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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2023

I am utterly disappointed by the horrendous experience I have had with Holiday Inn Resorts. From the very beginning, they have been a source of lies and deceit, hiding behind a veil of false promises and assurances. It is a pity that such a reputed hotel chain would stoop so low as to engage in such malpractices. Despite repeated attempts to resolve the issue, Holiday Inn Resorts has persistently refused to work with us to find a mutually beneficial solution. Their uncooperative attitude and lack of empathy towards our predicament have only worked to exacerbate the situation. The level of incompetence and indifference displayed by their representatives has left me feeling stranded in a sea of uncertainty and frustration.

I cannot begin to describe the severe impact this has had on our holiday plans, not to mention the emotional distress we have had to endure as a result of Holiday Inn Resorts' deplorable conduct. It is unacceptable that a company with such a large customer base would treat their patrons in such a callous and apathetic manner. I implore anyone who cares about quality customer service to avoid this establishment at all costs. The way they have treated us is a testament to their utter lack of professionalism and disregard for customer satisfaction. Do not make the same mistake we did - stay far away from Holiday Inn Resorts.

Eric and Tracy **

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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2023

Holiday Inn lied to us to get us to sign their contract – they pitched many of the same things you see in the complaints below. They claimed availability wouldn’t be an issue, yet it always is. This was supposed to be an investment that our family could use even after we pass away. The reality is that there is no value in a timeshare, but our family is still expected to pay fees even after we are long gone. Speaking of fees, maintenance fees were never properly disclosed. We had no clue that they lasted forever and would ALWAYS go up! So far, Holiday Inn has taken over $25,000 from us and we have gotten a total of TWO nights in a “resort” in return. Before going on vacation do some research and make sure to avoid these modern-day scam artists.

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    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2023

    My history with Holiday Inn has been incredibly disappointing. I attended a presentation at Desert Club Resort, which was promised as a special opportunity for members, but it was just another attempt to push timeshare upgrades. The initial lack of transparency about the true nature of the presentation left me feeling deceived. The sales pitch boasted unrestricted travel and luxury benefits with an upgrade. Enticed, I agreed to an upgrade for $30,000.

    The quick contract signing with Lucinda ** added to my skepticism. Reality hit hard after the upgrade. Booking trips, especially to Greece and Hawaii, proved nearly impossible due to availability issues. Worse, the "Horizons" buyback program, promised as a safety net, doesn't exist. This experience shattered my trust in Holiday Inn. I'm deeply disappointed by their deceptive tactics and unfulfilled promises. Potential customers should be cautious, as my rights as a consumer were disregarded. If this isn't resolved promptly, I'll have to take further steps to protect those rights. Holiday Inn's practices have left me regretful and bitter.

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    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2023

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations has swindled us into quite the contract, without fully disclosing financial information, and fluffed a bunch of so-called ‘benefits’ to get us to sign. NOTHING they said during the meeting was true. For starters they said the meeting would be 1-hour, but they held us there for 5 long hours. They even went as far as saying DISNEY WAS INCLUDED!! i.e., RESORTS, CRUISES, AND THEME PARKS! We found out that this was untrue, and DISNEY HAS NO RELATIONSHIP of any sorts with Holiday Inn. We were also told availability would not be an issue, but that is all we have are issues with availability or the lack of. Be advised that if you accept an invitation from Holiday Inn, you will regret it sooner or later.

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    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2023

    My experience with Silverleaf Resorts, now under Holiday Inn Vacation Club’s ownership, has been nothing but a complete disappointment and a horrible waste of time and money. In 2017, we became owners and since then are constantly bombarded with meetings and pressure to purchase more points. At our last meeting, in 2021, it was supposed to last just 45 minutes, but it turned into a four-hour-long nightmare of high-pressure sales tactics. We were coerced into upgrading to Holiday Inn's point system, with the false threat that we would lose all the money we had invested in our previous timeshare if we didn't comply. Despite expressing our clear disinterest in the upgrade, the staff showed no respect for our wishes and continued to manipulate us with lies about the benefits of ownership. The promise that we could use these points at ANY Holiday Inn location turned out to be utterly false.

