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After spending several thousand dollars at Best Buy in Peachtree City 2 of the PCS framework crashed. I was told to take it back to the store by HP. It could not be repaired. What did I get? Two twelve year olds at Geek Squad who have no idea how business programs work and "Sorry you'll have to manage for 30 days without them." Not an option. Last cent ever and I've been a great customer over the years. This certainly explains why you have stores closing. Your customer service is beyond horrible. Only to find out one of the twelve year olds is a manager. Beyond shocking.

I took my computer in to Best Buy White Marsh. I'm having the worst time trying to get any kind of service or help. I am on the tech support maintenance plan. I take it in for a new hard drive. The manufacturer sent the wrong recovery media. Now Best Buy won't do a damn thing to rectify the problem and they want me to sign up for another 3 years. Only thing good I see in the service is their chat with a agent. They are fantastic. Otherwise, forget the company.

Makes me super frustrated angry mad for the company geek squad did... I ask them to help me to fix my phone and they of course offer this one and that one. When I get my account or warranty on their company they explain it to that everything happen to my iphone replace a new one but unfortunately when that happen they just send me a re use one which is my real phone cause me lots of money... then when I just decided not to take those anymore I want a full refund on my security deposit that they send me and it takes weeks to do that!!! But if they want a security deposit for the warranty they charge it right away!!! What kind of company are they??? They are just useless company!!! Taking advantage for the customers. I really not recommended this company to others that's why I want to have a review for dissatisfied for that company "geek squad".

Phone breaks. Call Geek Squad and wait 2 weeks for a reply. They send me a phone with a broken screen. Replacement phone arrives and it is the wrong color. Operator tells me that they don't have all black anymore and I have no choice but to have a Gold and White phone. I ask for a supervisor, They tell me that I have to wait 48 hours for a call back. THE SERVICE SUCKS.

Frustration and anger are a few choice words I would use for this company. The arrogance and avoidance of not dealing with issues when a customer calls is simply not acceptable. I purchased an extended warranty on my iPhone and just after a year, the screen was not as clear as it should have been. I contacted the Geek Squad and they sent me a empty box to return the phone. The phone was still usable and as I was out of the country over Thanksgiving I decided to keep it until I returned. I contacted the Geek Squad and they advised I had 60 days to return the product. In the interim the phone died and would not charge so I once again contacted them and did what they call a rapid exchange, where they bill my MasterCard 735.00 and a new phone arrived within what I was told was 3-4 business days, which now turns out to be 3-5 business days.

I did receive it on the 4th day only because after tracking it on UPS it showed it had arrived but the address was incorrect! So I contacted UPS and they were able to locate the driver who I drove 1/2 an hour to meet to get my phone. My MasterCard was billed immediately after making my request to expedite a phone with an assurance it would be credited back within 3-5 business days. I now find out the broken phone I returned is being sent back to me because they cannot unlock it! The phone will not charge so of course it cannot be unlocked so I spent an hour on the phone with Apple before sending it to find out how I can unlock it as I was unable to use it. I worked with them for an hour and we were unable to go online and remove the phone from my account which they said would allow the repair company to access it.

What is really infuriating is the lack of customer service. I have spoke with 1 manager Edmond, another by the name of Eric called me back leaving a message saying the phone was delivered with 4 days (yes because I drove to the driver) and several agents, most recently Melony, who should not be in any related CSR position. Her tone and hint of sarcasm when I told her I would wait for a manager (which would be 24-48 hours) would be deemed totally inappropriate for any reputable company. Are there that many issues with this company that it takes a manager up to 48 hours to return a call, after my experience I can only imagine! My suggestion...don't even consider getting this insurance, what a waste of time and money!

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Have spent hundreds of dollars with Geek Squad and recently had to submit a claim for phone not charging. It has been over a month process and still no phone. They processed my first phone and after not receiving in 3 weeks, I called back. It was not processed. I processed another claim, they sent me the wrong phone color. Stated that they didn't have black, I requested original phone, I sent back the phone, they sent another wrong phone. Called back, they had indicated the replacement was faulty and didn't correct the issue with sending wrong phone. I asked to speak to supervisor, very sarcastic and hung up on me. I had to call back and after several reps I ordered another phone. We'll see how this goes. At this point I've spent 3 hours waiting on the phone. And over 1 month waiting on phone. Buyer beware!!!

