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Last updated: Nov. 17, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

I have an Acer Aspire R14 and have had an issue with gray screen when coming out of sleep mode. It’s just recently out of warranty but I have extended warranty with Best Buy. I’ve had the computer to the Geek Squad twice and have determined that they have no idea what they are doing. They rolled back to the last display driver which worked until Windows did an automatic update. I took it back again and still they did not fix it. I’d told them that they probably need to turn OFF THE automatic update for the display driver so it doesn’t happen again. Well, they didn’t!!! So now, after driving two hours one way (4 hours round-trip) each time to drop the computer off to them and then two or three days later making the 4 hour trip again, nothing has changed. I’ve since looked at the Acer community page and fixed it myself! BEWARE OUT THERE!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

We have a Geek Squad service contract (but not for much longer). We had them do a home visit to check out our high-end gaming computer. The guy did very little actual diagnostic, and then told us we should have the thermal paste replaced because it was overheating. But he couldn't do it in-home because they aren't allowed to and to take it into the store. So we called the store and they said they aren't allowed to do it because if they mess it up there might be liability. I asked if that meant they weren't competent to do it, and they said they were competent, but that they weren't allowed to do it in case they mess it up. Bottom line, they tell you things that aren't true and they are incompetents. Don't waste your time and money on them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 7 from Best Buy and they did encourage me to purchase Geek Squad protection. I agreed when told that if anything happens to my phone they'll replace it with a new one free of charge (except if physically damaged). When I called them almost a year later for a persistent problem with my screen brightness that their tech support couldn't resolve earlier, they sent me a refurbished set. Despite my repeated calls they insisted that this is as far as I can get and gave me no other alternatives. Additionally their customer service associate told me bluntly that "I should educate myself about the contract before asking to talk to the manager". As echoed by another client "Never get fooled buying the protection plan".

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

I submitted a claim on August 2 on my iPhone as the battery was draining quickly. It took them 3 weeks to inform me by mail that they are unable to find a replacement phone and gave me a gift certificate for a new phone. Great. Then it took me a couple weeks to find time to go to a Best Buy and buy my new phone, which occurred on September 9. They took a $500 deposit that I would send my defective phone back to them. Never did I hear on the phone that I had to this within 30 days. Well that 30 days started at the time of the claim, not when you receive your new phone. So by the time I got my phone 5 weeks after the claim started. It was already past the 30 days. So needless to say they did not return the $500 and I still have my old phone.

I do not know what you pay for with this service? $15 a month so if something goes wrong with your phone, you can get it fixed quickly and for free. NOT TRUE. 2 years of fees = $360, $200 I paid extra to get my phone, $500 for theft of my deposit. Add that up and I spent $1060 for my new phone. This is not good insurance. DO NOT BUY GEEK SQUAD PROTECT!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Took a 2000 dollar laptop in for a simple repair. The hard drive was old so I wanted to upgrade it. They immediately told me it was the motherboard without even looking at the computer. They were very wrong. It was the hard drive. After that I got the computer back and it will not connect to Wi-Fi at all. It tells me the Wi-Fi card is broke or damaged. I take it back and they said nothing wrong. Yes there is something ** wrong. It will not connect! And no it's not the goddamn Wi-Fi. It's some something they did! ** you Geek Squad!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Sometimes the intake line personnel are rude and hang up. They take a huge amount of time answering the phone. When they do, they read a spiel about how their service works. WE sometimes use it 3 time as a day for years, so we do not need to hear this rigamarole, just have them access the computer, but they insist, which is a total waste of time. Sometimes the actual tech 2 level experts ruin the computer, and one has to go to a different vendor to get it repaired, for they take about 1 week, and it is impossible to have no computer. Not a great deal, if you recommend someone else, let me know. I need good service.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

My Geek Squad Protect & Support Plus expired on 9/11/17. On 9/10/17 I paid the $162 to have it renewed for one year. When I hit the submit button I was forced to accept automatic renewal. So after I accepted to get my plan renewed on time, I called Geek Squad for clarification. I asked them if I had to be set up for automatic renewal or if I could go year to year on my own. The rep assured me that my account was not on automatic renewal and that I was covered for one more year as I made sure to reiterate that I did want another year of coverage as I just paid for it.

