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I qualified for the CARE/FERA programs for last two years or so, but this year they asked me for income qualification. I sent in all the information required and now they are asking me for even more sensitive information about my mother who lives with me and my daughter who is a full-time college student that does not have a job.

I called concerned due to the sensitive nature of the information required of my elderly mother such as Medical/Medicare who lives with me. I was going to send a copy of the cards but wanted to let them know I was concerned about the info on them, SS #s, but the rep basically discouraged me and told me they don't accept this, that I have to send more paperwork proving that she is the person the cards belong to. I feel she forced me / discouraged me from applying for these programs.

I asked for my original paperwork back due to my sensitive information (pay stubs, income tax returns) but when she typed the message she said that I said "I want to cancel the discount because it's too much hassle." I did not say that. I said, "I am concerned of sending sensitive information," but I'm still able to provide a copy of my mother's Medicare/Medical cards. But of course like always these people are only looking for ways to not make it easy on the consumers. It seems to be so much trouble for these companies to help the consumer and to believe that my mother and daughter live with me.

I want them to send my paperwork back even if this means cancel me. It just bothers me that these people arbitrarily make up things that the customers have said and they don't care. Of course I don't want to be canceled. I want the program. I tried to work with them, but they are not accepting the paperwork I can provide. I mostly was concerned due to the sensitive nature of the information that is being required. I am a single parent and take care of my mother and my daughter, but they do not care. I wish this was not a monopoly where Southern California Edison was not the only company that provided the energy.

In the past 3 years, my bills on a Annual Payment balance has gone from $110 to $124 to $152 respectively. My monthly bills says it all. SCE has a way of getting around my complaints like why my power. I am working on going Solar, now that my monthly bills match the price of monthly solar bill. I get the funny feeling these SCE and DWP have fancy lunch outings with solar companies in manipulating consumers to buy Solar because they can't do anything right about generating power for their customers. Someone like the CFPD should check into this.

Our house has been fitted with a Smart Meter. Our electric use is rather stable. Of course we have seasonal changes, as we use more electricity in the summer when we use the HVAC system. However, we are aware of those changes and structure our budget with those changes in mind. This year, we were hit with an electric bill that was twice our highest ever bill. We had no increase in electrical usage. As a matter of fact, we knew we would be using the HVAC, so we consciously paid attention to turning out lights and watching all other usage. However, our bill was enormous. We paid the bill and contacted SCE to get our meter checked. They refused and told us it was working fine.

We explained that our usage was far beyond all historical norms on the account, and they responded that it was on average five degrees warmer this year, so the bill and usage was accurate. We told them that we were unsatisfied with that answer as we have a strong belief that there is a problem as our usage was so crazy with no change in lifestyle. The provided another phone number to call. We called the number provided. That representative told us that our meter was fine and that we could schedule an electrical audit where they would check our appliances. We know that our appliances are fine, so we declined and again requested that we have our meter checked. They said that our meter was fine and they considered the matter resolved if we refused the energy audit.

We scoured their website for information regarding getting our meter checked, but we couldn't find any way to request. They offer a "contact us" form whereby they will respond to requests by e-mail. I submitted a request to get my meter checked using that form. While on their website, we noticed they have this "support chat" function where you can contact someone for support. We attempted to use that, and while chatting requested to get our meter checked. The chat support person indicated that in order to get my meter checked, we would have to call. The number provided was the original number we had already called. We knew we would get nowhere with that number as that is where we began this circular journey.

Three days later we received an e-mail from our submission that said it was noted on our account that our complaint had been resolved in a chat. First off, it was a simple request, not a complaint. Second, there has been no resolution. Now this has become a complaint. Looking here on Consumer Affairs, there are multiple complaints of overcharging from Southern California Edison due to the introduction of Smart Meters. That tells us there is a systemic problem with SCE and their meters. Yet, we cannot get SCE to come out and perform a simple test of our meter. Google searches indicate that this is not just an SCE problem, but a problem with Smart Meters in general. However, our complaint is specific to the total lack of any relevant customer service response by a legal monopoly that provides a necessary resource such as electricity.

