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Southern California Edison

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Last updated: Nov. 1, 2017

344 Southern California Edison Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Recently my mobile park converted to meters. In which my power was turn off without a notice from Edison. When I try to call I got transfer like 10 times by so many represented I lost count. After trying so hard and getting nowhere and 2 days of no power, my food went bad, we lived in the dark. My wife and I decided to keep calling until we got an answer but not only did they not help no one seem to know how to help us. The manager at out park said on 3 occasion Edison had to solve this and Edison said it was the 3rd party working on them. Finally we got a hold of the 3rd party and stated that it was Edison fault.

However, Edison keep refusing to help and given us dumb and dumber ideas. No department could help and no one seem to care I was living in the dark. It's day 3 and with no power, I'm considering a lawsuit. I missed work, I'm frustrated and I can't sleep, I feel like this situation it's making me sick. Edison does not care for the customers what a disappointment.

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Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Came home from work electric was off call Edison. They said PayPass due amount, $5 reconnect fee and a $260 deposit. I explained to the lady that I had called in yesterday to complain about the current bill amount. She said she could see that I spoke to someone and I told her if the representative would've told me the service would be disconnected I would've had her make the payment. I've been a customer for 11 years and my service has never been disconnected that they should waive the deposit.

She said there is no way to waive the 260 and they will hold the deposit for a year and if I make a late payment they will keep the deposit an extra 6 months. So I asked after the year how long it would take before the money is refunded she couldn't give me a time frame. I think she is ripping off their customers and should be investigated for fraud. This is some of the worse customer service I have ever seen. They charge you an extra 260 dollars and the service was on off for a few hours and she acted like they have to send someone out to reconnect the service until I told her that all this stuff is done remotely. SCE total rip off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

Power got shut off without notice due to a misunderstanding. Made several attempts to contact them and fix mistakes. Been 8 days already. 9/20-9/27 no power at all. It's hot and we need light. Using a generator doesn't work too much for all appliances. Have elderly and children here and Edison just turned their backs on us. 1st time in 12 years light had ever got to this point of being disconnected. Now they want a 800 deposit plus the bill which totals 1400 to turn on service. No help, no customer service, no supervisor, just always saying, "No, there is nothing we can do." Yes there is. You can turn on the power and help us with some form of arrangement. 12 years we are not going to skip out on paying. We need power and you're the only company that supplies it. Why are they so ignorant and rude.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

The hottest days of the year in last week in August - today Sept 9th and the largest electrical company in California can't have their website online so we can check our electric bill. They have also decreased the no. of kilowatts on tier one for our use {at a lower price} and increased the price of tier 2-3. Our electric bills have exploded. Shame on them. Get on board with customers with solar! We spent 50,000 for an advantage of lowering our bill to at minimum $40.00 per month and I can see on past bills that the wattage we used on tier one & two has now doubled due to their price increase. Give me a break. They’re thieves while claiming to be solar friendly. On top of it all, they don't care & neither does Governor Brown Noser!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

I submitted a completed online application for their discount program call Care/Fera along with require proof of income documentation for me and my wife. I even call their customer service and spoke with them over the phone concern these matter. They said "as long as provide some kind of proof such as pay stubs for August 2017 should be fine, no need to give them 2016 w-2 or income tax”. Then, 2 weeks later, they send me a letter requesting me the fill out the application and provide other adult income verification. That is crazy. Did they not receive my online submission application and proof of income? And who is other adult. There is no other adult in my household... is only me, my wife and 3 kids.