A week later I get an email about my coverage expiring and that they had a cheaper option that didn't cover as much for me to opt-in to. I called Geek Squad because I was confused. On 9/10/17 I paid the $162 to extend my coverage for another year. I even got a confirmation email saying my coverage would continue without interruption. The rep tells me when I called on 9/10/17, that the rep I was speaking with accidentally deleted my payment (even though he assured me I was covered for another year). So I said that's not my problem my payment was deleted, I paid for another year of protection.

We are now at 11/1/17. I've spoke with at least 6 different reps and 2 managers. ALL of them assured me I would be taken care of. Every single time I called I got the same feedback "ma'am we have pushed your case to the top and management will be taking care of you." Well today I was told that my case was denied weeks ago because I "asked the rep to delete my card from my account because I didn't want to be on automatic renewal." That is incorrect. I asked if I needed to be set to automatic renewal to which I was told I did not.

Never once did I ask to delete my payment. The Geek Squad rep took it upon himself to delete my payment. Had I been told that my card needs to be removed from my account in order to not be on automatic renewal and doing so will also delete the payment I just made, I would've said to leave my card on the account and I would deal with renewal next year. None of that was told me. Geek Squad wants you to believe they are here to assist you, but really they're the most incompetent customer care service I've ever dealt with. Now I have a computer that I spent $2,500 on with no protection. Complete waste of time.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

Do not waste your time and money! Worst ever, I bought their protection plan and when my computer needed fixing they did not even attempt to fix it. They junked it out saying it cost them more to fix than what the computer was worth!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Buckle in because this is a long one. My computer refused to connect to the internet so I brought it to Best Buy. They offered me Geek Squad for a year for a fee (I don't remember if it was one or two hundred dollars). I'm not great with computers and I tend to break them in creative ways so I figured the fee would be worth it. They returned my "fixed" computer and I went home. So a few weeks later my computer is having the same problem and it's pretty late at night so I figure it's time to give GS a try. I get a hold of this guy and he walks me through some steps and it's all going well. Well then he tells me that our internet is infected. It sounds like nonsense but, again, I'm not good at computer stuff. He says he can try to fix it, but it will cost more money.

Now I'm torn. I make the point that my husband's computer is on our internet and it works fine, and so do our phones. He claims my husband's computer will break soon. Now my anxiety is triggered and I'm getting upset. This causes my husband to get upset as the guy on the phone gets more insistent with me. Pretty soon I'm crying over the phone while phone guy is doing some tech nonsense remotely. I don't know if he didn't care that I was upset or, more likely, had absolutely no idea how to handle someone crying at him, but he was no help. In the end he couldn't fix anything. I hung up and shut down my computer for good. I switched entirely to using my phone and my husband's computer. I was over it.

Months go by and, surprise, my husband's computer is still fine and dandy. I get a call from GS to talk about renewing their service. I told them no. They couldn't help me and I don't use that computer anymore. Well this guy (and I swear it's the same guy because he has that same attitude) assures me he can fix it and is once again very insistent. I politely decline another 3 times and we part ways, hopefully for good. A few days later there's a message on my phone. Same ** guy. Well this time they've detected someone hacking into my computer, the same computer that has been turned off and drained of battery for months. He wants me to call him asap. No way. I am not calling.

Look, I am willing to admit that, due to my poor computer skills, there is a tiny outside chance that this guy has been right all along and is desperately trying to save me from myself. But you've got to understand that from my perspective this all feels like racket. I've done some research and asked around, and everyone else thinks this is nonsense too. Never again. I'm done with Geek Squad and with Best Buy.

