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Resolution In Progress

I did not have the same problem that I have been reading here, with the medications being late or not mailed. I think my issue is worse. I have been taking generic ** for many years. I had to (like everyone else) change to mail order. I got the three month supply of **, and realized it was name brand. This actually me me happy. I thought it would be better for me. Well after three months, my hair started and still is falling out. I never really felt right, but did not attribute it to the **. UNTIL, I lost my insurance and because I still had some of the old generic **, I began taking it. Well I have more energy, I am hoping my hair stops falling out, but I am not sure it will. I am of the belief that the ** was fake, or there wasn't any of the drug in the pill. I have actually lost half of my hair. I was hoping to find if any one else has had this happen to them, or if I am the only one.

Resolution In Progress

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Every three months I have to have a prescription filled for my son and they take forever to get it to me. I called on Monday and the lady I talked to told me that my prescription would be mailed the next day. Well, today is Thursday and it still hasn't been mailed and I am now being told they can't even process the order for another two weeks. I have 1 pill left so I need to contact my doctor tomorrow and pick up another script and take it to my local pharmacy.

This isn't the first time this has happened. I must have been given five excuses for my prescription not being ready and not being able to ship. They even told me I should count my pills since it is done by a machine and I may not be getting the correct amount when I receive them. I think it is sad that I am forced to use this company. If you can avoid using this company then I highly recommend you don't use them. They always claim they will do things for you, but they don't. Ever since they changed their name from Medco to Express Scripts the company has gone downhill.

Resolution In Progress

Complaints Regarding Express Scripts: Because my husband has COPD - stage 4 and bladder cancer, I was forced to take early retirement on 30 June 2016 from a company that was self insured but for many years engaged United Healthcare as their health insurance administrator. For sometime we were forced to order our prescription through Express Scripts which most of us ignored while we could.

When it became necessary to order through Express Scripts, I was forced to order my thyroid medication and not having received it about two weeks later, I called Express Scripts only to be told that they did not send it because they simply did not have it. Thyroid medication cannot be discontinued at will so it really would have been nice of them to advise me that I needed to fill my prescription somewhere else but they made no such effort at what I think would not only be a trivial courtesy but could save their patient from perhaps becoming very ill. My employer received so many complaints that they had United Healthcare discontinue the use of Express Scripts.

Now that I am retired, my health insurance is through my husband and they require that we order via Express Scripts, however this was not explained to me and I continued to fill my prescriptions through my local pharmacy until after the third month, when the co-pay for my prescriptions increased from an average of $8.00 to between $30.00 to over $100.00 for the first month, which would increase by a certain percentage every month thereafter unless I order through Express Scripts.

I have Lupus, for which my dermatologist and/or rheumatologist prescribes ** 200mg tablets, the generic for **, a non-controlled substance which was developed to treat Malaria and which for unknown reasons also helps to control Lupus. The Lupus affects the skin on my face in a very bad way and it has taken my doctors many years of treatment to get me under control to where my redness has diminished and the swelling has subsided. Express Scripts has refused to fill my prescription for ** giving me a different story or excuse every time I or my husband calls them, already at least a dozen times. For the most part they tell me that my dermatologist has not authorized the prescription, however my dermatologist's office has advised that they have provided the information several times.

During two of my calls to Express Scripts I was told that Wal-Mart pharmacy could fill a prescription my doctor had given me on my last visit, without a penalty (so it should be $8.00 a month) so I tried that. Wal-Mart informed me that they had in turn been told that the prescription was already filled and mailed to me 8 days prior and that I should call Express Scripts again. I did call and was told something had been misinterpreted and nothing had yet been mailed to me and they were still waiting for approval from my doctor, which if my doctor insisted they had already done, it could be somewhere in their system but no way to tell where.

I was advised to try Wal-Mart again but then they told Wal-Mart that my co-pay would have to be $102.00 (more than CVS, the pharmacy where I originally had it filled and the "penalty" co-pay was $79.99 or so). Express Scripts did authorize an emergency 7-day supply to be filled but at a cost of $24.98. So here I sit without my prescription, risking a setback as I feel it is unlikely that they will dispense my medication in the near future.

This is absolutely ridiculous and inconsiderate of Express Scripts. Why is it that every time that I, my husband, or the pharmacy calls, we get a different story. No two stories are alike and while one customer service agent is willing to expedite my medication (if approved) at no cost, another tells me it will cost $21.00? Something must be done about their faulty practices. It is inexcusable that companies such as this are allowed to continue in business at the expense of the health and budgets of those of us who need maintenance medications.

