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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Resolution In Progress

This company is in the business of denying patients, or customers, their medication(s). The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. They are in the business of misinformation, and slowing down or preventing altogether the filling of prescriptions. I experienced this firsthand with 2 minor medications that this company put roadblock after roadblock in my way of filling.

I'm in my 4th week of dealing with countless phone calls and robocalls and not one thing has worked out as they stated, or promised. They want to wear you down, so you'll give up, and pay out-of-pocket. They backdate your prescriptions so you can't fill them at your local pharmacy. They only want you to fill them with Express Scripts.

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION OR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. This is a dishonest company with only one motive, and that is greed. If they prevent patients from getting their medications, their bottom line looks bigger and better and they win. Don't trust them and don't believe a word any customer service representative says. If you have an opportunity to change plans, or get another prescription benefit company, do so. They are a horror of mismanagement, lies, lack of concern or care and an abhorrent level of greed. Avoid them at all costs.

Resolution In Progress

I and my company's HR manager have been sending emails to our Express Scripts Relationship Manager to try to discuss a discrepancy in billing for a Brand med that went from Free to $400 overnight. The ES Relationship Manager has decided that the best way to handle this is to ignore us. There have been no replies or response of any type from Express Scripts. Not sure what else we can do.

Resolution In Progress

Here we go again!... You will not even send my drugs unless it is paid for in advance!!! In your only email from last Monday you state that I am $27 BEHIND 25 DAYS!!! When I called you I was as talked to like a DEADBEAT that need to pay his bill!! I told tried to get the problem fixed at that time and to charge my card again and that I would talk to someone on my return to El Paso... I was treated like trash!!! You know that I can not get any meds until it is paid in full before you even ship, so let's get off our collective backsides and fix it!

The last time I had this problem I spoke to Angle Ext ** and her supervisor Cherry, and I was told that it was all taken care of... WHAT A JOKE! I have asked my bank for the tracking and trace of the first payment and also asked them not to pay a damn thing till we get this fixed! I am done screwing around, I will do without my meds because the problems are not worth the heartburn anymore! Please do not feed me any more lines about having it fixed, as it isn't! I will not be returning at the end of the year and you can be assured that EVERYONE I know will know about it. Somebody that knows what the hell is going on needs to call me!

Resolution In Progress

Without prior notice Express Scripts has halted my ability to fill a specific prescription at a local pharmacy which is within their network - while once again trying to compel me to utilize their mail order service. Last year, both via written and verbal communication, I explained for both medical and logistical reasons why this delivery mechanism was not suitable and/or safe in my case (regular theft of parcels). Because of Express Scripts macro-level policies and unwillingness to consider the nuanced needs of its customer with varying medical issues, etc. I was compelled to purchase this particular medication this morning for $214.99 out-of-pocket. I had do this despite being a NYC government employee with full medical coverage and an optional prescription rider.

Further, I currently spend significant amounts on co-pays and travels to medical providers to maintain my health. I was basically was put in a situation where I either spend out-of-pocket to maintain my health while out of my medications, or wait on Express Scripts to deliver my medication via postal main--which may in fact may require a change in dosage rendering a 90-day supply a waste. Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns in this matter.

Well after posting on here the very day it went online I was contacted and the whole issue has been resolved in the way I was trying to get the supervisor to handle it on Saturday. Thank you, Sarah!

Original Review

I got a prescription from my doctor for ** nasal spray. Filled it at local pharmacy, received a 17g bottle and it said 28 day supply for $15. I then got Express Scripts to add it to my mail meds in which they sent me 1 bottle 17G as well which was supposed to be a 90 days supply but was the same bottle for the 28 day supply the pharmacists gave me for $30. I called to find out what was up and was told by the guy that each bottle should be 30 day supply and that he would credit me back $20 for what I did not receive and he would try to get the doctor to fix the way he wrote the prescription.

