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I’m disgusted that a tire center does not perform wheel alignments on new tires. It was only after I purchased 4 new tires and went to drop off my vehicle to have them replaced that I was told I would need to take my Jeep grand Cherokee elsewhere for a wheel alignment. After I spoke to the manager he insinuated that he doesn’t know for sure that I was not told this and that all customers are usually notified of this. I told him to immediately refund my credit card and do not change any tires!!! Costco Tire center is extremely reckless, dishonest and downright dangerous!! Had I known a so-called tire center was unable to do a wheel alignment on brand new tires I would have avoided at all cost!!! Don’t waste your time!!!

I have been a happy Costco member for years and have always purchased the tires from them. During the last two to three years, two of my cars have experienced flat tires and require repairs. It has been three separate incidents that I was told the tire cannot be repaired and I need to get a new tire. The employee proceeds to tell you they will prorate the new tire for you based on the thread left on the old tire. However, none of those occasions are they willing or able to show me what happen to my old tires.

I am starting to catch on that they fabricate the story just so they can replace the tire. I am not sure what the motivation is. Perhaps they cannot generate any revenue from doing the repair work? In either case I have lost my confidence with the Costco Tires Center and will not be buying tires from them in the future. I want to share my experience and observation so that when you have a flat that requires repair in the future, be aware and ask them to show you the old tire that they claimed it's not repairable.

One tire pressure was low. I pumped to 50psi and without any problem make it 5 miles to Commack Costco NY Long Island. After telling them about flat, without checking my tire I has numerous questions like: How many miles on the car itself - like it makes difference!!! 80000 sir. Finding on his comp. that tires was purchased in 2012 and declaring that tire is too old. It's 4 years old, and all rotations was done on time. Very rude attitude like I was in third world countries. After giving my phone number, he couldn't find it in Costco comp. system. Is there any justice??? Thanks Frank from Costco.

I purchased 4 Michelin LTX M/S2 tires from costco. There is a 115,000 km warranty on the tires. I have put 38,000 kms on the tires and the rear have 3/32 (bald) and the fronts 8/32. When I took the tires to check about warranty I was advised that the tire were rotated wrong so they wouldn't warranty the tires. The tires are over 5 yrs old, however whether 38,000 kms are put on the tires in one year or over 5 years, it shouldn't matter I only got 38,000 kms on 115,000 km warranty tires. These Michelin tires are garbage. Whether it is Costco or Michelin in my opinion this is not too good for customer satisfaction.

I have been long time members of Costco and very happy with the overall service provided. However, the way the tire centers are run is such a shame and an insult to the value of my precious time. Tire Rotation system requires that I practically take a day off to maybe get my tires rotation done. This is a mega waste of time and I feel deeply insulted and disrespected that my time is misused in such a way. I would take my tires somewhere else if it did not void the warranty. I hope they revise methods because this is a blatant disrespect of people's time. Not worth the savings for me... My time and money will be best spent elsewhere.

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The men, Blake in particular, in the tire department took time out of their busy day to help me assess a flat tire and even put on my spare for no required compensation. They were concerned for my safety and to avoid damage to my vehicle. These are people I want to continue doing business with.

I have a Prius 2013. Drop my car this morning before 9:30 (open at 9:30 am on Saturday) at Fremont Costco to have a rotation. Received a phone call by noon regarding the lock. I All wheel is lock and need the key. (I am a lady which no idea about what this Costco folk talk about). I was in San Francisco. After lunch, I pick up my car and manage to find a friend who is a mechanic to unlock my car wheel. Costco told me that they have cancel my order so if I need the service again, I need to start from beginning. Within 20 minutes, I bring my car back to Costco to continue the service.

They are close at 6 pm and I personally at the counter around 5 pm. The customer service lady is very nice and said they are no longer accept any car and will spoke to her supervisor, James. He said no! No more car service!! My wheels are all unlock and it is so unsafe to drive around!!! Since I have dropped the car in the morning, why he reject the service!!! This is my complaint!!

