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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 10, 2023

My pharmacy released my PHI to an individual without any authority to do so. There was no active investigation going on and there was never any subpoena, warrant by any judge and this disclosure was without my knowledge or consent.

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Original review: April 4, 2023

January 2023 I went to add cash to my Cash App to pay a water bill, I get in store pull up my Pp, then selected RiteAid and gave them the QR code to scan. They scanned it but then the cashier proceeded to do something for another customer. So I gave my 120 in cash. He (the manager) gave my receipt and I left. 2 hours later I still do NOT have the money reflecting on my card, so I call Cash App they and they explained there is a transaction but it is incomplete so I would need to go back to the store and have them finish the transaction.

I go back to the store and the manager said he can't do anything about this because my QR code had expired and he would have to do another transaction. So I call cash app in front of the manager they tell me again he needs to finish the transactional. He says he can't finish without a QR scan and cash app confirmed it had expired and he would have to cancel the transaction that did not go through and redo. Cash app talked to the manager and told him this. He refused and said he would put in a call to corporate and let me know the next day. So I made a copy of the receipt (the receipt had the transaction but it had a random sequenced card number ex. 1123344556789 so obviously this is some default number. Anyways he knows he took my cash and by the time he applied my cash it was late because he helped another customer and he tried to finish it.

So the next day when I call him and ask what corp said he was waiting on their call back. So I ask him, "Well there should be an overage last night with my cash when you closed." Right away said, "Nope. Nope. No. There wouldn't be an overage." Anyways this is April is April. 3 months later and he still is waiting for corporate to reply. He states there is nothing RiteAid can do that it must be a glitch in cash app. And he stands firm that their app must have taken my money and they have nothing to do with cash app's applications. The thing is I'm on a budget and I collected money from 3 other roommates to pay our bill. I'm disabled and had to pay the full amount due out of my. Monthly check and not but some of my medications because of this.

Rite aid should be ashamed of theirs selves. I know they kept the money. They just didn't take the time to listen to the details and follow the transactions and the money. They are responsible. I handed my money to them and the receipt I got was not even a cash app card number. It was a default number they use for training. Never trust putting money on a secured card with this place, you will risk being ripped off and your money stolen.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 6, 2023

    Response from the owner. "We are very sorry to hear about your experience, Damien. It’s our goal to make sure every customer receives the best possible service, and we are saddened this wasn't your experience with us. Please contact our Customer Care department by Twitter DM, Facebook PM, phone at 1-800-RITEAID (1-800-748-3243), or by email at customer.service@riteaid.com if you're open to discussing this further. Thank you."

    WHAT A GENERIC LAUGHABLE RESPONSE, RITE AID! The RUDE pharmacist that refused to call and let us know that my wife's meds AFTER HER SURGERY would not be available for weeks, should be let go. TODAY! It's not our fault that you went to school for almost a decade so you could work in retail. This awful little man represents ALL RITE AID pharmacists in my opinion. You've caused my wife to sit in agony because you couldn't be bothered to "DO NO HARM". Pretty sure as the holder of a doctoral degree you take that oath. So, you are a FAILURE, SIR. But hey, at least you have your white coat, right?

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 21, 2023

    I have been getting my senior dog's prescription filled at Rite Aid at 4245 Holland Rd. Virginia Beach VA and have had no problems until Jan 20, 2023. I took the prescription from my Vet to the pharmacy as usual explaining to her that the prescription needed to be filled in tablet form as the prescription stated and to please not substitute the liquid form as happened once before. The young lady took the prescription and looked up the account and showed the on duty pharmacist to ensure they had the tablets. After discussing it with the pharmacist she brought the prescription back to me and said they could not fill it because the Vet had not written my address on it and they could not write it on there. All of the prescriptions I have had filled there never had the address written on them so I asked if something had changed from last month when the same exact prescription was filled at the same exact pharmacy.

    I was not upset and just asked the question, the pharmacist then came to the counter and started telling me that the DEA had strict rules on this medication, to which I asked her if the rules had changed from last month to which she rudely said if you would let me finish and stop jumping down my throat. I told her I was not jumping down her throat but was asking a question. I told her to please proceed and she again stated that the DEA had strict rules on the medication, I again told her I was not questioning the rules but asking if the rules had changed since last month to which she replied no. I then asked if they only enforced the rules sometimes since they had never done it before. She got upset and told me to leave and never come back. I was a little dumbfounded because I was just asking questions.

    I asked her for her name which she refused to give so I then asked for the number to Corporate to which she replied, "I am sure you can figure it out yourself." This pharmacist who had a name tag with ** on it was very rude and unprofessional and I will never set foot in another Rite Aid for anything and have already transferred all prescription to Walgreens. On the way to drop the prescription off at Walgreens I did stop by my Vet and told him what just happened, he stated they never write addresses on prescriptions, he did so on mine to avoid any additional problems.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 12, 2023

    Let me start off by stating that I am an insulin dependent diabetic and I absolutely must have my insulin filled monthly. Originally I had used Walgreens Pharmacy and had a bunch of issues with them and decided to switch over to RiteAid in 2014. They were so simple to use, never had any issues and never worried about running out of insulin. They did automatic refills and even contacted the doctor's office for a new prescription if by some odd chance I forgot and let my refills run out. Everything was smooth sailing through about 2020.

