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Finance of America Reverse

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Finance of America Reverse is one of the premiere reverse mortgage lenders in the United States. Since 2003, FAR has been providing homeowners age 62 and older with the financial independence they deserve while preparing for or during retirement. By utilizing home equity for a retirement asset, these savvy homeowners are able to strengthen and lengthen their retirement plans.

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Finance of America Reverse offers a wide selection of reverse mortgage products for standard and jumbo loans. FAR reverse mortgage specialists are knowledgeable about retirement finances and help you through the entire process.


  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • Price-match guarantee
  • Loans up to $4 million


  • Not available nationwide

Top Finance of America Reverse Reviews

Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

I wanted to free up the cash we were spending on payments to enjoy our life more and Finance of America Reverse has taken some stress out of my life. Compared to other companies, they were more straightforward and they broke down everything where I could understand it better…

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Everything went really well with my experience with Finance of America. Their rep was very knowledgeable about reverse mortgages… He was there and he answered any questions I had. I couldn't ask for anyone better than him. I would recommend Finance of America Reverse Mortgage.

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About Finance of America Reverse

Finance of America Reverse (FAR) provides financial options for retirees who want to pay off their mortgage early, cash in on their home's equity and move into a new house without dealing with a new mortgage payment. As a wholesale lender, FAR works with independent mortgage brokers to originate reverse mortgages. Finance of America Reverse wholesale loan products includes HECMs, HECM for purchase, HomeSafe and refinancing. 

Expert mortgage specialists at FAR help you select the best reverse mortgage for your financial situation. FAR reverse mortgage products can eliminate your mortgage payments and give you access to more cash each month. Because of their price-match guarantee, FAR will send you a $200 gift card if they can’t match a competitor’s propriety offer.

How does HomeSafe work?

A FAR HomeSafe reverse mortgage loan pays off an existing mortgage, and the borrower keeps the remainder of the funds. Unlike regular reverse mortgage loans, which cap at $726,525, Finance of America jumbo reverse mortgage amounts can increase to $4 million dollars. Depending on the HomeSafe option, you can get cash in a lump sum or in payments over time. 

Like most reverse mortgage loans, a HomeSafe loan only needs to be repaid when the borrower permanently leaves the home. HomeSafe loans are non-recourse loans that do not require monthly payments. However, the borrower is responsible for paying taxes and insurance on their house. 

HomeSafe loan limits are higher than conventional HECM loans and offer many of the same protections and features. HomeSafe is available to homeowners over the age of 62 with some equity. The age of the borrower, the appraised value of the home and the type of loan selected determine HomeSafe loan amounts. Credits are allowed for HECM to HomeSafe refinances, but not for HomeSafe to HomeSafe refinances.

Finance of America Reverse HomeSafe options

HomeSafe Standard
HomeSafe Standard is a full-draw reverse mortgage loan with fixed rate options and no origination fee. Other HomeSafe Standard fees are comparable to HELOC and second mortgages, but borrowers can get more cash at closing since the lender credits for customary closing costs. HomeSafe Standard offers six rates and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio tiers, with purchase transactions also available.HomeSafe Standard is best for those who want to increase their cash flow without up-front out-of-pocket expenses. HomeSafe Standard is available in the following states:
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Washington
HomeSafe Flex
HomeSafe Flex is a fixed-rate reverse mortgage option with no origination fee. Since HomeSafe Flex pays out 60% of the loan in a lump sum and 40% over five years, borrowers keep more of their equity by taking a smaller upfront lump sum, with the remaining proceeds paid out over five years. HomeSafe Flex is best for those who don’t need a large sum of cash upfront and prefer more flexible payouts over time. HomeSafe Flex is available in the following states:
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
HomeSafe Second
HomeSafe Second is a second-lien reverse mortgage. HomeSafe Second borrowers get a lump sum loan with a fixed rate. Borrowers can conserve their equity by continuing to make payments on the first mortgage but also access funds without making additional monthly payments. HomeSafe Second is best for borrowers with an existing mortgage who want to access equity but can’t qualify for a HELOC. HomeSafe Second borrowers often use the funds for home improvement projects. HomeSafe Second is available in the following states:
  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Carolina
HomeSafe Select
HomeSafe Select is a loan option similar to a HELOC but with the benefits of a reverse mortgage — borrowers get access to a line of credit but don’t have to make monthly payments except for taxes, homeowners insurance and property charges. There’s no origination fee or minimum draw amount, and HomeSafe Select loans come with an adjustable rate. HomeSafe Select is best for those who want the comfort of a line of credit with the opportunity to keep building equity if they're going to make more payments. HomeSafe Second is available in the following states:
  • California

