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Last updated: Dec. 11, 2017

79 Boscov's Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2017

My girl friend went to Boscov's to pick up a Christmas tree for me. It was a real hassle to get someone to wait on her. She was passed from clerk to clerk. She purchased the tree and brought it home. I unloaded it from her car, the box had been opened and retaped. We unpacked the box, it was very apparent the tree had been out of the box before. The tree stand was the incorrect stand for the model tree we purchase, too small for the 7 foot tree and was also broken. I sincerely believe the tree had been used as a floor model and then repacked in the box and sold to us as a new tree. She contacted the store where purchased and was told they would call us back tomorrow. The tree will be returned in the morning and I am finished with Boscov's. I will not set foot in their store ever again.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

Don't order from Boscov's online. They don't keep their inventory updated, they cancel out of stock items without offering an alternative (like a different color), and over half of my 3 shipments for one order has sat for 6 business days at their PA store, label printed but not delivered to USPS. They did not charge for the out of stock items but have charged for the items sitting in their store that they haven't got around to shipping. It's almost 2018 Boscov's time to figure out the online shopping or to eliminate your online store.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

I placed an order online with several items for holiday gifts, one item was a Cardigan Sweater clearly stating that the sweater was the name brand "United States Sweaters" Co. although gave a vague description of the sweater. It was hit or miss with the color but I didn't mind that. Long story short, the order arrived. The Sweater is not "United States Sweater" Co. brand name, it is called 99 Jane Street which I have never heard of. It looks like the same sweater but it's not the correct sweater I ordered.

I called Boscov's and spoke to an agent, explained the situation. Before I could finish I was disconnected or hung up on (not sure). I'm not going to wait on the phone again so I sent an email. I finally get the first response asking me to send them the UPC code number from the Sweater I did receive. I did what they asked. I waited another day and just received their response. They are telling me that I received the correct sweater that I ordered. I did not! That is false advertising. I ordered a Sweater that was brand name "United States Sweater" Co. and I received one that was NOT that brand name.

If I were to order a pair of Nikes and I received a pair of Reeboks, I don't care if they are the same color they are not the brand name I ordered. They are not understanding what I am trying to tell them, I did not get what I expected. They believe I did. I am hitting my head against a brick wall here. The sweater is to be a gift for an older lady and she only wears certain brands of clothing and 99 Jane Street is not one of the brands. I have never even heard of it. Beware of what you order from as you don't really know what you may get.

I was always a shopper. Now I am very leery of ever ordering again. I don't think they ever had the "UNITED STATES SWEATERS" brand. It's a ploy to sell these 99 Jane Street look alikes. If you go to and put the number 37684 in the search box it will bring you to the sweater which you can clearly states the brand as a UNITED STATES SWEATER co. brand name. As far as Boscov's is concerned I have what I ordered.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

My mom had ordered a bunch of new clothes for me, my favorite of which was a soft jacket, which ended up being too small, so she ordered another one. When I saw her about a week later she was surprised I hadn't gotten the new package yet. Now it's been 3 weeks and I STILL haven't gotten it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

I ordered 17 T shirts from Boscov's. So far, I have received 15 of them in 5 separate packages. I have had to stay home and wait for over a week now because I don't want the package leaning against the front door when I'm not home. I called them and they said there will be two more packages on two more days. For the few dollars that I saved, It was not worth the trouble.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Purchased an Owens (Catnapper) Recliner from Boscov's 9 months ago. Chair frame is intact but cushion and back leans to one side. I have rods, pins and cages in my spine so I need a straight, supportive chair which is why I purchased this chair. Due to the cushion leaning to one side, places my back at an off-angle and causes a lot of discomfort and sometimes pain. Called Boscov's and they sent someone out from Tri County Furniture Services and that individual stated the chair was faulty manufactured without enough padding in the lower back and the right part of the cushion.

Today, I spoke with Boscov's Customer Service and they tell me the company that checked the chair stated the chair was broken down because of the way I sit in it. WHAT A LINE OF **!!! Not what they told me!!! My husband and I have been Boscov's customer for over 40 years and never have I ever felt so disillusioned. If I sat in that chair the way they state I have, I would not be able to walk due to the rods and pins in my back. I am trying to find a way to even out the seat so I can at least use this chair WHICH IS ONLY 9 MONTHS OLD.