I told him I had just changed when the auto-renewal should go out for 30 days later not now because I hadn't even opened the first bottle yet. He told me he would put a note on it and that once it was approved I could go back online and change the day I wanted it sent. 3 days later I get 2 bottles in which they are charging me for 3 bottles again. I called and now they saying each bottle is a 60 day supply... And will not take the meds back even though it's in the same carton not opened they sent it in and will not credit me back the other $10 charging me the same amount per bottle that the pharmacy does but pharmacy says 30 day supply they say 60 day...

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Resolution In Progress

Not only did it take 3 weeks to approve my prescription after their contacting the wrong insurance company multiple times, but I was called several pet names such as "sweetie pie" by the phone staff. This is unacceptable, and I will not be returning to Express Scripts with my business.

Resolution In Progress

Express Scripts customer service on line or email give garbled info. Swear they haven't heard from Dr, when Dr records show they have. Example: I asked how to transfer my prescriptions to a local pharmacy? The agent replied. "Well maybe get store to send a form." I ask "what kind of form". He talks in circles and garbled details and replies maybe that work. Ask on line help: as often as not reply doesn't answer question.

Resolution In Progress

We sent in a 90 day prescription thinking to save money. They said they never received the prescription, so we gave up on them, got a new prescription and went local. The new prescription was denied because Express Scripts "said" they filled it. After several phone calls, they finally sent a 30 day supply. Fine live and learn. Now they are sending us new bills for prescriptions we have never received.

Resolution In Progress

I received a robo call this morning from Express Scripts telling me to call a toll-free number about my prescriptions. I called and was given a very-difficult-to-understand gentleman (so Express Scripts is outsourcing customer service to India)? Anyway, he told me if I started getting my prescriptions via mail rather than at my pharmacy, I could save over a $1,000 a year.

I explained to him that I live in a very remote area and my mailbox is in a cluster mail box about 5 miles from where I live. Sometimes the boxes are broken into at night - no doubt thieves looking for checks and medications sent in the mail. I explained that having my prescriptions delivered by mail is too risky in the area I live in. He then had the audacity to suggest that I get a PO box. I said I didn't want to have to make a 40 mile round trip to the post office that serves my area to check a PO box to see if my meds had arrived. He said he would make a note of my concerns and hung up.

I pay over $1200 a month for my insurance (and that's after the $500 my employer kicks in each month). I don't think I should be charged more for my medications because I don't trust mail delivery. All of my meds are already generic. Express Scripts seems much more interested in making a buck than providing their customers with reliable service. I am also very disappointed with Anthem Blue Cross for turning their insurance customers over to a prescription company that seems to have no interest in providing acceptable service to its customers.

Resolution In Progress

I never thought I had to count my pills but noticed that my pain killers were running out before the rest of my other prescriptions. When I received the following month prescriptions I had counted them all to find out that my pain killers and only pain killers were up short. At that point I called and reported it and that is when all my trouble started. The following month I again counted all my pills and they were all there so I assumed the problem was resolved. Boy was I wrong. The month after that I got a call from the pharmacy saying they could not fill my pain killers unless I got my doctor to call within a few hours to reduce the number of pain killers or that those prescriptions would be canceled and returned to me. I tried to get a hold of my doctor but he was out of the office that day so they ended up cancelling those prescriptions. Now my doctor can not do anything at this point until I receive the prescriptions back.

Now this happened the 19th of July and today is the 8th of August. I've called the pharmacy but they have no answers. So now I'm suffering an incredible amount of pain and can only keep going into the hospital to get the little amount of help they can offer. So I guess the lesson here is do not report if the pharmacy is ripping off some of your pain killers or they will make you painfully wish you never did.

Resolution In Progress

I take ** and now a generic is out. They did not tell me that they were refilling with a generic. I received it with no notification. I called to get it fixed and my doctor had to send in a new script. It took almost two weeks to get it straightened out. Then they charge me double for requesting a "Name Brand". I cannot take the generic due to the side effects. So I get penalized for having to take name brand.