It is worth noting that during one of my calls to Express Scripts I was told that these issues only happen during the first refills through them, yet not only from the experience I related at the beginning but also from my husband's experience with them during the past years, I know that this is not the case. I feel it is all a conspiracy to not cover medications and to frustrate us into giving up the cause.

Resolution In Progress

Well this is one of many problems I have had with them over the years. From sending a wrong prescription, not sending prescriptions even though promised three times they were " in the mail" and also taking my money paid in full and then tell me my account is delinquent and I can't fill a prescription and then they make you jump through hoops because they can't do their job. They act like you are in the wrong, I am so frustrated I screamed and I never scream. Oh, and you call in they tell you they will take care of it and was never done and they do not make a record of your call and the supervisor is no help. I have had it up to here with them.

Please avoid dealing with them if you can. I just can't take it any longer. I have never ever encountered such a company that does business in such a pathetic, unprofessional, incompetent manner. I write a check, they cash it, clears my bank and they have no record of it. They expect me to go to the bank, get a copy of the front and back and then pay to fax it to them. They will not release my husband's prescription that he needs until it is cleared by then he will be past due on his medication. Well guess what... not their problem! Oh further, they make it difficult to send in a complaint to their company. They should be put out of business and replaced with a company that knows what they are doing.

Resolution In Progress

Med went from $30 month to $150. Tried other med, ended up in hospital. Hospital called, got preauth and price of $98. We decided to fill and cost was $125. Called preauth, on hold for 20 min and was disconnected. Called back, talked to supervisor, put on hold 15 min. She came back and said their rep "misquoted" to hospital price is $125. Told her I was staying online to take survey, was disconnected.

I also tried to get my food covered as I am on a feeding tube following cancer. Permanent condition. Was denied, called and they said I could appeal. I appealed telling them I needed this to re-verify. DENIED. I try not to deal with them, pay extra on my other meds to avoid them. Wrong prescriptions received in past, not delivered when promised, BUT have no choice on this med. Please investigate this company. They lie, mislead people.

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Resolution In Progress

The absolute worst customer service I have experienced for a long time. I called to see if I could speed up an order that Express Scripts received on 9/8; estimated to ship on 9/14. First lady was awful, just wanted to argue with me. Wanted to know why I did not get them filled a local pharmacy. When I told her I did, Express Scripts denied them she told me that could not be right. She did not see anything in the notes.

I then asked to speak to her supervisor. Was told by this one that it was my fault the order had not shipped. I should have requested them sooner. Most people know better and plan better. This was a brand new order for 3 brand new prescriptions, not a refill. When she told me she was going to put me on hold again I said, "You are kidding, right? I have now been on this call for 20 minutes." Her response: "I can put you on hold or we can sit here is silence while I access your account." I told this lady to "Just forget I called. Never mind. I would figure something else out."

Called again and spoke to someone that was actually able to help me, Julia I think. She was great. She transferred me to another supervisor, Christine. Christine was possible able to expedite the order. I am to check the status tomorrow and see where it is at. Either way at this Christine was able to try something. It should not take 4 people and 30 to 35 minutes to see if a new order can ship earlier than Express Scripts' estimated date. The worst. Will make sure HR for my company knows as well.

Resolution In Progress

This company is terrible. I am surprised there is not a class action lawsuit against them and they are still allowed to operate. My last fiasco has me ready to find my own lawyer. They received my last order on August 12th. It took 3 days to acknowledge the order. Then a customer service rep called to confirm my address which was on the back of the prescription. Mind you this is not my first order and why from them. I confirmed my address to be correct as stated on the prescription and was told that they would send it right out the next day my prescription was put up for a dr. review. So I called my doctor and two days later they said everything was okay again. A week later I called back and they still have not shipped it. I have called there at least 9 times in the last week because they say it is been shipped.

When I tracked the package it says waiting for package. Which means they have physically not sent anything but a call tag. It has not moved since 4 a.m. on the 8th and it is somewhere. They keep telling me it has been sent and that's all they can tell me this package is shipped... In 2 days I will have been without my medicine for 30 days I am not supposed to stop taking this abruptly so what do I do? They say take a day off of work pay the doctor another office visit and then I can get a temporary refill which would cost me about the same as if I would have bought it from the pharmacy in the first place and paid full price on my own.

We are forced to use this insurance for the UAW and I feel that things will be changing soon. Nobody seems to get their medicine on time and everybody is getting sick. If I left it to them I would be in grand mal seizures right now and would be hospitalized. I think it's time for a class action lawsuit against this company that should not be operating. They are making people sicker. I have gotten every excuse in the book from them but still no medication. If you have a choice do not use this company and if you do not have a choice I would suggest you just pay. In the first place it is better than hospital and doctor bills. Because you haven't gotten your medication and they do not care at all. Totally unacceptable.