Ever since Al Boscov passed away, his stores have been going downhill. Al would never have allowed all this. As far as my husband and I are concerned, Boscov's is no longer a part of our lives. I am paying off my existing card and destroying it. I will not set foot in another Boscov's store. They do not honor what they sell anymore and hire outside repair people to say that the fault is yours so Boscov's does not have to pay or replace. Wonder how much they paid Tri County Furniture Service to say what they did!!! No longer a Boscov's Fan.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

My significant other, whom I have lived with for the past 25 years, purchased a Brunswick leather recliner rocker from Boscov's for me for Christmas 2015. That was less than two years ago from today. It was sold to her as a leather chair and it was on sale for $499 reduced from $699. Only problem is it wasn't leather, it is vinyl and that this started peeling off. I called customer service and they said sorry it's only guaranteed one year by the store. My complaint is if it is supposed to be leather why is the vinyl peeling off like a cheap $99 chair. Selling vinyl for leather is a scam! Myself and the remainder of my family and anyone else I can convince do not plan to shop at Boscov's again, they are scammers!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I have one (1) so-called late payment from Boscov's/Comenity which I called and told them I had not received a bill. I have paid on time forever but this is lingering and lingering and bringing my credit score down. I have tried to get it corrected to no avail. I do not have the bill as it was so long ago and by the time you realize you had a late payment on your credit report, it is too late. I am unable to retrieve it, but I did call Boscov's and ask them to please remove it. It is still there after a long period of time. It is really bringing down my credit score. Boscov's credit card holders BEWARE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I went to Boscov's today 9/20/17 1:15 this afternoon with my 89 year old mother. I went there for the dish set that were on sale. I wanted a set for 12, there was only a set of 4. A shipment of product was in because it was all over the dept. The young man there started to help me and I gave him plenty of time to look through the load that was there. While waiting we went to look at dresses. I found that the sizes carried in the misses dept. Didn't go over 12 although I did find 1 size 14. I asked the girl there if she could call another store and she did then said I had to pay for there first. Well that's just crazy. I can order from J.C. Penney and Kohl's and not have to pay ahead of time. I wanted 3 dresses to look at and try on. I asked for the store manager. At first he was sending his wife to talk to me Stephanie I believe, but then he Clarence the store manager came to talk to me.

I went through the whole thing including that if I wanted the dresses delivered at the store that it would take 8-12 weeks. Now thats just stupid. I could make one faster!! He proceeded to tell me that HE could get something here faster. HE never once said he would get the dresses here for me. I told him that his stores customer service is terrible can for dishes. The kid disappears went for dresses cant get them, and he is not offering to get then to HIS STORE. Very bad service.

Mind you at the end of all this he says, "Well is there anything I can do for you..." REALLY a yeah Dresses. Did I really have to tell him get these stupid dresses to your store without a charge. REALLY Whats up with that. He listen that's all and not even I felt. So after I TOLD HIM HE DID IT. But why did I have to say it. Poor Al is rolling in his grave I am sorry to say. One good note. The girl she helped me with the dishes was very good, I am that I can't remember her name. Manager knows it. This is the New Hartford NY Store #26. Clarence as a store manager didn't prove anything to me!! Don't know if I'll be back!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

We bought mattress 2011 and they told us it was 10 year warranty. Well our mattress have a lump in the middle of the mattress as per inspector. Well the mattress are stain and it's not cover which is not true they just offer a 20%discount to get new mattress that not right. I will not get them there again!

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Original review: June 8, 2017

Bought this recliner after looking at it several times so it was not an impulse buy. My money is tight so I had to really think about it. I decided to purchase the chair and it was on sale, I was excited. So I get the chair, picked it up myself after waiting 7 days for it to arrive to the store. I was looking to take it home that day. Get it home and I left for my trip. 7-day return policy had expired by now. So I started to enjoy my new chair, well it has been falling apart since I started using it. Foam was bunching up in front, arms would not stay closed, massager stopped working and light stopped working. Called customer service, can't return but I have a year warranty...

