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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Resolution In Progress

The problems with Express Scripts are literally infinite. I assume that they intentionally make their service awful on purpose, and if that's true, then they have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. Of course, they never do anything right. Unlike a normal pharmacy (which in their doublespeak is a "retail pharmacy"), they don't tell you the cost of medicine before you buy it, and in addition, they don't take manufacturer's coupons, even though all normal pharmacies do. When they get a prescription, they modify it after they receive it to change the length from one month to 90 days, then charge a copay for a 3 month supply instead of a one month supply, but only ship a one month supply of pills, and then don't cover the pills at all for the following two months. That's the latest scam they're doing. This is only the latest in a long line of problems.

In the above situation, of course, they told me to tell the doctor to modify the prescription for a 90 day supply instead. So, I did, and Express Scripts got the modification. But, of course, they messed it up, so I have to unravel it because they want to mess everything up all the time on purpose. The first time I sent in a prescription to them, not only was their system awful and full of problems, but they never told me the price, and charged me way more than I consented to pay. This debate went on for a year until they hijacked my other prescriptions until I paid it.

The latest thing is that while I'm looking up the current status (which of course is not specific and is completely uninformative), the website and app are down. Of course, they don't tell me that, but instead claim I entered incorrect login information until finally the app gives me a very rude SITE DOWN message as if that's my fault I went to them to look something up. Why would a decent website be down during prime evening paperwork hours? It wouldn't be, of course. It's not a decent company.

Resolution In Progress

Ever since Express Scripts took over Medco their service has been steeply declining. They are the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. I have dozens of complaints, however I would be here all day detailing them. The most recent involves a script submitted by my doctor stating "Do Not Substitute". So Express Scripts calls my doctor's office to request generic be substituted. Unfortunately doctors do not answer their phones. Instead Express Scripts took telephone authorization from a telephone clerk to override the written orders of the doctor. I can definitely see some potential liability with this questionable practice. I was also told by a pharmacist there is more profit in selling generics than brand names.

Resolution In Progress

I ordered a prescription on 7/9 and needed the medicine the next day. They said it would be here on the 14th. On the 14th it did not arrive. I called them on the 15th and they said it was not shipped yet due to a balance on my account. Because I had a bill, due to their error that should have been taken care of 4 months ago, they did not ship the meds. They did not call me or email any of this information and they did not give me this information when I ordered it on the 9th. I paid the bill and then they did not even ship it out until the 17 and today the 20th I still do not have my test strips.

Resolution In Progress

I was prescribed a pain medication by my spine specialist called ** 15mcg patch quantity of 4 for 30 days. Just after my doctor's appointment this past Friday I went to the local Walgreens to have my script filled. Walgreens stated that the script was denied by Express Scripts because they need approval from the doctor. The doctor's office closed just after my appointment. Left a message with the call receptionist at the doctor's office stating that the doctor needs to submit more info to Express Scripts and answer questions. The doctor sent over information online on Tuesday morning. I called Express Scripts to find out when I can get my script filled only to find out that the info that was sent over was not enough and they had to speak to the doctor. Instead of calling the doctor right away they did nothing and I would not have known anything if I had not called them.

They then tell me I need to call my doctor to tell him to call Express Scripts. Left another message at the doctor's office stating what needed to be done as it was after hours once again. Was called by the doctor's office today (Wednesday) and they said the doctor called and they still denied coverage because the info the doctor gave was not good enough. I called Express Scripts only to find out the pharmacist at Express Scripts denied it and I had the option of disputing it. I cannot believe how piss poor this company is! So apparently a doctor who is qualified to determine the right medicine for their patient isn't enough and Express Scripts is making that call for him. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

Resolution In Progress

This company is comparable to the VA in that they do not have to answer to anyone and put the health of consumers at risk. They do and say exactly as they please and every time I call I get a different response. I suffer from chronic migraines and because I have them so frequently my doctor wrote a specific RX so I could receive my 3 month supply every 2 months vice 3. And this is at no cost to me. So every 2 months I have received 27 pills of ** which is generic for **. So imagine my surprise when Express Scripts called me on approx June 28th telling me they were OUT OF STOCK!! First of all how can a company serving millions of people be out of stock of a drug that is used by millions of people? UNREAL!! They told me to call my doctor to have him phone in a refill to my local pharmacy.

