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I'm a regular customer at the Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ and this stay was bad enough that I had to write a review. I also need to write a review because the manager wasn't helpful at all. I have severe allergies and normally the front desk staff and management ensure my room doesn't have feather pillows and the room is cleaned without chemicals. This stay for some reason was too difficult for the manager to handle. I arrived at the hotel and asked if my room was as I asked. The manager said they can't guarantee that and didn't want to help me at all.

I tried to explain why I needed my room to be this way but instead she told me I could stay somewhere else. As a frequent business traveler, I found this attitude very strange. No one before even at this hotel has made me feel that my needs were so difficult and impossible to do. I've worked at a hotel when I was in college and I know that the staff are to do whatever is in their capacity to make sure each guest has the best experience. Right now I am very disappointed in this company and although it's convenient to my job, I don't know if I want to stay there again, at least not while that manager is there.

I was there 1 night, July 23-24th. It took over an hour to even get checked in because the line was HUGE! Then front desk person said she had to check someone out to get us checked in. Once we get to our room it was dirty, had not been cleaned yet. We tried calling front desk several times, no answer. We had to track down the manager to get a new room which took another 45 minutes. When we got into our new room, it was so HOT/humid and it took forever to cool down. It was the most frustrating experience.

The amount of time wasted checking in cut into my group's plans. We had to rush. To "make up" for it the manager gave us 2 free drink tickets to Starbucks lol (by the way there was 3 of us in our group--nice!). My friend accidentally made a 6 second call without dialing 9 and even though it was clearly an accidental call, we got charged for it! Parking was $17 dollars, but I had a $25 charge pending on my account. This was the worst hotel experience I ever had and this was supposed to be one of the top hotels in KC. Laughable! I'll never go back. The rooms are nothing special either and I paid $244 for 1 night. I'm so mad!

I was there to pick up a Vietnam Vets Award for my deceased husband. They took me to the wrong Crowne Hotel and had to go back to the airport and start over to get to the correct one. The Starbucks was not open but for 4 hours a day, the restaurant was not open but 5 hrs a day, had to walk 2 blocks for food, the ice machines didn't work, there was no vending, key cards had to be replaced 4 times because they didn't work, no clean towels for room or pool area available, room was never cleaned until 2 pm, the security guard slept on the job at 3:30 am. The list goes on. DO NOT stay here!

Me and my husband who has never been to Atlanta, stayed at the above location 1/9/16-1/11/2016. This trip was a family trip. We drove from New York all the way down with my 6 yr old daughter. The day of check-out after being told our Mercedes Benz truck would be safe in the self park garage, our car window was shattered with a rock and money was stolen from our car. No one else suffered from the break-in. Just us. The hotel staff which was aware of the incident at 6 am didn't notify us before-hand. Mind you they were well aware and said so. They offered minimal assistance and no guidance to handle the incident.

I believe with the lack of care the hotel staff along with the parking garage company was in on it as well. The staff played country dumb and played the blame game instead of at least offering to comp the room for the incident. The supervisor lied and said that he was not just so he would not have to deal with the incident. I would never stay here much less recommend this hotel to anyone who does not want to be robbed by the hotel staff.

My stay at the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel in VA was not pleasant from July 24-28. They gave me a room that was not sufficient even when I called them for service and they gave me mis-information on my bill when I checked out.

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Crowne Plaza 5985 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90045 - The management at this property is the worst I've ever seen of any of the IHG group hotels and as a result the experience is deplorable, whether it's the union picketers outside trying to ensure that the employees receive a fair wage and consequently waking you up, or the un-upgraded windows which means you'll be waiting till after 2 am to get a good night's sleep because of the proximity to the airport, or the elevators which have a brass finish that has enough grime from spilled coffee, etc. yet management refuses to clean it 3 months hence.

Then there's the racial profiling and harassment by security staff on an African-American customer which was akin to the Jim Crow experience of the pre-CIVIL rights south. How said security can manage to not only remain on the property, but also hold a seat on its executive board, speaks volumes about the ideology of management and ownership mindset. Truly, this property should lose its franchise license or management overhauled. The world is too diverse and the global traveller too important to have the Paula Dean of hotel management rear its ugly head for all to see.