I now have to have my doctor send in a Request of Coverage Review in order to get the price decreased. This is how they have become a Fortune 100 company making billions overcharging for scripts. If you have the choice of going directly to a pharmacy, I would suggest you do so. You will get better service than this HUGE company that is making money off of you having to take a maintenance drug.

Resolution In Progress

I've submitted several claims and finally after it being rejected over anything and everything. The last time I got a rep that was great he got all my refunds to me within 2 weeks. But I submitted a new claim June 2016, after 2 weeks of nothing I called. She seemed to have understood the situation & resubmitted. Well Aug 2016 still nothing, I called today & after 4 customer service reps I got a supervisor. Needless to say she barely knew anything she was doing and I'm waiting for my refund, she says "give it a couple weeks and call back." This is ridiculous! Get some employees who know what they're doing. I'm very disappointed in this service.

Updated on 8/06/2016: After waiting two weeks to check the status of my claim the member service rep informed me, there was no activity on my acct. They told me to contact appeals dept to get this matter resolved. When I contacted appeals dept the lady informed me she could not see any of my information, so I faced it again. Also she informed me it would be close to another week before a decision would be made. When I called back after one week they informed me no fax had been received, when I have confirmation on my fax that it was received. So I resubmitted the fax. Now here I still wait. In short after speaking with 6 reps sending the same claim three times within two months. No refund... This is not my first claim needless to say always problems but I get refunded in the end. So what's different this time? We've learned all the correct procedures and terms.

Resolution In Progress

I have had multiple issues with transparency and accuracy. I am told by a supervisor that an issue is resolved, only to have to deal with the same issue the next week. A prescription refill is guaranteed by a certain date, only to have issues and not receive the shipment (on a temperature and date sensitive prescription). I am so sick of having to deal with them - there should be a consumer lemon law for patients and these types of businesses!

Resolution In Progress

Insurance required us to use Express Scripts. Over 5+ years, I slowly migrated to I had to wait for one last medication to go generic, and I am finally free from Express Scripts. I use HealthWarehouse or Sam's Club Plus Membership pharmacy. Less hassle, no headaches, no screw-ups, better prices, much better SERVICE. Everything has been cheaper than the Express Scripts, which is the biggest selling point.

Resolution In Progress

I have a family member that takes a medication everyday. I had to fight to get this medication authorized by Express Scripts. About a month after I thought I got everything taken care of, another issue came up. Express Scripts determined that the medication was maintenance. I was told that I had to use their home delivery service or pay out of pocket. The medication is important and we did not want to risk it being late. We decided to pay out of pocket for it. If you have a choice please really consider everything about Express Scripts before you waste your hard earned money.

Resolution In Progress

First pre authorization for insulin was denied. Dr. has to switch to a cheaper brand and different dose. Got pre authorized in May. Went to fill today JULY and need a pre authorization. They have NO RECORD of it. HUMMM. Took 19 days the first time but hey it's only insulin. Pre authorization for one of my scripts denied. File an appeal at this number. Called number. "Of course you have to fax paper". In WHAT PAPER. She said "oh I have no idea!?!" 12 days for denial. 29 days to get another drug approved. Rude customer service. Been told a number of times "it's not my problem." This company should be shut down.

Resolution In Progress

Express Scripts will not fill future prescriptions if there is a unpaid balance. When they make a mistake that us overlooked. I even filed a complaint with my Congressman and they refuse to credit a $49.00 balance which should have not been charged. They sent out an RX the day after they get a new Rx and did not notify us. I filed a congressional complaint and that did not do any good. I have no other choice than to pay so that future medications that my wife needs are filled. The website is horrible and you are constantly having to call to have a reset link sent to you. We are forced to use them so as not to pay retail price at a pharmacy. Medicare part D would be expensive and on a fixed budget it would be bad. Express Scripts needs to be more receptive to the needs of its customers.

