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    Last updated: Dec. 7, 2017

    53 Global Exchange Vacation Club Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2017

    GEVC is a TOTAL scam! I've been a timeshare owner since February 2015. This is about the most worthless piece of crap that I've EVER invested in. Most of the places I've considered vacationing to, the rooms look like old dilapidated roach motel rooms. I wouldn't want my dog to sleep in these places. Other vacation spots that I've looked at going, they, of course, weren't available for the time I wanted to book. I have yet to use this timeshare, I have 20,000 points and have paid RCI to rollover 10000 points so I won't lose them. Next year I should have 30,000 points however I'm trying to figure out if I should even pay the maintenance fees or chalk it up as a loss and walk away from it.

    I received a phone call today regarding my maintenance fees that are due, unbelievable! Of course, it was an automated call. I call the number back and the phone lines are busy. I left a message to receive a callback, no callback. I tried calling about 5 times today and every time the lines are busy and all I got was a recorded message. Please, Please, Please warn ANYONE you know that is remotely considering to purchase a timeshare from GEVC, buyer beware! This is a TOTAL SCAM! It really upsets me to know that I've been had! People can be cruel and it's so unfortunate!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

    My husband and I got suckered into this 3 years ago, thinking we could go nice places for our 10,000 points we get a year for a simple maintenance fee. Nope -- there are fees upon fees upon fees -- and then there is absolutely nowhere decent to go for 10,000 points. And they don't let you accumulate more than 20,000 points -- you lose them. We actually paid as much for a cruise as we would have just going online through United. Last year we skipped GEVC and RCI altogether and used our Hilton points and United miles for a practically free week on Kauai. Now, because we refuse to pay RCI a fee to get on their website, we can't even look for a place -- and if we don't pay GEVC their $149 maintenance fee each year, they will foreclose on us and we lose our $8,000 down payment. It was a very expensive lesson. Don't get suckered like we did.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 5, 2017

    We have owned for 7 month & was brought out from Fiesta Texas for a cruise. We were quite skeptical since we had owned 2 timeshares with Silverleaf Resorts. With over 15 years of availability issues. High pressure sales tactics which were lies. (Hint: Why we bought 2 timeshares.) The Diamond program is worthless & growing maintenance fees. We simply let them go back after Holiday Inn bought them out. All they wanted was more money. GEVC allowed us a point, click & stay option with no points program with 1000.00 a year dues.

    In 7 months we've been to the Texas Coast, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, New Braunfels & have a scheduled trip planned for Dec to Breckenridge Colorado. To have 4 weeks a year for only 273.00 in dues is already proving itself to be what they showed us during their presentation. Very happy & recommend to anyone who's had to deal with a traditional timeshare like Silverleaf Resorts or Holiday Inn Club Vacations. I have a tremendous bad taste for timeshare due to these companies.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    I reluctantly signed up for this presentation while at Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. I was prepared for the high pressure sales tactics and rude salesmen. I told my wife we were going to get the gift and get out. I must say that these guys are raising the bar in the timeshare industry. The presentation was great. Our salesman and the manager gave us time to talk and never made us feel like we were under a microscope. Our salesman was knowledgeable about the product and walked us through the entire process. We had some questions and concerns when we finally got access to our account. My calls have always been answered or returned. Our salesman helped us with our first booking and covered the airfare for our trip.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 17, 2017

    I am going to do my best to keep my opinion out of this review/complaint. My wife and I just got home from a presentation. Our 2 hour appointment did turn into a little more than 3 hours. As I timeshare owner (Silverleaf Resorts, now Holiday Inn VC), I wasn't surprised. What everyone needs to understand, is with GEVC, you are NOT buying a timeshare. You are buying points with RCI that you can use for a last minute, 1-week, vacation. GEVC owns NOTHING. You are paying GEVC for an inside track to RCI, along with an RCI membership. As a timeshare owner, I can join RCI and trade any of my weeks with RCI (last membership fee was $45, not $124 like GEVC). As an RCI member, I could also buy EXTRA vacations at $199-$219, is what I remember, and what I was looking for. We spent a week at a ski resort in Western VA and another in Southern NM. Both were great experiences.

