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I purchased furniture at Pier 1 and got a Pier 1 card for additional savings. I was told it would take several weeks for first invoice to be sent to me. When I received my first bill, there was a late fee and an interest charge, and that my account was suspended. I called customer service and told them I had never received first bill. I was told I needed to pay and then charges would be taken off. Looked online and apparently this is a standard fraudulent activity that Pier 1 is involved in. I sent them check for what I purchased, along with the pieces of my card. Will not shop at a company with this type of activity.

I purchased a Sugar Skull Wreath to match my doormat and little figures I have for my outside. The wreath broke apart as I was hanging it. I mean the Skull fell right off and broke from the wreath. For something that costs that high, that is ridiculous. I'm pretty good at being careful handling things. Pier One has good furniture though the Papasan pillows are not as good as they once were. I have been a Pier One shopper for years. I make an effort to pick and choose carefully what I buy, never had many problems with Pier One because their quality is always top. I'm now going to be very careful. They charged almost 70$ for that wreath and it broke apart like it was $5.99 - not good.

I bought 8 place settings of the Terracina Italian made dinnerware and have come to the conclusion they are not well made. Soon after I started using them I noticed chips were developing around the edges of several of the items. I am up to 9 different plates and bowls that have chips around the edges. My previous Pfaltzgraff collection lasted 21 years and never did this. I only replaced them because the glaze was getting a crackly effect. I should have stuck to Pfaltzgraff. I have a feeling I will want to replace this set that ended up costing over $300 in a few years time.

I emailed customer service about the plates and they asked for pictures. I emailed them close up pictures of the chips and a group shot of all of the plates and bowls with chips. They replied they had not received any other complaints about the product and would not be doing anything about it. They are clearly defective. I have many Pier 1 items in my house but I can't patronize a store that doesn't stand behind their products. This is the end of my shopping at Pier 1. So disappointed in their customer service and this product.

I am writing this after reading some of the negative reviews. I have been a Pier One shopper for a long time and absolutely love this store. I have so much Pier One stuff I could open my own store! Everyone I have dealt with at my local store has always been courteous and cooperative. I have had to return items (just because they really didn't work in my decor like I thought they would) and have never had an issue. I will continue to be a Pier One shopper for many years to come. :)

After looking around for months to get a new dresser for my daughter, she decided to look at the Hayworth silver mirrored chest. We checked around to other store and she only wanted the original one she found. So I get an email in giving me 15% off and the furniture is 15% off through today... so I go to look and see where the item is available. I check and the normal Pier1 I would go to says that they have to order... there is no shipping so it would have to go to the store - but this would take 14 days (give or take). So I find two stores that are closer to home (the other store is close to work). Both say they have the item in stock and that I could either pay now or when I get to the store.

Load up my husband and daughters. Make sure we have the location and take the truck so we can bring it home. Get to the store and they only have floor model. Not only that, but the sales associate said they can't sell it. I said "really, because the internet stated that I could pick it up today." "Well you can't so you can check other stores" is what I was told. This being a little rude, I demanded to speak with the manager - she was even worse. I was told I could take that one but there was no box, wrapping and no additional discount. She reluctantly called another store (they were supposed to have 2) and told me I would have to pick it up. I stated that I did not have time to drive around all day since their inventory system was inaccurate. Since she was still on hold, she said well that was all they could do today...

Finally the 2nd store said they none of them except the floor model. The manager at store 1 laughed and said she was just checking. Came back to me and said that I was out of luck. She offered to order it, and was completely ignorant when I stated that I could have already done that from home but that I came because their website indicated that this was here. If I wanted to place an order and wait 14 days I would have already done that. She rolls her eyes and says "no it would only be 7-10 business days". So I mention again so 14 days and my husband states the same... she then proceeds to argue "No, I told you 7-10 business days, but apparently you didn't listen". My husband felt that she was very rude and my older daughter (who has frontal lobe damage from a severe concussion) said that's ** up.

The manager states at this point that she is done and there is nothing she can do; but she has other customers that are there to buy things that she needs to wait on. I asked for a regional managers name and number... she proceeds to give me the 1-800 customer service number. I asked her if that was what she gave me and I was told no, that was the number she provided and that was all she was going to do. I stated "so you are refusing to provide a number, that is really unprofessional." She stated she could not give one and she was done. She went on to mention that I disrespected her and that my daughter was very rude - I said "I did nothing of the sort and that before you mention anything about someone you should think about it because they may have medical issues that you don't know about." She again rolled her eyes and said "you need to leave the store." I said "Excuse me?" She said, "you heard me - you need to leave my store now! I will call security!"