With great regret I am writing this. On Feb 14th 2016 I bought 4 set of Michelin tyres from Costco on 14th June 2016. After picking my kids from school I went bit close to the curb. After 1 km the tyre got punctured. If this was a quality tyre this would not have been happened. This was my first experience buying Michelin tyres. After buying the new tyres it has done only 4544 kms (In Feb 78393, now 82937). I went to Costco tyre centre explaining what happened but they said they can't do anything about this because it has happened in the edge of the tyres. They are just asking me to buy another one. I would like to know whether there isn't any km warranty for the tyres. Is there any way to get some help about this?

I am a executive member of Costco and have been going there over a decade. It is awesome store but not the tire center. I trusted their words at least 2 times when I went there to fix tire flat. Every time when I go there they always tell that it can't be fixed because of safety measure. They tell you that you will have to buy a new tires. I trusted and bought tires 2 times. Today I went there for tire rotation to Edison Costco tire center and found out that there is a small nail. Now they say it can't be fixed and have to buy new tires. They have not run more than 10K. This is ridiculous. Every time you go there they do not give you a choice of fixing the issue, recommend you to buy new tires. It happened so many time, they never fixed it a single time. I will never ever recommend you to go this place.

I have a brand new set of the Michelin Defender LTX's in 265/70R16 on my SUV. Costco returned the car to me with three of the four tires out of round, as indicated by excessive balance weight. One has 6.5 oz, one has 5.5 oz, one has 5.0 oz, and the 4th has 3.5 oz. Apparently, Michelin has a quality issue with this tire, and it is most unfortunate this has replaced the reliable and popular LTX M/S2 and Latitude tires. The Defenders replaced a set of Costco-only Michelin LT A/S that were returned under the 30 day satisfaction warranty because they have horrible road noise at freeway speeds. This is very disappointing and a downhill departure from the trouble-free experiences I've had with Michelin in the past. The Costco Tire Department tries to please, but each visit is a 3 hour ordeal; they are busy all the time, their paperwork process is inefficient, and they are understaffed at the service desk.

I purchased tires which so far are fine. I had an appointment and it still took 3 hours to get tires on because they said they ran into a problem with the sensors on the rims which turn on a light on the dash if there is a tire problem. The next day, the light on the dash came on showing that there was a tire problem. It went off after a day or two and then came back on a few days later. When I took the truck back to Costco, they said the work was not in the computer (how can that be?). Then they told me that the light was on when I originally brought the truck in for the tires, which is not true. They said I would have to take the truck to the Ford dealer since it was not their problem. I asked them to at least check the air in the tire, which was actually nitrogen. They added nitrogen and the light has not come back on. Why couldn't they have just checked that without all the hassle and essentially calling me a liar? I won't be back there for tires.

We have been long time members of Costco and very happy with the overall service provided. However, the way the tire centres are run is such a shame and an insult to the value of my precious time. After buying tires through online Costco I now find myself trapped in the insanely dysfunctional first come first serve appointment system (which should be clearly indicated online when purchasing tires). This appointment system requires that I practically take a day off to maybe get my tires changed if I am lucky enough to win the "first come first serve" lottery of the day. This is a mega waste of time and I feel deeply insulted and disrespected that my time is misused in such a way. I would take my tires somewhere else if it did not void the warranty. I hope they revise methods because this is a blatant disrespect of people's time. Not worth the savings for me... My time and money will be best spent elsewhere.

I bought 4 Michelin tires for $1,006.89 in 2012. Only 30928 miles and I got a nail in my tire. Costco refused to change it and let me buy 4 new tires. After I argued there is 50,000 miles warranty from Michelin, Costco agreed to give me a discount. The funny part is that, now Costco said I only need 2 rear tires to change instead of 4. I felt Costco is not honest this way. So after a long argument, Costco let me change all 4 tires again but only give me 2 tires warranty discount. Is Costco an expert for tires? Which way is safety, change 4 or only 2? Why Costco changed the idea according the discount I do not agree so I checked through internet. I found there are a lot of same complaints. But I do not know what should I do next? Only complains at ** or and just pay money for new tires?