SCE charges substantially more than our local neighbors using the city provided utility service. We are unable to receive service from any entity other than SCE. I am one that would always support private industry over a government entity in performing a function, such as a public utility. However, I also support consumers to have a choice. SCE has a legal monopoly and with their use of Smart Meters they are overcharging customers and refusing to investigate their own possibly faulty equipment that generates those charges. That should be considered a crime as much as it would be if I stole electricity from them.

Our usage is being calculated beyond any historical or logical usage we have had, and as such it appears that they are stealing from us with a defective measuring device. Yet they refuse to check it. That is all I want - is for them to check their measurement device. They refuse. They say it is working fine without even checking it. How is that possible?

Let me start off by saying that despite my irritation, we were in the wrong regarding our past due amount. It wasn't for a lack of money so much on our part... money is just so tight, we have to super budget our weekly paychecks. My complaints lie in the way they operate in general. We live in a rural area and our service address is 20 miles from our mailing address and about 50 from the nearest town. We never had a problem paying our bill until they shut down our nearest payment center. After that (and their website did not list any additional payment centers near us), we had so many problems paying our bill.

First: on the website, it would only process our payments via bank accounts. Oookay. But then it would take up to a week for the payment to go through and at least once, they took so long to take the money out, we thought it had been paid. In addition, we were told no payments could be taken over the phone. Oookay... I've never seen a company that makes it so difficult to pay instantly. And no, getting and mailing a money order every time isn't feasible for us considering where we live considering we usually pay part of our bill every week. The only reason we got behind was because of the difficulties processing payments after the payment center closed.

So my boyfriend tried to set up payments but the automated system would only let him extend the due date to a week ahead and then only if he agreed to pay everything... the past past due ($6), the past due ($190) and the current bill ($170). Well, no...we can't afford that. So my boyfriend wakes up to find there is no power. We never got a shutoff notice and the only phone call we got was a week ago but they never left a message. We, thankfully, had enough to cover the amount they demanded to turn the power back on, but this whole mess could have been avoided if they didn't make paying so damn difficult. I also take exception with being forced to pay a fee to pay my bill (a la money order and third party payment centers) since the normal ways (payment center now closed and no credit cards) are unavailable. Just makes me want to get solar panels and a windmill... then I can make them pay ME for the surplus.

Paid SoCal Edison bill on time. They disconnect the service. Then paid to get back on. Then they assessed a 380 security deposit. You can't dispute the claim. They hang up on you when you try to speak to a manager. They sneak in a tier system in billing so the less you use you now pay so much more. You can't dispute your bill because they hang up on you all the time. This is the only business that can get a one star rating and still have a business. This monopoly needs to end. If they had competition maybe they wouldn't feel they can rip off their customers and provide horrible customer service without any repercussions.

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They don't send you bills or give you warning. They just disconnect your services even you are not late. One of the worst company I have ever dealt with. And their automated billing system doesn't work either.

I moved from a 960 sq ft apartment to a 750 sq ft apartment. Newer more modern apartment. My bill went from around 65 dollars a month to an average 150 dollars a month. I am supposed to be on the care program. I use less electricity than I did at my old place where I ran fans and lights all the time. Now I run no fans and keep the lights either out or limited to one or 2 lamps in the house. The only thing I can come up with is I moved from a lower income side of town to a higher income side of town, and SCE decided that I could play double (even still on the care program).

I moved into new apartment, sign up for Edison and they never started the services and they never call or mailed out a bill. When I called to ask what happen I got pissed off person who transferred me to another lady who did speak English. Edison has to be the worst company out there.

On 6-30-16 I used the automated system to turn off my service in a rental for 7-1. I paid what I thought was my final bill on 7-5. SC Edison failed to shut off the service and I received another bill on 8-3. I called and was told that they can see a call to shut off the service was made, but in their terms 'it was not completed'. I had no way of knowing it was not completed and was told I must pay the bill unless the homeowner acknowledges I moved. I was the first occupant when the new owners took over the house, so they probably do not even have their name on file. It seems I was just the most likely person to hold responsible, since I was the only name they could tie to the address. I was told they would do the shut off today, but would not supply a confirmation number (the very thing I did not have to verify the last request) nor would they provide a confirmation e-mail. I still will have no proof I requested the service be shut off.

