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Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

Reviewed June 25, 2023

This place is a huge scam. They bamboozled me at a water park with my kids and promised these fantastic Disney tickets. When I got home I looked them up and realized it was a shady time-share company. If I didn't go to this presentation I'd lose my $50. I drove 90 minutes to watch annoying travel videos. Then I had to listen to this lady yammer for 35 minutes. The bottom line is you will be paying $12K plus $350 annual HOA fees and $500+ per trip without airway and if you don't go four weeks out of the year you have to pay large fees.

I had to speak to this sales guy and I told him I don't want this and I only take cruises. When I told him what I paid (I get big discounts) he said there was no way they could meet this. When I went to collect these Disney tickets, that was another scam! You have to mail something in and pay $50 in fees, very limited days, need to select three days in a 120 day window, and it's only for adults. I would have to pay full price for my daughters. No thanks! I felt bad for all the people who went for the carrot in front of them. Also, how are timeshares still a thing????

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Reviewed Nov. 1, 2022

This company will not let you cancel out of their contract under any circumstances. Whether you’ve lost your job, broke, or unable to make use of the membership. They won’t even waive a yearly fee to cancel out a fully paid contract after years of not using the account. Do NOT buy into this scam! Waste of money!

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    Reviewed May 28, 2022

    We bought the biggest package they offer, 28 stars, for about $40,000. We did this so that we could start a travel reward program with the staff of our business. We have been using it for 1 full year now and I can say without a doubt, that we are so happy we did this. Me and my family have been using Global to travel about 1 week every month, plus we have sent our staff on 7 weeks this year (1 to Tennessee, 4 to Hawaii and 2 to Rome, Italy). That's 19 weeks of vacation time we used this year and some of them were Special Buys.

    My wife and I were able to go to Aruba for 2 weeks at $99/week. When we arrived, it was an amazing gated community where the units were selling for $350,000. We also went to Cabo San Lucas this year and stayed at the Hacienda Encantada. Wow, this place had 7 restaurants on site and shuttle service into town. For Hawaii, it costs us $379 per week at resorts that start at $2600/week. Next up for us is a family trip to Washington DC and the resort is 2 blocks away from the White House! This has only been our first year and I feel like we have saved almost the entire $40,000 investment (19 trips x $2,000/week savings = $38,000). Plus, we will be handing it down to our kids when we are done traveling. Don't let the bad reviews scare you, this is a really amazing program and blows our other timeshare out of the water. We LOVE IT!

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    Reviewed March 30, 2021

    COMPLETE SCAM. I watched their horrifically unethical salespeople swindle nearly two-dozen working class people out of thousands of dollars for a timeshare program that offers virtually nothing in return. Appalled and disgusted.

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    Reviewed Feb. 10, 2021

    I wasted $5000 on purchasing a vacation plan that my husband & bought & paid in full. I am so sorry that we fell for this & its annual maintenance fees. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY! I did not get what was promised.

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    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2021

    Do not buy this! I have two issues with this company. First I was on the account but we are not married. I called to be removed since I will not be able to use the account if I wanted to. I'm not the primary. Secondly when we initially signed up We were told it is not a timeshare, it’s a membership. We were told we could get hotels for the same price Priceline gets them for, they will fix the money. We fix the time. I set aside time for a family vacation and we couldn’t find anything. The price was cheaper than any other online search for travel which is a lie. They also said we could go anywhere in the world and near popular amusement parks.

    Before Covid we tried on several occasions to use and nowhere we wanted to visit was available. Also it only saves you if you choose the most expensive room for a week. If you want to go for half a week you pay more. If you want a nice room you pay more. If you want to take a cruise you can’t. There is Coronavirus waiver due to fact that their whole business is base on travel and we are unable to that. Calling customer service is useless cause all they care about is money. This company needs have lawsuit filed against them for basically being a pyramid scheme. Don't use this company ever.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Dec. 28, 2020

    On December 23, 2020 I received a NOTICE OF DEFAULT for amounts GEVC contends I owe them amounting to $812.97 including late fees. They end the letter stating they could enforce a lien against me and bill me attorney fees and that they could retain the membership and repossess the points in lieu of pursuing the deficiency against me. All of this occurs within 30 days unless I pay extra money. Ironically, I never received any billing from them. My membership was totally paid up. Approximately $8,000 to be exact.

    This was membership that I was unable to use since I purchased it. The points that GEVC purports to give from RCI are not able to be used. 10,000 points won’t get you a place to stay, and never did, even when I bought my vacation package back in 2013. I discovered worldwide that there were no venues that aligned with the point values of 10,000 points. GEVC never specifies what 10,000 points will get you until you start making plans to take your vacation. It’s only then that you find out that you can’t leave home on 10,000 points. However, according to the salespeople that I encountered in Long Beach, they had all booked their vacations through GEVC. Their presentation was not only misleading but outright FRAUD. You are never told, despite asking what 10,000 points will buy. Individuals are instead told that they can take their vacations on 10,000 points.

    The man that gave the presentation stated that he had taken his family to Phuket, Thailand while another salesperson and his wife had taken a vacation in Mexico. I discovered that you can’t book resorts where and when you'd like and I determined that it's much cheaper to book accommodations on or one of the other sites then to book through GEVC's overpriced “vacation club”. And the good news is that it's much cheaper and more efficiently than under GEVC's phony points program.

