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Booked under "Government Rates" for official travel. Arrived after 10 hour drive and found that person I was to meet with would be departing prior to my meeting/expected stay time. Cancelled reservations at desk, told too late to cancel reservations for the Friday night stay, but that charges for expected Saturday and Sunday would be cancelled. Understanding hotel rules, said ok. Then get bill, Friday night cancelled' but Saturday and Sunday charged - complete reverse and doubling bill despite over 24 HR, cancellation notice for those days. Investigation finds Hampton Inn Marion taking advantage of local charity event for CANCER SURVIVORS to jack up rates and Hilton Corporate unwilling to intervene ("local hotel has decision") and feckless to intervene or fix their own reservation confirmation that says "Government Rate" with cancellation rules attached, when it is, or supposedly not. Never use Hilton again.

They were helpful, gave us plenty of options. It was a little pricey but for the area it was a good deal. Hotel was very pretty, had a nice pool and cool rooftop bar. Good gym. We don't usually opt for extras but it seemed standard. Overall the hotel the great. It was clean, beautiful and quiet. The location was perfect for walking to our preferred bars/restaurants. The rooftop bar was a very neat feature (drinks are pricey!). Pool was very small, not for kids but great for adults looking for a nice cool off in the afternoon.

Mediocre. It was rather noisy but we were on the ground floor. I requested a fruit basket on our arrival that they never delivered however they didn't charge us either. Also, there was not very much toilet paper in our room the first night.

Attentive staff, high quality. Supplies everything one needs. Free parking, free breakfast. Fantastic location, competitive pricing, delicious hot breakfast, a lot of shopping nearby, clean rooms, professional, friendly, accommodating staff.

Everything but the loss of my headphones was marginally satisfactory. The television in my room did not work and I had to move to another room. Whenever possible I tell this story and try to never stay in one of their properties again. Hide your valuable materials.

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I understand that sometimes mistakes happen and there can be a double charge on a credit card (although it never happened to me before). I don't consider that a reason to stop using a hotel or the hotel brand (Hilton). What lost me as a customer forever to any of the Hilton Hotels is how this issue is being handled. It is NOT being handled. I stayed at the Hampton Inn on 8/22 and 8/23 and the reservation was made through a 3rd party reservation company. It was paid in advance of my arrival at the hotel. They took my credit card for incidentals and when I checked out was told there were no additional charges since it was prepaid. However, it is showing a charge of $201 and change on my credit card the day after I checked out.

I called the hotel and spoke with CHAAYA, who immediately went on the defense and ended up hanging up on me. I called her back and as soon as she heard my voice hung up again. I went online and filed a complaint with Hilton Corporation. I requested a call. To date, I have not received a call. I did receive an email telling me they talked to CHAAYA and she said it was because my card was declined with the 3rd party billing. My card has never been declined in my life, and if it HAD BEEN declined, why is it on my credit card statement - twice. Once with the 3rd party, and then it shows that Hilton billed me again. Hilton's blatant refusal to discuss the issue led me to file a complaint with the BBB who is looking into it. This sounds like fraud to me. Either way, I will NEVER use the Hilton brand again.

I was at Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport hotel for a wedding on 9//316-9/4/16. I put my son (18 months old) to bed at 10ish, I went to bed around 11. Around 11, my son started tossing around, I went to bed wondering reason for it. Around midnight, I woke up because my hands/arms started getting itchy, I turned on my flashlight and saw bed bug bites on my hand, I managed to kill in bed bug and took his picture... Totally not acceptable.

I had a reservation at Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites for Sept. 3rd and 4th nights but due to weather condition at Ocean City, MD (state of emergency due to hurricane Hermine) I asked to cancel the reservation. I have a one year old baby and could not feel safe to go there. But they have said they are going to charge penalty for 1 night (50000 points) which is ridiculous as it was not my fault to request the cancellation of the reservation 1 day before.

