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41 Summer Bay Resorts Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2018

After buying the membership for $6,950 I got a free week 2 bedroom condo in Orlando, Fl. Weeks for $150 worldwide plus credit every time I spend money in marketplace. I recommended this to any family.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2018

Scam! You get nothing! From this crap don't be fooled! Please do not ever buy a timeshare from Exploria (Summer Bay) Resorts. I can't believe we were stupid enough to fall for this SCAM. We bought a timeshare years ago, it has been nothing but a headache and a drain on our pockets with high maintenance fees which goes up every years. They pitch me and my husband such a fantasy dream of so many vacation and so benefit and when to use my timeshare so many hidden fees and other charges. They change their name and took all my benefit what was promise when I sign the contract. THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAM ARTIST. I could go on and on.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

I bought the package in March 2017. On the package it asked you to book 60 days prior to ensure you got the dates you wanted. But when I tried to book for December in August, I was told it cannot fulfill the agreement. They refuse to refund me the money though. Instead they offer to extend the deal to the December in 2018.

So I went ahead to book my holidays in December 2018. The communication and service department is poor. I need to call many times to get someone on the line. I am guessing there is only one lady there and the different time zone doesn't help. Anyway, when my reservation is booked, I find out that of the deal on my package is not there. When I ask about this, the lady at reservation ask me to call the VIP centre, then I was told that they cannot fulfill this deal because some disagreement. Again I asked them to refund me the money as they cannot fulfill the agreement. I was told that there is no way for a refund, but I can get a saving balance credit of $1000 at Please note this is not a real credit. It is a fishy way to make you think you can save 1000 but it is not.

Then I realised that I am staying at the Crown Club Hotel (Crown Hotel Inn) for the package. This is a 2 star inn. I was under the impression I am staying at Summer Bay Orlando by Exploria Resorts. Their name has been on the first and second page of my package. When I ask them about it, I was told that on the 3rd page, it actually says Crown Club Inn. If I really want Summer Bay Orlando, I need to pay extra. There is no way I am going to pay these people any extra money. I have learned the lesson. I guess you really need to read these package as a legal document to avoid been scammed. Anyway, has anyone had the same experience as me? Can I raise a formal complaint through any agency to get my money back?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 28, 2017

We got a good deal on a condo for the week. When we got there, they offered $100 for us to go to a sales presentation. I did not like the pressure that they we were putting on us and left with the kids. I looked up Summer Bay Resorts and saw nothing but bad reviews. I mentioned this to an employee in the parking lot who was a timeshare salesperson. She said that she is very impressed with her company and the timeshares that they offer.

I walked away from my vehicle and she was just walking around the parking lot. A few minutes later she told me that I left my door open on my vehicle. I went to check but the doors were not open. However, I did notice that someone keyed both doors on my vehicle. When I looked for her, she was nowhere to be seen. I did not report this to the facility because I was afraid that they may turn this incident around and say that I was being disruptive and kick us out of the facility, based on others experience here. Fortunately, they still came clean with the $100 which will be used to repair our vehicle.

Floors of the condo was so dirty that we had to wear shoes inside otherwise our feet would be filthy in a matter of minutes. The sofa bed was broke and bent. Maintenance got it to work but did not fix it. They said there is an order on it. The shower/tub temperature control worked in reverse. Someone must have installed the pipes in reverse (no big deal though). Everything else worked just fine, however. The splash park is not heated, so do not expect to use it on cool days. If you get a good deal on this facility, do not go to the presentation. You will be better off. The stress of the presentation and the damage that was done to my vehicle was definitely not worth it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

Stay away from this place. It's staffed with a bunch of crooks and salesmen who only care about selling you timeshare and upgrades. It doesn't matter how many times you say no, they will jam calculators in your face and say, "Look at how much you can save!" Well we sure didn't save anything -- not even when using their room safe to lock our money. It mysteriously vanished and the "security guard" will claim he checked high and low but found nothing (because he's the one that stole it). Read the reviews of other victims and protect yourself from these thieves. Don't step foot on this resort.

