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We bought a very expensive leather sofa sectional from Bloomingdale's NYC. The sales person convinced us to buy "Worry No More" extended warranty being leather furniture and because of cost. Recently one of the buttons on the sofa seat popped out. I called up Bloomingdale's and they arranged to send someone from Tri State Service to take a look. When the service guy came in he said that they needed to order a new button.

So here is the scam. They will always tell you to use your home phone. They will never call from their phone. They talk to their service team and pass on the phone to you. While you are talking they quickly leave and escape. If they had used their own phone they would have to stay to hear the full conversation. Always tell them to call from their phone. That way they don't run away.

The customer service rep told me that this was not covered under warranty because of normal wear and tear. I told her the inspector who just left told me that he was going to order a new button and come back and install. She said no they will not cover it. I explained that the seat where the button came out from was barely used and you could see that from the compression of the backrest compared to wear in other areas. Also there wasn't enough glue and that was evident on the amount of glue on the button. Only quarter of the button had the glue. Had the inspector stayed I would have pointed this out to him. But he bolted because he knew I would argue about the claim rejection. Now I am stuck with a sofa costing $10,000 and another $700 for Worry No more warranty not knowing exactly what the warranty covers or if they cover anything at all.

I have sent picture of the button as well as the picture of the sofa showing that it's still very new and the reason the button popped out was because of manufacturing defect and not because of normal wear and tear. I am hoping that Bloomingdale's being a quality and expensive store will take care of their customers. If not this is the last time I am shopping with them. Please don't let the inspectors use your phone. Because once they leave you, you will never see them again.

I placed an order online for a $75 gift card. I received an email stating that I needed to call Customer Service to have it processed. So I did. I was on the phone for 20 minutes. Since I live internationally, I was told to give a US phone number. I gave them my boyfriend's phone number, who was sent a voicemail with the reference #. I called back with the reference # and I was placed on hold for 20 minutes. I was told that my order had to be verified. After the "brief" hold, I was told that my order wasn't processed. When I asked why, the person told me that they couldn't say why and that I had to contact my bank and that the next time I was in the US, I should fix it.

This is ridiculous. I called my credit card (it wasn't a bank by the way), and everything is fine on their end. I am VERY unhappy and I don't ever want to order anything from your store again. I will tell my mom (who still likes your store) that I cannot get her a gift card for her birthday. She will have to get something else. OH AND BY THE WAY, THEY KEPT SAYING MACY'S WHEN THE GIFT CARD WAS FOR BLOOMINGDALE'S.

I tried on an evening gown in a Bloomingdale's in Los Angeles, but didn't want to buy it there and haul it home to Michigan, so I waited 'til I got home and attempted to order it online. They were out of my size, so I took a chance on one size larger. When it arrived, I tried it on and it was way too big. I figured it would cost a lot to alter it, so instead I put it back in the original packaging and sent it back. They say they offer free returns. Imagine my shock when they sent me an email saying they would not accept my return, as the dress was "stained." That is flat out impossible. I tried it on, took it off, put in back in the box... maybe took 20 minutes. My only thought is that it was somehow damaged in transit, or in their own warehouse. I will NEVER order anything from them again. Does anyone have any advice? I'm stunned. They say they're mailing the dress back to me.

The Bloomingdale's American Express Card is absolutely the worst credit card I've own. The APR is 24% compared to other cards whose APR is much lower and additionally this is the first time I have a zero balance and still have to pay a MINIMUM INTEREST CHARGE OF $2.00 MONTHLY. Don't feel bad if you aren't approved for this credit card, they are a rip off!!! Still when I call to close out the account they tell me I have a balance due and as a one time courtesy they will waive the fee. RIDICULOUS!!!

For years I thought "Bloomingdale's" was an upscale department store with great products & service. WRONG! On July 12, 2016 I ordered over $77 worth of Clinique products so I could get the GWP {gift with purchase}. The gift was full of great colors for me and new products I was excited to use. My shipment came in 3 different packages. However, when it arrived I did not receive what was advertised - I got opposite. I need cool colors which they advertised - they sent me ugly warm that I cannot use. So I called thinking it was just a mistake. Their customer service number goes to Nicaragua. I was told they didn't have what was on the confirmation letter & picture they sent me. Disappointed I needed to return everything.

