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I went online to search who had Estee Lauder Gift with purchase. I placed my order this weekend with Belk as they advertise a gift. I just received notification my items have shipped minus the gift. I called customer service to complain they said I can return the items. This is so inconvenient as I live very remotely and the post office is a drive away. I feel I should have been told about this at the time of order and will NEVER order from Belk again. Bad customer service.

My son and I felt discriminated since we walked it to the kids department. I had an empty box of Nike shoes that I brought home with my son toys in it. I was asked where were the shoes that belong to that box in a very rude voice by an employee from Belks. Then I felt that I was followed everywhere like if I was stealing something. My son got off the stroller and got under the rack for maybe 30 seconds. The employee hilar at him in a very rude voice to move from there. Then not even one minute later he did the same thing but this time this lady run towards him and grabbed him from his hand. At that moment my first reaction was to grabbed her arm and pull her away from my son. He was crying badly. I couldn't even continue shopping so I went ahead and paid for my items and left.

I called corporate, I received an apology and also from the manager from that local store. HE mailed me a two $5 gift card... I feel like that's a slap in the face. WHAT this lady did to my son was torture and now my son won't even want to go inside the store. That was one of my favorite stores but because of that lady I can't go in anymore since my son refuses to go in because he is still afraid of going in. We are talking a 4 yr old kid. I am desperate to know what my rights are. I feel discriminated, bully and very disappointed with the Belks stuff.

I ordered Lancome product with a Lancome FREE 7-PIECE GIFT WITH ANY $35 LANCOME PURCHASE. They sent me my ordered product (thank God) with only 6 pieces free gift. When I contacted them they wrongly interpreted the offer and didn't do anything to resolve the issue. I'm ready to return my order and the free gift but after I read all complaints online I give up. Terrible customer service!

Be very careful when applying for a Belk/Synchrony Bank credit card. I was late just once, and was charged a $25.00 late fee plus interest. My balance was only $58 and I had not missed a payment since receiving the card. This fee can be as much as $35. Belk offers a lot of discounts with their credit card use but if you are going to have to pay a late fee this high, then it's not worth it to me. They just lost a good customer.

The product description for the 3-piece set of dishes indicated buy 1, get 1 free. A coffee cup is what was free. They didn't indicate "buy one, get a free coffee cup." I called to see if I should order 1 cup or if it would just be sent free. I was on the phone with customer service so long, it was too late to edit or cancel my order. They did a call tag on that order. FedEx came to pick it up before it was delivered. I called; the man I spoke with said that I was not charged for the order and maybe they caught it before it went out. Not true. I was charged for the order and received it about a week later. I called back and asked if I could have it picked up at work so I didn't have to leave it outside. He said no, that they will try 3 times to pick it up and leave it somewhere outside.

Later, I called and got another rep. She said I can get it picked up at work and that I would get an e-mail with a return packing slip. I didn't receive it, so I called again. This person repeated the part about FedEx coming 3 times. I wrote 3 times to the "contact us" asking for someone to contact me. This has been going on for 11 days and I have spent hours on the phone. Today I called and the lady said she would expedite it because I still haven't received the e-mail. You guessed it... still nothing.

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First, I got a credit card and my adult daughter got the number and ran it up to the $500 max. I made all payments on time only to get a nasty letter saying that all of a sudden they "checked my credit" and were going to lower the max. No biggie, I still have never used the card. Finally, I reported it stolen, since she continued to use my card number without permission. That, however, is on me. I should have stopped it sooner. The biggest problem is when trying to pay it off, they refuse to take a prepaid credit card. WHY? As long as the money gets to you, why do you care in what form? They want to keep you bound to their fees and interest to get every stinking dime they can from you, the consumer. I think it is crooked and criminal.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quick response to my complaint of a wrong item delivered, for which I had to expend a return shipping cost. I was credited for the return shipping and sent the correct item immediately with free shipping, along with repeated apologies.

I bought several items from Belk. Two identical pair of pants were marked the same size but one was significantly smaller. I have to pay to return the pants. One rep told me that I can't return multiple orders in the same package so returns would be expensive. If you buy something and it comes on sale, you only have 10 days to "price match" or you are stuck with the higher price. Of course, this is not written on the online store information anywhere. I called and was a few days short and they would only give me 10% off, although the pants that I had already bought were reduced 50%.

