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I have bought several tires from Tire Rack while living in Canada and have not had any warranty problems with premature wear. BUT I just did and only got 20,000 miles of tread wear out of a set of Bridgestone/Firestone Destination LE tires that had a tread life warranty of 60,000 miles. DO NOT BUY TIRES FROM TIRE RACK IN CANADA IF YOU EXPECT TO NEED A WARRANTY. I had the tires installed at a Tire Rack recommended installer in Calgary and had a full 4 wheel alignment. After only 20,000 miles I had hit a tread wear of 3 on one tire and all the other tires had severe wear. I went back to the installer and they said they do not handle warranties. I then called Tire Rack and they said to go through a Firestone/Bridgestone dealer in Calgary. The retail dealers said they cannot warranty tires not purchased in Alberta and since my tires were shipped from the USA they are technically USA tires.

Called Tire Rack again and they said to work through the Alberta Bridgestone/Firestone head office. They also said the same thing. "If you don't buy the tires here we will not warranty them." Went back to Tire Rack and they had me bring the car in 3 times to a tire specialist that confirmed premature even wear on the tires, that my car was fully aligned and to also complete a detailed tread report measuring several parts of the tire. All of this was sent to Tire Rack and all the data pointed to bad tires. Tire Rack dragged me along for 4 months doing nothing and saying they are still reviewing the reports. I gave up and bought new tires. For what you save it is not worth giving up the tire warranty. I paid $1120.00 to Tire Rack for tires that only lasted 20,000 miles and they did nothing to help compensate me. Stay away from Tire Rack if you are a Canadian.

Bought 4 Kumho 17 inch Solus tires for my Dodge Dakota from tire rack but only fitted 2 to the front. Got a bumping after 30,000 miles and find one tire has a large bulge in the tread. Called Tire Rack and service person says "you can send it back at your own expense but I can tell you, we will say you hit a curb and damaged it so you will get nothing." 6 months later second one does the same thing. I rang them but basically told them I wouldn't buy from them again. Today the third tire has done the same at less than half wear, so I will have to go and buy a tire locally.

Wheel problems and put air in tires, traveled 3 miles, tire went flat and damaged tire. Went to Monro Muffler and the cause of deflation was the cap that came with the new wheels (rims). When tightened they caused air to escape. Called Tire Rack to report the problem. Said they would send new caps but would not reimburse me for tires. From now on I will deal with Discount Tire Direct... better prices and no shipping charge.

I bought four Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires last December and they've been very good. However, on a recent trip to visit friends in Toronto, I noticed a bubble on the side wall of the passenger side front. This was after we had arrived in Canada. I was frantic since it was a holiday weekend and we needed to return home on Monday, July 4th, and I didn't have a spare (my car came with run-flats that were horrible so I replaced them with these tires). We called several places but only Canadian Tire had a replacement and could install it Monday morning. However, I paid $281.95 Canadian for it, which is pretty outrageous, but what was I to do at that point? That price included $17 labor and $32.44 in taxes.

I contacted the warranty administrator for Tire Rack and was told they wouldn't cover it since it happened out of the USA. I told the rep that there was no way she could know that because I drove nearly 400 miles in the US and only 100 or so to get to Toronto, so it could easily have happened in the USA. She told me to contact Tire Rack and discuss it. I contacted Tire Rack and explained the situation and was asked if I kept the tire. I did not (why the hell should I?) but that I'd taken a photo of the bubble with my cell phone. She said she would speak to Michelin and ask if they would do anything and call me back later that day. She never called back so I called Tire Rack again today. The woman I spoke to said I had spoken to a supervisor and 'sorry she didn't call you back, but Michelin won't do anything unless they get the bad tire back'.

So a supervisor in the customer service department fails to call after getting this bad news and a multi-billion dollar corporation refuses to reimburse even a small part of this new tire cost? Yes, I had debated about bringing the tire back, but I couldn't call Tire Rack to ask because it was a holiday in the US. Yeah, I'm probably done with both and I've bought more than a few sets of tires from Tire Rack. Let's just say I'm very disappointed.

I have ordered at least 6 sets of tires from TR over the course of the last 6-8 years and to date have not had one bad experience! Customer service has been impeccable without fault! I have read numerous reviews of TR on this site to date and must say that while some consumers might need to look at their buying practices, I am disheartened by what I read! I need new tires for my latest vehicle purchase and cannot in good conscience move forward with TR! There ARE other options with better deals over the internet and I feel like it might be time to move on.