It should be noted that I never cursed or raised my voice to this ignorant person. I was consistent and continued to ask for numbers to contact someone above her and she refused to respond. Never have I been this disrespected. So I called the customer service number... and explain everything to them. She agrees that it was the store's fault. She goes on to mention that they are not tracking their inventory appropriately. She was very sorry, but if I wanted to place an order with her today, she would make sure that I would get my discounts. She would have it shipped to the same store that I just went to and I would have to wait 7-14 days.

I told her that this in reality was no customer service because any option would require me to be inconvenienced. I would also never step foot into that store while they still employed those individuals. So exactly how is this customer service? There was no respect given for my time, the aggravation or the ignorance of the Pier1 manager! They also refused to provide me with any regional or district manager information. They also stated that I could drive even further out of my way to get the item - but based on the first two stores, I was not going to waste my time or gas to drive around because they have personnel that are incapable of doing their job.

She stated that a regional manager would have to review the situation and see if this would qualify for anything additional discount wise or to help in getting something earlier. So again I ask "How in the heck is this customer service?" They offered nothing than what I could have done in the first place by ordering the item and waiting - this is total BS!!! I asked for a response directly from a manager who could help in this situation to contact me and that I was very disappointed that they would have even thought about still asking if I wanted to make a purchase without any consideration for what I had experienced!

If I hear from them I will update... but I have worked with Ford Motor Co to get a vehicle purchased back and have never experienced this kind of arrogance. Sadly, my daughter was so excited to get her new dresser that she had cleaned everything and got her room ready all morning before we left. She is devastated. Thanks Pier1 for totally ruining her day!

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I received chairs that were DESTROYED but still shipped to me today. I would like to speak to someone who is embarrassed that I would receive a product in this condition. I spent over a $1000 dollars to get furniture that should be thrown away. I couldn't possibly be more disappointed. The fact that someone isn't coming over here right now to remove this from my home is crazy. Instead, everyone has advised that I NEED to arrange for them to be shipped back. Interesting... I can't help but think... is this so you can file a claim against the delivery company??? Why does a greatly inconvenienced customer have to do anything???!! The fact is... whoever shipped this already KNEW the chairs were damaged and sent them ANYWAY. HOW DO I KNOW??? There are 15 NEW pieces of tape holding this OLD damaged box together. The leg of one of broken chairs is NOT in the box. Sooo ridiculous!!!

Take a close look at the pictures and you will see what I am talking about. If I don't get this resolved ASAP... I will take it as far up the chain as I can. I can't believe I have to do that to get someone to own this issue. This is sooo crazy! Most companies know by now to fix problems like this at all cost... and to make sure they don't happen to begin with. I never dreamed I would get this level of service from Pier 1. I will NEVER do business with this company again.... the end.

We ordered a Chest of Drawers for our daughters apartment when she moved across the state. We were promised it would be available for pick up by Wednesday, Friday at the latest. Of course, it wasn't. So now we had to pay one quarter of the price - additionally - for "white glove" delivery and set up since it wouldn't fit in our daughters car. (It would have fit in ours and we would have picked it up if it had been available on time). It got to the store a week late. The delivery was supposed to be at our convenience.... but, they couldn't be bothered so she had to leave work early (a job she had been at for one week). The delivery people got there early (4:45 on a delivery promised between 5:00 and 9:00) and they put it in her room in the box and left before she got there. Now she has to wrestle it out of the box and assemble. Customer service has been notified multiple times and all I get is platitudes. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I recently purchased a Dana dining chair at the White Marsh, MD store. The slipcover I wanted had to be ordered, so I did that online at the store. It should be noted that there were only two employees there -- a manager and a sales associate. It was crazy busy and they were having a problem with the computers. These two people were awesome -- they were doing their best to accommodate everyone and with a little patience everyone was helped in a timely manner. Anyway, for some reason the order for the slipcover went through twice. When I noticed that I had two charges on my account I called customer service and explained what happened. The lady I spoke with was most pleasant and helpful. The credit went through right away and was reflected in my account within two days. I have been a customer of this Pier 1 for years and have had all positive experiences. The other Pier 1 stores in my area also have nice, helpful people.