I found the entire experience to be labor intensive and expensive given returns. Some customer service reps were rude. (Some not). I will not be buying from Belks again. I am writing this review because I believe that online shopping is gaining popularity and as a consumer, it is my responsibility to help people determine if a seller gives the consumer a good, fair experience.

I arrived right after opening. There were very few people in the store. I was greeted by a pleasant lady who asked if she could help me. I asked where the Vineyard Vines clothing was. She pointed me in the direction. I found the shirts and sweaters I was looking for. I could not find a shirt and sweater in the same size that matched. I asked another lady that walked by if she could help me. She said that was not her department.

I saw a young man that had walked up to the service desk. He never acknowledged my presence. I finally asked him if he could help me. He replied "Just a minute." He came over to where I was. He had some papers in his hand. He never put them down. He NEVER said "How can I help you?" He merely stood there. I ASKED him if there were any more shirts or sweaters like these anywhere in the store. He replied "No". I said "Thank you" and left. This is not the first time I have been ignored and slighted in this store. I went downtown to MLM – great service. Found some really nice things. Despise going into Belk – snooty, indifferent people. I will not be back. The Belk stores in Laurel and Columbus are not like this. Even the women's store in Tupelo is not like this. Sad.

This is my third and last online order with Belk. I have received the wrong item for the last 3 orders. At least this time they are resending the item with a post paid return. However until the correct one arrives, I am doubtful. Also I had to point out that when I ordered the item, it was cheaper due to a coupon, their customer service is as bad as the warehouse. Hope the new owners (Sycamore group) improve this service or better yet carry petite sizes in the store.

I was Christmas shopping in Belks when I was informed that their system would not accept any tender but cash?!? I had already spent a lot of time choosing gifts that I had to have that day. So I put my items on hold and went to the bank to withdraw the cash to buy them as they did not know when the system would be functional again. Major inconvenience. I called Belk credit card the next day to explain that I did not receive my rewards credits as I was forced to use cash for my purchases. No one was extremely apologetic but they did say that they would give me my points. I faxed them a copy of all of my receipts and to date, I have not received any credit, and this was 3 weeks ago. I have been a loyal customer for many years, but that may change.

I had not received a billing statement for two months and called the customer service to find out why. The lady was very rude and did not want to answer anything I ask her. I ask her to PLEASE confirm the address she had on file and it was, in fact, the correct address. My mother is an authorized user on the card and I explained to her that she wasn't receiving the bills anymore. I ask her if she knew why my mother wouldn't be receiving them anymore and her answer was with a very snotty attitude, "she won't receive the bills, you will." I then explained to her once again that my mother was an authorized user and she had been receiving the bills for 8 years now, so my question was, did she have any idea why they weren't being mailed anymore. Her answer again with a very snotty attitude, "she won't receive them, you will."

I then said, "Ma'am, I don't care whose name is the primary name, the bills aren't being mailed to the address on file anymore. DO YOU KNOW WHY?" Her next response with a very snotty attitude was, "No, call your post office." Obviously, she has no customer service skills whatsoever and I can assure Belk, that if I have to call their customer service department for anything else and I get another representative with that attitude, I will CLOSE my account. There are too many people who would love to have that job and treat the customers with much more respect than she did.

I ordered a kitchen appliance for my mother for Christmas. I had received a $20 discount. I then kept asking my mother if she had received a package. She never did. I then called Belk to find out what happened. They had canceled my order without notifying me that it had been canceled because one of the items was out of stock (though I was able to place the order). Instead of shipping the items separately they just canceled the order. When I tried to order they said they couldn't guarantee it would go through, that there was no way to check if the item was actually in stock. My take away advice: Don't order from Belk!!

I ordered this dress on 11/30 in the AM. After three phone calls, it finally showed as shipped on 12/3, but not actually shipped until 12/6. Need this dress for an event for my daughter on 12/13 -- but won't be getting it in time for that event. Awful, horrible, worthless customer service! Three phone calls to find out about if/when it shipped. Requested to change the ship-to address because the dress is being delivered to my work address over the weekend -- told they can't do that. The excuse for the delays is the high volume of orders between Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- wow, who knew something like that might happen?? Offered me a 20% discount on a future order -- REALLY, why would I want that?!?! Told the supervisor that I planned to file a complaint everywhere I could because this was ridiculous -- their lack of preparation and business knowledge is NOT my problem. Cannot image how the service in the stores can be so good, but the online service is so horrible!