My work computer wouldn't start so I brought it into Geek Squad on a Saturday (they're open until 8pm Saturday and Sunday). I was nice to be able to bring in a computer rather than find a repair shop online and pack and ship the computer. Geek Squad told me that I'd have to pay $100 to fix operating system issues, and that if the issue was a bad hard drive I'd have to pay an additional $310. Also they told me the repair would take 2-4 days.

I got a call from Geek Squad on Sunday that my computer was fixed. When I picked up my computer Geek Squad turned it on and showed me that the computer was working, and there was no additional charge. Overall this was an excellent experience because I didn't have to ship my computer which would take an extra few days, cost me money and time in packing. I recommend Geek Squad if your computer is broken. If they can't fix it then it's probably time to buy a new one.

I have a problem with my Samsung TV (which seems to be a common defect based on a Google search). It took 40 minutes to finally get an appointment made for a technician to come out and have a look at the TV. After explaining my problem to the first person, she told me to take out the batteries in my remote and then put them back in. After I told her that this seems to be a problem with Samsung TVs she then transferred me to the wrong department. I don't think I ever made it to the TV department. After 30 minutes on the phone I was told that the service department wasn't open and then finally got someone to make an appointment for me. I found the entire process to be extremely frustrating and just hope that the in-house visit is an all round better experience.

After taking our 7 month old laptop back to the Best Buy because icons wouldn't work or respond at all. I took it there at 10 a.m. and they told me I would have to make an appt. I said, "Ok so when can I get an appt?" They said, "At 3:15," but I couldn't leave it with them. I would have to bring it back at 3:15. So I had to go back home and wait till 3:15 to bring it back. So stupid! This is the convenience of having the Geek Squad?

With the money I lost from having to stay home from work, I could have gotten a repair contract with a company that would have let me drop it off and pick it up when it was fixed. I think they want you to come to the store twice so you'll browse around the store and hopefully buy something. I will never buy another product or anything else from Best Buy ever again and I also think that their Geek Squad SUCKS! Waste of time and money unless you have nothing to do all day. Then they told me that to back up my files it would cost me another 110.00 dollars. They charge you 110 bucks to stick a memory stick in the port. Unbelievable! They SUCK!

I purchased Geek Squad computer insurance. This was based largely on the fact that I was told that if the computer broke it would be replaced, no questions asked. Been paying into the insurance for about a year and a half. My computer broke (it simply wouldn't turn on). They attempted to fix the computer in house. However, the issue reemerged less than one week later. As such, Geek Squad then sent the computer away to be fixed. I don't hear from Geek Squad for over 2 months (they claim to have contacted me, but I never received a phone call or e-mail).

At this point, I go to pick up my computer. However, the issue remains; the computer won't turn on. They claim to have tested to computer at the compound and in house, yet the computer won't turn on. The computer has had the same problem twice, and they have failed to fix the problem both times. At this point, rather than admit that the computer is broken and replace it (given my insurance and their guarantees, this seems reasonable), they send the computer away yet again. Upon complaining to the manager, he tells me that I should simply "cancel the insurance then." Brutal service. I don't think that the employees are inherently bad, but the service that their organizations enables them to provide is horrible.

I bought an Acer Laptop with all the bells and whistles in Sept. 2013. At the time of purchase I purchased ALL the extended warranties from GEEK SQUAD for this PC; Protection Plan, Tech. Serv. Plan, Internet Security Software Plan. I continued to renew the plans each and every year; 2014, 2015 & 2016. The Acer PC had a hardware issue on the 23rd of Sept. 2016 and we brought it in for service. We were told at the counter that our Protection Plan had expired Sept. 9th but I instructed the GEEK SQUAD Serv. Tech. that we had auto-renewed all the plans. He said for some reason the Protection Plan had failed to renew but that we were within a reasonable grace period and if we talked to corporate that they would probably let us renew the plan and get the PC fixed. Corporate was contacted Sept. 23rd, 2016 and I was told it would take 24-48 hours to hear back from them.