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Customer increased Rating by 2 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Nov. 3, 2017

Andrew from Best Best contacted me through my BBB complaint and was able to resolve everything

Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with a protection plan on 10/26/15. Yesterday (10/25/17), I called the Geek Squad to ask when the last I was that I could bring it in for replacement. The woman on the phone informed me that my plan ended on 10/26/17, so I could bring it anytime before midnight that day. Today (10/26/17), I brought it to the store, and I was told that the policy is that I have to bring in my device several days before, in case it doesn't reach their warehouse in time. Because of what I was told on the phone, my protection plan details, and the terms and conditions of the plan, which does not say anywhere that the device has to be brought in days before the plan ends, I complained and was told to call billing support. A billing representative informed that the only way they could fulfill the plan was to pay an extra $150.

I asked to talk to a manager and was connected to Caroline **. She informed me that the system in the store cancels the plan a day early, and even though my plan is still active until midnight, the store's system won't let the order go through. I was ransomed the $150 to replace my device without alternative, despite several options available in the terms and conditions. The protection plan extends until midnight on 10/26/17 and a representative had confirmed the terms with me over the phone the day before, but they would not honor it.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

First of all it's been nothing but a pain dealing with these guys, Best Buy gave us one price, when we called Geek squad, they told us it was going to be more?? We sent one phone back, as my son's screen cracked, they sent us another one saying it was repaired. Not even 2 weeks later the phone stopped working, so after a long conversation, we sent it back again, the lady said it was going under previous claim since it was still under the first claim, now they want to charge me $200 because they said it was dented, even though it's been in an Otter case??? We're now being told to call back on Tuesday??? I believe they are scamming us.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

What a ripoff company! Take in my son's broken HP Chromebook, Geek Squad rep states it will cost $39.99 for the assessment, and then in response to my question says "I can't quote you the price for repairs." I told her my concern is this device is only a few hundred dollars, but brand new, so if it costs $100 I am not interested in giving the assessment fee and will just toss the new unit. She conveys it usually runs about $75 for those types of devices.

Today, the repair center calls and tells me it will cost $214 for the repair - includes $150 labor (min charge) and $69 for parts. So if there is a minimum charge, why couldn't they have told me that at the store when I asked, I asked the manager today. He said it fluctuates, if the device is say an Apple laptop then they charge $2500 min. charge. What??? So it seems the min charges are based on a percentage of the retail price and not the actual repair, to incentivize all of us into buying more from them. Not this dumb blonde, I will never buy from them again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2017

I was hit with a virus and I called The Geek Squad. The technician came and was here for over 5 hours. Of course I had to pay extra (what else is new) and he said all was fixed. I did not check the system before he left as the manager later told me that I should have done, but I thought that after paying close to $600.00, I could rest easy. Later that day I tried to go to my online banking, and no way no how could I get on. I tried to get into my stock page, no way no how, I later got a call from the manager and he told me that unfortunately the virus had wiped out my email system.

I am not sure that the virus did it, I think that the tech had something to do with it. It was decided that I would get 2 free hours and a technician would come out the next day. He never showed... So now I have entirely lost every single contact I had, lost tons of very important emails and I am more or less screwed. Now they are asking me if I want to purchase a computer from them? What the h... is going on. Needless to say, I am super disappointed. A tech is supposed to come out Monday but I do not put any faith in getting things fixed. I cannot give an order number as it is not on my invoice that he gave me. I have the receipt, but there is no number on it as well.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Geek Squad took remote control of my computer to fix a problem with my Kaspersky. The agent was from the Philippines. I watched my screen as she worked for several hours trying to fix the problem. I asked for another technician (who was also from the Philippines). This woman spent another several hours trying to fix my problem. After close to eight (8) hours, the problem was not fixed and I now have a computer with many more problems than it had.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

I found out I can't print PDFs, for some reason it doesn't print anymore, maybe is a plug in or something simple to solve for the people that supposedly know a lot much more than me. But they did, because I had to wait about 1 hour before somebody could honor me and attend my request. What for they charge you and offer you to help you if they are too busy to do it? Or you need to hire more assistants or you need to charge less for a pretty slow service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2017

It advertises that it repairs cellphone screens. NOT true. They only replace iphone screens. So even though my phone was in working order except for the cracked Samsung screen, they said they could not repair it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

