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Pros & Cons

  • Multiple vacation packages
  • Military discounts
  • Family-friendly accommodations
  • Limited locations and availability
  • Might require viewing a presentation

What is Exploria Resorts?

Exploria owns a portfolio of hotels and resorts throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Tennessee. Each location offers multiple amenities, services and vacation packages. You can also take advantage of its seasonal deals and packages for reduced rates and exclusive activities. As part of its Club Exploria program, the company also offers timeshare ownership opportunities — its timeshare condos come with various floor plans and fully equipped kitchens.

How do Exploria’s vacations work?

With Exploria, you’ll enter your desired vacation dates and destination. Its website will display all available hotels and resorts, along with a selection of room types and vacation packages. You can filter hotels and resorts by availability, features, distance and more. If you’re interested in a timeshare opportunity, click “Vacation Ownership” on Exploria’s homepage and follow the instructions for contacting its representatives.

Exploria Resorts costs

The cost of an Exploria vacation will vary based on the timeframe, location and room type.

For instance, a deluxe room with two queen beds at Exploria Express in Orlando, Florida, runs $119 per night for two adults and two ch ildren during autumn (offseason) weekends. At Greenview Branson in Branson, Missouri, in the spring, a comparable room costs $209 per night for the same family (military discounts are available). You can also save with a vacation package — one of Exploria’s promotions offers 20% off nightly when you add a day.

Exploria Resorts FAQ

Who owns Exploria Resorts?

Cerberus Capital Management acquired Club Exploria LLC in November 2017, including two of the company’s Florida resorts and one in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

How do I cancel my Exploria timeshare?

Start by contacting its member services, but often you’ll need to write a letter to cancel your timeshare.

How many resorts does Exploria own?

Exploria owns nine resorts. Each resort offers families a variety of amenities, room types and services.

Where are Exploria’s hotels and resorts?

Exploria’s hotels and resorts are located in Branson, Missouri; the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania; Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee; and Orlando, Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach in Florida.

Are Exploria’s vacations worth it?

If you’re looking for economical U.S. family travel options, Exploria could be worth it. Its resorts’ family-friendly amenities include swimming pools, on-site dining and complimentary shuttle service. The company also offers seasonal and ongoing vacation packages. However, since most of its resort features are geared toward families, you might find Exploria isn’t for you if you’re wanting more upscale accommodations.

Exploria Resorts Reviews

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Exlporia Resorts?
    • 4,482,017 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed June 21, 2024

    I have been an owner for 30+ years and things have always not been great but I always enjoyed my vacation. Recently, I just finished paying off my loan on my 4th upgrade. They sent me a bill for $10,000 for maintenance and assessment fees, this is outrageous. They sent the bill in December and expected the money by the end of January. They only sent out these assessment fees to original owners. This is clearly discrimination. Only the owners from Pocono Mountain Villas received the assessment fee. Of course they offered you to sign paperwork to give them your timeshare and then you would not be liable for making the payment. I do not recommend this place to anybody. How can they do such a thing.

    Contract & TermsSales & MarketingStaffProcess

    Reviewed March 15, 2024

    Exploria Resorts deceived and manipulated us while suffering through multiple hours-long high-pressure sales scheme. We are in our mid-70s, and their salesman took advantage of us because of our age and naivete regarding timeshares. He made a series of claims that have been proven demonstrably false. When we informed him that we weren’t interested in getting tied up in a years-long commitment, he claimed that the timeshare would appreciate, and that if we weren’t satisfied with it, we could return it to Exploria at any time. When it came time to sign, we were rushed through the process and not provided with all the information we needed. For example, we were never told about our legal right to rescission or given a public offering statement.