When I didn’t hear from corporate I called again and was told it would take 7-days. As of Sept. 30th, 2016 I’ve heard nothing. When I called again corporate said the PC was out of the warranty period and that there is NO GRACE period for renewing the protection plan. Given we renewed every year since owning the PC I thought customer service would resolve this. They did. They said it’s out of warranty, there is NO GRACE period and “You are out of luck and must pay for the repair.” This is the poorest service I’ve ever received given the amount of money we spend at this store. I recommended to everyone that they should NOT SHOP AT BEST BUY EVER UNLESS THEY WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP!!!

I went into Geek Squad to backup my old Apple computer that died. I told them it wasn't even powering up. Wanted to remove hard drive to back up on new external drive and they sent me to Apple store. Wasted a lot of gas money. Two hours waiting 91st Apple store to have them tell me what I already knew and send me back to Best Buy. Went back to Best Buy same store only to find out they had the capability but wouldn't be able to finish. Don't know why? Also bought Kaspersky says for 3 computers but I only wanted for one and could not get. Phone help must be out of country because very poor English.

I had purchased an HP laptop from Best Buy, along with a 3-year extended warranty. Within a year and a half the hinge screws holding the screen to the base of the laptop had cracked the plastic and come out. Geek Squad sent the laptop away for over a week and did a shoddy job of "fixing" the issue. Instead of replacing the broken plastic, they just somehow made the screws hold and returned the laptop to me as fixed. In 3 months the screws came out again and I had to take it back to them. This time they sent it away for an even longer time and finally replaced the broken plastic parts.

A few months later the screen kept going dim and bright randomly even though I always keep my laptop plugged in and there should not be any reason for the power saving dim mode should kick in. Presumably the charger socket connection in the laptop was loose and should have been changed. When I took it into Geek Squad, the Tech Support rep very slyly just changed the battery power saver display setting in the computer to full brightness even in battery mode so that the loose connection would not be evident to me at all. He told me that he had "fixed" the problem.

Now, three weeks later, my laptop has completely died. According to the extended warranty, Best Buy should be refunding my money for the laptop but they are saying that the screen-dimming episode does not count and they cannot replace my laptop. When I told the rep that I was very disappointed with the sly behaviour of the Geek Squad personnel he could not care less.

When my tv was inspected by a Geek Squad member I was told it was approved for an exchange and would hear from the corporate office the following week. Monday came and I received a voicemail to call 866-613-9853 to complete the exchange. I have been trying for 4 days to get someone to either call me back or answer the phone since I left a voicemail with my return phone number with the case id#.

I am still waiting for someone to answer or call me back. I called the original number from my caller ID that the first call came from, the person from Best Buy tried calling the number and couldn't get an answer. I was given the number to my local Best Buy to call and speak to an manager to expedite. I tried this and was told they could do nothing without an approval from the above telephone number. They even tried and could not get a response. I will never buy another Geek Squad Warranty, this has even soured my experience to even shop at Best Buy.

I had a problem with my Lenovo laptop under warranty. The battery on my laptop was not holding charge so I contacted Lenovo and they said that I can get it fixed through Geek Squad under Lenovo warranty. So I took the laptop to the local Best Buy and checked it in at the Geek Squad in the store and they said that they would do it but would have to send the laptop to their service center in Brooks, Kentucky. I asked the service representative called as "agent" that I do not have a complete backup of my data and does he think that I should do that before the repair. To which he replied and I quote, "It is under manufacturer's warranty and we do not touch the data on those". I turned in the laptop and got a shipping confirmation in a day.

Three days later, I checked the UPS shipping status and it showed delivery status as "Delivered: Left at the loading dock". I contacted Geek Squad helpline about the laptop when I did not get any update on the laptop for over a week after the shipment was delivered and they said that they would escalate the status of the repair to find out what is going on. Since this day I had been going to the local Best Buy everyday to find an update in the status and after 5-6 visits it was kind of clear that the laptop was lost. So I talked to the manager of the store and they claimed that Best Buy needs at least 30 days to declare that the laptop is lost and then they would replace my laptop with a new laptop of same configuration.