I recently went in to look at my usage and realized every night between 2-4 there is a surge of power being used that is sometimes greater than when everyone is up. We unplug even our washer and dryer and we keep air at 77 so it doesn't come on. I then noticed on June 30th the surge was from 1-5 am. I am talking 4.5-6 kW being used per how the highest graph goes it 6 so someone tell me why? Cause I think something is going on that should not be. My bill is outrageous and there is no explanation on who is using all that electric. Why we have everything off and unplugged and no air running. Something smells fishy? Anyone else looked in their graphs on Southern Edison seen same thing?

My husband and his mother lived in our home since 1996. When they moved in my husband's mother called all of the utility companies to have everything turned on while my husband was busy moving. When they settled in, my husband paid all required deposits, but never bothered to changed it over to his name. In 1998 when we got married, I took over paying the bills, which had both his mother's name and his name. I figured we all had the same last name, so why bother changing.

In 2009 my mother-in-law died. Now presently, I am a disabled senior and my husband was working till 2013 till he had Spinal Surgery and suffered a Stroke, which caused him to be partially paralyzed and brain damaged. Before that, we were having a hard time paying bills, because his mother was no longer alive to chip in, and my husband was laid off from a Aerospace Company due to the economy and had to drive a transit bus, which paid considerably less money. Then our dog was paralyzed due to a stray dog attack. I would constantly have to make payment arrangements and I was trying to figure out how we could do this in our financial situation, especially, since we were almost losing our house, because my husband had to change the home loan to his name and we had a adjustable rate, which kept going up, so we could not afford to pay our mortgage.

I went on the SCE website to get on the CARE program and Medical Baseline. They would only do it if we change our account to our names, even though I called them in 2009 to tell them my husband's mother died. This whole time I already thought we had the CARE program, because I just filled out the paperwork and I was paying $75 a month, but still owed about $300. When I filled out the Medical Baseline, we were told that we needed to pay $215 for a deposit. I could not understand, because my husband paid a deposit in 1996. They said there was no record of a deposit and since we changed "the first name" on the account we owed the deposit. We did not have the money, we borrowed the money from our neighbor, but it was cash and after 5:00 pm, so no payment place was opened. They shutoff our power for 5 1/2 days and we just went grocery shopping.

We had to walk around the dark, my husband fell and I had to search for flashlights in the dark, so I could change my dog's diaper. Finally they turned it on when we had a attorney from HELPS a place that charges $30 a month to help with other issues and not utilities. When they turned off the power, we thought everyone's power was off. My husband who can barely walk or speak went out to see why it was shutoff and a meter woman was outside turning our power off. I was inside changing my dog's diaper and our door was opened. All I heard was a woman screaming. My husband was begging her not to shut us off and we were going to call SCE. She said it was too late. My husband ask her name and she refused to give it to him.

My husband said she is calling the police. I asked him why and he said that she got angry when he asked her name, so she said "what do you want to do? hit me" - my husband said that is why he came inside, because she was acting all crazy. Next thing we knew, the Sheriff was at our door. After he spoke to my husband, he told him do not worry about it and he left. A Raphael ** a review manager, said because my husband threaten a SCE employee, that he would not have the power turned on. Then a Nina from Consumer Affairs with SCE said if my husband went down to the Sheriff's station and signed a paper stating he will never talk or touch a SCE employee then they will turn on the power.

I told her the Sheriff already came by and decided nothing happened. Then Mr. ** wanted us to go down not to our Sheriff's Dept. but another Sheriff's Dept. which was 15-20 minutes away and it was already 4:30 pm and we would never make it by 5:00, the time they wanted us there. He finally called us back and said my husband just had to make a statement on the phone regarding the "incident". There is so much more, but we finally got power after the 5 days. But, the strange part is our bill became over $1600.

They wanted us to pay $125 a month towards the $1600 and our regular bill of around $165 a month. How can we pay $290 a month when we are behind our mortgage, other utilities, and our car payment. I have been trying my best and then the car was repo and we are being threatened to be foreclosed on, plus the Gas Company almost shut us off. We called the Public Utility Commission and they would not help. We got a email yesterday stating "sorry your husband is not doing well, but if you do not come up with $1200 by June 27th, then we will shut you off." I really like the part about how sorry they are about my husband.

