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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Petland?
    • 4,477,293 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed June 14, 2024

    I purchased a Golden Retriever puppy from Petland. 5 months later, she began limping. I took her to the vet, and they did xrays and determined she had NO hip sockets. I asked how this could have happened, and the vet said the parents obviously were not tested for hip dysplasia. I researched care for my dog (who I loved dearly). She needed two complete hip replacement surgeries at $8000 Plus per side. The only hospital that did this procedure was 4 hours away. I had to make the painful decision to surrender her to a Golden Rescue who took her in, and is now in the process of scheduling her first surgery. Petland is no more than a puppy mill. I was broken hearted over losing my beloved pet. I will never shop there again. The following week, I went in to speak to the manager, and they had more Golden's - from the same breeder-.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 6, 2024

    Petland screws people over even WITHOUT purchasing a dog from them. My family and I were looking at dogs to train as a service dog, and we just wanted to walk around Petland just to look at the dogs. We were talked into spending time with a puppy, which would have been fine if they didn't take my fiancé's DL when we did that. Once we were in the area playing with the puppy, they became pushy about sending us home with the puppy, regardless of how much we told them we were not prepared for this. They pushed their credit line at us and offered to run a credit check "Just to see what they could offer us," on financing. During this time, I actively had a medical episode and still, they pushed my fiancé to sign their form. He wound up signing their form just so we could leave and he could get me home to take meds and let me rest.

    Over the last month we have found out that the form for the "credit check" signed us up for not one but TWO credit cards (because apparently different credit card companies use the same exact form without their information on it.) We can only hope that they haven't signed us up for more, but I sincerely doubt they are done making our lives hell.

    They KNEW of my health issues because we had been there multiple times and explained what we were doing when we went. We explained while we were there why we weren't actively getting a puppy yet, but they STILL screwed us over. If I had been thinking about it, I would have had my fiancé and/ or my daughter call the police and paramedics because essentially they refused to give my fiancé's DL back for over and hour, and I don't drive. Their sale meant more to them than my health.

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      Reviewed Jan. 25, 2024

      I could write an essay on how much I HATE Petland. I've had my dog for TEN years and have ((regretted)) it just about every day. We moved to Kansas City from the East Coast and it was really hard on my two young boys. I promised them a dog to cheer them up when we got to KC. We went to Petland. My youngest fell in love with this dog and begged to take her home. We paid 5K out the door!! Sticker shock is an understatement. My son was already so in love. It's like they play on your emotions and then stab you with the price. We were told our dog is a designer breed. A Bassett Hound and Shar-Pei mix, but were assured by Petland that the dog would look mostly like a Shar-Pei when it grew up. I asked 4 times to be sure! I've found "hot dogs" to be the most unattractive dogs, and guess what? She turned out to be an 85-pound bratwurst-looking dog. She is stubborn, lazy, greedy, and smells GOD awful all the time.

      We have to pay $80/month for meds to keep her odor manageable. I have begged my family to get rid of her for years, but they said they would feel too bad because no one else would want her and she would probably be put down. My husband and I are ruined for owning dogs. We will NEVER get another dog again. I feel bad for her, it's not her fault. I feel like a terrible person because I just cannot connect with this dog. Since the Humane Society has been airing commercials every day to not buy puppies from Petland because they come from puppy mills, I've just gotten more and more angry. We did not know that she came from a puppy mill. We were told she came from a small breeder. It all makes sense now because she acted like she was abused since day one. I really wish I could sue Petland. I would if I could. DO NOT BUY FROM PETLAND!!!

      Installation & SetupPricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Dec. 1, 2023

      First will not even give you an idea of what cost is over phone. Second you get there for appointment for certain puppy no longer available. Thirdly they hit you with a price of 21,000.00. If I had that amount for a dog I would buy a new car.

      Reviewed Nov. 19, 2023

      Petland is the worst place in history to ever get an animal from their animals that come sick. Most of them end up dying. Do not purchase from this company. If you do your research, you will see. There are only 2 left in Ohio due to the fact that most of them have been shut down because they have been outed on the way they treat animals and where they get their animals from. Be cautious. Go to a shelter and get one from there, Don't believe me. Read all nine hundred and something reviews about Petland. This is Meant to help others from going through what 1 of my best friends is going through right now. Worst company ever!! Shame on you pet land for selling innocent people ill and dying puppies. I have witnessed this first hand.