Resolution In Progress

To afford our medications we are forced to use this incompetent, unethical and unprofessional company by TRICARE, our insurance company. Express Scripts has screwed up so many times on prescriptions for my husband and myself that I've lost count. Calling them is a total waste of time. The average phone call is a minimum of 30 minutes. Many of their customer service representatives (CSR) barely speak and/or understand English. If you deviate from their script, they get confused. They have zero training related to medication. If you call five different CSRs with the same question, you will get 5 different answers. If you ask to speak to their supervisor you will just be transferred to another CSR.

Sometimes you have to go through 4 or 5 CSRs to get a supervisor and most of the time they are not helpful either. They say they will do things, but do not follow through. They often hang up on you so you have to call back and start all over again. Here are some of the things we have experienced: Wrong doses being sent. Medication that was ordered not being sent. Physician's orders altered by the pharmacist. Billing errors. Requests for decreased co-pays based on financial hardship denied by a computer. No human being with any medical background reviews appeals. Taking up to 7 days to verify physician license and PIN (Provider Information Number) which takes roughly 30 seconds on a national website. Taking up to 7 days to run drug interactions which can be accomplished online in less than five minutes. Being told an order was waiting on verification from the physician when the physician states this has already happened.

Express Scripts is NOT accredited by any organization. This means they don't answer to anyone, but themselves. No one audits their practices, policies and procedures. You can't even file a complaint. The CSR does it for you and you have zero input about the content. The customer is not contacted the complaint. What is the point of complaining to Express Scripts about Express Scripts? It falls on deaf ears. A manager told me all they track is how many complaints they get in certain areas. Their process does not allow for a plan to correct the areas of concern. I was told I could write a letter to the Patient Response Officer about my concerns. I did this on 8/1/2016 and someone named Kelly actually called me from ** (which is a fake number, by the way). I was in an area where I did not have cell phone reception so it went to voice mail.

She stated she wanted to speak to me about the letter I had written and to "call the main number where 'anyone' could help" me. I tried to do this on 8/19/2016 and after talking to 2 CSRs was told Kelly just wanted to verify my address. I explained several times to this guy that Kelly's message said it was about the complaint letter I had written, but he kept insisting the notes in my record said it was about verifying my address. I asked to speak with his supervisor. After being kept on hold for 20 minutes, I spoke Brandon, who stated he worked with Kelly and she did put a note in my record that she tried to contact me about the complaint letter I wrote.

He said he would have her e-mail me, as my preferred method of communication with Express Scripts is e-mail. I asked him to find out why the CSR I spoke with said Kelly called about verifying my address and he said he would do so and notify me of the reason by e-mail. Of course, that hasn't happened either. Brandon also informed me that I was the only DOD customer with an issue with Express Scripts. Needless to say, I've never heard from Kelly, either. Everything is lies with Express Scripts. I can't understand how this company is allowed to stay in business. This company needs to be investigated and shut down.

Updated on 09/15/2016: On 9/7/16 my husband received an e-mail from E/S stating his RX for ** was being held because they were waiting to hear from the physician. I called Member Services and spoke to Nicole who told me the medication was a Class 3 controlled medication which required an actual signature, not an electronic one. I immediately called the physician's office and requested they send this signature as his injection was already 2 week overdue. I spoke with the physician's office the next the morning and was told the fax was sent to E/S on 9/7/16 at 14:47 with confirmation that it had been received. Unfortunately we assumed this had been taken care of and his medication would be shipped.

On 9/10/16 at 04:17 my husband received an e-mail saying the prescription was still being held as they were waiting for more details from the physician's office, but had not heard from them so he should call them. What great timing! As if we can reach the physician's office on a Saturday! A call was placed again to Member's Services.

After not being able to understand the person who answered the phone, we asked to speak to a supervisor. We were transferred to Daniel, who claimed he was a supervisor. He told us the pharmacist needed more details about the Rx. When told that the RX was exactly the same as the previous Rx, he stated the pharmacist was questioning the Rx. I asked why they were questioning a Rx that had no changes in dose or any other areas, his response was, "They can questions doctor's orders. That's why they go to school."

