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I ordered 4 new tires from this website and utilized the attached lending company to finance them since I was in a bit of a pinch. They were rt at 1260 bucks with tax and shipping and the best quote I got in town at the tire shops for identical tires was 1500. Highest was over 1800. So yes they had good prices. I ordered them on Saturday and received them on Tuesday. You can't beat that in my opinion. I called customer service just to verify the order since I used my phone and it got a little glitchy towards the end of the sale and talked to Karen. Kudos to Karen. She was pleasant and knowledgeable and assured me all was good. It makes me wonder if all the negative reviews are just from folks either making errors themselves while ordering or if they purchased the cheapest crap tires on the site then complain about the quality. I'm very satisfied with the experience.

Tires that came with my new Kia K900 are pathetic and can't keep this 420 HP beast anchored to the road so I went looking for better tires. At I found that the original Hankook tires are rated 41 of 42 available tires for my car and the Sumitomo tire I liked was rated #4. I was ready to order from Tirerack but decided to look around the web for a better deal and found Tire-Easy. They had the same tires at a lower price and with lower shipping. When I called Tire-Easy I was informed they also have a 45 day trial period. If you don't like the tires, you can return them! That was the final selling point and I ordered 4 new tires from Tire-Easy. The tires on my Kia K900 are staggered so I had to buy two different sizes.

I was quite happy with my purchase until I read some of the reviews on this site. Fortunately, my experience with Tire-Easy has been great. All this talk about old tires isn't true in my case. My front tires were made in Feb 2016 and my rear tires were made in Dec 2015. I don't think I have ever had fresher tires than these! Couple that with great price, on time delivery and a 45 day love it or leave it warranty and I believe you would be foolish to buy at any other online retailer.

I ordered a set of tires, then get an email the following day saying they no longer have them. That is unacceptable to me. Charge people for something they don't have. I called and cancelled order but still no money in account yet. I never had this issue with Discount Tire. If you need tires look elsewhere. Wish I would have read reviews before ordering from this place. is a re-seller of discontinued, old tires. I work for a company that purchased 4 tires from tires-easy. We had them installed at the dealership. Within a week, all three of the tires blew and one was found to have bubbles on it. Very dangerous situation for the Customer Service Rep traveling on these defective tires. Thank goodness we charged the amount on an American Express card, so we were refunded our money through a charge back, as tires-easy claimed the tires were defective due to faulty install. We took pictures of the bubbles on these tires before sending them back to be "examined" by their staff.

After this harrowing experience, I researched this company and found that they purchase old and discontinued tires. There is even a news story in which they a tire mold was stolen from a company and used to make tires. The mold wasn't being used because it created defective tires. Guess who was found to be selling tires using the stolen defective mold?

Make sure you read the reviews of a company before purchasing from them. You will also find on some tire forums that due to so many customers charging back on purchases, they were only able to take payments through PayPal for a while. Also, it is illegal to sell tires over a couple of years old in the US because they break down and can be dangerous to ride on. Somehow, this company sells these dangerous tires and is still in business.

I ordered 285-45-22 and they tried to send me 285-45-19. Never again!!!!

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Placed an order online. Got order confirmation and a ship date. Then comes an email saying could not confirm billing info, wanted me to pay with PayPal. Called Tire-Easy, got lots of runaround by someone who couldn't really speak or understand English. Cancelled order and reordered with a live person. Everything went fine, received order confirmation and a ship date. Next day another email saying could not confirm billing info, wanted payment with PayPal. Cancelled my order and got a set of tires from someone else. Oh yeah, they never did return my money. I had to go to the bank and file a complaint to get my money returned. Complete waste of time.

I ordered online, right away noticed the tires were the wrong size. So I called right away and canceled the order then ordered the right size. They're still charging me for both and my bank account is in the hole and charging me 25.00 a day. Called twice, no help. I cannot understand the guy on the other end. They're closed on the weekend so with the two orders and bank fees I'm like 400 and counting in the hole until Monday when I'll be back on phone trying to fix this. Don't BUY From HERE. CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. Don't even have the TIRES YET. Don't know WHAT to DO?

I work in auto repair and do a lot of driving (mostly highway) and purchased from this company several times from 2008-2013. The first couple of purchases were for 2 tires (Achilles ATR Sport) which I had never heard of the brand, but upon receiving them they actually performed very well. I put them on a 2008 Mazda 3 in Jan 2009 (1st time) and they worked very well. I average about 52,000 miles per year (a lot of driving) and average vehicle speed was about 80 mph. The tires were rated at 420AAA with about 50,000 mile warranty, and I would say that that was spot-on!

