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So, I get to store early and second in the door. I waited while 4 other customers went ahead of me and at that I was told by manager that these people had made arrangements the day before. That is I told him I called the day before and was told "You could not get a reserved time." There was no explanation TO MY DISREGARD. BIG O needs to check the policies.

I had a screw in my tire. I brought it to them and they took the screw out, patched the hole and filled the tire entirely free of charge. They were friendly and reasonably quick considering I wasn't paying for anything.

Took my car in to get 1 tire replaced at the Camden rd. colorado springs location and my husband had made the appointment the prior week. When I arrived the manager dave stated the appointment was not in the computer. I then called my husband to confirm who he spoke with and while I was on the phone the manager Dave asks his co worker about the appointment and then proceeded to yell at me "We found it, I couldn't ask because the was on the phone" referring to his co worker. He yelled to the point where my husband could hear him through the phone. I was humiliated to be treated as such and especially by a manager who clearly should not be in a position of manager. I will not return to Big O for any reason.

I was quoted $75.00 to have someone come to my house and repair a puncture to the tire of my John Deere lawn mower. Later, I got a call later saying it was repaired but is now $200.00. I could have gotten a new tire for that & was upset that nobody called to say it would be over double what was quoted. Feel taken because I'm a 58-year-old female.

On Wed July 22nd I had an oil change at the Big O Tires on Old Virginia in Reno, Nv. After it was completed the service rep. said I needed new pads on my front brakes but the rotors were fine. His estimate was for $223. I then made an appointment for 9:30 AM the next day. When I went to my appointment the fun began. First the new estimate was for $408. When I asked what happened to $233 they began taking services away until it was $233. Then I was told another car was ahead of me and they had another half hour on another car to finish. Thus my brake job was now a 4 1/2 hour wait.

I then made a new appointment for 8:00 Sat. morning. Come Sat. they took my car in at 8:00. By 8:10 the service rep. called me over and now told me my rotors had HEAT STRESS, and I would need new rotors. Needless to say I went elsewhere and I guess somehow my rotors got over their heat stress and my brakes were fixed with just new pads and adjustments.

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All the warning lights came on while my wife was driving our Dodge Caliber. Then the car stopped running. The tow truck driver said it was definitely an electrical short somewhere. She took the car to Big O Tires in Boulder City NV. The first thing they told her was that the battery was low and that she needed to buy a new battery so they could test the electrical system. What a crock! After putting in the new battery they said her alternator was bad and had to be replaced. Both were new. Oops now it's the computer board. Five days later and $1700.00 in charges we got our car back. The same thing happened after 24 hours. We took it back and were told that it was a burnt wire. They replaced that at no charge.

Three days later it happened again. This time we took it to the dealer. The dealer told us that the wire was the problem the whole time, not the battery, alternator, or computer board. They told us we got ripped off. I got two more professional opinions and they all agreed with the dealer. Never go to this business for auto repairs! They are either into ripping people off intentionally or they suffer from extreme incompetence. This was the worst experience I have ever had with an auto repair facility. I have heard from several people in our town that once you take your car there you will have to return every few weeks. Must be true because it happened to us.

Over the years my husband has spent thousands of dollars on tires and alignments. In 2013 he brought in his Kodiak Chevy Dually. They sold him an alignment with understanding that it was good for as long as he owned the truck. This cost extra of course. Now in 2016 they say it was only for one year. He wouldn't have paid the extra money for only one year. Needless to say my husband is majorly pissed off. We won't recommend Big O again. We feel like the manager purposely misled my husband.

I went to the Big O tires on Colfax, off Colorado Blvd this AM and I was told it is going to take 3+ hours to change oil. Well, not sure how they are changing oil, but that is a joke. When I confronting the attendant, he proceeded to tell me it take 45 minutes and a little room for buffer. I politely told him at the worst, it should take .5 hours (that is will a couple of breaks looking at a playboy or something). I use to go to Big O for oil changes in the past, but when the front people don't know what they are talking about, I would rather do it myself or go somewhere else. They lost my business forever. I am never returning to any of them.