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Purchased 4 new Dunlop tires on tirerack.com and I was experiencing my vehicle shaking and pulling to the left. After 3 wheel balancing and two 4 wheel alignments, a dealership finally diagnosed a faulty tire. I purchased the tires last November, but didn't install them until January. On April 23rd I finally got informed from Woburn Foreign Motors about the faulty tire. After contacting Tire Rack directly, I was told there was no warranty other than road hazard. And in order to get a replacement tire, I had purchase a new tire and was responsible for all shipping and handling and that I would only receive a credit after I shipped back the defective tire. I feel I was ripped off and will never purchase anything from Tire Rack ever!

I bought 2 sets of rims from them, my mechanic install them in the car. When went to see it, there was a scratch on the one of the rims. My mechanic said, "it was delivered like that." I called them. They said, "once it's installed we won't take it back". After buying 2 sets of rims? So my suggestion is buy rims from a place that you if you run into any issue you would be able to return them, like Overstock, or Amazon. No question ask. Don't waste your money with them. Not worth aggravation. Use Amazon.

Purchased 4 new sport Pirelli tires 8/2014 - These are highly rated tires for my wife's car, BMW X3. The company claims that they are good for some 60000 miles. We had number of problems with them from the beginning. The rear tire needed air every three to four weeks. We made Tire Rack aware of this situation. This occurred about five or six times. The in question was completely bald after only 16000 miles. I called Tire Rack to complain.

I was told that this normal wear & tear. The agent suggested I need to purchase two tires which did for a discounted price. It seems that the warranty claim is worthless. Both tires must be worn at the same thread length. I bring the car to their suggested installer & get hosed again. Warranties on these tires mean Nothing. Buy a cheaper tire every 15000 & save the money. Tire Rack did not help & I doubt if I will purchase again. Pirelli motto: Performance you can trust??? Purchaser beware.

We have a wholesale account with them and upon ordering a set of rims for a customer's car, they decided to send whatever rim they felt like sending. The car called for a 15 x 6 rim with 4 lugs and they sent a 16 x 6 with 5 lugs. Upon inspecting rim and invoice, we found several other charges for items not inquired and never received. When calling customer service, they advised that they will not refund us for items not received and that we'd have to pay for shipping. This is what we called a scamming company in decline. Order at your own risk from them.

The Tire Rack was absolutely no help in a warranty issue I had with Michelin. "Sent the tires back and we'll look at them".. Wait my car gets to sit on jacks for two-three weeks while you decide. Never again. Plus they were more expensive than buying locally. Don't be fooled.

I bought four tires from Tire Rack.com. 3 out of the 4 of the tires went bad. 2 of the tires had an eggs in them and the other one thread was sticking out of the tire. I contacted the company and they kept giving me the runaround and finally talk with the manager. He said he could not exchange them but he can give me a 30% discount and told the tires is only 2 weeks old and he said sorry it the best he can do so I reported them to the bbb and was told this company have lots of complaints against them for selling bad products. So I was told file suit against them and my attorney call them and he got me my money back. Thank to him.

I started using tirerack.com several years ago and based on my most recent experience, they are a company in decline. The interaction I just had with their customer service department was bad and similar to as others have described. If I had to do over again, I wouldn't use Tirerack.com. In my case, I would have been better off using my Amazon Prime account to order the tires. The cost difference was negligible but I would have had access to Amazon's superior customer service and shipping clout/skills. In my case the tires are 4 days late and I can't wait any longer. How's Tirerack.com propose to help me, "have the installer refuse delivery and Tirerack.com will charge me freight both ways." Obviously, I'll never use Tirerack.com again and will gladly pay more (if necessary) to shop online with companies that provide quality customer service and have the resources/desire to me as a returning customer.

Followed website dire directions to order tires for my truck. First set came damaged - returned. Second set that came didn't fit my truck! Ordered third set after returning second set - barely fit my truck & did not come the way I ordered them. They said the second set was used and I needed to pay shipping on the second set even though there was no way they could've been used because they did not fit on my truck! Ended up paying for shipping 2x and was only partially refunded for the second "used" set of tires.

In mid November 2015 I purchased a tire/wheel package from The Tire Rack. Today, less than 3 months later I had a weight come flying off one of my new wheels. I called The Tire Rack and they said very quickly that I was on my own and they would do nothing about the situation. He said I could take it to any tire shop and they could "throw another one on for me". I explained that the tire & wheel would have to be rebalanced and he basically said "Tough luck!" I have bought many tires from them in the past but saving a couple of bucks is not worth it when you have to go to the tire shop, that you should have bought from in the first place, and pay to have something fixed that The Tire Rack should have taken care.