There are not any contractors on their list that will come to our area so we are out of luck for a rebate for a new air conditioner. We are low income and cannot apply for a new a/c unit because our compressor is not working. It is a system of rebates and help for updating old appliances that does not make any sense if you live in outlying areas.

Not sure why, how SC Edison... and I'm sure the other power companies can raise the rates like they have with no explanation, no transparency, no regulations and get away with what they have... and are doing to us – its customers. We take care of a 92 year old (my father-in-law). We turn off lights when leaving any room. We rarely run our central air unless it's up in the high '90s and only then will we turn it on in the mid afternoon say around 2pm and leave it on until 5-6pm when the outside temps are getting back in the lower '90s. He's quick to turn on his room heater because he's old, quick to get cold. We purchase solar panels around 3 - 3 1/2 years ago. Bought them to help with our electric bill because of the high rates... high tier costs because basically his usage wanting to stay warm at nights or cooler during the day. We put a small, new efficient wall unit in his place... 8000 btu which he only runs when it's too hot to deal with.

We live in the high desert, Santa Clarita. We've planted trees around his place to provide more shade which that helped. But, my point is – with the solar panels... the way that SC Edison does their tiered usage accounting... there's no explanation of when our bills are going to be high or? I only hope that the powers that be... can bust these crooks and or at least get some transparency and clarity on the billing. With our solar panels we immediately saw low monthly bills but, it's all a joke. We got a bill for the difference after 12 months of paying $2-$5 a month of over $2,500 for the extra tiered charges that Edison does to you. So, with our monthly payment for the solar panel system, we're paying the same price for electricity as if we never bought the panels.

Whatever politicians, power czar crooks who are doing this to us. Please... we need to find the right and honest person to get these crooks under control. It's become a joke. I get it. A guy should be able to make a profit. But, not at the cost of what's going on today here in California. And you wonder why the anger with how our system is today with our citizens. It's not going to get better. They say our power costs will continue to rise 6%-8% annually. Why? They're not re-investing their profits into our power grid to make costs go down... only to stuff more dough in their pockets.

My commercial account was set up incorrectly. It was linked to my residential account! AND my tiny art gallery is being billed as a large business! The person who set up the account didn't ask me anything about how large my business was, what kind of business, and whether or not I wanted to have bills combined with my residential account! And now I've been dealing with incorrect bills for 2 months, with hours on the phone in the midst of starting a new business, which I can't open when I'm on the phone for hours, causing me to lose who knows how much money! AND I'm being audited by the IRS that NEED to see my business receipts and expenditures. I'm told I have to wait 6-8 weeks for billing to be sorted out with Edison. Tell the IRS that!

Neither my business name or address is on the bills I'm getting! Meanwhile, I'm receiving bills with incorrect balances with late notices being sent for bills with the incorrect balances - who knows what that's doing to do to my credit! Stop the automated system for a minute and fix this problem before you ruin my new business Edison! I can't afford to have my doors closed while I spend hours on the phone over the span of two months trying to show you that you've created a problem that you need to fix, explaining the situation over and over and over again to your poor, confused operators! One person needs to be assigned to this case to fix it immediately before a lawsuit happens! I have real work to do and I can't afford for you to continue not doing your job correctly!!

I've been on disability for some time now & was receiving CARE discount. I was dropped & informed that my disability proof of income is no longer acceptable because my usage is so high. I've been injured for a few years now & need a constant fan on. Also at night have had to keep a light on for safety reasons. We only use fans, have lights out in rooms not used, but were given an old dryer when mine went out & that more than quadrupled my bill. Help with appliances you say? Been given the runaround with that as well. Anyway, I have requested multiple times the documentation from IRS but have yet to receive anything in 6 months. Have spent literally weeks holding on the phone with IRS with no avail.