Having already had the experience of an E/S pharmacist altering a physician's order, needless to say, we were upset. We then asked to speak to a pharmacist and after several more minutes on hold, finally got to speak to one. She stated the issue was the electronic signature that had been sent with the original order. We had to explain multiple times that the physician's office had faxed the order with his actual signature on 9/7/16 at 14:47. She keep saying it hadn't been received. I have since discovered it can take up to 48 hours for a fax to be entered in Express Script's system. They are complied and logged manually. Meanwhile, expect to get e-mails stating "You have a decision to make about your health care" and "We've reached out to your doctor, but have had no response."

The supervisors at Express Scripts are liars, who make things up when they don't have an answer. The canned e-mails sent out contain inaccurate information causing unnecessary phone calls to the physician's office, making us look like idiots. Express Scripts simply does whatever they want and don't have to answer to anyone. My husband currently has 9 months worth of anti-hypertension pills and 6 months worth of proton pump inhibitors. They are supposed to only send 90 days at a time. This is fraud, waste and abuse. If you have any choice at all, use another pharmacy. We are forced to use Express Scripts by TriCare because we are on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay out of pocket for competent service from a local pharmacy.

Resolution In Progress

I have an extremely rare version of Rheumatoid Arthritis and my RA Factors are higher than what the standard tests have available for readouts. That being said, I am forced to take a slew of pain, anti-inflammatory, steroid, and injection medications in order to function on a daily basis. My pain threshold surpasses that of the birthing of a child, and that is with the medication - without it the pain is unbearable. I am a Veteran United States Army Airborne Ranger and my ability to mentally minimize pain is greater than the average citizen, but I am forced to admit that even I am unable to withstand the amount of pain this illness creates and that I am at the mercy of the medication to be able to have any semblance of a life. That being said, the issue I have with Express Scripts is as follows:

I have been taking the same medications for roughly two years now without any issues with insurance and I have had Cigna for years. I started a new job and the new employer used Cigna Insurance but they use Express Scripts for the pharmacy provider. So the issue started when I needed one of my primary pain medications that is strictly controlled and NOT a medication that can be suddenly stopped. However, Express Scripts did not care about the health risks or the pain endured and they decided to not only take 4 weeks to communicate with the doctor the steps required to enable pre-authorization of the medication, (note: I was having to be the intermediary each day between Express Scripts, my doctor, and the local pharmacy for the entire process) Express Scripts decided they were going to deny the pre-authorization and start the process over again. I was without this crucial medication for 5 weeks enduring more pain than I have ever thought possible as well as the side effects incurred from withdraw side effects of suddenly stopping this medication.

I had to do something immediately otherwise it was extremely evident that I would not be around much longer in the state I was in, so I was forced to purchase the medication out of pocket for $495.29 and that was after my local pharmacy searched and applied all the discounts they were able to find for me. The day after I purchased the medication out of pocket and Express Scripts was alerted of this by my pharmacy they at that point approved the pre-authorization. I called Express Scripts and found out that I would be eligible for reimbursement of the out of pocket expense and I followed all the hoops they make you jump through and received a reimbursement check for $148.00 instead of the actual reimbursable amount. Express Scripts stated they only cover up to that amount, and then they called my pharmacy and said that they would only cover 15 days worth of my medications.

So apparently, Express Scripts believes they are God and they get to determine if I live or die because I only am allowed to have my medication for half the time each month. I have informed my employer of the situation and they are up in arms about this as well. However I am still not seeing any results and have no idea what I am supposed to do next. I have a wife and a son that just celebrated his 3rd birthday last month. I desperately want to be around to teach him as he grows up and celebrates his 30th birthday, but Express Scripts is doing everything they can to keep that from happening. What can I do? Who can help? I know I am not the only person Express Scripts is doing or has done this too. EXPRESS SCRIPTS HAS TO BE STOPPED!

My desired outcome is that Express Scripts is Shut Down and every single one of them behind bars for the Cruel and Unusual Punishment they deliver to a vast number of unfortunate individuals being required to use their "so called services". If that is not able to be done, I want the actual reimbursement amount owed of $396 which is 80% of the amount paid out of pocket and the amount that my plan is supposed to cover. I also want to receive the FULL AMOUNT of the medication that MY DOCTOR actually prescribed me for my issues, NOT what Express Scripts wants provide!

Resolution In Progress

I take 6 different medications for diabetes. Three of the medications are very expensive. My doctor gave me savings cards for me to buy these 3 medications. The drug companies give these cards out to doctors, so they can hand them out to patients at their discretion, to patients that can't afford the medicines. All my medicines are life-sustaining medicines, and I can't go without them.

Enter Express Scripts... I'm covered by my husband's plan at work, Sysco Foods, which has given Express Scripts total control of managing my prescriptions. Express Scripts will not allow me to use my savings cards, which would cost me a fraction of the cost. For instance, with my savings card, ** would cost me $15, ** $25, and ** $0. A total of $40 for all three medications. If I use Express Scripts, then these medications would cost me more than $600.

