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Though I've had other not so great experiences with mechanics, dealers etc. like everyone, I don't ever feel the need to speak out to the world but, this past week I had to order 2 new tires to match the 2 remaining on my vehicle at the Leominster MA store. I made an appointment, busted my butt to get there to be told "the tires did not come off the truck". The sales guy (Rick) was sympathetic and said he would take care of me by giving me the tires at his cost. Irritating but no biggie. Rescheduled the appointment a couple days later. When I got to the appointment, of course, no Rick in sight so no discount. When the car was finished I was told that one of the holes that the lugs threaded into was stripped and that it was a common occurrence...REALLY!

Bear in mind that THEY put the tires on the previous year. Now, as I said, that would have been the end of it but, over the past 2 or three years I had brought my second car in on 3 different occasions and all 3 times they managed to break a lug stud. They are not capable of repairing these on sight so now it's another trip to a garage to get it repaired. The first time I will give them credit for at least paying for the repair however, the 2nd and 3rd time I was treated like it was somehow my fault. This last time pushed me over the edge. My biggest complaint is that they won't even take ownership. I'm thinking I can't be the only person this has happened to. It's just plain wrong! Don't think I'll be dealing with them in the future.

Totally incompetent, horrendous CS, lack of product knowledge. Repeatedly messed up my order for weeks. And finally, to make matters worse, they screwed up on the alignment. They totally suck!

After a long day I had to be towed due to a flat tire. I went in and nobody greeted me. One man walked right past me 2 times without saying he will be right with me. When he finally waited on me, he tried to sell me rims, all new tires, alignment. I said all "I want is a tire." He said "Well you are going to have to sign a waiver because I am not going to be responsible." Still makes no sense. Not impressed. Twin City Tire is much better.

I went to Town Fair Tire in Torrington CT. I bought 4 new tires and had them balanced and installed. On freshly paved roads, the car was all over the road and shaking. I took the car back and they re balanced the car and said the tires had blips in them, and they balanced them out. The car was much worse the second time. I had them replace all 4 tires.

At about 50 mph, the rear end of the car was bouncing and vibrating severely. I went back to the shop and took the service manager for a ride. He thought it was funny and said it was my nerves. They re balanced the tires and once again said there were blips in the two rear tires and ordered two new tires. A few days later I had the two rear tires replaced. The rear was now riding fine. However the front end was still vibrating and shaking. I took my car to the Canton CT store and had them re balance the tires and finally the car is riding fine. Thank you Joshua from Canton Town Fair Tire. Torrington NOT SO MUCH.

Terrible customer service!!! Was absolutely ignored, it was like I was invisible!!! 5 people in line behind me all muttering how bad this place is! They never even said, "Just another minute" or "Sorry for the wait". I was never even acknowledged. Firestone is right down the street. They were very helpful and polite.

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Three different alignments from two different shops [Norwalk and Brookfield Ct.] and the report that they gave me shows that it is still not within specs. After the second alignment, they sent me home with my car and told me I had to break a nut loose so they can adjust it. What?!?!?! So, in my driveway with my car jacked up, I had to loosen a nut for them. What!?!?! You can't make that up! I contacted customer support after the third failed attempt at the alignment and no response or explanation why their own report shows an incorrect alignment.

I never write a review. I called and made an appointment on Saturday for 3 o'clock for a tire repair. Clearly stated that I had a nail in my tire. After waiting for 40 minutes they give me my keys and all they did was check the valve stem. They proceeded to take my car back in only to give me my keys back without replacing the spacer that goes between the tire and the rim. Now I have to wait another half hour for them to fix that. The manager proceeded to tell me that he was sorry and he told his mechanic next time he needs to slow down. I believe this is poor customer service. What if I would have left without the spacer in my tire? What damage does that have done to my rims?