I personally have no issues at Big O Tires. I have bought four new tires there for my 4runner (trail edition) on two separate occasions. I drive my car pretty rough, off-trail on rock covered road and get flat tires all the time. Big O always patches my damaged tires for free and puts my spare back on my vehicle no questions asked. One time they exchanged a tire for free as well, I think it was under warranty. Additionally, yesterday I got two flat tires and left my car on the side of the road. When a friend brought me up to Big O to explain the situation, they just handed me a tire for free to put on my car so I could change out the flat and drive back there. They didn't even get my name. Yes Walmart is cheaper I'm sure, but I'd like the service I get at Big O.

For years I had been taking my vehicle to Wal-mart ($10.00) for tire rotation every 3k miles. Someone said I should try Big O ($16.80), which was closer. They used floor jacks instead of the lift for some reason and did one side at a time. I could only see them do the side closest to the window. A day later I was checking the tire pressures as I always do, and noticed that they had crushed the bottom edge of the rocker panel with their jack. I talked to them about it and they said it was that way when I brought it in. It cost me $350 to have a body shop straighten and repaint it. If I could give them less than one star, I would.

I took my car in on Tuesday morning at about 10:30am. Needed 2 front tires and an alignment. They said it would take about an hour to 1.5 hours. So I went with my friend down the street for bagels. Came back, paid for the service and left. On my way from Berkeley to Hayward, I realized I needed gas so stopped to do so. That's when I realized my $100 bill was missing but my $10 bill and $1 bills were still in there. Ok this is crazy. I know it was just in there. I just saw it. Like literally. Then I notice my credit card is missing but my debit card is still there. Now I know I'm not going crazy.

Then I notice the birthday card that I had to send to my aunt was also missing, my favorite sunglasses that weren't cheap were gone from their case, a watch with a dead battery that my dad gave me - gone, 3 vape pens and their chargers. They even stole a charger for something they didn't take so now that is no good to me any more either. They took a pair of earrings also and a ring that was completely buried in the center console. None of these items were out in the open; they were all in something that was completely closed and covered. I'm not sure exactly what else was taken but the money maybe I myself could have misplaced it. But to leave the other bills, and to steal all the other stuff just makes it a blatant disrespect. They may as well have just said ** you to me and then called me a **.

I called many times to speak with the manager that day and he just pretended to take it seriously by saying he was investigating. Wow. What coward liars. Anyway so then I'm on the freeway and I can't go over 65 with out the car shaking feeling as if I'm driving on a bridge on a tremendously windy day in a tiny car. If I let loose on the steering wheel it veers off to the right very quickly. So apparently an alignment was never done. Once I get to my destination, I look and they didn't even bother to rotate my tires when they put the two new tires on. That's basic tire 101 I would assume for an actual tire shop where they actually specialize basically just in tires and brakes too and not just any regular car shop.

So at this point, not only am I now taking it personal because they blatantly stole numerous items, didn't put the tires on correctly, but didn't even do the extra work for the alignment that I did pay for with cash and have the receipt, but I'm beyond pissed. Whichever employee(s) did this lame act is a total and complete coward bully with most likely a mini man complex. Miserable little trolls to operate in such a way. Apparently they plan on changing tires forever or nothing at all since that can't even be done correctly. Don't bother going to these cocky jerks.

Big O Tires has performed horrendous acts on my car including cutting my ABS line. I can't get resolve. Big O customer service will not handle my claim and the store itself will refused to handle my claim after they said they would call me back and never did even though I left several messages. Don't go to Big O Tires, can't even screw on a oil cap. Costing me more money than worth.

Won't schedule an appointment for 2 days to fix a flat (their brand tire). What kind of service is that? I went to Discount Tire and they fixed it in 30 minutes. No way am I going to put up with that level of service... No more Big O for me!

After responding to an ad I went to Big O in Yuma, AZ. After a five hour wait, I was confronted by a man behind the counter who exhibited the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life...and I am 79 years old!!! One bright spot was Sophia who tried to make it right with me but honestly, I was beyond any offer at that point. To make matters worse, the man standing next to her behind the counter told me to "Get out". There is more but I will not bore you with the details. I wrote an evaluation to the store, but there is NO EXCUSE for the aggressive and rude customer service I received! Who trains those people? Where was the management? What goes on behind closed doors with your car when this behavior goes on in the front service room? Think twice before going to Big O!