I packed up everything and drove it to their UPS drop store. I got a confirmation they received it but, a couple days later- only stated partial refund. Thinking the 3 separate orders required separate refunds - I just waited. I then get a email stating I didn't return a charcoal scrub/mask WHICH I DID AND IT WAS THE LARGEST ITEM! So I called and responded to emails again. So I went thru all their links & emails only to realize the item they did not credit me for was the Mild Toner so I send more proof and emails. Then they tell me I didn't return that!!!

So once again I'm back online asking for help. In the meantime NO REFUND HAS COME THRU FOR ANYTHING! All I have is a bunch of confusing emails they sent. They stated they were refunding me 7 days ago on July 27. Nothing has shown up. So I follow up again. Today I get another email stating they are processing my credit and it will take a couple days then my bank may take a couple more days. They ignore the time frame as if they are starting over.

BLOOMINGDALE'S??? I've been purchasing these cosmetics online for over 15 years! The only difference is/was - this was my first online purchase with I'm still waiting for my refund and have no customer service rep who truly cares or handles this professionally. They just send me a bs letter never truly solving the issue. I want my money back and their haphazard way of doing business is unacceptable. The service is truly horrendous & I will never under any circumstance order from them again. Nordstroms - fabulous service, Neiman Marcus - great service, Macy's - great service, Bon Ton - great service. I am having trouble sending you my receipt on this computer, however, I have printed it and will send you a picture of it from my phone. Just tell me where to send it.

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I received a gift card to Bloomingdale's from my brother 2 or 3 years ago. When I attempted to use the gift card last week, I was surprised to find out that there was zero balance on it. I was told that if a gift card goes unused, it just needs to be reactivated. When I called the Bloomingdale's gift card line, the representative told me that there was indeed zero balance. Since I didn't have a receipt for the purchase of the gift card, she could give me no further information. With persistent questioning, I was told that my gift card was used for a handbag in New York in January of this year. I was never in New York, and I never purchased a $495 handbag.

I have no idea how someone would have access to my gift card number. I asked for information on this transaction (for example, was the balance paid by a credit card? what was the store location?). I asked how I can further investigate this fraud, but the representative refused to give me ANY information since I didn't have a receipt for the purchase of the gift card. She seemed altogether unconcerned about the fraud. She was more concerned about her receipt policy than trying to help me figure out what to do next. I'm extremely disappointed in Bloomingdale's. They made ZERO effort in customer service. I would not recommend ever purchasing a gift card from this store.

Recently, had a system outage during a sale. Because I wasn't able to check out and make my purchase, I entered an online chat. The agent could not assist me. I wasn't able to call at that time. I screenshotted my bad and bag ID and chatted the next morning. Bloomingdale's would not honor the sale prices, despite all the proof that I provided, that I made every attempt to complete the purchase during the sale. This is unacceptable and it's just bad business. Why perform maintenance during a sale in the first place? Any other store would have honored the prices.

I bought on June 30 one pair of shoes for a wedding at Bloomingdale's in Huntington Walt Whitman mall. The counter sales person look at the shoes very fast over the plastic on the shoes. And did not told me that the shoes was used. On July 1 my flight was cancel because of a storm. So I want to return the shoes back. I never used them. I never opened the box because I am thinking they are brand new. When I went to the store and the sales person call the store manager, Marie **, she said that she will not give me the money back because it was used. I never used the shoes. Since my flight was cancel I left to Boston Children Hospital to be with my daughter. They know that they sell me a used shoes. I am a mother of a 3 years old daughter and a 2 twins baby. And one at the Hospital since July 31, 2015. This store should not get advantage and steal money from a mother who have small kids.

I am sick and tired of mailing Bloomingdale's. I have proof of delivery that they received my return item. They have not replying for more than a week now. The only mail I received says they are investigating it. Sorry this is not a criminal case. Refund my payment...

I placed an order for 2 sofas for 5K. Sale rep promised that my order will be processed and I will received an email confirmation and receipt. After 2 weeks, I noticed I haven't received anything from Bloomingdale's but my credit card already have pending payment to Bloomingdale's. A week later, I got a call from their delivery service to schedule delivery. I called the online number for furniture department. They blamed me that I deleted my order number email and that they usually sent it out the day after the order.

