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Purchased collar at Dollar General. Put on my 2 cats of age and left a huge sore on my 6 mo old cat, burnt her fur off, and had stuff seeping out where the collar was.

I purchased this flea collar for my 12 year old cat. The cat has worn other collars before and never had a problem. Within 2 hours of having this collar on, my cat had a terrible reaction. He was stumbling, wheezing, coughing, and panting. His heart rate was out of control. I was able to get the collar off, and after a quick search of the internet, found that I should quickly bathe him with Dawn dish soap. He seems to be doing better now. I can't imagine what would have happened if I left the collar on overnight. I am disgusted with myself and with this company after having read all the negative reviews of this product.

Purchased this product to use on my beloved cat to save money after spending HUNDREDS of dollars & countless hours cleaning to rid my home of a horrid flea infestation -- HUGE mistake!!! I applied the spot treatment to my cat yesterday around 11 a.m. Around 1 p.m. when we left the house to run errands he seemed fine although I noted he was a bit tired-looking. When we arrived home a few hours later my daughter noticed that he was nowhere to be found. We spent 45 minutes searching the house for him only to find him hidden in a corner under a dresser, clinging to the floor convulsing, salivating, trembling violently, teeth chattering & soaked in his own urine. I rushed him to the emergency vet only to discover he has TOXIC POISONING due to this flea medication!!

Apparently the medicine builds up in their system & it can take minutes, hours, or DAYS for symptoms of an allergic reaction or overdose to appear!!! So my baby spent the night hooked up to an IV & a catheter receiving charcoal, fluids, muscle relaxers (they couldn't fully sedate him because his heart rate was too high & to do so would've killed him instantly!!!), laxatives, & some other medicines I can't recall the name of to counteract the effects of this POISON!!!

This morning he is moving around but not eating & he responds to his name, & should be able to be discharged sometime this afternoon however there is still the possibility of permanent neurological damage!!! Topical medicines like this should NOT be able to be sold in stores!!! It should be regulated & sold ONLY by a pharmacist or veterinarian!!! My whole family is traumatized over this! I have NO DOUBT that if we didn't find him when we did & rush him to the vet that he would NOT BE ALIVE today!!! This company needs to be shut down!!!

My little kitten of a few months has had pretty bad fleas for the past few months since we had her, so we bought this product hoping it would work. We woke up at 4 in the middle of the night to her howling and crying in absolute pain. We can't afford a vet and have just lost our dear chihuahua of 9 years to a horrific accident, so we couldn't stand to think she was dying too. Finally she seemed to have gotten better and my mom stayed on kitten watch all night. Today she seems absolutely disoriented and as though she has no idea who we are or as though she is lost. I am feeding her a lot and giving her milk hoping she poops it out and giving her a bath to get it off her fur. Don't use this ** on your pets.

My budget was tight this month, so I decided to just try this product on my young cat since I noticed a few fleas on him a couple days ago. Immediately he was scratching at it, which I figured was normal for flea treatments considering its an insecticide. I've never had to treat a pet for fleas before. Next morning he was hiding behind curtains as if he were scared of something, easily running out of breath when typically he's full of energy all the time and running around jumping on things and chasing flies.

When I picked him up because he was breathing so hard and panting even, his heart was beating way too fast. He acted dehydrated, and when I offered water he refused several times before finally caving in when I added some colder water from my cup. He's just not himself mentally either. He acts as if he's hallucinating and I've noticed tremors. He's constantly stopping in his tracks and throwing himself down because just trotting across the room takes his breath away. He doesn't want me to love on him or hold him... Normally I can't get this baby to leave me alone sometimes (not that I really want him to). I can't drive myself, and don't really have anyone in town I could call... So I'm waiting for my mom to come drive me to the nearest vet.