Pier 1 has been a favorite store of mine for many years, however, I am going to have to change my mind after the experience I am currently going through. I ordered an item which was only available on the website yesterday. After typing in all my information, I submitted the order. After waiting some time for a confirmation, I got a message that the order could not be processed. Later in the day yesterday, I decided to try again, and this time, I received confirmation that the order was processed. When I went to check on my account today, I see that the order actually did go through the first time - so now they are shipping 2 - when I only want 1. I called Customer Service and was told they could not cancel the order, but I could ship it back at their expense or return it to the store for a refund.

I do NOT want to be inconvenienced by having to ship back an order that, according to your website, was not processed! This is terrible customer service - I should not be billed for something that I did not order. After this experience, Pier 1 has lost me as a customer. I just recently bought a living room chair that I will look at with great sadness now.

On May 2nd 2016 between 11 am and noon, I went to the Pier 1 store in Hendersonville, NC. I had not planned to go shopping but had ran out to mail some letters. While I was out, I decided to run by the store to see if they had an item I had been looking for. I was dressed a little sloppy, to be honest. I had not intended to go inside anywhere when I left home. I went in the store and was very happy to find exactly what I wanted. I went to the register to pay for my items. The female cashier, who had not greeted or asked if I needed assistance, looked at me like I was beneath her. I paid for my items and left. I have thought about this a lot of the last 24 hrs. I feel that this needs to be reported. I would not imagine the company would be happy with the way I was treated. Also, I the only customer in the store. This is not a way to make a store successful. Unfortunately, I did not keep my receipt. I hope this will be address regardless.

I ordered two lamps online. Then upon completing the order and placing it I received a notice that the basket was empty and the order was not placed. I called Pier 1 Imports to confirm if the order had been processed and I was told no that the order did not go through (however I was charged for it). Believing what I was told I went on to order the lamps with the customer service representative. That order was placed and I was charged again the same amount. Due to this my first car payment bounced due to my account being overdrawn for a double payment of the lamps. When I called customer service I was told I had to return the lamps to get my money back. Otherwise there wasn't anything they could do. I will never order from them again and yes I've also had issues with coupons emailed to me and being told I cannot use them in the store even though it state they can be used...

I purchased this fountain. First time it came with three large holes in it and no insides. The representative assured me that it was a mistake that would be adequately handled and it was replaced. The second shipment came in the same way the first one did. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Don't be duped! They are terrible and have terrible merchandise! Especially the high priced ones! Save yourself.

I have spent thousands of dollars over the years at Pier 1. I like their stuff, and even though it's a little pricey, I was willing to pay for the quality. About six months ago, I bought four chairs for my formal dining room in a new house for nearly $200 each to add to the matching table and four chairs I purchased from them a couple of years ago. The chairs were only used a handful of times when we noticed one of the legs on one of the chairs was splitting down the middle.

When I emailed Pier 1, they responded and asked for pictures and a receipt. I sent over both and almost immediately received a response that since this item had no history of compromised quality, they weren't going to do anything. This whole process took less than 24 hours which leads me to believe there was really no consideration. The rest of the chairs are fine and some have been used much more frequently than the broken one. I'm disappointed that Pier 1 is no longer a store I can use. I don't trust them to stand behind their products so it would be a gamble and a waste of money to continue shopping there. If you ever shop here, make sure you check every last inch of the product because they're not taking it back once you buy it.

I'm a frequent Pier 1 shopper. Everywhere you look in my home there's Pier 1. When I first started buying from Pier 1 I wasn't treated very well. Guess it had to do with the way I dressed. I'm a jeans, sweatshirt, boots kind of person. Guess my attire wasn't fancy enough for this store. Associates always asking if I needed help. It's nice to have an associate assist you but to follow you all around, not a good feeling. Now fast forward to the last 6 months. I did a lot of online in-store pickup purchasing this past Holiday season. Wow what a complete turnaround of attitude, much nicer and not following me all around the store. In the past I would just pick up what I went in for, now I browse and buy more!!

