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Meghna of East Lansing, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been always fond of their apparel and have purchased a lot of items from them so far. However, I have been having a terrible experience with online shopping. With so limited number of stores, even returning an item is a headache. With one item, my refund was altogether $14 less than what I spent, simply because they will deduct additional charges, and their shipping was not free either. This made sure that I would never purchase an item from them online.

Scot of San Luis Obispo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Abercrombie & Fitch has been horrible to deal with. I noticed the quality of the clothing getting worse and worse, such as going to quality cotton to now mostly polyester & elastane so I decided to write to their design department and hear back what they would do (usually buy their men's 100% cotton woven boxers but they really messed the brand by changing them with 96% cotton & 4% elastane instead now, they're horrible now so I wrote to them about it). I waited and waited nothing.

I used the instant chat service several times and all they would say is to email the general email address. I did so, so many times and when I finally got a response, they sent me a one short sentence letter, saying "sorry we have no plans to change our clothing, thank you." I was outraged that they said nothing or apologize or anything to see what we can do or anything to handle my concerns. After all I have been a customer for a long time and for them to kick me to the curb and say merely nothing back.

So I looked on their website and saw where customers can leave reviews on their clothes, you'll notice that they have a leave a review for each garment. I did so and left 1-star reviews on the clothes I was buying how they changed the quality. The website says it takes 3 days for reviews to post but when I noticed if one review got posted, somehow two 5-star reviews would appear on top of mine immediately which I found odd when there was no reviews at all before mine. I then posted some more 1-star reviews and noticed they didn't posted them but they apparently allowed 5-star reviews to post but when I read the reviews, it was obvious the reviews weren't customer reviews but reviews written by Abercrombie & Fitch staff.

I began to look through the website and noticed there are fake reviews on the website after seeing the fishy reviews. I feel betrayed and lied to but yet they want your business. I understand they want to make money by downgrading their products but it’s the way they are doing it to customers. It is wrong for a long owned company but I am assuming the people who are running now aren't the people running it years back and it shows.

Yolanda of Leander, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered various items of clothing online from Abercrombie Kids. The items shipped quickly and I received them on time even during the busy holiday season. Everything is of excellent quality, the sizing runs a small so I had to take almost everything back to the store in which they easily allowed for the exchanges. The staff member was very helpful in helping me locate similar items and the exchange went well. I didn't have any trouble whatsoever and will definitely shop their website and store again.

Jolene of Raymore, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased 6 items on Nov. 6th, 2016, it is now Dec. 7th 2016 and I still have not received my order. I ordered these items early, so I thought. I wanted these items before Thanksgiving. I was then hoping by Christmas, I am not convinced at this point that will occur either. They have shipped the order 2 times, no order received at my residence to date. I have been on the phone with customer service at least 10 times, their response is unacceptable... "There is nothing we can do", "We can not refund your money", "We can not ship another order", "We do not know where your order is", "Someone else received your order and there is still nothing we can do". So, I am at a loss, I have been charged, but have not received my order. Extremely dissatisfied.

Olga of Alpharetta, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchase a pyjamas from the Store on North Point Mall Georgia. I was there on black Friday. I select a XS and asked the cashier if I can come back to change the size if they won't fit me. She agreed. Then I like my pyjamas loose, then I came back on Sunday the 27th to exchange for a size Small instead. The guy that was in the cash register told me he was the manager and I will have to pay almost $9 more because the promotion was not 50% anymore. I told him my intention is just switch sizes. He didn't want to honor my price and made me pay for the difference. I was very disappointed. I paid the difference. Hollister changed a size for me same day, same promotion with not hassle at all. Bad customer service experience. Never come back and I don't recommend nobody to do business with Abercrombie. I am going to publish this in all social media now.

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Vi of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Seriously! It advertised to have short on sales for $20. Placed the order and waited for 2 weeks. Kept letting me know it is back order. Today, they sent an email and let me know... "We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your merchandise on back order is no longer expected to be available. If you would like a recommendation for a similar item, send us an email or give us a call." Seriously, they are selling the same shorts online right now for $35. False advertising. First time buyer, never ever come back again.