WORST handling of a reservation I have ever had... These people they have working for them are Incompetent. First I call the hotel to find the room rates they say 234.00 per night... While I'm on hold I find the same room on Trivago for 116.00 a night. I bring this to the attention of the phone rep. She says "no, no, no, don't book it through Trivago. We guarantee the best prices and we also have a website you go to and will receive an additional 50.00 (**) but I need to reserve the room. They won't charge my card (**). I say ok, hang up, go to the website, fill in all required areas and receive an email confirming THEY received it... Call the hotel 2 day later to just confirm my reservation... cause of so many bad reviews about this hotel's reservation problems. And was told my room was available but was 234.00. I said "no, no, no, it should be 134.41 as stated on the Trivago website."

They asked for my email confirming my guarantee price match... I gave them the confirmation #**... They say they don't have a record of it... Hummmm. This continues for about 3 hours. I started the original. Call at 2:48 pm on Friday. By 6 pm they say they don't know, there's nothing they can do and since it's past the 24hr mark they can't end my reservation?? Well guess what if your incompetent employees would of figured it out when I called at 2:48 pm almost an hour and a half before my (24) hr deadline we wouldn't be seeing this post.

I did think highly of the Hilton hotels in general. But come on people I got a hotel right down the street with a pool and very wonderful complimentary breakfast and even allowed me to stay an hour after my original check out time for (150.00) and guess what... it was the Hampton Inn 1301 race street. I would recommend this hotel. Very friendly staff and nice pool. I will stay here again... And they're owned by the same company what the **... Your over the phone reservation staff need to be sent to re-education camps.

I was updating my profile on Hilton HHonors and checking hotels for a future trip I might take in Hungary. Next day I notice my credit card has a charge from the Hilton in Budapest. After numerous calls, and emails to both Hilton HHonors and the hotel directly in Budapest, Hungary I was treated with most disrespect a human can be treated. No one would help and told me it is my fault. I advised them I cannot be in Hungary from Chicago that same day and I was only checking for prices not purchasing anything. Hilton stole close to $300.00 from illegally charging my credit card.

My son and girlfriend were going to New York for a mini vacation and I wanted them to stay somewhere a little nicer than they would normally pay for. I bought them the American Express Hilton Gift card so they could do just that. They decided on Hilton Time Square but were unable to make reservation with the card. I called Hilton Honors to see how they could use the card to make the reservation and was told after being transferred 2 times that they needed to call redemption center to make reservation and redeem card (WRONG!). My son called and after being transferred 3 times and 45 minutes later, found someone they thought knew what was going on. Woman said she would make their reservation at Hilton Time Square, but they needed to pay upfront with a credit card and when they checked in, advise desk they were changing payment and using gift card. Woman said card would be credited back and gift card used for payment. (WRONG)

My son just called from New York and said hotel would not honor card as it had been an advance purchase and room was paid. I called HH and was told since it was booked advance pay nothing could be done, take the cards and use them to pay her credit card bill (WRONG). Cards can only be used on Hilton properties. I was transferred to advance purchase desk, they transferred me to Hilton Help desk. I was told they had been booked a lower rate which was advance purchase and nothing could be done. My contention was that woman who booked room knew a gift card was being used, told them incorrectly how it would be handled at hotel, but booked room as advance purchase. Now we have 300.00 in gift cards which Hilton customer service does not know how they work so who knows how to use them, kids in New York paying for something over their budget, and a HH rewards member that will never again recommend Hilton or its affiliates.

I am out of work, have traveled and stayed at Hilton properties for over 27 years, and when requesting access to my points to use for an upcoming stay, I was informed by Gisele in Dallas Customer Relations that I was ten days late on using/staying with Hilton and that all my points are dissolved! As a gesture, she said she can reinstate me but it will cost me half my points accumulated and available... And that she can give back some points as long as I stay at a Hilton for certain qualifying stays. This is outrageous. She said it is policy and that the VP of Hilton HHonors, Chris Nassetta is the one in charge and that this is as far as she can go. Unreal!