The sale rep was rude, loud and short with me. He just say "we would have to regenerate it for you in 1-2 business days". I have never been so UPSET with a purchase before. The is the first time and last I would ever shop at Bloomingdale again. Also, pls don't make mistake like I did and make furniture purchase online through Bloomingdale. Rude and unprofessional service. Also, they never gave me the loyalist points either for my purchase either. Keep saying it would be 60 days but I'm so sick of calling.

I've never written any bad review regarding any business/service but I feel that with big store like Bloomingdale's, this needs to be addressed. So last week, Bloomingdale's has a FRIENDS & FAMILY event online. So I bought a Burberry Brit Bowpark Single Breasted Trench Black, $795 & an automated "Get 40% off Burberry Brit Red" sentence appear, I was yay. I didn't know that I'm saving on my favorite coat, it went down to $596.25, I ordered right away using my credit card.

5 mins later, I received the email stating "additional information needed for your order." So I called them up & they said "you need to check your billing information" without telling me what information is wrong and just hung up on me after I asked to speak with their supervisor. So I tried order another Burberry dress ($795) using the same promo code that automatically applied in brown bag, using my debit card, same billing address, the dress came down to $596.25, order got cancelled again. I don't understand the reason here & never get a proper explanation from Bloomingdale's. 3 times I called, I got hung up & basically same answer, you need to check your billing information?!

I've never had any problems shopping online, even from UK, Australia and you are the only company I know that cancel customer's order without any VALID reason. Or should I have paid the original price instead of trying to use promo code to get discount? This is bad for your business, I don't know how many other people experienced this but you just lost more than $1,000 of revenue from me.

Received a small package via FedEx on March 23. Opened and found an expensive bottle of perfume that I never ordered, in fact have never done any business with Bloomingdales. Immediately called their "customer support" and was told to ship the item back and the money ($100) would be refunded to my account. I said, "How can you refund via debit card when you are not supposed to have my card data in the first place??" She said, "We now have your debit card on file". I said, I will file a claim with state attorney general's consumer fraud department. Then she said "Someone with your card information ordered this". If so, why on earth would they order it sent to me? Wouldn't they order it sent to their own mailing address?

This whole thing smells like a scam that originated with a Bloomingdales staffer! Now, 3 weeks later, I am reconciling my bank statement and I find not one, but two $100 Bloomingdales charges there, both on 3/23. I was contacted by the bank yesterday and told "We are working on it, it might take 90 days"!! Never ever buy anything from Bloomingdales online!! YOU WILL BE A VICTIM OF THEIR THEFT!

Placed an order online for $500. I guess because the order was so high they had to call me to verify the information. (A call they claimed to make but I never received) Since I didn't return their call they cancelled the order! No explanation whatsoever. I had to call back 3 times before they told me why they cancelled the order. Again I never received a call from them. Now I have to wait an entire billing cycle for them to release the authorization hold they placed on the funds from my card.

I have not received any paperless billing statements since 10/20/15. Couple of days ago, I received a letter stating that my account was late charged. I checked my email and then I realized that I have not been receiving statement emails from Bloomingdale's. I called them. As it turns out I made purchase of $72 in November and had late charges of $149. I paid $72 immediately and asked them to waive fees. The representative waived partial charges and was not willing to take the responsibility that their email server had issues.

I asked to talk to manager, remained on hold for an hour and they hang up on me. I called again, got another representative, who tells me that they have my email address on file. Therefore, I was getting email notifications about my bills, so she will not waive any late fees. Finally I spoke with the manager, who was rude and flatly refused to waive any more charges. I read her posts from Consumeraffairs telling her that it's Bloomingdale's that have issues with delivering emails. But she was not willing to listen. I spent more than an hour on the phone and closed my account. The credit card customer service was ill-informed and not accommodating!

Bloomingdale's changed their credit card billing system in August 2015. I don't know when they became aware of problems with the system but they do know account holders who are signed up for paperless billing are not getting their bills. Did they tell account holders about the problem? Don't be silly, that would be the intelligent and legal thing to do. No, instead they wait until your account is 90 days past due, report you to the credit reporting firms, then robocall you and not leave a message. How are you supposed to discover and deal with fraudulent activity on your account when you don't know about it until after your credit's been ruined?