M. of Snellville, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a pair of jeans on July 7th for site to store. I received an email that my order was in transit. After about a week of and not hearing anything about my order I sent an email and got a response a few days later stating that someone will contact me in 24-48 hours. No one ever contacted me so I tried calling a couple of times on two different days and no one answers. I googled a contact number and was able to find a 1-800 number which I called. I spoke with the CSR and she told me my order was delivered to the store on July 12th. I called the store to verify if they had my order and I was told that they didn't have it. I called back customer service and they said that they would forward my concerns to the resolutions department. I told her the resolution is to send me my jeans immediately or credit my account. She said she can't and it had to go to the resolution department.

I asked for a supervisor and she said they weren't available and that someone will call me in 3-5 business days. I called their corporate office only to get blind transferred and when I called back I was told that they cannot help me and I needed to email or call customer service. Finally I sent them a Facebook message and I was told that the jeans were delivered but there is a hold up but they don't know why and will work diligently to find out and that someone will contact me in 24-48 hours. I have never experienced such horrible service. As of yet, they still have my money and I don't have my product, this is pretty much theft. I will never shop there again.

john of Scarborough, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

Never seen such a poor customer and delivery service. My shipment was supposed to get delivered on 11th July and yet it is somewhere in between. I was in continuously follow-up for the delivery schedule but it was being delayed. Later today, upon tracking it shows: Shipment unclaimed and returning back to sender!!! Now, nobody had delivered the shipment at my home and why should I go somewhere to pick it up? What's the meaning of home delivery for the order above few bucks? Taking help of customer service in chat - customer service representative is so apologetic that almost I can see his/her tears! But can do nothing. Only can give toll free # for further help.

Now, doing EMAIL @ Abercrombie (provided on website for customer care), they have script of reply within one business day. From last 3 days I am emailing on this email ID but not getting reply back! Feeling helpless... Recommendation: Never try to place order online @ Abercrombie, Hollister. Deals are lucrative but you will spend most of the part of your life in just tracking order and if you are lucky, you will hear/get reply from customer service.

Lorraine of Newport, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I've ordered several times and clothing has been great and good quality. I've had contact with contact centre staff and staff in store at both Abercrombie and Hollister of which the help has been 2nd to none and considering I was having support with sensitive sizing the staff in all locations helped me personally, and never once just read out the size chart. They thought for themselves outside the box and made me comfortable. Never had issues with shipping. It's £9 UK to send things back which can be a pain but staff are so helpful with sizing. I rarely get it wrong now with their support and when I was having to order a lot with potential multiple returns Abercrombie dealt with me with dignity and personal support with this waivered and a 20% discount to help cover costs.

Staff have helped me with recommendations for gifts and have always recommended appropriate items in the sale as well as some that aren't - IE recommended the right item not the most expensive. My only annoyance is I'm too short and the jeans come up long so have to have them taken up but to be fair I buy lots in the sale so it still works out very cheap for good quality items. Also as for no help/reply to messages/emails with issues I also had a slight issue and Abercrombie were more than helpful and replied to every message way before the 24 hr guidance.

Mary of Tsukuba, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

Abercrombie online store has a policy to reply all messages within 24 hours, but every time I send a message about cancellation of product or ask for refund they curiously don't answer. Even if I send messages for two weeks there is no reply! They totally IGNORE you if you want solve any issue. THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM TO SOLVE ANY ISSUE. THEY JUST DON'T REPLY!!!

Jacquelyne of Abbotsford, BC on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a pair of classic chino shorts from Abercrombie and Fitch a little over a week ago when they were on sale. Today they arrived, and although I am a size 6 literally everywhere else, these shorts are huge on me. They wouldn't even stay on my waist. They fell down to my feet when zipped up! I called to try to exchange the shorts, but unfortunately, they say that it will be my responsibility to pay to send them back for an exchange. That is unacceptable, because doing so from my country would be the same price I paid for the shorts in the first place! All the sudden my shorts cost double, because their sizing is misleading? Not cool.