Unfortunately my original doctor quit and this new doctor is not aware of my history of migraines so there was no rush by this doctor to get my RX called in. I had to call and message his office several times which only increased my stress level which in turn contributes to more migraines. Meanwhile on the Express Scripts website it stated they were out of stock and when the meds became available a letter would be sent to me telling me what to do. My last RX was filled 4/20/2016 so I should have received another RX from them on or about 6/24/2016 but as stated above they did not call me until the 28th or so to tell me out of stock. So doctor finally calls in a refill and I only get 9 pills. Plus have to pay. I called them again asking since they were out of stock why could they not fill with brand name and they said my doctor didn't write the RX that way. Well mighty strange I have gotten brand name before when they were out of the generic.

So I call again and ask why couldn't the pharmacy fill the RX with the 2 month supply and they said because that is not allowed. Isn't that strange? My hubby had to have a sleeping pill called into the pharmacy which is a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE and they gave him 90 pills??? UNREAL!! So today I notice the Express Scripts page says they will start processing my next order on 8/31/2016. So I called again thinking they probably have it back in stock. Well of course they do and I then ask them well please fill my RX that was due 6/24/2016 and they tell me they can't because it's OVER MY LIMIT. How can it be over my limit when I got my last RX in April and have not received any except for the 9 at the local pharmacy.

So I asked for supervisor and she starts saying all this crap about she's going to call my doctor and ask how I was getting an RX every 2 months when I told her already the doctor wrote it specifically that way and she continues to say I am over the limit going back to December and then counting the days I have received the RX for and saying they can't override the system. I know this is hard to understand but the point is I was due the RX in June, did not get it, got 1/3 of it July 1st and now they say I have to wait until the 31st of August before they will process again? That is unacceptable!! The military makes us deal with this crap and we have no recourse. Why are we being treated like animals? Why can't I just get my medicine?

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Resolution In Progress

So unfortunately our insurance company has joined hands with Express Scripts; I am sure they are getting their piece of the pie! Blue Cross! My husband takes 3 maintenance medications and was just put on the third 4 months ago. We were told that the information ES has is showing my husband on the medication for 14 months.... Um no, that's a typo that one of your incompetent employees input into your crappy system! Having 3 pills left we tried to call the refill into our local pharmacy where we had been getting this particular prescription and it was kicked back/denied. Between myself, my husband, the Dr.'s office and our pharmacist calling this company to try and figure out just what the hell they wanted, since we were all getting a different story.... We were fine with having to get the refill from them but didn't have enough pills to make it, until they decided to ship it out to us.

My husband had 3 pills left, so we were told to get an override or a waiver so our pharmacy would have 5 days of pills for us to pick up until ES could mail out the refill. We attempted to do this and all were told different information - the Dr. had to call it in... The pharmacy had to call... The patient had to call... Then finally after asking for a supervisor and two days on the phone with them totaling almost 3 hours, you could imagine our frustration! We were told the insurance company doesn't allow a waiver and we would have to pay out of pocket for whatever pills he needed until the refill was shipped to us.

The supervisor was useless. I told her the company would have a lawsuit on their hands for negligence if my husband or any other person, was denied their medication and had medical complications because of it. Some people don't have money to pay out of pocket and that's what the hell we pay insurance for! My husband could have serious problems if he suddenly stopped taking the medicine. They DONT CARE!

Our country has outsourced to third party companies and the USA is a sad story anymore. Nobody gives a damn! How sad. I was so upset with all the confusion and different information we were being told that I actually broke down crying. All together we spoke to over 15 different people and they all told each of us something different - my time that I mentioned dealing with them, didn't include the Dr.'s time, pharmacist time, or my husband's time... So I can imagine it would be more like almost 5 hours. It's not like we were trying to get ** or some regulated drug! They couldn't give two craps about us as people and we got nowhere with them.

In the end we will be paying out of pocket for a week's worth of pills all while paying for insurance too... Robbing the American citizens. Even their automated information was giving out wrong info! Wow you really do suck Express Scripts... I hope you all find another job where you are properly trained cause if America gets great again, the people will not stand for this crap! You will go under Express Scripts! You half dead **! Signed, a pissed off wife and a fed up American!