I bought a second pair the following June 2009 and had the same results. I simply rotated the others to the rear. We usually put the best tread on the front. Anyway, I had no problems and wasn't paying that much for the tires. The first pair I bought for $45 per tire and s&h was like $12 or $15 per tire. I didn't pay any installation fees since I installed them myself at work. But this is the first location I choose to purchase tires to avoid markup issues.

The last time I purchased from them was April 27, 2013 and bought a full set of Falken Sincera Touring SN211 WW tires for a 95 town car. I paid $300 for 4 tires to be shipped to my house. I recently had a blow-out on Aug 20, 2014, when one of the tires developed a crack in the sidewall heading up towards the tread. The tires only had about 9500 miles on them, as I don't drive that much anymore. I am dealing with Falken Tire for the warranty issue, not Delticom ( because they didn't make the tires, Falken did, and Sears is the local service dealer for Falken tires.

I recommend this website/company to a lot of people, especially the people that like to buy USED tires. Why pay $30 or $40 for a USED tire when you can get a new one close to the same price?

As for the tire age, well, that's when you should utilize the Knowledge Base on this website ( It has tons of valuable information that will make you a lot more knowledgeable about tire buying, even if you don't buy from them. Use the Knowledge Base to learn how to read the information on the tires. Everything you need to know about the tire is listed on the sidewall. So, just looking at the sidewall will tell you when the tires were made in reference to when you purchased them. Plus, read the side wall and you won't have to take them to a service station to know that you have the WRONG SIZE for your RIM. Example: 215/70R15 is on the sidewall, the "R" represents the RIM size, thus in this case, this tire is for a 15 inch rim. Before you buy tires from anywhere, find the number on your tires that looks similar to the example, and order that size.

As for warranty issues after you get the tires, technically, the Manufacturer's authorized service dealers in your area should handle those issues, not the distributor, providing it is a warranty issue (mileage or material & workmanship). Simply think of Delticom ( as the middle-man during purchasing (more like a drop-shipping distributor). They are helping you get a cheaper price, but if the defect/issue is caused by them, they you have a legitimate problem.

However, old tires sold as new actually happen more than you may realize. I worked at Midas who sold Firestone tires and we had old tires and they were sold as new because they had never been installed. They were in the warehouse for x amount of months and then to clear the way for new inventory, they are typically marked down and put on sale. Then, employees are told to push those tires first to get rid of them. Thus, the "new" tires you buy at the local shop that were on "sale" are typically the oldest tires at that location. But as the consumer, we are typically only concerned with the price, rather than the manufactured date.

Are all warehouses the same, no! But local tire places rarely ever tell you when the tire was actually manufactured, let alone tell you that that information is on the sidewall. So, become more knowledgeable about the products you buy and you will discover that this company's actions are similar to the local distributors as well. But factor in that this company is only the middle-man in your buying experience.

I ordered a tire from The tire that they sent to me was not the one that I ordered. Instead, they sent a less expensive, lower quality tire. They did this not once, but twice, thereby eliminating the possibility that someone accidentally pulled the wrong item the first time. This was done intentionally. Upon returning the first tire, I was told that that order would be cancelled, I would receive a full refund, and that a replacement tire, the type that I had originally ordered, would be sent to me at no charge.

The replacement tire that they sent to me was the same type that I had returned, and they charged me for it. The charge for the second tire was charged to the first order that was supposed to have been cancelled. Additionally, when I first reported the problem, they did not get back in touch with me with a resolution, despite my calling them numerous times.

After two days, I finally spoke with someone who offered the free replacement tire. Complaints have been filed with the attorneys general of New Jersey, where the tires were sent from, and California, their sales office. With respect to the complaint filed in California, they filed a response saying that the allegations stated in my complaint were true. You decide if you want to do business with a company that advertises a product for sale that is not in stock, and then, without informing you, sends you a less expensive, lower quality product in its place.

Ordered two ATV tires. Got an email stating that they were shipped and would be there on a certain date. When I checked with the tracking number (UPS), was told that there was an issue with how much they and UPS were paying to get them shipped. Called spoke to someone that I could not understand. Finally got with someone that called me back and he told me that he only makes 5% on tires. No business can survive on 5% top line. Nothing but lies from this company. Still have not gotten my tires. When speaking with them was told if I want them to return the tires they would but would not be able to tell me how long to wait to get my money back. Nothing but no truths from these gems. PLEASE do not use this company I never will again.