Went to local repair shop with flat tire and foreign object in side wall. Unrepairable. Spoke with representative for "Sonsio". He told me we had to have a photo or specific info to support a legitimate tire replacement under their program. I had the work done at a reputable shop who provided proof the hole was in the sidewall and unrepairable. Tire rack will not pay it with the information we have given them. This is a scam to say the least as they promise road hazard and then don't follow through with the promised coverage.

I have an absolute blast abusing tires on road racing tracks and AutoX, and keep tires on 3 daily driver cars so I buy more than my fair share of tires. Almost always I buy from Tire Rack. Excellent support and intelligence. Excellent/quick delivery. Excellent pricing. You might squeeze blood out of some stone, but the Tire Rack price is always very good or better. I do not bother price comparison any more. I trust Tire Rack. Even if I just need one tire right now, I use the Tire Rack website for product information, bottom line pricing, installer referral and price negotiation for any urgent local in stock purchase. There is no doubt Tire Rack drives the market and forces most other businesses down to fair pricing.

I ordered a wheel from them and it was the wrong size, so when I called to have it exchanged they told me it would be no problem and the only thing that was not refundable was half of my original shipping charge. Which I figured would happen. BUT when I finally did receive my refund it was less than the wheel itself. Not only was I not refunded half of my shipping but they also took an extra $7 out for returning it, which they did not tell me they were doing. So now I am paying almost $40 extra just for this exchange. If I didn't NEED this wheel I would not give them my business if my life depended on it. They are nothing but crooks and they do not care one bit about their customers!!

I looked up tire information on the Tire Rack website. Now their high volume ads are appearing most all of the time when as I surf the net for all subjects. Advise anyone to avoid Tire Rack website.

Bought a set of tires/wheels, for winter driving. The wheels were different shades. After last winter I took the winter set off, returned to TR for correct wheels, remounted the winter set 12/2015, my car vibrated and shook, put my OEM set back on, car is ok. TR said to get them balanced and try again. This is their responsibility. A third party is not required. This can lead down a road which has third parties telling me there is something wrong with my car. I want TR to either have one of their suppliers do it, or have them returned to them to do. They need to be Hunter Road Force Balanced, with a printout of before and after condition.

A local place tried to balance one, and he thinks the tire has internal damage from being on and off various wheels. TR has gone dark. The tire/wheels were on my car last winter for approximately 3,200 miles. They look like new. Only wild card is their trip back to TR to match the wheels. They sat safely and quietly in my garage until last December.

Purchased 4 new Sumitomo tires 11-13-13. Noticed that the tires are showing cracking around the tire where it meets the rim. Contacted Tire Rack and was told this condition was not covered under the warranty by Sumitomo. I asked if Tire Rack had any loyalty to their customers. No response. So if I have a tire failure do I get to sue Tire Rack and Sumitomo?

I ordered new tires online. They were shipped to Firestone in my neighborhood for install. The tires were cosmetically damaged and the installer refused to help. Cannot get Tire Rack or Firestone to do anything. Drove away and the 'LOW TIRE PRESSURE' light came on after an hour. No one will respond from either company.

I ordered tires for a 2011 Kia Soul. They recommended one pair of "original" tires. I figured one pair of original tires has to be right. Nope! Wasted $50 dollars on shipping that they won't refund.

Late in this process, I had finally called Tire Rack myself to let them know that I, the consumer, was highly dissatisfied. The Tire Rack representative was defensive on the phone with me, a tone I did not at all appreciate. The Tire Rack representative said they're "working with the garage very diligently" on the problem. Little did the Tire Rack representative know that my garage shared the correspondence / emails with Tire Rack with me and that it was clear to me that the Garage was working very diligently but Tire Rack was being obstructive and difficult. My local garage were the ones who were above reproach and NOT Tire Rack.

After weeks of Tire Rack giving my local garage numerous tasks of diagnostics, (all at the garage's expense), and demanding the garage to take numerous pictures of the rims and eventually having the garage ship the rims back for "inspection" Tire Rack said they were "machined wrong." My only option was a credit, despite that I wanted a refund for faulty parts. I chose a new set of different rims, applying the credit. I would have fought it to get a refund but since Tire Rack was difficult to deal with, I just got the rims to move on and be done with Tire Rack once and for all, hopefully. Resolved? ...Sort of, yes. Satisfied? I am not. Use Tire Rack again and/or recommend Tire Rack? Absolutely not.

