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I went through two Florida tolls in the Tampa, Fl area late Sept 2016 and paid my tolls into the basket they had for toll deposits, and the green light came on saying go. Couple weeks later I get a bill for both toll instances saying I owed! I called, was told first baskets had been taken off their tolling areas. Lie. What did I do, dream this? Second, was told I had to pay, that they had a picture of my license plate. So what, I paid and was given a go light and you couldn't even see the car or area I was in (that would show a basket) because the photo was dark otherwise... how convenient. I paid my extortion amount to just get it handled and done with. Multiply this instance and others in the same situation and how many fraudulent dollars is this agency collecting a year... hundreds... thousands... over years... millions?

We are not a frequent travellers and we always like to pay for every service that we used and in this situation there was nobody to pay at the toll (Sunpass) Orlando Florida and with our intend to pay then we are going to get a toll violation fee for it without any reason. Not fair.

I received a toll ticket for passing. I didn't even pass nor was in the general vicinity. This is absolutely outrageous and the whole time I am typing this I have already been on hold with Customer Service. They claim the vehicle had my license plate when just the first two numbers were off. Obviously the person who typed up the invoice, which can do serious damage to my credit, needs to be reprimanded to the extreme. The whole situation is absolutely stupid and I hope to never visit Florida so someone won't accidentally have a SIMILAR license and get wrongfully charged like me. I live in New York and the picture of the license plate SHOWED THE REAL LICENSE NUMBER WHICH WAS NOT MINE. This company is delusional and offers no help.

I just received a Unpaid Toll Violation from Lake Worth with MY license plate number. Now I have never been to Lake Worth, the motorcycle in the picture has a windscreen, which mine doesn't, and he has a sissy bar on the back of his bike, which I don't. Interesting thing is, it's my license plate. Total scam to get $16.40 from anyone willing to pay it versus going through all the misery I can tell is going to be coming my way from this error.

My relative is in Afghanistan and sold their car before leaving, not knowing she had to keep the plate, so now 3 years later someone is racking up hundreds of dollars using this illegal plate and neither the sheriff's office, SunPass will help. She is overseas and cannot do anything but they expect her to pay. No one seems concerned about a stolen car with illegal plates and an illegal sticker!! Amazing. I was suppose to get a survey but after being transferred to the survey and being on hold over 10 minutes I was cut off without ever getting an opportunity to do it.

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I hate to even give them one star. This is one of the biggest rip offs I've seen since the Ponzi Scam. They bill you months later. Add fees for not paying on time, add interest for not paying on time. They have NO PROGRAM set up so drivers can renew their tag. There are over 400,000 drivers in Dade County alone that cannot renew their auto tag due to (continuous fees and interest added each month) outstanding toll bills. If you didn't have the money when it was a cash paying business with real people taking the tolls this was never the case. Even if you have the money you must just drive thru the lane and pay the consequences. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TAKE ACTION AND HELP DRIVERS GET THEIR TAGS SO THEY CAN GO TO WORK!!!

Never, while I was living in the state of FL, did I receive a bill for Sunpass lanes. I admit I took it a few times, though I did try to avoid it. My roommate borrowed my vehicle and constantly took the damned toll roads! While I could strangle her, it's worth paying just to be rid of her. My first problem with this, is that I did offer to pay, but they wanted half up front. Well, I will pay the first half to the collection agency on the first, then in September I will pay the rest of what I owe to the state. I will never set foot in FL again. The governor is an establishment corrupt moron who doesn't know his backside from his front! He should be drawn and quartered, along with Hitlery and Obozo.

This is just to state, my intent to pay. I hated living in FL. To bill me nearly a year after I have moved out of state is highly unethical, because I was expecting to pay it before I left. (Like within 30 days of the violation! VA contacts you three days later!) There needs to be signs posted, and there needs to be a way to avoid the toll roads once you're on. All the roadwork on the highway there makes it virtually impossible to avoid the toll lanes! Fix your damned roads and stop preying on your citizens! The worst state I have ever lived in!