I've already washed him off, but it's been on him a day now and he's just acting like a totally different cat. Like he's mentally ill or something. His name is Jojen; after a character from my favorite books, The Song of Ice and Fire series. I myself have had him about a month and a half, I got him to be my therapy animal because I have Potsdam and bipolar 2 disorder (with way more lows than highs). I saw him being given away and the moment I saw his picture I knew I needed him, he has brought me out of a severe depression and if anything happens to his life I don't know if I can handle it. Not to mention my 2.5 year old daughter is extremely attached to him. He use to follow her around and sleep cuddled up next to her, now he acts like she's some stranger and runs away, she's gone through a lot too this past few months transitioning from moving.

I've used a pipette to make him take some liquid, I also mixed 2 of the droppers full with half water half ** to get some electrolytes in his system cause he's also had runny stool and his belly feels "off" and seems swollen. I'm calling the vet to see if it's safe to administer a tiny bit of ** as soon as I'm done writing here. I'm so worried that his personality is permanently changed.:( He use to be so awesome, he is the best and smartest cat I've ever had or been around in my life, he's almost like having a big dog in a little cat body. I had him following 6 different commands, 2 tricks and trained to walk on a leash... He won't do any of that now!

I swear, no matter what comes of this I won't stop until Sergeant's had to answer for what they've done to my family member and me and luck be with that company if he doesn't make it through this! I wish I had heard of these terrible ratings before putting this junk on him! This "company" should be ashamed... The whole company and anyone that works for them knowing they're manufacturing poison and killing people's beloved pets!! I won't accept any refund or "gifts" out of court. None of that fixes the damage that's ALREADY been done. I'm not stopping until Sergeant's is either forced out of business or changes their ethics and ingredients... AFTER they make it right with anyone that has had to experience this stress and emotional hardship.

I hope ratings can be edited after submitted, because I will be adding the receipt. I know exactly where it's at, I just can't get to it right this minute. It was marked at $5 here at my lock BIG LOTS store.P. S. THE FLEAS ARE THRIVING AND SEEM GENERALLY UNSCATHED. Actually the fleas even seem more abundant oddly enough.

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Used Sergeant's flea collar on my cat and just having it on her for a week made her neck very raw and lost her hair. Did get a picture of my cat for possible for legal actions...

I used this flea medicine. It killed my 12 week old kitten in 2 hours my 2 year old cat is dying now. They accept me to care for them. But your prettify product killed them!!! They are dead!!!

I have 2 Lhasa Apso females that are 3 years old. I used Sergeant's Gold on them using the correct weight. I applied it to both dogs on back of their neck as instructed. Within 40 minutes they were jumping up and down on/off the couch and jerking around. They would try to lay down and they jerked every 2-3 SECONDS! I knew something was wrong! So I called Sergeant's and told them. They told me to bathe them twice in Dawn Dish Liquid and run water over them for 10 minutes, to get the product off. I did that. As I was drying them the smaller dog started foaming at the mouth. I was scared I was going to lose my dogs. I immediately called my vet and told him what had happened. He told me he has never been a friend of Sergeant's. But that was all I can do for now. It took 2 days for them to quit jerking and I felt so sorry that I had put this on them. Now I cannot use ANY flea product for 3 weeks! This has to get out of their system first!

Not even flea powder or spray. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR ANIMALS! It causes seizures, jerking, burning of the skin, foaming of the mouth, and I have heard even DEATH! These are my babies! I love them so much and I do not want any other animals go through what my dogs have been through with this HORRIBLE PRODUCT! If you love your animals please only use what your vet sells.

I know we use things because we want to save $$$ but when it comes to this ~~~ it is NOT worth your animal having reactions or death to this PRODUCT! PLEASE DO NOT USE ANYTHING PURCHASED just because it is cheap. Remember this ~~~ YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I have learned a big lesson from this experience and writing this review in hopes that it will keep others from using SERGEANT'S GOLD FLEA & TICK. It should be taken off the market! Very Concerned Animal Lover!