    Using the presentation we saw as an example, $239 for the last minute and $499 for three 1-week vacations had a standard price of $11,385. We bought on the spot, there was a $2000 discount. There was also a $1000 voucher we could use towards the purchase price. Once the manager found out I was a Vet, he gave me another $1000 off. So we are down to $6,385, financed, 7-years, $125/month... a good price, right? The manager kept pointing out there were no maintenance fees. I own 2 weeks at Silverleaf and my annual maintenance fees are a few dollars over $1500 paid for the year up front.

    So let's compare. every year, $1500 in payments each year, plus $273 HOA, plus $124 RCI membership, plus $239 last minute 1-week, $1497 for three weeks, is $3633 for the first 7 years, then $2133 thereafter, assuming they don't raise any of the fees (yeah right). When I pointed out this to the manager, he started politely talking bad about Silverleaf. I've not even addressed the $70/night fee to stay extra days or anywhere else. I can stay at any Silverleaf resort for up to 3 nights consecutive night, Sun - Thur is $0 (yes, free) and Fri - Sat is $49.95/night + tax.

    During the presentation, an example resort was on in Dominican Republic, which I had already looked at thru the Armed Forces Vacation Club (free for retired Vets), was $729 thru GEVC and $349 thru AFVC. See where I'm going? When the manager finally listens me repeating, "This is not for me", he finally gives up and shakes my hand and leaves. Our sales person takes us to the lady from Corporate for our survey. She was more interested in hearing why we didn't buy... not so much about the presentation and our experience. Then the bait and switch comes. I only signed up for this because they were offering a 5-day/4-night cruise out of Galveston, TX for the taxes of $150 for 2-adults.

    The lady from Corporate says it's $195/person and we had to give a $100 deposit on the spot. When I told her that is not what the lady on the phone said and she said I was mistaken. When I said it was, it became, "no, that's not possible." The switch was 8-days/7-nights for free, $75 tax, that we had to send in with the registration within 60-days. I did however get 2 - $50 gift cards. We tried signing up in the parking lot, since it was dinner time. Went to a place that was close... NO ONE was in the restaurant at 5 PM, which told us we should go elsewhere. I'll do an update later if I can edit this on the use of the cards.

    Here's what I see wrong with this deal. You don't own anything (with Silverleaf, I have a deed in TX). You are paying RCI for excess inventory. As a regular RCI member, you can find many of the same deals as a regular RCI member, you don't have to be a member of GEVC. The numbers tell a different story than the sales pitch. I didn't get the gift I was promised. Yes, I will have maintenance fees forever, and we probably use Silverleaf an average of every other month.

    There's one in Branson, MO a little more than an hour from my daughter in AR and another in Festus, MO, about an hour from my mom in IL. Am I 100% satisfied with Silverleaf? Of course not. But I see me being much happier than what I have, with full access to RCI versus GEVC. If you have a large family and your entire family can use as advertised, I see it as being a better deal. My wife and I each have one child and neither would use it anywhere near enough to justify the costs. Best of luck to everyone!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    This company claims to pay you for listing your timeshare "exchange" availability for get-a-ways, etc. through your exchange company. They got me to pay upfront for 2 months, (approximately $300.00) while I waited for their guaranteed process to play out before I quickly discovered their process will not work. By then, they had received their target goal from me & I wisely canceled my contract with them. Don't fall for it!

    Original review: June 17, 2017

    I signed up with GEVC in the mall. My husband and I paid the $40 deposit and we was told that we will get it back once we went to the presentation. We went to the presentation and it lasted for 3-4 hours. I argued with the manager about purchasing the package because they wanted $7,395 and wanted us to finance it. I said no. We end up turning it down, we got our deposit back, and we received a free 3 day, 2 night vacation and a 8 day, 7 night vacation. We haven't paid the deposits yet because I'm still on the fence about this. On the short trip, we have to pay $50 and on the long trip, we have to pay a $75 deposit. We haven't paid yet because I wanted to see if anyone else paid and took the trip. I want to know if there are any additional fees or problems with booking these trips. Someone said they sent in their $75 deposit and never anything back. Is this true? Can someone help me before I send my money to them?

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 27, 2017

    To be honest, I don't know if GEVC is a scam or not, but this is a review of our experience with cancelling the contract and receiving our money back. To lead off: My wife and I came across the promotion team booth while at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. We spun the promotion wheel and of course we won a "free" trip. We knew this was a promotion for a timeshare company as we attended one of the presentations before and knew the trip wasn't really "free". Well of course we attended the presentation and were prepared for the relentless pressure and we were bound and determined not to purchase anything but was there only for the trip.