Me and my two boys spent our vacation from 6/30 to 7/04 at the Crowne Plaza Universal Hotel. I am in ER right now back in NY due to an allergic reaction of bedbug bites all over my body. When we were in the hotel, I requested a different room because my boys had bedbug bites in their neck and arms. The receptionist said that the type of room we had, DID NOT qualify for a change of rooms. So, I email Expedia and Crowne Plaza Corporation. The next morning, the manager (Gaby) assigned a different room with three free breakfast cards included.

But got even worse. Now, my boys have more bites, and specially me. I took pictures and collect 3 bedbugs from our suitcases, put them in a jar with a lid. Now, I have to spend a lot of money for the exterminator! And to buy medication for the allergic reaction I am getting all over my body. While we were in the hotel, couple people dare to say that was mosquito bites probably or food allergies. But the three of us?!

Besides the bedbug problem, the bathtub was clogged, when the engineer came to fix it, black disgusting stuff came from the drain, he just wipe them, I didn't want my kids to shower there, is when I requested a different room besides the bed bugs, the receptionist said she will send a person to clean the tub, but we were not entitled to change rooms. I hope the department of Health send an inspector, is not fair for other guests besides me.

Recently my Mother passed away. As a former Edison resident and an IHG rewards member I chose Crowne Plaza of Edison as a hotel for my family and friends traveling long distance. There was probably 6-8 room utilized for this gathering. When I first arrived on March 12, 2015, there was some confusion with the booking of 3 nights vs what was on the books as 2 nights (booked directly thru your company). The front desk manager straighten out my booking for three nights with the correct daily charge.

Our stay went well. My bill on checkout for (**) $389.85 and (**) $518.48 was charged to my CITI card. About a week later, I was reviewing my CITI bill and found 5 other charges pending other than those already paid for over $400.00. I called the hotel in Edison. After being put on hold on and off for one hour, I finally spoke with ** the Front Desk Manager. She reviewed my charges and stated the best person to speak with was Mr. ** (accountant).

I called him on Monday, 3/23, and left a detailed message. Since I did not hear back from him, I called again today. This time I was able to speak with him. I explained in detail my issue. I told him CITI bank stated Crowne Plaza would have to remove the pending charges. His response was "he could not manually remove charges"; I would have to have CITI Bank call him! He didn't call me back...Why would I think he would call CITI Bank? I asked to speak to the Hotel Manager..."He's on vacation." There was no Asst. Manager on duty. So again asked for **, Front Office Manager and was put on hold again. After five minutes I hung up! Who is it I need to talk to correct my account???

The staff making the reservations did not seem to know how to address a modification to the reservation I initially made. I made a reservation then, when I called back to extend my stay, I was given a different reservation and confirmation number. I was attending an event at the hotel and was only given the event price for 1 day then when I questioned the rate I was told that I could not get it at the price for the 2nd night because I did not book it the first time. I thought about it, called back and then I was given the rate for the 2nd night, but the specialist told me that she only had me staying for 2 nights. I did not understand this and asked to speak with a manager and was transferred around and never was able to speak with a manager (not only that the specialists were rude as well as the switchboard operator, responding to me with “Uh huh.”) I then called the hotel directly and was told by Brittany that Jonathan would call me back that evening. Needless to say that never happened. I finally called customer relations and was able to make the reservation without incident. Needless to say this will not be our pick for the family reunion next year, if it is this difficult to make a reservation, there is no need to put our family through this drama.

I stayed at Crowne Plaza LAX on October 3, and October 11, 2014. The room was clean and quiet, the staff was friendly and courteous. After I returned home on October 12, I unpacked and discovered that I had left a set of portable speakers (with my address label on them) in the room. I had scanned the room carefully while packing, but the rounded speakers must have rolled under the bed, where I did not check. I called the hotel twice, talked to the front clerk and the head housekeeper and, by golly!, those pesky little speakers had totally dematerialized! No one has seen them or turned them in! I had used them the evening of Oct. 11 and I know they were left there. I told the housekeeper that it wouldn't do anyone any good to keep them because they require a particular charger and that I had that. I suppose I thought a miracle would happen and they would mail them to me. Nope. Too much trouble.

