MyCleanPC is a PC optimization software that provides a simple, three-step solution to diagnose and fix computer issues that may be causing slowness, crashes & freezes, pop-ups, and even blue screens.

MyCleanPC offers a free diagnosis, which can be downloaded online in minutes and will scan for issues that may be causing slowness and other common computer problems. After the free scan, you will have the option to activate the full-version of the software for just $19.99, which also includes free antivirus software and access to expert technicians.

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Requested a refund several months ago and still getting billed. Purchase coverage for $19.95 each for two computers for one year. They added monthly coverage for $19.95 each month for two computers ($39.90). Have told them for several months to cancel the monthly. Was billed again on my American Express. The billing is in the Philippines. I ordered the annual coverage for myself and Shirley **. They had my Am Ex under Shirley's name and me under Master charge which was not used. I asked to speak to someone in the U.S. and they said they could not do it. Asked to speak to a supervisor and have not heard back.

My computer kept freezing so I purchased the "MyCleanPC" for $19.99. The product was unable to solve my computer problems and I was unable to get someone on the phone to assist me. I had to bring the computer back to the store and have them fix it for me. I also used the Geek Squad (whom I was very pleased with). "MyCleanPC" continued to bill me $19.95 per month and I never even used their service. I called to cancel my acct and receive a refund. At first they told me they would only refund 1 month, then I argued with them. Then they said "okay, we will refund you 2 months". I had to argue again and then they finally said that they would refund the whole amount. My dissatisfaction is with the way they handled the whole thing. Why should I have to continue to argue for a refund on a service that was never provided to me. Also, It is not clear when you sign up with them that there is a monthly fee associated with their lack of service.

First of all no cleaner be it software registry cleaner or magic potion or spell will speed up a computer. Having spent 25 yrs fixing and repairing computers I have seen every kind of con and shell game and software claiming to speed up or repair your computer. People if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and these fake reviews praising this garbage are to laugh. Not real customers except the ones who got taken in by this crapware bloatware malware. To prove a point and be fair I took a brand new and I do mean brand new out of the box computer and ran their "free scan" and it found massive infections and malware and gasp 4 viruses. Pretty damn good for a brand new computer. Steer clear from this junk. Save your money. Take it to a reputable PC tech. Unless you're partial to wasting money on this junk.

I have used it on my laptops for at least 6 years now and I love it... It does everything it says and is so easy my kids use it. I would recommend it to anyone that needs extra performance in their computer.

I usually use to help maximize my browsing speed. Plus it cleans up unnecessary files in my pc. It's actually good coz my dsl connection was kinda compatible with it.

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My father, who is paranoid and gullible about alleged threats to his computer and not software-knowledgeable at all, bought this. He ran it with the result showing 1000's of malware items, with a message that he had to call customer service to get them removed. They of course told him it would cost an additional fee, which he told me was something like $150. I believe (if I recall correctly, this happened a few years ago) he paid them ANOTHER fee later, as well. MyCleanPC (ha!) also installed unwanted other programs. My dad, like many people, just clicked through everything on installed, so if there was any way to opt out of these (somehow I doubt it), he didn't see it. His computer now barely functioned. It got extremely hot due to high CPU usage. When it did function, he got all sorts of pop-ups and browser hijacks.

I tried to remove as much of this junk as I could and ran some reliable anti-malware programs from a USB stick. This helped a little; we got at least some functionality back. However, things rapidly went downhill again. Dad has a new computer now, and I've told him don't believe everything some ad tells you about threats to your computer. Use legit anti-malware software. When he wanted to know how to tell it's legit, I said, for one thing, if you Google it, you shouldn't see page after page of bad reviews or customers wanting to know how you can get it off your computer because it screwed you up, which is what you find with this scareware scam piece of crap!

Good Morning,

Thank you for reaching out. We'd like to learn more about your experience to improve our service and assist you with any outstanding requests. Please email with details of your experience so that we can assist.