So the service man came out to fix the problems, huh... Did nothing about the arms not staying closed, put new foam in fixed light and massager. When I put my feet up on the chair and I went to close it I could not close it. My bf had to put his foot on it and pushed it down. I was livid. Arms still flap open and the massages has stopped working again. I called customer service to make my complaint. She offered to send out the device man again. I said, "I don't think so. Did you not hear what I just said." At the end of the day there is nothing Boscov's nor the company who made the chair will do for me what so ever. 600 dollars for a piece of crap chair. Very pissed at their lack of trying to correct a very dissatisfied was a loyal customer. Since I have paid off the crap and cut up my card. If it would not appear on my credit I would have stopped paying for the chair. Will never buy another thing from Boscov's.

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Original review: June 6, 2017

I purchased a VERY expensive Beautyrest Black queen mattress and split box from them less than a year ago. Boscov's DELIVERED THE BEDDING AND SET IT UP in my existing sleigh bed frame. THEY did not set the bed up correctly and NEVER said anything to me about adding support to my frame!! And, the salesman mentioned nothing of this to me either during the purchase process. He gave me a receipt that listed all kinds of things to review - nothing was checked off and nothing reviewed, only their 30 day return/replace policy.

Today my bed measures a center dip of over 1.25". I am not a large person by any means. When I called them, THEY TOLD ME I VOIDED the warranty by not having the proper support under the bed!! BUT THEY SET IT UP AND SAID NOTHING TO ME. I also found out that the "Split Box Spring" is in fact, only a split BOX. THERE ARE NO SPRINGS FOR ANY SUPPORT. Again, the salesman did not clearly explain this to me - and he reference it 'box spring'. The delivery men left a yellow form that had a list of actions that they performed - again, nothing was checked off. In my adult life, this was only the 2nd bed I had ever bought. I stupidly followed the salesman/delivery guys lead and never asked any questions. I was too excited to have my new bed. I know fee that I was for over $2000.

Interestingly, my boyfriend purchased a different model Beautyrest Black queen mattress/box from Boscov's a few weeks ago. The SAME salesman did the same thing to him - provided the receipt w/ the list of actions w/ NOTHING CHECKED OFF, he called the box a "BOX SPRING" and the delivery guys didn't check off anything on the form that they left behind...exact same issues!! Luckily, because of my terrible experience with Boscov's, my boyfriend has read over all paperwork very carefully and has made sure he has proper support under his own bed/box.

I am very unhappy and disappointed with Boscov's sales and customer service and, if he were still with us, I think Al Boscov would be very disappointed as well. I will not be purchasing anything for my home from them ever again!! If I were you, GO TO A BEDDING SPECIALTY STORE. When it's time for you to invest in new bedding, ask questions and don't sign anything that isn't properly completed during the purchase and/or delivery and set up.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

I ordered SIX WHITE elongated cushioned toilet seats. A pretty basic order. I received from two different store/shipping locations two boxes. One box had two white elongated cushioned toilet seats. The other box had four BEIGE elongated cushioned toilet seats. I emailed, I called, I explained to the customer service folks. I was informed I could order four more WHITE toilet seats and receive a 10% discount. Whoopee!!! I asked why they thought I should spend more money with a company that cannot fill a simple order of SIX identical objects. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM UNLESS YOU DON'T REALLY CARE WHAT YOU GET!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

Order two watches for Christmas, received after Christmas. Return with tracking, checked on tracking and it was shipped. A month later, Boscov's customer services tells me that they never received it. Could not locate tracking number after a month and a half and now I'm on the hook for two watches that I don't have. Call USPS to ask them to help, and went to then sure local post office were I returned the items. Manager agreed to talk to Boscov's customer services and they refused to listen to him about the return of the package. Boscov's online support is terrible and they do not help. Also I was told that I would receive help with the order only to find that customer service agent lied... Do not buy anything from Boscov's...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

We bought a Laura Ashley mattress and box spring from Boscov's in the Deptford Mall on September 5th 2016. Notice the mattress has been sagging in the middle and also sat on the edge of the bed one day to put on a pair of socks and heard a crack. When I flipped the box spring up to see what I had broke I found the wood had snapped in half right at a knot. Also where this knot was supported by my bed frame also we could see the box spring it bowed really bad. Call Boscov's customer service and they send a guy out to take pictures of the bed.