I'm a single mom with 3 kids living on an income far below poverty & that's not proof enough? It seems many others are having the same problem with Edison as well as obtaining documentation from the IRS. What a scam to deny this discount & make a quick buck. Too many people fed up with Edison & going to solar? How about a class action suit? Also, the poles behind my yard are so old that there is a constant LOUD motor sound & vibration, but Edison says it's too expensive to do anything, yet there are new houses going up down the street & they are changing out those poles. $$$. Our house was the first house built in this neighborhood. You'd think we would have some seniority.

After placement of the smart meter, there started a constant vibration in the house that you can actually feel through your whole body. It took a while to put 2 & 2 together & now others have told me they experience the same thing. I haven't really been much of a conspiracy theorist, but definitely there has to be some sort of connection. I had the smart meter removed & not only are they charging me an extra $10/month to check meter - I get that, well not really since they are saving money not sending people out all the time - but $75 for under 5 minutes of work is ridiculous. The vibration has stopped since removing meter but poles still give off loud hum which gets even louder depending on weather.

By the way, after the poles started escalating with the sizzling & loud constant motor hum & placement of smart meter I also developed 6 nodules on my thyroid which we discovered after I became increasingly sick & felt too tired to move. All & all it's quite frustrating, but seeing that others are having the same problem inspires me to give it another fight. Don't back down. No one wants to be in this position, I know I NEVER thought of myself in this spot. I made good money, but used all my savings waiting years for disability insurance to kick in after a botched surgery. A suit against SCE might be necessary. Good luck to all. Shame on you SCE!

I was renting a house in Agoura Hills for 5 months. I had previously rented a house in Malibu. All my bills ranged from $250 to $350 every month. All of a sudden my bill went up to $2,000. SCE claims now that I owe them $2,808 for a 3 month period. I have tried to solve this problem. They won't help me. I had absolutely nothing extra going on at this home for those months. I questioned the fact that someone might have hooked something to my power. They did not bother to check. They simply limited their response to a mere "I am sorry." I need help as I cannot pay this outrageous amount that I know I don't owe.

Not once have I seen anybody come to read our meter. They have been prorating from one of my month's highest bill. They say I owe $ 6,800. Really they shut me off before for 50.00. So where does this 6,800 come from? My son is a asthmatic and they didn't care. I filed a complaint with consumer affairs and they did nothing. They all work together to get richer you see. It's been over 3 years since I had power. I've been using a generator to live while they work overtime to see how and who they can do it too. Someone needs to look at the people's accounts. Something is not right but oh well who are we? We're just the lower class people who get stepped on. Edison is a rip off, they're a scam, dishonest company who thrives on stealing the people's money for their own luxury. I got a attorney so maybe soon things will change.

Help. Found out today that I was removed from Level Pay Plan. Never contacted me and refuse to respond to my contact email. Supervisor promised to get back to me and never did! I made payments on all unpaid balances as required (check my acct notes and payments). NEVER informed of being removed from Level Pay Plan (as a matter of fact I confirmed that I would continue on it by SCE - check notes). I have a perfect payment record with SCE over many years and this is gross negligence on their part.

Please inform me of my status and options where I can go to file a formal complaint. Was on hold for ten minutes (after already being disconnected once) and waiting for a supervisor. The nice woman who was helping me was unable to reach the Level Pay Plan dept. to find out why my account was locked out and why I was not notified and recommended me speaking to a supervisor who might be able to reach the Level Pay Plan dept. Finally reached supervisor who promised to follow up and call me right back. That was two days ago!

Have health challenges and after 20 years of customer relationship. My bill was 30 days late, I have never not paid my bill and I came home on 31st day and my electricity was turned off. I have been sick and behind on paying monthly bills, not by months but 1 month on utilities just because of inability to function. I had to pay $450 to have my electricity turned back on for a $101. past due amount. $225 for deposit, late fee, current billing period amount (not late). I asked to talk to supervisor and she had not compassion and was rude.

I've been having issues with SCE for the past 10 years on charges for my electricity bill; I have not received a decent bill since I became a homeowner back in 2006. My bills range from $550.00 - 877.00 monthly, SCE considers me a tier 4 customer and is charging horribly!! I don't know what to do; I've spoken to them multiple times and asked them to do an investigation. I've done everything I can to save energy and invested a lot of money buying energy star appliances and lighting, but still no change on my billing amount. I need help!! I don't know what to do, I'm at the point of not been able to afford the electricity bill payments anymore. Who can help me???