Years of using Hilton, and this is their method of handling a loyal customer who happens to be out of work. I am very dissatisfied in Gisele of Dallas and the policy of Vice President of Hilton HHonors Chris Nassetta! By the way I started with "Mary" out of an offshore C/R office, does not understand or speak English well. If I didn't know Hilton over the years I would think this is a company in serious decline. Hope not.

When calling to cancel my reservation at Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center this morning, I surprisingly found out I was over the time limit of 72 hours. I was unaware of a 72 hour cancellation. I was over 48 hours and accustomed to a 24 hour cancel policy like all the other hotel chains we stay at. In speaking with customer service at corporate they informed me of the cancel policy but that it is up to the individual hotel to waive the first night's fee.

The corporate office sent over an email to this hotel, Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center, asking for a cancel credit and I called them direct as well. I was told by Christine, the financial person who has the final say at that location, that the 72 hour cancel is "fair and equitable" for everyone and kept repeating that and they would not allow the fee to be waived. She said they cannot distinguish between a death in the family, missed flights, etc so. therefore the, their stance stands.

I can only say how absolutely upset and sadden I am by her remarks. Fair and equitable basically means in a nutshell they don't want to be "bothered" and they don't have a heart, they don't care what the circumstances are and that a policy is a policy and there is no adjustment even though the corporate office claims there can be. This hotel will likely rebook this room as they are currently sold out anyway.

We have stayed at the Hilton chain over our many years, just recently becoming a member of their awards program as I figured "why not". I have been happy with our stays at other properties and have been met with high customer service but I am very dishearten by this one particular hotel location, Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center. They were not understanding at all and couldn't care less and that is not "human" in my opinion.

As a business owner myself, I understand policy however, there is such a thing as using good judgement and with this management team at this location, Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Convention Center, this seems to be fully lacking. Somehow I can't help but think if the shoe were on the other foot this management team and Christine at this location would think and act otherwise. Very very disappointed. Heartless. At this hotel it's all about the money, not customer service when needed - that was very obvious. Also this hotel is booked solid with no room for the date they are changing for the missed day. How greedy does the Embassy Suites by Hilton Tampa Convention Center need to be? Unethical.

I was once again disappointed with the Hilton Brand. I choose it again because my daughter works for the company but again I DISAPPOINTED!! I came to California for my cancer treatment and asked to reserve an ocean view room, but when I arrived I was told there were no more available, they didn't know what happened. I asked to speak to manager but was told he wouldn't be in until the morning which I would be at the clinic then but they would take care of it.

I asked for one of my nights to be complementary if they couldn't get what I reserved or I needed to move hotels to one more affordable and closer to my clinic as this hotel was an hour away. The only reason I came to this hotel was to see the ocean. So no sense in being here if I couldn't see it. Needless to say they did not even have the manager respond to my request or anything. I asked 3 times to at least speak to one and finally at check out he came out and was rude and unapologetic about the expense, the inconvenience and the switch of my room.

When attempting to book a hotel with a Hilton Honors gift card, we were forced to pay the highest possible rate. After more than three hours on the phone with the hotel, central booking, and others we were booked one of the discounted rates and assured that we would be able to use our gift card with the rate. Instead, they booked a non-refundable rate on our credit card, and we were stuck holding an unused gift card that is probably worth about 50 cents on the dollar of what was paid for it. The hotels are generally fine, but stay away from the scam of gift cards.

In short my safety was in question checking in with other guests around me. Security never came. Guests got into a shoving match in line right behind me. They overcharged me for an upgrade I didn't want. When it was too late there was nothing they could do and they don't know what happened so "oh well". They bragged about giving me useless 10,000 pts when I contacted corporate. To get a free night at Hilton you need to stay at least 20 times. Their response was demeaning when I contacted corporate. They didn't address 2 of the issues I complained about. It's a joke to them... They don't care whatsoever. I am a platinum Hyatt member and this I know would never happen and they would never make anyone feel like crap for complaining.