They been doing this to me since last year. They are hypocrite acting to be nice to poor and needy people May God reveal their evil mind so they won't fool people and help them to repent before the judgment day of wrath of God fall on them. May they repent soon. Because Jesus Christ is coming to destroy the evil of this world due to sins and lack of love for God.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

They had us sign up for the "summer air-conditioning" program. It was suppose to help lower the bill. Well all it did was raise the bill. They cycle the air when its 112 degrees outside at 5pm to 8pm when you are just getting home so then your AC has to work all night long to compensate from the 3 hours of no air working and everyone just getting home. So, your bill is higher and when you call and say this isn't working for me. They say well too bad you signed up and you are stuck with it for 1 year. When you say it's Palm Springs it’s a heatwave. It’s 115 today we have not been home. It’s been on 80 all day our bill is already $585 and you can't work with me? NO. Sorry and you don't have a choice. THEY ARE THE WORST utility company EVER.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

Very underhandedly Southern California Edison has been accumulating a very large bill for us that will become due at the end of the year. It is printed in very small type in a box to the right of the "amount due" box. Very difficult for seniors to read and seemingly unimportant. This bill can amount to thousands of dollars and will be extremely difficult for seniors on fixed incomes to pay. Nearly ensuring that their Christmas holidays will be ruined. A very crappy way to deal with one's customers. Don't you think?

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

They don't like to work with people. They rather leave you without power. They could not provide me with an extension. My power is subject to be turned off on the 22nd. I told them I get paid on the 25th. They told no that they could not help me. They rather see a single mom and her family without power. They are very rude. All other companies will work with you like the gas company and water department. Edison doesn't care about their customers! What's 3 more day? That's when I get paid.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

While installing a new electrical service for my neighbor, the SCE technician felt that my Frontier Fios Fiber Optic cable on the same shared tower supplying my Internet was in his way and he severed and discarded the cable. I tried to file a police report but was turned away by the police. In the attached photo you can see two cut cables and one of them is mine. The internet died and the technician left before I could confront him. Calls to SCE only result in total denial. Will take a week for Frontier to come out and fix it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

I am disabled. I was trying to leave for a doctor's appointment and Edison refused to move any of the 9 vehicles chugging out diesel for 4 hrs and the office of bs corp told me under governance blah blah blah and the police said it is illegal for them to block me in. What a bunch of **.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

Edison is ripping me off with my electric bill, saying I use more than my neighbors. I don't even have central AC and my bill has doubled. I called CPUC and Edison sent out a meter technician to check the meter. He asked me to shut things off and unplug my refrigerator which I did and my meter was still registering electricity. I ask him why it was still registering usage and he said it's probably the refrigerator and I said, but it's unplugged and he said, “Oh it's only registering a small amount of electricity.” Edison said I am using the most consumption of electricity between 12:00 am to 5:00 am during my sleeping hours. Eva ** from Edison is saying my meter is registering my usage accurately. The technician said that is odd to use electricity during those hours. Edison is sticking to their word of saying everything is working well. I don't believe anything Edison is telling me. I hope they get a class action filed against them in the future.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 28, 2017

I have a hedge that stretches 18' across my back yard that borders the alley. On the outside is a large pole, dead center. The SCE employee that was looking at the pole, cut my hedges down 4 feet in both directions and up 10 feet. What once was a secure, private backyard is now wide open for any thief to just walk on in. I understand they needed to access the pole, but the business end is at the top. Also, with the heatwave we've been having (105,110) the hedges help keep my place cooler.

Original review: June 25, 2017

I'm definitely not looking for anything to be done, because today in this dishonest world full of greed, your bar graph is just as I said, dishonest. It is most definitely a lie and you know it. There is no way that we use more than our neighbors do. Actually it's comical, we know you really don't care. I just needed to speak my mind. What a joke. To whom it may concern, robot answering machine, that everyone hides behind, we are gone all day everyday, working not hustling society. As from other reviews... no need to try and soften anything here. It's the way of the world today. Thank you for caring and working hard on making people's life easier. Looking forward to getting ch7 on my side to get some kinda insight on this dishonesty. Thanks for NOTHING.