Resolution In Progress

Cataract Surgery requires various **, including **. The idea is to heal the eye and prevent infection. Beware if both of your surgeries are within a 30-day period, and you have the misfortune of using Express Scripts. They count the number of drops in a bottle and cap the number you can use within 30 days. In my case, I was dealing with Duke Eye Center, one of the top places in the country. The protocol involved completing two of the three bottles of drops on the first eye. When Express Scripts makes you use these bottles on both eyes, you are in trouble. I probably will have to put off the second surgery because of their rules. Actually, they are using a template as they would for **. It is bad enough that the drug companies are charging as much as they can get away with on these **, given all the cataract surgeries occurring. Express Scripts has horrible customer service. And I would never order from them. Who wants a prescription sitting in the hot sun?

Resolution In Progress

Express Scripts is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. One by one I am moving my prescriptions back to Walgreens even though I have to pay. The very expensive medicine I will still receive from Express Scripts, because it's free, but the lower prices medicine, I'm switching back to Walgreens. I would rather pay them use E-Scripts. The reps either have no clue, don't speak English, or talk over you so you can't get a word in. They give misinformation EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk to them making me call my doctor superfluously, which is embarrassing. They do what they say they can't and can't do what they promise. The estimated ship dates are never close. Items ship weeks after. I went to a doctor three weeks ago and received a prescription today. A FULL THREE WEEKS LATER. They are a horrible company.

Resolution In Progress

Massive language barrier here & it's not the first time! To make it worse, it is literally the slowest, most frustrating "customer service" I've ever experienced & this is has happened on all 4 occasions I've attempted to contact them. One occasion included me calling in to pay a $20 invoice that took them 20 minutes to find in their system. Another example was when I contacted them to change my account to paperless & after repeating it five times to the first person that I spoke to who didn't understand my question, I finally asked to speak to a manager and that took 10 minutes just to get one on the phone. The manager sounded annoyed & bitter. By the end of the conversation I ended up losing 20 minutes of my life just to be told that I had to go online to change my count to paperless. Really!?! Sadly the list goes on, but I'm not gonna waste any more of my time with these people. Looks like this is going to be a short-lived relationship!

Resolution In Progress

I live in Brooklyn but spend my summers in Florida. We have a townhouse there and will move permanently next year. On June 28, I called Express Scripts to renew three prescriptions. I told the representative that I would like to use my Florida address for these three scripts. She said no problem. For some reason, one of these prescriptions was separate from the other two. I was told that ** (** for my heart) would come in 5-7 days and the other two would come in 5-8 days. When I arrived in Florida, the ** had arrived. By July 10, the other two medications did not come. I called Express Scripts and was told that the other two bottles were in Brooklyn. Without going into details of my conversation with this representative, she insisted that I only provided the Florida address for only the ** and I verified my Brooklyn address for the other two.

Even she admitted that to send one script to Florida and the other two to Brooklyn was stupid, but she insisted that her "notes" said otherwise and there was nothing she could do. She asked the pharmacist who refused to send out a new bottle of one of the scripts, which was blood pressure medication and was depleted. Since it was my final renewal, the representative instructed me to get in touch with my doctor in Brooklyn and have him contact Express Scripts with a new prescription. It would take approximately eight days for me to receive my medication. I told her that this is not my fault and the original representative made the error. She replied that her "notes" said differently. I told her that common sense said otherwise and she replied that she must go by her "notes". I asked her to review the conversation, which was supposedly recorded and she said that she couldn't.

I accused them of playing with my health and she replied in the same way. She was reading from a script, obviously and I realized that she wouldn't yield and that no one else could help me get my medication. Finally I told her I would follow her instructions. I made an "early renewal" on the other script, of which I had two weeks worth left. She apologized for the "inconvenience" and urged me to take a brief survey at the end of the call. I called my doctor and was able to get the medication at the local Walgreens.

What shocks me is, not only the ineptness of the original representative but the fact that they stuck by what she wrote, even though my health was in jeopardy. A company like Express Scripts has no right to play God and decide that a patient can live without his/her medication for any period of time. Their unyielding attitude (the "notes" are important, even if Express Scripts made the error and it was obvious that in this case they did) can hurt someone's preexisting condition. They didn't even check!!! Even if I have to pay more, I will no longer deal with prescriptions by mail with Express Scripts. They are dangerous!!