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Original review: April 19, 2017

Club Exploria - Summer Bay Resort Timeshare - Yes, I am still a member for 3 years now and yet to use this scam or sham for a day's vacation because they continue to roll away like a rolling stone that gathers no moss. Excuse, excuse, excuse why I cannot book a 3 days vacation even though I have paid them thousands of dollars. Since I allowed these con men to live good lives with my money while I work so hard every day to make it, they collect all our monies and they buy private islands and jets and spend their days and nights in yachts. Run as fast as you can away from these rogues, unless you have money to give away.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 13, 2017

Scam! You Get Nothing! Don't be fooled! Please do not book a timeshare or never ever buy a timeshare from Exploria (Summer Bay) Resorts. I can't believe we were stupid enough to fall for this scam. We bought a timeshare years ago, it has been nothing but a headache and a drain on our pocket book. They will sell you the world, but remember, you will be unable to use it (rooms already booked), they will charge you fees (on top of what you already paid -thousands of dollars), yearly maintenance fees continue to grow, and I could go on and on.

Remember, you are just giving someone money to rent your ownership and they make a profit. You are paying them maintenance fees to keep the property up. You are literally renting a space (that you can never use) and they profit! You are paying someone to use your space, it should be they are paying you, right! If you get one vacation out of the deal in 10 years, you will be lucky! Nothing is free in this timeshare scam world. You are better off to book a hotel, at least you will be getting what you paid for. You get nothing! I mean nothing! BEWARE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2017

Complete scam, these people conned my retired parents into accepting this vacation package, without offering terms and conditions to read through beforehand. The money was taken off their credit card immediately, and they do not offer refunds. Beware of this scam, I feel sorry for all of the other less fortunate people who have been tricked into this timeshare **. Staff on the phone refuse to refund the money, they swear and were yelling at my parents. Completely unprofessional.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

Hello I am Ahmed ** bronze member which I confess that I had the worst experience of my life in dealing with the workers of these departments which made me feel mistreated. According to them they have no knowledge of what promises the sales department and what, that they can do in the finance department. What I understand is that they cheated and robbed me from the beginning where I was promised a cruise for 4 people which was only for two and with another company, they promised a special offer for 10 of my relatives or friends which never existed, we are in paying the maintenance month to month which is not true and I must pay it in a single payment, it is sad the way in which they give solution to the problems since they do not solve anything and humiliating their customers, my advice is to never buy a timeshare with this resort.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2016

It looks so great, so incredibly fantastic. You get a sudden pop-up telling you have won a $3000 worth of travel spree; cruise, car rentals, and resorts included. And amazingly you can call a local number, for me a no. here in Norway, which was immediately transferred though, and after some waiting time picked up by a girl named Peggy. Said she was in Orlando, watching fireworks outside. Yeah right! What a well rigged scam! She leads you through all they will give you for free: 7 days at Summer Bay Resort, 4 days at Daytona Beach, a Caribbean cruise and more, at a total worth of 3000 USD, then she reveals a page she calls Itinerary, which also includes Costa Rica! But the total has now grown to 3898 USD, showing that you have to pay a balance of 898 US dollars, and without any warning you are transferred, to another department it seems. A rude male voice appears, saying Peggy could not find my transaction no. so he should help me.

She had not mentioned any issue with any number of course, this was just a distraction, and the rude guy continued on how happy I should be since Xmas is coming up, and wasn't everything fantastic, they giving me all these gifts for only 898 US. Then I told the guy, even before he started to ask for my card details, as I knew he would do, that I'm about to ruin his day since this was nothing but a scam. Then he started yelling and screaming and that nothing could ruin his day! Ok, I said and hung up on him.

