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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

73 1800-PetMeds Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

I have ordered from there for years and never had an issue. I ended up not needing a product and needed to order something different. I contacted their support, It was super fast, got a refund and got the new order taken care of by the agent who was super friendly and efficient. They are not requesting me to send back the products that I am not needed, asking instead that I'd give them to a shelter. Amazing culture and support. Thank you.

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

I called to make an order with a discount code that they sent because I am a loyal client for 6 years. The person taking the call charged me at full price and also charged me with the discount (by the way the wrong discount but that is another story). I called to dispute and they left me on hold for over 30 minutes, then started arguing with me like it was my fault and at the end, they did nothing for me. I had to call my bank directly, spend another 45 minutes on hold and they finally helped me. 1-800-PetMeds did not even call to follow up so PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND FIND ANOTHER COMPANY THAT PROVIDES THE SAME SERVICES.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 14, 2017

    I placed an order with 1800-PetMeds and received an order confirmation email stating I would receive another email when the order was shipped. After waiting 1 week and the payment taken out of my account I emailed the company as to why my order hadn't been shipped and the company responded with a request for my CVV # again over the phone. After refusing to give them this information the representative said they were cancelling my order. I immediately contacted my banking company and they confirmed the money had been received by 1800-PetMeds so they opened up an investigation.

    I was instructed to forward the order confirmation email to 1800-PetMeds and they responded with a generic response. I also sent an email requesting a refund and informing them an investigation has been processed. I am not surprised that again I received an email that the money has not been removed from my account. As stated above I have a statement from the bank this money was removed and again I was instructed by the bank there is absolutely no reason to need my CVV # again and especially over the phone. I think I have been scammed and so glad I didn't give them the opportunity to take more than $70 from me! Hopefully something comes out of this investigation and this scam is stopped!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 10, 2017

    1800-PetMeds Makes Me Mad. I became a customer in June of 2017 with my first order placed. I used the debit/credit card I always use in placing the order. I have lived at my current address for over 7 years. I received an email the next day to "call as there is a problem with your order." I called. They asked me to "verify the address on the credit card" and to "verify the CCV code on my card." I did so with a call.

    Two weeks later I ordered the same medication (Purina FortiFlora) for my dog; same card, same way. I got that email again the next day saying "there was a problem with my order..." I called the next day (annoyed) and they (she) "was/were very sorry" and it would be straightened out right away. She opined that "maybe it flagged me because I had moved recently?" Nope.

    10 days later I called them because my order still hadn't showed up. The operator I reached when I was connected said "oh, I see there is a problem" and would I "verify the billing address on the card and the CCV please?" Arrrggghh! I tried to stay calm and explain that I had just called and that the last operator said it was handled; though obviously not. This operator said she would handle it and did promise to send my order next day for no additional fees. That part is great; however what's up with this verification and verification again stuff? There's some kind of bug in their system and it was exacerbated by the operator before the last one; not following through with what she had promised.This is their last chance with me. If that medication isn't in my hands before Wednesday evening July 12th; that's the last time I'll go through the hassle of this company.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 30, 2017

    I'm a new dog owner and decided to use 1-800-PetMeds for monthly flea/tick and heartworm meds. First off, I tried to order one med for one weight and the other for another weight. A popup appeared to confirm, which I appreciated but I ordered the way I did since I had a free sample from vet on one med and have a fast growing breed. Well, that stopped me from being able to place order. After emailing company about problem they said to call. I called and was informed that these were prescriptions (when did life get so difficult???) so rep told me about a generic available with exact same ingredients, ok great so I place the order.

    I go online 3 days later to check status of order to find out one product was shipped and the other product was on hold and said I had to contact the vet. DON’T YOU THINK AN EMAIL OR SOMETHING TELLING TO CONTACT THE VET WOULD BE NICE??? Anyway, I cancelled that product and will spend the extra money and buy it from the local vet. I always leave reviews pointing out positives, positives/negatives, and negatives, I can count on one hand how many of my reviews have been totally negative with nothing positive to say but this is one of those times. I researched all online pet sites and only felt comfortable ordering from 1-800-PetMeds. Well, if this the best that is being offered they can keep it. For those reading this I would recommend buying local ESPECIALLY if you’re ordering meds that might mean the well-being of your loved one. Sorry to ramble on, but some of these shouldn't even be in business as far as I'm concerned.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2017