We stayed at the cp hotel in Hollywood, Florida for seven days. On August 31st my granddaughter and I were sitting at the edge of the pool when she noticed a fowl smell coming from very close proximity in the pool. The pool has a draining edge and sitting there was some human waste. Immediately I notified a hotel worker who told me that they asked him to take a picture of it. I noticed he started doing other things and show no immediate response. I went to another worker who took action immediately. One of the managers came down to the pool and proceed to remove the feces from the pool.

What I saw left me speechless. The manager and two other hotel workers took some plastic bags and put on gloves and started removing the feces with the people still in the pool. After the human waste was removed they asked everyone to come out of the Pool. Yes they closed the pool for a few hours but the procedure used was so inappropriate. I went to the desk and complained and spoke to the manager on duty. Her response was they are cleaning the pool and please not to call the corporate offices because they would handle it.

While at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare (Chicago - Nov 11 - 13, 2013) a sign on the elevator in disrepair damaged my sport jacket. When I reported the damage to the front desk staff they asked me to leave my jacket for photographs to support an insurance claim. When I went back to pick-up the jacket the staff would give me no claim information, but asked me to leave the jacket so it could be sent to their dry cleaners, then shipped to me at my home in California. I kept the jacket - no amount of cleaning was going to repair the damage. I was given no insurance claim information. I've since e-mailed the front desk manager (2x) with photos of the jacket and signs. I also called to follow-up, but they won't return calls or e-mails.

I've written the Intl Hotel Groups (IHG) corporate office and customer service, but even though they promised the hotel would respond, no one has contacted me. IHG's web site has a code of ethics - but it's easy to make the case they have none - no conscience, either. The coat is clearly damaged and the "neglected" sign the obvious cause. What will it take to get IHG to pay the claim and apologize for the appalling behavior of their staff? Any bets the signs are still not fixed?

Check in this hotel in Belem with my wife who is white and I am an African America. From the 1st day the hotel staff stirred us down with hate and disgusting looks. Worst when we were eating at the restaurant. We have never seen such a hateful stirred down in our lives. We were so scared we ordered our food brought to our room. The staff I believe must have spat in our food. We had enough and checked out. On our way to the airport we got calls from the hotel that our credit was declined and must return back. They talked to taxi to bring us back, we skipped out on our bill. Bear in mind we physically gave them three cards to pick one, American Express, Visa and Capital One MasterCard. They pick the MasterCard with a credit limit of $5000. Our total meals was only $200.

When they ran the credit card after we had left for the airport they put the wrong expiration date so the card was declined but this Crown Plaza felt they needed to humiliate us one last time ordering the Brazilian Taxi driver to bring us back. Talked to them on the taxi driver's phone, what the problem was, it turned out they entered August 2013 on Sept 3rd. The expiration on the card was August 2013 to 2016... Wow we both said. Must be dumb racist as well! How such a hotel can staff this kind of people is disgusting.

Crowne Plaza Riverwalk San Antonio - I wanted to give my parents a nice weekend get away, decided on this hotel because I really wanted to stay under $400 mark. I even walked a room which wasn't all that the king bed took up the whole room! but the front end were real nice ... so I thought. I ended up going with a different hotel, called CP to cancel the reservation, got the cancellation confirmation email and all. 3 days after the weekend, I got charged $487! I spoke to the front end supervisor who proceeded to tell me that because I gave the hotel my parents' named, it's considered "2 separate reservations." I had only canceled 1 of the 2 but for " inconvenience" they can refund $190?! Just be very careful with this hotel! I highly recommend Hyatt Del Palacio; I love Logan over there!

They overcharged my account and have not refunded all of it. I checked out of the hotel on Nov. 12th and was charged on the 15th of the same week. I requested a refund immediately on that same day. It's still not there. It has caused me to put off bills that I need to pay and has crippled my automated drafts. I had to borrow money just to get through. The manager Samantha ** and Mark ** have not been able to convince the bank of the mistake. My account was pending the refund amount last week, but now it has disappeared and not showing at all. It has been over the amount of days it takes to receive a refund and I'm upset.

I tried doing an early check-in at the Crowne Plaza on Oct. 2, 2012 at 5300 Rockside, Independence, OH. When I went to the front desk and asked the attending clerk if I could check in, he flatly turned me down. He told me 2PM is their policy. I proceeded to tell him I was here on business and had a noon meeting I had to attend. With three pieces of large luggage in toll, he made no attempts to handle my luggage or to offer me to wait in the lounge or anything. I never had this problem at any hotels I have stayed in. I must stayed in at least 10 a month! I usually have to wait for a room, only if there are no rooms available. Not the case today!