    Well, the GEVC presentation and our given was so well done, relaxing and there was no pressure at all by the presenter nor our representative so well in fact that we decided to purchase (again without any pressure) because we thought this was an outstanding deal. All the prices were given upfront $9,385 to purchase which was cheaper than the $20,000 from our previous timeshare presentation experience. We were given a $2000 discount for a price of $7385, we were excited and jumped on the chance and put the entire amount on a credit card. Again, I don't know if GEVC is a great deal or not, but there were some "red flags".

    First, during the presentation, they pulled up some locations from their website to show some prices. After the presentation, we asked if they could pull up the Aulani resort in Hawaii (which is one of their locations) so we could see the rooms and prices, but they wouldn't (first red flag). When we were signing all the paperwork we asked when we could get a password and access the website to get a start on using the club, but was told we would get it with a package in about a month. When you drop that much money on a product, you should have instant access to the product you purchased and not have to wait a month to have access said product (2nd red flag). With today's technology, access to web-based accounts should be instant.

    When we went home we were excited, but for some reason felt like we made a mistake. I started to research GEVC, wish I had done this prior to the presentation, but did not like what we found. Of course NO company has a 100% positive review, but the overwhelming negative reviews about GEVC were disturbing. Yes there should be negative reviews along with positive reviews, but when strikingly vast majority of the reviews are negative, then there is something wrong (3rd red flag).

    Not really knowing if we made the right decision with GEVC, we decided to cancel our contract. We signed our contract on 15 April 2017, I mailed the contract rescission on 19 April 2017, and GEVC refunded the full amount of $7,385 back to my credit card on 26 April 2017 (a week after I mailed the letter and 11 days after we purchased). I did not send the cancellation by priority nor express, but I did send it certified. If you decide to cancel make sure you do it within the 7 days stipulated in the contract. So in the end we are satisfied with GEVCs return of our money. Again, I do not know what the issues are when trying to reserve a timeshare after purchase. If we were able to browse their site after the presentation and given a login after we purchased, we probably would not have canceled regardless of the reviews, just too many red flags with respect to the money we spent.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 20, 2017

    My wife and I joined GEVC in January. The only complaint we have is how long it took for our account to be set up. It took a little over a month. As soon as the account was ready, our representative helped us book a trip to Orlando for spring break. We just got back and we had an amazing time. I was concerned when we first joined because of the reviews. I'm not sure where they come from. It seems like most of them don't even come from members... Our experience so far has been wonderful.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 8, 2017

    This business is a complete waste of time and money. Owning a timeshare thru GEVC is not cost effective or convenient as they claim. You will incur unexpected and raising out of pocket expenses. And rest assure as long as you own the timeshare you can expect these expenses to rise, and you will not see a single added free benefit. My advice to you is save your money. Book your vacations yourself or thru a reliable travel agent. You will have more options and flexibility. Also you will know what you're getting and you will skip the rising cost of so called maintenance fees.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

    I was ready to give a 4 or 5 star review of GEVC Irving, but that changed during the last 10 minutes or so of my 90 minute presentation into GEVC/RCI Points. My sales rep BJ and his manager Tim would have and should be noted that they were fantastic in not only making myself and my wife feel comfortable (for the most part) when we declined to signing up for the timeshare. They were knowledgeable and friendly throughout the 90+ minutes that we were there. The ONLY thing that made me go from 4 stars to 2 stars was when they sent me and my wife to speak with someone from "corporate" for what they said would be a survey of how they did in presenting etc... We were ready to give them both good reviews. BUT there was No survey at all given by the corporate representative (who I cannot remember her name unfortunately).

    It was clear early on that she was the "closer" and instead of a survey it was about 10 minutes of making us feel not only stupid but she was blatantly rude to us and extremely condescending towards both myself and my wife. It basically confirmed our decision to NOT join GEVC if in fact she represents anything corporate they are in big trouble as a company and we are glad we passed on joining after speaking with her. "Why did you come here?" "What do you mean, it's just not for you?" Questions that I had already answered in detail with BJ and Tim not 5 minutes before. At the time, I knew what was going on and what she was attempting to do which is hard sell us on the timeshare and/or make us feel like idiots for not joining. Bad Decision by them to send us to her and bad Decision by her to act that way.