Resolution In Progress

This company is a nightmare to deal with. I was forced to order my ** for my migraine treatments through them. After two rounds of **, I realized it wasn't helping me enough to justify the cost. This was easily over a year ago. This company kept sending me emails reminding me it was time to reorder. I finally called them and told them that I would not be using it anymore because it wasn't working. Everything seemed fine until about a year later, I received a letter from BCBS stating I was going to be billed by Express Scripts and that I owed them almost $200 for ** that I never ordered. I can also guarantee my neurologist didn't order it either because I haven't been there in over a year either. This company will not see another penny of my money for their mistake. I can't believe they are still in business after reading all the other reviews on here. Consumer beware, avoid this company at all costs.

I spoke to another representative from Accredo and she said that the only thing they could do for us was offer a store credit. I told her that we do not use, nor ever want to use Accredo again, and, furthermore, my wife lost the pregnancy so we would not have any reason to use Accredo for specialty products through their company. I asked for a full refund. She did not change her position, and since I was rather upset about my family's loss, I did not continue with the call and gave up.

After I posted on Consumer Affairs another representative reached out to me and asked me questions about what went wrong with the dealings with the company. The next representative said they would send a check for the full amount of out of pocket expenses accrued while waiting for the 8 day delivery of vital medication to sustain a pregnancy. I got that check in the mail about a week later.

So I did get what the first representative promised me about a month ago, but it took about four hours on the phone, two public written accounts of the issue on this site, a great deal of stress and heartache for my wife and I, and a loss of a pregnancy to come to a reasonable conclusion.

Original Review

My wife needed medication in order to sustain a pregnancy. Because our local pharmacy didn't carry the medication, we had to go through Express Scripts. She was supposed to start taking the medication immediately. Express Scripts messed up on three separate occasions in communicating with the doctor and local pharmacy and it took eight days for the medication to arrive. Through our insurance the supply of medication is 15 dollars a month. We had to pay out of pocket over $300 over those eight days.

We have been in contact with Accredo and Express Scripts for two weeks looking for reimbursement. One representative from Express Scripts told us that they would mail us a form to fill out for reimbursement, once we gave them the documentation of out of pocket expenses and it would be arriving in seven business days; this never happened. When we called to say we never got the mail, Express Scripts transferred us to Accredo. A representative of Accredo, who is the specialty pharmacy for Express Scripts, said she would take another three days to get back to us so she could call our pharmacy. She would not say what the resolution would be and that the representative who last week said that we would get a letter was incorrect.

She then said that Accredo is a separate company from Express Scripts and so what Express Scripts says does not reflect on what Accredo says, even though when you look for Accredo on Consumer Affairs, Express Scripts comes up. She put me on hold about eight times in the half an hour I spent on the phone with her and had no new information. This company is either willfully incompetent in order to save on staff or to save on reimbursement by making the process so agonizing to manage. So in summary, wife needs medication to save a pregnancy, they take eight days to send the medication, we pay out of pocket for the medication in the interim time, and we spend four to five hours on the phone with them with no resolution in sight about reimbursement after we were told we were being reimbursed and then a week and a half later told that we aren't.

Resolution In Progress

They don't deserve even one star but I'm forced to give a rating. This is THE WORST company I've ever dealt with. They can't seem to get anything right. I had been on a maintenance drug for years that has a 0 co-pay for generic. All of a sudden, mid-year, I was billed $168 for my 3-month supply, when previously, the amount was always $0. I emailed and called customer service multiple times only to be told that the reason I was charged was that it was name brand drug. It was not – it was the same generic drug I've always taken. I finally told them to Google it, and that would show that it was truly the generic. I finally had to get the benefits dept at my husband's work involved. It took over 3 months and countless phone calls and emails to get the entire thing straightened out, and if I log into my account today, it still says I owe them money, so who knows. At least they stopped sending me nastygrams.

Every, single person I dealt with was rude and treated me like I was an idiot, even though they were in the wrong. Then about 3 months ago, I stopped needing/taking the drug. I went online and cancelled my auto-renew, thinking that was all I would have to do. Oh no, of course not. That only cancelled the current auto-renew. The next time it came due (in 3 months), I received the medication. I contacted them, and cancelled again, only to receive the meds AGAIN the next time. I finally emailed and asked them what in the world I had to do to stop getting this drug that I no longer need. They said they would take care of it.