I purchased 4 new tires from them & used paypal to pay for them immediately. Called their number next morning and was told tires were shipping out same day. They emailed me UPS tracking number. 2 days later emailed me saying that they didn't have my tires in stock. Bold face lies since they had the exact tires re-listed for 4 times the price the very same day with more than 10 available. Terrible dishonest company! Don't waste your time!

Received a lawn tractor tire that was crushed flat from shipping the tire and improper storing at Tire-Easy warehouse. The tubeless tire is unusable as it would require an additional tube to inflate and because it was mounted, attempted to be inflated, it is non-refundable. This company definitely is not recommended for anything.

I ordered a tire on their website. The money was deducted from my debit account. A person from called me to let me know they did not have the tire in stock. They said the money would be back in my account but it never was. So I am out $93.00 and some cents.

I bought 3 Nexen, 5 Falken tires thinking I made a good choice. Well, those tires are okay. They are loud when you drive. After a year, the tires started to crack. It seems that all of the tires that are wide, they have crack on the sidewall and on the edge of the tread. They look as though the rubber was dry. Now 30k miles, I have to replace one at a time because I want some Nokian i3 brand tires.

My tire came with 50,000 miles warranty and after about 20,000 miles, the treads and wires started coming apart. Discount Tire specialist told me it should be covered in manufacture warranty since it is manufacturing fault. I talked to Tires-Easy (Delticom) and they picked up my tire via UPS, but after 2 weeks of avoiding giving me answers... they said their claim department has LOST my tire??? They are not cooperating or anything now and not sending replacement tire. Once your money is gone to them, they don’t care. I would suggest paying few extra bucks and buying tires locally. I have filed complaint with BBB and waiting for response while my car is on donut.

I ordered tires from When I received them, they were all smashed together and poorly packed. I took them to a tire shop to get mounted. They said they could not get them to fit on the rim. The tires were not the right size. So, I called Tires-easy customer service, only to talk to a lady who could hardly speak English. I could hardy tell what she was saying. She said that the tires I ordered were the right size for that rim. So, I took them to another tire shop and they got the tires on but they would not fill up with air. The mechanic said they were old tires and were cracked and the company said these were (new).

I called Customer Service back only to talk to 3 different foreign people telling me 3 different stories, one of saying I can't return them because they were mounted. Another was saying I can only return two. I told them I wanted to talk to a manager and they said that the manager was not in. They refused to let me talk to them. I have emailed with no response back. All I wanted was my money back and to send the tires back but they will not help me or give me my money. I will never use this company ever again. It was a waste of time and my hard-earned money.

They sell tires 4 or 5 years old as if they were new. This is not safe; this is very dangerous on the highway. Also, they say the consumer cannot return the tires once they are mounted. This is not true. You can ride the tires for 30 days, no question asked. If you don’t like them, you can return them. People wake up: don’t buy from these people. This can be life threatening.

I purchased set of (4) tires for $350. The company sent them to Tire Kingdom where they were installed and mounted. The only problem is that the tires are 4 and 5 years old and they told me at the company that all of their tires are the same way. I told them that I was looking for a full refund since I paid for them with an AMEX. I am willing to take them to Small Claims Court.

I ordered tires that were to be shipped in 1 to 2 weeks. I called and cancelled the order the following day and ordered the correct tires. They claim that the tires were shipped overnight, so they could not lift the hold on the account. This resulted in 2 holds on my bank account which in turn resulted to overdraft fees. I contacted them via e-mail several times and also by phone. They keep telling me that they will lift the hold but has not as of yet. The company still has 2 holds that are causing great disturbance to my account. I need the hold for the cancelled orders lifted so my account balances don’t incur any more overdraft or returned check fees accruing. Thank You Ed **

I purchased tires online at I have included the information from an email I received: "We are referring to your tire order ** from 28.12.2010 03:14:15, and are sorry to inform you that we can only process your order if you choose to pay the amount of $532.92 for order number ** by the following alternative payment option: via PayPal at" The price of the tires was $120.60 on 12/27 plus shipping costs. On 12/28, the price was $158.60. This alone is suspicious. I keep getting generic, open-ended responses.

After years of purchasing tires through my local tire dealer, I decided to try making my purchase online. I searched extensively through a variety of different tire websites and discovered that tires-easy had the lowest prices. I was able to order 4 new tires for 1/3 off the price that I'm used to paying at my local tire dealer. The ordering process was easy.

My only real complaint involved dealing with customer service. We mostly corresponded through email. I prefer going to a local store where I can speak to someone in person. Luckily the tires came on time, and I didn't have any problems. But I would imagine that if something did go wrong, it would be tough to sort out the issue.