If it weren't for the tire manufacturers giving Costco a break they wouldn't have a tire business. Lines are terrible. You can ruin a day by waiting to get in and there's no give up to it.

On Jan. 6 2016, I had Costco install 4 tires ordered through them on my wife's 2008 Honda Pilot. This is a one owner car that has been retired before by them. I'm a retired mechanic and maintain all 5 cars in our family including a new Corvette. I also maintain a classic car collection for a friend that is worth in 7 figures and many other vehicles and machinery. I'm not your average soccer mom that rolled in off the street. I personally waxed this car 6 weeks prior. A week prior I completed many repairs on the car and had the wheels off for a week while I had it up in the air. I was tripping over the tires for a week. Do you think I would have noticed damaged to the rims at this point or when I waxed it? I can assure you I would have. I've had all my cars tired by Costco for many years and trusted them to the point that I didn't even look at the rims and signed off when I left.

I went home and later decided to just take a look at the tires. All four were gouged at the edge of the wheel past the clearcoat into the aluminum alloy. Without prompting my wife saw the tires when she came home and stated "the tires look great but why are the wheels so scratched?" I went back to Costco on Jan 7th. They stated it was previous damage. I assured them it was not.

Long story short filled out a complaint, was contacted by a 3rd party damage assessor (denied claim) AMEX originally pulled charges but reinstated them because I signed off without inspection. This Costco (Teterboro, NJ) is 3 months old with state of the art equipment. I changed 1,000's of tires in my lifetime with archaic equipment and never did anywhere close to that kind of damage. So the end result is a $600 tire purchase that included $1,200 worth of damage. Think they're going to get the retire of my Corvette ($2K)? Rims are 1,100 per. Never. Think I'm going to alert all my gearhead friends about this? Absolutely.

I have bought 4 tires for both of our cars at Costco. And so far, have not had a problem. Been in for rebalancing and/or rotations several times and they always got me in and out quickly with no problem. Tires were a better deal than elsewhere and was able to get them installed right away. I'll likely go back next time I need tires.

My tire got damaged on 2/15/16, waited for Springfield VA Costco to open at 10 to go there and fix my tire because I used one year and I had warranty. I called them, someone said they are close because their associate did not show up to work. Called after lunch, they were open but they might close the tire department anytime. Went the next day - an African American guy and a Iranian guy very nice and polite. Took the tire from me and ordered a tire for my vehicle. The next someone called me to come and pay otherwise the job is not going to be done. Went there, a Spanish/Chinese looking Manager and Chinese associate acting as if they own Costco, I pay the money and I told the guy put the tire in to my wheel tomorrow when my wife comes, that way she doesn't have to wait longer because I have an infant baby.

The Chinese looking associate and the Chinese looking Manager start lecturing me that "we don't care, the minimum wait is two and half hours." I was keep trying to explain to them that it's Costco's fault that their associate did not show up on Monday and I had to go to a Gas station paid $20, which I could get it for free from Costco and they telling me that's not their fault that Costco did not open the tire department, it's up to us and "we run the business, not you." Next day [Thursday] my wife went and they make her wait almost three hours but on the paper that they printed upfront it's like one and half hour just to cover themselves. The most disgusting customer service ever and we are the executive member. Also I drove the car around 12000 mile all in 495 and backlick road they covered only about 60 percent of it, the rest I had to pay.

I ordered 285/75r16s for my 02 Chevy 1500... Price was a little high, but I was willing to pay for what I thought was going to be a good company to buy from and have install my tires. I scheduled my appt, arrived on time, dropped off the keys, and that's when things went south. 15 minutes into my appt and I receive a garbled call from someone at the Tire Center concerned my tires wouldn't fit my truck (which was inaccurate as I had asked 3 professional mechanics, my boyfriend who is a mechanic, and several others about the sizing). They said they would try to fit one on and get back to me. Okay, sure. 90 MINUTES LATER and I still have not heard anything from them. I go over to the desk and I'm told my tires wouldn't fit (they would have rubbed and they were too wide for the rim) and they wouldn't put them on... and I received no phone call about it?! Come on Costco!