I ordered a gift card to be sent to my daughter. The next day someone from Bloomingdale's called our landline for confirmation and I was suppose to return the call @ 6:00pm. I work and since I could not make the call they canceled the order only to place the order the next day and then to cancel that order because I did not call @12:00pm to give them confirmation. My bank put a hold on my card because of the two orders and two canceled orders - they thought it was fraud behavior. I should have left well enough alone. I was suppose to be speaking to a Service Manager, but who knows. I was promised that they would send the gift card with next day delivery at no cost to me. The trace that I put on the order today noted it will be shipped in two days from today, Standard Shipping. NO MORE business from me... I get better service from Wal-Mart. Something needs to be done for this behavior. Civil Charges?

I was notified by my bank that I had received a fraudulent transaction to my debit card from an online order from Bloomingdale's for almost $500. So I talked to my bank to fix the problem. Later the store calls my house twice; as I was told by my mom. They gave her a phone number so that I could call when I was available and order number because the bank had notified them about the problem and wanted to speak to me. I called later to see what they needed to know so this could be settled. I called the number I was called from.

I told her the problem and she asked me about the reference #. I thought she wanted me to give it to her but apparently she was going to transfer my call and did not tell me. Their system ended up hanging up on me so I tried calling the number they had given my mom for me to call. Worst customer service ever. The lady was super rude. I gave the reference # and then she asked me for my name. Apparently my name wasn't the name on the order, no figures. I tried to explain her the problem but she didn't even take me seriously and just hung up on me.

Honestly, I didn't have to go through this. They were the ones who called me in the first place. I was just following up and trying to see if I could help them not send the items to the person who used a fake card. I had already gotten my money back from the bank and I don't understand why they give me a # to call and have them not know what is going on. Then they called me again from the store and when I answered nobody answered and then they hung up on me. If I ever planned on being an actual customer, now I will never be!

Had the WORST (and strangest) customer service experience in my life with Bloomingdale's yesterday. If I didn't have a $75 gift card to use there I would have just bought the item somewhere else... Placed an order online for a Le Creuset braiser and got an email confirmation. I've been a customer & credit card holder for decades, had my wedding registry with them, and have shopped in store and online thousands of times. About 15 minutes later a rep calls me about verifying the online order. Odd. Convinced that the number that called me was a scam call, I call the customer service number listed on their website and confirmation emails.

I get transferred twice and wait on hold - when I finally get through I'm told my order was cancelled!! When I asked why - the woman didn't know. The connection was terrible and it was obvious they had outsourced their call center. I don't really care if they do that, but you are are going to do that and your charge your customers a lot of money for stuff - the call should be clear - not so staticky and cutting out. I spend most of the call saying "What? What? Can you repeat that?" She says I can reorder the item over the phone, but has to transfer me to another person that can do that.

The connection with this woman was equally terrible and nearly impossible to understand her, but she managed to reorder the item. Near the end she says "Since you are a wonderful and amazing person I'm going to give you 20% off" while she's saying this she's laughing. I said "What?" And she repeated it all telling me I was amazing multiple times and laughing the whole time. It's the weirdest conversation I've ever had with a customer service rep in my life. Either she's mocking me while giving me a discount, or she's really awkward.

2 hours later I get an email that my order needs additional information and to call customer service. I call AGAIN. another 13 minute wait on hold and I get a rep (another terrible phone connection) who says the email was for the first order that was cancelled and the 2nd order is all set. Why are they emailing me about an order that had been cancelled by them 3 hours ago?? She gives me a tracking # - I ask what this is for because I placed the order to pick up in store. She says "Oh," and then says to disregard that and to wait for the email confirmation of when I can pick up the item. Good thing they are on top of what's happening...

During this wait I send several public messages to Bloomingdale's Twitter account. I got 1 response asking me to email them with the information so they could help find out what was happening. I emailed them with the same information provided above and no one has ever emailed me back more than 24 hours later. I reached out several more times via Twitter, but no one responded.