My brother had put this stuff on my cat. He told me he did; I immediately washed it off of her. By the end of the night she was trembling and having seizures! I didn't know what to do for the poor thing. She wouldn't let me pick her up or even touch her. She was foaming out of her mouth and crying. My poor baby. I hope she makes it through this. :(

I wish this product was not sold, praying as I write this that my 9-month-old kittens Thelma and Louise don't die. Use Sergeant's cat Flea meds on them today. Within hours they are both tremoring so bad, their jaws are literally chattering and they can't function. I tried to save $$ and it may cost my kittens' lives now. I can't afford the cozy of the emergency vets, praying make it till morning so I can take to clinic.

*Warning* Do not use this product. It was recommended to me by a friend and FRONTLINE was not working so I purchased this and put it on my 3 year old baby boy. He died, he was a healthy, active, sweet, precious 14.5 pound baby cat and he died after I put this on him. I looked it up this morning and I wish I had looked it up before I used it. There are thousands of complaints filed with the BBB and Consumer Affairs of this product killing and disabling animals, cats and dogs. Please do not use this product. It is toxic to animals and after reading all the complaints there are thousands of animals that have died from this and other Sergeant's products. Do not use these products. My poor Sammy died from 1 dose and the company knows about this and yet they still have it on the market.

The only thing I can say is pull all of those Sergeant's Flea Collars off the shelves. Both of my Chihuahuas had red sores on their necks and their hair on neck area fell off. My two year old was sick for three days. Constantly shaking and trembling. She wouldn’t eat or drink. After three days she’s feeling much better after giving her a good bath washing all the bad stuff off of her. Now my poor other lil Chihuahua is acting a lil off too. Please pull those Collars off the shelves before more innocent lil fur babies die or get sick. All I want is all cats and dogs to be safe.

I bought the flea collar for my Chihuahua. She is 5 yrs old and about 3 pounds. Put it on her on Thursday night and by Friday morning around 6 o'clock she was stumbling and it had burned her neck. Took her to the vet for treatment. This is a very bad product and should be taken off the market. It states may cause some skin irritation. Irritation my **! Your product burned my baby. You should not be allowed to stay in business.

Sergeant's flea and tick caused serious tremors, neuro problems in three of eleven cats I administered this product to. The vet said that the condition may not be reversible. But I was able to reverse the symptoms with fast action. A vet would have only given the cats IV's and activated charcoal which according to an honest vet, the charcoal won't do anything beneficial for the animal.

Here is what you should do immediately do not hesitate: 1. Wash the product off the pet with dish soap twice. If the pet won't let you give it a bath use wash cloths soaked in dish soap and water. 2. Over-feed the pet food that will make it poop. Choose food the animal won't resist overeating. I went to the dollar store for canned Mackerel fish for $1.65 per can, I bought several. I fed the cats every two hours as much as they were willing to eat. 3. Swap water for milk or fish juice in oil from canned fish. The oil helps the animal poop. By 7PM the animals returned to normal. This experience with Sergeant's was scary and heartbreaking. The cats were dying, they couldn't jump, they looked high on acid. It was an experience I don't want to go through again.

This Sergeant's flea and tick product is awful. When I read the reviews I was in shocked. I used this on my dog on a Sunday and it was the worst experience ever. My dog was miserable. He couldn't sleep. He was agitated. Took him to the vet. 2 days later they had to bathe him and prescribed Valium. This is ridiculous. Why are they still selling this, why haven't they been sued? Please make me understand why is this product still on the shelves.

I wish I had done research on this product prior to purchase. This stuff is pure poison! Had no idea why my lab was acting peculiar, compulsive biting at his tail, whining, rolling on his back, panting... Until I read the reviews on other dogs that fit the same bill. Product needs to be banned!!!