I am lodging at this hotel. I only asked for the On Demand channel to be abled so I may watch a movie. In return the agent granted me access, however, mistakenly called my room saying that I was very, very, very high maintenance however she didn't know that she was talking directly to me. She thought she called her manager. I feel very offended and belittled. They apologized and sent gifts to my room and even credit me one free night stay. However it doesn't change my emotions on wanting to stay here. Tonight I will be leaving.

I have been on the phone all morning with the hotel and the corporate office. The hotel could not find the reservation, so I called corporate office and spoke to the supervisor to try to resolve the issue because the hotel itself couldn't do anything for me. They stated that the reservation wasn't completed because of the payment method, which is why the website didn't populate the confirmation#. I send this to the supervisor who hung up on me, and when I called me they couldn't locate him, so I was connected to a different supervisor who still didn't resolve my issue because there was not confirmation# and there is no availability. They are so unprofessional.

What a terrible disappointment with Hilton Hotels. After 16 years of using Hilton Hotels, every time we travel, we were terribly let down for the 1st time. The reservations agent did not give us proper information regarding the hotel distance being it was a convention for young people. I even specified the fact that they would walk to the convention and back, and needed a hotel. Close. When we arrived, the hotel was 2 1/2 miles away, in another city from where the convention was. When we arrived, and saw the distance, that would be unsafe to walk. We called Hilton. After going through 6 dropped calls, at 12:30 at night, they eventually told us the department was closed.

I spoke with the lady at the front desk of the Hilton Hotel named TAMEESHA. She was extremely rude, cut and dry, and told me she could not do anything, and if I did not stay, I would be charged for the night. I requested to speak with the manager, was not in till the following Monday. Today, he responded back and after listening to the story, he told me it was hotel policy but they had to charge for the night.

Customer service is not important. Reservation mistakes, not important. I called the Corporate offices, after explaining, NOT IMPORTANT EITHER. They stated that they could not override whatever the hotel bills for. So a manager decided that he would charge us half of the rate of the room. It is not important, anything that may have happened, NO CUSTOMER SERVICE IS IMPORTANT. There are many hotels out there that are willing to have better customer service than this. It's not important how loyal and how much you may have spent being a loyal customer. Therefore, from here forward, we will seek another hotel chain.

I was transferred four times and put on hold for over 1.5 hours with my first call to Hilton HHonors. After over an hour and a few transfers, I finally spoke to someone. The customer service representative took my information and stated my hotel rooms were confirmed, and he would email me confirmation. I never received a confirmation, so I called back, then I was put back on hold for 30 minutes. The customer service manager Donna, Sign # ** (she would not give me her last name) spoke to me and offered me 1000 points for my inconvenience. They are charging 60,000 points for $249.00 room at the Hampton Inn and wanted to charge me an additional $25 per 10,000 point transfer. For an organization that is as large as the Hilton Corporation, I would expect trained and competent customer service.

I have been using Hilton for over 15 years. I used to love the company. They have lost their way. Their customer service must be outsourced. It is the worst I have ever seen. It doesn't matter your status, they don't even listen, they don't try to help. I would never recommend them. They lost touch with customers! Especially loyal business travel customers. Esp. Hilton Honors customer service!!!

I have visited several Hilton's throughout the state and never have I been so distraught with the services provided to me and my husband by the Hilton Shreveport. I was supposed to be on vacation, choose this hotel away from the casinos and noise. Wanted to relax by a pool for a few days just to be told the pool will be down until the day I leave. Needless to say I expressed my feelings toward this with a request to be moved to another Hilton. He instead says "I can give you a breakfast." I laughed of course. This was the worst stay I have ever had. Also the food was disgusting! To top it off they took two deposits without authorization. So be careful with your choice. Very unhappy consumer. I wish I could post the burger they expected us to eat too!

When booking a hotel for my vacation I chose to use a hotel with a strong branding behind it. I regret to inform you that with the service that you and your staff provided was not up to the Hilton standard that I expected. In the past when visiting Canada I stayed at the Best Western, and I received better services. I will also be forwarding a version of this letter to your cooperate office.

