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This was Toby born on July 9th, 2015 came from Arkansas. We went to Petland on December 11th, 2015 in hopes of obtaining a long life companion. He was on SALE and very very skinny. It seemed like no one wanted him but we saw over his skinniness and decided to give him a chance in life... We named him Toby... He was our family Christmas present. Toby was constantly sick diarrhea, vomiting, no appetite. We took him to the follow up veterinarian appointment that you guys provide us with and the vet suggested some additional tests to be done because she was concerned for Toby. I contact Petland corporation and they denied the services to be covered. We decide to go along. We feed him with baby food with a syringe and ** for all the diarrhea. He grew and grew but continued to have his constant accidents. He has potty training but still couldn't hold on. Constantly drinking excessive water we thought it was a puppy thing.

Until this Saturday August 6th, 2016 Toby got again really sickly but this time it was much more than just another sick. Toby had no energy. I decide to do the same procedures I did when we got him from Petland, baby food in a syringe, ** to restore his electrolytes from the diarrhea but nothing seems to work. In fact, things got worse. He started having shakes attacks, wouldn't move, look due anything. We decided to take him to an emergency vet Saturday evening. We went in to the vet trying to get our baby well again so he could be back to be playing with his big brother Sparky and all of us. But it was to late. The vet told us that Toby had kidneys failure, his kidneys never fully developed something that would off been caught earlier if it wasn't for Petland denying the further testing requested from the vet. My heart aches as I write this but Toby crossed the rainbow bridge this Saturday August 6th, 2016 at 10:25 pm.

It was the hardest goodbye as our sweet boy closed his eyes. Leaving behind a heart broken family. I am destroyed!!! My son is going through a hard time understanding and is depressed that requires for him to sleep at night in bed with us. Our family will never be the same. We loved him like the baby. He was the loving boy. Toby deserved to be alive. Toby deserved to have been tested that day after we bought him. This could have been prevented... My Toby boy I will forever honor your name baby. Sorry you had to go so soon. Toby only turned a year old on July 9th, 2016. He was only part of our lives for 7 months, 7 beautiful, loving, caring months. We got to take him to the Smokey mountains on our trip... You will forever be missed. Rest in peace my sweet Toby. Mommy, Daddy, George and your brother Sparky miss you tremendously. Wait for me at the gates of heaven.

My wife and I purchased a Teddy Bear puppy (a shih tzu and bichon mix) because we wanted a companion for our adopted lhasa terrier. As with many other reviews I read (very much unfortunately AFTER the sale and not beforehand) we were assured that the owners of the store visit each breeder - all of whom are "accredited" and "held to the highest standards" - and they only choose the safest and happiest puppies.

Fast-forward to after our purchase when we took her to the vet to get checked out (our vet, not affiliated with Petland whatsoever) only to find that she has a parasite called Giardiasis, which is very easily spreadable. She also has jaw and dental issues because her lower jaw has such a severe underbite. Now we're paying to have to get her dental issues fixed (to the tune of nearly $1,000) plus the medicine for her parasite and the additional chores of having to super-clean every inch of the house so it doesn't spread to our other dog or the kids.

When I try to contact the store or its warranty department to cover the medical costs incurred from their supposedly happy and healthy puppies, someone takes down the info and will "get back to me." This is only the beginning, because I will not let this go until there's resolution. Anyone looking to stop in and visit the cute puppies and kittens should just keep on driving. It's sad because not only do they criminally mislead people but they also fully support the mistreatment and God-awful conditions in which the puppies reside. AVOID PET STORES AT ALL COSTS, ESPECIALLY PETLAND IN HOFFMAN ESTATES!!!

We purchased a Bulldog from Petland Bradenton in April 2015. Right away the poor thing had pneumonia and bronchitis! About a month after that she got cherry eye. We have had 2 surgeries done that have not been able to fix her cherry eye. A couple months after that we noticed her limping. We had x-rays taken and found out her hips are not even connected. We were referred to a specialist that said she is one of the most extreme cases he has seen. She will eventually lose her ability to walk. She is on pain meds on a daily basis. How is this fair to her or to us having to see her in this pain?

We did research on the breeder Petland used and found out it is a puppy mill. Just a couple months after our puppy's birthday, the breeder was found to have numerous violations causing them to shut down. We did contact the warranty department who had told us to send them all documentation. I got together everything which happened to be a huge stack of paperwork. I emailed them exactly how they had told us to and got no response. I emailed them again, with no response. I have paid out an extreme amount of money to help this dog that my family has fallen in love with so she does not suffer. The specialist did inform me this is a congenital disorder. The mother had these problems and it was passed down to her pups. How can people possibly do this to animals? I will never buy anything else from Petland and I will do whatever it takes to make sure everybody knows the pain and financial costs we have experienced.

My fiancé and I recently purchased a $2000 puppy from Petland in Independence. We put $800 down and the rest on credit, with the idea to build our credit and make it look good. This was on Sunday, August 7th. Tuesday, one day after we brought him home, he was deathly ill. He had a bloody stool, was lethargic, etc. He was hospitalized for a night. When we picked him up and he seemed to be okay, but he still had a cough that we watched very closely. The cough got worse and we took him to the emergency hospital. They diagnosed him with pneumonia. It is now the 19th of August and he is still in the hospital. Also, on August 14th we discovered a piece of paper that wasn't filled out. There's spaces for us to fill out our social, license number, and a signature. This is the only piece of paper that states the OUTRAGEOUS 29.9% interest rate. This paper was shoved in the folder and never shown to us.

We've contacted our local Petland and "Pawsitive Solutions" every day since his first visit to the hospital (a day after we got him). We are demanding a refund and aren't backing down until we get one. We've contacted the BBB, our attorney general, the department of ag, animal control, and multiple news stations about this situation. They will not get away with selling extremely expensive and sick puppies to loving families. We're currently trying to get enough people who've gone through the same thing with Petland together, in order to file a class action lawsuit or at least a protest. There has been one filed before, but we would like to try again. If interested, please email me: **.

I bought a husky from Petland. When I brought her home she started having severe diarrhea. I took her to the vet and they said it was just an upset stomach and gave me some pills. It got worse from there and I took her back and they found out she had hookworms and parvo. I took her back to Petland for a refund and they were extremely rude and would not do anything for me. I said I wanted a refund so finally they gave me a phone number to call and said I could leave the dog with them. The next day I called the number. They denied my refund and said I abandoned the dog at the store, and since they treated it they now take ownership of the dog.

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DO NOT BUY A PUPPY HERE! My partner and I came in on March 10th to look at dogs and fell in love with a fluffy Siberian Husky. We made the decision to get the dog and finance him. The sales associate Victoria told us the dog was 3,000 dollars and we were able to talk her into taking off 200 dollars. They asked if we wanted the shopping spree and they said it was gonna be an extra hundred and we would get all our supplies. It sounded like a good idea so we decided to go ahead and do it.