I placed an order on their website, ordered a Levian chocolate diamond ring worth several hundred dollars. They had 3 left in stock, and I got an email confirmation saying my order was placed. The next day, they canceled my order due to unknown circumstances, and on the website it still shows the ring is in stock. I called and spoke with a Belk representative and the woman said they were out of stock on the ring and my card wouldn't be charged, but it already has been charged, and the ring still shows its in stock online!!! Horrible customer service. I should have paid attention to all of the horrible reviews online before I made a purchase. The woman from Belk told me to then call my credit card company myself and have them cancel and refund my charge. Unbelievable.

On Friday PM order online at Belk. Did not check requirement. On Saturday had to wait AM to call, was advise order was shipped and that had 1 Hour to cancel.

I ask the lady "Are you sure it been shipped?" This is the weekend and have not receive any message that was shipped. Did not think this could be true. Still weekend sent message to home office in Charlotte, NC. No response so will call on Monday to see if anything can be done. Do not recommend ordering from Belk due to only one hour window to cancel this is unreal.

I had the card for two years. I went to get my normal Clinique 7 day scrub. Well that was quickly messed up when my card was declined. I went to their phone in the back and called. After they asked every detail of my identity other than my religious preferences and blood type the rude lady said my credit limit had been reduced to 110$. OMG. I had a 90$ balance out of 300$ credit limit. I was so mortified. Canceled card, I left the store and I will never return.

I placed an order for a suitcase for $88. 3 days later I received an email that my order has been cancelled. I checked the website and see the item is now listed at $219. After speaking with customer service they tell me I can repurchase the luggage at $219 and I would be refunded the difference from my original amount. Great I placed a second order. Guess what, 3 days later I receive another email that my item is out of stock and my order is cancelled. Ok, I quit. I will never place another order with Belk again. That's just bad business.

I purchased a Nautica comforter online. My credit card was charged and I received an email that the sale was done. Over the next few days I received emails that the package was on the way. I was suppose to receive the item on a time and date that the last email stated. Then I received a final email the item is out of stock and the sale was voided and was never placed and thanks for my business. I would avoid this business and their customer service stinks.

I went online looking for a specific SAK purse. I saw an advertisement from Belk giving a price of $47.99 so I went to the Belk site and the color I wanted was listed at $47.99 (the other colors were $67.++) so I put the one I wanted in the shopping cart. When I went to check out the bag price came up $67.19. I emailed Belk and the next morning I got a response saying the price was $67 but if I could send them a screenshot of the $47 price they would research it further. I went back to the site and - surprise- now the price says $67.19. When you google the specific purse an advertisement for Belk comes up still giving the $47 price but Belk customer service says that doesn't count.

After placing an order online, my account was charged 129.00, only to find out the order was never placed but I was charged. I called them and they stated the funds would be released back in 5-7 days... Did not happen. I called them again to place the order and was charged 168.00 for the order only to wake up the next day and find 2 more additional charges, 1 for 112.00 and another for 56.00... OMG!! 3 pair of shorts for my son for school had over 450.00 deducted from my account... They gave me the run around and I have yet to receive my refunds back on my account. I suggest that you do NOT order anything from BELK as they will take all of your money out of your account with double charges and be charged for items that were never even ordered... Worst experience ever and customer service was not helpful at all.

I read a lot about you web regarding to your Vionic Orthaheel technology. I bought the Eddy casual shoe at Dillard's believing on you lying such that your technology CAN HELP, back pain, back of Heel pain and Ball of Foot pain. Congratulation you got money as from me with all this lying. Your technology gave me more pain on my ball of food than any other shoe. Not only that but also pain in all my foot something I did not have before. I start having pain in my buttock with I and over my bed. What a waste of money. I sent an email to you 2 weeks ago about help, suggestion about this shoe. You never answer me back. You are not professional. You are only salespeople that want to suck money to others. I will copy this message and publish in all web that publish your product. It is time to tell the true to people about your poor products and your Zero customer service.

I had an interview with the General Manager today. He was very rude and unprofessional. I was shocked at how that he wanted to raise his voice to me and talk about religion. I thought that I was there to talk about business - the most unprofessional manager that I have ever encountered.

Had a return with no receipt. ** was very nice and asked manager ** if they can give me better than lowest price sold and he did, about 75% better. When I shopped a bit and went to check out manager ** came out. Very rude. She told me a much lower price, said the word "no" like 20 times then ran off and left the cashier in a very awkward position. I found ** again and took charge and made it all right. Shame on ** for lack of effort.

