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    Petland Reviews

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    Rated with 4 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 12, 2020

    Prices are a little high for most products. The biggest complaint is that I believe they use puppy mills for their dogs. Prices for puppies are outrageous. The selection of fish is excellent. The people who help with dog selection need more training in the handling of the puppies and puppies should not be kept in wire bottom cages.

    35 people found this review helpful
    Rated with 5 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 11, 2020

    The design of this Palace for pets, it's remarkable how they manage to hold the selection and quality of what they have, this is paradise for pets. Have been around for awhile looking at quality for my animal Kings and Queens but none there is until now… all of a sudden I found a real castle for my royalties.

    7 people found this review helpful

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      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 2, 2020

      This store is great for finding that special gift for your doggo! I do enjoy visiting to find something unique when Wal-Mart won't cut it. The only problems I have with the store is the location that I go to, the customer service is a bit lacking. Employees seem to want to avoid you and let you figure things out yourself. But, this doesn't stop me from frequenting the store because they have a great selection of stuff!

      14 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 16, 2019

      After 3 years of searching, ads and the internet, for the perfect puppy mate for my 8 yr old Pomchi, on advice from a friend I decided to look at a store. Why? Online breeders are sketchy liars that have no regulations, answer to no one, and have little proof or promise as to the health and welfare of the animal. I've often heard that puppy mills sell to pet stores and frankly, that is garbage propaganda set up by rescue organizations for their own promotion. I did research. I read reviews, and through personal experience I decided on a little female full blood, pedigree, Long hair Chihuahua. AKC registered too (most breeders don't bother and puppy mills won't spend the money on this.)

      Petland, in Overland Park Kansas, allowed me to take my male in with me to pick her out, and they treated us with the greatest of care. Explained everything thoroughly. Answered every question I had and never tried to pressure me or rush me into a decision. The helper, Dean, Explained the process they go through to bring in the pets. Assured me that if she was to get sick, or suddenly die, she would be replaced. I looked at her records. They had weights, shots, temps, everything I could imagine needing. Though the price was a little steep, and I certainly could have knocked off a few hundred by dropping some of the perks, I chose not to.

      I was able to get approved for a credit line I can afford to pay off in 2 years, and my home is more complete than it has been in years. I've been criticized for buying a "shop pet", being accused of supporting someone's puppy mill but In all of my research I have not found any possible truth in this statement. Petland really does care about their pets, and though sometimes they have too many puppies in a single cage, the puppies are the happiest and healthiest I've ever seen. I am totally, and gratefully happy with my decision, to buy from them.

      NOW, for anyone considering a private breeder. I've done that too. Spent $350 on a yorkie, was lied to about his shot record, he caught or had parvo in less than 5 days and I spent another $1500 trying to save him. The breeder proceeded to move during his 3 day dying period in the hospital. I will always trust Petland over a private breeeder. I accepted the responsibility of what is required of me to fulfill my end of the health contract, and she has already been to the vet twice and deemed very healthy. She is smart, intuitive, and friendlier than any tiny toy dog I've ever seen. She loves all animals and people of every age.

      Petland did very well to socialize her and keep her healthy. I've had my little Adrian for 3 1/2 weeks and Rocky loves her. I absolutely recommend Petland to anyone who is on the fence about where to go for a pet. They have a quick credit approval process, and though a puppy may cost you $2800, they give you 2 years to pay it off. It could not be simpler, or more secure when you need the promise of a completely healthy, happy puppy.

      34 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 4 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 12, 2019

      Most of these reviews are people complaining because THEY didn’t read their contracts properly, or they want to try and pin things on Petland. Just because your puppy has behavioral issues or health issues doesn’t mean it’s automatically Petland’s fault. Health concerns pop up all of the time at random, Petland cannot control that. Behavioral issues are something you need to work on and train consistently with your puppy to fix-they are not an issue that Petland has control over. And you’re a trash human being for adopting a dog and trying to get rid of it after a few days of behavioral issues, in which case you obviously don’t have the commitment to be getting pets anyway. Pets are family, you can’t just give them up when they become “too difficult” for you. As for the prices and refund policy, IT’S IN THE CONTRACT. READ WHAT YOU ARE SIGNING.