Don't do business here! Today I brought in my car to have 2 wheels rebalanced and mounted. They took my car to the back where nobody could see what was going on. They jacked up my car underneath the front fender to get to the wheel. They put the jack on the bottom of the fender, not on the brace they are suppose to in order to lift the car properly and bent the crap out of the bottom of the fender making it out of alignment with the door. After confronting them about it they said it was like that when it got there and my fault even though it was obviously caused by their jack (the bends in the metal are shaped like the round top of a jack).

These guys have no clue what they are doing and can't even man up to their mistakes. In the past I have taken many vehicles to them thinking they were good and have been satisfied but after today they have lost my business. Either go somewhere else or take pictures of your car before you hand them the keys to prove their fault if something happens.

After going to a few other places to get estimates for the same job that BIG O did, we went back to BIG O and calmly talked to them, telling them that we felt like we got overcharged. We ended up getting $500.00 returned to us. Pretty happy about that.

Original Review

We are staying in our 5th wheel near Maricopa. We wanted to get new tires on our 5th wheel. While they had the tires off, they inspected the brakes. They found that the brake seals were leaking. There was grease all over the magnets and pads and drums. They told us that the drums were scored and should be replaced and the whole backing plate had to be replaced since the brake pads and magnets are all part of it. I'm not bothered by the backing plates being replaced but after further research, I've discovered that the drums did not need to be replaced.

The part that really gets me is the fact that the whole job of re-doing the brakes (4 - dual axle) cost almost $2500. Boy did we get ripped off. I've already gotten 1 other quote, from an RV dealer no less, and it came to about $1500, even with the drums that we didn't need. The drums on the new quote were $69.00 and the cost that we paid was $159.00. We didn't know what this whole job should have cost elsewhere or we never would have paid that much. In casual conversation with the manager, he told us that his shop is the 2nd busiest in the country and they do over $10 mil/year in business. At the rate they charged us no wonder they're making so much money. :o(

About 2 months ago I put new tires on my van, $600 which included hazard warranty and new sensors and an alignment. 2 days after I am on the freeway, driving and my car starts wrenching to the right. I take the van back in and they supposedly fix it. A few days later goes by, no problem and I am driving my kids home from a doc appointment and the car starts wrenching to the right again, so I take it back in. The manager says he fixed the alignment this time. Well after that my car still wrenches to the right 2 months later. I'm pissed beyond belief and now my low tire sensor kicks on and I go and have them put air in my tires yesterday. Well I drive off and my low tire light is still on. Well as of today I'm fuming and my light is still on so I take the car back to them.

I go into their building where there are about 6 workers in the office and it takes a minute for anyone to come out and see if I need help. When someone finally comes out I explain to him my situation with the light still on and he tells me well if you can wait for 2 hrs we can have your car looked at. I explain to him I cannot wait that long to have my tire light checked out and he tells me, "We only have one guy working the tire department." So all of these men in the office cannot check a light much less to see if it's my tire still low?!? WTF is that? How do you get to be a manager or office person in an auto company and cannot check a damn tire?!? You need a new profession then. Needless to say, I left extremely pissed off and will not be returning to the big O Tires ever again!!! The customer service sucks and if you have 6 managers who don't know how to check tires then you need to get some new employees!!!

I went to Big O in Woodland Park, CO to get winter tires. I told the sales person everything I needed including a oil change and new wipers along with the 4 tires. She gave me an invoice for $623.98 and told me to come in at 9am the next day. It would take about 1 1/2 hr. I came in as requested. It took until 11:30 for the job to be done, changing a appt. that I made expecting to get out of there earlier. Then she gave me the bill $708.48. When I asked why, she said she forgot to add the oil change and wipers on the orig invoice. When I double checked she was correct but that error should have been told to me at 9 am so I could have decided whether or not it was worth $84.44 to get a oil change and wipers. I would not have agreed! I will never go back this store again.