6 hours after I placed the second order I get an email that the second order was also cancelled. WTF!!!?? I have to call back AGAIN and talk with someone who says the store inventory showed the item in stock, but they couldn't find it. That took 6 hours to figure out?? She transfers me to a person to reorder the item. This woman says the item has to be shipped to me since the store can't find it and she's upgrading me to express shipping since I've had so many problems with the order. This last person I spoke with seemed to be the only one that knew what the hell was going on.

Today I get an email saying "Welcome to Bloomingdale's - enjoy 10% off your first purchase." What? Literally my first purchase at Bloomingdale's was in the 80s. I don't know what Bloomingdale's changed recently, but something is seriously wrong with their system. Almost 24 hours later and the order hasn't been cancelled yet - so I guess that's a good sign??

I ordered an item on and paid using my PayPal account. I returned the item on 1/22/16 and I checked the status a few days later. I immediately noticed they set the refund to be in the form of a gift card. I immediately called and spoke to someone in Customer Service to rectify that. I specifically selected refund to original form of payment. So, I thought everything was set straight and was told to look out for my refund in next 7 business days. It is now 20 days later and I have yet to receive my refund on PayPal. I have called both Bloomingdale's and PayPal several times to check on this status. I was then told it would take up to 14 business days (I was originally told 7 days).

I went ahead and filed a dispute with PayPal and they have 10 calendar days to refund my money or PayPal will. I should have done this weeks ago. Would have saved me the frustration. I will not order anything else from Bloomingdale's. I was surprised that such a high end establishment would have such flaws in their customer service/processing department.

I inadvertently mislabeled returns to Bloomingdale's and Sak's 5th Avenue. Sak's promptly returned the incorrect item to me with a letter stating it was not their item. This is when I was first made aware of my mistake. Thinking it would not be long before Bloomingdale's would do the same thing with the incorrect items they received. When that did not happen, I contacted Bloomingdale's customer service via email which generated an incident number **. An auto generated response said I would hear from them within 48 hours.

I never received a response and called customer service on 1/22/16. I was told there were notes regarding the issue and that they were shipped back to me. On 1/23/16 I received a response to my original inquiry stating they were sending a request to the warehouse to locate the package and send them back to me. Confused by the conflicting information I responded that I was told they were already sent back.

I have had numerous responses that had nothing to do with the matter I was requiring about and more conflicting information on the status of my issue. I have sent an email to the attention of a supervisor as well as a complaint on the corporate headquarter's site about this issue. Still have not received resolution. Items are valued at $650. I will be closing my account when I can finally get them to credit my account for other items returned. So frustrating and disappointing...

I placed an order online on December 12, 2015 and 10 days later I received an email that my order was cancel because the item was not longer available for shipping 4 day before Christmas Eve - seriously. Every time I want to place an online order and purchase something with Bloomingdale's their system is temporary unavailable specially when it's time to exchange the bmoney cards. What a coincidence. Their service is always down when you want to redeem their bmoney cards.

Wait I'm not done. The online system is the worst I've ever experienced. Customer service in Stores the sale associates are so nice and courteous when you're purchasing but don't even think on returning something because they will treat you the opposite way. Today I spent an hour and a half selecting the items I wanted to purchase because unfortunately, I still have gift cards left and guess what??? My purchase was unable to process because the item was not available. I still have a 75 dollars bmoney card that expired on Dec 24, 2015 that is worth nothing today. I'll pay off my Bloomingdale's card and I will indefinitely closed it down. I hope the Bloomingdale's stores closed their stores down as Macy's.

I saw a glimmer of hope with Bloomingdale's. My wife needed a 1/2 size larger in a Tory Burch sandal and the customer service email reply was so prompt and courteous. "Yes we will send you a new pair of sandals as you requested." Stupidly the store sent me the same size and also sent a return label to return the original purchase. What a waste. I thanked them for the courtesy and quick reply, but then was told they changed their policy and would not do exchanges. What?? 4 shipments of sandals later and I do not have the sandal I requested and Bloomingdale's paid the shipping charges x4. I will not waste my time with this store again!