We went over the puppy contract and they told us with our dog we get warranties, training etc. Everything sounded good so we went forward with the dog. The first day we noticed our pup was very lethargic. We took him to the vet during the three day vet policy petland had. Petland disclosed that he has kennel cough however, when we brought him in they told us he also had pneumonia and worms.

We returned for the next seven days to get his shots to get him better which was a huge inconvenience and when we told Petland they couldn't care less. They covered everything except for the seventh day which was an extra 45 dollars out of my pocket. After all the medicine my dog was still sick. I called petland to make sure since my dog was still ill that petland would cover it and the associate assured me they would. I went to the vets and this wasn't the case. They didn't cover anything and I had to spend an extra 80 dollars which I did not have at the time. Shortly after I got my payment book and saw they were asking for over $4000 dollars which I did not understand because they told me 2800 plus the shopping spree.

After fighting with the finance companies and petland for months I finally was able to receive the invoice which took four months to get because they sent it to an email I did not give them nor do I own. As I saw the invoice I became furious because the training, puppy for life program etc was all additional prices that accumulated to over a thousand dollars more. As well my dog was not three thousand but 3,176 dollars and the shopping spree was hundred more. None of which was told or shown to me. They made seem all the training and everything as inclusive. I received no invoice or receipt or not vocal confirmation of the price and they reviewed no contract with the 4,000 amount just the contract for my puppy. I never even used the training program and various other items and could care less about the warranties.

When I called petland to voice my complaint I spoke to Wagner and he told me he would email head of corporate to see if they could do anything and he would call me in two days. I called a week later after hearing no word and the manager Scotty told me that Wagner was going on a week vacation and that he will call and see if he got any update.

I asked Scotty to call me back even if there is no update and let me know when at least Wagner will be back so I could call and follow up. I never heard back from both of them. I got in contact with the loan company and they contacted the store owners or so they told me and they didn't care at all and would not help. I emailed the store twice and called to get a hold of the store owner so I could sit down and resolve my discrepancy amicably and I never heard back.

I spent hours on the phone with this company, loan company, corporate etc. Spent hours of my life over this issue, lost hours of sleep, and it created so much anxiety in my life for the past 5 months. I have never done business with a company with such bad customer service, lack of care for their customers and animals. I have two other friends who got their dogs from this company both of which said their dogs were very sick as well. I will never do business with this company again. Not only did they lose a customer but they made an enemy. I will spread the word about my experience over social media, blogs any outlet I can find, encourage everyone I know to never go to this company and tell all my friends to write negative reviews on this company. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

We bought a puppy from Petland in Waterford lakes last Saturday and he passed away Tuesday morning. They wouldn't refund our money so we got another dog and took him to the vet and checked out fine. 2 days later we are back at the vet and he had kennel cough, a very serious parasite and ear infection. He got worse as the day went on. After arguing with Petland we finally got our money back but had to return that poor puppy. I couldn't go through losing another dog. Please don't buy a dog from these people. They sold us 2 sick dogs and they know they are wrong. These places should be shut down. They are cruel disgusting people. My heart breaks for all these animals.

I purchased two male poodle mixes in May 2016. One was advertised as a miniature poodle. However, AKC advised he was a mix, and the vet concurred. The "miniature poodle" was not as energetic as the other puppies and very tiny. I noticed a severe cough...after I had held him and fallen in love. The young saleswoman said it was probably a hairball. Another salesman said it was nerves. Given his lethargy and severe wet cough, I immediately thought it was kennel cough. They said they would treat him over the next 4 days with a nebulizer and I could pick him up on Saturday. I foolishly signed the contract and adopted him.

When I picked him up, he did seem somewhat livelier but still coughed. I was told to make an appointment with their vet the following week. I made it for that Monday. While picking up my baby, I also adopted a schnoodle who had severe mats in his long hair (only his butt was shaved down; I can only speculate because he had poopy stuck in his hair) and severe tear stains on his face. Even the same young saleswoman who sold me the first poodle agreed that his hair was in bad condition. I said, "this is neglect"; and with that I adopted him too. My heart broke for them both.

I immediately had problems with both dogs. The miniature poodle mix was extremely sick, coughing all night, sleeping a lot and not eating much. He was only 3 pounds to begin with and wasn't thriving. The schnoodle was aggressive and bit the poodle. I was overwhelmed. I tried calling the PAWsitive Solutions hotline, but no one returned my call. I called and spoke with the saleswoman who was very short with me at first, but when I told her I had to find a good home for the schnoodle so that I could concentrate on getting the poodle well, she was more than happy to volunteer her aunt.

I just spent a fortune on a sick puppy and a severely neglected puppy that this saleswoman received commission on. There was no way I was going to let her have my baby. So, I gave the schnoodle, not sold, gave, to the groomer after breaking down in tears. By the time PAWsitive Solutions got back to me, it was too late. I had re-homed the schnoodle and broke the contract. I did what was right for both of them. The poodle at first showed what I thought were signs of improvement while on an antibiotic and steroid, prescribed by Petland's approved vet. However, he had an adverse reaction to the steroid and his respirations were significantly increased.

I tried calling PAWsitive Solutions, but it was after hours. Likewise the vet's office. I knew it would break contract, but I rushed him to the ER 40 minutes away. I was told to discontinue the steroid. They offered to keep him overnight, but Petland would not reimburse me unless it was with their vet, so I took him the next day to their vet. The vet took him off all meds, including the antibiotic and "observed" him over the long holiday weekend. They declared him better, so I took him home. His cough became worse each day, and he was lethargic. I videotaped every episode, every day.

I brought him back several times. Petland never reimbursed me. Instead, they gave me a Petland gift card for the amount of his first vet visit only. I was emotionally, physically and financial exhausted. Finally, on his last visit to the vet, the vet heard the wet cough we had been hearing every day and gave him a chest x-ray. The vet diagnosed it as severe bronchitis and prescribed morphine, no antibiotics. When I asked about antibiotics, I was told they would not help. The next day, Saturday, my baby was worse. He barely lifted his head. His nose was warm, and his cough was worse. I called PAWsitive Solutions, but the phone just rang off the hook. I finally was able to leave a message.

The next day, Sunday, I felt my puppy boy would die if he didn't get the help he needed. So, in desperation, I called a reputable dog rescue. They were very concerned and took swift action. I didn't want to lose my second boy, but I would have done anything to save him, including signing my rights away. The next day, the rescue company drove miles to pick up my baby and take him to a veterinarian. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. PAWsitive Solutions, Petland's help line, finally called me back on Tuesday. Too late again. However, they said they would speak to the owner to see if they could help me in any way.