    Don't order from 1800-PetMeds! Honestly, my overall experience with 1800-PetMeds was fine. The prescriptions came in on time. I went to order flea meds again and my vet told me that they no longer fill with 1800-PetMeds because some of their medications aren't the real medicine, they're meds off the black market and have been making pets sick. Also, since they can't guarantee the authenticity of the medications or that the meds are from licensed veterinarians, they don't come with a guarantee. So if your pet got sick they won't do anything about it like provide treatment. I definitely won't order from them again. Since my vet no longer approves prescriptions from 1800-PetMeds they've agreed to price match. I really hope people stop ordering from them because why chance your pet getting sick? Hopefully officials will look into 1800-PetMeds and get exposed proof.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    I have been ordering from 1800-PetMeds for about two years now. I have never had any problems with them faxing information to my vet for prescriptions - I have however had trouble getting my vet to fax back the RX in a timely manner, this always seems to be an issue. The last time I ordered my vet was taking forever to fax back the RX and my dog needs his heartworm by a certain time of the month. The vet kept telling me they would fax back the RX every time I called them and still hadn't. I spoke on the live chat with someone from 1800-PetMeds and he upgraded me to 2-Day shipping at no extra charge so that my dog would get his heartworm medication on time, even though it was no fault of theirs, and my veterinarian was the one giving me a hard time faxing the information back.

    I appreciate that this website cares more about my dogs than my vet seems to! I thank them very much for assuring he gets his medication on time to stay healthy, and I will always shop through this site. Plus, it is much cheaper than my vet for the same medication especially with their frequent promotional codes and deals. Thank you 1800-PetMeds! For those of you on this site saying that they are not faxing the information to your vet, I would be sure it isn't your vet that is the problem and not this site - I have had three different veterinarians that I have had to get RX's from to order off of this site and all three of them gave me a hard time with faxing the information back.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 26, 2017

    This multi-million company needs to monitor their Customer Service reps' conversation with clients. I experienced rudeness and demeaning conversation from a lady working on 05/26 around 6:24 AM PST. I was contacted because my expedited order was not shipped 2 days ago. According to the Pharmacy, my Vet didn't approved the inconsistent weight of my dog (long story). With this, I totally understand as I am a healthcare professional too (and I don't have to tell that to your CS).

    Your CS feels like she is smarter and still insist on repeating the information and conversation up to the point that she emphasized all the words she's saying and the difference between expedited and standard shipping. English is my 4th language, I am fluent with accent but absolutely not stupid. I've been ordering with 1800-PetMeds for few months now, orders are delivered so slow. This is the last straw. I will look for another pet pharmacy. Please don't support companies like this. They grow big and doesn't take care of their Consumers!

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 19, 2017

    I have barely placed my first PetMeds order when I have now been dealing with just trying to get my order filled for Sentinel flea and Heartgard medicine. This company acts like I am trying to get a tranquilizer and is going through EXTREME measures for a prescription. My vet has faxed over the scripts multiple times and still the pharmacy says they have not received it. This is my first and final order with this company and I will never use them again. I cannot believe it is this hard just to get flea meds. I have now finally cancelled my order due to my vet faxing the required prescription FOUR times and PetMeds telling me they never received it. First and last time I will ever use this company. I went with another company to place my order.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 15, 2017

    We ordered meds for an older pet on recommendation of our vet. We ordered antibiotic for a bad infection, rash service 2-day delivery. 5 days, the meds are still not delivered. At first we had a decent caring agent trying to help. On the next day, after the failed service still, we run into a callous agent and unprofessional manager, who actually interrupted us and yelled. No compensation for suffering pet, major inconvenience and disruption to my family life. Refund delivery only after we pressed. Complete failure of customer service. Do not order from them! Unethical, unprofessional, money grubbers!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 3, 2017

    For some reason that was unclear to both myself and the customer service rep my order had been returned to sender. When I called to get this rectified the rep-Precious-was extremely attentive and empathetic. She resent the package and added some more details in order to ensure the package would be delivered this time. She was also efficient and the whole process from dialing to getting the package resent took less than 3 minutes. I have ordered from this company many times and always had great service. I highly recommend them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2017

    I have been using 1800-PetMeds for about a year now and was fairly satisfied with their service but they must have some sort of odd contract with Federal Express. I live in Virginia and for some reason it is taking approximately 2 weeks for me to get my order. When I looked at the tracking information it is absolutely crazy, it was actually in Virginia in about 2 days but then went to Maryland, then to WV and from there who knows. When I contacted 1800-PetMeds they said it will still be 4 more days before I would get the shipment. There is no way it should take this long to ship, I have to wonder if this isn't a gimmick to get you to pay for overnight shipping. This will be my last order from them, I order a lot of things online and it only takes this long if something is out of stock. If I were in charge there I would be questioning the service they are receiving from Federal Express, UPS seems to provide much better service.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 6, 2017