    We also were not told that our maintenance fees would increase over time. Had we known all of this at the time of signing then we wouldn’t have moved forward with this purchase. Eventually, we called Exploria to express our dissatisfaction with the whole thing and requested they buy it back as it wasn’t all that was promised. We were told that Exploria doesn’t buy back. We informed them of what their representative had promised us, they informed us he was no longer employed by Exploria. It is shameful that their representatives would go to such great lengths to swindle us into a contract that they knew we wouldn’t be able to use. Perhaps worst of all though is the fact that they assured us we could sell the timeshare back to Exploria at any point if we weren’t satisfied. Because of all the lies and pressure, we experienced, we have requested the termination of our contract.

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      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPrice

      Reviewed March 5, 2024

      My experience with Club Exploria began when my husband and I decided to go on vacation to Orlando, Florida. I had selected a package that would give me a gift card incentive if I attended a mandatory orientation, which included a week's vacation. When we arrived for said vacation, we were given a tour of the resort and I was introduced to Andrés, who took charge of the presentation. Andrés presented us with options and package prices, but they were ridiculously high, and because we rejected the offers, he had his boss Tim intervene.

      Tim offered us several options with double points. When I asked him if he ever decided not to keep my timeshare, he told me they would buy it back. Including the tour and the constant pressure for us to accept the agreements, the entire process took hours. We were passed on to Martha who rushed us to sign the contract and the information she provided me was not the same information she presented to me when I saw my online portal showing me a payment of $2,411.00 annually.

      I called Exploria and they told me it was a mistake and my maintenance fee is $1,205.50. I was very upset because they lied to me and told me that the only thing I had to worry about was my monthly payments of $176.21. When I told them I wanted to sell it back to them, they told me that wasn't possible and they don't do it. Andrés, Tim and Martha lied to us. Now I am fighting to get out of this contract. Please take my advice and don't get involved with these thieves. It is better to pay for an Airbnb. Be careful, the workers will lie to you just to get you to sign something you will never be able to get out of.

      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed Feb. 18, 2024

      First we would like to say that we were members at Summer Bay for 20 years without any problems. When we bought, the information they gave us turned out to be truthful. However after going to an owner "update meeting", we were lied to on many levels. There are many things they do not tell you. We are both retired and have travel the world and consider ourselves fairly well versed in the travel world. We let our guard down with them, thinking what they were telling us was true, for we had no reason to think otherwise since we had no problems in the past. We have written them several letters including obtaining an attorney but all we hear from them is getting form letters or no response concerning the letters. We have read some of the other reviews and agree. We have tried to go back to our original contract but they would not agree. We would highly suggest staying away or have an attorney near.


      Reviewed Feb. 14, 2024

      This is a joke resort!!! I paid good money and now my taxes are worth more than the week is worth!!! I can get any room cheaper than I pay for taxes!!! I need to get out of this resort!!! There has been no outside pool for years and no access to the beach!!!! Who wants to go to the beach without a pool so frustrating and disappointing!!!!

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Jan. 13, 2024

      To say we are disappointed with Exploria is an understatement. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE BOOKING WITH THEM! Our first night, the door to the unit we were put in was broken, allowing cold air, and TONS of bugs to get in. There were bugs everywhere, even in the beds. We were all bitten up by bugs while we slept. There was also rainwater coming into the entryway of the unit. I decided to take a hot bath in the jutted tub, and black stuff came out of the jets. It’s was absolutely disgusting. We were moved to another unit, so we had to pack up our bags and move up to the third floor (with no offer of help to move our things).

      Our last full day of our vacation was completely ruined, as the washing machine in our unit broke, and we had to stay there so maintenance could repair it. Our washer filled with water, but turned off, leaving our clothes in a washer filled with water, completely drenched. I called the front desk, and it rang, and rang, and rang, with no answer. I tried several times to reach them, but no one ever answered. It was later in the evening and we were already in our pajamas, so we decided to wait until morning.

      The next day we finally reached someone… First, they fixed the washer, but within 5 minutes it stopped working again. We had to remove our completely saturated clothes and put them in a laundry basket, and wait around even longer for them to remove the entire washer/dryer and replace it with a new set. In the meantime, they gave us access to the washer and dryer in the unit next to ours. So, we had to carry our soaked laundry next door. The washer did work, but the dryer wasn’t working correctly. So now we had TWO broken washer/dryer sets.