On the 25th day the laptop mysteriously appeared and Geek Squad said that the service would take another 20 days. So I waited with some more patience and finally the laptop was delivered to my home (not the store as it is usually done) two days ago. When I turned on my laptop I realized that it was restored to factory settings without my consent essentially wiping off all the files and softwares from the laptop. The repair was no way related to the hard drive so there was no possible reason to erase it.

I went to the store today to ask why this was done and instead of being apologetic about the mistake the attitude of the store manager was that it was my responsibility to backup my data. When I asked that why would you manually delete everything from the laptop when the only thing you would do is replace a battery to which his reply was that if the laptop was lost and I had gotten it replaced by a new laptop then it would have been the same. Overall they tried their best to convince me that it was my fault that I did not backup the data and they are in no way responsible for erasing my hard disk by manually restoring it to factory settings. I agree it was my fault. I should have never chosen Best Buy. They are there only to make a fool of people and steal money from customers.

To summarize: Laptop to be repaired under Lenovo warranty. First the laptop was lost without a trace for 18 days since the time of delivery at the geek Squad service center. Laptop mysteriously appears back and Geek Squad takes another 20 days to diagnose and repair (which is essentially ordering a new battery and replacing the old one). I never get updated on a single repair going on in my laptop and one day I see the status as repaired and shipped. I get my laptop shipped back to home and I see that one of the genius technicians has done a "restore factory setting" on the laptop deleting everything off it for which the Geek Squad does not take my consent.

The manage of the local store claims that it is not Geek Squad's mistake or fault in deleting your data for no apparent reason and I should have taken a backup as I signed the service agreement which says that any data loss is not Geek Squad's responsibility. I am mad as well as feel helpless because there is nothing one can do against such a big company and are pretty shameless about troubling the customer.

I contacted the Geek Squad when my washing machine quit working, and was told I still had plenty of warranty. The first appointment was set for a few days later. That was when I found out he was only there to check out the machine, and then he would have to order the part. So, a week later he returns and installs the part. That evening I tried to wash a load of clothes only to find out that my machine was still not working. So, I had to put in another call to the Geek Squad, and at the end of the week the same technician came out to see what other part needed to be ordered which came in a week later.

Guess what, WRONG PART! So, they order the correct part, and another week later they put in the correct part, but in the process bust my cold water line. They left my machine with a busted water line as if it was that way previous, which it wasn't. The technician said he would have put one if he had one with him! My husband purchased a water line and installed it, so a month after calling the Geek Squad my machine is finally working!

So we had some installers hired by Geek Squad, install our new washer & dryer. We paid an addition $125 per machine to be protected by Geek Squad, they said at Best Buy, any issues whatsoever to please call. Geek Squad will fix the issue. Not they will come help unless!!! Not sure what happened but after installation my water pressure throughout the house, and on top of that the cold water valve is loose. So I'm pretty sure this all had to do w/ the installation but instead of Geek Squad sending someone over to check it, I have Brian ID# ** go back and forth w/ me on how he's a contractor (why a contractor w/ a degree is picking up phones at Geek Squad? I don't know) he can tell me for sure that this had nothing to do w/ the installation!!! You're not even here. I'm no expert so I need an expert to come out here and see what the problem is!! Not tell me what he knows!!! I don't know so that's why I'm calling so you can send someone over!!!

He continues to tell me if they do send someone over there may be a charge!!! So I paid $125 per machine for additions warranty and all I get is Brian ID# ** go back and forth how he knows it had nothing to do w/ installation because he's a contractor you know!!! He also suggested I should call the inspector who inspected the house, or a Plumber! So I paid $125 extra per machine for Geek Squad to advise me over the phone to hire a plumber. Yeah spend more money!!! How does that make any sense!!! Guess we'll just return these and going to Lowe's!!! Very disgusted w/ Best Buy & their Geek Squad Protection Plan!!! Don't buy it. Not worth it!!!

I spoke with an agent about doing a data transfer from one computer to another, and was advised that I would need to go to Best Buy and purchase an external Hard Drive in order for the services to be completed. I went and purchased it and returned to my computer to have the services completed, and the representative said they are not able to help me. I told him that I had spoken with Marcos **, and was told to purchase the Hard Drive. After I said that, Agent Jeffrey ** disconnected our conversation.