The guy behind the counter argued with me claiming that the initial phone call they made "counted". Yeah, okay. And he really didn't offer any additional information by way of how to fix the situation with my tires "not fitting." What a waste of my time and money. Demanded a refund (got it in full) and went across the street to the Tire Shop where I got a BETTER tire for a CHEAPER price and EXCEPTIONAL customer service. And the tire size I originally ordered fit perfectly. No rubbing and fit the rims like they should. I'll take my future tire related business to them only.

I brought the car in for a flat and they rotated the tires. Of course pressure tire light was on still when I got back on the car and the technician's answer was that it was going to go away after I drove 5 miles, it didn't. I came back and other technician's answer was "well we didn't know." Doesn't make sense if you are rotting tires you are inspecting the tire correct? This are people's lives we are talking about. I think I'll never buy tires from them again, it's always the same with the technicians at this location.

On November 19, 2015 I ordered a set of 4 Michelin Premier A/S 205/55/R16 Tires on & had them shipped free of charge to my local Hillsboro, Oregon Costco store. These were to replace the factory installed Bridgestone Turanza EL400 tires with only 19,300 with 5/32 tread left but were sliding constantly in our Oregon rain. Tires took about 8 or so days to arrive as UPS revised delivery date twice - the tires shipped from Houston TX. I then checked for another brand of tires and saw that they were now $70 off a set of 4 starting Nov 20, a day after I placed my order.

I called customer service and they gladly refunded $70 and said they did so up to 30 days after purchase. Once tires arrived the tire center contacted me. I called on Tuesday and scheduled an appointment for Sunday at 1 PM. My wife freaked out and said she didn't want to wait any longer so we drove over to the tire center. They said it would be 1.5-2 hours. The tires were mounted and balanced in just under an hour and 30 minutes but the tech pooched my phone number so they were unable to call me when finished. I was checking periodically anyway so no big deal. What a totally wonderful tire buying experience. While I waited I read the warranty information and it seems a lot of people whining on this site didn't bother to read the details of the warranty. I will use Costco Tire Center again and again in the future.

Spoke with the employee at the desk who routed me to a tire Tech, who informed that the tires in question were worn out due to the tire defect on that Michelin Brand Hydroedge 90,000 mi warranty. He also stated that they did not carry this particular tire for that reason, the tire wearing out on the edges of the tires which was the problem with my tires. Spoke with the Shop manager who read the Warranty inclosure who, apparently couldn't also like myself did not understand the verbiage which stated: Regardless of age. He informed the Store manager, Tony who had no respect for my concerns. All I was asking was credit on new tires due to the defect.

I purchased 4 brand new tires 3 years ago at the Costco in Tigard Oregon for $641.96. They added random fees to my bill like balance and tire disposal which I wasn't happy about. I had recently been told that they are worn and that I need new ones. So I went back to Costco to have them look at the tires. I still had about 45k miles or an additional 3 years on the warranty. I did everything right in the 3 years that I owned the tires, alignment, rotations, air checks, etc. Well, they declined to use my warranty. They gave me multiple excuses why they wouldn't warranty them, "You didn't come back to see us for all your tire needs." I went to closer locations like Les Schwab and the dealership where I purchased my car, not to mention, the wait time was significantly less.

And I had all the paperwork from both places for proof. Then they told me that one of my tires was a road hazard and that they had to put my spare on and send the bad one back to the factory so they could credit me a prorated amount, somewhere around $30. Well, it's now been 3 weeks since that ordeal, and I still haven't heard from them about my credit. So I called them and am now being told that the only way to get that credit is to purchase new tires from them. There is no way in hell that I'm going to ever use Costco tire center again. The customer service is completely horrible on top of it all. Still waiting for a response. I am not going to keep my hopes up.