My last visit the associate went out of her way to try and find another pillow I desperately wanted. She even asked if wanted her to order it for me so I can avoid the shipping. I'd just pick it up in store when it came in. Unfortunately I left credit card home. She said I can come back and order but I got lazy and just ordered it myself online. She also asked if I wanted to apply for a Pier 1 card, said no, I want to live another 20 yrs, husband wouldn't be too happy. LOL. She got a good chuckle out of that. Husband gave in and applied for one, now I can go crazier in Pier one!! You should never judge a book by its cover. This Jeans no makeup wearing woman spends a lot of money. Just because I'm not made up doesn't mean I'm not well off!!

I visited this store to make a purchase and was told that the email with a coupon I received online could not be used. The coupon clearly says show this email in store with a Barcode nothing about you have to print it. However I was told in store that I have to print it to use it. Clearly a rule that's management was picking and choosing to make up themselves. So disappointed.

Like the other reviewer, we purchased the Hayworth mirrored furniture and have had the same experience with it releasing a toxic smell. Despite airing out the furniture and using natural air purifiers (plants, miso bags, vinegar, baking soda) the smell persists. My daughter is getting headaches and we are feeling sick. We need Pier 1 to come and get the very heavy furniture and refund our money. Has anyone had any luck with getting Pier1 to do that?


The store itself is fine. My rating is based on the manager of the store and the way she horribly handles customer service. I went in to the store today to return a Christmas gift that was the wrong color and was also defective. Wanted to do an even exchange for the same item in the right color. The cashiers both looked dumbfounded and had no idea what to do and one finally told me she had to get the store manager. We waited 10 minutes for the manager to appear from the back of the store. She was immediately rude, standoffish and utterly hateful. We explained the situation and then realized we had grabbed the wrong receipt (we had two from different shopping trips).

I know for a fact that Pier One can look up receipts in their system, as I have had to have this done before; however, the manager immediately became extremely condescending and outright rude, said she could do nothing about looking up the transaction and then had the audacity to accuse me of doing the damage to the product myself even though the product was in its original packaging in front of all the other patrons in line behind me! She told me that Pier One does not do exchanges or refunds for defective products and that I was stuck with the item and kept saying "do you see where I'm coming from? People ruin things on purpose all the time and try to return them." I told her multiple times that I did not understand where she was coming from because I had never had a retailer refuse to replace a defective product and that all I was trying to do was return a gift that was not what I wanted and was defective.

I explained over and over that I did not do the damage to the product and that it was that way when I opened my gift. She continued to be rude and condescending; speaking to me as if I were a small child. She made me so angry by refusing to fix the problem that I had no other option but to get in her face and become rather ugly. After I yelled at her, she told me to leave her store. I told her I would not leave until my product was exchanged and the problem made right. She then changed her game and said, "I was going to help you, but you will not speak to me like that ever again". I did apologize for becoming angry and yelling at her and saying something I shouldn't have, and tried to make her see my side politely but she then told me "I don't want to hear your apology. I was going to help you", rolled her eyes and would only speak to my mother who was with me after that.

She finally fixed the problem and exchanged the product, but her behavior was outrageously unprofessional and unacceptable. I was going to make another rather large purchase at that time, but left my items sitting on the register table and walked out. I immediately called Pier One Corporate offices and reported her behavior and was told by the person answering the phone that the situation was handled very inappropriately and that I should have never been accused of damaging the product since I did have a receipt on file and since the item was it its original packaging. I encouraged them to take some kind of action against this woman because until she is reprimanded, I will never set foot in that store again. I was told by corporate that someone (this woman's boss) would be in touch within 2-3 business days. We will see if that happens.

My family owns a very large company that uses Pier One products regularly for staging homes and apartments; we spend A LOT of money in that store on a regular basis. I am still in shock because of the way that horrible woman treated me for just wanting to do an exchange on an item. I highly recommend anyone that has issues with returns or exchanges in this store call the corporate headquarters to report this woman at once. According to what the corporate office said, Pier One ALWAYS does returns and exchanges, they focus on "excellent" customer service, and yes they DO have the ability to look up receipts and transactions on their system. Please be aware and report any rude or unprofessional behavior immediately. It is absolutely unacceptable for a consumer to be accused of dishonesty in front of other patrons when there was a legitimate problem and a receipt on file.

After 20 or more phone calls trying to locate my order it finally shows up! This Hayworth mirrored collection has a toxic odor coming from inside the drawers. I can't put any clothing inside without it picking up the smell. It is giving us headaches and making us sick! Does anyone else have this problem? I spent 2044.00 on two pieces and a headboard and I was very disappointed in the workmanship. This furniture is overpriced! Can't use for storing clothing, can't sleep in the room and I'm afraid to burn because it may explode. What is this toxic smell!