Resolution In Progress

I retired on June 1st. Express Scripts was under contract to fill my prescriptions until June 1st. Once notified that I was no longer to be a customer as of June 1st, they refused to pay insurance on my prescriptions filled in May. I corresponded by U.S. mail and email with many iterations. They still refuse to pay. They make up non-sense reasons that are counter to the facts of the case. They do not care. I would not give them even one star, but that is as low as you can go.

I'm satisfied that someone from express scripts read my review and wanted to reach out. I declined but advised E/S I was satisfied knowing they are aware of the issue and can take some action to maybe change some of the behavior. I will continue to use E/S for my mail orders for convenience.

Original Review

Express Scripts took over from our prior provider in Jan 2016. Since then it has become very clear the level of professionalism and customer service have gone down hill. I called on 07/26/16 to renew my scripts. First I got the slowest agent on the planet, Thomas -- nice guy but his sense of urgency was zero. I asked to speak to a supervisor to get things corrected -- got Agt ** Tracy. Tracy likes to talk over customers. She repeatedly interrupted me. If her goal was to just continue to talk over me until I became so frustrated I ended the call -- mission accomplished!! I am hoping and praying that our new insurance does not use Express Scripts for the mail order. They make mistakes; send out Rxs when told not to. Then when you return the errored Rx they still mark it on the account as "being filled." Thus screwing up future refills. Not worth the hassle -- if you're able to just refill at the pharmacy.

Resolution In Progress

My husband's job was recently outsourced from the hospital in which he worked to a new company and with that came an insurance change. He filled a prescription for ** and found he had to pay $350.00 for it under what they call "Product Selection Cost Fee". I called Express Scripts and explained he had tried the generic when it came out and had an anaphylactic reaction to the medication. His tongue swelled to more than twice its size and his airway became constricted. He was treated and told never to take that medication again. Clearly something in the binders used for generics caused a reaction for him. I was told I had to file and appeal so I did and marked it urgent. I also asked how this would work and was told after I faxed in the letter of appeal, another person would type the letter into a computer database and the computer program would make the decision as to whether or not he needed brand name.

I couldn't believe my ears. Not one person with a medical background of any kind would read or see this information! A computer would make the decision! So I called today to find out the results. Guess what? The computer denied his request! Needless to say I was furious. So I asked her what my next option would be. She said "you can file a first level appeal." I asked her what that process entailed and she told me it was the same as the first appeal. I then specifically said, "Is anyone with any kind of medical background going to see this at any time?" She said NO, it was going to be an administrative process because our plan doesn't provide clinical evaluation. Insanity at its finest. Let's see, an administrator decides if they will cover your medicine needs. An administrator with no medical background of any kind. How is that even possible? They haven't heard the last of me because this is immoral and insane.

Resolution In Progress

The problems with Express Scripts are literally infinite. I assume that they intentionally make their service awful on purpose, and if that's true, then they have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations. Of course, they never do anything right. Unlike a normal pharmacy (which in their doublespeak is a "retail pharmacy"), they don't tell you the cost of medicine before you buy it, and in addition, they don't take manufacturer's coupons, even though all normal pharmacies do. When they get a prescription, they modify it after they receive it to change the length from one month to 90 days, then charge a copay for a 3 month supply instead of a one month supply, but only ship a one month supply of pills, and then don't cover the pills at all for the following two months. That's the latest scam they're doing. This is only the latest in a long line of problems.

In the above situation, of course, they told me to tell the doctor to modify the prescription for a 90 day supply instead. So, I did, and Express Scripts got the modification. But, of course, they messed it up, so I have to unravel it because they want to mess everything up all the time on purpose. The first time I sent in a prescription to them, not only was their system awful and full of problems, but they never told me the price, and charged me way more than I consented to pay. This debate went on for a year until they hijacked my other prescriptions until I paid it.