Compare HomeSafe options

Through HomeSafe reverse mortgage products, replace your current home loan with a reverse mortgage, lowering your monthly mortgage payments.

 HomeSafe StandardHomeSafe FlexHomeSafe SecondHomeSafe Select
Fixed rate option
No origination fee
Lender credits for closing costs
HomeSafe Standard
HomeSafe Flex
HomeSafe Second
HomeSafe Select

Finance of America Reverse FAQ

How does FAR calculate funds?
Finance of America Reverse uses a proprietary reverse mortgage calculator to determine loan amounts, or principal limits, based on a borrower’s age, the type of HECM product they want, expected interest rate, closing costs and the appraised home value.
How is HomeSafe different from a traditional reverse mortgage?
HomeSafe has higher loan limits than government-insured HECM loans, and borrowers get more competitive fixed interest rates. Plus, condos appraised at $500,000 or more don’t require FHA approval.
Who is eligible for a FAR HomeSafe loan?
Homeowners who are 62 or older with some equity are eligible for HomeSafe reverse mortgages.
Do I have to get an appraisal to get HomeSafe?
Yes, you must pay for a home appraisal to determine the current value of your property.
Where are Finance of America Reverse locations?
Finance of America Reverse has offices located in San Diego, New York, Tulsa and Indianapolis.

Do we recommend Finance of America Reverse?

Yes. Finance of America Reverse offers a wide selection of reverse mortgages for standard and jumbo loans. FAR reverse mortgage specialists are knowledgeable about retirement finances and help through the entire process. There have been very few Finance of America complaints in the last year. Finance of America Reverse mortgage reviews points out the company's knowledgeable reverse mortgage specialists, professional customer service and reasonable terms.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 29, 2019

I had applied for a reverse mortgage before. It was almost a year and I never got anywhere. I was so mad at the whole thing that I just threw it in a corner. When I tried the first time, my wife had brain cancer. When she was asked questions about stuff, she got all really screwed up and messed up. She was scared and nervous. When we did the paperwork on it, we were told that my wife wouldn't have to sign anything. But when it got all said and done, we were told she had to sign something. That was not gonna happen because I was not gonna put her through it. I just told the mortgage company to go to hell.

One day, I was messing around on my phone. Something about reverse mortgages came up. I decided to deal with it and try again. I happened to come across Finance of America Reverse. I was checking it out to see what amount they would give me approximately. Their people called me to find out if I was interested or not to get a quarter of what I could get.

Their rep William was the most awesome dude I ever met. I didn't meet him, but I’m gonna, someday because I want to. He helped me with every single bit of the process. We only ran into a couple of issues but it wasn’t his fault nor was it the company’s. It had something to do with the FHA appraisers. We don’t have that many around up here and it was a hard time to get it, but it had to be done before a certain date. And then a bunch of stuff happened. I found out things had to be changed the way they wanted it before a certain date, so it was quite a challenge to get everything kinda lined up. William got me extensions and did all kinds of stuff to make sure we could do it. I have his number and he told me to call him if I ever run into any issues.