Original Review

I've used Tire Rack numerous times for tires and never had any problems. Recently however weeks ago, I got new rims - purchased through my local tire garage (who I trust well). The rims I ordered through the local tire garage that came from Tire Rack were faulty. They were visible being bent. At first, I didn't know what was wrong; I just knew there was a shimmy/shake and my brakes were making noises and also pulsating. I drove in a parking lot very slow and the bend in the rim was very visible and it was clearly the rim. I should mention the tires were on other rims and were completely fine and not much mileage on them. I put my other rims back on and all problems, noises and brake malfunctions were completely gone.

So, this is where things went south - real quick. The rims were ordered and I got them weeks ago and this problem is NOT solved. Tire Rack has been making the tire garage do a ton of diagnostics - at the tire garage's expense! Tire Rack has been making them jump through hoops and Tire Rack is taking NO responsibility for this issue, whatsoever. Finally, the rims are going to be sent to Tire Rack "for inspection." It SHOULDN'T have taking this long but - even still - I'm still not satisfied because they're only being sent to Tire Rack for inspection. So, I'm out hundreds of dollars and still have NO RIMS.

I most certainly will be reporting this to BBB absolutely. The reason I am writing this and also reporting to BBB is because Tire Rack is obviously keeping my hundreds of dollars and not dealing with the faulty rims. The bottom line of the rims is that they make my car shake, and can't be balanced (having tried twice) and they make my brakes malfunction and so, these rims do NOT work on my car - no matter what the "inspection" renders. Bottom line: Tire Rack said these rims would work on my car/make/model and they do not but Tire Rack REFUSES TO TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS. I'm NEVER using Tire Rack again and I would NEVER EVER recommend Tire Rack to ANYONE. It should be noted that the tire garage involved have done a really great job doing everything that Tire Rack has been demanding and are not faulted for this in any way.

I have never used Tire Rack and decided to give them a try. Yes they save you money but be prepared to be pushed to the back to the end of the line. I guess I can't blame Big O tire. They make several hundred dollars when you purchase the tires from them and 53.00 for the installation fee from the Tire Rack. I sat in the waiting room and watched as people were in and out in two hours. I arrived at 7:30 and finally left at 3:30. I guess it's only good business if I owned the franchise. I would probably do the same thing, my bad!

On July 21, 2014 I ordered a set of Bright Muscle ZR PVD wheels for my 2001 Corvette which happen to be a match to the wheels that come on the ZR-1 Corvette. I contacted Tire Rack about the plating that was flaking off of the wheels. I was told that the wheels had a year warranty. Maggie and she told me the wheels were under warranty and that she wanted pictures so I sent her pictures of the damaged areas.

On 7/7/2015 I contacted Tire Rack and no response. I then called and was told that the back set of wheels were on backorder and now they say that the back ones are no longer available and Tire Rack will not give me a refund. Now I have to wait forever to get the wheels that I paid over $1000.00 for that will never get replaced. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TIRE RACK. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SELL YOU JUNK WHEELS. NEVER AGAIN!!!

My tires were sent to the wrong address. (Full disclosure: the address was auto-filled by their website, we had moved since then.) So I checked on the delivery and discovered that UPS couldn't deliver the tires. I called UPS to change the address and they informed me that they couldn't redirect the tires. I then called Tire Rack to correct the address. The "customer service" guy says they need to charge me $12.50 because UPS requires it. The $12.50 went directly to Tire Rack (not UPS). UPS would have had no problem re-directing the tires, but Tire Rack will not allow them to. Tire Rack gets $12.50 for doing basically nothing. Discount Tire Direct will get ALL of my future tire purchases! They can thank Tire Rack!

Tires purchased March of 2014. Lasted 10,694 miles. They were 80,000 mile Kumho tires. Tire went down to steel cords showing on one of the tires. Manufacturer date stamp on tires of 2007. From the time I got them they seemed bouncy. After a while they got bad. I did a tire rotation and checked the balance and they were fine, dead on balance. Drove again for a while and bounce got worse. I rotated them again before making a trip to Colorado and took readings of treadwear. Got to Colorado and noticed back tires were really bad. Crossed fingers to make it home. Tire on left rear was so bad I thought I had a bearing going. When I got back I noticed steel cords showing on the left rear. I contacted Tire Rack and explained the problem and they told me to return the tires. Returned to Tire Rack for what I thought would be replacement of defective tires minus the 10,000 miles used to be prorated on the replacements.