Original review: June 20, 2017

When I closed my account to move out of state, I made sure my account was paid completely after a month. I saw that I owed $1800. I called to see what was going on and they said it was a rebate that I will receive and not a bill. I received the check and cashed it. Now, three months later they want their money back. As a single parent this is impossible. Their issue is ruining my credit.

profile pic of the author
Original review: June 9, 2017

SCE is unfair, unjust, irresponsible. We are living in the house and there is no electricity (power) more than 2 weeks. The planner told us is not having enough people to do the work (install power line to permanent meter). So we have to live without power more than 2 weeks. We live in county. Most in advance technologies in the work as today, then why do we suffer to live in 21st century without electricity. SCE is not professional and unreasonable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2017

Edison in Santa Barbara is completely is unprofessional, obnoxious and idiotic monopoly with a total disregard for their customers and horrible customer service. You should consider yourself lucky if you get couple days before their repeated "Scheduled Power Outages" which happen for the third time in a span of a single month, multiple times per year.

They are seemingly most creative on how to schedule these on the most uncomfortable times for you... Friday night till Saturday morning, business days 8am-5 pm (try working from home), baby food and milk spoils during the hot days, kids get cold during cold night without heater. Do not bother to call their customer service. You will have an impression that they hire the people with lowest IQ possible. My next letter to the state and federal public utilities commissions and my state representatives. They need to be forced to provide people with reasonable accommodations (hotels or other forms of monetary compensation) for their incompetence.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 29, 2017

Ok. Have been a part of this program for years. Now suddenly I have to turn on my air conditioner for an hour so they know it's working, an hour before or after they send me notice. I am trying to save energy!!! And they are making me waste it for the discount. I keep getting alerts from Edison that I am over my 60.00 monthly bill average... And now they want me to run my air when I don't want it on! I would love to meet the idiot in a suit who came up with this insane idea. I have a better idea, and I don't wear a suit... Give Edison the right to stop by anytime and have you turn on your air so they know it works!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2017

I moved to a new residence after closing last bill and opened an account online with Southern CA Edison. About 6 months later I viewed my credit report and see a collections with SCE. I was so mad! I contacted SCE customer service and told them I've never received any information or last bill. I was told once I paid this collections to allow 30 days for it to be completely removed. My biggest concerns that it would mess up my score in the process of buying a home... Now fast-forward three weeks I'm told by SCE supervisor basically tough luck because they never delete and he stands by customer service. Real nice SCE for sticking with customer service that has no clue what they're doing. Oh and have a nice day!! Grrr!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

Bad billing policies leading to irreparable credit damage. I never received a bill from SCE. I finally tracked down an amount due after they destroyed my credit rating and I obtained a copy of my credit report to investigate possible fraud. It will take a lifetime to repair over a inconsequential bill of $60. "The punishment does not fit the crime." After speaking to the Customer Service I am left more frustrated since they take no responsibility for updating or correcting any mailing addresses. After 5 months of sending a bill to a wrong address SCE made no attempt to correct this or update my address or contact me in any way. I had signed up 11 years ago for a landlord agreement where they keep the power on and bill me when my tenant vacates. So my tenant moves out and they try to bill me for two months.

The problem is that they never updated the address on record even after an 11 year period. They just sent a bill to someone else's PO box and never thought twice. Most modern businesses with any online presence and value for their customers will ask for updated information but not SCE. Warning to other customers: Do not sign up for any landlord agreement with SCE since any mistake in mailing will cost you your credit rating even over an amount as low as $60. SCE is unfair, unjust, irresponsible, and billing is run by stooges.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 7, 2017

We have been paying over $300.00 dollars the past year every bill. That is way too much. Now they send me a $500.00 bill for 1 month cause according to them I spend twice as last year energy. Honestly I think they are robbing people. $500.00 a month for electricity on a single home family is way too much money. They would not wanted to send a technician to check my meter even that I am paying my bills. Worst customer service ever they have. Don't help neither answer questions and only get you more mad about high charges.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2017

I am currently battling SCE regarding my deposit. Yes, I've had some financial issues, but I've ALWAYS paid my bill. Since I was late, they are making me pay ANOTHER deposit. On top of that, I had some problems with my automatic payments and my bank account, and the deposit was not paid through the bank. NOW they are charging me $400 instead of $260!!! I'm already on the FERA plan due to financial issues. How can they keep adding fees like this? Is it legal? We have no choice of electrical carriers, so doesn't this make it a monopoly? To top it off, you can't reach them by email, or even phone half the time. Currently, I've been on hold for 19 minutes! Then, when someone answered, they hung up on me! Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there a lawyer that deals with this kind of situation?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2017