That was a month ago and today, I got an email that I have a new prescription pending that is preparing to ship. Sure enough, same prescription. Apparently, they contacted my Dr (who I no longer even use) and they approved it, so Express Scripts is processing it. This, after I clearly told them that I no longer take this drug and do not want it. I'm not sure what I have to do to stop getting this medication, but this is the most ridiculous company I've ever dealt with.

Resolution In Progress

There is no reason why anything should be as complicated as this horrible excuse for a service. I have to fill out forms for each prescription and mail them in? Why can't I just mail you the Rx my doctor wrote? I just want to go to the pharmacy and get my meds so I don't have to wait weeks on this joke of a company while I suffer in pain because it was a holiday weekend so they didn't ship my medicine.

Resolution In Progress

I don't even use this company. I kept getting robocalls about a random person's prescriptions and billing statements. When I called about it they asked if I could reach out to the person they were trying to reach, who I don't know, and let them know they're trying to call?? When I told them to look the person up themselves they told me they can't make outbound calls... What? Seriously terrible company. I would not want my health information company trying to have strangers reach me about my prescriptions or bills!

Resolution In Progress

2 weeks to get med that I could have within hour of leaving doctors office. Total bs. Blue Cross Blue Shield has their hands in it and that's why they require you use it. BC BS you are a JOKE.

Resolution In Progress

I have NEVER felt this compelled to create one of these god awful logins (they even want your phone number...) but Express scripts is by far the worst company in this solar system. I would get better customer service from the guy slinging meth outside a strip club. I get an email that says "Your prescription has shipped." Okay that is great and all but I don't have auto setup and I don't recall seeing the doctor this month. I look it up and it is a duplicate prescription for eye drops. They want $13. What a scam, I never requested this and I already have a valid prescription for this so why on Earth do I need two???

So I email scammers and tell them I didn't order this. They give a canned answer and then I reply saying I refused the package and will not be paying. Surprisingly, I got the SAME answer. This is beyond crazy. Who are these people? Why don't you look in your little system and make sure you have got things right. This time I told them I want a copy of the prescription submission. Why is the US fighting terrorism in the sand box when these terrorists run free of charge in the US?

Resolution In Progress

Anthem BC/BS, my secondary insurance company, is partnered with Express Scripts. While touring Italy, I became ill and saw a doctor who prescribed various medicines. When I returned to states, I tried to file a claim with Express Scripts. Until I can provide them with an English translation of the prescriptions and pharmacy bill, including the type of pill, dosage, price, etc., they want nothing to do with me. SORRY, I don't speak Italian. Just a ploy to get out of covering the cost of medication. A Fortune 500 company that doesn't have anyone who can translate? I'm sure they do business in Italy. Don't walk away from this company, RUN!!!

Resolution In Progress

I am writing this review to hopefully keep other people from enrolling with Express Scripts so that they don't have to deal with this horrible pharmacy. I have been trying for 3 months to get pre natal vitamins through Express Scripts and they still cant get it right. I have been on the phone with them over and over again and every time its a new story.

First I was told that there are 3 different pre natal vitamins that are covered under my plan and I could pick them up from my local pharmacy. So my Doc called the 1st one in and it was on back order. Then the 2nd one was called in and when I picked it up I had to pay over $50 even though it was suppose to be free. Then I call back to Express Scripts and was told that the one I picked up was not covered under my plan, so apparently I had been given the wrong information in the first place. And of course they could not refund me.

Then I tried to order a different one and waited and waited and it never arrived. Called again and was told that I had a deductible and there was no pre natal vitamins that I could get for $0. After over 45 minutes on the phone with the representative I am then told that she was able to find one that is covered and she gave me again the exact spelling so my Doc could call it in. Lets see if after all of this I will finally get my pre natal vitamins. This is ridiculous!!! I would stop using them immediately but unfortunately I am forced to stay with them because of my insurance plan. Whenever possible I use my local pharmacy to avoid having to deal with them.

Again, I like to point out that we are talking about pre natal vitamins here. I don't even want to start thinking about what people have to go through who need actual medication or pain killers. I am sure it is an absolute nightmare. Also I went on Express Scripts facebook site and basically every comment on there is negative. But it looks like the company does not care much about these reviews since it is apparent that customer service is at the very bottom of their list of things to do.