I purchased 6 Sigma Wild Spirit truck tires from in November for my F350 diesel dual wheel truck. I hand them installed in December and with less than 10K miles they have cracked all around the bead. I took the truck to a Sigma tire dealer who declared them defective. I was told to park the truck. This is my work vehicle which means I am virtually unemployed until this is settled. I called and emailed and they sent me to TBC corporation who did not even know who tires-easy was. They are not a of "dealer" of Sigma tires. They buy factory rejects and dry rotted tires and sell them to the public. Everyone keeps trying to pass the buck. I am getting a lawyer. No work for me until I either replace all the tires at my own expense which I cannot afford because my truck is down.

I purchased tubeless tires to replace the tires on my lawn tractor. Tires delivered smashed flat. I took tires to be installed. I was told they could not be installed in that condition unless you went to the extra expense to make them tube tires. I have pictures of the tires and a letter from John ** stating that the tires would need tubes to hold air pressure. I can't be installed as tubeless tires. I have been talking to seller since May 24, 2010, until now I cannot get anywhere. In the meantime, I had to purchase tires elsewhere at a higher cost. I needed to use my mower. You can have the tires back. I would like my money refunded.

They sent me tires that were manufactured in 2006 making them 4 years old and no shop would install them. Tires expire after 6 years and these tires, if mounted, could have killed me or one of my family members or another driver on the road. Now, they will do nothing to give me my money back. They say, “Oh well, too bad, that’s what you get.” This is a garbage company. Please do not give your hard-earned money to them and go shop at a local company that gives money to Americans and not some scam artist group in Romania.

I purchased tires from their website, they were shipped to a local installer and put on. I drove home from the installer, maybe thee miles total, and the bead failed on the tire. I tried a can of Fix-a-Flat and it all came out of the back side of the tire. I called the installer, they came to my house and removed the tire and said it was done. This is junk, no good. I am currently attempting to get a refund, thus far to no avail.

I am not satisfied with the way does business. The information about prices for installation is completely wrong. I claim that this information is part of the product that Tires-Easy sells. The website says, "Please make sure that you show your invoice at the installer. This proves that you are a Tires-Easy customer and will get you better deals. Please contact the installer in advance to arrange an appointment." The installation price on their website is given as $11 per tire + $2 disposal fee. I contacted the mechanic before I went to have them installed (but unfortunately after I ordered the tires).

The mechanic is irritated that Tires-Easy sends customers who think that the installation price on the website is correct. The Tires-Easy representative actually said it was my responsibility to check the installation prices before even ordering them and that they are not responsible for the accuracy of the installation prices! Then why bother with fitting station partners at all? Caveat emptor. I cancelled the order and the confirmation said that the reason for cancellation was: Will be cancelled, the wrong tire was ordered. They are automated and not attending to details. And when they do find a mistake, the customer ends up paying for it.

I purchased 4 tires from this company. One of the tires started cracking. These tires are less than 6 months old. I went to an authorized Pirelli dealer and came to find out they sold me 3 tires that were manufactured in 2007 and one that was manufactured in 2004. The tire was dry rotted. I have been trying to resolve this issue for over 3 months. I have been driving without a spare all of this time. I finally had to buy another tire because I could not resolve this with them. I am still waiting for a replacement tire or my money back.

While searching for deals on new tires, I came across a website called They had a Canadian website as well, called, which apparently was all owned and operated by a German company called, Delticom AG. On their site, I found a great deal on the tires I wanted and ordered them. I even got a confirmation e-mail that my order was processed and would be shipped soon, with all the prices, shipping, taxes, etc. stated on the e-mail. About 1 month later, I still didn't get my tires and was ready to call them to see what was going on, as all the links on their website didn't work. Around the same time, I got a phonecall from the US company saying there was a problem with my order. The computer made a mistake quoting me on the price of shipping.

My quote was $12.77 CAD, and the real shipping charges would be over $400. So he asked if I wanted to cancel my order. Well, since I already had a confirmation e-mail I stated they were obligated to fill my order, no matter what prices were quoted. About 2 weeks and several phonecalls later, the parent company still didn't want to fulfill their obligation. Against my wishes, they cancelled my order. Even the person whom I was talking to in the US office agreed with me that they had to fill my order, but the parent company in Germany refused.

I am extremely upset as to how this situation was handled. It seems like the Germans do not care about consumer rights in North America, although they are happy to open companies here and take our money. I feel like I have been taken advantage of as a consumer by a "bully" company. I want to take legal action against the parent company, but am not sure as to how to proceed. I still have all the e-mails they sent to me stored on my computer. Company Profile

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