    Now, instead of suggesting to my family and friends that they give GEVC a chance I will not be doing suggesting it to anyone and that is based 100% on how SHE treated us. People are skeptical of these types of things because of people who act like she did. I was so ready to give them a good review, it is a bummer it went down that road. BJ and Tim said "it is not for everyone and we understand." That is the type of response that we respected as consumers and should be the standard. The only other reason it is not a 1 star is because at the end of the day it was about 90 minutes as promised and we were given our $40 back plus the gift that got us in there in the first place. That I can say is what gave GEVC the extra star. They did stick to their word.

    For the most part, if you are deciding to go and see the presentation I will say it is done pretty well and we were comfortable nearly the whole time. It just is sour grapes when they send you to speak to the high and mighty "corporate" rep for a quick survey and it turns into a used car sales approach. Very lame way to end our 90 minutes GEVC. Disappointed.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 25, 2017

    Found this group at the travel convention in Los Angeles, wish I never did. They ask for a "Fully Refundable Deposit" to attend their sales presentation promising a free 3-day trip after attending. I signed my girlfriend and I up for a timeshare presentation only to realize we couldn't attend due to a time conflict. When approached a second time to request a refund the sales staff was very cold and immediately informed me the only way the deposit could be refunded is by attending the presentation. It was the same day, requesting cancellation within 30 minutes and they refused to void the transaction. They lost nothing by having me cancel yet they were not amicable towards giving me my "Refundable Deposit" back. SHAME. I hope this company goes out of business because their shady deals are NOT OK!

    Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

    Our 90-minute presentation turned into 4 hours and like everyone else, we were conned into buying this worthless timeshare. They lie from the very beginning. The free gifts are worthless, they can't be redeemed. The presentation is all a lie. They drag you into buying by showing you beautiful properties in sunny states. Properties they say are available whenever we decide to vacation. And what's not to believe, they are bringing up all this information, supposedly from their website. "You can vacation when and where you want" they claim over and over again. So while my husband and I were looking over their book of various properties we could go whenever we want, we inquired about RV camping. At the time our person told us we could camp at Thousand Trails. This was great we thought. We can really go where ever we wanted.

    We signed multiple papers. After signing, I realized I did not see anything about RV camping. We asked to speak to the manager while we were still there. He tried telling us that everything was included and we would see that in our welcome packet. We also got the disclaimer that we had 7 days to cancel; however, you can't log onto their website to check anything out until they send you a login which takes 30 days. We finally received our login information and research the website. We immediately called GEVC and tried to convince them to get us out of this awful deal and to refund our money. No matter what we said, they always went back to the fact we signed a contract and we had only 7 days to get out of it. My husband and I call it the POS (Piece of Crap) timeshare. We have had it for four years now and have yet to use it once. Every time we look for someplace we want to go, nothing is available.

    Sure, we can stay in Palm Springs in mid summer (120 degrees outside). There are plenty of timeshares available then. They are certainly not the quality I was shown during the presentation. Most of these "condos" are converted hotels. Nothing like what we saw during the presentation. We were also told we could go to all-inclusive in Mexico. That is also a complete joke. The all-inclusive fees are ridiculous. You can certainly find a better deal on Expedia. I think our final straw was when we were late paying our fee with RCI, they actually tried charging us a fee for not using the timeshare. We argued that nothing is ever available where we want to go. They finally agreed to remove the charge.

    GEVC is completely deceiving and is only out to get your money. They suck in people who are unfamiliar with the process. They give you no time to research their company. They prey on their victims making false promises until you cave. This company should be shut down. Does anyone know if a class action lawsuit has been file against GEVC? IF there isn't one, I think there should be. Is there any lawyer interested in taking on this case? Has anyone tried to sue them in small claims court and did you win?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

    Well as I have read many if not all the reviews on here about this vacation club... All the experiences are as mine and my husband was went to the meeting that was meant to only be 90 minutes but were there 4 to 5 hours ended up buying into their promises...!! Drove home pretty far and to come home to make some research on this gevc and find out the disappointment of all their lies... Make yourself and those you love a favor - read the contract... only 7 days to cancel. We did but again waste of time and money!!! I hope this helps as all the reviews on here about this company made me be aware!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2016

    This company somehow got my information and won't tell me how they got my phone number. I asked to be put on the DNC list and they did not put me on it and continue to harass me. I am quite certain these guys use overseas telemarketers who lie and say they are located in U.S. I asked what city and he said "ummm" and it took him about ten seconds to think of a city. Most of these telemarketers would not give me the name of the parent company Global Exchange and would not give me any website I could go to. Under no circumstance should you ever do business with these guys, EVER! Plus every time they call they call from a different phone number so you can't even block them!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 25, 2016

    On the phone the requirements are one thing, but when you arrive the requirements are different. I wasted my time driving all the way to Encino!!