Not only was it expensive and useless, cancelling the "service" required several phone calls of at least 30 minutes a piece. All my numbers (phone, membership, cancellation, "confirmation") weren't "on file". Utterly useless and difficult to negotiate.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 3, 2017

The worst experience I have ever had! Called on 09/13/17 to request a quote for wall mounting Apple TV, cable box, router and hide all wires and cables in the wall (TV was previously wall-mounted by Geek Squad 3 weeks before that) was quoted $249.99. I wrote down the confirmation number, so I don't have to go through explaining what I want again. Called on 09/23 to schedule the service and submit the payment however was told that the price I was quoted on 09/13 is incorrect and it actually is going to be $326.49. I spent 3 hours on the phone with customer service so that they can finalize the order correctly and was told that technician will come on 09/30 between 8am - 12pm.

Received a call from technician on 09/30 at 7:30 AM to confirm the installation, however in his receipt he had completely different information than what I have requested. His receipt stated TV Wall Mount (WHAT???) and wall mounting of 3 soundbars (WHY???). After 30 mints of useless conversation he said that there is nothing he can do and that I should call Customer Service and deal with them. He also advised me that hiding wire and cables was not included and it is going to be an additional charge of $150.

I was beyond frustrated, called customer service, spent an hour on the phone with them, canceled the order (obviously!!!) and was told that I should call back next day since they cannot process refunds earlier than 24 hours after the cancellation. Long story short, I made three more calls on 10/01, 10/02 and 10/03 and finally after 3 days was able to get a refund. Their incompetency and unprofessional behavior goes above and beyond. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!! Their prices are outrageous!!! I was able to hire another company which did everything for $150.00.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2017

NEVER buy into the Geek Squad Protection. The story is - I got a replaced phone, which is refurbished, and also DEFECTIVE!!! Then Apple cannot fix it, as it is not my original phone, and Geek Squad customer service representative is just a jerk, which even cannot transfer my call to their supervisor. They just keep saying "oh your warranty is expired ONE DAY!" Who want that customer service? Geek Squad is just a joke. Do not buy any warranty from Geek Squad as it would never worth it. If there is a problem, just fix it yourself. It would way worth the money you throw to the trash company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

Saga Begins... Chapter 1. Early September 2017... My friend buys a new laptop and in doing so had to transfer the data from her absolutely minty-fresh hardly used HP Laptop which I was buying from her. She takes the laptop to Best Buy/Geek Squad on Staten Island (yes, there is only one) ~ Pays for the service, waits, goes to the store where "Agent Gabe" worked on it and the "laptop needed to be reset since it was freezing" and calls me to pick up the laptop. To my surprise the laptop was released without any back screws. The laptop was literally being held together by snap-closures of the laptop. I tell her, "The laptop is mint. How could it be freezing? What the hell did they do to it?"

Chapter 2. She takes the screw-less laptop back to Best Buy/Geek Squad and requests the screws be put back in. Within a few days, she goes back to pick up the laptop and gives it to me so I can play around with it and get some stuff loaded, test it out before paying her. To my horror the keyboard and touchpad were not working. It appeared that Geek Squad put the screws back but screwed something else up. The technician disconnected the keyboard and touchpad from the laptop's motherboard. [I was flabbergasted and thought how could they give back a laptop without screws and without checking if it worked, are they incompetent???]~ I called my friend and...

Chapter 3. She goes back to Best Buy/Geek Squad but this time I go with her. It's now 9/19/2017. [I mean really, what the hell is going on??] I demanded to see a manager. Well the "Geek Squad Manager, Igor" went home and the Assistant Manager of Operations Mr. ** was called and "Anthony" from another department was filling in at Geek Squad. Anthony & Mr. ** both agreed that what happened in the past was wrong and they will fix it. We were informed that all the technicians went to "Top Gun" which (no it's not the movie) is a "recognition ceremony for top techs" - [I rolled my eyes and thought, RECOGNITION FOR WHAT, INCOMPETENCE??] and so the laptop would not be ready for another 3-5 days. I did mention the HD was freezing and Anthony put down "customer to receive another/faster HDD upgrade or an SSD as a "satisfaction."