Wait a week later and they call to say that it was neglect because we don't have a center support on our bed frame and there was a stain in the mattress. Not to mention the lady who called was very ignorant and even had the audacity to tell me to take better care of my stuff and to call me ignorant after. Now I stripped the bed and took my own pictures of both the bed and broken box spring. I spent almost $800 on a bed that barely lasted 3 months. I don't know what else to do. I also contacted Laura Ashley, still waiting for a response. I do know I will be cancelling my credit card there and boycotting Boscov's for good.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

I just placed an order. I met my quota for free shipping and they just called saying they were going to charge me an extra $25.00 for shipping! I was told because they were on sale. So buyer beware!! Don't spend time shopping on here meeting the free shipping quota to have them cancel it the next day!!! I spoke to Maria ** the manager on duty. She stated since they were on sale I couldn't receive free shipping!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2016

This is a formal complaint against a female associate in the athletic men's dept at the Colonie Center Boscov's store whom I believe is named Valerie. (She refused to give me her name but I think that Valerie is what appeared on her name tag.) I have been a frequent shopper and loyal customer at Boscov's in Colonie Center for over 10 years. Today, on Saturday November 5, 2016 at approximately 2:15 p. m I was shopping with my daughter for Christmas. While she was in the junior dept. dressing room trying something on I decided to purchase a dress that she was looking at as a surprise gift to give to her for the holiday. The sale went well and I then went upstairs to look for some pajamas for my husband.

As I approached the men's department on the second floor, just as I stepped off the escalator, I noticed that the dress pattern could be seen through the bag so I politely approached the register at the top of the escalator at the Colonie Center Boscov's in the middle of the athletic men's department on the same side of the store as the luggage and college sweatshirts.

I asked the saleswoman who was not helping anyone at the time if she could kindly and before I finished my question she interrupted and said "I ain't holding nothing for you". I said "no I don't need anything to be held, I was just hoping for one extra Boscov's bag so that I could double up my bag with the purchased dress in it to hide the pattern so that I could surprise my daughter who was shopping in the store, as well." She abruptly said "Nope, Can't do it." I was stunned and "Replied, Why not? I shop here all of the time and I have my receipt with the dress." She said, "Ain't my issue, you already gotta bag, go to customer service." As I walked away I looked at her and said "I have never been treated so rude in this store."

Customer service had two sales associates wrapping gifts and a line of exactly eleven people in front of me so I walked over to another register stood in line behind one person and explained my situation with the dress to the sales associate. She smiled and kindly put my bag in another bag to keep the dress from being seen by my daughter. When I walked back I asked the rude sales associate her name and she refused to give it to me instead, she ran over to her manager and said that I had been "cussing" her out and quickly walked back to her register. I explained to the assistant manager in the men's department the situation and she said that she is not supposed to give me a bag... I said "Alright, but the delivery and the tone was so rude not to mention the saleswoman is now lying by saying that I cussed at her because I would never cuss."

The assistant manager apologized and just walked away from me. Then the same saleswoman at the register started speaking loudly to her assistant manager at the register as I walked by saying, "That lady be cussing at me." My reply was, "I have never cussed at anyone and you are very rude." Then I walked away. The entire delivery, and lack of respect for human kindness to which I was spoken and treated was not necessary at all.

Again the salesperson in the men's department at Boscov's would not even give me her name although I believe her name tag had the name Valerie on it and her assistant manager did not show any professionalism by quickly shrugging me off since her associate literally walked me to her. I am wondering if someone might speak to the sales associate about how she speaks to the customers and the assistant manager of the men's department who was there today, Saturday November 6 at 2:15 on how to handle a situation such as this. Thank you for your time. (If I have the sales associates name wrong the assistant manager in the men's department November 5, 2016 at 2:15 will know her name.)

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

I recently placed an online order for a variety of flameless candles (6 packages) which were on sale. The candles were all called "Luminara Flameless Candles" on the Boscov's website. When I received the candles, none of them were Luminara. They were all a brand called "Inflow" which I consider to be inferior and I would NOT have ordered them. So I had to spend my time returning them to the store, about 25 minutes away, a big waste of time. Shame on you Boscov's. You need to advertise the brand you are actually selling and NOT MISLEAD consumers.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2016

My husband and I went to the Boscovs Optical Center in Dover, DE to get new eye exams and glasses. We were attracted there by the 2 pairs of glasses for $99.00. We had a good exam by Dr. C. ** but then the problems began. The optical manager Allison and Jana assisted us in getting our glasses ordered. First, neither the manager Allison or Jana were remotely interested in helping us choose the best glasses for us. The optical manager, Allison was only interested in talking fishing with Jana who was helping my husband and not once giving either one of us her undivided attention. They never informed us that they used the cheapest and lowest grade of glass (product) when making our glasses. My husband even paid $25.00 to have express shipment of his glasses in 2 days! Well my husband's glasses did come in and they called us a couple of days later.