Be aware of this well documented, precisely edited and well rehearsed conning plot. If you pay, you will only see the rear end of these notes flying into oblivion. You may end up traveling, but you will be loaded with taxes, fees, and surcharges at every point and every location. I really hope these people end up getting caught. I called back btw and presented me as an attorney at the Norwegian state prosecuting office, and the girl could not close the call fast enough! Good fun! But do not fall for this scam.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 8, 2016

I am upset with myself for falling for the scam. Many expenses were not explained verbally. The resort fees were supposed to be $14 per day, but miraculously rose to $20 per day. The airport was in Orlando, the Welcome Center was in Clermont and the resort was in Kissimmee. Approximately $150 in cab fare later, I reached the resort. These people are scammers and moral criminals ripping off people that work hard for their money. They also tell you that there is a salary minimum and a family composition requirement. They bypassed that to get me to sign up. Karma is waiting.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2016

I initially saw this ad on facebook and expected it to be bogus. However after calling, I was offered a 5day/4night all inclusive trip to Costa Rica for $599. I was also given a 5day/4night in Orlando, 3 days/2night in South Florida, 3day/2night in Daytona, and 3day/2night in the Bahamas. We combined the Orlando and Daytona trip together for our honeymoon which worked out fine. The hotels were nice and the presentation was manageable. Now I was initially told I had a year to use my package, but I told them I was active duty and on sea rotation so it would be really hard to use all the packages in a year, so they said I had 18 months to use it. However when I called in around 14 months later to make a reservation they proceeded to tell me my package had expired.

It's really frustrating because I intentionally wrote down customer service rep names just to make sure. I told the agent that's not what I was told, so she said if I went on and booked the Costa Rica trip and paid the reservation fee $149/per person it would extend my other packages for a year. So I gave her the window. I was available to go to Costa Rica and she booked me for July 21st thru the 25th, took my payment and said the resort would contact me within 2wks. I thought everything was fine. NOW the trip is next month so I am ready to buy plane tickets, but I haven't heard anything back so I called them back yesterday and she immediately said well do you have any other alternate dates. I said no because you told me those dates were available. She put me on hold for 20 mins then came back to say she would call me back.

Needless to say I've called all 3 different 3's over 20 times and no one is answering. At this point i'm ready to get my money back!!! The $599 for the Costa Rica trip and the $300 I paid for the reservation booking fee. They are unprofessional and it looks like I won't be going to Costa Rica, or the Bahamas or Florida. BE AWARE! Do not waste your time! It sounds nice, but you'll be jumping through hoops for months trying to even book the trips!

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Original review: May 15, 2016

Bought a package over the phone after swindling down to a very fair price. As a former RCI condo owner I knew they would try to get me to buy but I really just wanted the vacation. I called to make reservations and they aren't making reservations currently. Very rude manager on the phone. I can't wait to get here one day and sit through the 90-minute tour so I can tell them just what I think.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2016

Fraudulent Misrepresentation. Exploria Resorts is a scam and I advise you Do Not Attend Any Presentation or believe any representation, no matter how tempting it may appear. I would like to know if there are any class actions against this company that I could join.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2016

Like a number of other reviewers, I, out of curiosity called the local (Sydney Aust) number advertised on a pop-up that said I was the lucky recipient of a Walt Disney holiday receiving $3000 discount. The number transferred to the US - Summer Bay Resort I was told. The lady went through all the "wonderful" benefits of the holiday which included accommodation, car hire, cruise etc and was valid for 18mth, for 4 people at a cost of $898 to me. I expressed my concern at this being a scam at which time I was transferred to "Kevin **" the reservation manager (he told me).

His tactics to try to get my credit card details were to be extremely rude and intimidating. I told him not to try to bully me at which point he told me that life was all about making decisions and I needed to make a decision now. I told him that this conversation needed to be terminated as he continued to berate me. When he realized his high-pressure tactics were not working he hung up abruptly. If anything, he was what convinced me not to proceed with the purchase. His lack of professionalism only reinforced my reason for suspicion that this "deal" was too good to be true. I think anyone who gets caught, would have an extremely difficult time in getting out of buying into their timeshare.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

Hopefully this will prevent any more scams happening to anyone else. Everything that the sales representative and her supervisor told me were lies. They lied from about the places I could stay, about only needing to use my points and no hidden fees. I have been strung along for 2 months now with false promises and now I am stuck. Only options I have are now to sell and lose $ or default and ruin my credit. NOTHING they told me was true. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE FROM RCI OR CLUB EXPLORIA. IT IS A HUGE SCAM.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