USTechSupport Team

I used MyCleanPC a while ago, and while I don't approve of the method they use to get you to buy their product (their free scan tells you there is something wrong with your computer and you have viruses even if it is literally brand new and can't possibly have a virus) I did like the performance of the program once I used it on my computer that actually did have a virus.

It works great to clean my. I really appreciate the computer. I really appreciate the way it clean the computer. I really like the information, it really clean the stuff that was slow down the way my computer and killed the virus that was slow down the computer. My computer would not load and would crash a lot. The computer was very, very, very slow.

The product was excellent. It was a walk in the park for this old guy's tech knowledge. I can't of better product to clean my PC out. I have used it on my last 4 PCs and come right to use what I know and trust.

A fairly easy means of optimizing and cleaning a PC for those not familiar with computers or electronics. I do not believe the service contains the same advanced features as other computer programs.

When I first read and researched the product I was unsure as it is not a traditional company and to me fairly new. But upon going to the site and deciding to give it a try, what I found out was that the site was easy to navigate and the program easy to use along with the information that is given to me as it was cleaning my system. I will continue to use this program over and over just call me a customer.

It help me clean up my software. I didn't have no problem since I use it. It's a great software to use. I recommend it to whoever need it so whoever have any problems be sure to try it out. Thanks MyCleanPC...

It sounded like an excellent product, but I was frustrated, because it did not do what I thought it was supposed to do. I have a program that cleans all my files, registry, and hard drive that was free and works immensely better.

It was easy to use. Very satisfied with it. Good customer service. Did a good job on my computer... I liked how it cleaned my computer. It worked great. Very understandable.

Using MyCleanPC was an enjoyable experience. The site was easy to navigate and easy to comprehend the instructions. My PC has been speed up exponentially thanks to this program. If I could recommend one program to clean up your PC easily I would recommend this product.

I was skeptical at first, because these types of programs usually seem to be a scam that hurt more than help, but my computer was so sluggish, and I was not able to get it fixed up myself. I used to be quite good at doing things manually, but with the newer OSystems, I wasn't comfortable. When I found the company online, I researched it and found the responses to be positive. I downloaded it and wow... so easy and it cleaned so much off of my computer. I was shocked that my PC was working at all after seeing what was cleaned. I was pretty happy and I would suggest it.

I thought the product was very useful in cleaning and protecting different areas of the computers and PC. And the agent was very fresh smelling and eye opener for many consumers of all age group, elderly and the young as well and very fresh smell.

I downloaded MyCleanPC from and used it. My device was faster. It was as if the device was brand new. It is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone that is having problems with their device running too slow. It's great. You won't regret it. I don't.

This is one of the best PC cleaners but the most disappointing part of it is that it contains too much malware. That then can lead to bloatware which may at sometimes contain a virus which may damage the computer which these days can be very expensive.

Ordered it, downloaded and paid for and didn't work. Called up to cancel but the company never bothered then week later tried to charge me for a subscription I won't use so cancelled again!!! Top it off man on phone was mocking my Scottish accent.

Hi Cassie - Thank you for reaching out, our team is here to help. Please contact the Corporate Escalation Team at with the details of your experience so that we can learn more and offer further assistance. Thank you.

It was pretty good. Got rid of all my pesky pic viruses and junk files that I don't have the time to get rid of. Would recommend this to someone that was looking for a cheap, easy way to get their pc cleaned.

Great experience. Helped me make my pc faster. Would recommend. 10/9 Great job. Good site. Class because it was fast and easy. Not expensive. Saw it on tv. Very reliable. Nice job. Incredible.

MyCleanPC did a great job with fixing my PC. Twenty minutes after I signed up, my PC worked Great! The very next day, my PC shut down and would not turn on. To this day, I have not been able to retrieve content (photos and documents) from my computer. The absolute best part, MyCleanPC has been charging me a recurring $19.99 a month since I signed up. Even better than that, I can't seem to get someone on the phone that will stop charging my card every month. My recommendation to you, don't use MyCleanPC. It's cheaper to burn your computer to the ground and buy a new one.