    The so-called benefits associated with this contract, such as wide-open availability, rental income, and tax benefits, were completely fabricated lies. The financial side of the deal was equally deceptive. We were kept in the dark and unaware of the true cost of the purchase over time. What truly shocked me was how your salespeople took advantage of my husband, a 69-year-old disabled veteran suffering from serious health issues, including memory loss and Lewy body dementia. It is deplorable that this company preys on people in such vulnerable states, all in the pursuit of profit. To make matters worse, the contract lacked any credible debt waiver for loss of life, despite my husband’s health condition.

    The financial burden imposed by this deceitful contract is simply too much to bear. Hidden fees and ever-increasing payments have left us struggling to keep up. My cries for help have been ignored with no offers of a solution. I would strongly advise anyone considering a timeshare with Holiday Inn to stay far away to avoid being their next victim.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

    Holiday Inn has been nothing but a PAIN to deal with. We were tricked into signing a timeshare contract with them, which it seems like many others were tricked too, based on all the reviews we just read through. It is embarrassing to see how horrible their work ethics are seeing how many people they have lied to. We were told many things that aren’t true include the following:

    If we no longer wanted this timeshare, giving it back to Holiday Inn would be swift and simple. We have tried to do this, but we were directed to another company where they told us to pay off the entirety of the mortgage plus an additional $1,200 to start.
    We were also promised we could use our points at clubs, IHG hotels, and RCI properties. Every time we tried to book, there is somehow no availability, but when looking elsewhere, there is plenty of availability. We tried to book a trip to Chicago but the only place that we were able to stay was 2 hours outside the city.

    We could pass this on to family members as a gift. At no point did they tell us our heirs would be FORCED to take over the contract and pay the remainder of whatever fees Holiday Inn decides to make up.

    There is no feeling in the world like getting scammed, so if you don’t want the same feeling steer clear of Holiday Inn.

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    Reviewed Aug. 14, 2023

    We received a phone call stating that we had won a free stay at Piney Shores. However, upon arrival, we were informed that we had to attend a presentation to receive our free stay, which lasted for about four hours. The sales team pressured us into buying a timeshare, despite our reservations. They made false promises about nearly every aspect of ownership and did not provide us with accurate information about the loan we were taking out.

    We have been paying for this contract for over a decade and have not received any of the promised benefits. We have never taken a single vacation. If there was ever any mention of having to book 6-12 months in advance, we’d never have done this. Our work schedules alone make that impossible. In the last 11 years, we have paid well over $30,000 for nothing! We feel deceived and manipulated and want to end our relationship with Holiday Inn and Orange Lake.

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    Reviewed July 24, 2023

    I feel the need to share my terrible experience with Holiday Inn Club Vacations' deceitful timeshare program. My wife and I were promised luxurious vacations worldwide, including trips to Disney resorts with our family. However, the reality was a web of fraudulent claims and manipulative tactics that left us financially burdened. I hope this review serves as a warning to others. We were enticed by the prospect of dream vacations and a fraction of the cost through a Holiday Inn representative. Little did we know we were being severely ripped off. The initial hour-long presentation turned into a grueling four-hour ordeal filled with pressure and incomplete information. Hidden fees and our right to cancel were conveniently omitted.

    Despite declining several times, we were coerced with false promises of profitability and belittled for not providing our children with extensive Disney vacations! The constant ringing of a bell and fabricated urgency further manipulated us. All smoke and mirrors with Holiday Inn. The reality of our timeshare ownership didn't align with the promises, at all. Booking vacations became a nightmare of insufficient points, forcing us to purchase more points repeatedly. The pandemic worsened the situation. Despite being assured of “deeded property”, we couldn't stay anywhere during Covid while still making payments. When travel restrictions eased, the resorts were either inaccessible or drastically deteriorated. The once-reputable brand of Holiday Inn has been tarnished by their lack of honesty and decency. I urge anyone considering a Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshare to beware and avoid this heart-wrenching and financially draining experience.