Do not purchase anything through Exploria at Summer Bay Resorts. We planned a birthday getaway only to have to sit through 5 hours of having the high pressure sale. Now I have been trying to contact someone, anyone. When I do get someone like Pam who has no last name nor an ID number to reference them, they tell me that Summer Bay no longer handles these. Why were we not contacted about a big change? She doesn't know, she's not affiliated with that part. Who is? "I don't know. But you can sell it on your own" Not once was I ever late on a payment yet when we signed the paperwork, Fonzie ** who is the QA Officer there told us if we decide to sell then to contact them and they can take care of it. I have been dealing with all the runaround and transfers since July 2015. Do not buy from this company, they are a rip-off.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2015

Like others, I opened a pop-up advising I had won a holiday valued at $3,000. Spoke to a chain of telephone consultants, including one who advised they required a deposit of US $1,000 ($1,252 Aust). I balked at paying anything &, as my husband was not at home to consult, I asked about a cooling off period. I was advised a cooling off period applied applicable to legislation in Australia. I knew this to be five working days. I therefore went ahead and paid. Three days later, after checking flights to the States & consultation with my husband, I phoned the company to cancel my booking. I was subjected to further pressure to maintain the booking. They would find cheaper flights but was advised there was no cooling off period & whoever had told me that would be sacked. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager confirmed there was no cooling off period & the staff member who had told me this would be reprimanded.

He asked for a recording of the conversation with that person. I replied that it is illegal in Australia to record such conversations without the consent of the other person, & I was not in the habit of recording conversations. He advised they had recorded the conversation of me agreeing to pay the money (I was not informed of any recording at the time), but admitted they had not recorded any conversation prior to that. How convenient of them! I continued to demand a full refund. After some time the manager agreed to make a part refund & that was the best he could do, but offered a similar trip to any destination of my choice where the company had timeshare resorts in the Pacific Ocean, for the balance. He advised I would receive a voucher in the mail within a few weeks. Well, the voucher arrived BUT requested a further US $1,000, but was merely an offer to book further accommodation!

On top of that, the voucher stated there was a cooling off period of 30 days! However, it also had so many disclaimers that I did not feel confident in dealing with this dishonest company. I am so disgusted that I will not pay them any further money, & intend making a formal complaint to the US consumer authorities for a refund of the balance on my money.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2015

The general public need to know about this business and its pressure selling techniques. One guy on the phone was actually yelling at me to listen to him. Once I told him I was a lawyer he ended the phone call.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2015

Opened up. A message up popped you have won $3000.00 holiday Spree. Sunshine Holidays ring within 4 min. They were very smooth and professional. Passed from c/s to manager to credit. 6 nights at Summer Bay Resort then got conned into other packages: a cruise, East Coast Central Florida Beach, 1 week's car rental, and a Bonus Costa Rica. I didn't have the credit amount available ($1258 Australian) so they took $350 American, about $494 Australian. My bank advise me to shut down my account so they couldn't take any more. These immoral people have got to be stopped.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2015

It was a timeshare resort package. The cost for this package was suppose to be $398.00, fortunately Visa called and questioned the charges as there were three in a row, one for $198, one for $298 and another for $398. I called to cancelled and another representative gave me some story about their computer going out and that was why I was charged 3 times. He reiterated the package that I agreed to so I continue with the $398 purchase. This was to be a package that allow me 18 months to travel.

When I received the confirmation it was only good for 12 month, not 18 which would have not worked for me. Also that participants from several Florida counties would not qualify to participate in this offer even though he knew that I would be moving to Florida in a couple of months. I called Visa to cancel after I received the confirmation that they sent. The notice of cancellation required a signed copy of cancellation notice to be received within three business days. I ended up paying $20 to overnight my cancellation notice to them. I was able to get a refund from credit card.

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35 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2015

What an absolute waste. This is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen. My parents bought a timeshare house back in 1999, paid $20,000 to use one week every year in January. The maintenance fees were $440, now they are over $1200. They are in their mid to late 80's and don't travel anymore. I have tried to talk to Summer Bay about options with the timeshare and you can't get anybody competent on the phone, that's if you can even get through to talk to anybody.