It is hard to trust SCE when they can make up anything they want. I know this sounds like I am crying in my milk. But we have spent money and time updating our home to be efficient environmentally. We added solar and now SCE is not accounting for our overflow of solar power back into the grid and charging us tier 4 rates... saying we are using 50% more power now that we have solar. I contacted Sunrun (who was very nice and helpful) about the issue. They sent someone out, even though they said they could see and control via computer. Their numbers matched my output numbers and everything on their end seemed to be running correctly. SCE on the other hand would not come out, had a scripted response about how the hot days make solar run less and how Sunrun among others were not telling the truth about what was produced.

First off... the heat and solar panels does not affect power. The max days were 105... not 150 degrees. Second, the units used by Sunrun are the highest commercial grade meters you can buy. I have spent over 20 hours on the phone with both companies. Neither can tough the others' hardware nor can they tell what the other is producing or using. The problem is that no one can also tell me how much electricity I am using (gross). They can only add up what each says they are producing or I am using, which after changing all windows to double pane, changing 62-light fixtures to LED (which I know is not a lot), replacing washer and drying to new low flow.

All 4 toilets were changed to the double button low use, replaced all grass to turf (so no sprinklers), air and heat controls are well below guidelines I got from SCE. My kids went to college.. with all that.. and nothing new added. They say I am using over 50% more power. This is what happens when you have a monopoly without competition. An attorney wanted $200k realistically to fight SCE. I am at a loss at this point. SCE threatened to turn off my power... after 9 months of $10-$30 a month above my solar to 3 consecutive months of $500 over solar. Please let's have some common sense here. Still fighting it. Not sure what to do at this point.

We received our electric bill statement and it was 554$ for December's bill. The statement says we used 3x more electricity than in previous years. Recently we have upgraded all lights to use energy efficient bulbs, and taken other measures to become more energy efficient. The electric company says, "It has been especially cold this year". However, we have not been running the heater 3 times as much. When asked if I can be told the exact amount of energy used for the month we were told the smart meter sends a reading in every day and they cannot tell me how much we used for the month. I was told if I want to keep track of the energy usage I need to check the meter myself everyday. Seriously? They wouldn't even tell me how much electricity was used? It seems illegal to me.

I moved to a three-room cabin in May 2015. There is no heater in the living room, only an open fireplace that uses wood for heat. There is one wall gas heater (small) in the bedroom. No heat anywhere else. My electricity bill has been a steady average of just over thirty dollars a month up until October. Suddenly, my November bill jumped to $205 although I am only in the cabin on weekends. My habits have not changed. I work in Los Angeles all week and stay there until the weekends. I called SO CAL Edison about the bill and a woman told me, "It's been very cold in Crestline this month." Hello? AM I insane? Am I to pay for the weather or just the electricity in my cabin on weekends? Yes, I am an 80 year old woman and it is cold.

In November, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital with pneumonia, but I have keep the fireplace burning and my gas heater going when I am here on weekends. I got a bill for December after complaining and paying the 205. It is for $165. I called again and was told again that someone is using the electricity in my cabin all week. This is an outright lie. The woman from SO CAL Edison told me it is my responsibility to find out what is going on??? I am an English professor who has been teaching for 40 years. I understand logic. Is this what the country is coming to? I see the situation as elder abuse since I am told I am lying, in so many words, and my bill will not be changed! I will pay it and shut up?

I was late one month and the inaccurate robbing meters they installed shut me off. I paid my bill within minutes after. One month later I get a weird bill demanding 514.00 or they'll shut me off! Found out Edison owns the taxpayer funded public utilities department and now they make their own rules as they go since October 2015!!!

My first review of Edison was one that blasted them for below-disappointed service. They came to my elderly neighbors home a day after they said they would. Maybe they got the appointment day off by one day. The Edison technician showed up today with impeccable service! I do retract my horrible review of service and we were both so thankful on his manner and professionalism! Cannot wait to see an Edison commercial!