I purchased the Sergeant's dual action flea collar for my cat today May 24, 2016 to replace the old one which was one just like it. I changed the collar on my sweet boy of about 2 years old and within 10 minutes he wasn't acting like his usual self. I immediately removed the collar and got a wet paper towel to wipe his neck and paws. No longer than it was on him it cause him to start drooling, shaking, and loss of balance. His heart was racing also. I called the 800 number on the package and spoke to a gentleman, told him the symptoms my cat was experiencing and was told the collars don't cause that reaction. While speaking with him my fiance was holding the cat and he began to pee all over him and then he popped also. The man didn't seem interested in my cat just numbers on the packaging.

Needless to say as we were trying to put him in the crate to maybe calm him and get him to a vet he ran off toward the back of the trailer. I just hope he doesn't die and comes back. I will never use Sergeant's again and if he doesn't come back I won't stop until this bad mess is off the market killing and harming animals. I read with sadness some of these reviews and just hope and pray my little man comes back and is okay.

Two of my three cats experienced severe adverse reactions to this medicine; requiring veterinary medical hospitalization!! I have never used over-the-counter flea medicines on my cats before; but due to financial issues I decided to try them. A very costly mistake; and traumatizing experience for them and our family!!! Jasmine and Raven both experienced tremors, seizures, nervousness, twitching and inability to eat or drink hours after application of this product. Luckily I was able to get them to the hospital in time to administer IV fluids and sedatives to help them recover!! If I had not taken them the Doc said they might not have survived!! Now we wait to see if they experience any residual organ and neurological effects from this poison. They are recovering now; two days later after being released from hospital and still seem a little "off", mild twitching and nervousness; and seem very scared and sensitive about human touch.

Only with positive voice recognition and a gentle hand do they seem to respond to touch. Unfortunately these poisonous drugs destroy the neurotransmitters that activate senses; making them fearful to stimuli of any kind!! Their doctor also said there could be residual episodes of resurgence of the poison in their system for a week or more... Their liver and kidneys can be affected and shut down because the poison has to be assimilated and passed through completely!! It is a terrible and frustrating experience that any pet parent has to endure with them!! I cannot afford a laywer to file a class action lawsuit. If anyone reads this and has the contacts and ability to do so...PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! I WILL BE FIRST IN LINE AGAINST THE MANUFACTURERS OF THESE PRODUCTS!!!

A cat was given spot-treatment. The mistake was, she was given the kind that was designed for dogs, not cats. This is a simple mistake that is very common especially in first time cat owners - a person imagines if it kills fleas in canines, it would do the same for cats. The difference is not only the ingredients inside the capsules but the fact there is a fatality rate due to these mistakes.

The kind for canines contains 45% Permethrin. The kind for cats do not have this ingredient. I will explain just how scary this stuff is. If you have a cat and dog living in the same household, just as much as applying it to the DOG can cause your cat to get sick just from rubbing against each other on occasion or laying down next to each other.

Once the cat's skin has absorbed Permethrin, it will get sick from the toxins and begin having seizures, sometimes as often to every few hours. It may begin trembling constantly with non-stop muscle spasms until its next seizure, and the cycle repeats. I found one article that said when a cat becomes sick due to Permethrin, it caps out at a 40% fatality rate. Sometimes due to permanent health complications to a point where it must be put to sleep, sometimes it dies rapidly due to the toxins.

Basically, the good news is that this can be cured. But only with time. The skin must be scrubbed thoroughly to stop the toxins from further absorption, and vet can give it some meds to boost the healing process. So you're not looking at thousands of dollars of vet bills, at least. May as well go ahead and start praying. The bad news is your cat has a excelling rate of dying. While you can easily say, 'it says it's not for cats, your mistake. Don't blame the company.' There's a reason certain drugs are only available through prescription. These capsules, should not be available for anyone to buy anywhere. They are lethal and require debriefing on their use upon purchase.