My parents have deposited their unused weeks with RCI and that's another joke. All you get is more fees and nothing in return. You can't even sell the timeshare for 25% of what you pay for it, therefore you're stuck like my parents are paying maintenance fees and assessment fees for the rest of their lives for something they will never use again. I have found the people at Summer Bay rude and uninformed about their own property. In the end you would save much more money just picking out a week every year and paying out of pocket as if you were staying at a hotel.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2015

Like everyone here, I was there. Got the heavy sales pitch and bought it. I did some research on the Exploria Resorts website, and it seems that the exchange rate is quite clear: 100 reward credits are equal approximately $1. you can check for yourself, just run a search for several random deals and switch between "Money" and "Reward Credits", it's quite consistent.

I was promise 65,000 reward credits every even year, it means I get about $650 per year in purchasing power on the website. But when I tried to move them to the "marketplace" using the VOICE system it didn't work. The real problem is they want me to pay around the same amount in real Dollars every even year just for maintenance and membership, all that besides the regular monthly mortgage.

What the salesman told me, and that is why I agreed to sign the deal, is that the whole idea is that after I finish paying the mortgage (after 11 years) I still get reward credits every even year for the rest of my life and that's why the whole deal makes sense. He also promised that the 65,000 reward credits are worth much more than my annual fees. But it seems like all the credits I will get are actually being offset by the maintenance and membership fees so at the end I just lose the mortgage and get nothing in return, since I could just use the same amount of dollars to purchase directly wherever I want, without going through you and this whole process!

In addition, he promised me that my payments will be reported to the Credit bureaus on a monthly basis, and thus increase my credit score, and that is one of the main reason I agreed to sign the contract. But obviously he lied to me on this one as well. The only reason I still don't ask to cancel the deal and get my money back, is that I hope - really really hope - that there is something here I am missing. Did I miss anything? Please advise.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2015

Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Florida is engaging in immoral, unfair and probably illegal business practices. I bought a timeshare about 6 years ago and had to pay besides the mortgage, a yearly fee for assessments and another for their Crown market place to shop for high priced vacations. This fee also included the RCI Platinum membership. Last year I had a vacation at Summer Bay and they tried to sell me the new gimmick of upgrading to a new scam. I said "No thanks" but by year's end they sent me a notification that I could only use the regular RCI membership and if I tried to upgrade the membership to Platinum through RCI they will not transfer my points.

This is discrimination between the different membership, one group can upgrade their timeshare and get RCI platinum and the other is not allowed to buy RCI platinum or upgrade to RCI Platinum with RCI with the threat of losing our points if we do so. This is not what we agreed to and I wish someone would file a class action suit against Exploria Resorts for shady business practices. All buyers beware this is not what they are selling you!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 16, 2015

PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS TIMESHARE!!! It sounds great at the presentation, that's their job. But NONE of what the salesperson says is true. And once you are in it they will NOT let you out of it. I'm now stuck trying to sell the one we bought and that is another headache. I purchased at Summer Bay and I can't even go there for a discount and it is my home resort. My cousin has Silverleaf and at least she can go to her home resort for $49 a night. I'm so frustrated with this resort. We actually bought the timeshare to use it, so as soon as I got my login info I started to search for somewhere to go but EVERYWHERE is overpriced and FULLY booked. I do not understand how stupid we were to buy this crap, it should be illegal for them to promise us all these things but not come through on any of it. Have any of these timeshares been sued before? Let's get together and do something about these lies that they tell!!!

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2015

The Summer Bay scam in Florida sounded too good to be true. As I am new at the computer I didn't know if I should look at this mail that was annoying me at the time as I was looking at something else. The staff sounded professional and gave me a number to obtain my trip to Florida. All I had to do was to pay $898. They didn't ask for my credit card as she said I didn't sound too excited. I told her my daughter investigates everything and gave my daughter the website they put me on but she couldn't get through. I think it's cruel what they do to others. They wouldn't like it done to themselves. Who needs people like that.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2015

Very polished presentation on the computer and phone techniques. They must be well-trained or have it all on a computer screen. Very polite when describing the holiday details. They say they are affiliated with Disney world as they use its logo. If this is so, Disney should be ashamed of themselves or sue the ** off this mob. What a bunch of scammers. I don't know how these bunch sleep at night and they are Americans scamming in their own backyard. What a disgrace, they have no morals whatsoever.