I'm currently waiting outside on a bench since 11AM in the cold rain, where I will have to continue to wait for the next several hours. I would leave but I have no car. Even the manager didn't help. I made a formal complaint to the Crowne Plaza headquarters and will continue to state my opinion of the hotel's horrible, unprofessional behavior. I missed my appointment today and on the verge of tears for their cruelty.

Customer service and Hotel Policy issues - First of all, I hope and pray that you spend time to read my account of what happened in one of your high-profile hotels. I know that people are always vying for you time, but I feel that your company missed badly in several areas. The below account covers a three-day period from June 13th through June 15th. If you look under the names Tim **, Wendy **, or Wendy **, you will see how many times we have stayed at the Crowne Plaza over the last couple of months (located in Dallas, Texas).

As soon as we got in the room, I received a call from Scott, the manager on duty. He thought I was the lady who checked in and told her that I skipped on a tab last night, and that there was a problem with me running up tabs and not paying for them. I told Scott that I heard everything he said just then. His consistent reply was, “I didn’t say anything.” I was livid. I went and worked out to blow off some steam, and it was a busy time and the people-pleaser I am, I didn’t go down and raise hell. Now this guy made false and slanderous allegations and I was not happy. I got off the phone and told Wendy what had just happened. I was seething, am I in high school? An employee, not a member of management, was calling my girlfriend and saying slanderous, false statements. Keep in mind, I just wrote a positive review on speaking to what a good job customer service had done a couple of nights earlier at the same Crowne Plaza.

I was waiting for 2 hours to confront Scott and chalked it up to him having a bad day. I then went down to the lobby hopeful of an apology or a quick resolution. Scott was whispering with the new girl when I walked up, made a point to wait roughly 20 seconds to acknowledge me even though there was nobody else waiting in the lobby. I politely asked Scott again why he called up to the room and said such slanderous things. His reply was, “I didn’t say that, I told you already.” So, I looked at Scott and the new girl, and said, “Do you know how I know what you said?” Scott’s reply was simply no. My reply was, “I have a great memory, and I was disguising my voice.” He immediately started craw-fishing (back-paddling for that north of Mason-Dixon Line) then admitted to me that he did in fact say those things. I berated him for 5 seconds, and walked away, all the while hopeful for a quick resolution.

Now this is where all of you connected to the advertising, marketing, customer service and sales verticals etc. get up and shout “Nooooo!” What happened next to this is similar to lefty choking the U.S. Open in 2006. Customer service choked. Bad! The next morning (Thursday June, 14th) I spoke with the day manager, Felicia. She took me aside, and seemed interested, took my information, advised me that she would get to the bottom of this. I must admit, she gave me a little hope the matter would be resolved. I then came down three hours later (roughly 3pm) and signed the paperwork for one more night. Later that evening (11pm), several people I had met while eating dinner in the restaurant dropped by to have a nightcap. My phone was off and didn’t return my guest’s phone call; therefore, she had some colorful words directed my way as she didn’t know why I didn’t call her back.

Being somewhat non-confrontational, I left the hotel to let cooler heads prevail. An hour later my guest left. Upon arrival to my room, I found my key no longer works. JC at the front desk informed me that I can no longer get back in the room until security got there at 7 or 8am. It was 1:30 am and now I don’t have a room to lay my head. Keep in mind, I explained to him that since I checked in and since she didn’t, that I should at least be able to get my belongings, and a place to lay my head. He advised me, that there was nothing he could do, because the reservation was under her name now (she put her card down for incidentals) and she checked out. Wow! I got corporate on the line (IHG) and the customer service representative empathized with me and advised me to go the front desk and wait for her call. When I got there, JC was engrossed in a conversation with a prostitute. She was having a minor problem and JC was very attentive to her needs. So much so that he didn’t answer the customer service representative.