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment with the quality of the repairs I have received at the Big O outlet (#5034) located at 9720 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624. Off the top, I want to stress that I have received nothing but good service from ** at the store. He has been courteous and professional. My problem lies with the work being performed in the shop. The one name that seems to appear on the work orders is technician **.

The story begins as follows. In March (3/21/15) I needed new tires for my 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4WD TRD and came to the shop and purchased 4 BFG All Terrain T/A tires. (Invoice # **). I was told at the time that I had worn out front ball joints and that my rack and pinion left inner shaft had excess movement. Replacement was suggested. I thought this was reasonable. The truck is 15 years old and I had not had occasion to replace them. I approved the work.

I brought the truck back in and had the work done 3/28/15 (Invoice # **). The work was performed by **, at a cost of $1239.15. I went on a camping trip in May. No rock crawling. Nothing crazy. I ran the truck on the same roads as I had the prior 13 years with no problems. Upon my return, I noticed a definite problem. When turning to the left, the truck worked fine, however, the steering struggled to come back to center. It felt like the power steering had gone out. Right turns were not a problem.

I took the truck back the shop 5/30/15. They warranted the rack and pinion and put a new power steering pump in at a cost of $416.20 (Invoice # **). The pump was apparently switched on suspicion since no one could definitively say it was failing or had failed. The work was performed by ** AND **. I had never had a single issue with my steering in any way before taking the advice of swapping out my rack and pinion.

In late September the same left turn issue returned and I took the truck into the shop in October (10/12/15). They warranted the power steering pump (Invoice # **). The technician was not listed on the paperwork. I was not charged for the visit, but had a disturbing contact with employee **. He told me that though they replaced the pump the issue was still present. He also told me that he talked to some of the other employees who he said were familiar with Toyotas and told me that the left turn situation was normal. I find that incredible. In the 13 years I have owned the truck I have NEVER ONCE experienced the left turn difficulties. Further, if the situation was normal, then why did they warranty the power steering pump? Needless to say, I was upset by this and did not trust the information I had received.

I took my car to a local shop, Auto Tech on 10/17/15. I had them do a diagnostic which cost me $80 (Invoice # **). I was told that they had never heard of the steering difficulty with a Tacoma to be a normal occurrence. Further, they indicated the current rack and pinion (second one installed) was either defective/damaged or installed incorrectly. They also said that the steering shaft had been reconnected incorrectly and was off by 2 or three teeth.

This got me thinking that if the rack was defective, or improperly installed, then I probably did not need the power steering pump that was installed 5/30/15. I now feel I paid $416.20 unnecessarily. I feel this is proven by the fact that on 10/12/15 they replaced that pump and the problem did not go away. It seems it must have been the rack and pinion all along but it was trying to be passed off as normal. Also, in diagnosing the problem on 10/12/15, how did the Big O technician miss the issue with the rack and pinion? Why did they just replace the power steering pump? How was my steering shaft off by two or three teeth? How was that not seen in the prior trips to Big O?

I took the Tacoma back to Big O on 10/21/15. They again warranted the rack and pinion (Invoice # **). I had asked them to use a different brand since the previous two units were apparently defective (or incorrectly installed). They said they did as I asked. The technicians again listed on the invoice were ** AND **. Since with the THIRD rack and pinion installed hopefully correctly, the problem of the left turn has been resolved. I feel this is further evidence of an unneeded power steering being installed at my expense.

Last week I noticed a red fluid dripping from beneath the truck. It looked to be seeping from the brand new rack unit. I took the truck into the shop today, 11/13/15. I spoke with **, who again was professional and courteous, and I advised him that I am really tired of having to bring my truck in constantly. I told him that I NEVER had any kind of steering issue at all with this truck until they started working on it and that I had lost confidence in them. He asked if he could look at it. We walked to the truck and I pointed out the leak, ran a finger on the seeping area and showed him the red fluid. He asked if he could have the chance to look at the problem more closely. I told him that is fine, but I do not want them to do any work on the truck, I just want my money back for the apparently unneeded power steering pump and I will take the truck elsewhere to be fixed.