The latest thing is that while I'm looking up the current status (which of course is not specific and is completely uninformative), the website and app are down. Of course, they don't tell me that, but instead claim I entered incorrect login information until finally the app gives me a very rude SITE DOWN message as if that's my fault I went to them to look something up. Why would a decent website be down during prime evening paperwork hours? It wouldn't be, of course. It's not a decent company.

Resolution In Progress

Ever since Express Scripts took over Medco their service has been steeply declining. They are the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. I have dozens of complaints, however I would be here all day detailing them. The most recent involves a script submitted by my doctor stating "Do Not Substitute". So Express Scripts calls my doctor's office to request generic be substituted. Unfortunately doctors do not answer their phones. Instead Express Scripts took telephone authorization from a telephone clerk to override the written orders of the doctor. I can definitely see some potential liability with this questionable practice. I was also told by a pharmacist there is more profit in selling generics than brand names.

I ordered a prescription on 7/9 and needed the medicine the next day. They said it would be here on the 14th. On the 14th it did not arrive. I called them on the 15th and they said it was not shipped yet due to a balance on my account. Because I had a bill, due to their error that should have been taken care of 4 months ago, they did not ship the meds. They did not call me or email any of this information and they did not give me this information when I ordered it on the 9th. I paid the bill and then they did not even ship it out until the 17 and today the 20th I still do not have my test strips.

I was prescribed a pain medication by my spine specialist called ** 15mcg patch quantity of 4 for 30 days. Just after my doctor's appointment this past Friday I went to the local Walgreens to have my script filled. Walgreens stated that the script was denied by Express Scripts because they need approval from the doctor. The doctor's office closed just after my appointment. Left a message with the call receptionist at the doctor's office stating that the doctor needs to submit more info to Express Scripts and answer questions. The doctor sent over information online on Tuesday morning. I called Express Scripts to find out when I can get my script filled only to find out that the info that was sent over was not enough and they had to speak to the doctor. Instead of calling the doctor right away they did nothing and I would not have known anything if I had not called them.

They then tell me I need to call my doctor to tell him to call Express Scripts. Left another message at the doctor's office stating what needed to be done as it was after hours once again. Was called by the doctor's office today (Wednesday) and they said the doctor called and they still denied coverage because the info the doctor gave was not good enough. I called Express Scripts only to find out the pharmacist at Express Scripts denied it and I had the option of disputing it. I cannot believe how piss poor this company is! So apparently a doctor who is qualified to determine the right medicine for their patient isn't enough and Express Scripts is making that call for him. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

This company is comparable to the VA in that they do not have to answer to anyone and put the health of consumers at risk. They do and say exactly as they please and every time I call I get a different response. I suffer from chronic migraines and because I have them so frequently my doctor wrote a specific RX so I could receive my 3 month supply every 2 months vice 3. And this is at no cost to me. So every 2 months I have received 27 pills of ** which is generic for **. So imagine my surprise when Express Scripts called me on approx June 28th telling me they were OUT OF STOCK!! First of all how can a company serving millions of people be out of stock of a drug that is used by millions of people? UNREAL!! They told me to call my doctor to have him phone in a refill to my local pharmacy.

Unfortunately my original doctor quit and this new doctor is not aware of my history of migraines so there was no rush by this doctor to get my RX called in. I had to call and message his office several times which only increased my stress level which in turn contributes to more migraines. Meanwhile on the Express Scripts website it stated they were out of stock and when the meds became available a letter would be sent to me telling me what to do. My last RX was filled 4/20/2016 so I should have received another RX from them on or about 6/24/2016 but as stated above they did not call me until the 28th or so to tell me out of stock. So doctor finally calls in a refill and I only get 9 pills. Plus have to pay. I called them again asking since they were out of stock why could they not fill with brand name and they said my doctor didn't write the RX that way. Well mighty strange I have gotten brand name before when they were out of the generic.