    On another note, when the telemarketers in Long Beach called my home, they reached my boyfriend who was promised a free 3 day 2 night vacation to Hawaii to attend your presentation. As an inducement to buy, I was also offered a cruise to Mexico When I sent the information in to the travel company to redeem the voucher for the Hawaii trip.. It was then that I discovered that this wasn’t isn’t a vacation that you can schedule, and it was not meant to be free. Thankfully, I was smart enough to research the voucher scam as so many other people had gotten duped that the company responsible for scheduling the Hawaiian trip had hundreds and hundreds of negative comments. Some people had actually paid all of the fees and did their Hawaiian Vacation through the voucher company. Those reviews stated they spent much more for the trip than they would have paid if they had paid for it directly.

    There is no secured interest in this vacation club as I do not own a deeded interest in a timeshare. Even though this membership was sold to me as a Timeshare, and to induce me to buy it, I was offered free vacations which were anything but free. I discovered there is no secured interest, I WOULD NEVER face a foreclosure on my credit report, despite the fact that GEVC contends they can sue for the deficiency and enforce said lien against me. All they REALLY sold me is a membership in a vacation club which actually can be compared with a membership in a country club that does not own a deeded interest in the golf course, but only the right to use the golf course subject to the terms of the membership contract.

    What distinguishes the “vacation club” from a timeshare is that a timeshare developer can only sell a finite number of weeks (52 at most per unit) whereas a vacation club sells an infinite amount of memberships often in excess of the resorts capacity. Therefore, there could be NEVER BE A FORCED SALE. Once 30 days lapses, they intend to retain my membership and sell this membership the same way they sold to me, to some poor unsuspecting person, who will figure out that 10,000 RCI Points WILL NOT get him a vacation and NEVER WILL and that he can do better at Also Global Exchange Development Corp is really one and the same, as GEVC.

    GEVC threatens that at their discretion they can enforce Lien actions to satisfy my purportedly SECURED obligation, rather than to offer some form of payment to reimburse me for what I have already paid for this false and misleading “VACATION membership”, which was paid for in full. So based on this letter, it is clear to me that they don't think the membership is worth anymore than $812.97, so they plan to retain it without offering some form of payment to someone who paid the membership in full. I believe they are obligated to do just that.

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    Reviewed Nov. 3, 2020

    I was young and dumb - they were not. TL;DR: GET OUT NOW - even if you're past the 'grace period' you can get out for as low as $300 and save yourself $556 per year on terrible vacations. Truly the lowest forms of humanity; talked me, a broke and stupid young man, into financing $5000 worth of debt only to be billed $157 annually for a USELESS RCI points dump. How is it useless you say? They sell you a fixed amount that they replenish every year - but you have to pay $157 to replenish it (after the initial $5000 buy in). Then you have to pay for an RCI membership ($99-$199 per year). Then you have to pay to use the points on RCI (about $300 per time) and you don't even have access to any good resorts - the amount of points they give you gets incrementally less valuable as RCI's points cost inflates every year.

    So, for a 1 week stay at Joe **'s Cockroach Infested joint in bum nowhere Texas - you have to pay $556 every single year on top of the starting fee of $5000. AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS. JUMP OUT NOW. DON'T HESITATE. YOU CAN CANCEL - just make sure your dues are up to date and you call their customer service. Then it's only $99 processing fee (my god they hit you every which way with this nonsense).

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    Reviewed Aug. 31, 2020

    Free cruise still costs $398 and they made us drive to San Antonio when they have a local office in Houston to pick up our voucher. Don’t waste any more time or money dealing with them. Worst than Enron and the Koch brothers combined with these types of tactics.

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    Reviewed April 25, 2020

    Updated on 4/28/2020: I called in today so that I could talk to an actual customer service person. Well I able to finally make contact to an individual, and his name was Derrick. I explain him my situation regarding no longer working or no longer could afford to pay for a time share I have never used. He was so rude that he told me that he didnt care there were a lot of people calling in saying the same thing.

    I said that the covid 19 virus has crippled the whole world and he said he didnt care as long as I paid the $116 a month. If not he would process this to a foreclosure, in which I told him that the government wont allow it and he bragged how his company found a loop hole to get it processed. I told him that I dont have enough food to feed me and my family and he said he didnt care. The nerve of some people and the nerve of this company taking advantage of people when they are knocked down. If I wasnt trying to buy a home I would let it go to foreclosure.

    Original review: Well when you get there they make you watch a video that advertises the club and makes everything look good. When you actually try to use it you dont have enough points to book a trip. Ohhh you sure can buy extra points or spend more money on a upgrade. They told me with the amount of down payment I put down I would be able to pay it off in less than 5 years. I look at my paperwork now and it states that I am now financing this for 7 years. I didnt accept or request that, because if you do the math they want me to pay twice what the original price was.

    I keep trying to call and talk to customer service to see if I can cancel this and I just get the run around and the phone keeps hanging up. Then when I actually talk to someone they say, "Wrong dept. I can't help you," for a moment I thought I was talking to Home Depot and not my department. Stay far away and with covid 19 I no longer can afford luxuries and definitely would rather buy food with that 115 a month for my kids. I hope someone can tell me or help me get rid of this useless vacation club.

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