Understandably upset, I clicked to speak with another agent and I thought I was lucky to get the Agent (Marcos **) who had told me originally to buy the hard drive. After telling him I had returned from purchasing the external hard drive and was ready to go through with the services, he also disconnected our conversation without a word. It seems to me like a scandalous way for Best Buy to get trusting customers to spend more money in their stores. I will not shop at Best Buy, or use Geek Squad again.

iPad charging problem - Presented my iPad Air to a Geek Squad member. He performed a diagnostic scan and stated that there was nothing wrong with the iPad. The problem is that he was insistent on not spending any money on this iPad irrespective of the fact that it was less than two years old. I took the iPad to a local repair store and for $35.00 I learned that the iPad only needed to be rebooted. The Best Buy employee was all about selling me a new or "Open box" iPad. This was not in my best interest as his advice would have been an outlay in excess of $500 vs the $35 I paid for the repair.

Last year I brought my PC to Best Buy for hard drive failure replacement. I was advised that I would save money if I purchased a subscription plan, which would include free online technical support and free labor. I thought this sounded a really great deal, until after the hard drive installation was completed. My first problem started with the agent calling me that she could not install the OS due to a bad disk recovery. I was told to call Dell for a recovery disk, but Dell said that it would take 2-3 weeks for it to be delivered. I could not wait that long, so I asked for my PC back, and I took it home, thinking this is impossible for the disks being bad. Sure enough, a few extra grey hairs and a days worth of work, I, a mentally challenged person with Asperger's, was able to install the OS. I was so proud of myself, yet also really pissed off at Geek Squad's service.

Even with that, I still continued to keep the subscription, and foolish me, the online technical service worsen. To make a long story short, and not to bore others of all the unsuccessful repairs, this last incident I am about to describe really puts the icing on the cake. I logged onto Geek Squad's technical support last night reporting that I was having performance issues with some of my graphic applications, and I was kind of confused with if the graphics driver update from HP's website was a newer update than what was installed on my laptop. The tech tried installing the driver, but at first it said it was not compatible with my laptop. So he uninstalled the driver that was installed, and forced Windows update to find the latest driver update.

Within 2 hours, I received my first BSOD on this laptop pertaining to my graphics chipset. I went back to Geek Squad and demanded them that they need to fix this problem, which the technician ran some diagnostic tools and found that the driver was bad. Afterwards, I left for him to continue with the service, while I went to get a snack. Just as I was finished eating, the agent said that he completed his service and for me to check out if everything is working. I did, and I said that the performance seems to have worsen before my first incident last night. He then took a minute, but then replied, "it is the application's fault, as my work was complete and it repaired many issues that was happening prior to report," and we left it at that, as it was getting really late.

Earlier today, I just could not stand the performance I was having. So I did some research of my own, which basically mentioned try uninstalling and re-installing the graphics driver and gave instructions on how to do. So as I began reading the steps for uninstalling the graphics driver, I realized that the ** idiot installed the Microsoft basic display adapter. WTF??? Are kidding me??? Are they that stupid??? I really wish I took the 30-day advantage when I had the chance, since I never got one thing fully corrected on my PC or laptop. I hope that this review helps others not to make this mistake. It is a SCAM!!!

First of all, my husband and I have been subscribers to Geek Squad for more than a year with no claims, and when I tried to cancel coverage for one of our phones, Geek Squad reps tried to sneak around the point and continue charging me for a cancelled service under the guise of "it can be transferred to another device at any time". It took me 30 minutes of repeatedly and clearly telling the rep I wanted nothing more than to cancel the coverage of the device and stop charges before he reluctantly cancelled the service. Then, we sent our remaining cell phone in to fix a broken screen. A week and a half later, we get the phone back, still broken with a claim that the phone was locked.

We received no phone call to sort out the matter, which I believe would have been the logical step before sending back a broken phone. So, we send it back again after speaking with a rep. 3 weeks pass. Finally we get a brand new phone. It's the wrong phone and can't be used with our SIM card. Send it back again. Who knows when the right phone will arrive. We are in a new town and trying to find work and housing, and being without a phone for 4 weeks is completely unacceptable. Will be cancelling all of my plans with various devices. Terrible service and zero sympathy from the company.