      Reviewed Nov. 15, 2023

      Don't buy puppies from Petland. The puppies come from puppy mills and they come in sick. When the puppies come in they come in when Petland is closed because they don't want the customers to see the dogs.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed June 23, 2023

      I purchased a very expensive Pug after losing mine. The first two months passed, and my puppy was a nightmare. Tore everything in the house. I thought it was due to its age, but it was because it had a prolong penis growing out of her and she was out of Wack with her hormones. I went to Petland several times-tried to make deals with them- and finally after fighting and threatening them with exposure they agree to operate on her. It cost them 3400.00. So, you can see how bad this dog's condition. After two months late she developed a large tumor growing by her stomach. I had to dish out money because PETLAND refuse to answer my letters. I ended up paying 1200.00 and 300 for medication. While this was going on I was paying 118.00 to a PETLAND finance company monthly. My agreement with them so they don't put the dog to sleep was to continue paying off the dog but not to incur interest charges.

      Everything was going well; however, another operation was due to both legs having some kind of inbred problem and must be operated. Then a thyroid problem raised, and it also must be operated. I do not believe in killing dogs, so I did everything possible to make sure that the puppy was taken care of. I went to Vets who give me suggestions of how to lower her hormone levels. She was born with testicles and ovaries inside her and hormone imbalance. PETLAND was very aware of this situation but refuse to acknowledge that they took inbred dogs from breeders.

      Surprisingly, I received the other day, after paying for over a year and putting down a large down payment, that I owe 7200.00 on the dog. I was flabbergasted. They said that I didn't pay for over a year interest and now they are adjusting the bill. These people must be fined. I am asking anyone out there that can address me to the right legal people to sue Petland or at least to write off this enormous amount. I am an elderly person and I believe they took advantage of my good nature. I have tried to get legal assistance but they want more from me than the dog is worst. Please don't buy dogs from Petland. They need to be put out of business or fined.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed May 30, 2023

      I brought my dog in for grooming with Michelle yesterday. He’s a 2 year old Pomeranian. He was booked in for a 3 hour appointment due to the fact that he was matted and she needed more time. I came to pick him up and I walked into the grooming room. She had walked away from the 3.5 foot podium she had him on and left him unattended with no collar or leash securing him. He immediately saw me and jumped off. He fell to the ground smacking his head and landing on his left foot. He was unable to move. I was saying, "OMG Nugget. Are you ok." He looked stunned and could not move. I yelled to Michelle to go get him and she brought him up to me.

      At that point his eyes were open and he was still nonresponsive. I was in a panic. She didn’t seem super concerned and said maybe he’s winded. There was blood coming from his mouth and she said he probably bit his tongue. I think he injured his leg as well. He still wasn’t really moving but he was breathing. I grabbed him frantically and said, "I’m taking him to the animal hospital now, this is serious." She just said ok with a major lack of concern. She should have never left a small dog unattended on a high table like that. It’s like leaving a baby on a change table unattended. It is complete negligence. Not to mention the fact that she didn’t even bother to call and see if he was ok. He was examined at the vet hospital and by some stroke of luck he had minor injuries and his vital signs are stable. I’m still monitoring him for head trauma and any other symptoms. He will also require an x ray tomorrow to ensure his leg is not broken.

      I think and understand would for me to say I’m unhappy with the service I received. This is complete negligence and I am tempted to sue. Like I said it’s a stroke of pure luck that he’s not seriously injured and we are not out of the woods yet. You will be receiving a vet bill from me which I fully expect to be taken care of. Furthermore, I will NEVER EVER be using your store or services again. Oh and by the way the haircut is terrible. His skin is so red and irritated and his cut is completely uneven. She completely damaged his over coat and it’s questionable if it will grow back properly. Unfortunately the haircut is the least on my concerns.


      Verified purchase
      Punctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed May 17, 2023

      I am a fur mom and have had two Yorkshire Terriers. We have been looking for a new baby to add to our family as Mollie is getting older. I did not want to wait until something happened to her to get a new baby as I do not want to feel like I am trying to replace her. I got a message on Monday that they had two Yorkies coming in on Tuesday if I wanted to make an appointment. So I made my appointment for Tuesday, May 17th at 5:45 PM. My GPS took me around the world it seemed and I was a little late. They understood and told me to pick out a room and they would bring her out to meet me. I was told she was white was that an issue. I immediately said no. Dahlia was so kind an attentive to me and "Lilly" as I have named her and made my experience a great one!!!! I will go back in the future!

      Verified purchase

      Reviewed April 5, 2023

      Petland is over priced and not an easy process to finance, my sales person was Paris. She was very nice and helpful in trying everything possible to help me find a puppy that could be a good match for me and to be able to finance the puppy. I’m very pleased with the help I received from Paris.

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