So I call again and ask why couldn't the pharmacy fill the RX with the 2 month supply and they said because that is not allowed. Isn't that strange? My hubby had to have a sleeping pill called into the pharmacy which is a CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE and they gave him 90 pills??? UNREAL!! So today I notice the Express Scripts page says they will start processing my next order on 8/31/2016. So I called again thinking they probably have it back in stock. Well of course they do and I then ask them well please fill my RX that was due 6/24/2016 and they tell me they can't because it's OVER MY LIMIT. How can it be over my limit when I got my last RX in April and have not received any except for the 9 at the local pharmacy.

So I asked for supervisor and she starts saying all this crap about she's going to call my doctor and ask how I was getting an RX every 2 months when I told her already the doctor wrote it specifically that way and she continues to say I am over the limit going back to December and then counting the days I have received the RX for and saying they can't override the system. I know this is hard to understand but the point is I was due the RX in June, did not get it, got 1/3 of it July 1st and now they say I have to wait until the 31st of August before they will process again? That is unacceptable!! The military makes us deal with this crap and we have no recourse. Why are we being treated like animals? Why can't I just get my medicine?

So unfortunately our insurance company has joined hands with Express Scripts; I am sure they are getting their piece of the pie! Blue Cross! My husband takes 3 maintenance medications and was just put on the third 4 months ago. We were told that the information ES has is showing my husband on the medication for 14 months.... Um no, that's a typo that one of your incompetent employees input into your crappy system! Having 3 pills left we tried to call the refill into our local pharmacy where we had been getting this particular prescription and it was kicked back/denied. Between myself, my husband, the Dr.'s office and our pharmacist calling this company to try and figure out just what the hell they wanted, since we were all getting a different story.... We were fine with having to get the refill from them but didn't have enough pills to make it, until they decided to ship it out to us.

My husband had 3 pills left, so we were told to get an override or a waiver so our pharmacy would have 5 days of pills for us to pick up until ES could mail out the refill. We attempted to do this and all were told different information - the Dr. had to call it in... The pharmacy had to call... The patient had to call... Then finally after asking for a supervisor and two days on the phone with them totaling almost 3 hours, you could imagine our frustration! We were told the insurance company doesn't allow a waiver and we would have to pay out of pocket for whatever pills he needed until the refill was shipped to us.

The supervisor was useless. I told her the company would have a lawsuit on their hands for negligence if my husband or any other person, was denied their medication and had medical complications because of it. Some people don't have money to pay out of pocket and that's what the hell we pay insurance for! My husband could have serious problems if he suddenly stopped taking the medicine. They DONT CARE!

Our country has outsourced to third party companies and the USA is a sad story anymore. Nobody gives a damn! How sad. I was so upset with all the confusion and different information we were being told that I actually broke down crying. All together we spoke to over 15 different people and they all told each of us something different - my time that I mentioned dealing with them, didn't include the Dr.'s time, pharmacist time, or my husband's time... So I can imagine it would be more like almost 5 hours. It's not like we were trying to get ** or some regulated drug! They couldn't give two craps about us as people and we got nowhere with them.

In the end we will be paying out of pocket for a week's worth of pills all while paying for insurance too... Robbing the American citizens. Even their automated information was giving out wrong info! Wow you really do suck Express Scripts... I hope you all find another job where you are properly trained cause if America gets great again, the people will not stand for this crap! You will go under Express Scripts! You half dead **! Signed, a pissed off wife and a fed up American!

Cataract Surgery requires various **, including **. The idea is to heal the eye and prevent infection. Beware if both of your surgeries are within a 30-day period, and you have the misfortune of using Express Scripts. They count the number of drops in a bottle and cap the number you can use within 30 days. In my case, I was dealing with Duke Eye Center, one of the top places in the country. The protocol involved completing two of the three bottles of drops on the first eye. When Express Scripts makes you use these bottles on both eyes, you are in trouble. I probably will have to put off the second surgery because of their rules. Actually, they are using a template as they would for **. It is bad enough that the drug companies are charging as much as they can get away with on these **, given all the cataract surgeries occurring. Express Scripts has horrible customer service. And I would never order from them. Who wants a prescription sitting in the hot sun?