I keep getting charges with pictures even though I have an active Sunpass account. I've tried numerous times to settle this with Sunpass but each time they say they will call me back, but NEVER do. They admit my Sunpass account is active and funded but do nothing to resolve my problem. Now these charges are turned over to a collection agency. I want this situation resolved immediately. I have had a Sunpass account for many years that's automatically funded. Why is this agency allowed to act so negligently.

My name has been removed from the list this company was using. Yet the woman I spoke with said it could be possible for me to receive incorrect invoices from other Florida tolling companies in the future but, if so, contact her and she'll resolve the problem.

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I received an invoice for a toll violation in Florida yet the problem is that #1 I never have driven in or been in by car and #2 I don't even have a car! I am unsure how they got my name or whose car with that license place is registered to! I called and they said it will take 7-10 business days to check the case and that they will call back between 7-10 business days!

SunPass (working for the Miami-Dade Airport Parking) took $357 out of my account when I had a $17 parking total for 12 hours at Miami International Airport. It is has proven impossible to get my money back. I have received so many apologies but not my money back. SunPass literally debited my checking account and gave it to MIA in error. Now after 15 days I am told to continue to wait while they investigate.

I have been told the check has been cut by SunPass but waiting approval. I have been told SunPass is waiting for Miami-Dade and they are to blame and SunPass is trying to get my money back as a courtesy to me... HA! I was told by SunPass that if you had money taken incorrectly by a Visa or MasterCard for a vendor you would go to the vendor... I actually corrected him and told him ("Licio" a "manager" at SunPass) that Visa/MC would give you the money back and go after the vendor if there was fraud. Too bad SunPass doesn't have customer service like Visa/MC.

Every day I call, every day I am told the same thing by the "managers" at SunPass... "We feel bad but we can't do anything. We have to wait for Miami-Dade to tell us we can give you your money back". Every day goes by and every day the SunPass and Miami-Dade County hold my money hostage in what any other situation would be call theft.

Never put your SunPass on auto debit or EasyPay... If they make a mistake, you will have to fight harder than with your cousin to get your money back. Just simple theft on the part of SunPass, Miami-Dade County, MIA and their parking system. In the real world, people go to jail for stealing $350, for Miami-Dade County and SunPass, it's just another day at the office.

Some few weeks ago, driving north on Eisenhower Boulevard in Tampa, FL, I got in the wrong lane accidentally and found myself on the on ramp of the Veteran's Expressway with no toll booth and no way to turn around except proceed to the next exit which was less than one mile. I turned around there and exited the Expressway.

I would have gladly paid the normal $.25 toll for that short distance. Instead the camera had taken my license plate number and I got an invoice in the mail for $3.03. That amount included a $2.50 service charge. I paid this but I am frankly outraged and incensed. For getting in a wrong lane and getting off at the first exit, this charge is absolutely ridiculous.

There has been a lot of road construction and changes in that area in the recent past, so many changes and so many lanes it is confusing especially for someone who does not have occasion to travel the area on a daily basis. Nailing people an amount that would be owed for a full trip up the Veterans for a few yards to a turnaround is positively despicable in my opinion.

Scammers working in collusion with SunPass. I pay the MDX tolls via SunPass and then MDX sends me a separate bill even though they are already charging me through SunPass. Constantly having to prove to them that I've already paid their tolls. They even have a separate website for disputing claims! They know what they are doing and I'm shocked it's allowed. Waiting to join a class action lawsuit against these scammers. 1 star only because it's the lowest rating.

First, they have 2 (at least 2) Toll-By-Plate administrative groups. First you get a bill from FDOT, then you get a bill from MDX. Second, the cost, based on my last trip, is $.25/mile. Take 95.

I was sent an invoice and it says my payment was due date of May 16th. On May 9th it was sent to collections. This was first notice I received. I went to pay it and it was sent to collections. MISLEADING organization. Some places unless you know the trick to get around the toll you have no choice. SCAM!!