This is not the first time Abercrombie has messed up my order. Of the 5 times I've ordered from A&F, 3 orders had big mistakes. Once they sent me the skirt I ordered in a different color; another time they sent me a completely different sweater than I ordered, then tried to blame me for the mistake, THEN when I showed them the confirmation email showing which sweater I ordered, they changed their tune and told me it was my cost to eat anyway. I am never ordering from this store again. It's way too expensive to keep covering their mistakes! Beware!

Ayush of Delhi, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order over Abercrombie (Order ID: **) website last month. I was told to have a free shipping so I ordered the items for India at my home address. The total item cost was around $150 and Fedex through which they couriered - they asked me to pay 30% custom duty to get it delivered at my house. I was shock listening to such high custom duties. So I asked them let me talk to Abercrombie and get back on the same. Meanwhile I had these discussions and all I got a message from fedex that my order has been abandoned as on instructions by Abercrombie. Yesterday I dropped them mail and they are not sending me refund neither the items. It like a total loss to me.

Elizabeth of Camarillo, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up to receive Abercrombie text messages and in return received a promo for $10 off my order. I found a cute top online and applied the amount, but did not want to pay $7 for shipping (which honestly for one shirt is ridiculous), so I looked for the pick-up in store option. I live in Los Angeles and there were no stores that offered in-store pickup within 500 miles! I emailed customer service to see if they could do anything for me and they got back to me the next morning, saying that as a one-time courtesy they would remove the shipping fee to have it shipped to my home. They told me to go ahead and submit the order and they would remove the shipping afterwards.

I placed the order and sent them my order number right away. It took them over a day to get back to me, in which they said they could not offer the free shipping because I had used a promo code. If I had known that, I wouldn't have even placed the order in the first place! I emailed them back asking them to cancel the order and give me a full refund, but I have not heard back yet. I called the customer service line tonight and asked them if they could help in this situation.

The girl was totally unhelpful and said she couldn't do anything, and couldn't even transfer me to a manager or tell me when a manager would be in. She said she couldn't cancel the order because it has already shipped... but honestly how is that my problem? They should have gotten back to me to say they could not remove the shipping cost before it actually shipped. She said I could return the item to a store but I would not get my shipping money back. What kind of customer service offers you free shipping but then takes it away after you place the order? Totally unprofessional. I will not be buying anything from them again.

Taylor of Leonardtown, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order in November, for a hat, down vest, and sherpa hoodie. I have ordered from Abercrombie numerous times before and have never had an issue, until recently. They honestly have the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. I started to notice that when I would wear the vest, I would find little feathers all over my clothing. I didn't pay much attention to it, until one day I saw something white coming out of the vest. The down in the vest was coming out of the seams. I expected better quality for a $40 vest, especially with it being from Abercrombie and that I've never had any kind of issue with their clothing before.

I contacted the company through email telling them about the down coming out of the vest and how I no longer saw the vest on their website, and was unsure of what they would be able to do. I was told to send in pictures of where the down was coming out, as well as my order number, and that they would send them to their Quality Control Department, then once they determined if the item was defective or not, they would ship me out a new one. About a day later, I get an email from them saying that they will be shipping out a new one and that it would arrive by February 15. This confused me as I thought if it wasn't on their website it wasn't available.

A few days later I get a generic email, one that every other person on back order would receive, stating how the vest is on back order and that they have no idea when it will be in stock again. You would think that the woman who told me they would be shipping out a new one or just someone that I had dealt with along the way, would have been able to check into if the item was available or not, and would have told me that it was on back order, rather than telling me it would arrive in about a week. I messaged the woman telling her just that, and all she can say is how she has no idea when it will be available again.

A few days later, once again I receive another generic email, stating that the vest has been cancelled for back order, and will no longer be available! You would think that I would get an email from someone from the company stating that they're sorry for this and telling me how they are going to resolve the problem, but no. I messaged them once again, telling them how frustrated I am, and how it seems as if they just don't want to send a replacement at all. I asked for either a return or store credit, but after this incident I don't want to deal with Abercrombie anymore.