William did a good job. He had done some of what I couldn't. We both had to work really close together to get things done in time enough to make it happen and change things. Even though it was less protection for my house with what they wanted, that was the way it had to be. I was working on my front porch that I was closing in to seal it off and make it a closed porch instead of just an open porch. I had the windows in and the bottom part done but it didn't have the top pieces in yet. I was also doing the back laundry room.

It was decided that that wouldn’t pass because it could get water in there. We came up with the idea that if it’s an open porch again then it can’t have water in it, so I was just gonna take the windows back out and take the bottom panels back off that I put on and put a couple of flat rails. William said he was going to check to make sure because he thought it would be fine. That was what we ended up doing. I took a picture of it all torn apart and now I’m putting it back together again. William worked with every single thing we had. Finance of America Reverse was very good about it even though I got frustrated sometimes. Even so, I’d still recommend Finance of America Reverse to anybody only because I had special circumstances that we ran into and money that I didn't wanna put out a certain amount. I didn't do it because I needed the money. It was just a weird situation. But they did everything they could do for me.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 30, 2019

I started out with One Reverse but they turned me down on a technicality because they didn't know what Texas Law was. Dani reached out to me and Finance of America Reverse was one of the companies that was considering buying the mortgage from One Reverse. I explained the situation and after we talked, he began to look into it to see what the deal was, and he found out that I was correct and One Reverse was wrong, so we proceeded from there.

I first had to do a counseling, and I had to redo it eventually because of the time lapse that took place between when I started the process. I did all of the questionnaires and then there was a lot of complications along the way. Part of it had to do with the fact that my house was sitting on a little over two acres of land that had been deeded to us. But when we built it, we knew we were gonna get the rest of the land, so it kinda lapped over just a little bit over our allotted two acres. We ended up having it resurveyed to where it included extra acreage, and then, it had to be reappraised after that. So, it was a lengthy process, but it was no fault of Finance of America Reverse.

I understood what the delays in the application process were. However, my only real complaint along that line was there were several things that I had to furnish and do along the way. It was easy to get it all taken care of had I known all they were at the same time. But it was just that one thing would come up, and I made sure that was taken care of, and then there was a wait, and then there was another thing that would come up, and I would do that, and then, another thing. And it just seemed to drag out for a little bit. The credit counseling that I did expired the day before I was supposed to close. So then, the closing had to be moved back a week while I got recertified.

The whole process was over in nearly three months. If all of the issues that came up had been looked at and presented to me at the same time, then all of those issues could have been resolved rather shortly and gone on. And the rates went up from the time that the things were started. But part of the delay was caused by the fact that the property had to be resurveyed and then reappraised.

Dani was excellent. He stayed in constant contact with me as things came up, and I was always able to get a hold of him when I needed to, to give him information or get information. He did as good a job as anybody could do. With the difficulty of the encroachment of our property on the acreage that we had over on the acreage that was different, he told me he would check on it and get back with me. And he did a real good job with that. I was very comfortable with him. I was impressed with his friendliness and his willingness to pursue whatever had to be pursued to get done what needed to be done.

After we closed the loan, I was told that in a short period of time, I would receive information on how I could pay back end of the loan. I have not received anything but a bill that told me that I was gonna be billed so much a month for mortgage insurance when I thought I understood that I was making a one-time, upfront payment for all of that, and that would cover the mortgage insurance. But I paid a pretty good percentage fee upfront for that. I’m a little bit dissatisfied with that, but Finance of America Reverse did as good a job as could be expected under the circumstances.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 3, 2019

Linda is 72 and she has Parkinson’s disease. She worked as a caregiver all of her life, so she didn’t have much option once the Parkinson’s started to kick in. She couldn’t work anymore and she couldn’t drive to work. And she wanted to prepare for her future because she doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t have anyone that would take care of her as she declines. So, I helped her with her reverse mortgage application.