I've written a letter of appeal to the Express Scripts prescription management department of my plight, to have them take me off "mail order only", and they denied it. In my letter I explained that I could not afford Express Scripts prices and that if they denied my appeal, that meant they would be playing God with my health and I would die for not affording my meds. Folks, it's like being in front of a death panel, and Express Scripts is going to decide whether I live or die. I guess they have decided that I need to die. I'm at a loss! They are playing God with my life!

Resolution In Progress

My employer hired Express Scripts to manage its prescription drug program. Express Scripts forced me to change my medication from ** to **. To maintain my employers benefit I switched. On April 21 2016, I was hospitalized for DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis), first time in 44 years of having Type 1 diabetes. During this admission, I suffered a heart attack and had bleeding in my eyes. Those events are now being treated. After my release it was noted that my right leg mobility was reduced. Surgery has been scheduled. My question is do I have a case against Express Scripts? I am not sure if this is keeping up with the new health care law.

Resolution In Progress

More convenient they claim. However, every time I send a prescription, they need more information from my doctor or, "sorry we need information, but we don't know what that information is..." It is by far the worst pharmacy relations/insurance racket in the world. I believe that it is the intentions of Express Scripts -- to intentionally cause you so many problems. You just pay them for their services then pay for your own prescriptions. How in the world does this even exist? Isn't there a law somewhere that would prohibit such action? It honestly felt like I would rather quit my job, get on state Medicaid, than ever let my employer or myself pay to hassles and or ripped off or flat out ran in circles.

Worst customer service, worst messaging system and by far a consumer nightmare... Do not ever get this insurance. Better to have none. At least then you expect to be ripped a new one. With them its, taking it twice. And they have the nerve to charge my employer money for services, a shame really. They should have to pay people to even deal with them.

Resolution In Progress

I have been taking a prescription for over four years that controls the growth of tumors; my company switched over to Express Scripts and they have denied my prescription that controls a pre-existing condition even though my Doctor submitted it three times and spoke to Express Scripts four times explaining why she was prescribing the meds. The out of pocket cost is well over $200 a month, not affordable so I will most likely face surgery now. When I called and emailed Express Scripts to discuss, I was given the complete runaround seven times and told "Well, then just have your doctor call your local pharmacy and pay out of pocket, that medication is not covered by us".

Not sure what else I can do other than post here and hopefully some authority that governs these types of companies will step in and shut them down or fine them for taking policyholder premiums and not fulfilling their end by renewing prescriptions ordered by a doctor for a pre-existing condition. Awful, awful, awful. Why am I paying $700 a month for healthcare coverage if the company receiving a portion of my premium won't even cover an existing condition? Illegal, illegal, illegal and something needs to be done about Express Scripts.

Resolution In Progress

When I was called time after time I refuse and finally gave in thinking I was going to save money. I did the first order but now all of a sudden instead of 18.00 and some change for 90 day supply they now say 152.00 dollars. This is the old bait and switch sale.

Resolution In Progress

This is a visit to hell every time I have a prescription renewed. For OVER 4 years I have spent hours on the phone with Express Scripts trying to get my medications filled in the correct account. I have two accounts, one only allows a 30 to 45 day supply and the other allows a 90 day. Which one do you think I would use? Well you are wrong, they always put it in the account where I have to pay a co-pay and they lower the amount of pills. What gives them the right to change my doctors prescription, without notifying myself or the doctor? On some prescription I have gotten the 45 pills, on the bottle 'the next order allowed is in 60 days'. Which means there is 15 days I have to go with out medication. Who in the right mind would say, "OH! Do that, make me wait and charge me more."

Every time I call they are quick to tell me, "The doctor didn't put your ID # on the script." Then I tell them, "Yes they did. I watched them as they filled out the electronic order. They put the ID # next to my name and in the comments just as Express Scripts wanted it done." After telling me I was wrong, giving me this attitude about it (which by the way I don't need their attitude. I have one of my own!), they called the pharmacy. Not only did they fill it in the wrong account, the wrong amount of pills, they also didn't bother reading the ID# on the script. I spent 5 months getting this correct and they still filled it wrong every time.