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2016

    We were unable to use any of the free trips that came with our sign up (too many people had already signed up). The book that has the clubs properties looks great but you can't actually ever get enough points to use those properties (even if you save & carry-over points for years). There are no properties in many places we want to go and the properties they do have are either unavailable at any time of year or cost too much. The cruise deals are also a scam - we can get cruises MUCH cheaper on our own & don't have to use points. We were told by an agent that there are properties available in Palm Springs, CA (which is where we live). In short, this program is a terrible investment!!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

    They are such a scam. The presentation does not even come close to resembling the actual program. To top it off, they have you sign something that says "You have not relied on Oral Presentation"! So they know they lie! They ALSO took money out of our checking account. These people need to be stopped.

    Original review: Nov. 6, 2015

    Don't believe the hype! I foolishly bought into this club after their presentation. They told me they had locations all around the world -- including major cities in the U.S. I've tried to plan a simple stay in Seattle. Guess what? No locations. I went to a new owners meeting to complain. I was told "yes, they have several locations in Seattle." Tried again to plan trip to Seattle. I couldn't pull anything on my travel dates. Called member services. They even told me they have no locations in Seattle. Tried to plan vacations where I have family in Thailand and Japan. Sure, GEVC has locations there -- but in remote areas nowhere near where my family lives.

    Also, those promotional vouchers they entice you with to get you to go to their presentations??? What a joke. I mailed in my certificates and have yet to get my free promo trips. DON'T fall for this "travel club." You'll get stuck going to remote places nowhere near where you really intended to be. I'm so DISAPPOINTED in this club -- and I've complained. I'm told "tough luck."

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 15, 2015

    When I became the member for GEVC. They gave me a guest certificate to buy a vacation for a week for $279. I paid $279 and booked a reservation for Cancun, Mexico vacation. Due to some serious emergency, I had to change the date of the vacation. But GEVC did not change my vacation and I lost my $279 for nothing. They need to reimburse me that amount of money or change my vacation dates.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 2, 2015

    I attended a meeting in February and did not purchase the program. I was offered a voucher for a "free" week of vacation time for which I was to pay a $75 fee. I mailed the cashier's check to the address I was given within the two-month time frame and, as of September 1, I still have not received anything from them. The time limit for use of the voucher is half gone. I suspect this is their way of ripping people off. I emailed the customer service department and received a reply including a number to call which had nothing to do with the company.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 21, 2015

    I was pushed by very aggressive sales representatives to buy this package! I was told after I asked repeatedly that this was not an exchange. Meaning where we exchange x plot for y. I found out soon afterwards it was! Also that I own essentially nothing! Just some points! To understand why I was suckered into this, you have to look at the entire picture from the beginning. We were put into a room which had loud music pumping throughout the place. It was hard to hear the sale agent. I am old, 65, and I could not hear them very well. I kept asking questions and they kept putting free options on it. They demanded I use a credit card. I did not want to use, even though Wells Fargo was right next door. They pushed and pushed for me to sign it right there and then. They would not let me leave the building, to get my Wells Fargo number.

    Their attitudes, very pushy and were selling very hard. They gave me a trip voucher to Vegas, which I did fill out, and have not received anything for. None of the numbers worked either. They called me an owner! Yet I do not own anything. I have to wait for Owners to donate their time for their properties then I am allowed to use points which I apparently bought, to pay an additional weekly fee to use this property. I kept asking, "Is this an exchange?" They told me NO. The agreement was to have the contract rescinded up to seven days from the receiving of the escrow papers. Once I received them, even after countless tries to cancel it before. They were non cooperative. Hostile, rude.

    I obtained legal advice from my lawyer who contacted them and asked that they deal through him. They agreed. Not only did they not listen, they kept leaving me phone messages. They are still continuing to post me letters. My lawyer again contacted them, yet they persist to contact me. They do not abide by their own word. I demand that they rescind my contract and return my down payment. I have not used any of their services nor do I want to. I was sold something entirely else that I ended up buying. I do not want anything more than a refund and a rescinding of the contract. I do not wish them ill however I do want my money back and the freedom of mind.