First they put the wrong tire model on my car, then got angry at me when I asked them to change it. The second time I went to change the tires (after hearing a noise) they tried telling me I wasn't allowed to change them (even though they have a 30-day guarantee) and told me I was prohibited from changing them again (again going against the guarantee). Overall very very rude customer service - take your business elsewhere. Also they are terrible at time management. I would have my appointment set and would be waiting while people just strolled in and had their tires changed on the fly--no sense of respect for the customer's time.

Purchased 3 tires. Manager said it would take an hour. It took 7hrs. Then an alignment went next day for inspection. It failed due to bad ball joint and two tie rods. Got fixed. Brought back for alignment. Still out of sack and 2 bald tires after. Let's see what they can do for me. The first time I went I got a ca care credit card from them. It gave me 6 months to pay the promotion. I get a call a week later saying I owed $ and if I didn't pay the balance they were sending cops to my house. And manager was very rude. Told them I had a credit through them and whom I dealt with. They said "oh we forgot to add it to paperwork." They are professional and won't last here in Auburn Maine. I already filed a complaint to attorney general. And let channel 13 know my complaint. Wish me goodwill.

Bought and had tires installed by them against my better judgement due to convenience. Brand new tire went flat next morning. Brought it back to have them fix the problem. Tool was stolen from my trunk when they put the spare back. I never write reviews but needed to put this out there. Town Fair in Plymouth, Ma.

I purchased a pair of Nexen Tires 4 month ago and less than 5000 miles on the road... Yesterday I found a bubble on one of them. I called the branch in Nashua NH to explain the problem. I got shocked when she told me with very rudeness "The tire is no longer under warranty since it passed 3 month"... The invoice and says 55000 miles.

Found tires I wanted and went looking for good price which was at Town Fair. Made a 9 AM appointment which the service guy said was good, early, in and out efficiently. Took 15 mins in line waiting for a certain person to help me. The other clerks stood around. Told them not to lose my Lexus metal valve caps and the comment was acknowledged. The clerk tried to offer me other tires from what I had ordered. I was told it would take an hour and a half. Seems like a long time, but OK. Went for a stroll to other stores next door and got back 15 mins early. Asked about timing and got a 15-20 mins response. OK. Then after 15-20 min I asked again, "Where is my car?" "Being worked on..." So I asked "How long?" Guess what...15-20 mins.

I asked what was left to do and I was told 2 more tires. How can it take 1:30 to check alignment and do 2 tires then 20 mins more for 2 more? Eventually got done. When I went to check the work, 2 metal valve covers were so loose they would have fallen off immediately, and one was replaced with a plastic cap. Went back inside and there was an amazing level of not caring. After I told the clerk those caps are $8 a piece, he offered me $8 cash. Then I said "and $50 for my time to go to a Lexus dealer." They then found the Lexus metal cap. Then I went back and checked the other wheels and found a center cap was missing. When I went back in screaming, they were indignant but quickly found and tried to hand me the cap. I refused saying they needed to put it on.

The service guy walked to the car directly to where the cap was missing. No looking... didn't ask which tire. Popped it on. When I got home the cap had fallen off. I suspect they broke the cap and that's why they didn't put it back on but I can't say for sure. These caps list for $24 at a Lexus dealer. So I then called the corporate Cust Serv office and got hold of a rep there. After a discussion of the litany of poor service, he offered to send me a Visa card to cover my missing part and my time. That was the only good part of this experience. This was in the Brockton, MA store.

Made an appointment for 1130 to change out 4 tires. 6 people with no appointment came and left before me. If I knew it was going to take 2.5 hours I would have dropped it off.

Scratched all 4 rims. Called them the next day and they said to come by and they will take care of me. Meet a different guy at the store and he tells me they will take care of all the damage. I tell him I just want them fixed and he tells me his boss will call me tomorrow. Never get a call and couldn't get a hold of his boss. I finally talk to the boss a month later and he told me my rims were painted so it's not their fault that they scratched all 4 of my rims. The boss told me to call a wheel guy to refinish them and that they will "look a lot nicer than they did when they first came in." Bottom line: my rims weren't scratched when I got there, they were scratched when I left. Just wanted them to own up to their faults and fix my rims. Didn't want to be insulted about my car.