Rather than getting a refund I opted for a gift card as I was sure I would find something I would want to buy in the future. That time has come and I'm now told I can not use my gift card online till next year. The item I want is not in stores and is available on line only. You're holding my money and won't allow me to use it. This is fraud! How can a company take your money for a gift card and then deny you use for any period of time? Never again Pier 1.

I was in looking thru the sale shelves at the T-Day decor. Big red signs everywhere that this stuff was 50% off. Reasonable since Christmas is this week. After I had carefully made my selection I went to check out and with embarrassment. ALL the stuff rang up as full price!!! I challenged the cashier and she went to get her manager. The manager was a little prissy. I explained that the RED tag sales said 50% off and if this was not the case, it sure was confusing and deceptive. With HUGE hesitation she allowed an override on the one item. What the hey!!!! I refused all the other items. I left so disappointed. I think Pier 1 is playing on a customer's emotion. Once we pick something we like from the CLEARLY marked 50% off bins, we are willing to pay full price because we "love" it so much. Not this girl... I'm done.

I recently purchased 2 chairs. The company told me that the chairs would arrive in 10 days or less. On the 10th day, I called the store directly asking about my purchase and they told me when the chairs came in, I would get an email and a call. 9 days later, still no call so I contacted customer service. The girl contacted the store and she was told that the system said it had arrived, but the store said they didn't have it and maybe it would be on the Tuesday truck. They assured the representative that the person in charge of inventory was very good at getting in touch once the order came through. Because my order was later than I anticipated, I asked to go ahead and cancel my order.

Once the customer service rep told the store this information, my chairs miraculously appeared in their warehouse and were available to pick up. I went ahead and cancelled my order anyway because my $700 sale was not important enough to them initially. I'd rather pay more somewhere else that has more honest employees. What a disappointment.

We ordered the Fung TV Stand in red and when it arrived it was wobbly. We returned it to the store and ordered a second one. The second one was wobbly also. They offered to "work it up" by putting felt tabs on the bottom and giving us a 15% discount. We said "no", because why would you knowingly buy a piece of furniture that was wobbly to begin with? The manager on duty gave me all sorts of excuses. She said it is probably made in a humid climate, and becomes warped when it is here in our dry climate after a while. It has only been here for 2 days... hmm.

My husband checked the floor model. It was stable, but it had a bunch of those felt tabs on the bottom. I am thinking this is why they don't offer customers the opportunity to review products on their website. Actually, you have to search out reviews if you want to find any. We are very disappointed in Pier 1 and disappointed that we've been waiting for almost a month to get this TV stand only to not have it work out.

I placed a web order for 2 chairs in October. I did not receive the order, but it appeared on my credit card statement. I called Pier 1 and they told me I picked the order up at the store. I did not pick the order up, I have no chairs, and now I need to deal with my credit card company. I told them I want the signature of the person who purportedly picked up the chairs. This is completely ridiculous and I am at a loss as to what to do.

I purchased a table that was the floor model in the Vancouver, WA store and was told that chairs and a bench was available. I didn't purchase it that night because I wanted to decide what I wanted and there wasn't one available in store. Anyway, it would have to be ordered, and I was told it would arrive within 7-10 days once ordered. Today, when I went to order the bench, I was informed that it was not available for 2 more months! When I searched other zip codes, it WAS available in other zip codes. I called customer service and asked if they could help me get it shipped. I was told that they could not help me. That is was only available in the other area and it could not be shipped to me! We have company coming for Christmas, a table and nowhere for people to sit! I will never shop at Pier 1 again!

I have hit "Unsubscribe" on their emails at least a half-dozen times, and contacted Customer Support twice, and still the spam comes. It has been months since I first tried to get off this list.

I recently bought an area rug from Pier 1. It was 250. Ombre, Malachite. It is clearly defective. It sheds fibers continuously. I live alone & this area rug is only a few months old. Every day I find a dusting of rug fibers throughout my apartment & balls of rolled up fibers all over the area rug. It's not a little bit either, it's a lot. I have picked these up & vacuumed daily. I bought a new vacuum cleaner yesterday & last night I used it for the very first time on the area rug. The rug is 5x7 & the vacuum dirt cup container was 3/4 full with area rug fibers from a quick vacuum minute. This is ridiculous & they should be forced to refund the purchase price & also forced to have a customer rating & comment section. I see another Pier 1 area rug complaint on this site & they have the same exact complaint.