Chapter 4. We go home, my friend emails me the "track your repair online" and I start tracking... Tuesday... nothing. Wednesday... nada. Thursday... zip. Friday... zilch. Saturday... zero. Sunday... uhh, what the hell? Monday... GRRR, I call and speak to "Agent Gabe" (Yes the same Agent that didn't replace the screws) and was told the laptop all fixed and ready for pickup. I did ask him why he released the laptop without the screws. The answer I received shocked me; "I work on thousands of laptops, I don't remember yours" - I replied, "really, so no apology for your screw up huh?" SILENCE! I ask to speak to Igor. Igor gets on the line, explains the HDD is fine, no upgrade or anything is necessary... Come and pick up the unit.

Chapter 5. I am outraged. No apology, nothing! The time, aggravation, gas going back and forth and no one has apologized or offered compensation for the headache that they are putting us through. I started to explore options of escalation. Looked at Best Buy Corporate, The Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and I even thought of a lawsuit.

Chapter 6. Today, Wednesday the 27th of September 2017. My friend and I return back to Geek Squad/Best Buy to pick up the laptop. Guess what? AGAIN THEY ** IT UP! Surprise, Surprise! Ha! The screws they put in the laptop were black. Uhh hello? The laptop is silver... The little rubbery feet, one was missing. The rep that was helping us was "Agent Joe (new Geek Squad manager)" ~ who was the very first rep to apologize for the headache and refunded my friend the fee she paid for the data transfer. This was a step in the right direction. So let's see if the laptop works right? The laptop powered on, keyboard works, touchpad works, touchscreen works, YAY right? Nope! Upon further inspection I noticed the side of the laptop was damaged, the holes where the screws went into had deep indentation (probably from sloppy screwdriver aim) ~ I let out an audible sigh.

Agent Joe looked at us and said... "You know what, I am going to give you guys a brand new laptop" [WHAT???]. He repeated and replied, "yes, due to all your problems and unnecessary trips back and forth, I am going to give you a brand new laptop, same as the one you have now, just updated model." Joe leaves to research this new computer model while the two of us shake our heads in disbelief [Wow, this is customer service, something I never thought they were ever do. Mind you I was prepared for a fight]. Joe returns a few minutes later and we see the new laptop. After working some magic on the register he gives us the receipt. FREE.

Chapter 6.5. [I was so surprised, that I told Joe that I was going to give him the accolades he deserved. This review and others in the BBB, ConsumerAffairs and that he gained my trust in Geek Squad.] Our experience with Best Buy and Geek Squad sour at first, second, third... but Agent Joe showed us the customers come first. The art of Customer Service is not lost and the kudos and thank you we offer him as a newly minted manager of Geek Squad in Staten Island, well deserved. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

I've never EVER been so disappointed with Geek Squad's chat service!!! I was asking the agent to solve a problem for me and he took 12 MINUTES doing nothing but ignoring me. I finally said, "Hello are you there?" And then he just ended the chat without any solution!!! Very disappointed!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I will never use Geek Squad again and because of their actions I will never be buying from Best Buy again. I was on the phone with them for an hour and a half trying to fix an issue with billing and my phone. Mind you I was on hold for much more than half that time and transferred over 6 times. 6 times! After all of that nonsense I decided to demand speaking to a "manager" who BTW didn't help me one bit. I couldn't get a refund for the billing. But oh hey they canceled what I needed. I could have done that myself. Now I'm out money and I'm annoyed. Again, I will never ever buy another thing from Best Buy because Geek Squad is full of incompetent human beings. Who have no care for anything and don't actually help with a damn thing. I wish I could give them negative stars for a rating because I'm absolutely disgusted with them.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2017