A month ago I called Town Fair Tire in Bangor, Maine to see if they had snow tires for my son's Toyota--they did not. And so I checked the Augusta store closer to me. They said they did not stock them there but could get them up from the warehouse in So Portland the next day. Fine. I set up the exact tires with studding AND a four wheel alignment as an order, prepaid for it all by debit card in the spot, and gave them both cell phone numbers (mine and my son's) to call us if there was any problem--the appointment was set for a few days ahead. On the set date he drove (an hour+) down from Old Town to Augusta Town Fair Tire, got there ahead of time, and they told him they did not have "all the tires in..." he'd have to come back the next day when the fourth tire would arrive. Seriously?! No phone call, nothing. Not even "We're sorry".

He drives back to Old Town. Returns the next day. They take more than 4 hours to mount four snow tires and do the "alignment". They tell him he is set to go, he drives off--they don't give him any paperwork or receipt of any kind. No tire guarantees, nothing. He takes the car for inspection two days later in Bangor, at VIP Auto, and it fails inspection because the alignment is all wrong. They provide a computer printout showing him what is wrong with the alignment, and fixing it costs another $79.95. Car drives very well after this, and he calls me to tell me about the experience. I hit the roof. Where is the paperwork from Town Fair? "They did not give me any."

I call Town Fair Tire in Augusta 12-21-15, talk to an employee and ask for a receipt and work order copy to be mailed to me, and raise the issue of the alignment that wasn't done correctly--he says they cannot email the receipt or work order. Give him my address (which they already have from my charging the order) and he says he'll get it out right away and they'll process a refund from the office for the $49.95 alignment. So almost 2 weeks later, nothing in the mail from them, and no phone call from the office with any questions about the refund request. I am going to the Augusta store tomorrow to speak with a manager (if one exists) in person. Stay tuned. Town Fair if you are listening, you better shape up--this is not the way to gain customer loyalty.

I went to Town Fair Tire to repair a flat from one of my cars but they told me that they could not do it because it was too close to the edge. I just forgot about those tires (too expensive) and went back to my original ones that I had saved in my garage. A month later, I brought my truck for rims and tires. Six months later, a screw got in one of my tires. When I brought it to Town Fair, they came with the same story. "The puncture is too close of the edge and it can not be repaired."

I took it this time to another place and they just fixed it for me without any warnings which means that there was not problems with the tire. Here I was told that what they usually do is to acquire those new tires and repair them from the inside to sell them later and who knows where that money is going to. I don't recommend this place to anybody on earth. (Town Fair Tire on Honeyspot, Stratford, CT.) They have a nice combination. When you come in, the employee ask the "MANAGER", "What can we do with this tire?" and he replies, "We just can give 50% discount on it but the customer has to pay for aligning, etc, etc." And at the end you are paying for the entire price.

I made an appointment on-line at Fair Haven, Mass Town Fair Tire to purchase new tires for my new rims that I had previously purchase from another source. I wanted the tires I would purchase at Town Fair Tire to be mounted on my brand new 2015 Jeep Renegade. I arrived at the scheduled time and was welcomed politely. I was asked what type of vehicle I wanted the tires mounted on and stated 2015 Jeep Renegade. The manager looked at his computer screen then asked me what was the name of my vehicle and I said Jeep. He stated the company did not have a listing for a Jeep Renegade and wanted to see what the vehicle looked like.