I ordered 4 new Michelin tires on on Monday morning. I received an email from them included tracking information from UPS. I decided to check on Wednesday morning and the Costco site said the tires had shipped. When I hit the link to UPS, their site said a label had been printed but no information on delivery would be available until the tires were delivered to UPS. I called Costco on Thursday because no status had changed since Wednesday. The person I talked to said to wait until that afternoon, if nothing had changed they would expedite the order.

Well, Friday morning and still nothing has changed. I called again and waited on hold patiently expecting them to tell me "EXPEDITED" would mean quickly. Expedited just means they have acknowledged the tire order was never made and they would now place it again. I should expect my tires in a week to ten days... wait... WHAT? So three weeks for fricking tires? I considered cancelling the order but that puts me back to start and a week has been lost. I usually will never complain about anything Costco does but I would never order tires from them again. I doubt I would order anything online from them considering the EXTREMELY disappointing handling of this little disaster. At least when you buy in-store you walk out with the merchandise you paid for.

Decided to buy snow tires and rims from Costco. Rims are not available at the Costco store, ordered them online with delivery to my home... When they arrive, I take them to Costco to have everything installed. When I drive away, I notice quite a pronounced "hopping" shake from rear wheels. When I return to have them checked, told I have to wait for 3 or more hours. I asked to make an appointment, sorry, they don't take appointments... Told to come before opening time and line up at door... REALLY... I then asked to put me on the list and I'll come back in a few hours, sorry, can't do that either. I would have to leave my keys and sign the work order, and wait 3 or more hours just to get my car looked at...

Still more... if a tire, they will replace it, if a rim, they can't replace it, they don't have any rims at the store. I would have to go home, order the necessary rim or rims, wait for delivery, load in my car and take to the store, then wait another 3 hours or more to have them fixed. Did I mention that I am a 72 year old senior that does not have the strength to handle tires and rims? I gave up and went to my Hyundai dealer for help. Immediately taken for road test with service manager... confirmed rear wheel "hop" probably the rear rims. He also pointed out that the rims were not the same, one rim had a different center hub. Offered to check the rear wheels immediately and replace the rims at fault, at my expense, of course. OK, never will buy tires, rims, or try to get an oil change from Costco again... Not worth the very modest savings and hassle.

Got my tires replace at Costco after ordering online. At the time of appointment, they charged my additional $15 (per tire?) for adding a TPMS sensor which they said is "required" to honor tire warranty. Immediately, after I drove off the TPMS warning in Car came on. I brought the Car to Costco-Tires 2 additional times and they could diagnose the problem. Because of their incompetence, I had to take it to Volvo dealership where they charged $99 to diagnose the problem which was faulty sensor. This after, I had requested Costco folks to check the sensor. Now Volvo is charging me additional ~$300 to replace it. I have a written complaint to Costco; Will update if I hear back fro them.

I purchased a set of tires from Costco a few months ago. Shortly after the purchase, I began hearing a growling sound in the front end every time I applied the brakes. When I took the car to the dealership, I was told the wheel lugs had been over torqued. After several hundred dollars of repairs, I went back to Costco to let them know what had happened. They refused to accept blame for the situation explaining that they torque their wheel lugs to factory specifications. I reluctantly decided there was little I could do about the situation and dropped my complaint.

Today, I went back to have my wheels rotated and balanced due to the fact their warranty requirements. I explained to the technician what had happened when I purchased the tires and even told him the recommended factory torque for the wheels. He assured me they would torque the wheels appropriately. When I came to pick up the car, they had over torqued and stripped one of the wheel bolts. I was told I would need a tow truck to get it repaired at the dealership! Reluctantly I did and the dealership said once again that Costco had done the damage. I was unable to go back to Costco today to see if they will take any responsibility for the problems. Needless to say, I will never buy another set of tires from them. They have not been an asset to me but a liability. Their prices are low but in the end, I paid a high price for their incompetence.