** called back a few minutes ago (about 9:15 am 11/13/15) and advised me that upon inspecting the new rack unit they found a leaking O-ring, replaced it (Invoice # **) and ran the truck for a while and noticed no further leaks. I asked him how could an O-ring less than 2 months old fail. He said it sometimes happens. I asked if it had been installed incorrectly. He said he did not think so. He said come get the truck and run it a while and see if any similar issues arise, If so, bring the truck back in and they will take it to the next level.

Here are my thoughts. I never had a single steering related issue with this truck prior to March 2015 when I followed Big O's recommendations and replaced my rack and pinion. I am on my third rack. How likely is it that the prior two were defective? I am on the second power steering pump. How likely is it that the first replacement was defective? I feel it is far more likely that incorrect or incompetent workmanship is the more likely cause: The same guy worked on my truck each time. Another shop even commented on the work. I believe shoddy workmanship regarding the rack and pinion was the cause of the power steering pump even being involved. And now three racks and two pumps later still more evidence of what? A defective O-ring or incompetent work? Which seems more likely?

I feel I should be reimbursed for the unnecessary replacement of my steering pump ($416.20) and the diagnostic ($80) I had to have from the other shop that pointed out Big Os failures. I ask that Big O reimburse me for a total of $496.20. I believe this is fair and more than supported by the facts. I am not asking for any compensation for my time spent on repeated trips to the shop. I just want my money back for what appears to be an unnecessary replacement of the original power steering pump. I am NOT interested in store credit. I want my money back. I will wait for a reasonable time for you to respond before pursuing action with the BAR, BBB and any other forum I think might be able to help me. I am more than willing to discuss the matter at any time.

I left in 4 rims and 4 snow tires. They called to say 2 of the rings were the wrong size. So they took the rims off 2 of the regular tires. All good. I part the bill and get my truck. 1 tire and 3 rims are in the bed. Where are the other 3 tires and the rim? Evidently they were in the back on someone else's truck... who paid for them as new. What is wrong with these people? They were rude and seemed put out that I was paying for their services. WTF!? They over-charged for their services and I had to beg for my property.

After having to leave car 2 full days & rent a car to get around while on a 4 day vacation to visit daughter, car still not repaired. Was told bearing needed to be replaced approx $379 plus tax. But they were having trouble getting it off & needed to order a tool from another city to do job. Daughter took car back in the next week & after another full day of car being there, the charges to my CC were more than twice the amount discussed. They charged me for the tool they needed to do their job. I was devastated when over $898 hit my CC & contacted store. They were nice & apologetic, said they showed my daughter the rusted arms, but she had no clue why. Get cost it in writing!!!

I purchased tires at Big O Tires in La Mirada, CA. From day one I have had problems with the tires going flat. After a year and a half of going back on a monthly basis I was told it was my fault that my struts are bad. That never came up once the whole year and a half I was going back. Now I have to purchase brand new tires again since my tires are bald now.

Brought my car to install new wheels, tires and tps sensors and get it aligned. After leaving the car all day to get the job done I picked it up to find out the car was vibrating while driving, the computer was telling me the pressure on all tires was ZERO, and it kept pulling to one side. I brought it back to this location and waited about 3 more hours while they check it again. After that they told me that my car computer was bad and I need it to replace it (but my old wheels and tires were working fine) or the wheels' sensors were bad but they were more than happy to sell them to me without guaranteeing me that they will work. I decided to leave after the manager James got a nasty attitude when I started to ask questions.

I brought it to Community Tire Pros the following day to see what the problem was and this is what they find out. The car uses stagger tires. Well Big O mounted one wide tire in LF and one thin tire in RF, one thin tire in the RL and one wide tire in the RR. The tires that I got installed by Big O are directional so Community found one of the front tires was reversed. The wheel balancing that Big O did: WRONG, WRONG. Community had to balance each tire again. When they went to check the alignment they found out that all the factory bolts to the suspension were still paint sealed from the factory, meaning Big O never aligned it but they sure charge me for it. About the bad computer and bad sensors??? Well Big O don't even know how to program the computer to the new sensors. Sensors and computer were good and working fine since community programmed them.