We did some research on the internet about rated companies and called a few different ones. Then, we happened to encounter Scott at Finance of America. He was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Most people in that age category wouldn't get to the point that would qualify for such a thing and couldn’t match the paperwork if their life depended on it, which it does. Also, with anything that’s involved with the government, there were so many documents and so many words involved in the process that made it next to impossible for anybody that’s declining or doesn’t have computer skills or what have you to go through the process. But Scott helped Linda simplify the process and he really walked her through it. It made it a great help that he knew how it worked. He could answers questions and could tell Linda where and how to get documents.

He's been doing mortgages for a career for a long time and he's been doing reverse mortgages for about 12 years. And Linda’s situation was kind of difficult because you have to qualify to show enough financial income to get the mortgage, which to me was hard to understand because reverse mortgages are for people who are retired and don’t have enough income. So that right there seemed to prohibit a lot of people that would have the greatest need. They'd have to show enough income to make payments, although you're not required to make payments.

And Linda’s difficulty was that, at some point, she was gonna have to stop working because of what she was dealing with. But Scott was able to explain to her in a timely manner what documents to get together, so she was able to complete her application before she got to the point that she had to quit working. She submitted the documents at the end of November and they were approved January 15th. So, the process was completed in about six weeks.

The other thing was that the reverse mortgage has been managed by Celink, a servicing agency, and in the beginning, we didn't know that it was gonna be passed on and to who it would be passed on. Once we found that Celink was gonna be the servicing agency, I looked it up and they had a good reputation. But they don’t have any online access to your reverse mortgage account and I couldn’t believe that. They said that their average client is 82 years old and doesn’t use a computer. That’s understandable but at 82 years old, you probably have a family member or a friend like me that would be doing all this for you. And to be able to make payment against the reverse mortgage or get withdrawals, you have to send in paper forms. And it seemed highly suspicious to me that you can't access your own account.

So, I called Scott, told him all this, and he was kind enough to contact Celink. Also, another staff member there that deals directly with Celink contacted them and asked them about it. They did say that indeed that's the only way they process loans currently, but that later in the year, supposedly, they're gonna have computer access.

Other than that, we felt that we got a very personal service from Finance of America. We dealt with the same person all the way through the process and we didn't have to wait on hold for a million hours. In those kinds of financial dealings, people aren’t allowed to speak about somebody’s finances with anybody else but Linda told Scott that it was okay that he talked with me because I was helping her. And after that, he was able to talk with me and he didn’t every time say that Linda had to be present, ask if Linda was online, or that he couldn't talk with me. It made a world of difference because most people couldn’t do this on their own.

Also, Scott remembered when I sent him an email and he called me back or he'd send me an email back within the same day always. He'd say, “To Shelly and Linda.” So, he was excellent to facilitate the process, especially for older people that don’t understand the process or don’t even know where and how to get some of the documents.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 4, 2019

I looked up the different companies on the internet and I had a friend of mine check out a few of the companies. Finance of America Reverse and AAG came up as two of the top. I talked to representatives from both of them and gathered some information. I went back to America Reverse because of a particular employee, Jill, who walked me through the initial process. When I first made my inquiries, I wasn’t ready to do it. I was gathering information and hadn’t made up my mind about exactly what the timing was gonna be. I knew I needed to do it and she had the courtesy of giving me all the information without any pressure.

Two years before I actually did it, I called her with additional questions and she was always more than happy to give me answers without pressuring me at all. Plus, I didn’t get any of those back-up calls, which I don’t like to get. Once I’ve decided on something, I don’t need them to continue hounding me. I’ll get there when I’m ready. I expressed that to both agents but I was assuming that it was standard procedure to ignore the people they were talking to and go by whatever the company demands them to do. Jill didn’t do that and I felt she was paying attention to me. I went back there, compared offers, looked at who owned the companies, their stability and the parent companies of various things.