During my stay two credit cards were charged double the amount that the room cost and when this was brought up I was greeted with horrible customer service. My biggest concern is when speaking to you, JONATHAN **, Assistant Director. I was not greeted with warmth or even an ounce of concern for what I was dealing with at the hotel that he "runs", the front desk area. He repeated it to me over and over again. When speaking about the incident, I was continually asked about if I had money or not. Inappropriate.

As a Hilton honors member, we've enjoyed our previous stays at other locations, particularly at Hampton Inn properties. However, our stay July 3, 2016 was a total disappointment beginning with the assignment of a second floor room that was flooded with water coming from the shower stall onto the entryway and carpet. When reported, we were given room 310 without an operable safety deposit box and clock with an alarm. We informed the front desk that we were leaving for dinner and would be back. When we returned, we asked if someone could look at the clock and safety deposit box with the response that it was already looked at and the clock doesn't work and the alternative was to request a wake up call.

Also, the room maid was the only person who could repair the safety deposit box and she was not on duty and scheduled to return the following morning which didn't matter since we would be checking out at 7 am. Isn't it hotel policy that staff members should not enter a guest room without permission and doing so is an invasion of privacy? When we returned home, this negative experience was reported via email to the property. In response, Sylvia **, Front office and Reservations Manager apologized for our experience and that she intends to educate and train her staff to better address and resolve guest issues in the future.

We have stayed at Hilton hotels around the world but have never been as disappointed in a Hilton as I am today. We promised our granddaughter that we would go swimming each night during our current stay in Anaheim, California. I've disappointed my family in my choice of hotels. The pool is so disgusting I can't chance our granddaughter swimming in it and catching something. This pool is not to the usual quality that we have come to expect from Hilton. The guest services states that it from so many people, but for the last two days, the Omni had no issues in keeping their pool clean!

We were 5 delegates from India and got booked Hotel Hampton by Hilton, Kings Dock Mill, Liverpool for stay from 16th June to 19th June. We reached there at 1pm on 16th June. We had two delegates aged 70 years, so we requested for early check in. We requested a healthy gentlemen with French cut for early check in, he did not attended us for long time and then said no. We were to have our lunch so we were to get 8 bags of luggage to be deposited with them. We clearly wrote our name and bag number on the slip like 1/8, 2/8... 8/8. We handed these 8 bags to this fellow probably his name was Louise. When we came back and asked for the bags. He gave us only 6 bags. We asked for 2 more which he said, "No we do not have." We were shocked as those bags had valuables worth 1.5 lakhs rupees. We requested him to please find the bags. He went in and gave us paper to write the name, we again wrote clear name on the paper.

He again came back and said no. We asked him to take us inside where the bags were stored for which he refused. Then we had to forcibly get inside where we were shocked to see the 2 bags lying there. That fellow jumped and snatched the paper slips from the bags so that we cannot have further proof for complaints. We wrote this to the Hilton Customer support who send it to the person who was so negligent and ill-behaved as he did not even said sorry. In the email he has written that he found the bags and gave them to us whereas he did nothing. Then he wrote Names were not readable whereas he has got the Names clearly written from us.

Above all this he has written that it's complimentary service so no responsibility. Shocked to see that person who is so negligent, ill-behaved, irresponsible is made to give us the reply. No higher authority tried to inquire the truth of the matter and fact which is complete non-sense. Hilton according to us is the most ill-managed hotels for us as compared to Novotel, ibis, Holiday inn etc.

Hilton, Knoxville Tennessee Cumberland Avenue - In 35 years of traveling around the world I have never had a reservation rate change from the time of booking, to email confirmation, and upon arrival!! We booked 6 rooms. We're given the price by a Hilton reservation agent and confirmed via email and verbally prior to arrival. When we arrived half of the rooms were not available and we were told by the lady who booked the rooms she made a mistake with the discounted rate and the new price is $20 plus, per night, per room which is a significant increase. The agent referred us to the manager who not only did not care, but attempted to hide/avoid any interaction to resolve the matter.