We put this product on our cats in February. The kitten was seven months old. She developed breast cancer soon afterwards. She was sprayed at six months old. Why is this company still selling this crap? I am devastated. This is so wrong. My husband and I are slowly watching our little cat die and she is so young!!! Shame on Sergeant's. This is wrong. Stop them from killing our pets.

OMG this is so ridiculous! I put this product on my 1 year old border collie, and he has been scratching, running around, and whining like crazy! Why would they still sell this? If I lose my dog because I gave him flea medicine, I'll be devastated... They are straight up poisoning our dogs, and nothing is being done about this? How is this even legal???

I purchased Sergeant's flea medicine for my two Shorkies. They are both under ten pounds. I applied it to both. One of them seems to be ok. The other one is having trouble walking and using the restroom. She is warm and just wants to lay down all day. I am very worried after reading all the previous reviews. This company should be sued!

Today I bought Sergeant's brand Evolve 21 flea and tick drops for 21-39 lb dog. I have never used this brand but had heard of the name. After a few hours my wire Terrier mix, Madison, start barking and whining if we weren't scratching her. She was acting really weird. I called the vet and they said to bathe her with Dawn dish soap. This didn't help. She was still clearly uncomfortable. She started to twitch, so I took her to the emergency vet. As I type this she is being held overnight for observation. I read all the horrible things online, and other people's accounts of what it did to their dog, all very similar stories. I may lose my dog to this product. I will never forgive myself for buying and using this product. Don't make the same mistake. I hope this product gets banned!

Cupcake, our petite, 6 lb cat, galloped the hallway, always at our feet. Ears perked for the sound of the treat pouch. We applied powder, collar, and the "Green" natural spray to most of our cats. The fleas did not abate for whatever reason -- maybe due to cats' confinement because of the big snow storm & the # of cats, 10. So I sprayed their brush with the "Green" spray. We noticed Cupcake slowed down. All of a sudden, we asked ourselves, is she eating? Drinking? We scrutinized her as she deteriorated, sometimes back legs flailing. Within 10 days, she is now on her deathbed.

We took her to the vet a few days ago and her lab values were normal. Except for elevated calcium, indicating a poss. renal failure; the kidneys felt small. The fleas were innumerable, so we combed her and got about 900!!! fleas. She wore a collar, but... it may have been at the 6-month expiration time. From the vet, we bought and applied Activyl. We are so sorry we could not afford to buy Activyl earlier, and that may've led to our cat's demise. Our cat has not had the strength to eat or even to walk, so we ask ourselves, what happened? Was it the massive fleas on her tiny frame that started the domino effect, the shutdown? Was it a reaction to the product?

At this point, we are only guessing, so I cannot place blame. I do feel that fleas are underestimated as an adversary, that most products don't work, even the Frontline stopped working a couple years ago. I don't believe the Sergeant's powder helped. We will use Merck's Activyl for our remaining cats. It is $14 per month and dosage is based on your cat's weight. Our Cupcake was the tiniest cat, an ink spot, all black, full of lithe vigor, loved to be picked up and pretend she was nothing more than a docile limp rag. No more galloping at our feet. It just happened so fast. To everybody on this board, another thing is to vacuum and get rid of carpet and rugs until your infestation is controlled. We even vacuumed our cat. Fleas are a scourge. Activyl has different ingredients than Advantage or Frontline. Good luck. I read that brewer's yeast in the diet would help repel fleas.

We are a loyal customer to Sergeant's flea stuff. We use it on our dog and works great. Well we got the Sergeant's silver brand drops for our cat and after a couple hours she got more elusive. Not unusual since she likes to ambush us when we're unsuspecting. Well getting closer to bed time and I call the cat 'cause we let the dog in and she likes to try to sneak out the door. Nothing. Jingled her bells and nothing and then I started getting worried. Walked around the house and finally I hear a thump and she's by the door.