When we went in to get his glasses, he couldn't see a thing! Everything was blurry and glasses were extremely heavy and they tried to tell us that he would have to adjust to them! At this time then they informed us that they use the lowest grade of glass and another manager from another store informed us that our glasses needed to be upgraded! She upgraded both my husband's as well as mine. We waited a month for the upgraded ones to come in only to find we could see but they didn't fit right. After several trips back to get our glasses adjusted, they still weren't right. They adjusted my husband's glasses which sat way above his eyebrows and made intense pressure areas on the sides of his nose. Still the disinterest by the optical manager Allison and the other assistant. Way too many trips at 30 miles each time to have the glasses adjusted.

I've been a nurse for many years and neither my husband nor I will ever go back to the optical center due to the lack of knowledge, interest, and customer service nor will we ever recommend this optical center to anyone. Eyes are a very important part of the human anatomy and they are the human's lifeline to be able to live life to the fullest. The cost of our glasses together was $823.00 which had to be paid in full before we could order our glasses and then they refused to give us an itemized receipt. We were told you can't get that until you pick the glasses up. They didn't even attempt to use our Eye Med insurance.

An optical center such as Boscovs should employ people who are knowledgeable, professional, and who dress appropriately. Not wearing sneakers and clothes that were inappropriate for a professional office. They need excellent customer service skills and they should make the patients their priority. This optical center in Dover, DE is the worst optical center ever and should be closed due to their inability to provide professional services.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 29, 2016

I shopped at Boscovs for the first time this July and have had nothing but problems with them since, 2.5 weeks and no resolution yet. First they fished around in my bank account by placing a hold in the amount of $600 for items that had already been charged to my account but not shipped. I called to have them remove the illegitimate charge & it was a nightmare. It took 2 hours, 6 discourteous, unhelpful and ill-natured customer "service" reps, 3 disconnects (I was told by Felix their phones are rigged to hang up on ppl after 10 minutes, rather evasive, IMO) and a rude email telling me to contact my bank if I need further assistance understanding the holds procedure.

A few days later my merchandise began to arrive in deplorable condition. Items were carelessly thrown in bags and dumped in boxes. They placed a pair of shoes - completely unwrapped on top of lingerie - also completely unwrapped - in a bag in a loosely packed box and shipped it across the country! The lingerie was pulled and snagged and certainly not in new condition. A pair of shoes arrived with debris on the upper and signs of wear & tear on the sole. They appear to have been worn & are also not in new condition. Many other items appeared to have been worn (showed signs of filth such as foul aromas and smears) and returned.

In fact, the only merchandise from Boscovs that arrived in new and acceptable condition were 4 pairs of men's pajamas, still in their factory packaging. I thought I was ordering merchandise and paying for it to be delivered to my home in perfect condition. That did not happen.

As it turns out, I paid for:
1. The inconvenience and waste of time and money spending 2 hours on the phone babysitting rude & unhelpful staff while they fix Boscovs accounting mistakes.

2. The inconvenience of photographing and documenting their shoddy, careless packaging and the damaged merchandise it produced.

3. The inconvenience and waste of time sending 9 (!) emails (including photos and explanations) in total so far without achieving resolution. Their best offer is "Send it back, we will refund you when we get our merch back." Boscovs wants to blame UPS so they can avoid losing $. Macy's on the other hand offered an immediate replacement at no extra charge or further inconvenience to me. I received an email confirming this within moments & my replacement will be here in 3 days. All they required from me was to "Please safely dispose of damaged items." <3 them for that!

Simultaneously, I had placed orders w/ Macy's, Target, Vitacost, VitaGlo, and several others. No one else placed holds on my account for money they had already deducted/received (even and especially the large orders) and everything but one item arrived in ship-shape condition. The one "problem" was very easily resolved in less than 5 minutes with one phone call - this was Macy's. Their customer service is outstanding, I will continue to shop there, but NOT at Boscovs. I have 25+ years of retail employment experience (and even more shopping experience :D), let me tell you, Boscovs is doing it all wrong. Don't waste those hard earned $$$ and precious time there. You will be ripped off and treated poorly.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 6, 2016

I had an appointment for an eye exam over 3 weeks ago. The doctor was nice and seemed knowledgeable. Since my prescription had changed and my old glasses had broken, I wanted to get new glasses. I picked out 3 or 4 frames that I liked. The woman who worked there was no help. When I got glasses at other places the staff was able to tell me which frames would be the best for my prescription.