Beware! If you shop at, you're not going to get a credit card refund! Same thing happened to me happened to reviewers Dominique of San Jose, CA on Dec. 2, 2015 & Kathy of Sonoita, AZ on Sept. 21, 2015. Mailed back returns. Did not get a credit card refund. Received gift cards by mail. Called customer service. Spoke to 2 different persons. Said they could not help. All they could do was to make a request to a 'specialist' dept. At that point knew I would never see my $ again. Lucky that I used AMEX. Called AMEX for help.

I purchased an Burberry rain jacket as a surprise Christmas gift for my spouse. When I was checking out online, I selected that I wanted it gift wrapped for a $5 charge. The item arrived rolled up poorly in a brown box and not gift wrapped. Thank goodness I was home to receive it but I didn't have the correct box size at home. I called to get the $5 refund. They offered to ship the supplies but they wouldn't arrive in time so I passed on that. They are sending me a $10 gift card for the inconvenience but it doesn't change the fact that it was a very bad experience. I've had much better experiences purchasing items that are a fraction of the cost. I would recommend that at the very least tissue paper and a correctly sized box be supplied for free around this time of year.

I wish I could leave a negative star rating. I ordered a Pandora Ring from them on 11/30 which said I would receive it by 12/9. It was a birthday gift, not a Christmas gift. Well it's December 22nd and I still have not received the ring. I had to buy another gift. This is because they shipped it through FedEx Smart Post (very cheap way of shipping) which first goes out through FedEx then sits in their warehouse for God knows how long (mine sat for 2 weeks), then gets sent to the US Postal Service and that's another whole process as it has already been 5 days and they still do not have it.

I called Bloomingdale's to tell them that I did not want the ring delivered and that I wanted a credit for the ring. What a hassle. 1st they tried to tell me that since I placed the order so long ago that they could not do anything for me. Well that did not sit well with me. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor as I no longer want the ring and did not want the hassle of having to return it. This has been the worse service ever. 43 minutes and still on hold.

The CS guy is trying to help. He even offered to credit me and for me to keep the ring if it ever gets delivered. I still decided to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor confirmed that the refund was processed and that even though he highly doubts the ring will be delivered but if it is I can keep it at no charge. He said that the credit will take 3-5 business days to show on my card and gave me his full name and his employee number as a reference for the credit, and stated that he noted the account that I can keep the ring as no charge if by some chance it gets delivered.

I will be happy with just the credit. Don't want the hassle of return the ring. If it gets delivered that will just be a bonus :). Even though their delivery method sucks the two employees I spoke to today, Carlos (CS) and Christian (manager) were very helpful and extremely nice. Bloomingdale's should be thankful to them. Now I just hope my credit goes through.

I placed an order for a pair of men's Gucci shoes for my husband's Christmas gift from and received an email confirmation and three hours later received an email saying that my order was "pending review" and I needed to contact Customer Service. I waited on hold for 30+ minutes for them to tell me that my billing address could not be verified. Mind you, I've made several purchases with the same card and same billing address and have NEVER had an issue.

Customer Service was VERY rude and told me there was nothing they could do to get the order to go through. I asked them how they could say my billing information could it be verified but yet they still had my funds on hold with my bank. They told me I had to wait 48 hours to get my money back. I asked to speak with a manager and was on hold forever and a manager never came to the phone! I was advised by the customer service agent that this happens with certain items and could try purchasing a different item. I contacted my bank and asked them to release the funds so I could try making another purchase. The very next day I attempted to make another purchase and the exact same thing happened. I'm not sure if this is their way of not honoring my loyalist points I have or if this is just an issue with their system. Either way I am VERY disappointed and will never attempt to order anything from their website again!

I placed an order of a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots in Oct. Back then, it was scheduled to be shipped on Dec 8. I even called a couple of times to check on my order in Nov just to make sure they will be shipped on time. All I got was "Yes, it's scheduled to be shipped in early Dec." On Dec 3, I noticed an amount of over $600 was charged on my credit card by Bloomingdale's, so I called their customer service. They were like "Yes, your boots are shipped and scheduled to be delivered on Dec 9."

However, as of today Dec 11, I still have not received my order. When I called them again yesterday, first of all, I was on hold for 20 minutes, finally I got to speak with someone from customer service. She's like "Yes, your order is already shipped. You check online via 'check you order status'." I told her I just checked and I couldn't track where it is. She put me on hold again and came back saying "My mistake, it's going to be shipped tomorrow..."