We walked to my Jeep and he said he had never seen one. I stated that they have been out for a year. He looked in the Jeep and noticed the new rims and stated that the company does not allow them to mount tires on rims not purchased from them. I found that statement very interesting since they would mount the tires on rims that come with a vehicle. I got the tires but couldn't get them mounted because they do not list my vehicle and I already purchased my new rims. I have had other tire companies mount tires and rims for me with no issues. I came for the tire price but could have saved money and time by going back to one of those other companies. I ended up going to a local Jeep dealer that I did not buy the car, tires, or rims from and they seemed very happy to do the work and have my business.

Called and asked if they could fix back tire. They said "yes, come on down now." Got there and they told me it would be 2 hrs. I asked for appointment later so I did not have to wait so I made appointment for 2.5 hrs later. I have been here for 1.5 hrs and I asked what's going on? They just told me it will be another 1/2 hr or so. Part one.

I placed my Michelin tires on order last Friday, and was told they'd be in by Tuesday. My scheduled appointment was for the next Friday morning. When I arrived, it took the sales clerk 45 minutes to tell me that they didn't have my tires. So I asked the clerk why nobody followed up. They had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to find out where they were. Additionally, no one called me to tell me my tires hadn't arrived so I wouldn't waste the trip.

Anyway, so the clerk tells me that they found my tires, shipped to the wrong store, and they'll be in by noon, but he'd wanted to wait until 1:00 pm to assure they arrived. He told me he'd call me at 1:00 pm. At 1:40 pm I showed up at the store, without a call from the clerk. Once again I'm told the tires are on their way, it should only be another 30 minutes. When 50 minutes went by I once again approached the clerk and was told the delivery truck was stuck in traffic, and that it should be only another 15 minutes. Guess what... 30 minutes later the truck still hadn't arrived.

Finally around 3:30 the tires finally arrive. They install the tires and perform a 4 wheel alignment, so I didn't get out of there until 5:00 pm. The following Monday I took my car to get its state yearly inspection done and it failed for the front suspension. How did the technician perform a wheel alignment with bad ball joints? Now I'm not blaming them for the ball joints being bad but come on, everyone knows that they're not suppose to align the wheels with bad suspension. Needless to say, I will never go back there again.

I was quoted at Town Fair Tire two Goodyear tires for $99 each at the Salem, NH. I was told I needed a $49 alignment after 4 hrs. That I was ok with. Waited. I said my rosaries. It was a beautiful day. No prob. $286 expensive day. I was handed my paperwork and Tim said, "Oh no. What did they do? Hold on." Comes back, say, "It's fine, you're all set!" I get in car, don't feel very sure about exchange. My husband see tires are not Goodyear, they are $59 Kumho. I called, they said, "Sorry, we will fix situation." Next day diff story was told. Could find my 59 price and tires were comparable. "Sorry for the miscommunication. And because you wrote a check we can't give you money back and if we don't find 59 price you're not getting refund." Of course I find it. Now manager says, "Well delivery charge would've been 20. Make it 79/tire. I say, "It's free delivery everywhere."

I was treated like a crazy person. They were arguing with me, rolling his eyes, talking down to me, laughing at what I was saying. I have never been treated so poorly. I was robbed and ridiculed! Needless to say never going to Town Fair Tire. Waiting for a refund in the mail. After 45 min fight customer is not always right even when they are right!! This place is a disgrace and women, beware. Another pregnant woman was there with her mom and they had also gotten screwed and abused!!!

I just bought a used car. The dealer called this place and set me up with 4 brand new tires. When I went there the store manager must of thought I was a worker for the dealer. He was TOTALLY rude, disrespectful. He kept repeating himself loudly like I was a idiot then they were taking so long. I work 3rd shift and didn't sleep much the day before so I nodded off a little to wake to see your manager making fun of me to his workers. So everyone try to avoid Town Fair tire in Tewksbury MA.

I needed a alignment after replacing my front end. Went to Town Fair waited 3 hrs so they could tell me bolts were rusted - even back to my shop replaced every bolt with new ones. Went back to Town Fair - was told my idler arm was bad so I changed it. Went back now they the left tie rod is bad - changed that. Went back - was told camber maxed so I went to a repair facility close to my house. They aligned everything with no problem. They told me Town Fair ripped me off - don't go there.