After 10 days of not hearing from them I called them. Was told by customer service they were uneven wear and would not replace. All 4 tires were uneven in different ways, they will be if defective. I also run my tire pressures at 45psi and the centers have always worn in the past first. Not these tires. Told me they sent email, but never got. Told them to resend and after 2 days I still have not got an email. I made a trip on the tires and before I left I took readings because they seemed to be wearing. Here is the facts on them: Measurement in thousands, readings taken with vernier calipers. Tires before North Carolina to Colorado: LF RF LR RR, In Out In Out In Out In Out, .135 .130 .130 .120 .103 .75 .65 .66. Tires after Colorado to North Carolina 3,546 Miles: LF RF LR RR, In Out In Out In Out In Out, .106 .99 .102 .93 . 0 .0 .0 .0.

As you can see they wore out really fast for highway only. Also, if you look at each individual tire as far as uneven wear, I do not see it drastically at all to justify being uneven and not replacing them. So now I am stuck with a van with no tires and was not in my budget for another 3 or 4 years. Customer service did not offer any restitution to the problem and actually just finished the phone call to the terms of the person on the phone and hung up on me. So basically we got your money and tough luck.

AWD Subie, bought 4 tires from Tire Rack, one tire puncture, and the resulting slow leaking flat chewed the tire tread to below their 2/32" remaining tread minimum on one edge. Warranty will not be honored, no reimbursement for new replacement/shaved tire. Buyers beware! Not a true full road hazard warranty!!! If it was, they'd cover it to 0/32". Never buying a Tire Rack tire product ever again since they don't cover their product fully as I thought initially without reading the small print. Will take my business to the local supplier in my town instead.

After reading the other reviews, my guess is that they might be selling tires that are old and used then refurbished with rubber coating. I know from my experience in India, rubber coating is very cheap and it makes the tire look brand new. You can rubber coat tires very thick. In India, they do it for tractor tires. Personally I have not bought any tire from Tire Rack yet and have no intention anymore.

I finally convinced my husband to let me use Tire Rack to send a Continental Tire I really wanted on my minivan to Merchant's to be installed. He didn't trust it but we agreed to try. Boy am I eating my words now. I went through their online ordering system by entering my make, model, and year - boom the tire I want pops up and I buy four. All seemed perfect. Until the Merchant's guy calls saying they are the wrong size - that I need 16" instead of 17" - I didn't know there was an option! I called Customer Service who said while the wrong size is the one that was listed first I should have checked that it was indeed the right size (I didn't even know what all those numbers mean. I just relied on their tire selection guide).

I was offered not to have to pay return shipping only if I paid a $14 UPS charge and placed a new order paying shipment. I told them I had to talk to my husband as he was at Merchant's and pretty angry. She warned me if I didn't place a new order I had to pay full return shipping as well as the $14 even though I had placed my order in good faith using their system which led to a tire being recommended that was the wrong size (because as she said I should've checked). Already realizing what a crappy deal this was turning I realized at this point I would lose well over a $120 and have no tires at all if I did not reorder through them. I felt hijacked and stupid. She suggested I order with one of their tire specialists over the phone to avoid any problems. I did.

I quickly sent the confirmation over to my husband to check over while still at Merchant's and guess what - wrong size again! This time it was too narrow. Now I am not normally the one in the dog house so at this point I am ready to cry. I called back and gave him the tire number the Merchant guy told us. We were able to reorder but still spending over $100 on shipping, a full day wasted for my husband, and having to wait even longer for tires. The tire specialist was by far nicer than the customer service lady (go figure) but I will never ever go there again. Merchant Tires had all four tires off the car, and one tire off the rim when they realized our mistake. They graciously put them back on, helped us correct Tire Rack's mistakes on the second order, and did not charge my husband a dime. Thank you Matt at Merchant's - I am sorry I went elsewhere to order my tire. Tire Rack you will never get my business again.

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Lauren FixAutomotive Contributing Editor

Lauren Fix is an automotive expert who earned the title of The Car Coach, and is recognized throughout all forms of media as a woman with in-depth knowledge on vehicles, technology, automotive finance, repair and trends. Founder of Automotive Aspects, Inc., her understanding of automobiles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print and the internet. She writes a column for multiple outlets including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on all the major news and morning shows discussing the latest updates on cars that will help drivers of all ages learn to about cars and make smart decisions.    More about Lauren→

Tire Rack has over 2.2 million square feet of distribution center space across the country packed with inventory from 21 major tire and 58 wheel brands. Their prices are competitive and their expertise is unmatched. Tire Rack has its own track to put tires to the test lap after lap, so you know exactly how a tire performs.

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  • Learning center: Tire Rack has an extensive area of their website dedicated to education, research and advice.
  • Installation: Can be shipped directly to the installer of your choice or one of their 8,000+installers. All you have to do is schedule your appointment and show up. Tires can also be shipped directly to your address.
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