I always liked their clothing and thought they were a decent company, as I had never had an issue with ordering before, but not anymore! Throughout this whole process I have been direct from person to person. Not one person can seem to handle the issue. They have almost made it seem as if the defected vest is my issue, not theirs. They dont seem to want to help at all, and they seem as if they just don't care about issues like this. Horrible customer service! If it weren't for me constantly emailing them for updates, I'm sure that they would forget about this, and never send me out a new one or resolve the problem. I will update when I receive another email from them about what they're going to do about this.

Mia of Edmonton, AB on
Satisfaction Rating

During the last week of January A&F was having a crazy sale and being the impulse buyer I am I spent over $400.00 close to $500.00 online on the store. Because I did not read the return policy I failed to notice that if you pay with Paypal they cannot return you the money instead it would go on store credit. But if you ship it back to the USA you can get the full refund but they do not pay for shipping. I was absolutely appalled when I found out this information at the store because I know tons of retailers that do return the money back into the paypal account with no problem.

That being said I immediately called A&F asking them, "Is there any way for me to get my money back because I was not going to have over $300.00 on store credit!". They said all I had to do was take a picture of the receipts and then they could return the money back into my paypal. I patiently waited for their email which the person over the phone said it would take 2 days but I ended up waiting for 4. Because I had multiple orders I told the associate over the phone that I had two more orders coming in and I am sure I won't keep all of the products so is there a way for them to waive the return shipping fee. She kindly agreed to that so that made me a little bit more happy.

Fast forward a couple days I don't hear back from the email and when I went to the post office with the two packages that came in the post office told me I would have to pay around $50.00 for the items to be shipped back. I was not going to pay that much money to ship the items back plus the associate told me that she already waived the fee. I call again and the new associate over the phone told me that it would have been impossible for the other associate to waive the fee because I live in Canada and they do not provide that kind of service. She said since they didn't have proof for what was previously promised. So they totally pushed the responsibility on me. Basically accusing me of lying because I didn't have proof of the conversation.

So then they told me the only way I can get a refund is if I go to the store with 25 items and return it. Get store credit and redo the whole process that has been taking over a week and counting. Even now I still have not gotten my money back from the first phone call. Their customer service is very slow and they just seem like they do not care about their customers. After having such a terrible and nightmare like experience I do not think I will be shopping from A&F online ever again. The problem is still ongoing and I'm just at the point where I am starting to give up if not for the money. I have NEVER EVER EVER experience such bad customer service over the phone ever in my life from any company.

R of Burke, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a coat for my daughter last Thanksgiving and a boy tugged on the buttons and ripped it a month later. Heartbroken because of how much my daughter and I loved the coat, I contacted Abercrombie via e-mail to let them know what happened. They asked me to send them three different pictures. One close-up of damage, one of the tag, and one of the entire coat. Abercrombie gave me a refund stating that they apologize that the merchandise got damaged. Jessica from their customer service department helped me. I've been buying Abercrombie since high school, although pricey, the quality of their products have been great.

Jeanette of San Francisco, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've never ordered from them before and never will again. I place an order for some Christmas gifts. There was an option to pay an additional $10 for shipping (which otherwise would have been free) to have it arrive on Christmas eve. They emailed me a day later saying the items were back ordered. Fine. I accepted to keep my order. Once shipped (and when it was obvious it wouldn't get to me by Christmas eve), they still charged me that $10. The items never arrived. I emailed them and they said I could have them re-ship the items or I can get a refund. After learning they can't ship it to a different address (since I'll no longer be home to accept it), they said my best option was to get a refund. They only refund part of my total. So after charging me for shipping when it was obvious it wasn't going to make it on time and not getting anything I ordered, I've lost money. Why would I ever do business with them again?

Kim of Millville, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order on Hollisterco.com on 12/7/2015 using standard delivery. Their website states to allow 5-7 days for in stock items. This would have allowed 13 days until Christmas, which seemed very reasonable. I was given an estimated delivery date of 12/18/15. The package was not delivered to FedEx until 12/10/15. There were no reported natural disasters or issues that would have delayed shipment. However, FedEx delayed shipment to 12/24 and again to 12/28.