      They finally finished installing the new washer/dryer in our unit, so we then took the wet clothes back to our unit, and tried to dry them, but the dryer was making the most awful sound (definitely not normal for a brand new dryer). So, we had to wait for them to repair the dryer in the unit next to us, so we could use that one. It wasn’t until evening time that all of this was taken care of. The rest of the night we had to wash our clothes in our unit, then carry our wet clothes next door to dry them in the other dryer.

      It was an absolute disaster, and truly consumed the bulk of our day and night (we were doing laundry until 1am) and we were unable to go to the amusement park we had planned to visit. These plans being cancelled made for a weepy mom, angry dad, and three very sad children. You would think wow, it can’t get any worse than that, but yes, it can, and it did.

      One of my children had a bedtime snack, and within minutes of the snack being placed (in a food to go box) on their nightstand, tons of tiny bugs were crawling ALL OVER the food in the box, and on the nightstand. We ended up having to throw the food away. Even after removing the food and wiping the nightstand down, the bugs didn’t retreat. But wait… there’s more! We found someone’s DIRTY UNDERWEAR in our room, just lying there on the floor. There were also dirty kitchen utensils we pulled out of the drawers. That was very unappetizing.

      The jetted tub in our new unit was dirty like the first, creating a brown foam on the water. Needless to say, I didn’t get in. After all of these problems, we were offered one free pizza… We lost an entire day of our vacation, and were compensated with a pizza. I do NOT recommend staying here, and I HIGHLY DISCOURAGE YOU from buying a timeshare with them. Thankfully we didn’t buy a timeshare, and we will NEVER stay there again. We lost precious time and money because of the horrible condition this resort was in. We will be submitting this review to the Better Business Bureau to warn consumers.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 11, 2024

      My experience with Exploria Resorts was far from positive, marked by deceptive practices and exploitative behavior. Stay away from them. Initially they presented it as a real estate investment opportunity, when in reality, this is far from the truth. The sales representative I dealt with misled me about the nature of the purchase, portraying it as a lucrative real estate venture. They failed to disclose crucial details, leading me to a contract that doesn’t align with the promised benefits. The rushed closing process left no room for a thorough examination of the contract. I feel they do this on purpose just to leave out important information such as the timeframe given to cancel the contract. When I sought clarification on terms and conditions, I faced resistance and was pressured to make a quick decision. I even went as far as writing a letter to their corporate office and they haven’t even bothered to respond.

      The lack of transparency regarding associated costs and risks left me feeling exploited and regretful. Moreover, the high-pressure sales tactics used by Exploria Resorts are unacceptable. I don’t understand how it's legal for them to stay in business. In summary, my interaction with Exploria Resorts was a disappointing and disillusioning experience. Their deceptive practices, lack of transparency, and high-pressure tactics raise serious concerns about their integrity. I caution others to approach any dealings with Exploria Resorts with extreme caution, as their focus seems more on exploiting consumers, rather than helping them.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsSales & MarketingPrice

      Reviewed Dec. 28, 2023

      Our experience with Exploria Resorts can only be described as a never-ending nightmare. From the incessant calls to an underwhelming stay in the Pocono Mountains, the entire ordeal was a disaster. The breaking point was a deceitful sales presentation with false promises and a sneaky bait-and-switch tactic featuring a model room. Under the relentless pressure of a three-and-a-half-hour ordeal, we fell victim to misinformation, exorbitant prices, and commitments that turned out to be nothing but illusions. The aftermath? Four years of financial strain, burdened by a timeshare that failed spectacularly in delivering its grandiose pledges.