Adding money to your SunPass transponder is a real pain. I'm surprised when the process goes well and hate to have to use the site when my balance is low. It is the only bill online that can take hours or days to get the site to process a payment, having to log in several times to see if the site is going to work. Their customer service phone number does not even confirm you are talking to SunPass, you are not prompted an option to make a payment before they start asking questions and trying to connect you to a insurance company. I have insurance and it's up to date. I'm VERY DISSATISFIED with their service more often than not. The customer service # listed on their site is 1-888-Toll-FLA.

Updated on 06/04/2016: SunPass once again. I received notice my balance is low - went to make payment and their system will not process. This is an update - I had the same issue last month, after several days I was able to get their system to process the payment. I'm going to pay cash at the tolls now. I see SunPass offers classy stores "sarcasm" Amscot, or other places no one ever heard of where you can make prepaid payments. Not Like Publix or Walgreens, CVS.

I have not been receiving Invoices from MDX for some time. In November of 2015 somehow they update the address to an address I've never registered to... ever! I only found out of this change by logging in with one of my old invoices. I called them and they told me the DMV did such change. I called the DMV because just recently I had to update my tag and they have the right address on file. So how is this problem mine?? I called them back to let them know the dmv has the correct address on file and so that they can bill me for the right amount: no 33% fee, no late fee and to adjust to Sunpass discount amount. Since this was a system error. But I just told the same nonsense that the dmv made the update and that that is not something they control and that this what I owe...

Yet Sunpass, DMV & MDX are all department of transportation! Had they send me the invoice to the correct address I wouldn't have had this problem! They have the power to issue citations, suspend your license and hold your registration but they cannot make a phone call to the dmv to make sure they have the right address on file? They are currently hearing from my lawyer. Enough is enough.

I've been paying for school out of pocket, working full time and barely get by. I contacted Sunpass so I can activate a new transponder for my new car and they advised me that I cannot activate transponder unless I take care of a past due balance I have. The past due balance is $3400 and they are not willing to work with me. I live in Homestead and unfortunately I have to take the highway to get to my job that is located in Dadeland. It's crazy that on top of that I am trying to activate a transponder so I don't keep putting myself more in debt and they allow it.

Sunpass makes it hard for people to pay their balance. The only payment plan they offered was pay half and the rest I need to pay in 6 months. I tried lowering the balance and they won't do that either. They even put a registration hold on my car and I am drowned in debt because of this. I even tried to pay little by little on my own and they said that they would not accept the payment unless it is the full amount. This company is such a Scam and should not be allowed to keep scamming lower class people such as myself.

Do not enroll in EasyPay or in any way give these crooks access to your credit card or bank acct.! My transponder worked entering the parking garage at Orlando Int'l Airport but did not work when I tried to leave. I was gone for 14 days and SunPass had charged my credit card the full fee. Now my SunPass account has over a $200 balance, my transponder inexplicably does not work and I have to pay my parking garage fee from pocket. I contact SunPass and request a refund of payments. It has now been 30 days and no refund!

I traveled Fl Turnpike without transponder entering exit 138 exiting 107 and received a mailed toll violation which I expected. HOWEVER for the cost of the entire turnpike & 14.65! An employee on the phone told me with a transponder the charge would have been $2.20! This is a corrupt system and they are making out like bandits! I made a grievance with them and the administrative cost of $2.50 was taken off my fee. Florida should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a corrupt system. I will research how to bring this system to a more honest level with updated cameras both ENTERING and EXITING Turnpike. They owe many people LOTS of money as a corrected fee!

I am writing this because I need to vent my frustration. I recently picked my son up at the airport and I paid all tolls on the ride there and back. One month later I receive an invoice with 6 separate charges for the trip. What?!? I paid every toll. I either handed the money to the toll booth operator or put the money in the automated booth change receptacle. I don't know how or why this has happened but I will suck it up and pay it because I have no other recourse. I want to let all the people this has happened to know they are not imagining it and they are not alone!!!

This scam has been going on for years. MDX and Toll-By-Plate have nothing to do with each other. Sometimes even if you have a SunPass, they are charging a $5.00 fee per invoice plus a 33% fee on top of that each and every month. They do not let you make partial pymts to try and clear these huge bills. And to top it all off they now put a hold on your car registration so that you cannot renew your tag until everything is paid. When not paid: suspend your drivers license.