    I ordered ** from PetMeds for my kittens ear mites! We have two other dogs and realized a couple days after we got him that he needed the medication for the ear mites. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to go to the vets, I decided to try this website instead. I was not disappointed, it shipped out the next day and it took 8 business days to receive it here in Canada! Not to mention they included temptations treats and a dog bone in the package! If I ever need anything pet related I will definitely order from here again! Thanks PetMeds!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    We have used PetMeds several times over the years. Most recently I ordered ** for my dog, ** for my cat, for a total of $157 (with a coupon). Our cat died before we gave him his first dose (he was 17 years old, so it was time) and I called PetMeds to see if I could return the meds for a refund. They assured me I would be credited for the amount of the ** and suggested I donate my package to a local shelter. I will. I appreciate customer service like this!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

    I would give them zero stars if I could. What a horrible company. I placed an order online for a prescription medication. The next day I received a confirmation stating that they were waiting for our vet to fax the prescription to them. So far so good. Get a call back from the vet the same day confirming they have faxed the prescription. Two days go by: no further feedback from PetMeds. So I log into the website to check the order status. It is shown as CANCELLED. WTF? I call the 800 number. Agent is unable to even locate the order number, cannot see it in the account order history. How's that possible? Puts me on hold for several minutes. "Oh, we found the order. The product is out of stock. You shouldn't have been able to order it in the first place. And sometimes "we" can't see what happens at the pharmacy after orders are sent to them."

    So those clowns just cancel orders if they can't fulfill them. And customer gets no notice. Really??? I ask her, "Okay, so where do we go from here?" Back on hold for several minutes. Agent comes back, "Sorry, we have no idea when the product will be back in stock. Do you want us to transfer the order to another pharmacy?" Oh, yeah, right! I'm going to trust YOU guys to take care of this for me? No ** thanks. Meanwhile, we still don't have the meds for our pet. They may be okay for tick bands or something, but I'm never going to trust these yahoos with anything important again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 19, 2016

    I recently ordered ** from 1-800-PetMeds and later found the same item to cost significantly less at Valley Vet. In response to a satisfaction survey from 1-800-PetMeds I commented that although all other factors were equal, I could not recommend PetMeds due to the lower cost of the medication at Valley Vet. I soon received an email explaining that PetMeds would match prices and a second email refunding the difference. I am astonished. I never expected a response let alone a refund. Kudos to 1-800-PetMeds for excellent customer service!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 7, 2016

    I ordered flea medication for my cats on Sunday. I used a coupon code that was directly on the website for 15% off and paid $13 to have my items express shipped. My items never shipped the following business day, Monday, so I contacted customer service on Tuesday regarding this. I was guaranteed that I would get the medication the following day, Wednesday. I was told that immediately after the items shipped I would get confirmation. I did not. The items still did not ship so I called once again and was told my order had been placed on hold because of the coupon I used. I canceled my order and now have to wait another 2 days for the funds to be available. I will never buy anything from a company that will willingly take your money, but make you go through hoops to get your items.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

    Although my 15 lb. Tibetan Spaniel has been receiving her monthly dose of Heartgard Plus chewables, she still got hookworm which Heartgard Plus is supposed to prevent. My veterinarian mentioned that incorrect storage temperature can render medication ineffective and that 1-800-PetMeds does not deal directly with the pharmaceutical companies, that "middlemen" involvement lead to improper drug storage and ineffective medications. I submitted my veterinary bills totaling close to $200 for fecal exam, vet visit and treatment medication to 1-800-PetMeds and have received nothing. I will never trust this company again in the treatment of my pets.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 25, 2016

    This is verbatim the reply from 1800PetMeds to my FIFTH email to them simply requesting confirmation whether a corrected order was being sent or not?! "Thank you for your email, Guy. We hope this email finds you doing well today. We are very sorry that you had to follow up with us. The product that was shipped was Sentinel 6pack 2-10lbs for Marley. We greatly appreciate you allowing us the opportunity to be your trusted pharmacy for all of your furry friend's medications. Please feel free to contact us if you require further assistance with your account." Wouldn't be annoying if this wasn't the FIFTH time I asked if a corrected order was being sent. The reply is NOT addressing my only question! I'm returning the inaccurate order and filing a PayPal dispute to force a refund!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 20, 2016

    I received a hard copy prescription from my vet, which I mailed to 1800petmeds' pharmacy. I saw my order status change from waiting for prescription to pending customer approval. I emailed to ask what I needed to do to approve the order. They said they don't accept faxed prescriptions. I don't own a fax machine. I haven't sent a fax in years. I told them that if they have a prescription, then it is the one I mailed since I never faxed anything. They say they have a prescription, but claim I faxed it. It's been the most asinine argument I have ever had in my life. I will never use them again.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