I knew they weren't going to do anything to make it right, because I broke their iron-clad contract by re-homing the puppies and taking one to the ER. Still, I had hope they would care enough about their puppies and customers to do something; therefore, I filed a complaint through the BBB. Petland's response was to copy sections of the contract and call me a liar by stating the schnoodle's hair was not matted and accusing me of not contacting PAWsitive Solutions. Eyewitness accounts, pictures and videos, and phone records back up my statements. Please, I urge anyone wanting to adopt a puppy or any pet to adopt from a rescue, shelter, or reputable breeder. Please do not buy any pet from Petland.

I need help. Bought a dog that has not eaten or sleep since we bought it three days ago. Back from veterinarian and dog has respiratory infection. Tried to come to an agreement to the store Petland plantation and they offered me to re home the dog and I would still pay for the amount of 2,650 USD. I am lost and frustrated. Anyone on same issue? What should I do. If you Reading this do not buy anything at this place. My dog is sick here since day 1 and has not touched food even after veterinarian. I am video all so I can look for laws that may help my case. What a terrible experience for my Family and the poor dog. Please help me if you are an attorney and think this is Worth fighting for.

My puppy came down with Parvo, a very expensive disease to treat with around a 60% survival rate, but we had a 14 day viral warranty. They did not notify potential customers of the infected puppy when I let them know, which makes me wonder if they had knowingly sold puppies with Parvo prior to me without posting that information. They will not pay for medical bills. Let me qualify that - they have compensated me for the price of the dog and state that is all that they are willing to do, even though the warranty has no cap. The price of the dog pales in comparison to the vet bills.

They will tell you that their warranty only covers bills if you use their vet, but their vet REFERRED me to somewhere else. Their vet also gave her the wrong electrolytes and about 2/5 of the plasma she should have been given for treatment, indicating that her care was sub par. I hope this helps you make an informed decision about buying a dog from this company. I would not recommend this store to anybody.

I purchased a Shih Tzu on 7-5-16 in which I couldn't take home because the puppy was on meds and wasn't cleared from the vet in which this information wasn't disclosed until after we signed the paperwork from the credit card we were convinced to open up. This puppy was 1500 very overpriced and I wasn't in the market to buy a puppy that day but I fell in love with the little guy. I took the puppy home at 8:30pm on 7-6 because the vet didn't come until after 7 and allegedly cleared the puppy from a nasal infection he had for about 2 weeks. Another thing that wasn't disclosed prior to signing the paperwork. The puppy screamed all night as if he was in pain. There was no calming him down. I laid him on my chest and tried to soothe him but to no avail.

So the next morning I asked some friends that has Shih Tzu and they told me to feel his ears and that he might have a fever. I did just that and he was very warm and he was looking very pink and just laying around with no energy. So I called customer service and they told me to return the pet so when I got to the store at 11am when they opened they immediately demanded 500 from me because it was nothing wrong with him according to the manager. I asked for her to take his temperature in front of me and she refused. She took the puppy in the back and returned 5 seconds later with another worker who stated he is fine his temperature is 102.5 which is normal for a dog. I asked if I can see it. They looked at each other and started demanding 500 for his return. I kept telling her I wanted the puppy but if he's sick I didn't want a sick puppy. The manager suggested that I take him to the vet if I didn't believe her but I needed to give her 500.

After going round and round with her I gave her the 500 in which I felt I shouldn't had to since I didn't have the puppy for 24 hours in my care. So now I have an upset child whom was attached to the puppy and I'm out of 750. 500 for his return and 250 for food, insurance, toys, cage, and etc. that I was convinced at the store to buy and was told everything was non-refundable once I returned him. Petland is selling sick puppies and I am heartbroken that I had to give my sick puppy back but I'm pissed that I had to give them 500 back for a sick puppy I spent 1500 on. Where is the justice here? I'm out of money with no puppy. I do not recommend Petland for nothing but dog food. And I demand my 500 back!!

I will never EVER step foot inside a Petland ever again. I'm seeking further action, if Possible. This store was going to run my credit. I started filling out an application out of curiosity, to see how much a puppy was that they had. I stopped myself, and told the rep to destroy it, shred it, whatever needed to be done. I started to sign it. I only put the letter L, then completely scratched it out. I have the photo document of this supposed contract that I signed. When I got home, I started getting phone calls, about a revolving bank account, and some other companies that wanted to loan me money. I contacted Petland to get some information. He chastised me and accused me of completing an application that never was fully completed. I sent in a complaint to the Ohio Ag office, they are of absolutely NO HELP.

Meanwhile, Petland sends back a letter, stating here is the application that I filled out and completed. It's technically, not fully completed. There are scratch lines on the document where there was supposed to be a signature. They claim that's a signature which it's not and the application isn't even complete, yet they are swearing it's completed. This is far from over. They have several companies calling me, wanting me to open an account after I asked them NICELY to please not run my credit. I was honest with them and told them my credit isn't that great. This company has to be stopped!!! I am completely disgusted that this company would think scribbled lines, is a signed document? Who the heck employs these managers? I will be seeking legal counsel.

My family recently purchased a chihuahua from Petland in Hoffman Estates Illinois. We drove from Wisconsin so we took her to our vet the next day for a checkup and a stool sample. Two days later the vet called and said the puppy had two different parasites in her stool and it wasn't surprising to him because her papers stated that she came from Missouri and several puppy mills are located in that state. He prescribed three different medications. Since a Petland vet did not exam our puppy we did not receive reimbursement. We called Petland because we wanted the remaining chihuahua in their store to get their stool tested for parasites but no one seemed concerned. The chihuahua was in the same cage with ours and born on the same date, Jan. 12, 2016 so they may be littermates from the same breeder. Whomever adopts her needs to have her tested for intestinal parasites immediately. I am concerned for this puppy's health!

I have purchased two puppies from the Dalton GA store and both have been excellent. One pup did have a cherry eye, which is completely normal for the breed and Petland paid for the removal surgery. The best way to handle buying from any pet store is find an associate who knows what they're doing. Ask for a supervisor or an older employee who has more knowledge and can give you more details on the puppy. When there are 30+ puppies in one area some are bound to get sick like an elementary school.

A quick web search finds hundreds of complaints about Petland stores across the country, of 3 main types: selling sick animals from puppy mills; falsely claiming animals are registered purebred to inflate the asking price; and promising free vet care and not delivering (over 500 complaints on, and 154 more at Now I want to warn everyone that Petland's financing can be just as shady as the rest of their operation. At the Topeka, KS Petland, my Army son and his wife purchased a cat (a purebred 'Teddy Bear' registered with United Feline Association but I can find no such recognized breed or registry online), and were told there would be no interest for 12 months on their financing. They made a down payment and started paying a monthly amount that would pay off the balance in 12 months.