Community checks the car for dings and/or scratches, they find out that two of my NEW wheels were scratched. It happened when they balanced the tires, they used the wrong tools to do so. Now I have two scratched wheels. I will not recommend this place not even to put air on your tires. I have never been in a tire place that don't even know how to mount a tire, program tire sensors and not even how to balance a tire.

Late Sept. 2015, I went in for oil change and radiator flush changes. Vehicle is a 2005 Jeep Liberty with a 2.8L diesel engine that was only manufactured years 2005 & 06. Admittedly you don't see these often and there are not a lot of them running around, but this one has done well and purred like a kitten. Jeep has 170K miles, and is mostly used on long trips between Az., and southern Calif. Required oil weight is a 0W-40, synthetic, which I always provide myself to Big O. They then charge only for the labor. I also bring all the appropriate filters as well. The difference this time was the request for the radiator flush.

Brought Jeep in early a.m. Completion was promised by 3:00 PM. At 11:30 a.m. I received a call from Big O saying the oil change was completed, but the Jeep would not start and therefore they could not complete the radiator work. It was agreed to allow the Jeep to "rest" for several hours. The 3 PM completion hour came and went with the Jeep still unable to start. I was leaving for the weekend, so I told Big O we would reconnoiter the situation on Monday. Vehicle still was inoperable on Monday, and I had the Jeep picked up and towed to the local Jeep dealer.

Jeep dealer called almost immediately stating there was water in the oil chamber, pistons and the motor was vapor-locked, almost an instant death sentence. The dealer then drained, changed oil and filter again and did other various diagnostic tests etc., to get the Jeep back into running condition. Dealer reported that we had essentially dodged a bullet avoiding the vapor-lock, and recommended that long type trips should possibly be avoided for the next 1000 - 2000 miles. It's been close to the 1000 mile use, at month's end and vehicle is in fact running well. I am now appealing to Big-O to reimburse me for dealer repair and tow bill, total of just $900. I'll report if that falls on deaf ears or not.

I went to Big O in Payson, Az on 10/21/2015 to get a set of Pirelli tires for my Lincoln TC. Tried to sell me Big O tires for $160 each. I stuck with the Pirelli. Quoted me a price of $614.56. Got the same set of tires at Sam's Club for $386.90. Hell of a difference.

I used to be very happy with the Big O Tires and their prices were very competitive. However as of late, I have discovered the prices have suddenly risen sharply. And they are always trying to sell you stuff that your car does not need. They want to bend you over and get their hand in your wallet. Big O Tires could best be described as John Dillinger without a gun. They cannot be trusted. Also, when you ask to get a defective part replaced with a part that has a lifetime warranty, the Big O tires sales rep. usually makes a grimace on his face as if he is trying to pass a peach seed through his rectum at the mere mention of a lifetime warrantied part. This is **. If you try to nail them down they will say "Sorry, we don't do lifetime warranties on parts." WHY - because they want to hit you in your wallet again when the part they sell you fails after a year or so.

To make my point - "Since when should a Big O brand Tire cost MORE than a Michelin Tire???" Never, right? They tried to pull that crap on me but I was too smart for them. Do yourself a favor, shop around and save your money. We have had two Big O stores go out of business here in central Indiana that I know of. They are probably in financial trouble and hitting the customer in the wallet. Trust me, you just read a true statement. Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware

to save their ass.

I was told it would be 2.5 hours before they could get my car in for service. Not even a hi welcome to Big O. One car in their shop. I have been a Big O Customer for years. And the service has gone downhill. I will get my 8 tires at Discount Tires.

First off I would like to say that I WILL review and edit my review IF the company makes it right. My experience started several months ago when I went to Big O Tires in Rolla, Missouri to inquire about the purchase of new tires for my 2007 Dodge Charger. Upon the purchase of this car, it came with 22 inch tires that were fairly worn. When approaching about the possibility of purchasing a new set of tires they informed me that they will NOT work on my car because of my "Nig**r Rims". I am a single (white) mom of three kids and my car is my baby. Something that I worked really hard to get and am very proud of and I am very disappointed in a company's response but brushed it off as someone having a bad day, or they were jealous that I could have a car as nice as mine.