It also made the difference that I did not want to do business with the company that a few years down the road would sell the mortgage to someone else. It was one of the things Finance of America said they would not do and I gotta take their word for it, whereas AAG did not give those promises. Beyond that, they were equal. There were a few things here and there that Jill adjusted. They took some fee out from the final loan, instead of making me pay for it upfront, then I paid the appraisal. Those costs were taken out and written into the closing cost, so I didn’t have to take them out of my pocket. It was the personality and the fact that she made me believe what she was telling me, and she made me believe that I could trust her.

The application process was intimidating and extremely stressful. There was so much paperwork. There had to be 50 pages of more and most of us harried citizens go into this kind of thing, take a look at the volume of the paperwork, and you’re responsible for anything you sign. If you’re not an attorney and you don’t have a background in reading those, you’re intimidated within the first page, let alone the first 10 pages. If people were aggressively willing to apply themselves, they might get halfway through it. But if you don’t have that training and education, it’s an absolute “put a blindfold on and walk off to the end of the high dive” because that was as good as it gets. I have a friend that I didn’t have to pay an hourly attorney wage and when I signed all the papers, she sat with me and went over the documents one by one so I had that back-up that if I missed something, I wouldn’t be standing on thin air.

If I was sitting in a board meeting with a bunch of CEOs trying to tell them how to make the experience better, I’d tell them to go get Jill and put her in charge of training their liaison people. I’m picky, reasonably intelligent and somewhat articulate, and Jill walked away with it, not because of any money differences. AAG offered me a slightly better deal and it amounted to $500, but I went with Finance of America because I felt that, going forward, I could pick up the phone, call this woman and get a straightforward answer and not be left out in the cold. The best thing they can do is have people who really know what the overall picture is. They are as much an advocate for the borrower as they are for the company. If I were to say to friends who are considering doing this, I would recommend the company and direct them to Jill.

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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2018

I wanted to have reserved money and to have a line of credit in the event that I needed it, not because I need it to survive, but when things start to go south as I get older. I chose to go with a reverse mortgage. If I need to have somebody to come into the house to take care of me, I would not be in the best state of mind to make those kinds of decisions, so I made it early. I did a bit of homework and chose to go with Finance of America Reverse.

During the process of obtaining my mortgage, I have to go to the, “Okay, fine, send me the paperwork.” I prefer not to do things online ‘cause nothing is secure when I get right down to it. I was in constant phone contact with the people at Finance of America Reverse. They were willing to answer my questions and if they didn’t have answers to my questions, then they would find out. The reason I asked some of the hard questions is that I’m a retired financial planner, so they weren’t expecting some of the stuff that came out. I went through the financial counseling and by then, had the appraisal on the house, and life went on. Everything went fine and we closed.

I was very surprised with how long the application and underwriting process took. I wish I had been able to get a loan through that fast. The rep who I worked with was pleasant. She’s young and probably has not been in the business that long so I learned some things about reverse mortgages that I wasn’t aware of, and she also learned some things that she wasn’t aware of. It better prepared her for her next client, too.

Finance of America Reverse should be a bit more careful about their verbiage when they refer to gross. They make it sound like I'm getting an interest, which I'm not. So what they’re really charging me is four point something and my gross rate will be equal to that, tied to labor, etc. But it’s not an actual interest per se that whatever be accessible other than if I tapped into that line of credit. It’s a misrepresentation unless I ask the hard questions because it’s really based on the value of my property and appreciation.

I hate being in debt ‘cause it has always been my goal to stay out of debt. I pay things off as quickly as I possibly can. So working with Finance of America Reverse makes me a tad uncomfortable. Just before I paid this house off, I’ve never owed that much money to any one person. This was my fourth purchase and so the first thing I wanna do is pay them off and I did. To me, that’s money in the bank. They can’t take my house away if all I have are property taxes and insurance. I don’t think the fees for the line of credit I got was unreal. The experience with Finance of America Reverse was stressful, but that’s just me because I’m going on a hook and putting my name on the dotted line, even with only being, at this point in time, about approximately a $14,000 balance.