Imagine their shock when several months later they discovered they are being charged 29.99% interest! They'll be paying much longer than 12 months, and way more than the original amount agreed to. The loan is financed by Military Credit Service. The papers they signed said nothing about interest. MCS blames Petland for not accurately describing the terms of the loan, but the MCS online loan statements don't give the interest rate either. Neither Petland nor MCS will honor the no interest for 12 months verbal promise. MCS has been sued in the past by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and been found guilty of violating the Truth in Lending Act by failing to properly disclose the terms and interest rates of its loans.

Some Petland franchises may be run by honest people, but quite a few seem to use deceit as their business model: please, do your research before buying a pet at your local Petland, and insist on a written statement of the interest and fees of the loan or credit card they set up for you. Please re-post, & hopefully you'll save someone else from being screwed by scumbags!

I recently moved to Georgia and I wanted to bring a dog in my home. I saw Petland and decided to go in the store to see what pets they have. Immediately I saw the puppy of my choice, Weimaraner. I Sat in the booth with the puppy and he seemed okay. So I decided to proceed with my purchase. I called the day before and a woman told me they had adoption available but when I was in the store they told me they do not have such policy, I would be purchasing. I thought that was weird for another employee to say one thing. Anyway, I proceeded with the purchase. The puppy was 2900. When I brought the puppy home, he immediately started with what I thought was Kennel Cough. He threw up everywhere in my home. Petland had me purchase the same dog food they were giving him and when I fed him that night he kept throwing it up.

The dog kept me up all night. I knew something was wrong. I have a friend who is a vet. I took him in and while she was checking him out, I did research on who the breeder was, to only find out that he had come from a Puppy Mill. I was furious. My friend came out to let me know that he was very sick and I would have to pay lots of money to keep him healthy and to not give him that food he was eating because he does not like it. He kept throwing it up. I took him back home, and I knew I wouldn't be able to afford a lot of medical expenses at that time especially since I just moved out here. So I contacted the store to return him and they told me I would have to contact Pawsitive Solutions. When I called Pawsitive Solutions no one answered. I also did a search on reviews of Petland & Pawsitive Solutions and the reviews were TERRIBLE. They said Pawsitive Solutions does not answer the phone. So after reading that I called again.

When the guy finally answered, he told me (with an attitude) that he was sorry he didn't get to my calls even though I called a minute apart. He was stuck on the phone with someone else. I asked him, so are you the only one answering phones? He didn't answer and just said what could he help me with. I told him I wanted to return the puppy. He asked me why, and I told him exactly what I mentioned above. He said I wouldn't get my full refund that I owe 25% of what I paid.

Supposedly, it was in a paper that I "electronically signed." It didn't make sense, especially since I didn't have the puppy for a long time. I had him for less than 20hrs, if that. He told me that is what's in their contract. I explained to him that no one told me that, all they told me was that I had up to 48hrs to return him and he said the reason they didn't was "What were the odds of someone returning a puppy in less than 24hrs" and I told him that I didn't think that was fair and I wanted a full refund.

I did not want to keep the puppy longer than 24hrs because then I wouldn't have been able to return him. So when I went to the store to return him, I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions, to ask me how was I enjoying my puppy, I told him that I was returning him. I then said, "So I know you guys get your puppies from puppy mills" and the agent said " YES " and I said thanks for confirming that, and then went into detail about how I should be given my full refund. He told me if I speak to the store manager they would give it to me. Do you think they gave it to me? Of course not. Poor doggy wouldn't stop throwing up. When I told the manager that the puppy didn't like the food, she ignored me. I really hope that puppy goes to the rightful owners & not someone who will not take care of him, because he needs a lot of attention.

Bought a Vizsla puppy at the Independence Petland and he had Kennel cough and a bacterial infection. Was doing better but 2 weeks later he has pneumonia. Emma in Liberty please contact me. We are planning a protest to get these area Petlands shut down.

It really happened to granddaughter. She used her money to buy bunny from Petland. The bunny was sick. Was taken to get vet. Said animals from there weren't very healthy. Bunny died. Went to Petland to let them know wanted refund. They was told they didn't buy the rabbits water bottle or food from them the warranty was void. She spent her own money for rabbit 55.00 and vet bill 46.00. When they told Petland what the vet said about the bunny's health they didn't seem concerned. It just wasn't about the money. The other bunnies are problem - going to die as well. The kids were really upset. They have other rabbits, it's not like they didn't know how to take care of it. I looked up online. They are known to dump dying or unsellable pets in their dumpster. It on the internet. I'm sure other pet stores do it. Buyer beware and shame on you Petland the one in Topeka KS at mall.

I adopted a tiny Teddy Bear from Petland Iowa City, on January 2, 2016. I listened to a sales pitch, which has since proven false. I was promised coverage for medical expenses that surfaced after we took the puppy home, like cold or bug that clearly could have been contacted from other puppies. I was told that their vet would have to examine my puppy within 5 days of adoption. Not being from Iowa City, I took my new pet to well known clinic in my town. After a careful lengthy exam, the Vet. told me that my puppy had an irregular heartbeat. I returned to Petland, where they told me that it probably developed after I took the puppy home! Really! They suggested that I contact Jennifer at their warranty center.

Before calling Jennifer, I took my puppy to the Petland Vet. She looked at my puppy, and listened to her heart. She told me that during the 'check in' exam, she was only listening for heart murmurs! Then she confirmed that the heart beat was irregular, and suggested that I make an appointment with the Eastern Iowa Specialty clinic, and have a cardiology work-up! My next step was to contact Jennifer at Petland Warranty Service. They don't take calls, you have to leave a message.

Days later they will tell you to send a copy of your warranty, vet. paper, and itemized list of treatment needed plus estimated cost. Since completed their requested information, I have made several additional contacts via email, but have heard nothing! It is clear that the warranty is not a 'real' thing! And Petland does not stand behind the health and quality of its animals... In one Petland review a person said they were encourage to purchase $200 in products they didn't need. That price is now $400! Pets do not need a vitamin supplement, their food should provide the needed vitamins. The 'no chew' spray just encourages licking, and is of no help, either. The water bottle leaked and my puppy had no clue what to do with it, etc.

1/14/16 I went to Petland Wichita to purchase a puppy for my fiance, for his birthday. As I look at four possibilities, I pick a ten week old german shepherd. As I visited with the puppy I noticed that she was not as active as the other puppies. I also noticed a cough. The lady I was dealing with just blew it off as the hiccups, so I let it go thinking she was experienced at her job. Now during the sales pitch that all of Petland employees are required to do, they stated that if when you get your pet home and they are sick due to a viral infection contracted from our store and our recommended vet, we suggest you use within the four day due date to get your animals first physical finds that if she has any virus no matter what type that we will pay and are fully responsible for little did I know.