She called three (3) times and he never answered the call. Even more disturbing is JC and the lady of the night were snickering and laughing at me. When she left and JC acquiesced to the customer service rep calling (this was corporate calling), he did everything (including lying) to persuade the customer service rep that I had no place to lay my head. And he did a good job, because I slept in the stairwell for 3 hours. At 7:00 am, I placed a call to the new manager on duty, Chris. Chris told me that he would look at the situation, and to come down after the breakfast. And again, dumb I thought this would certainly be rectified. At 9ish, I went down and was told by Ken that the head of security would now be talking to me. The head of security came down, pulled me aside and told me that there were two ways we could handle this now.

First, he said, we can get the cops involved. At which time, I said, “Sounds great, call them. I have done nothing wrong.” He said, “Or, I can let you get your stuff, then you can leave and never come back.” I was and still am in shock. I checked into the hotel, signed the paperwork for the room, had been there for 4 days prior, spent the night in a stairwell and now I am being kicked out for good? I did what this man asked. I left because I didn’t want ICG to lose patrons. So, my lesson learned is that if you are a door mat with IGH, then you will pay. If you stand up to them, then you are kicked out of their establishments. Thank you, guys. I followed up with calls but was shut down by both corporate and the location where I was staying. My only recourse is to publish my story and let the world know about my experience. It was not good.

The HLSR Bar-B-Que Championship at Reliant Stadium filled this hotel to capacity. There was no water when we checked in, but we were told it would be back on soon. Now at midnight when we return, there is still no water. No shower, no toilet, no nothing. There was no one at the front desk, no one answering the phone, no room service. Well, I do not feel this hotel is safe at all. What if it caught on fire? I can't believe they could deceive so many guests. No one is happy here, that's for sure. Crowne Plaza Hotel, Reliant Center.

I have stayed at the LAX Crowne Plaza several times using their Park and Fly specials. The last two times I have been put in rooms with dirty carpets and beds that were very uncomfortable. The very last time I decided was my final time. Check-in went great as usual but when I got to my room the door was ajar. Of course I was not comfortable with going in so I asked the front desk to send someone up with me. The room was empty but there were stains on the door jam to the bathroom and across the carpet that looked like blood. I pointed this out and the employee said it looks like the maid probably cut herself. I noticed the carpet was not fully vacuumed but the bed did seem freshly made.

I asked for another room but the hotel was fully booked. Since I was very sleepy and had an early flight, I stayed. However, every noise scared me since I thought it had something to do with that blood. I took pictures and sent to others that said the same thing. I complained again at the front desk as I left for my flight and they said they would let the manager know. Later, I fired off a letter to the head CEO only to get a generic response of thanking me for the information and they will take it to their meeting. When I picked up my car, I asked if they figured out what happened in the room and the employee said that he was not aware of it. I will now stay elsewhere. For the $189 I was paying, I expected better than this.

My wife and I along with 3 friends arrived to our room, shortly after 2AM on 09/11/11. Within 5 minutes of arrival to our room, we received a visit by 3 security guards and a maintenance man. There was a knock on our door, and my friend answered it and was told that there was a noise complaint against our room. My friend apologized for the disruption, but assured them that we had not been making any excessive noise, other than normal conversation in the room.

At the time of the first visit, I was in the restroom and was not notified of this visit, until I had come back into the living room from the restroom. Upon being notified by my friend, I decided that it would be best to go to the ground floor of the hotel to speak with security, about the complaint and to assure them that they must have gotten the wrong room, as we had just recently arrived to our room and our conversation was at a minimum, as another friend was ordering in a pizza.

The timeline of events is very important here; the time from which security made the 1st visit to the room to the time I was on the ground floor of the hotel, was just under 5 minutes. Upon arrival to the ground floor of the hotel, I was surprised to see that the security was not present, but within a minute of arrival to the ground floor the security staff arrived off of the elevator.

I immediately approached them to let them know I was the registered guest of that room and was interested to know what the issue was. The security staff then rudely informed me that they had just visited the room 2nd time, as there was a 2nd complaint of noise from the room, I was told that a guest in my room answered the door, requested to speak with a manager and when security told her that there was no manager on the premises, they claim that she proceeded to slam the door in their face. (Let me note here that this particular room had double metal doors with a double latch that had not been lubricated in very long time, as I always found myself having to slam the door to get it to properly shut)

I then went on to inform the security staff that I Apologized but assured them that we had not been making any noise in our room that would reasonably validate a complaint about noise from our room, as any conversation taking place was no louder than at the level we were currently talking at. I was then told that at this point, what I had to say did not matter and that they had called the Hampton Police Dept. and that officers were arriving shortly to handle the so-called dispute.