Resolution In Progress

We just learned that even if Express Scripts is your insurance company's drug provider, you can ask to pay for your prescriptions at the cash price. To our amazement, our son's seizure medication was cheaper NOT using Express Scripts. These people are scum and should be put out of business. Shame on them for taking advantage of people!

Resolution In Progress

Picking up a routine prescription, which had always been 10 dollars suddenly (and without any explanation) jumped in price. Express Scripts can review previous orders to verify, but after 3 different representatives could not provide a reason for their change in prescription pricing. We went over many different scenarios (start of new insurance year, change in prescription/quantity) and the reps could not locate that anything in my prescription plan had changed. Neither were they willing to find the problem. I guess price gouging of prescription medications is the new normal.

Resolution In Progress

I have never had a worse experience than I have with Express Scripts. We have been trying to get our medications for the past 5 months, and they still don't have it correct. I will never use this company again, and if anybody asked about it I will tell them DO NOT USE THEM.

Resolution In Progress

My prescription would be filled by my pharmacy until I called Express Scripts to let them know if I wanted to get on their mailing program. This is ridiculous. Why would I be forced to use them? How can they have that much control? I was in danger of not having my meds on time - a matter of life and death.

Resolution In Progress

I was charged $37.50 for a generic drug for "**" (brand name) that Express Scripts filled in error. I should not have been charged any amount. I talked to 2 supervisors and no one really helped me much. Gave same scripted answers and asked me to talk to pharmacist. Talked to pharmacist and on second attempt was able to connect Express Scripts and pharmacist together. It was a mistake in prescription filling and Express Scripts agreed to make refund. But was not a good and smooth experience. I understand mistakes can be made but someone should able to believe that mistakes can be made and look into it and not just keep saying the same things over and over again. I would advise anyone using Express Scripts to be very careful. They really do not listen to you and not much understand your difficulties. Just repeat the standard answers.

Resolution In Progress

Took 2 weeks to get fax to doctor. Then wanted me to pay over the phone or online. Due to all the identity theft, I asked to pay by mail. Company refused to send me a bill to allow me to pay this way.

I am not sure if this is a matter of lying or stupidity or both. I am now forced to get my insulin through them. This is the last time that I wanted to do. I had given them a trial prior and wound up having to throw out hundreds of insulin pens after my Dr. switched my insulin. Why hundreds? They kept messing up my prescriptions, either flat out sending me the wrong thing or the wrong dose. They kept trying to blame my Dr. but I had copies of the faxes sent to them. They were the bunglers.

So now... Dr. has switched me to insulin pens which eventually I did get. Took many phone calls to get that straightened out. I could write a novel on that but in a nutshell, I was told that they could not understand how the prescription was written. I use a sliding scale and while I have the scale, the prescription had been written for not the max dose but the next one to it. Not sure if they were afraid I'd inject too much or what but... First they said they would ship. Then they said they wouldn't until the Dr. straightened it out. Then all of a sudden, I got my insulin. But... What? Somehow got alerted that they were sending another insulin prescription. I can't remember now what alerted me to this. I called and they told me that they thought I would WANT another 90 day supply because the first batch that they sent had the wrong prescribing info. Actually, it wasn't wrong. I am well aware how to use it. They just can't figure it out.

So... Fast forward to like a month and a half or something. Was checking my bank account online and there's a pending charge to Express Scripts. I called and got a bunch of mumbo jumbo from them, starting with my barely being able to hear much less understand what they were saying. Then being placed on terminal hold waiting for the pharmacist.

First they tried to tell me that my Dr. just sent in a new prescription with a new dose. I said this couldn't be. Hadn't been to the Dr. and don't see the diabetes educator till Thu and the DE is the one who sets my doses. Then they quickly tried to change their tune, saying that the prescription had been written wrong and they were trying to correct it.

I stopped them in their tracks and told them that we'd been through this over a month ago and I assured the pharmacist then that I didn't need more pens. Especially since I am still using up the vials and syringes that I still have. Still have one vial that I will start in three days. And no, I don't need another crisper drawer full of insulin. I then asked them if they were supposed to contact me before sending a prescription and they said that they were. My account is set up so that I must place the order and not automatic shipments. Looks to me like they tried to slip one over on me.