So I went in again this morning, to my surprise, my order information was completely gone. I called their customer service again, after another 20-minute hold, a new customer service person told me a completely different story, "Your order was never processed. We ran out of the item already." I told her the conversation I had with their customer service yesterday and asked her to check the recording. She's like, "I can see you called, but there's no notes about the conversation, so I can't verify..."

I've never had a business that is so dishonest, shady and so not get their ** together! Basically they tricked me to place my order on their website, charged my credit card a month later, and never plan to send me my purchase. I watch my expenses pretty close, so I noticed it. What if people who don't watch their credit card statement every day?! Bloomingdale's is stealing from their customers. If you are lucky and you find out, they'll just be like sorry we ran out, we'll refund you... So sneaky! They are dishonest and I will never shop from them again!

I bought three large Ralph Lauren area rugs on sale during Thanksgiving cyber sales. I received two of the three rugs, yet the invoice included stated that three rugs had been shipped and I was billed for three. The invoice stated that two rugs were packaged together - which is nearly impossible to roll two 9 x 12 rugs into a thin, shippable package. I called Bloomingdale's to check and see if the third might somehow be on the way. I first went through 10 minutes of automated garbage, telling me that according to the UPS website, the order was delivered in full.

I then attempted to get a person on the phone, waited another 20 minutes only to be connected to a barely English speaking "customer service" rep who was completely dismissive because the rugs were ordered with my husband's credit card, and that my husband would have to call from work and sit on hold with them for 20 minutes before they could do anything for us. How disgraceful. Nearly 10K spent and that is the service I received and only a partial order. We will not be calling back, thank God for AMEX who will deal with this fraud or theft from their warehouse as the case may be.

I returned an item back to Bloomingdale's through mail. When returning the item online and they ask how would I like the refund back, I requested that it went back to my Bloomingdale's account. Submit. I receive an email saying they sent me a gift card for the refund. No, that's not what I requested. I sent an email reply back, stating that's not what I wanted. I wanted a refund. I called Customer Service and spoke with a rep. They told me the gift card has already been sent. I said again, "I don't want the gift card. I want it credited back to my account just like how I paid for it." They said it would take up to 15 days to reverse the gift card and to credit my account. I said, "Ok." I receive an email back saying they saw I spoke to a rep and I agreed to receive the gift card." No!!! I did not!!! Wow, really frustrating. They can't do a simple refund for $78.10.

So I wait 15 days and still no activity of the refund. Meanwhile I recovered the gift card in the mail. My statement comes for the next month, and still no activity of the refund. Now I'm having to pay over of what they were supposed to refund back. I called today and had a 57 minute conversation with one rep that took up to 45 minutes putting me on hold to get information from someone else. Why don't they just have me talk to the one who is relaying the message? And finally a manager Amanda that told me again, "It's going to take 4-6 weeks now for the refund and since I'm making payments over what I'm supposed to be they will credit again back to my bank account. What!? This is bad business.

This will be the last time I shop with Bloomingdale's because of the hassle and money I'm having to pay for their slack of business. Every conversation they give me a runaround. I asked for an email confirmation that once again they told me this refund to my account is in the process. Amanda couldn't even do that for me. A lot of apologies is all I'm getting. No customer satisfaction.

Ordered six 5-piece place settings and a large platter for Thanksgiving on 11/16 with a delivery date of 11/25. Received a message on 11/19 that my order has shipped showing all seven pieces. I received three boxes on 11/24 each with two of the 5-piece place settings. At no time during this process did I receive any notification that the large platter was unavailable, would not be shipped, or was not included. Some type of notice during that eight-day process should have been sent so that I could have tried to obtain from a different vendor.

I emailed customer service on 11/26 when I opened the packages to let them know that the platter was never included. Received an email back apologizing for the inconvenience, that they tried to reship the item but it was no longer available, and will issue a credit in 1 day but will take a few days to post. Did not even apologize for not including the item or not apologizing that a credit should have already been issued. Why would I want to be a Bloomingdale's Loyallist with that kind of service? They no longer have my business.

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