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    Reviewed July 18, 2023

    Holiday Inn Club Vacations is ruthless, and unethical to its core. Since becoming owners, my wife has passed and I cannot afford this solely on my own income with everything else I have to pay – I’ve reached out to Holiday Inn Club Vacations informing them of this, and they are forcing me to remain financially responsible, and I cannot take on this burden anymore. They only care about the number of deals they can close; they don’t care about how this affects people’s livelihoods. You’re just another dollar sign to them! They’ll harass you until you sign a contract, and God-forbid something life-changing happens, they’ll harass you for your payments. You’ll NEVER be able to use this when or where you want, not without being told you’re not using it right, or you don’t have the right week or number of points, and that you need to upgrade. IT'S ALL JUST ONE HUGE SCAM!!

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    Reviewed July 18, 2023

    My experience with Holiday Inn Resorts was HORRIBLE! Mostly due to misleading sales tactics & a significant disconnect between promises & reality; and despite declining their offers multiple times, the sales staff persisted & resorted to deceptive tricks. I was never provided with necessary documentation such as the rescission period or a truth in lending document. I was trapped & pressured by an intensive presentation resulting in an ill-explained & predatory contract. I was shown an enticing video featuring luxurious beachfront hotels with the assurance that these accommodation would be available to me as an owner.

    The pressure to make a purchase intensified with more than 2 persons joining the pitch. I was shown a villa but the actual resort I stayed at was far from what was advertised & resembled something you could book online for $79.00 a night. To add insult to injury I was not allowed access to the entire resort area amenities. My stay was underwhelming and fell far short of what was advertised. Attempts to seek clarification & resolution were met with deaf ears. A paid new owner orientation intended to shed light on my purchase was abruptly cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances due to the pandemic. The lack of transparency became evident when I discovered the exorbitant mortgage payment of nearly $300 a month & over $900 annual maintenance fees.

    Holiday Inn Resorts timeshares has been marred by misleading sales tactics, unfulfilled promises & a significant disparity between what was advertised and what was delivered. I strongly advise potential buyers to approach these timeshares with caution and conduct thorough research before committing to any agreements. You're better off at a regular hotel! This isn't the investment they described..,This is an expensive RIP OFF!!!

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    Holiday Inn was founded in 1952 and is now an InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) brand. There are more than 1,200 Holiday Inn hotels with 228,100 rooms worldwide, making it one of the world’s largest hotel chains.

    • Kids stay free: At Holiday Inns there is no charge for children under age 19 when they stay in the same room as their parents. Kids under 12 can order off the children’s menu for free at all onsite restaurants. Guests can visit the Holiday Inn website for more information.

    • Pools and fitness centers: Most hotels in this chain have indoor and/or outdoor pools available for recreational or fitness activities. Guests will also likely have access to a fitness center when staying at a Holiday Inn.

    • Supports small business: Holiday Inn is currently involved in IHG’s Journey to Extraordinary campaign. This year, the brand is exploring ways to help small businesses owners and entrepreneurs with business travel. They have partnered with two small businesses, Sword & Plough and Perfect 10, to learn about the small business traveler and find ways to make travel easier for that group.

    • Rewards credit card: With IHG’s Rewards Club Select Credit Card cardholders earn points for every purchase they make, which can then be used for free hotel stays at any IHG hotel, including Holiday Inns. New customers can receive 70,000 bonus points when they spend at least $2,000 during the first three months they have the IHG Credit Card, which can give them as many as 14 free nights. See IHG’s website to apply.

    • Smartphone app: IHG’s app makes it easy for travelers to quickly book a room at any of their brands, including Holiday Inn. The Flyertea Travel Awards named the app the Best Travel Mobile App in 2015. It is available for both Apple and Android platforms.

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