Express Scripts is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. One by one I am moving my prescriptions back to Walgreens even though I have to pay. The very expensive medicine I will still receive from Express Scripts, because it's free, but the lower prices medicine, I'm switching back to Walgreens. I would rather pay them use E-Scripts. The reps either have no clue, don't speak English, or talk over you so you can't get a word in. They give misinformation EVERY SINGLE TIME I talk to them making me call my doctor superfluously, which is embarrassing. They do what they say they can't and can't do what they promise. The estimated ship dates are never close. Items ship weeks after. I went to a doctor three weeks ago and received a prescription today. A FULL THREE WEEKS LATER. They are a horrible company.

Massive language barrier here & it's not the first time! To make it worse, it is literally the slowest, most frustrating "customer service" I've ever experienced & this is has happened on all 4 occasions I've attempted to contact them. One occasion included me calling in to pay a $20 invoice that took them 20 minutes to find in their system. Another example was when I contacted them to change my account to paperless & after repeating it five times to the first person that I spoke to who didn't understand my question, I finally asked to speak to a manager and that took 10 minutes just to get one on the phone. The manager sounded annoyed & bitter. By the end of the conversation I ended up losing 20 minutes of my life just to be told that I had to go online to change my count to paperless. Really!?! Sadly the list goes on, but I'm not gonna waste any more of my time with these people. Looks like this is going to be a short-lived relationship!

I live in Brooklyn but spend my summers in Florida. We have a townhouse there and will move permanently next year. On June 28, I called Express Scripts to renew three prescriptions. I told the representative that I would like to use my Florida address for these three scripts. She said no problem. For some reason, one of these prescriptions was separate from the other two. I was told that ** (** for my heart) would come in 5-7 days and the other two would come in 5-8 days. When I arrived in Florida, the ** had arrived. By July 10, the other two medications did not come. I called Express Scripts and was told that the other two bottles were in Brooklyn. Without going into details of my conversation with this representative, she insisted that I only provided the Florida address for only the ** and I verified my Brooklyn address for the other two.

Even she admitted that to send one script to Florida and the other two to Brooklyn was stupid, but she insisted that her "notes" said otherwise and there was nothing she could do. She asked the pharmacist who refused to send out a new bottle of one of the scripts, which was blood pressure medication and was depleted. Since it was my final renewal, the representative instructed me to get in touch with my doctor in Brooklyn and have him contact Express Scripts with a new prescription. It would take approximately eight days for me to receive my medication. I told her that this is not my fault and the original representative made the error. She replied that her "notes" said differently. I told her that common sense said otherwise and she replied that she must go by her "notes". I asked her to review the conversation, which was supposedly recorded and she said that she couldn't.

I accused them of playing with my health and she replied in the same way. She was reading from a script, obviously and I realized that she wouldn't yield and that no one else could help me get my medication. Finally I told her I would follow her instructions. I made an "early renewal" on the other script, of which I had two weeks worth left. She apologized for the "inconvenience" and urged me to take a brief survey at the end of the call. I called my doctor and was able to get the medication at the local Walgreens.

What shocks me is, not only the ineptness of the original representative but the fact that they stuck by what she wrote, even though my health was in jeopardy. A company like Express Scripts has no right to play God and decide that a patient can live without his/her medication for any period of time. Their unyielding attitude (the "notes" are important, even if Express Scripts made the error and it was obvious that in this case they did) can hurt someone's preexisting condition. They didn't even check!!! Even if I have to pay more, I will no longer deal with prescriptions by mail with Express Scripts. They are dangerous!!