As disappointed as I was that the shipment would not be received in time for the holidays, I was appalled at the lack of customer service of Hollister. The company failed to respond to my email at all. I had to complain on their Facebook website to obtain any form of a customer response. The response I received stated that I could arrange pickup from a post office nearly 35 miles away from me. There was no attempt made to remedy the situation or even a good faith effort to retain me as a customer.

Amit of New York, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Hi Abercrombie, I am so UPSET! I've been ordering online for years. You guys have the worst customer service I have ever experienced! No one knows, including USPS (although it should have been a FedEx delivery) where my package is! I'm spending hours on the phone with USPS - they have no clue. When contacting your customer service they send me back to USPS! It is not my responsibility to contact them! You should deliver my clothes, you are responsible to talk with them (ask Amazon how they do that). So what did I get instead? 3 horrible representatives, all saying that they are the supervisors (that's interesting) so you have no one to complain for the horrible (most horrible ever experienced) service ever.

A super rude representative - Shaidi (you seriously need to stop her employment, what is that?) hanged up on me, the other one said (after screaming for 10 minutes) to wait, (I finally thought I'm getting a supervisor) and 12 minutes later same representative picks up and asks how else can she help me. I was a loyal customer. Never going to buy from you again, and will also make sure to forward my message in every forum/blog that's possible. You are the worst. Oh, and I'll obviously charge back my money. You won't see a dime from me.

Garrett of Place, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

My order is scheduled to take 16 days from the point of purchase to the arrival. I ordered one pair of jeans. This is pathetic. Abercrombie has a very long processing time, and even longer (inaccurate) shipping time.

Sanjana of Bronx, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered gifts for Christmas from Abercrombie Kids and I called to change the sizes but I was told they don't cancel orders that have already been released status nor do they cancel them. They charge twice the amount by adding new sizes and don't tell you if an item is out of stock but charge for those same items. They do to give refunds if you do not call.They also charge for gift boxes and don't send them but charge for them even if they are not included in the order. They try to make money off of people by not letting you know items are not in stock which means that items bought may not be in their warehouse but they still charge those same items.

melly of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Placed an order for an item that was advertised as in stock. Got the confirmation email and it's saying it's back-ordered. Started a chat convo with Katherine and asked her about availability of the item. She said, "It's available," but when asked why my confirmation email says it's back ordered, she said, "I really don't know." Not only is it infuriating to wait forever for a response from this girl and to feel like I was scammed AND being lied to, AND you people have my money, but to speak to a representative who can't and/or won't find out what is going on is really a slap in the face. What is the point of the CS reps if they're not trying to help you or answer your questions, especially when there is an error somewhere??!! This is my first complaint. If I don't get an answer I'm posting to another site and another, and another. I'm off today. I got time!!! I want the item but you not gonna treat me like my $ doesn't count!!

Reshu of Toronto, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

The total amount of my order was $96.28. Then I cancelled one item (value $22.20) because I ordered wrong size and they did not have the size I wanted. So the item was cancelled and I am charged $94.96. If I had known that I would not have cancelled the item. When I received the invoice I found that all the prices were increased than when I placed the order. I shop regularly at Abercrombie both store and online and this time I wasn't happy with the experience. Customer service was unhelpful. I would never shop here again. Initial invoice, final invoice, as well as emails from customer service are kept safe for evidence.

Xiaocheng of Brooklyn , NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I have place a order at the online store. I received the confirmation email and order confirmation number but later on, they cancel my order with no reasons and didn't notice me. At least I check it online in the official website.

geo r. of Hebron, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered and was charged $200 for an e-gift card. Did not receive as I should have, instantly as a e-card should be available. The email I got from Abercrombie stated that a card will be shipped to the addressee gifted but after a week I track the order and AF site shows order was cancelled. No reason - just cancelled and NOT refunded! I call customer service. Talk to a rep who says he see order cancellation but can't help me. Says he has to turn it over to the research and resolution department. Meanwhile they are sitting on my money. I will contact the Better Business Bureau tomorrow and never do business with Abercrombie again. Ridiculous that a company this big has an amateur website for customers to be frustrated with.

olga of Sterling Heights, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a shirt and I was charged 2 times for the item I got.