Approximately a week ago my 19 year old daughter got a flat in Middletown RI. I was very worried about her going in to purchase a tire by herself. Was not sure what they would talk her into but they were very good to her, sold her a very appropriate tire for the car. Yesterday I walked into the Bald Hill location and was greeted by Rob who again was very accommodating. He explained it was better to make an appointment to reduce the wait. He offered me different options, I made an 8 am appointment.

I was a little late due to traffic. He went over the job being done. Jack told him to get it in as soon as he could due to having appointment. Both of these conversed with me and showed me how bad the tire was. Both of these employees deserve 5 stars for customer service and although I don't have his name - Middletown, they also were very good in all aspects of my visit including wait time. I will definitely return for the two back tires and will make morning appointment. Thank you again to both locations.

I visited the Leominster store to purchase two tires so my truck would pass inspection. Was told my truck needed a four wheel thrust angle alignment. I stated that I wanted the free alignment with purchase of tires. Sales person said this was just set the toe and go… So I paid the additional 49.00 dollars for the thrust angle alignment. Two hours later they brought the truck out front and said I was all set. Drove home approx 3 miles. Next day drove a half mile to inspection station. Truck failed for two bad ball joints. Went back to ask "how you can align a truck with two bad ball joints". Manager said "you can't". I said "you did..." I asked "did your ase certified tech check the front end?" Was told he did. I said "there was no way." Told the manager "I had only driven three miles." He said "we wouldn't align a car with bad front end parts". After arguing for 15 minutes got my 49.00 dollars back and will never go back!!!

I went to TFT on Friday afternoon and was signed in at 14:31 or 2:31pm for a leak in my rear left low profile tire. I described the problem and told them I was told I needed a plug and to come here to have it taken care of before going home as it would not be safe to drive. The rep looked at the tire, signed me in and said it would take about a half hour or so to take care of. I sat in the waiting area, read, fell asleep, woke up to a new set of patrons around me, waited some more and finally asked about the car. I was told it shouldn't be much longer. Thirty minutes later, I was called and told it was done. I paid my bill and was checked out at 16:21 or 4:21pm. Now my paperwork noted that I was waiting (I had not gone off with a friend, to shop, have coffee, or any other silly time waster).

Given my keys, went to the car, the car was unlocked with windows open, the steering wheel was dirty, the laminated ticket # was sitting on the dash and the tire warning light was still on. I will say I paid almost nothing for the repair - $4.20, but my time is worth way more. Our only son had stopped by on his way to VT and leaving as soon I got home so he could see me for a bit, he had to leave without seeing me at all. We are leaving on vacation Sunday and have a long list of things to get ready to go - not able to accomplish any of them Friday afternoon. Not wanting to wait any longer I drove slowly home and let my husband take care of the proper tire inflation. Next time I will go to the Mom & Pop tire store that I always go to. I will never go back to TFT again!

I will never buy tires from town fair tire again!!! Reasons: They sell you their tires for a reasonable price but then they up charge you for everything else. I bought two tires for $49.00 each and my final bill was $213.40. Free tire replacement was $19.98, computer balancing $27.90, valve stem's $7.90, aliment $49.00, and $4.00 tire disposal fee, plus sales tax for two tires. "Free" is a word they love to use, but nothing is free there! Free tire replacement was $9.99, a tire which is worth getting because when you come back to get a tire repaired for free, they will tell you it will be at least an hour or more even if they're not busy.