I have seven scripts I spent at the minimum 90 minutes every time there is a refill on the phone with Express Scripts getting my scripts correct. Each time I hear, "It is fixed, won't happen again." When I call up a week later, when the prescription hasn't arrived. I have to go through the same thing. There are a lot of times I have to call the doctor's office. The intern have to call Express Scripts, this process has taken up to two weeks for Express Scripts to finally have what they need. Then I still need to call to make certain it is filled out of the right account. Only to have the medicine come with a amount due. One was $625.00, who would have this filled in an account that has this charge, when you other account is $0? I don't know what the problem is with them but it seems since we forced to use this service are punished for using them.

Resolution In Progress

Express Scripts has attempted to force me into mail delivery of my prescriptions, based upon the plan provided by my husband's employer. Due to quality concerns of the medications and security concerns, I have declined the mail order and am forced to pay full cost at Walgreens. To add insult to injury, Express Scripts has sent a follow-up letter to me reminding me that "home delivery may be your best choice." There is no choice. Either a patient self-pays at full price or agrees to home delivery from Express Scripts. Based upon the almost 1,600 documented complaints, it would be ridiculous for me to allow home delivery. Express Scripts would then have access to my financial information, allowing Express Scripts to charge for prescriptions that haven't been delivered, are delivered in the inaccurate amounts, and filling prescriptions without revealing the Express Script cost to me until after the prescription is filled.

Express Scripts loses records of prescriptions from physicians' offices (These assertions are based upon a compilation of the 1,600 complaints). I have lodged complaints with Senator Klobuchar and Senator Franken's offices. Until we get government hearings and action into this matter, we will be forced to continue self-payment or will have to put up with the consumerism scam that is being perpetuated by Express Scripts.

Resolution In Progress

I have been dealing with Tricare's Horrible excuse for a pharmacy (Express Scripts) for the past 8 months. I was originally written a script for a 90-day supply of an anti-nausea medication in February (it is now currently the end of August). It took until the end of March for Tricare/Express Scripts to approve the formula (I had to prove I had tried everything else on the market to no avail -- everything else failed). During that time, my doctor's office accidentally sent Express Scripts a smaller script (30-day) -- they had meant to send it to my local pharmacy to try to tide me over until the 90-day supply was approved. Tricare/ES eventually sent both and charged me $49 for each shipment.

I called Tricare/ES back and informed them that I was not going to pay $49 for a 30-day supply when it was their fault that they were taking so long. They agreed for me to send back the smaller supply and would credit my account $49. Problem solved, right? Wrong. In the process they canceled my entire medication/refills in the system so when I went to refill it after 90-days there was nothing in the system showing I had the medication or its approval status. So I had to go through this again.

I asked Tricare/ES to ask my doctor's office for another 90-day supply script. My doctor's office has numerous doctor's and one of them wrote a script -- but it was for a 30-day supply script. Tricare/ES did not notify me of the change and sent out the 30-day supply on July 29, 2016. I never received it. I called numerous times over the next two weeks and was told that the shipment had been sent back because "we had moved and left no forwarding address" (We have lived in our house for the last year and have no intention of moving).

During this time, I was informed by another customer service rep that they would ship out a replacement 30-day supply. I told them that would not be necessary, that instead of sending the 30-day supply, please send me the 90-day supply instead as I didn't want to be charged another $100 -- I only wanted to pay my $49 for the 90-day supply. I was assured this would not happen (by multiple customer service reps over multiple phone calls) in the days that followed.

Today I received my 90-day supply (6 weeks after I had requested my first refill!) and saw my bill had increased by another $49. I called Tricare/ES and spoke with three different representatives (the last one a top manager named Ester), who told me that Tricare/ES has a policy to never accept returns, that whoever had credited my account had done so illegally, and they would in no way allow me to return the 30-day supply and that I would be charged the extra $49 and there was nothing they could do! I was astounded at how rude and condescending all three representatives (today) had been to me. Especially since the top manager, Ester, had gotten part of the information wrong.

Tricare/ES had originally cancelled my entire anti-nausea order but she told me that they had just cancelled the original 90-day supply -- so that would not have made sense that my doctor's office would need to write a second (and third) script in July when I called for my refill (she told me that the first 30-day script had cancelled the 90-day script -- that was incorrect). I had to get a Tricare/ES pharmacist to renew/approve the second 90-day script written after the customer service reps had told me (over numerous phone calls) they couldn't get another approval for it.

So now, I have a 30-day supply that I'm being charged $49 for that I should never received without verifying it with me first and a 90-day supply and an additional $49 charge that I had been promised I wouldn't have to pay for on my current bill. If this is how Tricare/Express Scripts deals with ONE medication over an 8 month period I can only imagine how they treat people with numerous issues. I will never use Tricare's Express Scripts again and will warn any military member I come across who is looking into using their pharmacy to beware. Also, never ever ever give them your credit card information. Thankfully they do not have mine and I will gladly fight this on my credit report in the next year when they send me to collections as I am refusing to pay for a product I never wanted in the first place. Consumers beware!