Other than that, I have been inundated with phone calls about Finance of America that is not them but evidently, my information was shared and I’m not caring very much for the unsolicited phone calls coming in. I don’t like that. I’m finding myself having to block at least one number per day. I know they sell those stuff. They share it with people and the people they share it with, share it with somebody else and right on down the line. I don’t feel like getting up and answering my phone. Thank God I have caller ID. When it says an unknown number or private number, sorry. Even Finance of America has numbers that they can call it from my area code.

I asked the agent who I was working with one time, and she said that they can do it from my area code so it looks familiar to me. I said, “I’d rather it came from your area code. I know where you are. So if you want to talk with me, use the same number every time you call or you’re gonna find yourself blocked.” It might be easy for them and it might save them a few nickels but they could lose a customer doing that, too. Other people should investigate Finance of America Reverse on their own. I would throw a few questions at those people and I would be available to them if they were concerned about something that I might be able to clarify a bit more and redirect them with the questions that they needed to ask to get their question answered.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 12, 2019

I worked with Taylor ** with Finance of America during the process of acquiring a Reverse Mortgage. Taylor was very helpful in explaining the process, he followed thru with things in a timely manner and I always felt that he was knowledgeable and professional and had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Taylor to anyone interested in a Reverse Mortgage.

Finance of America Reverse response

Thank you for the wonderful review, Elaine! We are glad to hear Taylor made you feel comfortable throughout the process.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2019

I went to Finance of America Reverse to do a reverse mortgage and I liked their terms. I took a little while during the process but everything seemed to go smoothly. It took about two months and I was worried but everything worked out fine. When I had questions, they were answered. The rep was really nice and I liked him a lot. He was always there when I had a question and when he needed something to be done, he'd let me know and I would do it. It just rolled along really easily.

Finance of America Reverse response

Catherine, we are grateful to hear of your positive experience. We’re here to answer your questions anytime!

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2019

We recently used Finance of America Reverse to get a reverse mortgage for my mother. We worked with Toby ** and he is nothing short of AMAZING! He answered every question completely and quickly and walked my mom through every step of the process with grace and finesse. He allowed her to feel completely in control of each step and she walked through the process with confidence in every decision. I would definitely recommend working with Toby ** at Finance of America Reverse.

Finance of America Reverse response

Thank you, Tere! We appreciate your delightful review. Toby embodies our commitment to provide exceptional service to our borrowers.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 30, 2019

We started out with somebody else for our reverse mortgage but the communication wasn’t very good. We were getting different messages from different people and they delayed. I contacted Robert from Finance of America Reverse and then he took over and did our reverse mortgage. The rates and terms are very satisfactory. In the end, everything went very smoothly.

Finance of America Reverse response

Thank you for choosing to work with us at FAR. We appreciate your positive review, and we are proud to have experienced loan officers like Robert on our team.

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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 18, 2019

The Finance of America Reverse representative was very courteous, upfront, pleasant, and professional. He would call back instantly if he didn’t pick up my call. 99% of the time, he immediately answered the call that I place to him. He kept us up-to-date on everything that was going on. I felt like his calculations were much more correct than another institution I was working with who didn’t give me what I thought was exactly the correct information during the process.

It took a little time to work through the processes and we had some situations where we had a little confusion about our driver’s license. The gentleman that was working with us thought we needed to get a new driver’s license just because we changed the address at one time and our licenses last through about eight years. That was a little confusion on Finance of America’s part. Once I explained that there’s a place that can attach the new address right on the driver’s license yourself, that clarified that. Other than that, the process went very smoothly.

The reverse mortgage was exactly what we needed to be able to live relatively comfortable on the small amount of income that I have. It worked out perfectly for us and we were able to get a beautiful home because we have enough to get into the home. I’m happy with the rates and terms I got and I would certainly recommend Finance of America Reverse to someone else if they were interested in doing it.

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