So in other words, they wait until some people are up to over $5000.00 in tolls before suspension!! The big "catch 22" -- you cannot do anything to correct this except pay in full to rectify the situation. So get pulled over, go to jail, and get your license suspended until you can to anything to clear up the situation. A class action lawsuit is what I am checking into. I must know at least 100 people personally who have experienced this same kind of situation!! No one cares or wants to listen or correct so I guess we go after them!!

So I called the toll customer service line to see why I had to pay 50 something dollars when I had made a 16 dollar payment and the rep I had was the worst. He didn't help me in any kind of way nor did he explain what the other tolls were for and when on top of that he hung up on me. This is a complete scam and they should be sued.

Although I put in my license plate one letter off I was getting charged for another car that had the similar plate number. I called the SunPass to let them know I was being charged for my transponder number, but I was also getting charged for a car that wasn't mine. It was charged to my account from the license plate not the transponder. I called and asked if they were able to help me change the license plate to my correct license plate, in which they were helpful of doing. But when I asked if I could get a refund because they charge my account not through the transponder but through the license plate the supervisor said that they were unable to credit my account.

How can you bill someone for toll over 3 months ago. The invoice has a mixture of tolls dating from June to late August. This has to be stopped.

While traveling through Orlando on I-4 I decided not to risk the low balance and just to pay the $1.25 toll in cash. But when I stopped at the booth the man prompted I advance even though I had a low balance (basically $0). At the next toll the individual insisted I had enough on my balance for a couple more tolls. On my back from my destination I passed through The low speed EZ Pass instead of the exact change only to be greeted with a loud alarm and a light that never turned green. Unsure if I will receive a ticket or not yet but it is evident the employees are practicing some sort of unethical strategy.

So I am visiting friends in Florida. I have to pay a $3 toll each way to cross a bridge in Destin, FL. Then a few weeks later I receive an invoice for $5.50 for an electronic toll that I never knew about. When I call to dispute the charges they tell me it was for the Mid-Bay Bridge. Well then what was the $3 each way I paid the gentleman at the booth for???

This is a legal SCAM being conducted by the State of Florida. As a result I will never step foot in that state again. I am also visiting every Florida tourism website and the State Attorney General and the State Commerce Website to relay my frustration. They are duping thousands of travelers out of money. That constitutes a SCAM to me!

Friend gets collection notices for tolls he's never been too. Four hours away... who's starting the lawsuit?? We need class action lawsuits. There should be a different way to identify tag number if said numbers are similar. This friend's tag number is similar to another tag that's an out of state tag... and it put a line on tag. With all the knowledge of our current society you would think there would be a better way to identify... so others are not paying for negligent toll users.

I honestly wish I could give this company negative stars. The customer service is outrageous. Not only do they take forever to get back with you but they don't actually respond with a resolution. They basically say "Oh that's your problem. Thanks for your money though!" Unreal. I would rather take the extra 5 minutes on non-toll roads than give this company another dime of my money.

I had a ePass transponder account which I used infrequently, but wanted it in case I needed to travel in Florida without the hassle of stopping to pay a toll. So, I recently traveled on a toll road, and to my surprise I received a letter demanding payment of unpaid tolls. I tried to log-in to my account but couldn't. I called the number on the bill and was told that I had reached SunPass and they don't process ePass accounts. I called ePass and gave my account number only to find that they had without notice cancelled my account and kept my $45.00 balance I had on file. No refund. I was a told to "contact the state of Florida." It's simple theft. Stay away from these accounts. Pay as you go. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY. They will keep it.

Has anyone in Florida received a toll fee notification letter imposing a document fee per toll because it failed to charge your SunPass Account? I have tried to call via telephone and the representative asked me to contact Sunpass and Sunpass representatives asked me to contact Leeway to resolve the issue and no one accepts responsibility to link my account. In the meantime, I pay the tolls and additional fees to prevent my license being suspended for failure to pay tolls. Can anyone provide any feedback?

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