Original Review

My elderly neighbor experienced an electrical outage and called Edison to report it. They said they would be out and they gave us a confirmation number. I waited with my neighbor for three hours and when I left my elderly neighbor waited until 10:30 pm for Edison to show until she went to bed. She calls the next morning and they said they were at her house at 1:30 pm, but we were there at that time. Complete lie! They told her to call an electrician. Bad review for Edison. Whoever sends technicians out on calls has no Idea that a tech can just flat out lie. Don't want to see another Edison commercial on tv about their integrity! Thumbs down!

I have excellent credit and pay every bill on time but for some reason Southern California Edison only accepts online card payments from Chase bank. Seem like they make it extremely difficult to pay unless you have Chase bank. The user experience is awful and I hope a class action lawsuit is in the works. The force pay by Chase bank seem illegal.

I have very bad experience with this power outage maintenance department. I've been requesting to change the time of the outage however I never get the response. Edison never care about the customer's business. They do the maintenance during my business hours. When I request to change the time I was told the crews need a break so they could not perform the job earlier than this. I talk a few representative. The only answer I got back is that "Sorry sir we cannot change the time to your request. This job is already been scheduled."

This multi-billion dollar company seems to have designed their website, phone and email contacts in such a way to drive their customers insane. We simply can not disconnect our service to one of our suites. Maybe we have stop paying our bills? does not allow a service disconnect when the address is entered exactly as on their own invoices. No further combination of addresses works either. There is no option to disconnect with account number. Using the online email contact form results in an error.

Calling the phone number results in a disconnect after multiple layers of computerized menus. There is nobody to answer customer calls. The automatic disconnect service on the telephone, using the account number, did not work. The account was found just fine: the computer gave the balance as paid. Selecting the option to disconnect simply results in another computer message giving account information. Waiting for a human results in the office saying they are closed.

This company seems to want to drive their customers away, to make them crazy. Furthermore, their rates are higher than solar off-grid.

This is...WONDERFUL! Never, ever, could we conceive of such a brilliant marketing scheme for promoting off-grid solar energy...ESPECIALLY if a person is presently connected to SCE grid now. This is such a wonderful way to stop ever dealing with these idiots. I will pay EXTRA just to get off grid. Plus, next time their lousy grid goes down, no power outage for us! Keep up the good work, Edison! Soon, we can all make our own power with solar panels, even if it costs more than SCE, because a psychiatrist and drugs are needed as part of your package!

A street light was removed from the alley of Vista Del Oro and Vista Roma in March 2016. It is a dark dangerous spot where drivers come out of the alley and into the street almost hitting pedestrians. I have contacted Edison twice and City of Newport Beach plus the association manager has contacted both parties. He contacted Edison three times. Someone will be hit by a car if the light isn't replaced. Edison called me two weeks ago and said they will investigate just as they have done two months ago. Very dangerous for the City of Newport Beach because they didn't follow up either. Two liable parties.

So I live with my roommate and my 4 children. Roommate had power in his name. He did not pay the bill. Services were disconnected. Upon disconnection roommate moves out leaving me and my 4 kids with no power and it's over 100 outside. To make it worse I have sleep apnea and need power to run my breathing machine. I am certified and I need my machine!! I call Edison to explain situation. Asking since it's not my bill in my name and I was unaware he was not paying. "Could I please have services turned on in my name. I would pay deposit or whatever was required." Edison replied "No you lived at address and benefited from service. We have put a block on address no one including landlord or anyone else could have services turned on in their name at that address till bill was paid."

I asked how much. They want 4000.00 dollars to restore service!!! I'm a single mom. I can't afford that! That's not fair. It's not my bill. You're telling me that myself and kids have to suffer because of a bill not in my name. They told me yes. Power would be blocked indefinitely to my address until ex-roommate paid his bill. That's unfair. "What am I supposed to do?" I stated. Their reply "Move or pay bill. But you won't get service through us until 4k is paid." Edison I don't know how you became the company you are today. No heart no compassion. All greed. From me and my 4 kids doing homework in candlelight in 110 degree temperature thanks a lot. I hope the man upstairs makes you pay one day for this.

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