Several months went by and I bought a set of used tires and rims from an individual. Still 22 inch rims but with 70% tread and 20 times nicer. I got my alignment done at one business and then was informed they couldn't do the balance because the tire size so I called and spoke with Big O Tires who informed me they could help. It was absolutely necessary as I was making a 10 hour trip to Louisiana that evening. All was good until I got on the interstate and noticed a shake in my wheel, chalked it up at my bigger tires. 3 hours into the trip the shake was unbearable and I pulled over... come to find out each of my tires were 10-20 pounds short on each tire. Angered, I filled the tires to 40 (tires say 49) and was on my way.

2 days later I got back on the road with a light shake in my wheel. 3 hours from home and 9 pm at night, I hit a work zone and tried to slow down. My brake had no power.... coasting and rolling into a side road my car came to a stop beside a tire shop. Got out my jack and started my investigation to find that my brake line had ruptured on my left side... distraught and panicked I knocked on every door until someone gave me the phone number to the Tire Shop owner, who conveniently was a mechanic as well had his shop next door to the tire shop. He informed me that he was eating dinner and would be down as soon as he got done. 3 hours later the mechanic had our car jacked up and was pointing out what had gone wrong. Big O Tires had put the wrong type of weights on the car, which had rubbed the brake line until it busted.

Monday morning I called Big O Tires and told them the story. Never saying one word about them changing my brake lines, merely asking them to replace the weights for the correct weights that wouldn't rub. Mike said he would take a look at it and to bring it on down. When I arrived he basically told me it was impossible for the brake line to be rubbed by the weights and "that's on me". I agreed for a few moments stating that the mechanic had said that's what it is from. He then tells me that he will replace the weights as requested and take a look. He kept repeating "it's on me", so I informed him that I would call around. He also informed me that they only put the required amount of air as what the door says. The door quotes 30 pi, which is for the stock tires of 17 or 18. My tires are several sizes larger than stock....

After going back to the office I called a couple places, including the place I had gotten the alignment all confirming that is very possible about the weights. So I called Big O Tires back and asked him to hang onto the weights he originally put on, at which time he interrupted me and said that he has it in the air and wants to show me that it was not the weights, the tires are too big and he is documenting everything because the tires are a 'safety hazard'. I informed him that it was possible and he kept saying that he was documenting everything because of the safety hazard. So I asked him to take my car off the racks and I would take it elsewhere.

I picked up my car and took it to the place I got my alignment and they confirmed the left brake line was worn because of the weight and the right tire is a combination of my tire and the weight. I accept responsibility for the tire being the wrong size, but they are deeming my tires as a safety hazard only after I showed him the problem... how did they not catch the tire being too big the first time? And they still accept no responsibility in the weight problem. I have reported the issue to corporate, and intend on following up everyday until the company accepts responsibility for their wrongs and quit trying to cover their tracks. My whole family could have died last night had it not been a work zone. This is not laughing matter and just because I have a nice car with nice rims and a female in no sense do I deserve the treatment this company has given me.

Horrible customer service, purchased a full set of tires for my Tahoe on 2/21/2015. Have already had 2 flats and one blowout. They refuse to make good on the warranty and come to find out put the wrong size tire on! Will never do business with them again after my lawyer is done with them.

Our vehicles temp gauge recently stopped working and with having a newborn we knew we had to have it fixed immediately. We headed over to Big O on labor day and they suggested that we needed a new coolant temperature sensor. We had them go ahead and perform the service to our vehicle which totaled $115.63. When we picked up our suv our temp gauge was still broken! My husband asked if they had checked to make sure it worked and he was told by the technician Mike ** that it would cost more if we wanted him to run the diagnostics to check the part. Seriously… Why wouldn't they check the part regardless? Just as an FYI the staff at this location made it a point to complain to customers about how corporate made them work on a holiday and although I agree that it sucks, it's definitely not professional to complain to customers.

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Big O Tires was founded in 1962 by a group of independent tire dealers. Today the company has 400 franchise and company-owned locations in 19 states.

  • Warranty: Big O offers an easy to understand 3-year limited warranty that includes free tire rotation and rebalancing every 5,000 miles.
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