Our house was ok until the rain storm hit SoCal and my house started to lose power. I have called several electricians to have a look at our electrical systems and it turned out Edison power line from the pole to my house are rotten, loose and need to be replaced. It's dangerous. I contacted Edison and they sent a guy to my house to inspect their own cables. The guy looked at my electrical panel and said that this one does not have permit so they won't inspect their cable for me. I just got the house and I don't know what the previous owner did to it (the panel seems new and legit in fact we live in there 3 months without any problem until the rain storm hit).

I asked the SCE guy and he himself admitted the contradictory: I need to asked the city authority to come down and check on my panel while the problem is on your rotten cables. The city won't check Edison cable it's their properties the only thing they will check is my electrical panel which I was told from 4 different electrician that it's perfectly fine. I kept going back and forth with SCE guy: I begged him to have a look at their lines since our family has been loss power for almost a week and everyone got sick. My 4 years old daughter got very bad in 44F cold and windy winter weather. He still refused to have his electrician to look at their cable and insist me to contact city for permit. I got it, today I will go and get permit from city for my panel. I hope to get over this soon. I hope new president will create more competition in utilities company to prevent this type of behavior happened.

They disregard of people well being and just focus on some rules that does not make sense (need permit on my household panel to inspect their own power line). I don't know much about Donald Trump, however I hope he his promise to deregulation and create more competitive environments to prevent these monopoly utilities company from doing whatever they want to do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

I have contacted SCE on numerous occasions regarding my electric bill charges. I have been told to get an electrician, I did. I have been told there would be investigations that never happened. I have been told that paying is a choice. It is not. Looking for class action lawsuit. NOW, I do continue to pay. We are a family of 4. We work all day, and only have normal appliances in our home. Our pool has been turned off at the breaker for months. We live in an unplugged world, and we continue to pay.

Original review: Jan. 14, 2017

My mother and brother had an apartment that they never paid the bill. Edison is saying I lived with them and that I am responsible for the bill because I benefitted from the electric services. I have been fighting them since 2012. It's 2017 and I have Sent them Proof of where I have lived for the years in question and they not only. Didn't take Me off the account they put the bill in my Name. This Bill don't have anything to do with Me. I moved out Of My Mother's house 2 Weeks Before I turned 18. Is there anything that can Be done about this. Please Help.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2016

There are 2 issues: 1. Edison reported a $68 bill which I am disputing to Credit Reporting Agencies ruining my credit record after I had written them a letter requesting documentation to support this bill. 2. The thing is I am NOT an Edison customer. I NEVER requested their service and NEVER received their service. I cannot think of any business being able to bill and collect payments from people for service they never ordered and never received.

It's Edison's BUSINESS PRACTICE. I own a rental property. My tenants established an account with Edison but failed to pay the last bill before moving away just as they failed to pay their cable TV, internet service bills.... WHAT makes Edison different than these other companies? Edison said they bill property owners for all unpaid bills. WHO authorized Edison to do that? NO ONE has the power to authorize anyone to collect payments from you without your explicit consent.

When you buy a house, a dress, get a job.... you agree to the amount, you agree to pay tax. YOU CAN WALK AWAY FROM DEAL IF YOU DO NOT AGREE. It is your RIGHT. No business, not Edison, not anybody can take away your rights. The bottom line is I politely requested Edison to provide me with any written document saying that I am either legally or contractually responsible for this service, another word, validate the damn bill. They ignored me and reported the bill as delinquent. I am looking for anyone with same issue. Please contact me.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

My mother is 74 with serious medical issues. Her doctor suggested she grow medical **. So I just got here and look at her bill and it was so high they slapped a 2500 deposit. In the meantime I shut all the lights down, drained the pool, got all led lights, no tv. No dishwasher. She is on social Security. So I call Edison and told them what happen and she can get on low cost and she would pay 600 a month and work with us. Now that we are not using any electricity hardly maybe they could take that deposit that my mother has paid half of and put it towards the large bill. They said no. If 1700 deposit isn't paid by tomorrow they are shutting it off.