Purchased a number of gaming computers and gaming headsets. Sold into the merits of the warranty plans from Geek Squad provided the items could be returned directly to the store. Dealing with the Manager at Downtown Vancouver and the Assistant Manager at Park Royal. Both, in front of my young adult children, confirmed a few times, that any items could be returned to the Geek Squad counter. We made the managers repeat this a few times in front of the entire family, due to previous lies. One item broke very recently. All promises were again denied. All promises made directly from Geek Squad were broken. They lie to our face that they never mentioned returns to the store. Lies and Lies. Then they inform me that the manager I was working with, left the store over a year ago. Lies. I purchased another gaming computer from him just 3 months ago. He still works in another store. Lies and more lies. The warranties are useless.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I had purchased my laptop at Best Buy. So after a McAfee download did not work & my desktop could not be accessed (to remove the bad download & retry), I went to Geek Squad to get help. I was told if I wanted my files saved I'd have to purchase their 1 year plan for $200 for repairs/protection and it would be another $80 to save my files. I left the store mad since this computer was purchased 2/2017 and has had other issues (bad drivers, bad battery). I found Dave's Computer Service, and for $175 he upgraded to Windows 10, fixed my computer & saved my files!!! Got my refund from McAfee $59.99 as Windows 10 has security already added in! Wouldn't that be nice to know? Guess Geek Squad neglected to tell me that. So for about $115 my computer has Windows 10, security, and all my old files!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

Just to remind you never be pushed to accept its Geek Squad protection service. When I bought a laptop in June, I was pushed by a Best Buy staff to use its Geek Squad protection service even though I refused many times. He promised to deduct about $60 if I chose its Geek Squad service. The reason is that I only have to use Geek Squad service and pay the monthly fee of $19 for three months, then I can cancel it without any penalties, which meant that I actually get the Geek Squad protection free these 3 months. I finally cannot stand his lobbying and decided to try that service.

Until this month, I want to cancel the Geek Squad service and was told that I have to pay additional penalty for the cancellation. Then I realize the truth. According to the receipt, actually Best Buy already took my first payment of $19.99 for it on the date I bought my laptop. Then my second, third, and fourth payment were taken on Jul, 11, Aug. 11, Sep. 11 respectively. So actually I have paid a total of $19.99+$20.99*3=$82.96, which will be $22.96 more than the deduction just as what the staff told me before.

The most funny thing is that even I have already paid the next protection period from Sep. 11 to Oct. 10 on Sep. 11, I still cannot cancel it nowadays unless I pay additional penalties, even I give up the rest of days of protection and no refund requested. I finally understand that Geek Squad service is actually a trap to get more money from your pocket and bothers you with such a stupid requirement. What makes me crazy that is I called Geek Squad many times to cancel this service, they wanted to charge me additional penalties for the cancellation. For me, they are acting like a fraud. I will never choose Best Buy and its Geek Squad service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2017

I took my computer in to Best Buy in Cedar Hill, TX. Have had NUMEROUS problems since. Have spoken to them (Geek Squad) by phone 2 or 3 times with looong waiting for them to return my call. This last man that was supposed to be a SENIOR experienced agent just wanted to argue. Said he couldn't help me get back on Facebook, but the previous lady said only a senior agent could do that. Finally was able to contact with Dakota, who claimed they could not help me with FB set up. I am so confused and disappointed in Best Buy's Geek Squad! What happened to the one (1) yr. guarantee I have with LOL GEEK SQUAD? Probably will NEVER hear from them, but I'm through with BEST BUY!!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2017

I have spent 30 years in the field of process improvement from a customer service/delivery perspective, but I can honestly say I have Never seen such a catastrophe in terms of providing customer support. From Day 1 when I first started using Geek Squad support via annual maintenance contract, I had issues with their processes from first getting in contact with them... the wait times whether on phone or online are ridiculous, to the absolutely crazy process they put you through when you have to return a product they're not able to repair.

Just tonight I spent the first 1:45 mins in an online queue; gave up and tried calling... after waiting another 45 mins with no answer I hung up there & tried online again. Eventually I got answered. The tech agent spent up to 45 minutes taking me through steps that I myself had already tried after first trying to resolve the issue before contacting them. Then he gave me another 877 # I had to call to get the ball rolling on getting a replacement. God forbid that you could go into Best Buy & simply make the exchange there, on the spot.