Resolution In Progress

I was prescribed a medication that required pre-authorization. I got a letter a week after the doctor submitted the order that the med had been approved. Several days later, Express Scripts online showed the order as still requiring approval. I called. Express Scripts had approved the quantity of the med, but NOT the actual med itself. How silly is that? Still waiting.

Resolution In Progress

My daughter was born with a birth defect. Her whole life we have always been primary insurance and secondary Medicaid due to her disability. Well Express Scripts has denied the use of going to the pharmacy to get for 14 medications needed to live and to be able to use her secondary Medicaid. When appealing the customer service department has been extremely rude. I have spoke with a Mary and a Kristen and a Christine in St Louis. I have been hung up on, screamed out, told everyone has a story, just pay for the medicine and stop calling them. This company needs to be shut down. They are rude and dishonest. They lied to me telling me my appeal was denied on Friday. These medications for my daughter are needed to live. They again are life-saving medications and I am on my last 30 day supply. I am again on appeal but I highly caution anyone to stay far away from this company.

Resolution In Progress

This company is in the business of denying patients, or customers, their medication(s). The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. They are in the business of misinformation, and slowing down or preventing altogether the filling of prescriptions. I experienced this firsthand with 2 minor medications that this company put roadblock after roadblock in my way of filling.

I'm in my 4th week of dealing with countless phone calls and robocalls and not one thing has worked out as they stated, or promised. They want to wear you down, so you'll give up, and pay out-of-pocket. They backdate your prescriptions so you can't fill them at your local pharmacy. They only want you to fill them with Express Scripts.

DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION OR YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. This is a dishonest company with only one motive, and that is greed. If they prevent patients from getting their medications, their bottom line looks bigger and better and they win. Don't trust them and don't believe a word any customer service representative says. If you have an opportunity to change plans, or get another prescription benefit company, do so. They are a horror of mismanagement, lies, lack of concern or care and an abhorrent level of greed. Avoid them at all costs.

I and my company's HR manager have been sending emails to our Express Scripts Relationship Manager to try to discuss a discrepancy in billing for a Brand med that went from Free to $400 overnight. The ES Relationship Manager has decided that the best way to handle this is to ignore us. There have been no replies or response of any type from Express Scripts. Not sure what else we can do.

Here we go again!... You will not even send my drugs unless it is paid for in advance!!! In your only email from last Monday you state that I am $27 BEHIND 25 DAYS!!! When I called you I was as talked to like a DEADBEAT that need to pay his bill!! I told tried to get the problem fixed at that time and to charge my card again and that I would talk to someone on my return to El Paso... I was treated like trash!!! You know that I can not get any meds until it is paid in full before you even ship, so let's get off our collective backsides and fix it!

The last time I had this problem I spoke to Angle Ext ** and her supervisor Cherry, and I was told that it was all taken care of... WHAT A JOKE! I have asked my bank for the tracking and trace of the first payment and also asked them not to pay a damn thing till we get this fixed! I am done screwing around, I will do without my meds because the problems are not worth the heartburn anymore! Please do not feed me any more lines about having it fixed, as it isn't! I will not be returning at the end of the year and you can be assured that EVERYONE I know will know about it. Somebody that knows what the hell is going on needs to call me!

Without prior notice Express Scripts has halted my ability to fill a specific prescription at a local pharmacy which is within their network - while once again trying to compel me to utilize their mail order service. Last year, both via written and verbal communication, I explained for both medical and logistical reasons why this delivery mechanism was not suitable and/or safe in my case (regular theft of parcels). Because of Express Scripts macro-level policies and unwillingness to consider the nuanced needs of its customer with varying medical issues, etc. I was compelled to purchase this particular medication this morning for $214.99 out-of-pocket. I had do this despite being a NYC government employee with full medical coverage and an optional prescription rider.

Further, I currently spend significant amounts on co-pays and travels to medical providers to maintain my health. I was basically was put in a situation where I either spend out-of-pocket to maintain my health while out of my medications, or wait on Express Scripts to deliver my medication via postal main--which may in fact may require a change in dosage rendering a 90-day supply a waste. Thank you for the opportunity to express my concerns in this matter.

Well after posting on here the very day it went online I was contacted and the whole issue has been resolved in the way I was trying to get the supervisor to handle it on Saturday. Thank you, Sarah!