Time after time we were told to speak with the manager only for him to not show up or suddenly disappear. There was no effort to resolve the issue in a professional reasonable manner. Then the situation got even more ridiculous...out of the blue three of our other reserved rooms for our incoming guest are were cancelled...yes cancelled!! They changed the rate once we arrived, canceled 3 rooms, customer service is non-existent and they pass their mistake off on the customer and management is, WELL actually there is NO effective management.

DO NOT STAY at this Hilton. The location is surrounded by noise, non-stop construction and dealing with unethical business practices and substandard personnel is not worth the headache!!! I have never been treated so poorly and from a renowned business which prides itself on "Life is Better at the Garden" and " Make yourself at Home".

I recently traveled all over the midwest changing hotels nightly. All of my reservations were with Hilton products. I had to make several changes and they accommodated me every time. The real above and beyond is that I left a new iPad at one of their hotels and not only received a phone call that they had it, but they shipped it to me at no cost. I received it within two days. WOW! I'm a loyal Hilton customer and always prefer their products!

From the beginning of this process, we have struggled to overcome one hurdle after another. The first issue was communication, where no one was able to help us but the director of sales. Unfortunately we left message after message and called constantly to get a hold of her. After a week we finally received a call back to help us move forward... that should have been the turning point where I took my business elsewhere. Upon moving forward and receiving our agreement, the pricing was wildly different than what we'd discussed over the phone.

After spending multiple days getting the pricing figured out we patiently waited for the online booking link to help our guests reserve rooms through an easy, customized link. When we finally got the first roll out of this group rate link, it was to someone else's group. After trying to sort out the link we were left waiting. A few days later they had the link sorted out and everything was set to go. With relief, I trusted everything was in place to be smooth from here on. My mistake again as I trusted in Hilton to have it together.

A month later one of my guests let me know she was having trouble booking and that there weren't any reservations left. I knew this couldn't be right so I dug into the issue. Come to find out that when someone goes to make a reservation through the online link, they are told that no reservations are available under our group!!

I immediately addressed this with the local Hilton/Homewood Suites management who had no solutions to offer other than, "I can make a reservation for you over the phone if you'd like?" Trying to make it very clear I wanted a functioning link, I was told they'd work on it but had no time estimate for a solution and haven't done anything to help make up for our lost confidence. I tried to find help through contacting the corporate number since the local Hilton hasn't been able to make things right since day one. No one in this organization seems to be able to offer me a solution and peace of mind.

The most shocking stay of my life! First of all, please review the attached photographs. The hotel manager falsely accused us of damage to the couch and mattress and ordered us out of the hotel this afternoon claiming that our dogs - 2 nine pound Maltese - chewed the couch and urinated on the mattress thereby damaging that. This never happened. The previous night my son wet the bed and I even went downstairs to let them know he had wet the bed so I could get fresh sheets. The lady at the front desk told me to let her know if I needed a fresh mattress cover but I did not. My son wears good night pull-ups to bed and so this was just a leak but no one wants to sleep in that. Regarding the couch I told them I was not aware of any damage and asked her to describe what kind of damage and if there were pieces on the carpet and where on the couch the damage was. She claimed the leg of the couch was damaged. I found this unbelievable.

My dogs have never done anything like this. We away from the hotel when we received the phone call accusing us and I was mortified. We are Hilton Honors members and travel all the time and stay at Hilton Hotels and this is the first time anyone has ever accused us to damaging anything. We hurried back to the hotel to see the so-called damage and all they could show us was scuff marks that look like they had been made by a vacuum cleaner bumping and scraping by the base of the couch. We took photos (please see attached) and in the photos it can be clearly seen two parallel lines where something bumped and scraped the couch. This end of the couch was on the window side of the room where there is little passage room and we did not even walk there because it's an out of the way part of the room. The scuff marks on the other leg do not appear fresh and really it just looks like normal wear and tear.

