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Very durable and strong tire. I spend a lot of time outdoors on my off time from work. I go to places few go to. I needed a tire on my truck to get me there and back. I was quite surprised with the warranty on the tire. I recently took one in for a repair and was pleasantly surprised with the information about the tire and it's fix. These tires rock! They get me to places off the beaten path with little trouble. I would and have recommended these tires to friends who hunt and fish as well as my other friends who just drive. I originally bought these tires on sale. They were cheaper than my normal brand. But I soon discovered these tires are well built and have since bought these tires for my wife's vehicle. The cost on that was very reasonable.

The tires lasted me a long time. Never ran into a problem. They also came with good warranty that I never had to use. I drove a lot of miles. I was very pleased with the warranty that came with my tires. If anything happened they were going to be replaced with no questions asked. I received money worth when I made the decision. My tires never deflated. My tires were always in spec. I received what I paid for. I would recommend this brand to all my family and friends. They also were affordable to my income.

They lasted as expected, standard tires for standard outcome. They were expected quality and lasted like they should have. The warranty was just enough to seem like it would last until you needed it, but expired just before you needed to use it. It was just long enough to be deceiving and not quite actual coverage. And it wasn't even going to cover the real problems if I used it. It's a tire. It performs how it's meant to. It was good for all my needs over every road. It traveled longer miles than I asked and I didn't have to change it as quickly as other tires. Good value for a good tire, something you don't always find. Usually it's much more money for me a product that is actually useful but it was reasonably priced for the standard it operates on.

The durability is very good. I was happy about that. They seem to hold up pretty well in not so good weather. It helps me feel safer and in more control. They are very good quality. I do love the warranty because they cover just about anything so if anything were to happen you could get a new set right away. Plus the value being asked for how long you get it is a steal I believe. They do perform very well in bad weather and good. I like the traction I receive. I feel secure and in control. I have no complaints there. I can do my turns pretty quickly and I have no problems no matter the weather. I do like the value. I feel very happy because you get good quality tires for a decent price and the long lasting and good warranty certainly help. Overall I can say I am satisfied.