They really couldn't explain why this happened. Each time they tried to give me a different story, I said, "Nope". Then they tried to give me a new story. Bottom line is to watch them like hawks. Now I have to waste more of my time following up on this because I don't trust them to cancel the order like they said they would. We've played this game before. They'll say it is too late to cancel then make me pay for it. Not happy!

I have auto refills set up for my medication, but the refills ran out. When I realized this I called my doctor and he immediately sent over the refill request. 3 days later, Express Scripts website is still saying they didn't get it. I called them. They looked in the system and said they actually got it, but it takes time to process before it shows up on the website. I checked back two days later and it's there, but listing a ship date of over a week out! I knew I didn't have enough medication to get me through to that ship date (very dangerous as it's insulin), so I called again and asked if they could rush the order – I got a snotty, rude CS rep who tells me "We don't rush orders for customer errors. We have 8 business days from the date we receive a prescription to ship it. You need to make sure you order in plenty of time so that you don't run out."

I tried to explain the situation and asked if they can cancel the order so I can fill at my local pharmacy instead she says "No, the order is already processed through your insurance and it can't be cancelled. If you go to your pharmacy you will need to pay full price for the meds." I explained to her that the meds cost over $1200 at full price and she told me again that next time I need to make sure I order in advance so this doesn't happen. So, yesterday I get an email saying my order has shipped but no tracking number (since they are refrigerated I need track them so I can make sure I can be there to receive them). I checked the website for a tracking number and it says the order has not shipped. I call CS and get another rude rep who tells me the order hasn't shipped and that the earliest anything would ship is Monday, but it could be even later because their ship dates are only estimates.

So, I am now totally out of insulin (and have at least another 5 days before it will arrive), can't fill at my local pharmacy because medication that has not even been shipped has already been charged to my insurance (according to their CS reps it was charged 7 days before the ship date they are now giving me!), and all I get when I call this company are rude customer service reps who don't care about how important medication is to their customers and how desperately ill they can become when they run out.

My husband and I are forced through his medical insurance as a retiree of Verizon to use this horrid company for our maintenance medication. I have had nothing but horror from this company for months on end. As one other person said, "They are about to give me a nervous breakdown!" Firstly, they said, "Your medication way before your 90 day supply runs out." They have been advised that they are not to send me medication unless and until I request it. If they can sneak one extra batch of your meds a year think how much money they are making. Last year while I was out of the country my husband had to have my credit card stopped because we saw a charge from a company for over $100 we knew nothing about it. All it said was pharmacy. Lo and behold after investigation we found out it was Express Scripts. To this day we do not know what we paid for and never will. They double bill. My husband is on Medicare. I am not.

If I have a balance they put it on his account and vice versa. We cannot get them to comprehend it's two different accounts. They blame it on Verizon. Then they tell you that they do not bill on each others accounts when I am looking right at it. Back in April I spent time with a rep who credited a bill and in addition we had sent two checks that day after speaking with her. Cannot get that rep on the phone. They leave numbers with extensions that never answer. They have all sorts of computer systems saying this one doesn't recognize this, that, or the other. Guess this company can't put everything into one system. Spent 2 hours on the phone with them last week along with a rep from Verizon benefits. Finally got them to agree that all I owe is $20.92 - think it was resolved only to get a call 4 days later insisting we owe 90 something dollars.

They tell you what is in front of you is not correct that you owe thats it. Reps are rude, clueless and don't give a hoot. I am still in major dispute with them and they have now suspended my husband's account. This company truly needs to be seriously investigated by someone. I refuse to pay them once again for something I do not owe nor can they explain why I owe it. Somehow this is getting fought to the end. I have had all I can tolerate of this incompetent company!

Every time I order a prescription through Express Scripts, it takes 5 days to process the order and another 5 days or more for shipping. I only use this company when I absolutely must. Our company must have taken the lowest possible bid irregardless of the service level provided.

Tried to order a 90-day supply of my prescription, back and forth for over two weeks, then discovered the CASH price at Walmart is nearly $300 less than my COVERAGE price from Express Scripts! What exactly am I paying for? Cancelled the order, and bought from Walmart.