions concerning his death and even ask for proof from the funeral home. What I didn't expect was for the rep to be rude and disrespectful. After answering the rep's questions, she made the statement, "so y'all keep the body out that long?". I was shocked and highly offended. After educating her on courtesy and manners and a hour long phone call, she changed our tour date as requested.

Next, my family and I drove 6 plus hours to the vacation site. We arrived around 4:45 pm and checked in. On arrival we were informed that the unit was still being cleaned and that they'd give me a call when it was ready. Keep in mind, check in is at 4. My fiance and I decided to go and grab a bite to eat while waiting. By 6 pm, I hadn't received a phone call so I called and spoke with Allen, the front desk manager and he informed me that the room was just cleaned and that we could come and pick up the keys.

We got to the room and got settled. We were there for around 3 hours and I noticed small BUGs in the villa! I notified the front desk and requested a new room. The rep informed me that security would come out to confirm if there are any bugs and if so, they'd move us to a new unit. Security never arrived. Around 30 mins later, I received a phone call from the front desk stating that security confirmed bugs in the unit and that someone would bring us keys right away. My fiance and I were horrified and upset! We packed our belongings back up and waited on the keys.

After 45 minutes and no one showing up with the keys, we went to the front desk and spoke with Allen again. We informed him of our dissatisfaction and concern not knowing what type of bugs were in the unit and also questioned whether they knew of the infestation prior to placing us in the unit since security confirmed bugs without coming out to check. Allen (front desk manager) stated he would check with security to see why and how they confirmed bugs without checking the unit. He apologized and placed us in a new unit. He got a staff member to escort us to the next unit.

On arrival to the new unit, we encountered a SNAKE in front of the door to enter the villa! The staff member called animal control and we went back to the front desk. This time, Allen provided us with a new room and offered a refund for a day and free WiFi during our stay (WiFi was $9.99/day). We arrived to the 3rd unit and was greeted by a strong smell of MOLD. Due to it is now midnight and we are exhausted, I said we could deal with this in the morning. My fiance and started checking the beds for bugs and I found BLOOD STAINED SHEETS and a duvet cover stained with blood and with what appeared to be feces and pubic hair. I was LIVID!!!

I called the front desk and asked for the manager. I was told that he was out of the office and that I could speak with Erica the supervisor. I informed Erica of the situation and she told me she would speak with the manager and call me back. After a 30 min wait, I drove to the front desk and encountered Robert. I asked for the manager and Robert went inside an office and came back 5 minutes later and told me that the manager was out of the office, but that I could wait to speak with Erica the supervisor. I informed him that I had spoken with Erica and hadn't heard back from her and asked if he could call the manager to come to the office so that I could speak with him. Robert informed me that the manager was busy on the property and had a list of things to do and that I could get added to the bottom of his list or speak with Erica!!!

I was frustrated and appalled by his statement and stated I'd wait for Erica. After waiting in the lobby for 10 mins or so Erica showed up. Before I could speak with her, another guest was waiting voiced her dissatisfaction with her room and stated that her room was I infested with bugs and roaches and was demanding a new unit. After Erica handled that situation, I explained my situation and she apologize for not returning the call from earlier. I showed her the photos I took on my cellphone of the duvet cover and sheets. Erica was disgusted and immediately called the office manager.

In less than a min, Rudy (the new office manager on duty) showed up. I explained my entire visit up to the point of us speaking. Rudy was very apologetic and immediately came out to the unit with me. He and a staff member changed everything on the bed. He spoke with my fiance and family and apologized. I also pointed out the smell of mold in the unit. He informed me that he would upgrade our unit that morning, treat us to dinner and was very concerned, courteous and sympathetic. When they left the unit, it was 2 am. Our tour was scheduled for 11 am that morning. Needless to say, we weren't interested in purchasing anything.

After the tour, we were moved to an upgraded unit. This unit was clean and didn't have a mold smell. My family was excited and thankful. Everything was going fine until I noticed GNATS crawling down the wall. At this point, I was beyond tired of speaking with management, moving from room to room and packing and unpacking. We killed the gnats that we saw and inspected the unit. The unit was fine and we decided to stay.

By this time, we had spent 1 day and a half on changing rooms. We spoke with Franscisco (manager) and he apologized and offered to extend our stay for 2 days or for us to come back for a free 3 day stay at a later time. Rudy, the previous manager, had left us an envelope with gift certificates for $100 to use one site, 2 free large pizzas from Joe's, 6 free desserts from Draft's, 2 1 day passes to Shipwreck Island and 6 free breakfast buffet passes to eat at Draft's. I left the next morning. My family stated the trip ended up ok, but they did encounter a RACCOON in front of the entrance to the upgraded unit.

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Westgate Resorts is a timeshare company that was founded by David Siegel in 1982. The company offers customers more than 13,500 timeshare villas and access to properties at 28 resorts.

  • Numerous outposts: Westgate Resorts' properties are located conveniently throughout the U.S., so they are easy to reach for customers no matter where they live. They also offer a diverse range of landscapes and amenities.

  • Resorts with amenities: The company offers timeshare owners a huge selection of amenities at their resorts, including soda shops, pool bars, spas, putting greens and more, so traveling to their timeshare property feels like a real vacation.

  • Charitable company: Westgate is also a community-focused company, and the company donates more than 2 million dollars each year through the Westgate Resorts Foundation.

  • Convenient online account management: Owners of Westgate properties can access their account online, and they have convenient options to pay fees, change membership options, and more.

  • VIP owner events: The company regularly throws VIP events for owners, including parties, shows, and more.

  • Best for: Travelers with a favorite vacation destination, young professionals with disposable income and large families.

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Westgate Resorts
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