Original Review

I got a prescription from my doctor for ** nasal spray. Filled it at local pharmacy, received a 17g bottle and it said 28 day supply for $15. I then got Express Scripts to add it to my mail meds in which they sent me 1 bottle 17G as well which was supposed to be a 90 days supply but was the same bottle for the 28 day supply the pharmacists gave me for $30. I called to find out what was up and was told by the guy that each bottle should be 30 day supply and that he would credit me back $20 for what I did not receive and he would try to get the doctor to fix the way he wrote the prescription.

I told him I had just changed when the auto-renewal should go out for 30 days later not now because I hadn't even opened the first bottle yet. He told me he would put a note on it and that once it was approved I could go back online and change the day I wanted it sent. 3 days later I get 2 bottles in which they are charging me for 3 bottles again. I called and now they saying each bottle is a 60 day supply... And will not take the meds back even though it's in the same carton not opened they sent it in and will not credit me back the other $10 charging me the same amount per bottle that the pharmacy does but pharmacy says 30 day supply they say 60 day...

Not only did it take 3 weeks to approve my prescription after their contacting the wrong insurance company multiple times, but I was called several pet names such as "sweetie pie" by the phone staff. This is unacceptable, and I will not be returning to Express Scripts with my business.

Express Scripts customer service on line or email give garbled info. Swear they haven't heard from Dr, when Dr records show they have. Example: I asked how to transfer my prescriptions to a local pharmacy? The agent replied. "Well maybe get store to send a form." I ask "what kind of form". He talks in circles and garbled details and replies maybe that work. Ask on line help: as often as not reply doesn't answer question.

We sent in a 90 day prescription thinking to save money. They said they never received the prescription, so we gave up on them, got a new prescription and went local. The new prescription was denied because Express Scripts "said" they filled it. After several phone calls, they finally sent a 30 day supply. Fine live and learn. Now they are sending us new bills for prescriptions we have never received.

I received a robo call this morning from Express Scripts telling me to call a toll-free number about my prescriptions. I called and was given a very-difficult-to-understand gentleman (so Express Scripts is outsourcing customer service to India)? Anyway, he told me if I started getting my prescriptions via mail rather than at my pharmacy, I could save over a $1,000 a year.

I explained to him that I live in a very remote area and my mailbox is in a cluster mail box about 5 miles from where I live. Sometimes the boxes are broken into at night - no doubt thieves looking for checks and medications sent in the mail. I explained that having my prescriptions delivered by mail is too risky in the area I live in. He then had the audacity to suggest that I get a PO box. I said I didn't want to have to make a 40 mile round trip to the post office that serves my area to check a PO box to see if my meds had arrived. He said he would make a note of my concerns and hung up.

I pay over $1200 a month for my insurance (and that's after the $500 my employer kicks in each month). I don't think I should be charged more for my medications because I don't trust mail delivery. All of my meds are already generic. Express Scripts seems much more interested in making a buck than providing their customers with reliable service. I am also very disappointed with Anthem Blue Cross for turning their insurance customers over to a prescription company that seems to have no interest in providing acceptable service to its customers.

I never thought I had to count my pills but noticed that my pain killers were running out before the rest of my other prescriptions. When I received the following month prescriptions I had counted them all to find out that my pain killers and only pain killers were up short. At that point I called and reported it and that is when all my trouble started. The following month I again counted all my pills and they were all there so I assumed the problem was resolved. Boy was I wrong. The month after that I got a call from the pharmacy saying they could not fill my pain killers unless I got my doctor to call within a few hours to reduce the number of pain killers or that those prescriptions would be canceled and returned to me. I tried to get a hold of my doctor but he was out of the office that day so they ended up cancelling those prescriptions. Now my doctor can not do anything at this point until I receive the prescriptions back.

Now this happened the 19th of July and today is the 8th of August. I've called the pharmacy but they have no answers. So now I'm suffering an incredible amount of pain and can only keep going into the hospital to get the little amount of help they can offer. So I guess the lesson here is do not report if the pharmacy is ripping off some of your pain killers or they will make you painfully wish you never did.

I take ** and now a generic is out. They did not tell me that they were refilling with a generic. I received it with no notification. I called to get it fixed and my doctor had to send in a new script. It took almost two weeks to get it straightened out. Then they charge me double for requesting a "Name Brand". I cannot take the generic due to the side effects. So I get penalized for having to take name brand.

I now have to have my doctor send in a Request of Coverage Review in order to get the price decreased. This is how they have become a Fortune 100 company making billions overcharging for scripts. If you have the choice of going directly to a pharmacy, I would suggest you do so. You will get better service than this HUGE company that is making money off of you having to take a maintenance drug.