Within a few seconds, the officers arrive and the security guards go into informing them that they had been to my room 2 times for noise complaints and that individuals in the room were being loud and not cooperating with them, I then go onto explain to the officers that we had not been making any noise, at which point the officers stop my conversation, and tell me we are all going back up to the hotel room.

At this point security is coming up to our room with the officers and me for a 3rd time in a matter of 15min. from the first visit. Upon the 3rd arrival, my wife who opened the door for the second time is very angry and upset with security and has some harsh words for them and the officers, to which I do believe she was entitled to as every person in the room was very taken back and in disbelief of the harassment that was going on. At that point, the officers threatened to arrest my wife if she kept talking to them, so I had her walk away from the situation.

I proceeded to try and reason again with Security and the officers that they must be mistaken as to where the complaint was, as we had not been making any loud noises. The topic was not open for discussion, they decided we were in the wrong and one of the officers proceeded to walk into my room to find and remove any of our guests from the property and warned them that they had to leave.

I went downstairs with my guests to see them out and upon arrival to the ground floor a friend and I tried to discuss again that this was a big mistake and I explained to them that from the time of the 1st visit to the 2nd visit to our room, was less than 5 minutes and that it was obvious that the 2nd complaint was obviously the noise made from them(Security Guards) by walking to our room, knocking on the door, the conversation that took place and the door being opened and shut on the 1st visit and asked why the front desk would not explain to the person complaining that what they heard, upon making a 2nd complaint was their own security staff confronting our room. My friend tried to help explain the situation to them as well, at which point one of the security guards called him a drunk then the officers told him he must leave the property or he will be arrested. I was told if there was a 3rd complaint we would be kicked out of the hotel room and officers said we would risk being arrested.

I then go back up to my room and my wife is the only one in the room, At this point, we are both extremely angry and upset over the harassment and embarrassment that we had received by the security guards of the hotel. We decided that we needed to leave the hotel as we both felt it was a matter of minutes before they came up to remove us from the room and potentially have us arrested by the officers, since the last 3 visits by security to our room was completely unjustified, we felt it was imminent that they would soon be back up to confront us and did not feel comfortable sleeping in the hotel that night. We had a friend, who arrived at the hotel, to pick us up and take us home. We left the hotel, shortly before 3AM on 09/12/11.

On Monday 09/12, I contacted the General Manager of the Hotel, Mr. John **, to let him know what took place on our visit. He informed that he would have to do an investigation and contact the security company to whom they contracted for, to get statements from the guards on duty, during the situation and that he would contact me on 09/13.

On 09/13, Mr. ** contacted me on a conference call with his Director of Rooms, Mr. Augustus **. Mr. **informed me that while he apologized for the problems we encountered, based on the statements of the security staff there was nothing he could do for me to compensate for the harassment we received. He stated that he had to give money back to the guest that had made the complaints, as a result of our actions. The points Mr. ** tried to make to me was dancing around the real issue at hand, as he mostly focused on the fact that my wife was cussing and flipping off the security guards and police officers on the 3rd visit to the room and that one of my friends was kicked off of the property for talking to the officers.

When I mentioned that the timeline between the 1st and 2nd visit to our room and noted the fact that the 2nd complaint was obviously from the security guards' 1st visit to the room from the noise they created, he told me that he had not gathered any information on the timeline of events. At this point, it was obvious to me Mr. ** was not serious about fairly trying to investigate and correct the issue. I informed him I would never visit that hotel again and thanked him for his time.

At no time, during any confrontations with the security guards or any officers did I, my wife or my friends raise their voice, above any level that would be considered yelling, or screaming etc...

At no time before, between or after security visited the room was there any person in the room being loud, belligerent, banging on objects or doing anything, other than normal conversation, no louder than a television, at a reasonable listening volume.

The double metal door on the hotel room was in dire need of service, as the latches on the door had no lubrication making the door very hard to close and loud when closing. This is the only thing we can suspect which caused the 1st complaint

After the security left the room from the 1st visit, they were not able to make it to the ground floor before hearing of 2nd complaint. I feel it was very incompetent of the front desk to not mention to the complainer, who was calling for the second time that what they heard was the security staff visiting our room and even more ridiculous that the security guards did not realize this as well, but rather steamed right back to our room to tell us that we were still being loud. Again, there was not even a 5 minute window between the 1st and 2nd visit.