So I bought the puppy anyway. Got Anna home, and my fiance noticed she wasn't an active puppy like normal, he quote; said she's sick. The next day I took her to my vet and he asked how long has she had this cough. I told him I just met her last night and she had the cough. The vet made note of it. the Petland employee also stated that she may have a little diarrhea for a couple of days due to her new environment. So I took that into consideration as well. Thursday night she played with my other pets in spurts, but mostly laid around coughing a lot, and drinking lots and lots of water, no eating. Friday morning and throughout the day, she played even less, no eating at all and more pooing almost liquid to no substance.

Saturday morning I wake up to my living room full of 20-30 piles of throw up and diarrhea. At this point I was fuming, know the petland knew they had sold me a very very sick dog. I called positive solutions, and told them I had been to my vet the prior day and I read off to them the notes my vet had written. I informed them of Anna's condition and they suggested I take her to Petland's doctor immediately. The doctor on call xrayed Anna's chest and confirmed that she did contract bronchitis from petland. She stated that she was also borderline pneumonia and was 7% dehydrated and needed to go to the emergency hospital. The vet called petland during the visit in the exam room, and informed them of her condition and she needed an IV and medicine, also she needed to go to the emergency hospital.

Petland refuse emergency care and denied care at petland due to they don't have the equipment to accommodate her needs. They suggested we take her back home. They finally accepted anna back at petland and are (they say they are giving her hydration and meds). I called positive solutions and ask for a pre-approval vet visit after released from petland. Just to have peace of mind at their expense, because we are not there to make sure anna is getting medical help. Positive solutions are to get back with me.

On November 14, 2015, I purchased a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Prices are not posted in the store. After I took the puppy into the play area I asked the price. I was not quoted a price until I listened to the long sales pitch about their healthy puppies and all the products you receive with your purchase. Finally, at the end, the price of $2300 was revealed. It included $200 for products that I did not need, but was required to purchase. Although this was far beyond my budget, I fell in love with the puppy and purchased it. The salesperson then walked me through the store picking up all the items I needed for the Puppies for Life Program - an additional $60. I was assured they do not buy puppies from puppy mills, only happy and healthy puppies.

While holding the puppy I noticed congestion sounds and she was extremely quiet for a puppy. I was assured she was healthy, maybe a mild case of kennel cough. Her quiet nature was typical of the breed. We had previously owned a beagle and Dalmatian so this was possible. I assumed she would be more playful once she adjusted to her new home.

Once all this was completed, I was shown the contract that required a visit within 4 business days to their contract veterinarian. The first salesperson told me I could take it to my vet because I lived an hour away. The salesperson in charge of the contract told me I had to take it to their vet, but just for the initial visit where any medical issues would be resolved free of charge. Of course, their vet was not available on Saturday - the day of purchase. At one point their contract states the puppy must be under the care of a licensed veterinarian for limited one year warranty. Later it states they will not pay for diagnostic testing or bills from other veterinarians. Again, you are assured that your puppy is healthy and any issues will be resolved at the initial required visit.

Over the weekend, the puppy just wanted to sleep. She was really not interested in eating or drinking. They had advised me at purchase that overexcitement could lead to a hypoglycemic puppy (which is not covered in their limited warranty) so I let her rest. By Monday, I was becoming more concerned about her behavior and congestion. I contacted their contract veterinarian and set up an appointment for the following afternoon.

Upon arrival, I described my concerns to the receptionist. The veterinarian took the puppy out of the examining room. When she came back, she told me the puppy had an intestinal parasite, coccidia. I asked again about the congestion and my concerns were dismissed. I was given medication for the coccidia, no follow-up or retesting needed. Just keep trying different food until I found one the puppy liked. At the end of the visit, I was informed I was responsible for paying for the medication (free visit?) and delivering the invoice to Petland Dalton which I took care of that afternoon. A week later, I received my reimbursement in the form of a store credit to Petland.

The following day we took the puppy to our veterinarian due to a lack of confidence in Petland's veterinarian's diagnosis and our puppy was still not eating. At 3.5 pounds, our veterinarian told us to bring her in immediately. They gave our puppy shots and medication for diarrhea and to help with her appetite. We were told to bring her back in 2 days for a follow-up. At her follow-up appointment on November 20th, our veterinarian performed blood work and x-rays that revealed pneumonia and blood deficiencies. The puppy was put on antibiotics for the pneumonia. She had several follow-up visits over the next week, at one point receiving fluids by IV. She was fed at home with a syringe.

On November 30th, the puppy had not shown expected improvement. She was transferred to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital and admitted to the ICU on December 1st with a feeding tube and in an oxygen tent. A surgical procedure was performed under anesthesia to determine the cause of her pneumonia. A culture obtained during that procedure also revealed the presence of bordetella. After 4 days at UT, she was released with specific instructions at home which included antibiotics several times a day for 30 days. She returned to UT on December 30th for retesting and to our local veterinarian for additional follow-up appointments.

Our puppy is still struggling with some residual pneumonia and we do not know about any permanent damage. Medical expenses to date exceed $4000, not including days off from work and additional expenses for gas - UT is 90 miles from our home. Their medical report at purchase also failed to identify two hernias that appear on the breeder's medical report two days earlier. This report was NOT presented to us at purchase, it was tucked inside a pocket of the Puppy Resource Kit. There are also medications listed that may have been from a previous parasite infection that we were not informed of.

I wrote to Petland Corporation after our visit with our vet on November 18th. I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions on November 25th offering to cover only the costs of her injections. At that time, I informed them of the pneumonia diagnosis and that there would be more medical expenses. They suggested I return the puppy to their veterinarian. I explained I was not comfortable taking our very sick puppy back to their contract vet who failed to diagnose her pneumonia or even request a follow-up.

Over the next few weeks, I received periodic phone calls from Pawsitive Solutions asking about the puppy by breed only, they never referred to her name although it was on all my documents and the veterinarian's. I was given a fax number and told to forward all medical reports and invoices which I completed on December 1st and December 8th. Whenever I asked about reimbursement I was told someone was working on it.

On December 22nd, I received a call from Pawsitive Solutions stating they were not responsible for our puppy's illness and they would not pay any of her medical expenses because I did not return her to their vet. They knew this from the beginning, so I am not sure why they kept requesting reports and invoices. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on December 22nd. On January 2nd, Petland's response continues to deny responsibility for her illnesses (that were clearly contracted in their facility - we do not have any other pets at home) or medical expenses. They claim their vet did not address her congestion because she did not have a cough! There is another BBB report from a few weeks before our purchase at Petland Dalton. Their vet unsuccessfully treated another puppy for pneumonia and it was transferred to another facility. With this knowledge, diagnostic testing should have be completed at the first visit.