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    Original review: July 9, 2015

    We have purchased a GEVC membership and have found that their customer service is absolutely terrible. Trying to book a vacation or even just communicate about the ridiculous points system they operate under. They don't tell you about the $209 you have to pay to redeem your points. They don't tell you that you have to book within a 30 day timeframe. And so many more frustrating issues. Inclusive of, never answering their phones. I would like to see this company sued to the max.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2015

    GEVC is a total SCAM!!! DO NOT BE FOOLED LIKE WE WERE. We purchased the timeshare at the end of April but were not given access to look up vacations and hotel availabilities until 2 1/2 weeks after Escrow closing. We received our login the first week of June. The day we received the login we went online to try and book a vacation for August. There was no availability for Southern California. Every date we tried for the next year was not available. We instantly realized we would not be able to use this timeshare. We called immediately to cancel but were told we only had 7 days to cancel after escrow closing, yet we couldn't even see if we could use it until over 14 days after escrow closing. They know exactly what they are doing by holding back access to the RCI membership and completely scam the consumer!!!

    We purchased and paid for 10,000 points which are provided by RCI. The documents we have say you can cancel with RCI at any time. But GEVC says you can't cancel with them only RCI. Yet we bought the points from RCI. Another manipulation and tricky SCAM on their part. They say you can book a hotel for $70 a night. We tried getting a hotel thru RCI for August since we couldn't use timeshare and they only had 1 hotel a 3 star for $199.00 a night. We checked Expedia and they have a 4.3 star hotel for $165.00 a night. This is beyond disappointing. We put down money, are on a monthly payment plan at 20% interest, have paid the yearly dues and we can't even use the membership nor get a hotel cheaper than EXPEDIA that is completely free for us to use.

    Again, SCAM and lies by GEVC. This timeshare is the worst purchase we have ever made. We were completely scammed, given false information and everything the salesperson said to us was a lie. They even told us to cancel our hotel with Expedia in August and apply the funds to the timeshare and book it thru them. Unfortunately we thought they were honest and listened to them. :((( We are looking into pursuing legal action.

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    Original review: June 11, 2015

    My husband and I was attended a 90 mins presentation in Oct 2014. At the end of the session we decided not to sign up the membership but we had given a complimentary 2d/1n in Best Western Hotel in Melaka. The voucher validity is stated between 1/1/2015 - 31/3/2015. When I called to book in January the officer told me the hotel was still under construction then I was told to call again in March which I did. Again I received the same answer saying the hotel not ready yet and still upgrading.

    I just wondering why they can still extend my voucher whereby my voucher had expired. So 3rd time I called them again to book. You will surprise a guy so called person in charge, ** being very rude on the call and unprofessional ask me to call back in December as their hotel still upgrading to 5 star hotel. He is trying to give lots of excuses and giving more trouble to me. I asked him if I can have other alternative then he reply me yes "CAN" provide. I need to pay extra surcharge which I don't agree. I had been waiting so long. Now I realize this is a tricky scam!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 4, 2015

    I purchased this timeshare in 2011, thinking that I was winning in this deal and leaving something to my relatives in my will. I was told that all-inclusive vacations would not incur additional fees. When I tried booking, RCI told me that there would be additional fees per person per day, and they were substantial fees, ranging in the hundreds. I was appalled. Looking up vacations online, how is this timeshare a deal? It's so much more to book with the timeshare than to purchase a vacation online.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2015

    They called my husband several times, telling him that if he goes to the presentation he will receive a free trip to Hawaii. In the third called we agreed to attend to the meeting. Once there, they ask for our credit cards, and we went to a room waiting to be called by a person. A man called us, he seems to be a really nice person. He started talking with us about his life, and his great experience using the membership. Then, we went to another room and they displayed a video, and after the video a man was showing all the great villas you can rent for just 269.00 a week, with NO EXTRA FEES, and he said "You can choose one, two or three bedroom units, whatever you want. You just have to choose."

    Then we went back with the first guy. He show us a magazine with all the hotels they have available, and I was really happy because they have several units in the Dominican Republic, my country, as we were planning to visit my family we considered the offer a great opportunity. We've been told that we can use our 10,000 points to book a place for the whole week, they never mentioned that we need to pay 209.00 to use the points. Then when we showed interest, the manager came to us to ask if we have another question and I asked him if we need to pay something extra considering that we were going to the Dominican Republic and most resorts there are all-inclusive, and he said no, and that's why we decided to join the club.