In all of the confrontations with the security guards, they would make smart and degrading remarks and the smirks on their faces made it obvious that they were enjoying what they were doing. We did not make any noise in our room to justify a legitimate complaint, we wanted nothing more than to enjoy our stay and book our room for the next year upon departure. We did not wish or do anything to justify the harassment and embarrassment brought on by the hotels 3rd party contracted security guards.

On another note as well, we realized that we left our digital camera in the hotel room and the hotel claims that they do not have it, so it is obvious that one of the maids stole it. Mr. **, no reason to bother even responding to this review, you had a chance to correct the issue, but based on other reviews with other who have had issues, it is obvious that the hotel does not care about their customers.

I have booked a room for one of my friend in Crowne Plaza for September 5, 2011, through the Crowne Plaza phone booking.

At the time of booking, I have clearly mentioned to the booking agent that the person who is coming to stay at their hotel will pay them. But Crowne Plaza deducted the hotel stay charges of Rs 13,818 from my account. The deduction was done in the morning at 3:59am on September 6,2011.

Now when I raised the concern to Crowne Plaza they said that they can't do anything anymore. I have asked them to listen to the recorded call and check out the conversation. I did not say I will pay the hotel charges.

Please help me out in getting my money back.

This hotel charged accommodations to my credit card, without proper authorization or authentication in excess of $1600.00. It was for a trip that was cancelled 37 days prior to the nonrefundable date. My credit card has been blocked, and I am not allowed to get my credit rating corrected because of this event.

I stayed with the Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids from Monday, November 22, 2010 and I checked out on Monday, November 29, 2010. It was charged to my Barclays visa debit card. The same card was put down by me, as a guarantee on my room, as that was required by the hotel. A photo copy of the card was taken by them. On December 7, 2010, Crowne Plaza Grand Rapids Hotel charged my card 3359.30 pounds. They used my card without my permission for a service I did not use. This is a huge case of fraud and misuse of information.

I trusted Crowne Plaza with my card information, and they illegally took money from me. The hotel manager, Sunny, told me that he was sorry, but he had to balance his books. He offered me a free night at the hotel as compensation. I found that insulting. Since then, I have been charged 40 pounds a month for late fees, as my bank was in overdraft due to Crowne Plaza's illegal misuse of information. In addition, I wasn’t even in the country; I have proof of this--my flight tickets and passport stamps.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Kansas City as a part of a large wedding group that stayed on the 19th floor. One of my relatives smoked a cigar in our hotel room. The maintenance staff (in our room for a non-working phone) reported this to the front desk. Nelda (the front desk employee) called us in our room, scolded us for the smoking incident and made us "promise" that it wouldn't happen again, Which it didn't or we would be charged a $300.00 smoking fine to our account. We checked out on the 16th of May 2011 and there was nothing mentioned to us at that time. When we got back home in Colorado, I noticed a $300.00 charge on our bank statement.

I called the hotel immediately and talked with the Manager, Evan **, and asked that the charge be removed as we were told that we wouldn't be charged if we made sure that it didn't happen again. I couldn't believe the smug and snide responses I got from this employee as he denied us of any refund without any explanation. He couldn't care less that we were told that we would not be charged for this incident. They completely lied to us and gouged our bank account fraudulently.

Other issues with this hotel include no valet, no bell hop service, sleep number beds that were fully deflated and would not inflate, and $13.00 parking charge which you are forced to pay because there is no available parking downtown. This hotel is a nightmare. I have disputed charges with VISA and filed complaints with Better Business Bureau as well as with the Chamber of Commerce. I will not let up until I get our $300.00 back in our account that Crowne Plaza Hotel fraudulently stole from our account.

I booked a room for two nights in the Plaza and availed of a deal whereby if you book in advance of 21 days of your trip you get a 15% discount. I confirmed my stay by ticking the box and providing my Mastercard details as normal. Two days later, the full amount was taken from my account. I thought this was unusual but figured I would let it go as I was quite busy at the time to follow up.