We have since conducted online research and are shocked by the number of complaints against Petland. Different pets and locations, but the same story. Pet families left with huge medical bills trying to save their pets and no support from Petland. Their claim that they do not buy from puppy mills also appears to be false. The Humane Society conducted an undercover operation in November 2015 that included several Petland stores in Georgia. This report can be found on their website. I encourage all perspective buyers to research the internet before conducting business with Petland. Photo of our puppy is from the evening of purchase.

My wife and I were very interested in purchasing a puppy and the saleslady stressed we needed to apply for their private credit financing, but that the credit check inquiry would drop off after 30 days. I asked again if that is the case and she reassured us it would. When I look at my credit report it still shows up and states for 2 yrs. She also sold us on the pet packages they have and we ended up with a bunch of wasteful products, as the vet said that stuff is not necessary. Their staff is only out for themselves and will lie to make a sale. Also our puppy ended up with kennel cough, and at the vet's another person had purchased their dog a year prior at the same location and also had kennel cough.

We purchased a maltese puppy from Petland, Largo in December, 2015 and he weighed 5 lbs. Of course, we fell in love with him. We filled in an application and were never told that it gave them the right to go into our personal records. I understand this is illegal, according to one of the complaints below. In any event, we were astounded at the price they were asking, $1600.00. They explained that they do not buy from puppy mills but rather from AKA approved breeders, and, the dogs were all AKA inspected prior to their sale. I am sure now that was an outright lie.

When we were about to leave, although we had fallen in love with several of the same breed, how can one not, they said they had one that had been there a "little too long" and that we could have him for $800.00. Since we figured this was a "game" they were playing once they were sure we were leaving, and reduced the price be because of that. We were told to see their Vet within 4 days. We had just had our old dog down and were very happy with our own vet so the very next day we took him there only to find out that he had Kennel Cough. Knowing how hard this is to get rid of, and how long it would be before he could socialize with other dogs, we decided to take him back.

When I called the store and told them about it the reply from whoever answered the phone was "Well, what do you want to about it?" I said that we may have to return the dog and wanted a full refund of our money paid plus the cost of vet bills and medications. They said they would. I gave him the meds ordered and when they were all gone he seemed to be getting worse. I called the number on the card the day after Christmas and said, although we were becoming very attached to him that we would have to take him back. The woman to whom I spoke said "you own this dog", we can't take him back. My response was "you sold us a sick dog and no matter what you say, I will be returning him." She then said "well you're over the warranty period of 14 days." We purchased him on Dec. 13 and that was on Dec. 26. Also Christmas Day had been included in that period of time.

Once again I told that she had sold us a sick dog and, no matter, what we have the right to return him. When, once again, she advised me that she was the one who made the decisions and that, no, she wouldn't take him back and return our money. I then suggested that the newspapers, the readers of facebook, consumeraffairs, would be most interested in hearing about this. She then said "take him to your Vet and see what he says." He said that it would take two or three more sets of prescriptions to get rid of this. We had fallen in love with the little so were so relieved to find that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, so we happily kept him.

None of this makes it right for them to have sold us a sick pet.. I will call regarding their reimbursing the monies spent on the Vet and the medications as they come along. This been a long letter, and I apologize. However, I just feel this needs to be documented. Thank you for any follow up you do. Unfortunately I am unable to add the receipt, I was unable to figure out how to do it. I do however have the receipts and I will keep them.

I went in to look at puppies at Petland in Iowa City, IA in November of 2015. I knew I wanted to purchase the puppy and the employee ** told me I had to fill out an application. After filling out the application, she came back and told me I had been approved for 2 different credit cards. Not only did she not tell me she was pulling my credit, she lied to me about the application. She did not tell me it was a credit card application but said it was for purchasing the puppy.

I work in the financial world and it is ILLEGAL to pull someone's credit without their knowledge, consent, and purpose. This can potentially ruin someone's credit and most people who go to buy a dog don't want to finance it via a Petland 29.99% APR credit card. I chose not to use their card to pay for my dog, but I still received their credit card in the mail. I immediately called and cancelled the card because I did not want to have it open due to their lack of communication and blatant lying.

We bought a Siberian husky that was 2 months after Christmas and I have always wanted a dog and I fell in love with this one so we brought it home and I noticed that it would only be playful outside when we brought it inside. I noticed it would go right to a corner and lay there. I couldn't get it to play or anything unless we were outside and the next day we brought it with us to weber's carpet instead of leaving it home alone. And it started throwing up everywhere and then it had diarrhea and so we called the vet and Petland said bring it back but the fee is 500 dollars. But we took it back because we would spend more money at the vet even though we should have done that because they still have all our money. And they gave us a sick dog so they should have given us our money back.

And It had parvo and that was my first dog ever and Now it's gone so if anybody would like to team up with me to get them shut down and get the puppies to a better place because they treat their pets terrible on the website. I don't know if any of you guys have seen this on their website but it says our pets are healthy and in good shape when they come home with you because we give them weekly/daily checkups. That's a lie if this many people are complaining so who's with me on trying to shut them down and getting the puppies to a better place and get our money back if they took your money too. I'm in, are you. Help the animals.

I am a college student who one day sporadically decided to go play with puppies. I walked into the store and immediately fell in love with a teacup 8-week old male Yorkie. He was only 1.1 lb and just arrived to Petland. I asked the price and they said an absurd amount $3,800. I am originally from California and dogs are not even close to the price that Petland advertises. After going back and forth I decide to purchase the dog, as soon as I finished signing all the paperwork. The lady later tells me, "Oh just so you know he has a mild cold here's some medication." So after a couple of days I notice my puppy isn't eating and due to the size the little ones need to eat consistently to not suffer from a Glycemic episode.

After 5 days of having him I wake up Sunday morning and see that he is very lethargic and isn't responding. I immediately call Petland and they request me to their local veterinarian who happens to be closed because it's a Sunday. They tell me to take him to an emergency veterinarian. I take him to the OSU Vet hospital. They immediately take him in and check him into the ICU. He stays the night there and I pick him up the next day, the vet tells me that he has suffered from a Glycemic episode due to being sick from Bronchitis leading to him not eating. The vet lets me know that if I did not bring him in that very second he would have died.