Hi Robert -

Thank you for reaching out, our team is here to help. Please contact the Corporate Escalation Team at so that we can learn more and offer further assistance. Thank you.

My computer was down, could not do anything, call you and they could not help. The person on the phone told me, "Someone else from higher technical help will call you within 1 to 3 hours to help you". They never did. I had to call Microsoft so I'm going to cancel your service.

Hi Antonio -

Thank you for sharing your experience, our team is here to help. Please contact the Corporate Escalation Team at so that we can learn more and offer further assistance. Thank you.

Tried free version of Lots of prompts to upgrade to premium version, no discernible benefit. Computer wasn't faster, MyCleanPC didn't do anything Glary Utilities can't do.

Hi Maureen,

Thank you for sharing your experience. The free diagnosis portion of the software scans your PC for issues that may be causing slowness and instability, but needs to be activated in order to repair the issues and improve your computer performance. The software activation code can be purchased online for just $19.99, which comes with a 30-day risk free guarantee. If you would like more information, please call (866) 996-1025.


USTechSupport Team

MyCleanPC sped my computer up significantly. It removes unneeded files from browser and system caches, cleans up your hard drive and fixes registry errors.

August, 2015, purchased MyCleanPC online. Paid the $19.99, and downloaded to my computer. Had trouble downloading and called the company. Jennie had to give me the Activation Code in order for me to get the program to download. Jenny assured me she would resend the information which contained the activation code. I made 3 more calls inquiring about the email, but never received. Rec'd another $19.95 charge on my account dated late Oct. 2015. Called and Rep said it was a charge for Live Tech Support and I didn't call to cancel after the trial period. First of all, I never received a confirmation email from the initial payment in August. I never agreed to any "Live Tech Support" to begin with.

I was on the phone about this for 45 minutes with "Randy." Randy said she would take all my information so she could close down that part of my account, but she was not authorized to issue a refund on the fraud $19.95 charge in October. She said she would expedite the information to the correct department and they would call me 24 to 72 hours. No call ever called. Had to cancel my credit card to assure no more charges were put through. There is only 1 phone number and an address to contact this company in California. Every time you call, they give you the same run around!

Hi Mary - Thank you for sharing your experience. Our team is here to help. Please contact the Corporate Escalation Team at so that we can learn more and offer further assistance. Thank you.

MyCleanPC is great for those who use their computers on a daily basis. This software allows you to keep your computer running well by cleaning it of any malware that can cause damage. This software helps your computer run faster and with less inconsistencies. When I had trouble installing the software I was able to call customer service with ease. They helped me resolve the issue in under ten minutes and did not redirect me to many different people. I use my computer for writing papers and downloading documents so my storage slows down my system greatly. My computer works much better now after using mycleanpc and I am not afraid I will lose any of my documents, photos or music.

My made the mistake of purchasing The PC optimizer and Early Detection. I did the scan as instructed. It found a lot of issues, so I fixed those. Re-scanned and it came up with even more issues. I clicked to fix those and went to bed. The next morning, my laptop was off and the only way I could get it to boot up was in "safe mode." So I uninstalled the crap and had to call 4 times to get it canceled. And they refused to give me a refund. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Hi Cyndy, Thank you for reaching out. We would like to learn more about your experience and see how we can help out. I have sent you a private message with more information.

Using their system was fair. It tells you what needs to be cleaned and takes a while to clean it out, but this is just about every time you use your computer. My biggest issue is their billing department. They cannot get anything straight. I've been billed twice in one month. I contacted them and they did see the problem stated they would reimburse me, never happened. The following month, once again. Same scenario, so this time I asked to cancel my subscription. I continued to be billed for it the following month and contacted them. They told me it shows canceled and couldn't help me any further. Mind you, this is all outsourced to the Philippines. I finally had to open up a fraud expense on my credit card with my bank. What a pain in the...

Hi Robert, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to learn more about your experience and make sure any outstanding issues are resolved. We have sent you a private message with more details. Company Profile

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