If you need a tire patched they will tell you it's too close to the edge and they can't patch it. Which is fine because I had "free tire replacement", but it still cost me $33.20. Why you ask? Because they will charge $9.95 again for free tire replacement, $13.95 for computer balancing, $3.95 valve stem (not necessary nothing wrong with old one), $2.00 disposal fee and they charged me sales tax again because I bought my tires in Leominster and I was at Marlborough store, which didn't make sense to me. Bottom line, it's just cheaper to buy tires that are online and take them to your local garage, where they will mount and balance them without any upcharges or hidden fees. With all the fees that were tacked on and the arguing that occurred, I realized that buying a new patch job for a simple air leak for my tire would have been much easier at my local garage and would have saved me a lot headache, time, and MONEY!

We will start off with I drive a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with the 5.9 Cummins. It's pretty damn heavy. I had just bought it and wanted to get wheels and tires put on before I headed back down to Georgia where I was stationed. I went in on a Friday to get everything put on, took them about an hour which wasn't too bad. So about 6 months later I moved back to Maine and was looking to get a new inspection sticker. I took it in and the guy said "I can't pass this. The tires aren't right for this truck."

I had been unknowingly because I was new to trucks. I was driving a 3/4 ton diesel with half ton tires. They squatted so badly in the front it looked flat with 45 psi in them. So I went back in and showed them their mistake and asked them how someone who does tires for a living can't get something so simple right? The guy then tried to charge me half price for a new set of the correct 10 ply tires. Like it was my fault the retards can't do their job. So finally I flipped out and got new ones for free which I should have.

I now avoid going anywhere near Town Fair Tire. They have no idea what they are doing. They show no pride in their work. Half the time you go in and 6 guys are standing around doing nothing. If I could give them negative or no stars I would because no one is worse than these guys. And it seems like this trend works around the country. So I will continue to order wheels and tires online from Better service, better quality and I'd rather wait 2-3 weeks for them to come in mounted balanced and ready to roll than go to Town Fair Tire and let them ** something else up.

I ordered a set of wheels at the Augusta, Maine store from **. The first time I talked to him, a week ago, he was very helpful in showing what I needed. When I went in again to order them, he was super. He again showed me the style I would need, explained the price, and he did not push for me to order tires as I had decent tires already. If I ever need tires or wheels again, I will return and hopefully have ** help me. Thank you.

I have been experiencing several vibration from my Nissan Murano after uniroyal laredo cyn-country was purchased and placed on my car by Town Fair Tire brockton location. I have been back to this location severally for re-balancing but nothing was done properly. I have asked severally for my tires to be changed based on the warranty on these tires still nothing was done.

On June 2, 2015 I called the Brockton Town Fair Tire and spoke to the manager ** at 8:42 am, that my brand new tires are out of air and I need a replacement. He told me that I had 30 days to test drive those tires and that it was out of warranty. I am very dissatisfied with services rendered. Town Fair Tire Brockton have cost me a lot of my personal time wasted driving from Fall River, MA to Brockton MA to rectify an issues caused by poor services. All I want is a refund of my $779.59.

I called on a Wednesday for a Friday afternoon appointment. I also asked if they had stock on a make and model of tire that was advertised on their website because those were the tires I wanted. I was told that they were a stock item and as long as I was there by 5:00, they would mount the tires while I waited. I arrived on Friday and was told that they do not have the tires that I asked for but instead offered me a tire of the same price which was inferior in performance. When I said that I did not want those, I was offered a more expensive model of the brand that I originally requested. Since I did not have time to have them order the tires that I originally requested, I went with the more expensive, "better," model.

Then they sold me the free front wheel alignment with the $89.00, factory recommended, rear wheel alignment for $49.00. That was fine until they told me that their guy who does alignments went home and that I could leave the car for the night or come back the next day. So much for having an appointment. I left the car, called my wife to pick me up and then had her bring me back the next day to retrieve the car. Lastly, the receipt stated, "We gave you the voluntary tire registration form. You must mail the form for the registration to be valid." They did not mention this form or offer one to me so I am glad that I noticed it and asked. They had to go to the back of the store to find one which took about five minutes, so I wonder how often they fail to give these to their customers.

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