Examining the cat, I notice a weird crouch walking and swoop down and pick her up and realize she's not trying to get away and is actual shivering. Then I used a flashlight to check if she was blind or her pupils dilated. Breathing a sigh of relief they did. But she's still acting strange and being ginger where she walks. So finally at wits' end, I figure it's the flea stuff and I find this horrific site where tons of people have had this problem and even more heart-wrenching, it killed their animals.

Rushed her through a bath and got more worried over her not trying to scratch me to death. Smelling her breath I realized that she had swallowed a lot of the flea drops and am now keeping a full water dish, hoping she'll drink and help it go away. I'm gonna be on night watch because I love this cat and I've harmed her soo badly with this stuff. Please don't use Sergeant's Silver for cats and kittens.

Called about an hour after I applied the product to my cat when he started acting lethargic/tearing up/sneezing. Asked what exactly made up the other 45% of the product, was told it was proprietary info. Brought up how it's potentially a completely other insecticide -- still told it was proprietary. It seems like no one cares about informing the consumer about the product's makeup, even when my pet has been showing symptoms of toxicity. Veterinarian told me that it has "a really wide margin of safety" as well -- complete **, from what I've seen of pet horror stories throughout this review thread.

I sat on hold for upwards of twenty minutes while a vet (who I'm sure as hell isn't certified) had me stuck listening to elevator music while she looked for treatment options when all I wanted to know was what was in the product. In the end, they told me all the symptoms my cat was experiencing had nothing to do with the product even though they were symptoms commonly experienced by cats due to synthetic pyrethroids/insecticides. Don't trust the emergency number or any "vet" they have there. They don't even know simple symptoms that occur when a cat is faced with a toxin.

I have 2 kittens and 1 adult cat. Purchased Sergeant's flea treatment because the 2 kittens were infested and it affected my adult cat. Normally I would have gone to the vet but my car is out of commission. I treated my three cats and immediately one started acting real strange. Luckily none of them really got sick but three days later the flea problem continued. I decided to look up reviews on this product to see if it worked as described to find out that many animals died and most got sick. I'm very thankful that this wasn't my situation and I will never attempt to use this product again. The reviews are simply horrible and I am in shock that this product is still available for sale. It's not worth the savings. Go to a veterinarian and get the right stuff. It's more effective and your beloved pet will be safe.

My cat had fleas. We bought Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Spray for cats. Barely sprayed from back her neck to her tail. She started to clean herself licking within minutes. She started doing this yapping thing with her mouth, then it started uncontrolled foaming and her mouth dripping. She was walking sideways. And then she would barely move. I immediately washed her off and wrapped her up. Stayed up all night checking in her. Took about 3 days for her start acting normal. It says in the instructions humans are supposed to use gloves. Can't inhale or let soak through skin. I should have known if it's toxic for me to touch it will be worse for my cat to lick and ingest.

Flea and tick dogs under 33 pounds - Do not use this!!! It has almost killed my little dog! He still can't walk. Please take this off our shelves! My dog is so sick! I used it yesterday and he has been up all night... I even called them about it. My little baby is suffering!

I stopped at a friend's home to find her totally distraught. She had purchased Sergeant's flea & tick topical at a Dollar Store for her two cats and applied it the night before. Within an hour her one cats was having severe spasms, the other cat did not seem to have any adverse reaction. She was up all night and when I arrived and saw the condition of her cat, I insisted that we take the cat to the vet immediately. We did and the vet said had we not brought him in, he would not have survived. The cat had to stay the day on IV's and his temperature, which was elevated, had to be monitored to prevent brain damage. Upon returning home, the other cat was starting to display the same symptoms so back to the vet for medicine. Because she had washed the cat and administered meds right away, that one did not have to endure what the first one did.

Once I heard it was Sergeant's brand that she used, I knew what happened. I know of three other people who's pets were poisoned after using these products. My question is, why does the FDA continue to allow these products on the shelves as I do believe they also regulate pet products as well as those for humans. Until they do, PLEASE, DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS ON YOUR PETS!