Also, which frames were best for my face shape. I paid in full for my glasses and I was told they would be in 2 weeks. Well, now it is over 3 weeks and I still do not have my glasses. I called the store twice and spoke to the woman who was working the day of my appointment. She was rude and even hung up on me. I called the 800 number and talked with someone who tried to help but of course that did not work either. She said my glasses would be at the store last Saturday. I drove 42 miles round trip and my glasses were not there. I am having 2nd thoughts about getting my glasses from Boscov's Optical, especially after reading reviews on other sites. I think I made a big mistake choosing Boscov's Optical. It seems that customer satisfaction does not matter.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 17, 2016

Our king bed 2 electric bases were delivered on March 8th. I had everything ready for them to take out from the old bed. As I was talking with whom appeared to be the main delivery guy, he informed me has been doing this job for over 20 years and has put 1000 of these electric beds together as he was trying to PRY the plug out of the power pack to connect the 2 bed frames. I said to him that Jim at the store said you just sync the units together. He informed me that this is how he always assembled these but could not get it apart. He also spent 20 minutes figuring out how to put the headboard brackets together while telling me they must have changed the brackets. When he checked to see if the bed frames worked he could not get one of them to work with the remote and said the base was bad. They left the non-working bed at my house since everything else was loaded in the truck and told me to call customer service.

I gave them a tip which they did not deserve. Very incompetent, you would think Boscov's would train the people putting their furniture together. I called customer service, gave them all the info and she told me they were on backorder for 7 to 10 days (just like when we purchased them). Also they have a new policy that when the new frame gets to the warehouse they will send us a package out with instructions and we then need to call them to schedule the delivery. I said, "this is ridiculous... you do realize this was just delivered 20 minutes ago and I'm already putting in a claim for a broken unit. I didn't even get a chance to sleep on it." Well 4 days after the delivery and call I received the package that I was supposed to get when it comes in and it had a letter stating it was on backorder and they will call us when it comes in.

After 3 weeks of waiting my wife kept telling me to look at it so I climbed under and checked all the plugs which looked good. Grabbed the remote and read the instructions to sync the unit and within 5 minutes had the bed set up and both sides working together (not only did I not have 20 years experience I've never worked on or set up one of these beds)... Incompetent delivery personnel... So now after 3 weeks of waiting I finally put the bed in its place and could put the headboard on. WOW.. Told my wife I would like to see how long it is going to take until they call.

About 6 weeks or so went past and I took a ride to the Boscov's store where I purchased the bed. Our salesman Jim has been the only positive experience we had in this whole fiasco. He pulled everything up on the computer and it showed our request and showed that they were in stock and the best part was there was a note also that said "Do not contact until April 25th..." What the Heck is that.

Jim did not know and called customer service on Monday telling them to give me a call. I came home on the 25th to a message from Jennie saying that Jim called and wanted us to give you a call, nothing about the bed and Jim did not tell them I fixed it myself already. When I called back and explained everything to her and that I was not going to leave a good review she basically said "OK, you have a good day." Not even a sorry. I guess they do enough business that the little people do not matter. I know this was long but just wanted everyone to know what to expect when dealing with Boscov's.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 1, 2016

I ordered $800 in mini blinds & it stated "free shipping". They called back the next day and indicated there would be an additional $300 charge because of the size of the order. Bigger is better for most companies. They even stated in the order that there may be shipments from various locations but there would be only one shipping charge. Stay far away. They are a ripoff.

Verified Buyer
Original review: March 13, 2016

I have recently bought a couch at the end of January, to which it was delivered with pieces missing. I called customer service and even though the lady I spoke with was super nice, waiting on the 2 new couch cushions took over a month. I recently got a phone call on 3/10 that my replacements were in the store for pick-up and when the box was opened I expressed my concern that I was still missing a piece and when I got home I was sure enough still missing one cushion. I have gotten to the point that I am so fed up with this whole process and the fact that I have a couch that I paid over a grand for that looks like complete crap! I most certainly will never be buying a piece of furniture from Boscov's ever again due to this terrible experience.