    I attempted to place an online order with 1800-PetMeds and my credit card was declined with a notice to contact the issuer of the card, which I did. I was told by my bank that there was plenty of available credit on the credit card and the problem was not on my end. I then called 1800-PetMeds to place the order and again my credit card was declined, with no explanation. I moved on and placed my order with Petshed, using the same card, and the meds are on the way.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2016

    I ordered malaseb shampoo, was 44.98, was charged twice. I was with petmeds for over 2 yrs. I contacted petmeds, was told they would credit my account back and that I would have to get my pets medication locally from now on. So I am currently with pet360.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

    I had originally ordered Advantage for cats from www.canadavet.com. After about 2 months and no response from customer service as to where my product was, I gave up and tried 1800-PetMeds. I was trying to save myself an expensive vet bill and get the products at about 1/2 the cost. I gave up waiting on both and made the vet appointment and ironically received my order from 1800-PetMeds the same day. I brought the Advantage to the vet, and he believed that it was an authentic product and not a counterfeit. The order only took about 3 weeks to receive (and considering it went through customs, that's pretty reasonable). I still haven't received my order from CanadaVet.com. In the end, I still saved money as I didn't have to purchase more Advantage from the vet, and my cat got a check up and complimentary nail trim.

    Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

    I just called to ZOETIS. It's the manufacturer for the **. The ** is very common heart worms and flea preventative medication prescribed by veterinarians for dogs and cats. The representative from ZOETIS told me that they sell the ** to veterinarians only!! And they do not sell the ** to any websites and 1800 petmeds particularly!!! People run away from this site and other like this one. Go to your vet. hospital but first call to manufacturer and ask if they supply meds to your vet. hospital and ask stuff at your vet. hospital where they take your meds from.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2016

    I mailed my dog's prescription to 1-800-PetMeds on 07/25/16 and received an email confirmation the product shipped 07/29/16. However my estimated delivery date is 08/09/16. That's totally ridiculous. I should have sucked it up and paid the few extra dollars at the veterinary office.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 2, 2016

    I ordered the flea and tick frontline for our cat. It always work. But ordering these past few times has been really unacceptable. PetMeds says delivery is fast. BS. It takes almost 2 weeks for us to get our frontline. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS COMPANY? They have gone downhill. I use to get our frontline in a couple days not weeks. Your customer service sucks now.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 2, 2016

    1800-PetMeds Has Again Failed When it Comes to Customer Support. We attempted to purchase OnLine with 1800-PetMeds, apparently their website deducted our credit card twice (Double Charged). We phoned the toll free number immediately and our experience with the PetMeds employee was a negative, with no ensured feeling that our payment was Voided. We soon called back to ensure that our credit card payment was cancelled. We escalated the secondary call to a manager whom named herself *Kim*. Her tone was inflammatory, rude, non-engaging and overall unacceptable. We do not plan on patronizing 1800-PetMeds again!

    Updated on 04/06/2016: Today is Day #4 as--1800 PetMeds Has charged our credit card 3 separate charges. We have asked for a Credit Memo Multiply as we did not approve the (3) independent credit card charges. Today is Wed April-6-2016, and we still have not received a credit memo from PetMeds. PetMeds has only offered us $5.00 Discount on a future purchase to attempt to make us happy. As they decline to remove the false charges from our card. PetMeds has Not submitted an Order Number.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 27, 2016

    I have purchased dental hygiene products in the past for my three dogs and one cat. I get discount coupons via email that never work. Yesterday I tried to use the stack5 coupon again that was recently sent to me and it didn't work (again). Instead of just submitting my order I reviewed the coupon and saw that it had no expiration date, only said expires soon. To me it appeared they were hooking me in and then changing the deal, willing to risk that I would submit the order. Angrily I went to Amazon and found all the products there for less money (even with the Pet Meds discount). In one case of dog shampoo it was $1 less for twice the amount! Bye-bye forever Pet Meds.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

    I don't even know where to begin, but long story short, this company received my money from the get go. They butchered my address and my email address, and after 10 days of no medication, I call to find out what's going on. I was then told my vet has to approve this prescription and that I had to get that info from my vet myself and mail it THEN they could proceed with the order. Never had a clue I had to do anything myself. Was never told that. Also never got an email for confirmation of my order or an email about any issues.

    They claimed they sent one but to an incorrect email address. Funny part is the fact I started getting promotional emails the day I made the purchase. I sent an email to Customer Service explaining every little detail, and all they would offer was free shipping... Free shipping? A $4 rebate offer? What a joke. I immediately asked for a full refund and to cancel my order. This company is completely careless about customers. I've never felt so under appreciated and transparent from a company. There was no regard for trying to keep my business. I was of no value to them. Do yourself a favor. Do not use this company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 5, 2016

    With certain med, we need them shipped right away. Pet in pain while waiting for long time to get med!!!

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