I never write reviews for anything because I am a very positive person, I believe for the best in people. My phone started misbehaving and the networks goes off and I have to restart to make a phone call, I have Geek Squad protection so I called them and told them about it and they told me that I should send my phone back to them for a replacement device. They then called to tell me that if it was accidentally damaged, I will pay some amount of money but my phone is still practically new physically, no damage.

I got a call from them today telling me I will pay for accidental damage that the phone failed the water check. What water check? My device never went close to water, I think that's the scam, when they discover that your device is not physically damaged they used water check to make sure you pay the accidental fee. They never intend to replace the device without payment, they do anything to make you pay. I saw other reviews with people complaining about the same thing. I am collecting my old device back and I am cancelling my insurance with them. They disappointed me. I thought they were better than this. It's so sad a big establishment like this can behave like that. Don't use them. They will disappoint you.

We paid for a package that included installation and extended warranty on a wall-mount TV. The tech arrives on 8/10/16 and finds that the salesperson didn't include the attachment for the sound bar and the tech didn't realize it when he picked up the products. He had to reschedule since he didn't have time to go back to the store, come back out to us and still keep his other appointments. Another visit is scheduled for a week later. The tech arrives, works on the TV with his assistant for quite some time, pulling the HDMI cable through the wall but finds that the wall mount unit can't be attached to the studs. The builder was there and said he could do it. The tech left without even turning on the TV. We got the TV and sound bar installed no thanks to the Geek Squad. However, when we turned on the TV, the HDMI cable we bought at Best Buy was defective.

I purchased a new HDMI cable but it needed to be rerun through the wall. I texted the tech and called Geek Squad customer support. Tech responded he was busy but would call back. Never did and ignored my texts. Phone support told me that the soonest they could do anything would be 15 days later. The original install date was August 10 and they still weren't going to get it working until mid-September. I got absolutely nothing from the amount I paid for installation and no assistance from the support I was to have received. As it stood, I waited for a month for the tech to do nothing. My builder mounted the TV and sound bar and our son re-ran the HDMI cable. What exactly did I pay for? Geek Squad support was a joke. I've been a long-time customer of Best Buy and Geek Squad but this was a fiasco. The customer service folks were rude and absolutely, without a doubt did not care about helping.

We had this whole schedule arranged around a huge party we were having on 9/3/16. If they had done what they should have, we would have been fine. However, they didn't do anything they were supposed to do and left us hanging. They wanted us to wait until 9/10/16 for a service call. I would give them less than 1 star if that were possible. Based on this experience, I would NEVER recommend their services.

Geek Squad claims they have NO repair agents - ever - to fix a TV in Lower Manhattan. What gives?

I tried to use the Geek Squad webpage to get a replacement phone under my insurance plan. The website has not been working for 2 days, but you have no way of knowing this until you have gone through numerous pages of entering data. This is a pattern I have noticed numerous times in working with Geek Squad. It doesn't bode well for a company in their industry to be unable to maintain a functional website.

My TV suddenly won't turn on / power on anymore so I decided to call to schedule an appointment to have someone from Geek Squad to come out. I got a date that was two weeks out, and I had it for Monday since Sunday and Monday are my days off, and they told me they have to send two parts/boxes to my house for the repair guy. A week later someone from Geek Squad called to tell me that the second part/box didn't get sent out the same time as the first box and that I can re-schedule for Wednesday. I specifically told them that I'm only off on Monday. I ask for the repair guy to come out on Monday, since I already have one box, and to come out on a later date (which was Wednesday).

The person I did the schedule with assured me they can do that. Monday came and I got a call from the repair guy telling me he see that I don't have both parts and he shouldn't come out until I have both. I told him that he should come because on Wednesday I won't have much time because of work. He told me that the second box should arrive sometime on Monday, so I told him if he don't want to come yet that he can go do his other appointment first then later on come back. He told me I would have to schedule but I already have him schedule for Monday morning to come check the TV even if I don't have the second part.