    After 6 weeks waiting for our ID number to be able to access to the website and start looking for our ideal vacation, we found out that we have to pay thousands dollars for mandatory all inclusive fees, and to discovered that using booking, expedia or trivago would be cheaper and easier than using their site, and there's nothing worthy for 10,000 points. We discovered that we're going to be paying thousands of dollars for a useless membership. My husband and I were very disappointed, and now we are looking for an attorney. We want to take legal actions.

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    Original review: April 27, 2015

    My husband and I went last Friday for the presentation after receiving a cold call with a free trip to Hawaii. I use to work for a timeshare company so I knew exactly what to expect. The gentlemen who assisted us after the presentation was very helpful and professional. Not once did he pressure us! This actually sold itself. We signed up for it and were very excited. However, after carefully reviewing the contract and reading all the reviews from people that actually have tried this out, we decided to cancel since we are still in our grace period. They do provide the information on how to cancel, and even the lady at the escrow company was very friendly and helpful and gave us detailed steps on how to cancel which is super simple. I did look up a few forums and found that there are many satisfied users and even gave detailed information on how to use the point system.

    This isn't for everyone including myself and my husband, but there are some people that actually enjoy this and actually went to the orientation on how to use the point system, which is not mentioned on any of the negative comments I keep seeing on here. Did any of you actually try it out? I take full responsibility for signing up and not reading the contract beforehand and luckily, I do have time to cancel. Read the contract people, it is very specific and detailed. As for the free gift: We are grateful, and even if it is 1 day to Hawaii so what! It's free. And if we have to pay taxes on this trip then so be it. It's the law! 1 day to Hawaii for someone that has never been there and can only dream of going is a dream come true. I don't think this is a scam, I just don't think it's for everyone.

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    Original review: April 2, 2015

    I was cold called to attend the 90 mins presentation and offered to get free vacation as a gift last October 2014. We went there and sat through the presentation. After the presentation, the sell rep told us about the deal we could get which is $499/week anywhere in the world in the catalog for 4 times per year. We were quite interested because they mentioned in the presentation that they are affiliated with Aulani (Disney Hotel in Hawaii) and we just have a new born at that time, so we thought it would be worth it. His manager came in and offered us that he would remove the 4 times per year capped if we signed with them today. It sounded like a good deal to stay anywhere in that book for $499/week, so we signed up. After 2 months with their escrow, I finally was able to log in their website after I got their account ID and PW through mail.

    I was stunned that it was not like what they told me about how easy to book and I can book my vacation in Hawaii for $499/week. I called their office number and the lady told me that $499 is the average and I bought the points, so I have to trade my point to book the resorts. With my 10,000 points, you can barely book anything decent. I was super upset and I told her that I wanted to cancel, but she said that it had passed the cancellation period which is like 7 days after I signed up. She didn't care anything and told me that my wife and I signed the contract, there is nothing she could do. So I went online and found out that these guys have been scamming many people and there is a class action going on with them. If anyone on the same boat as me, you can go to ** and contact them. I really hope this GEVC get shut down, so they can't lie more to people.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 6, 2015

    Don't get scammed... like we were. We filled out a survey at a concert we attended, and were called a few weeks later and told we had won a vacation to Hawaii! I have always wanted to take my husband there, and though I figured there was a catch and it wouldn't be great, I wasn't prepared for GEVCs well-run scam.

    First, we had to attend a slick 90 minute timeshare presentation. It sounded like a good deal ($200 for a week, almost anywhere!), so we bought in. Bad choice. Turns out that the "vacation" we won was a two night, one day worthless deal in Honolulu. Second, I've been trying for two months to find something that our 10,000 points could get us (or even 20,000 points, you can save up one year). Well, we can forget Hawaii -- there is literally nothing available there at that level except for a single bug-filled, rundown horror show. Well, what about Mexico? All the places we want to go are mandatory All-Inclusive -- which means another $200-$500 per person, per day, on top of the $219 booking fee. OK, what about Tahiti? Airfare is $2000 EACH.

    They have lots of availability in boring timeshare condos in the US, but not even anything in the one city we want to go to in Canada. After literally being unable to find anything worth going to, I am already looking to sell my timeshare at a loss. Anybody want to spend a few thousand dollars on a useless timeshare program? Please?

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