You are handed over to a manager who says they will answer all your questions then comes the credit card request. Well don't give it to them. There are much better and reputable deals you can obtain. If it sounds cheap, you're right, it's as cheap as the people who are involved in this shonky scam. SEEMS THIS MOB HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. Don't the yanks have any balls and close down this so called resort. WHAT A JOKE, IT MAKES THEM LOOK LIKE IDIOTS!

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Original review: Dec. 3, 2014

The computer I had a flashing screen advising if I rang in 4 minutes I would win a vacation to the value of three thousand dollars. It sounded great so I rang the number and a lady milly ** answered and continued on congratulating me and after long explanations out came the wanting of my credit card information. When I was reluctant to give those details she put me through to another lady posing as a manager and she again pressured me to give payment of about $1200 NZ cash towards a fantastic holiday with my credit. I advised I wasn't going to give those details over the phone. She really started to pressure me again to release details that mastercard credit companies wouldn't advertise their logo if this was a scam in regards to my credit card details..then looked on consumer complaints and other people who experienced and got ripped off...I was on to it and hung. Other people might not be so lucky.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2014

Summer Bay Resorts continue to target unsuspecting Australians. My experience in November 2014 is identical to that reported in June. I too was pressured into supplying information and credit details and not given the opportunity to check the credentials of the company. I have been promised 6 nights in Orlando Florida, 7 days car rental, 3 nights Daytona Beach, 2 nights Bahamas Cruise and 4 nights at Guanacaste, Costa Rica. All this can be mine for $898 if I agree to participate in 90-minute timeshare presentation PLUS $199 per person "departure fee" for Bahamas cruise, PLUS $250 booking fee for Costa Rica PLUS $300 for meals & room service. I was quoted $1386 AUD but have been debited almost $1500AUD. I too, like others did not receive a receipt. (A phone inquiry led me to click on yet another link to view a receipt of sorts which shows payment as pending. Assurances that they would also email all paperwork were followed through.) After finally completing my consultation with several polite but overly persuasive people, I was left shaking and wondering what I had gotten myself into?

A brief look online quickly brought up poor reviews about shoddy accommodation, misleading information - the Bahamas cruise is a 4 hour trip to Fort Lauderdale. People arrive at resort to find they have been booked at an entirely different "overflow" location etcetera. Immediate contact with my bank showed the payment had already been processed. I am leaving it in the hands of my bank to sort out the return of my money as I see from other's experience that no satisfaction will be gained by attempting to obtain a refund from Summer Bay Resorts.

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80 people found this review helpful
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2014

They show you fancy pictures and videos only to lead you to the property but when you get there it's not what you expected and they refused to make amends for it. While the agents are very courteous at the front desk management, stays behind a door in case you need to make a complaint and they send the people at the front desk out like messengers only to deliver the bad news rather than facing you upfront. After asking numerous times about a whirlpool or Jacuzzi type bath tub in the room they told me over and over again all of the rooms had it however when I arrived I was given a rusty oval bathtub with no jets in it and they refuse to move me into what I was told was a standard amenity. The claim that they were sold out get the parking lots work and there were few people coming in Pittsburgh. The apartment that I stay in next door was thinking as well as the next door and next door and so on and so on yet they still refuse to move which is very shady business practices and extremely unprofessional. I was so turned off by the ordeal, I left two days earlier than I was supposed to leave and let them have the money as I had no choice.

I know I overpaid and the management basically had this ‘take it or leave it’ attitude, you have to be an honor to get somewhat some sort of respect. It left me in a sour mood before I left and I refuse to go to the front office. When I went to the business presentation the conversation was recorded and then listen to I guess more than one conversation where they said that they couldn't find anything that was promised to me. I had to inform them that it was not about promises that was made to me, it was about amenities that I specifically asked for and was told that they had and I had specifically asked for those amenities for my suite. It's different strokes for different folks. Use them if you want to, however keep in mind that you may not get what you ask for but you will receive an abundance of non cooperation and rudeness from the management. Be careful what you ask for because you just may not get it. I'm a timeshare owner with the Sheraton and this is what I get for wanting to try something new.

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