In the end he had to report back that I need to be schedule for Wednesday. Got a phone call from Geek Squad machine to schedule another appointment but the machine keep me on hold then transferred my call and hanged up on me. That happened to me 4 times, so the next day I called and now I won't be able to get seen until another two weeks. Apparently that repair guy from Geek Squad didn't help with rescheduling for Wednesday especially when he told me he was free on Wednesday. Basically I'm waiting four weeks just to have someone come out and if I wanted something for Monday then I would have to wait longer. Now I will have to take time off work because Geek Squad won't help out when they mess up. I know there is nothing that can be done about my problem. I just wish there could be other options beside Geek Squad.

A year and a half ago, I went into Best buy to purchase a new phone and put on my Koodo tab account. The gentleman setting it up was awesome. As I have the tab I only have to pay a little amount before I can have my phone ($50 for that said phone). He then asked about doing this Geek Squad, which at first I said no. Until he said he would give me a $50 gift card so I would only have to pay for the geek squad garbage of $15. I was also told I could cancel it at any given time no problem. Well when I realised that they were useless and were just taking my money, I called to cancel. That's when I found out you can not for a year. I did to get my phone fixed from them, I did try to get something out of it. Every time I went there they said I had to call and pay more than some places to fix my phone. It has now been a year and a half and they are still taking money out of my account even though I have called to cancel! KEEP AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!

I only gave it 1 star, because ZERO was not a choice! I have been a faithful Geek Squad customer and told everyone they should be, NOT anymore! I have insurance and my phone just stopped working, 2 weeks after manufacturer warranty ended (which SHOULD NOT MATTER) and my new phone cost over $150 WITH insurance! What do I pay insurance for if I have to pay OVER $150 when a manufacturer DEFECT happens! Geek Squad lost my business AND so did WorstBuy!

My phone had a sudden death. I replaced immediately because my term was up and I needed a phone within the hour because I am on call. I took out the battery from the phone. I took it in this week to have fixed and I was denied any service because the indicator on the battery turned red (Samsung S4 mini) which they said it was water damage and it is not covered. I don't know why it turned red because I remember very well that when I took out it was white that was a month ago. I can ensure you the phone was never close to water and actually it died while in my laptop case. There has to be a better way to check whether it was water damage or not. Do they really think I am trying to scam them for an S4 mini! Shame on Geek Squad and Best Buy! This what happen when you hire clowns for techs with zero people skills.

I took my Dell laptop in for repair and took it home after the service. It worked for a couple of days and then all I had was problems. Took it back in and tried to talk to James at the Hot Springs AR location. He was hateful, rude, just should have told me I was dumb and knew nothing because all he could say was I was wrong. So I left it to be fixed and went back the next day. He said it would be ready at 10am and it was 10:10 am and it was several minutes before it was ready. Then he goes it to did I know what Google Chrome was and I told him yes I did. So he is the same rude - claimed he was the supervisor, what a terrible decision that was.

I thought your employees were suppose to be clean and neat. His shirt was dirty, tie half tied and his appearance needed help. I would have sent him home for a new shirt. When my service has expired I will not renew and will NEVER use Geek Squad again. I have worked in retail for 30 years and if I treated anyway as he did me, I wouldn't be where I am. I hope he Never treats anyone like he did me. He needs to learn to treat people with RESPECT!!!

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Run by Best Buy, Geek Squad is probably the best known and most highly regarded computer help service.

  • Online and at-home repairs: Geek Squad offers telephone support and in-home repair, which is a helpful feature for clients who find it too difficult to bring a unit to the store.
  • Pricing: One-Time online support is very inexpensive, starting at $49.99 for a PC tuneup. The Geek Squad also offers subscription services on a month-to-month basis.
  • Short wait times: Consumers can depend on support providers to offer help within a short time, unlike some service providers that have unpredictable wait times.
  • Support: Geek Squad was primarily aimed at individuals with tech issues in the past and only recently began offering a la carte services of IT solutions to small businesses.
  • Limited capabilities: Geek Squad doesn’t offer many customizable services to meet the needs of big businesses.
  • Best for Individuals

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