      The complete lack of transparency regarding our rights and contractual intricacies only fueled our frustration. Now, we're stuck in a situation we would have avoided if we had been given the full story upfront. In our pursuit of a resolution, short of terminating the contract altogether, we implore others to approach dealings with Exploria Resorts with extreme caution. Our journey has been arduous, and we hope our experience prevents others from falling into the same trap.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 21, 2023

      My name is Sabina **. I have a problems with this Exploria Resorts club. The last may 2023 when through a vacations agency in Facebook page I thought I was buying my first and the best vacation of my life...The package was 5 days in the resort and 3 days cruise and part of the package was a 30 minutes presentation (which I didn't know). I ask what will happen if I don't attend the presentation and they said to me that they will charge me with a full price at check out, according what the "seller" said to me it will be a 30 minutes or an hour presentation (lies). After almost 4 hours pressure from the seller I signed....

      When I came back to home in Ny from the "vacation" I tried to call to the Exploria Resort to get help to cancel the contract but nobody answer me, I tried to call the seller and no answers, I called the manager and left a message on his extension but nobody call me back, no help at all....Finally after several days I got someone to help me reading the contract (English is not my native language) and at the end of the contract said that I have 10 days to cancel and get my money back which I didn't know neither. Very convenient for them (getting a person for other state with 8 days vacations)....and of course I was already late to cancel this nightmare, I called exploria again, I called the seller and called the manager and again no help since then I been calling them trying to get help and no luck at all, they never gave me a chance to cancel this...

      Since then I been trying to get ride off this nightmare, then after a weeks calling and sending messages to the seller, she finally called me back and she convinced me to try first and if I don't like it then try to cancel....The seller told me in the first presentation that she got me into this, that if I don't want it, they will help me to cancel this (lies) and then I tried to use the "gift" which is not a gift because I was asked to pay 300 dollars for a membership another thing that I didn't know, to book in the "gift" then I book in to another resort in Pennsylvania (huge mistake of me) Which was horrible, dirty for "3 days and 2 nights" and again getting to a different presentation with another seller that knew I wasn't feeling good because I got some drinks the night before (I don't drink, I'm a 61 years old lady).

      I told this seller several times that I was sick and feeling drunk and they was insisting me and pressure me for 4 hours and get me into an "upgrade" that I don't want it....I sended a letter requesting to cancel this and them I got a phone call saying that I'm out of the time limit to cancel this....unfortunately took me several days to get help to make the letter in English and sended to them, but in Dec 4, I got a letter cancelation for the contract and a refund money to the account that they open when they was taking advantage of me knowing that I wasn't feeling good, account the I closed and reported... but I notice that they tried to collect payment on my credit card account on Dec 4, and I called my bank to report that transaction....

      After I called Exploria Resorts again to ask what happened, why they are still trying collecting a payment in my credit account when they cancel the contract and after severals tries finally a lady answer me that my membership is still active, I filed a complaint with  BBB website and I filled a complaint to NY General Attorney to see if they can help me too...I need a help with this case please, I'm not a rich person, I work very hard sometimes 60 hours a week and I can't afford a lawyer, somebody have to stop those companies that are taking advantage of innocent people, I want them to stop this madness and reimburse me my money,...Thanks so much in advance....sorry for my English. I'm using my phone translation.

      Sabina **

      Contract & Terms

      Reviewed Dec. 16, 2023

      Since Exploria merged with Tree Tops and Fairways also called Poconos Mountain Villas it has been nothing but a nightmare, The additional assessment fees of $5,900.05 for 2024 is so ridiculous, it is a joke. In 2021 their special assessment fees for repairs, etc, we thought was excessive, because nowhere in our contract stipulates repairs, special or additional assessment fees owed by members. Maintenance fees should be no more than 3% yearly increase. However my husband is 75yrs and I thought he was about to get a heart attack when he read the 2024 bill. We definitely cannot pay that amount..even with their payment plan.

      We purchased this timeshare while we were working to be able to use it when retired and on a fixed income. We are reviewing our original sales contract and will be forwarding all documentations to our attorneys. Thank GOD we safely kept and copied all documents. Buyers please be aware of what you are getting into. Timeshare should be time to relax and enjoy not to regret getting into. Hope and pray that Exploria correct this issue so members can sleep at night.

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