I immediately call Petland to inform and complain that first off, they sold me an ill dog and wasn't disclosed this information prior to purchase. Second, are they going to reimburse me his $741.00 vet bill that I paid not even a week ago of purchasing this dog on top of the $3,800 I just paid for a healthy puppy? After multiple phone calls with Pawsitive Solution I was reimbursed only 65% of my money back and the rest store credit at the store. I decided to reason with that and wanted it to be over. After purchasing this Yorkie in March, I go back to the same Petland in November where I bought my teacup male Yorkie and decided to purchase a female teacup Yorkie for $2,700.

After signing the papers again for her, the worker hands me medication and lets me know that "She is suffering from a mild cold." After being a little puzzled and having flashbacks that both dogs I bought were sent home with medication from Petland and my male Yorkie almost died due to being so ill, I decided to give Petland another try. The WORSE MISTAKE EVER! After 3 days of having my female Yorkie I noticed she had a terrible cough, and she kept throwing up everywhere. I immediately take her to Petland's local veterinarian where the vet lets me know she is suffering from pneumonia and needs to be admitted. She ends up being admitted for 5 days. After being very upset I pick her up from the vet and take her home. The vet lets me know that she is still suffering from an upper respiratory infection which won't be completely healed until 3-4 weeks.

I take her back home while I am still trying to juggle finals weeks and after a couple of days she starts to throw up again and is having a very bad itch on her bottom. I once again take her to the vet where they tell me she is fine and nothing is wrong with her. After going back and forth between school and vet trips, I pick her up the next day and take her home. She is doing fine and I am still giving her medicine for the upper respiratory infection. After a few days of comprehending what these last 2 weeks consisted of, the stress, tears, and money this company has put me and the puppies through. I refuse to pay a penny of the $2,700 that my second dog was worth. After many back and forth calls with Pawsitive Solution, they offered me only full refund of the puppy. They always mentioned on the phone, "We want what is in the best interest of the puppy." Which was complete **.

They would not even consider 50% or anything off the price of her. They said the veterinarian costs were enough to compensate me. Keep in mind my second Yorkie I received ill, without being disclosed this information prior to the purchase of the puppy. After thinking long and hard about this situation, I decided that after 2 weeks of having my girl Yorkie I will be returning her back to Petland and will not continue funding this sick company. It's a shame and heartbreak that my girl Yorkie had to be caught in the crossfire, but the more people who continue to buy from these places will keep funding these poor sick dogs being sold. Unfortunately I was one of these people, and it took this story to break the cycle. I brought the girl Yorkie into the Petland store I purchased her from and saw the lady that sold me my first teacup male Yorkie who is still healthy and living at my parent's house in California.

She immediately starts to bash me saying, "You're giving up on your dog, so when a dog is sick you just leave it." Being very saddened that I have to already return the female Yorkie this lady who clearly has no idea what the situation is about is telling me that this is my fault. This company needs to be shut down. They keep selling sickly high priced dogs and all the staff wants is a sale. They don't care about the well being of the puppy because if they did they would have let me keep the girl Yorkie, but they wanted to make another sale off of her instead. They're willing to jeopardize poor sick puppies for money. It's disgusting. One thing I will thank Petland for is my male Yorkie because he is perfect, a very wonderful and spoiled dog. However, the experience I have had has been an absolute nightmare. Please stay far away.

We bought our French bulldog puppy from Petland 4 months ago. We had a few problems with the store manager before we got Kingsley, but we took our puppy home and fell in love with him. Not long after, he infected everyone with giardia, which is not surprising since I just discovered he was born at a puppy mill. After researching all of his paperwork I found out that Petland ordered him from The Hunte Corporation, a puppy broker with horrible living conditions, who bought him from a breeder who has multiple breeding violations AKA a puppy mill. So my puppy wasn't even bred in Texas, but was shipped from Missouri! $3,800 plus hundreds of dollars in vet bills, for a sick puppy. We will never make this mistake again. Please adopt. Puppy mills and Petland need to be shut down! Don't trust any pet store that says their dogs aren't from puppy mills, they are LYING!

I have two dogs a terrier and a rottweiler. I have been shopping for them here for 2 yrs for the terrier, and a year for my rottweiler. My visit I spend over $100 or more. The workers were very polite, helpful an professional. The last visit I was told my dogs would receive a free bag of dog food which is Merritt no grain. One of the very nice workers referred this brand after a horrible experience with blue! I am very satisfied with this brand! Today I sent my daughter to get our free bag. She was told they don't do that anymore. Their systems have changed. I am a very loyal customer and feel that after all of my purchases I have done only with Petland they could have honored this agreement since just three weeks ago they told me I would receive one free! I am very disappointed and feel this is poor customer service. I cannot and will not do business with Petland again.

My husband and I were searching for a companion to our 7 year old rescue Beagle and after searching everywhere we came across this beautiful Lemon Beagle puppy at Petland of Largo, FL. We were so excited because I had always wanted a Lemon Beagle. We purchased her on 6/11/2015 and were told by the staff at the store that she had a "runny nose" and had been on antibiotics to treat it, this was a Thursday. We took our new puppy home and everything seemed alright until Sunday night 6/14/2015 when she was lying in her bed and her head flopped to one side and her eyes rolled back in her head, she was shaking and had labored breathing. She would not respond to my voice at all and seemed to be completely out of it.

We rushed her to our emergency vet where she had to spend the night in an oxygen chamber with numerous IV fluids being pumped into her. We picked her up the next morning, 6/15/2015, to bring her home as they said she was stable and was prescribed antibiotics. On Wednesday, she was to see our regular vet for a checkup following her emergency visit. We brought her in on 6/17/2015 and were told at that time she had full blown pneumonia which she spent 3 days in our vet’s office fighting for her life. Thankfully she did recover from the pneumonia which took almost 2 months.

We contacted Petland of Largo and worked with them to have some of our money returned for the vet costs. Of course we could have brought her to "their vet" for treatment. Well I cannot drive over an hour with a puppy on the brink of death when I have a veterinarian just blocks from my house that I have used for the last 7 years. Really, they seemed to think that it couldn't be pneumonia in that short of a time. Well that's because she already had pneumonia from their store, so of course it couldn't have surfaced in 4 days time. She didn't have a "runny nose" as her papers said, that was a lie! After numerous phone calls back and forth and submitting all of our receipts to them they finally reimbursed us $687.00 out of the nearly $1,000.00 for her medical expenses, and her illnesses don't stop there.

After the bout of pneumonia, she has developed a variety of other medical issues. She has a food allergy which now requires prescription food for the foreseeable future, a urinary tract infection and now a staph infection and conjunctivitis in one of her eyes. She suffers from severe anxiety and other behavioral problems. Our vet has determined that her immune system is underdeveloped and compromised because of her breeding. After looking into her paperwork more closely, we discovered that she did indeed come from a puppy mill (Brule Creek Kennel) in Iowa, but the breeder is listed in South Dakota. Now that seems like a red flag right there. I have never purchased a puppy from a pet store before as I have always had rescues and I can say that I never will again.