My mother is on life alerts and needs electricity. If she falls in the dark she could die. They work on the power lines out here frequently and turn it off and she already drove her leg because of that and she has Fragile bones, they break easy. She hasn't signed any law suit waivers. If she falls and dies or gets seriously hurt, I will go after Edison legally with all my might. We tried to work with them. They hung up on my mother raising her blood pressure and that's why I'm involved now. I thought for sure they would let us pay them off slowly. It's not like it being used like that anymore. I put a stop to it and she's old and didn't realize what it was costing. But basically they won't work with us and my elderly mother has to spend Christmas in the dark. Pretty good company. You decide.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2016

I have been harassed with 5 calls on my private cell number...all from SCE trying to get info about their upcoming rate change programs. These programs are unclear, poorly communicated, unfair, and, no doubt, charged to the public as part of the justification for their increasing fees. I have solar power, as do many in my neighborhood. SCE still manages to bill us out of more and more money even when we don't use their electricity! It is robbery!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2016

S.C.E. is nothing more than a bully! I established service with them in April of this year (2016). 3 months later I receive a bill of over 600.00, 314.00 of which is shown as a "miscellaneous transfer". When I call to ask about this I am informed that the previous tenant (deceased) had left an unpaid bill and instead of them going through probate, as is legally required by federal law, they decided to make me, who is in NO WAY related, responsible for paying it. They claim that I am this person's daughter and therefore responsible. I was unable to pay this huge amount and as I was on the phone with them trying to get it sorted out, my power was shut off! I had to borrow money to pay what was just MY bill, which at 300.00 is ludicrous.

I live in a 5th wheel and most of my appliances are run by propane. So now they are telling me that on top of the owing on the bill that is not mine I now have to pay a 400.00 deposit based on the past highest usage of that person!!! Which has absolutely NOTHING to do with me!! This is total **. I did some research and according to The Federal Trade Commission a person can NOT be held responsible for someone else's unpaid bill simply because they are related to them. So even if I WAS her daughter, they cannot make me responsible for it. THIS IS FEDERAL LAW!!! Apparently SCE feels that they do not have to abide by federal law while at the same time enforcing their own arbitrary and illegal rules upon us! And just to make it more fun for them they have me sending a handwritten letter signed by me stating that I am not related to said person. Which somehow NEVER gets received by mail or fax.

And although I made payment arrangements for the deposit (I was forced to) the bill says it is due in full!! What the hell? This can't be legal! How is this even allowed to be happening to the many, many, many people whose stories I have read on here? What are you people at Consumer Affairs or CPUC going to do about it? Anything?? I'm all for a class action lawsuit. Please feel free to contact me. This has to stop.

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Original review: Nov. 4, 2016

I bought a house with a pre-installed solar system. After transferring over both solar and SCE accounts, SCE continually charges me for electricity not completing the net meter. I am paying for the same electricity twice. They are stealing my money. I have called 3 times, each month since they say it will take another billing cycle to complete the transfer to the "net" program.

Original review: Oct. 28, 2016

I am a retired widow. I have been an SCE customer for 40 years. It is a monopoly. If I have electricity, it must be SCE, I have no choice. For the first time I recently missed paying my bill by their deadline because I didn't have the money. They cut off my electricity, leaving me trapped in the house, electric doors would not open. They demanded the deposit to reconnect my electricity. Said they would not waive the deposit for any reason. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Jose, the SCE employee, hung up on me. If I lacked the money to pay my bill, where am I going to get an additional $380?

I don't want to be an SCE customer anymore but am trapped because they have a monopoly just like I was trapped in my house via their actions. The public utilities commission is supposed to protect us from utility companies criminal behavior, and yet they do nothing. Just another reason why there are so many people angry at the system, the establishment that exists to take from us.


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