    Walgreens buys Rite Aid. I feared this happening. I really dreaded it. I knew it was coming and I knew things would take a turn for the worst when this happened. Around the beginning of 2021 is when things started to go downhill. They stopped the automatic refills. I couldn't get their app to work to manually refill. I'd call to refill and there's an issue. They finally got that squared away but the automatic refills never worked for me after that even though they claim to offer it. Now each time I manually refill a prescription they never have it in stock, I like to try and refill it once I get to my last pen, usually about 3 - 4 days short of being eligible for a refill because it's too soon. However it takes them 3 - 7 days to get any insulin in stock now. I'm in a pickle. I can't order it because it's too soon, but when it's time and I can refill, it still takes 3 - 7 days and I'm down to usually 1 - 2 days' worth of insulin left.

    This is completely unacceptable as a leading pharmacy. The insulin pens come in a box of five pens. I literally get just enough that'll cover my dosage according to the doctor's dosages. For my main quick acting insulin, my dosages are determined by the amount of carbs I eat and a correction factor based upon my blood sugar. So one day I could be taking 55 units of insulin yet the next day it could be 80 or even 100 units. It used to be I would be given two full boxes (ten pens) of insulin and had a bit to spare and in the rare event that something happened getting it refilled or I was out of town, etc. this worked out great. Now I am lucky if I can even make it to my 30 days with a half a pen left since they feel like they need to limit me.

    It's not the insurance, I've already spoken to them and one of the pharmacists even said it was the pharmacy itself. This last month they literally waited until I was down to my last 20 units of insulins of fast acting insulin and one last dosage of the long acting insulin before they would fill anything, and that was after calling them numerous times with no luck and finally going in to the pharmacy. The long acting insulin was out of stock, of course, like usual. They put in an urgent order, like they always claim to do. However I was down to my last dose and they claimed it would be in the next day, which we all knew meant at least two or three days at the very least.

    After pleading with them that it was absolutely necessary they gave ONE pen to hold me over until they could refill the remainder, which was two more pens. Luckily with the long acting insulin a pen lasts me 10 days, so I had a little time if something went wrong. I am at a loss. Where I am located there is only Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS and Walmart Pharmacy, all of which all TERRIBLE. I am completely done with Rite Aid's stints however. I hope for everyone else that their local Rite Aid is still a great pharmacy but definitely avoid the one in Middletown, Delaware.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 6, 2023

    Despite many attempts to fix their issue with our meds - they lack the caring or intelligence to do so - unable to fill prescriptions as per dr request - screw up so bad they will not contact insurance company to fix their screw up - we are switching today to end this nightmare with them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2022

    The Rite Aid on 16th and Walnut St., Philadelphia is the absolute worst pharmacy I have ever had the displeasure of visiting. They never answer the phone, never. I can’t tell you how many times I have called over and over and over and never has one person answered the phone. They never have anything in stock, and it’s every man for themselves. They don’t care if your medication isn’t there. They are completely unhelpful, and frankly incompetent. They don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t care. They’re the most miserable people I’ve ever encountered. Rite Aid has become notorious for being a hell hole. It doesn’t matter where the location is. Frankly, they all suck. I can’t believe they’re still in business and are in charge of people’s medication’s. It should be illegal.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 6, 2022

    5 trips and they weren't ready, or, closed early, no help, or not open today. They are always slow And if there are several people in the line, it can take 30- 40 minutes. They have trouble finding the pills and they said, do not rely on anything ordered with their app. Store #11019.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 26, 2022

    Bait and switch. After ordering a home Covid test online, I was told that I would be contacted. I waited a day to be contacted. After hearing nothing, I called the local store. The gentleman who answered connected me to the manager. She told me I could come in the next day and purchase a Covid test with my insurance card. After not finding the tests in the store, I was told they were behind the front counter. After waiting in line, the clerk told me he had to call a manager to use my insurance card. He told me I had to go to the pharmacy to get one. I said if I took that test back and wait in another line, I could use my card. He then said no. They only sell one type of test via insurance cards, and they were out of them.

    I said, "Seeing you don’t have that test, use the one the clerk gave me." From there, I felt I was Jack Nicholas in Five Easy Pieces attempting to order the breakfast I wanted. Because I needed to prove to the venue I will be teaching at that I didn’t have Covid, I purchased the test. The employees I spoke to were pleasant. I have no complaints, just compassion for them working for a poorly run company. I will never in the future waste my time at RiteAid.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 8, 2022

    Avoid this pharmacy like the plague if you want any type of consistent confident motivated helpful pharmacists and techs. I moved 20 miles away and kept this pharmacy because they were the opposite of what they have become. If you’d like to be regretful hostile and be given the runaround well everybody passes the buck without taking any responsibility for horrible service – then I guess I recommend them but if you would like help and empathy and consistent competency find another pharmacy.

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    RiteAid has grown to become the third-largest drugstore chain in the United States. Operating mainly on the east coast, it provides multiple pharmacy services, both in-store and online. Services include prescription refills and transfers, one-trip refills, home delivery, Medicare Part D plans and specialty pharmacy services.

    • Online prescription refills: Customers can create an online account profile that includes their personal information, doctor information and prescription details. Once logged in they can manage prescription refills by scheduling ongoing orders that tailor to each individual's treatment plan.

    • Specialty pharmacy services: RiteAid offers online delivery, prescription scheduling and financial help for consumers with specialty pharmacy needs. They are accredited to distribute specialty medication and advise customers on diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and cystic fibrosis.

    • OneTripRefills: For consumers who want to order their prescriptions online and pick them up at the nearest store, RiteAid offers OneTripRefills. OneTripRefills allows pharmacists to schedule all of a customer's prescriptions to be delivered at once, simplifying their pickup schedule.

    • Prescription reminder services: RiteAid will help customers manage their prescriptions by sending reminders by email, text or phone when prescriptions are due for a refill or ready for pickup.

    • Accreditation: RiteAid is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, ensuring it distributes prescription drugs safely. The URAC also accredits RiteAid’s specialty pharmacy practices.

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