      I adopted a Shiba Inu from Petland 2 years ago, and she is honestly better behaved than the male Shiba Inu I got a year ago from a breeder. The worst “health concern” she’s had so far has been an inverted vulva that they can fix with surgery and warned me may cause UTIs in the future, but so far we haven’t had it fixed and she does just fine.

      The only reviews on here I agree with is that you should be able to take some things out of the adoption package if you don’t think you’ll be using it, but they are very upfront about what you’ll be getting and what the costs are. So even if they can’t remove certain things from the package, you know what you’re paying for and you knowingly agreed to pay for it. So calling corporate and trying to work the system after you’ve knowingly signed the contract isn’t going to work here, Karen.

      Another thing I agree with is that the cages are too small and seeing the puppies in them makes me sad. They do need more room to roam and play, so I am always supportive of that. But implying the dogs are starved? Please. I worked at a doggy daycare where plenty of well-loved and well-fed dogs ate other dogs’ poop, and yes, one of them ate it straight from the dogs’ butts when she realized she would get scolded for it and was trying to eat it ASAP before we could get to her and stop it. My childhood dog growing up would eat his own poop sometimes-something that dogs are known to do out of instinct. Dogs are weird and sometimes gross like that, but it’s not a sign of malnutrition and it doesn’t mean that they’re not being taken care of.

      All in all, my experience with Petland-as an owner who read their contract, took on the ownership of a dog responsibly, and didn’t try to swindle the system-was very good and I honestly don’t regret anything about my decision to shop with them, because now I have my beautiful Shiba Inu, Yuki-who gets compliments almost every time I walk her and who is my best friend and a good big sister to her little brother.

      Please know what you’re getting into when you buy a dog, and then maybe that $2500 bill when you try to return your new friend from Petland will be a good lesson to you that you can’t just throw away a pet when things get hard. This whole review list (with a few exceptions I’m sure, though none that I’ve seen so far) just sounds like a lot of finger pointing and customers not being able to take responsibility for their own ignorance and laziness. Petland is fine, it’s the customers that suck.

      37 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 4, 2020

      My daughter bought me a kitten from Carriage place Petland in 2019 in Columbus Ohio and they withheld telling me that the cat had surgery prior to me getting her. Now I’m faced with an almost $3,000 bill for her to get the surgery she needs. I guess I’ll have to take them to court because I have the proof. And to the people saying people want to leave negative reviews blah blah blah buy a sick animal to clean your bank account out while they keep lining theirs then keep blabbing. There are more negative than positive reviews. These people are con artists. Consider yourselves warned.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 18, 2020

      Please do not encourage places like these from continuing to sell puppies. If you look through these reviews and investigations on this place online you will see they simply do not care about animals and work with multiple puppy mills around the nation to sell you these seemingly very cute but sickly, interbred and very overpriced puppies.

      I went to one in Texas recently and they are very aware of their reputation. I was checking out a sweet mini Australian shepherd and while sitting with them this nice lady gave me the typical spew of how these dogs don't come from puppy mills and she wouldn't have the "heart and soul" to sell me a dog if that was the case. Funny thing is I didn't mention puppy mills at all to her, I simply said I have been encouraged not to come to this place. I asked about breeder info and she came back with a paper she would not let me see, saying she could tell me the weight of the parents but had no pictures. Do not trust anyone that refuses to show you any paperwork before purchase and won't even tell you where the dog came from. This puppy was $6000. I honestly was shocked. No info about anything really and they think I'll spend that much. They even offer financing for a dog, like it's a car!

      They will first try to make you believe that you're getting a "great deal" with all the warranties, vaccinations, microchips, blah blah blah. Trust me, it does not end up equaling to $6000. They even tell you if your dog dies you get another one for free, like your dog is easily replaceable. I went in to see if the rumors were true and let me tell you, they are. I always am a believer in checking it out for yourself, so if you do be cautious, notice how they act, how the dog looks, etc. And best tip I can give you: you may see I cute pup (which they all are) and thing "oh I can save them from this place!" while in a way that may be true, if the dog comes from a puppy mill, it is very sad to say, but the dog is very likely walking straight into its grave. You will spend so much time and money trying to save it.