I purchased four tires new and had them installed at the Albany Oregon Costco. I had the tire pressure checked by them a couple times. I was having a problem with the front end and stopped by Costco to have them checked. They quickly aired them up and sent me in my way. Since the problem continued I made an appointment and took the car to a repair shop two weeks later. I was told the front tires were bald and thread bare, which was causing the problem. Two new tires later and the problem is fixed. They sent the bald tires home with me.

What the hell was Costco doing when I brought my car in to have the tires checked? They certainly did NOT check their condition!!! I'm pretty sure the tires had WAY more than a 27000 mile warranty on them but what to do now to get some money back? They never gave me any paperwork all the times I stopped by, I just dropped in when I happened to be in town and they usually took only minutes to send me in my way. Never taking any of our vehicles back to Costco again, obviously they are incompetent or they knew my tires were going bald and they did nothing, even when I told them the front end was wobbling!!! I'm angry just thinking about it!

I can't believe I'm about to write a negative review for my Costco Tire purchase but here it goes. Nov 7, 2015 Saturday, I chose Costco to get 4 brand new Bridgestone tires a full set for my 2008 Camry. To my AMAZEMENT, the very next morning I woke up to find that two of my tires are almost completely flat for some reason, and the other two brand new tires are also very low on air. All I did was drive the car home and really went nowhere else as it was already late in the day. I actually went out to my car in the middle of the night just to gush over my new well needed purchase. I was super surprised and extremely let down to find that my tires were flat. I definitely plan on waking up first thing Sunday morning NOV 8, 2015 and insisting on a full refund, as I now see after only less than 24 hours after a brand new purchase on a complete set of tires, they are already flat?!

I now can't/won't trust them with any more car related purchases. My installation wait time was 3 1/2 hours. I rate them an F. I will never buy tires there again, and now I can not sleep wondering if they will even extend a refund for my brand new purchase. My whole ordeal with Northridge Costco tire center is not worth the stress am feeling right now!!! I wonder if they still have the tires that came off my car from yesterday, because I want them back on the car so I can take my tire business elsewhere. They don't accept Visa or Mastercard and I had to pay cash. Now I know why it's cash only for their tires. **! And customer service was weak as well. Sorry but it's all true. Failure Northridge Costco Tire Center NOV 7th, 2015, very sad. I seek refund. :-( The tires I purchased are the Bridgestone Ecopia ep422+ Grand Touring A/S 215/60/16 6T BW BAN 005-985.

Got new tires and had them check, rotated, and now that tread is down below what is accepted - they found a excuse to not honor the warranty. The tires need to be replaced and it is with less use than 65000 warrantied miles. Be aware.

I put a set of these tires on my wife's 2006 Town and country last November and they are already shot. The outsides wore very badly even though the was aligned with weeks of purchasing the tires. They were rotated at least twice during that time. That's not really the issue because all four wore out quickly. Once they got a little low on tread it was almost like you could see them wearing daily. I believe that they must have used to soft a compound during the products. Tires were great in the snow, but only got to use them for one winter. Instead of going back to Costco for tires on our other vehicle, I went to Walmart and got Goodyear. I suggest you do the same. Anyway the tire jockey at Costco told me that minivans were notorious for being hard on tires. Costco had no intention of honoring any warranty. So I did not know the warranty excluded minivans when I bought the tires.

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Costco is a popular membership warehouse club offering a range of consumer products, including tires. The company started in 1976 in San Diego to serve small businesses but has grown into an international company.

  • Major brands: Costco offers competitive pricing on major brands such as Michelin, BFGoodrich and Bridgestone.
  • Warranty: Customers can purchase a warranty that includes rotation, flat repairs, valve stem repair and nitrogen inflation.
  • The Costco Advantage: Member benefits include shipping and handling costs as part of the retail pricing and an installation package.
  • Tire search tool: Tires can be bought online or through the warehouse using the search tool based on vehicle, tire size or item number.
  • Best for Light truck and SUV vehicle drivers, winter, run-flats passenger vehicle drivers and off-road drivers.

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