Then within one week of my trip, I tried to cancel as something had come up. I rang and was told that a full fee was considered a deposit and deposits were non refundable as part of the 15% deal. I was not aware of this and was told it was evident in the fine print when confirming my stay! I spoke with the hotel and they understood my frustration and said there was nothing they could do, this was their common practice!

I booked and paid for a weekend in Crowne Plaza Hotel Shenzhen China. I took the children of my sister-in-law who were on summer holiday and wanted to swim in the hotel. The hotel rejected me from check-in because the children did not have IDs. The children, 6 and 10 years old were too young to be issued personal IDs in China. I argued with the front desk manager, who did not carry a name tag and did not give me his name card. I requested him to call my travel agent to explain so that I could get a refund. He did not do that.

I requested to speak to his supervisor and he refused. In the whole conversation he was so rude. Then I took his photos and videos and said would complain and posted in internet. Then he threatened I couldn't go and wanted to detain me. I tried to get out of the hotel with the children and he tried to block me. There was even physical contact by him. Then when I tried to get refunded from my travel agent, they said the hotel refused to refund my money because of 'no show'. Finally, I called the general manager who then agreed to refund my money. I took the children to another hotel around that confirmed there was no need for children to provide IDs!

I am writing to share my experience staying at Crowne Plaza New York - LaGuardia Airport Ditmars Boulevard, East Elmhurst, NY 11369 from Friday 30th through 1st of August 2010.

I have traveled all over the world, stayed in many hotels but never had such a bad experience staying at a hotel ever in my life. I was disrespected, humiliated and threatened by the person on the front desk named Joseph at Crowne Plaza LaGuardia. For the first time in my life, I actually saw discrimination at hotel which is an international chain of hotels doing business all over the world.

Unlike many other hotels, Crowne plaza LaGuardia had paid parking, $13 per day for guest where you are supposed to get your parking ticket validated from hotel front desk to leave the parking lot. I checked in on Friday and was told I can pay for room service, parking, etc. when I check out (which is very usual) on Sunday. I left hotel on Friday three times and had no problem getting my ticket validated from the front desk. On Saturday, July 31st 2010, around 5 p.m., my 20-month-old son who was very sick needed immediate medication. I had to rush out. I took some cash and my son who was in a lot of pain and went to get my parking ticket validated from the front desk so I can go to the pharmacy.

Mr. J. who checked me (a day earlier) was at the front desk. I requested him if he can please get my ticket validated quick as I need to get my son's medication. He checked something on his computer and told me, "We don't have your credit card on file, and sorry I won't be able to validate your ticket". I reminded him that he was the one who checked me in yesterday and I did give him my credit card at that time and since yesterday I didn't have any problem getting my ticket validated. He accepted and apologized about it and said it was his fault that he did not enter my credit card in the system but now he cannot validate my ticket. I explained him why I need to go out quick. I am not carrying any credit card with me and I will bring him my credit card in few minutes when I will get back in my room.

Surprising Mr. J. told me that he got kids too and he doesn't think it's a big deal to get so worried about my son's heath. My son kept crying and he did not validate my parking ticket to let me get out. I was told by Mr. J. "just because you got cheap tickets on Priceline doesn't mean you will get free parking". He didn't like the way my son was crying and I was told my son is crying too loud and if i don't leave as I was being loud too due to my son crying, he will call the cops! i just didn't believe he said that, but even more unbelievable next he picked up the phone and started calling the cops. On phone he stated that "there is a guest who is being hostile, and no he is not carrying a weapon". I was carrying my 20-month-old sick kid in a lot of pain who needed medication and here I was being explained by Mr. J. on the phone as if i am a criminal.

I have been living in USA for many years, earn an honest living, and work very hard to earn respect in our community. I see no reason why I should be disrespected due to my skin color. Mr. J. was very clear on his attitude that he has issues dealing with me, and the way I booked a cheap ticket on Priceline. My family's trip to New York was ruined due to this incident. It was a most horrifying experience for my family. I felt extremely unsafe and disrespected when I asked Mr. **, "Is this how you treat your guest?" He replied, "Yes that's how we deal with you."

I would like to ask Crowne Plaza hotel senior management how can they hire rude, racist staff, who can treat guest poorly and think they can get away with it? My son kept crying and got really sick, we had to leave hotel to get help for me. It was a nightmare trip to New York and it was all due to bad Crowne Plaza staff. We paid over $300 to stay there.

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