      This weekend I am heading up to a local breeder to see her mini Aussies and bring one I have my eyes on home. He is a purebred with championship bloodlines and he is $900, 15% of what Petland was asking. (This is a little on the cheaper side as the dog is a little older than a puppy, but highest I've seen for this breed by reputable breeders is $2000) I get to meet him, the dame and sire, the breeders, the ranch and see the paperwork before my purchase. And I get to purchase locally.

      If you're really set on a certain dog, I strongly suggest finding a local breeder and working with them. Online breeders can be untrustworthy, and so are these pet stores like Petland. With local breeders you can really see how much they care for their dogs. If they do not have what you are looking for locally, call breeders that are out of state instead of doing everything online. It's somehow even cheaper than these Petland puppies to fly over yourself and bring the dog home or have a trustworthy stress-free dog shipment company bring your future family member to you. Best of luck on finding your future puppy/dog, and hope you steer far away from puppy mill supporters like Pet Land!

      17 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 16, 2020

      We purchased a puppy in May of 2017, in Wichita, KS. Saw this cute little blue brindle Boston Terrier looking at us with his big ole bug eyes, and instantly fell in love. Didn’t love the “price tag” so much. $2079.. and that was WITH an $799 discount. I was really standoffish with that. But they said they could do payments over the course of 2 years. I figured. Okay, $86 a month is more durable, I’m sure it will boost our credit in some way, right? BOY were we played.

      I see you guys on here about a 29% interest rate.. try getting locked into a 144.57% interest rate. Bringing that cute little $2079 Boston Terrier to close to $8,000 by May 2, 2019. Please please please look at all your paperwork carefully and don’t just think, "Oh my gosh, a puppy!" And sign every dotted line without thinking it through. Obviously we made it work, at $77 A WEEK NOT MONTH payment, bringing our payments to 103 over the course of 2 years. It barely helped our credit, because it wasn’t a standard installment loan, it was basically just a bank draft. JUST BE CAREFUL GUYS. Adopt from a shelter until all the puppies and kittens are saved from there, before going to the pet stores...

      22 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: May 25, 2020

      Athens Ohio store is a joke. Purchased aquarium setup. About $400. Not only was the stand junk and I had to rebuild so it would even hold the tank. But the tank also leaked. And they refuse to make it right. Employee told me I could return in if there was a problem. But now they refuse to help. I would not recommend anyone deal with this store. Their manager is worthless. And she does not now how to run a business. I would recommend a different store or just order offline. Cause if you go to Athens Petland you will get ripped off.

      6 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 18, 2020

      One Star is too much for this company, On April 12 th , My person Johanny ** and my husband Jose ** went to Petland Kendall address 8236 Mills Dr, Miami, FL 33183 and was attended by **. At 12pm and we decided to purchase a puppy specifically a Golden Doodle of 9 weeks. At the time of purchase we took a financial payment for $ 5,060 and we signed a CONTRACT, which says that we need to bring the puppy for a wellness check up with the veterinary specifically to Pou Veterinary Group within 4 days to confirm the puppy was healthy, once we get home exciting as a new parents to a puppy that we name Belle, we realize that the dog was gagging, the next day April 13th we called the veterinary to make an appointment which they have for Wednesday April 15th, for the days following of the appointment the dog keep gagging but now he was coughing too.

      Once we get to the veterinary we explain our concerns to him, and he said it could be either giardia or tracheitis, which could be because of the contact to other dogs at the store, that the time we as a new parents get really concerns and debate whether we should do the diagnostics test to treat our puppy the right way, but at the same time, either disease have an incubation period of 5 to 15 days, and that was the 3rd day that Belle was with us, We called that moment at American Kennel Club, since the day before we finished the register and they told us our puppy has 30 day of insurance, once we explained the situation, they said they won’t cover the veterinary of any other test since the dog should be healthy since the day we bought her(which she is not) and then we decided to call Petland Kendall again. We explain the situation and they transfer our call to pet care solutions.

      Once they pick up we talked to Anthony (at this time we were at the veterinary waiting to have a solution to see if they are responsible for the diagnostics test). We started a claim with him and we decided to make the test to treat our puppy the right way, we did the Giardia test which was positive, we sent Anthony the invoice of the veterinary and when home with our sick puppy, we started the medication as the doctor recommended, the next following days Belle keep coughing but now it's increasing and she now has mucus.