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2015

I joyfully placed an order for Boscov's after Christmas sale which states free shipping on orders over 25 dollars. They also had a promo of 20 percent off of over 75 dollar purchase. I purchased CLOTHING only--no coats, no jackets, no shoes---just lightweight yoga pants, underpants, and lightweight champion pants for my son. The following day I receive an email from Britnee in customer service, stating that I will need to pay an additional FIFTY DOLLARS to ship my order or my order will be cancelled in 24 hours' time.

Fifty dollar shipping AFTER they claimed free shipping at 25 dollars??? I did not buy furniture or anything heavy--I bought lightweight clothing. Customer service provided no reason, was curt to me, and I have cancelled my order. Please be aware of their deceptive marketing practices and failure to follow through with their own plainly stated promos.

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Original review: Nov. 27, 2015

Paid for clothes with my debit card. Ended up not needed them. Well when I get to customer service there was no return policy listed on the wall or my slip that said it takes 5-7 days to go back on my PNC card. Manager was no help at all. In fact gave a story on how it happened to him like I cared. I will never shop there again and will put the word out to my daughter's school, who bought home a fundraiser for discount day, to never ever shop there.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2015

Incident 1: A few weeks ago, I ordered 2 sets of Patio Furniture. Order placed on phone. I was told that in 3-4 days, I would receive a call from warehouse to schedule delivery. I did not hear from them for 2-3 weeks!!! Finally, I cancelled the order as I placed order elsewhere. After I cancelled the order, I receive multiple calls from Boscov's asking for confirming delivery. Ridiculous! I informed them that I had requested for cancellation. Even after that, I received call twice asking for confirmation for delivery. Finally it got cancelled and I got my money back. What a waste of time!!!

Just 4-5 days ago, I ordered a "La-Z-Boy" sofa set in the store in Woodbridge. I was promised delivery on Thursday. I categorically made a request that I should get at least 30-45 minutes notice before they arrive at home for delivery. I get an automated voice message mentioning they will be home in 10 minutes. I immediately left for home. While I reached halfway (20 minutes left to reach home), I am told they have other orders to manage and I will have to request re-schedule of delivery. I had just moved in a new house and had planned for house warming party with guests coming in. Had to cancel that just because Boscov's said they can't deliver before a week!!! I definitely need compensation for this trouble. Never again a delivery will be requested from Boscov's by me or any of my known people!!!

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Original review: May 19, 2015

I recently ordered all new curtains and valances for my kitchen. My order wasn't enough for free shipping so I ordered curtains - my mom wanted to make up the difference. I mistakenly ordered one less valance than I needed, so order another would cost the same in shipping as the valance itself. I emailed customer service and explained and just asked if there was any way they could waive the shipping. In less than 12 hours I had a response that they would!! Called up - they had all the info for free shipping and what I needed. Fabulous customer service!!!

Original review: April 14, 2015
I am writing to complain about how you discriminate African American models for your weekly advertisement papers. What's the problem? African Americans
shop at Boscov's stores all the time. Pay attention to Macy's ads and compare, I am sure you will see a difference. You need to stop discriminating and you

need to STOP IT NOW! Thank you.

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Original review: April 6, 2015

Ordered this Catnapper recliner chair Dec. 2014. Delivered at end of month. This is a lift Chair with two motors. After three weeks remote stopped working, repairman came out, and ordered replacement part. Three more weeks of waiting new part incompatible. Boscov's customer service said select another chair. No refund if the price was different. Perhaps they could find a pillow. On second call spoke with **. Because I could not drive to Frederick, MD selected chair via internet. ** said she would send paperwork on chair. Still waiting. Now I have a 1100.00 chair I don't like.

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  • Special promotions: Boscov’s website regularly features special sales and promotions for budget-conscious consumers.

  • Size options: Hard-to-fit customers can find many options on Boscov’s website. Hundreds of options are available for each women’s size from 3 to 12, and many special widths are available in each size.

  • Store locations: Boscov’s customers can return merchandise to any of the chain’s department stores. This option makes returns simple.

  • Online exclusives: Boscov’s website stocks many styles that are not available in stores. Consumers who have difficulty finding their size may have much better luck on the company’s website.

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