Despite having a maintenance contract for some time now, I had to fork over another $339 to get them to expedite the replacement phone to me with a 'reasonable' time frame... 3-5 business days. Really?? My phone is virtually useless as it is and they had me over a barrel so I agreed to pay the amt (which would be refundable when I returned my defective phone). I thought... "No big deal."

Now, here's the kicker folks... For those of you who haven't been through this yet, it works like this. They send you a new phone & you ship the other one back to them in the same pre-labeled box. Ok, makes sense up to now. Then he goes on to say that the box 'could' be Empty, but will have a certificate enclosed for the value of a new phone I could go and purchase at Best Buy. I nearly fell off my chair. If I could go and get a new phone at Best Buy, why couldn't I just to the store today & turn in my old one & pick up the new one in a very simple exchange transaction. Instead I have to wait up to 5 days for what will conceivable be any empty box. Whoever is in charge of creating a customer delivery strategy has done a poor (kind rating) job of thinking everything through from the customers' experience.

Surely Best Buy can come up with something, Anything better than what exists today. Either that, or they are turning a blind eye to what they must obviously know already from consumer ratings. There's no doubt that having a support group available does provide some sense of security for those of us who are most definitely not techie people. There comes a point though where you have to ask... is it Really worth it??? Just how much is your sanity worth???

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

Call to cancel in the morning. On hold for 20 mins and am told their system is down, I request an email to cancel. “No. We do have that service” - hmmm no confidence they could fix anything. I have to call back on the line for 40 more mins, transferred 5 yes 5 times where I had to repeat my name, phone, address. Then I ask for a confirmation email. This is actually cancelled because well the service is nonexistent. “No I'll put you on hold and give you a confirmation number if you wait.” GRRR wasn't that hard to take my money was it...

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

I made a payment with my credit card to renew my Geek Squad account. When I tried to have them clean up my PC, they told me my account had been cancelled. After 2 1/2 hours on the phone and a "boss" was to call me back (and never did) they wanted my credit card # again. After one of the ladies told me they showed a payment but didn't know what account it was to go to. Then I told them to just refund the money. Then I was told to send my credit card statement to them. After I told them "No I wouldn't send the statement." They said "We don't show there was a payment made..." Best Buy and Geek Squad have lost any of my future buys, and warning others not to purchase items from there.

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Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

I bought my laptop at Best Buy on March 2, 2017 with Geek Squad membership, I was told that I can cancel membership just before 6 months without any charge. However, when I called few days ago, I was told that there will be $10 charge if I cancelled at that time, so I wait and call again today. However, it is so hard to get someone and I spent quite a long time to wait and the phone was cut several times. I had to try again and again. Finally, I can talk to someone, but this time I was told that I will be charged $10 if I cancel today.

What happened? I am very unhappy about that! I am also very unhappy about the service itself. I have not used any service since I have my laptop. For the 1st time and the only time service for laptop set-up, I do have following complaints: I was told that the USB key will have a backup software on it, however, it is TOTALLY EMPTY!!! There almost no software was installed on my computer as we discussed on the day when I purchased. There are only Google docs, sheets, and slides, nothing else on the list as we discussed on the date!!!

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Geek Squad expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Run by Best Buy, Geek Squad is probably the best known and most highly regarded computer help service.

  • Online and at-home repairs: Geek Squad offers telephone support and in-home repair, which is a helpful feature for clients who find it too difficult to bring a unit to the store.

  • Pricing: One-Time online support is very inexpensive, starting at $49.99 for a PC tuneup. The Geek Squad also offers subscription services on a month-to-month basis.

  • Short wait times: Consumers can depend on support providers to offer help within a short time, unlike some service providers that have unpredictable wait times.

  • Support: Geek Squad was primarily aimed at individuals with tech issues in the past and only recently began offering a la carte services of IT solutions to small businesses.

  • Limited capabilities: Geek Squad doesn’t offer many customizable services to meet the needs of big businesses.

  • Best for: Individuals

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