Diane of Boston, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had placed 2 orders online. One was on a Friday and the second one was 3 days after on Monday. My Friday order was fine, I never received any type of confirmation for either one, but the Friday one arrived and when I went to check the Monday order to see if it was shipped, it said it was cancelled. I had 3 items in that order so I do not think all the items sold out as it was still on the website throughout the 2 weeks that I was trying not to reach them. I called twice and they kept saying they will email that specific department that I don't recall the name of - but they are the ones who cancelled my order. I never received a reply and so I did an online chat where the lady gives me that department's email, but my email got bounced back. It's been over 2 weeks and NOT ONE PERSON CAN HELP. Last time I ever order online!

I rather go into the store, but I might be deterred now...And the only reason which I find stupid that they would cancel my order is because I ordered the same coat in both orders, and one was going to be a gift! Each of my orders were different items and I only ordered 3 items total in each order and only the coat was the same. I don't think this resolution team exist because it's been so long since I called and they told me it only takes 2 days to respond and that was because I called on a Saturday, but that was 2 weeks ago!

Rachelle of Hanford, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an online order and everything went well. I had a promotional code that I was able to use just fine and everything was confirmed. I got a confirmation e-mail with the amount that I had agreed to pay online. Next thing I know I am getting an e-mail stating my card is declined and that they're trying to charge me over $20 more than what I had agreed to pay. I e-mailed them and asked that they fix the payment issue because this was on their end. They e-mailed back and said I had to call.

So, I call in and it is clear I am speaking with someone working from their home. Very unprofessional, a lot of quiet pauses, definitely missed the phone service 101 memo. He ends up canceling my order because he can't figure out how to fix the issue. Then he says he is going to re-order and use my promo code. DEAD SILENCE for at least 5 minutes. I can hear some clicking and what not, but then there's a click on the phone. He seriously hung up on me. I got confirmation e-mails that my order was canceled due to my payment method being declined, um no it's because you were trying to charge me more than what I had agreed to pay. I e-mailed them thanking them for awesome customer service, but have not heard back as of yet. I will not be shopping with them again. Horrible!

Nicole of San Francisco, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

This is my first time ordering online from A&F (shopped in store multiple times, so not new to brand). My order was confirmed. (note; everything was in stock when order was placed) I received an order confirmation for ALL my items in the order. The next day I received an email saying 1 item was placed on backorder and was asked if I would like to accept the later ship date. I clicked the button for the "Accept later ship date" and received a email confirmation stating my choice. The next day, I received an email saying they cancelled my item because it was no longer available (sold out). Through another listing [on the website], I figured out that an Abercrombie still lists an item up for sale even when it's already on backorder which is not fair to the customers who previously just ordered the item because they don't even have a chance of receiving the item because it will no longer be available.

My denim jacket came with a very STRONG chlorine smell. Chat representative was not helpful whatsoever and basically repeated to me what I had already told him. At the end, he was also a bit rude. I generally don't have a problem with shopping at the A&F stores and with the products, but shopping on the website is a whole different thing. Customer service is terrible and the chat representative was not even the least helpful (i.e. after I told him about the STRONG CHLORINE SMELL on the jacket he told me to send an email attaching photos of the jacket to the company's email. Now tell me this: how in the hell are you going to smell something through a photo??? Lesson learned: Only shop in A&F stores so you can actually see and touch the product. Well maybe not even see, since their lighting is so dim.

Cathy of Oakville, ON on
Satisfaction Rating

I was buying a parka for my daughter and wasn't sure of the size (the sizing chart only gives bust and hip references, not arm length). She is 5'10" and very slender. There was an option to chat with a rep so I asked him about the sizing and gave my daughter's size info and asked if the medium would be long enough in the arms for her. He stated I should order a small as the product would be loose on her. I ordered a medium instead, as she likes to wear hoodies. It arrived today and I am very disappointed. While the coat is very nice (over-priced at $225), the fit is VERY small. It's more like a girl's medium vs a women's medium. The on-line support staff should be more knowledgeable otherwise what's the point of having them there?

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