      We keep trying to contact pet care about this matter, and on April 21, 2020 we called and the answer is that they won't paid for the diagnostic test since they only pay for medication that the pets might need, and how do you know if you pet need medication if you don’t a diagnostic test, and up to this date our puppy needs a follow up and to redo the test after we finish the treatment, and now we are trying to find the right insurance company for her but no company will pay for any gastrointestinal or pulmonary diseases because she has those conditions as a comorbidity. That’s means we cannot get a health insurance for our dog.

      Our dog that was sold to us already sick. She is getting worse and worse, we contacted pet care on April 21th we called a total of 10 times, and the last called they told us that they will not talk to us anymore. That if we want we can take further steps with our lawyers, without any solutions on their part, they stopped talking to us altogether, and we have a contract signed with the stipulation about the warranty (attached below)that was the main reason why we bought our dog in that store, they are not answering for our dog. We know that in United States the law is respected and we know about the PET LEMON LAW in which protect the customer who is buying a sick dog, for which we need help in this matter, we don’t even have a services of the company from whom we bought it. Not even a complaint line on the matter

      This was the last resource that we can attempt, we paid $5,060 for a sick dog without us knowing that she was sick. And now every time time that we try to call they denied talking to us because they said we have a lawyer which we don’t at the moment. After reading the contract you can see that it's said and I quote "should the veterinarian diagnose any physical health problem that will require further veterinarian care, you may bring your puppy to Pou Veterinary Group 11549 North Kendall Drive Miami, FL 33176 Phone: 305-598-1425 where all reasonable diagnostics and treatment will be at no cost to you."

      It is stipulated in the contract that we signed on April 12th 2020. We have the contract and the paper work from the veterinary and we are asking for our rights as a customer on this matter and we have a confirmation from 2 veterinarians about the dog being sick before we bought her (attached below too). We even have a recording with pou veterinary where he confirms it.

      On April 22, 2020 I have to bring my dog to the veterinary and he did blood work and rx and he determine that she is starting an infections in her lung that could be a bronchitis or pneumonia, and we pay 514$ in diagnostics test, plus the 90$ on the first visit. Petcare and petland denies to talk to us about this matter, and they send us to call their lawyer and we did but the number that they provide is not a law firm related to them. And this point our dog is sick and getting worse and worse And we don’t have a response for either of the companies. On April 30th we brought belle (our puppy) to pou veterinary and they says she is better even though the White blood cell count is elevating more, they did blood test again and fecal test, the doctor at pou veterinary which work with petland told us she is better.

      (At this point your veterinary doesn't want to get involved anymore and sent us home, the next day Belle was getting worse, she is vomiting, having blood in her poop, she doesn't want to play, is totally lethargic she didn't even want to move, so in our eyes our pet is not fine or healthy as the veterinary said, we decided to ask for a second opinion and we went to Banfield hospital for an emergency visit, once there the doctor did a giardia test which was positive so that means she is still sick, and she advice another antibiotic for her lung since the one that your veterinary recommend have a lot of side effects on dogs, the doctor at Banfield says is not normal to t, has white blood cell elevation, that she has a bacteria in her body plus the symptoms that our puppy was having. I will attached the invoice and the doctor's note on both places.

      The very next day Belle (our pet) started vomiting AGAIN, she has diarrhea with blood, she was lethargy and didn't wanted to play or move, we continue the medications plus we gave her fluid to avoid dehydration, since we didn't want to hospitalized her if it we could prevented since she is puppy and is still missing some vaccinations. Up to this date May 18 she is better but not the same. She is stopped taking the second antibiotic, but she is still dewormer and **, we are really concern for our dog. Multiple doctor has said now that she came in sick already. I will attach all the documentation, she have been taking ** for a month now everyday for 12 hrs. She still have a giardia positive. And Petland have never responded to this. We have a contract about a warranty is written. I will attached below so you can judge for yourself.

      They are answering emails. Calls or messages about this situation. We had spend 1000$ on diagnostic plus 5,060$ on our pet for which they broke a contract that says that our puppy was healthy and she wasn't and they haven't pay for the diagnostic even though it is stipulated on a signed contract by our part and their part. Up to this day we have not answers from petland. We contacted a lawyer and she have been trying to communicate with petland for the last 2 weeks about the breach on the contract. NO ANSWERS on the part so far. It's amazing how bad this company have been dealing with this situation.

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