This is the second Alton sofa. First one I sent back because of noises in springs and it shook bad when you sat on it. Now after the 45-day warranty is over, the second couch has LOUD spring noises at every movement. Someone who weighs under 100 lbs should not cause a couch to make noise! Couch does not feel like the couch I tried at the store in Columbia, Maryland. Absolutely no padding anywhere. Have only had since July and it feels like it is 10 yrs old. The ottoman that has never been used has a tear in the stitching on top which cannot be fixed. Again, never used and bought in July!! Two months! I am so dissatisfied with Pier 1. It is a shame because my last couch was fantastic and lasted 10 years, but Pier 1 discontinued. Alton seemed to be the closest model, but their quality is now horrible. Don't waste your money!

Please be cautious when considering Pier 1's Hayworth mirrored furniture line. I purchased several pieces for my daughter's bedroom. The stuff is not cheap. In total I spent almost $2,000, with the assumption that at this price level, any issues with the mirrored surfaces would be covered by Pier 1. I WAS SOOO WRONG. Be careful! The furniture looks great but is cheaply crafted. The door stops fail after several months of use, which causes the drawers to go crashing to the floor. When I called Pier 1 customer service I was told that they do not cover or even offer repairs for their mirrored furniture, and the best they could do was to refer me to a local glass & mirror company. So I asked for the name of a local glass repair, at which time the rep said "Well we don't have an actual designated service but I can google one for you." GOOGLE ONE??? I can do that myself. Which I did.

I had no less than 3 local glass companies come and assess the damage and each one asked the same question, "Where'd you get this stuff... Target or Walmart?" Bottom line is this, the furniture is POORLY MANUFACTURED, HIGHLY BREAKABLE, AND UNREPAIRABLE! My daughter's new Hayworth dresser is in the dumpster!

I have been wanting this vase priced at $39.96 at the Pier 1 store in Lansing, Michigan. I have watched this for several weeks/months. I went in today (9-2-15) and this store offered 20% off all vases. I went to pay for it and it rang up over $42 dollars. I thought she forgot to take the 20% off so I questioned this. Come to find out this store put a "sticker price tag of $49.95" over the original $39.96 regular price tag (they never removed the $39.96 original price sticker), then offered the 20% sale discount on the $49.95 amount which then brought the vase back down to the original price of $39.96. It was not a sale at all, it was a scam!!

Pier 1, let me offer you a suggestion - if you don't want the public to know that you're raising the prices so you can put a sale tag on the merchandise to fool the consumer you might want to consider removing the original price sticker. A Pier 1 employee at this store even lifted the $49.95 price sticker off and saw the $39.96 price underneath it. She tried to get her manager to take 20% off the original $39.96 price tag; however, the manager refused! I shop (used to) at Pier 1 all the time. I can't even begin to tell you how much money that I have spent over the years in this store. Very sad Pier 1.

I rarely ever leave reviews for anything but I just felt like I had to (for both good and bad reasons). As someone who is moving into his own apartment, I needed some plates to use. I chose Pier 1 because the prices seemed decent and the name is relatively well known. When I received the package, two of the plates were already shattered. Now I'm not sure if this is due to mishandling by whoever was delivering it or the fact that they shipped it in a box that was unnecessarily large so the items were able to move around. Either way, I had broken, and obviously unusable plates on my hand.

Here is the "positive" part of the review. I called up customer service and after waiting for about 10 minutes, I was connected to a representative. I explained my situation to her and she was very apologetic about it. She immediately offered to ship me replacement products. I politely declined citing that if this happened once, there is a very good chance it could happen again. I explained to her that I'd like to be able to ship the items back for a refund and purchase them from somewhere else, most likely in-store this time. She put me on hold once again. When she came back, she explained that I had been refunded for the entire order and I did not have to ship the items back. She was actually one of the nicer CSRs that I've ever dealt with.

If you're still wondering why I rated the interaction 2 stars, it's because I still have two broken dishes on my hands. I really do appreciate that they provided a refund without having to ship the items back but it doesn't change the fact that I have to now go to a store to purchase replacements, thus killing the point of shopping online.

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