It's disgusting that these people sell these dogs for outrageous prices knowing these animals are sick to the unsuspecting public. You are under the assumption that they are "healthy" puppies and they get them from the "best" breeders possible, well that's just **. The only positive thing that has come out of this experience is that she ended up with my husband and myself who will spare no expense to make sure she has the best life possible. Despite her many medical issues, she's a happy puppy and her sister beagle loves her to death.

Buyers beware. DO NOT EVER PURCHASE A PUPPY FROM PETLAND! They are misleading and are selling dogs that are sick and will probably continue to have a life of medical conditions. These stores and breeders need to be shut down. No animal deserves to live in the conditions that they come from. These are pets, not a commodity. I wish that I had done my homework before I purchased her but am grateful that I can provide her with the greatest life I can.

On 4/4/2015 I went into Petland Novi looking for a very specific breed of puppy after my 13 year old Siberian Husky passed away. Gage, the salesman, greeted me and my brother, and we were soon seated with my puppy Argos, who was 8 weeks old as he was born 2/2/15. When I asked the price of the dog AFTER interacting with it (this price should be clear from the get-go so they aren't intentionally pulling at the heartstrings of their customers), I was told $3,099. I was shocked, as purebred Siberian Husky puppies typically run $1500 at most when you get them from a five star breeder. To give some background, my last husky was $600 when we bought her from a pet store.

After telling us the price and seeing the shocked look on my face, Gage quickly went into his well practiced explanation that this price was actually normal because it included extras such as vet visits and some supplies. Looking back, it certainly wasn't a normal price in the least, especially when costly vaccinations can not be included. There is no question in my mind that Petland marks up their puppies an insane amount to get profit, and pushes the sale no matter what. My total was $3530.95. They added a mandatory microchip activation which was $200. There were also some additional supplies that weren't included such as leash, food, etc, and sales tax. I tried getting approved for one loan for the full amount but was denied. I ended up taking out two loans, one with Petland/Comenity for $1450, and another with MCS for $1500 for a total of $2950 credit. I paid $580.85 on my debit card.

I was told by Gage that I would have 6 months to pay off my credit to defer the interest, and he certainly made this sound like it was the same for both loans. Gage gave me absolutely no information on my second loan with MCS. When I spoke with MCS on the phone at the store when we were okaying the amount, there was no mention of the interest rate, which I think is absurdly predatory. In fact, I did not know about the interest rate until I talked to one of the MCS employees after the purchase, and when I found out it was 35.83% and was shocked, they admitted that they knew that Petland was not accurately training their sales representatives concerning explaining the interest rate. Therefore, they are completely aware of their wrongdoings in this area which is another unsettling discovery.

Another issue, I did not discover until nearly two weeks after my first payment to MCS that they also added in an additional $315 for insurance that was never explained to me. Instead it is a covert, hidden, automated checkbox option that is intentionally misleading to customers. When I initially spoke to an MCS employee about getting this refunded, they told me I could after opting out, which I did. After opting out, they refused to refund the first month of insurance I paid for unknowingly, equal to $40, even though they admitted to me that they were aware that the terms of their loans were not being properly explained at the Petland stores. I tried getting recordings of the phone calls that they have but they refused to give them to me. Eventually, they ended up refunding the full $315.

At the store at the time of purchase, Gage very BRIEFLY explained that my puppy had cryptorchidism, which is a condition where one testicle has not dropped. This makes them sterile. This is the one of the only thing that Gage said about this condition. When I asked about the effects of this disorder, Gage told me that my dog would be more friendly because of the decreased testosterone. After I got home I researched the topic and found out that my dog is 10x more likely to develop testicular cancer with this condition untreated. His neuter will also be more costly due to it being more invasive.

Additionally, my puppy was sent home with a UTI from the Petland store. As soon as I brought my puppy home I noticed that he had been licking his private area and urinating frequently. I have never had a male dog before, so I figured this was normal. When I had a feeling that it might not be normal, I called and took him to the vet. Without even having to test his actual pee, they informed me he had a UTI. The reason why an actual pee test wasn't needed is because he had such a bad UTI that his penis was covered with the white blood cells. I was told that my puppy was only in the store for a day by all of the Petland employees. If this is the case, and they get their puppies from clean and responsible locations, how did my puppy get this bad of a UTI in one day? It's simply not possible, especially considering my puppy is male and it is even less common for them to get UTI's in the first place.

UPDATE 11/13/15: I decided to take my puppy to a local Veterinary Clinic to get him neutered. At the exam, mandatory blood work was done on him. I received a call at work that his blood had high levels of Creatine, Potassium, and Lymphocytes. The doctor wanted to do more tests to see if something might be wrong with his kidneys before putting him in for surgery. So, we dropped him off for some testing. Dr. called to inform me that she conducted an ultrasound on my dog's kidneys and they were not normal and she was not comfortable moving forward with the neuter at that time. She told me that she had been dreading calling me. My puppy had a highly abnormal ultrasound for a nine month old puppy. His kidneys both have cysts on them. He has crystals in his urine, impaired kidney function.

The doctor informed me this is congenital and incurable. She has seen dogs live years with this and she has seen them die extremely young. We have him on herbal supplements. Had VCA done thorough testing on my puppy when he had a UTI instead of rushing me out the door, I could have found this out and been helping my dog much, much sooner. VCA did not even do a urinalysis on my puppy when I took him in for a UTI.

I immediately tried to find the other puppies from the litter that my puppy was born from. There were three at the Petland store. One was female and the other was male. I spoke with the male puppies owner at the store, and they also lived in Redford, so I thought maybe I could find them on Facebook through community pages. Petland also left an extremely long comment on one of my statuses which I found incredibly insulting, telling me that I am misinformed when I have done hours of research on this. I ended up getting in touch with the female puppies owner who lives in Garden City.

She told me that she played with all three puppies that day to decide which to take home, and each had something wrong with them. Mine had the testicle issue, and her puppy had an umbilical hernia. She couldn't recall what was wrong with the other puppy and I have not had luck getting in touch with that owner. The owner of the female puppy that I spoke to also talked about her awful experience at the VCA Garden City when her previous dog had a UTI, a similar experience to mine, which led her to the VCA Beech, and they have not done a urinalysis or bloodwork on her puppy either and her puppy has been spayed.

I find it disgusting that VCA Beech partners with Petland and doesn't even do mandatory blood work or a more thorough exam when they so obviously partner with puppy mills. If they are pet lovers, as they should be as veterinarians, I don't see how this can slip through the cracks. It is despicable that American Kennel Club, American Canine Association stand for this behavior.