I asked to speak with the hotel manager to no avail. The hotel sent two housekeepers who were extremely confrontational and rude. They blatantly accused me of lying about the urine even after I told them that the previous night I told the front desk about my son having a bed wetting accident. The 2 housekeepers insisted that our dogs had urinated on the bed. I finally called the Rome Georgia police department because we need a third party to witness these trumped up accusations. The hotel manager finally came to the room (501) once the officer arrived. The reason I wanted the officer to file a report is because it was clear that no animal had damaged the couch and underneath the mattress pad the actual mattress was unscathed so to speak. The officer tried to find a good resolution and said that the only real issue was the urine on the sheets.

The mattress was not damaged and those scuff marks look like normal wear and tear, not from a dog. Also there would have been some debris at the site if our dogs had worked on damaging that but there isn't a single piece of wood, or fabric in the carpet because it was vacuumed by the vacuum cleaner that bumped and scraped it. It was really alarming to have been accused of damaging furniture. When I received the initial phone call all kinds of images like a couch with foam coming out of it went through my mind only to find they were trying to pin these horizontal and parallel scrapes on us with not a speck of debris on the carpet. It was interesting to see the manager tell the officer "I did not tell them it was a dog that damaged it." It was an about-face when she took back the dog accusation! When I challenged her about the mattress accusation she said, "I said IF mattress is damaged." Another about-face.

These were trumped up accusations that were further exaggerated in order to shock us. This situation is just unbelievable. To add insult to injury the hotel insisted we pay for the bedding because according to Georgia hotel regulations they would have to throw away all that bedding. The bedding was not unsanitary. When we asked them to wash the sheets they said "It will not come off." Am I to believe that all institutions like hotels and hospitals in Georgia disposed of soiled sheets? Also, why was I not counseled regarding this when I informed the front desk the night before that I needed fresh sheets because the child had urinated? The only caution I was given was to let them know if we needed a fresh mattress cover. I am flabbergasted, humiliated, and to add insult to injury the hotel charged my credit card $250 for the soiled bedding and also a charge for that night even though we did not stay at the hotel that night.

This has been a horrible experience and I am appalled at the way they handled the situation. I am appalled that they tried to accuse us of damaging the couch. How could they make up stuff like that? The housekeepers that were sent to point out the damage acted like bullies. My son sleeps horizontally many times because he get hot under the covers. He starts out going to bed in a vertical position and always ends up horizontal which is why the urine leaks occurred higher up on the bed. We have never had such a terrible Hilton stay. Just last week we were at the Hilton in Ocala (where you can take a photo with a horse named Buddy), we also stayed at the Lake Lanier Island Resort. We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Bradenton - we, are Hilton Honors members and have never had a complaint. We travel everywhere with the dogs and nothing has ever been damaged.

It is frightening how when I tried to insist on getting a police report I was warned - threatened- that we would be charged with trespassing! How can you be trespassing when you have a reservation? My family was bullied, falsely accused and threatened. In the end no police report was written - and I wanted one very badly. I don't know why the policeman did not follow through with the report when it was I who dialed 911. My family needed to be protected from this mafia-like situation but that didn't happen.

The only recourse now is to write this review and let people, including Hilton Hotels, know what happened to us. I really cannot that hotels dispose of bedding if they are soiled. I think their claim that it was imperative that the bedding be thrown out is just another fantastic exaggeration. People shouldn't be treated like this. How can a managers make up accusations of damage and exaggerate that "the bedding must be thrown away" in a bid to force us out of the hotel?

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  • Rewards: Hilton HHonors, the free Hilton Worldwide rewards program, lets guest use points for free nights. It also includes other perks, including access to free standard Wi-Fi and the option to check-in from Hilton’s smartphone app. With the app, guests can even select their own room.
  • Community involvement: Hilton Worldwide is committed to corporate responsibility. In 2015, Hilton employees volunteered a total of 213,000 hours in their local communities. Hilton has also partnered with PointWorthy so Hilton HHonors members can convert their unused points into a cash donation to the organization of their choice.
  • Best for Hilton Hotels & Resorts is good for solo travelers, couples, business travelers, retirees and anyone who is looking for a full service upscale hotel.

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