I have been a customer for 8 years. I got drawn into the rewards program, you don't get any good deals because prices are too high to begin with. We like to pay before bill is due, called three times since moving to get bill sent through USPS, always had trouble with internet payments so my husband called on June 1st to see when we were to get a statement and the CS rep. told my husband it was due then so he panicked and paid over the phone so no late charges would be applied. He was charged 10.00 for paying over the phone, how ridiculous. You pay to pay your bill. Well that 10.00 cost them a very good customer, we closed our account and went to Kohl's and found that their sales and Kohl's cash is better than Belk's anyway, sorry we didn't find this out before.

I made a purchase for 118.29. Belk charged that to my card. Which was correct. Then the next day they made three additional charges one for 22.63, 22.93, and 72.73. Essentially charging me the total purchase again of 118.29. When I called customer service they stated that they put a hold on the account at time of purchase to make sure the funds are there. Then they charge the account when items ship. It is up to your banking institute to release the funds which takes 5-7 business days. Who does this? This is wrong - you are out extra money just trying to give a company business. Should never be a hold on your account for double because of trying to be a patron of Belk. Will never buy online from them ever again. Unless they change their policy.

I had a Belk Credit Card for 2 years and was never late, but the company sent me a letter saying my card is no longer active, because they reviewed my credit score randomly and changed their mind about having me as a customer (in a nutshell). What kind of ** is that?

I placed an order Saturday .I have my checking account and Belk account online. Belk told me my checking account WOULD NOT be debited until the order shipped. As soon as I placed my order I saw that Belk had charged me with two of the same purses and the total was 151.59. This was also debited from my checking account Saturday as soon as my order was placed. I called Belk in a few seconds to tell them I had only ordered one of each purse and I also told them the total wrong amount had been debited from my account even on a Saturday. The man I talked to said that was just a hold even though the hold as he said was already showing as a debit. I told him the amount was wrong he said not to worry the amount would drop off and the real amount would be shown as soon as the order shipped.

As of today Monday the 151.89 is still showing as a debit and my merchandise has not shipped. The amount should be 124.55 and that amount isn't showing the 151.89 is. When Belk tells you your account IS NOT debited until your order ships its a lie. The HOLD as they say is the same as a debit because that amount THEY sent to your bank even the wrong amount has that amount on HOLD and that means even though they told you your checking would not be debited until your items are shipped they have a HOLD on that amount on your account so you can't use that amount of money anyway.

This is to me a lie that Belk tells to everyone ordering on line. It wouldn't matter as much to me if they debited/held if it was the right amount and it wasn't. You get a different customer service person every time and I just got tired of repeating and being told "it is just a hold". If the order amount is FROZEN what difference is it?? If someone didn't have the extra to cover Belk's mistake and you were overdrawn what would Belk do then?? Nothing.

I placed an order yesterday from My order came up to $188 and some odd cents. Look at my bank account and the funds were held. Ok, so far, so good. Today I received an email saying my items had been shipped, but they were shipped separately. Ok, that's fine. Checked my bank online again, and they had charged me again for part of the order that was shipped. Huh? So I'm looking at the full amount, then part of the amount, both pending on my account. So I called, and they told me this is standard procedure. They first hold the funds, then when they ship, they charge for the merchandise. Which in turn, pending 2 separate charges on my bank account.

Now, this particular account, I use solely for buying clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. So this extra pending charge, put my account in the negative, which I have to pay overdraft fees for. I understand this charge will drop off in a few days, but still unacceptable. I shop online all the time, and this is the FIRST time a company did this. They either need to charge me at the time of service, or waiting to charge when they ship. Not both. The manager tried to blame the bank. No, it's you Belk. Not them! I will never buy from Belk again.

I ordered a pair of shoes from Belk because they were offering competitive prices and I figured I would give them a chance. It's important that I get my packages on time because I travel a lot for work and am never in the same place for very long, so I was tracking my package carefully. For that same reason, I often have mail forwarded to my work address- however I learned that Belk does not allow package forwarding, so instead of the package getting delivered to my work address, it got sent back to Belk.

I called Belk customer service, where they informed me that they no longer had that inventory, and could not simply resend the returned package, because "it just doesn't work like that". It's now too late to order elsewhere because I will be going to sea this week and won't see land again until next month. So, I will not be receiving the shoes I needed before departing. Needless to say, I will not be ordering from Belk again.

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