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I have been feeding my dog this since 2 months and till 8 years she had a seizure and died without warning. She had plenty of exercise, had her shots every year, but one day she just laid down and had a seizure, peed in her bed. We took her to the vet. She was fine and 5 min later was back in seizure state. They tried to save her with oxygen tank, but she was gone. I fully believe it was the food because 2 months earlier my other YOUNGER dog got lymphoma without warning. He swole up and 2 months later same as her laid down and left us heartbroken!!! I blame it on the food. We have a 3rd and switched her to steak and chicken and Blue Buffalo hoping for a better life. We truly blame this food. It's TOXIC for pets and recommend not BUYING!!! If you love your fur baby.

I feed my labradoodle Purina original since he was a puppy. Around 2 years old he had seizures that appeared about once a year. I never thought that it might be his dog food. I read the reviews several years ago and owners had similar experiences and some of the dogs died. I switched his dog food and he has not had a seizure in over 2 years. This is very convincing that the Purina dog food was responsible for his seizures. Whatever they put into their dog food is toxic for some if not all dogs to some degree or another. Cooper is now 9 and going strong.

My little Lacy died due to this food and now I have over $1,300 in vet bills due to Purina's negligence!! Their vet is supposed to call my vet but hasn't happened yet.

Oh my goodness! I've gotten numerous bags of Purina puppy chow complete... Never had a problem until this bag! There are numerous like string fabric all in the bag! Almost like shredded clothing! Sure hope my dog doesn't get sick from this! Changing food today! Shame! Can't even trust the food you feed your dog!

Here's the short version...I bought Purina Dry Dog food in June and it was full of bugs. Purina sent me a coupon for a new bag of food. I bought a new bag of Purina dry dog food with the coupon this month, and once again it was full of bugs. Gross. I'm done with Purina.

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I'm trying to find out if anyone has had sick dogs from Purina puppy chow soft morals... I just lost 6 puppies and had 2 older dogs sick, and the only thing they had in common was the puppy chow...

Don't let yourself be fooled. Not only are the chemicals bad for your fur babies but it's also the source of the meat (not even meat) that they're getting. Your dog/cat could be eating a euthanized animal or roadkill, and yes this is from research. You need to have specific sources of the ingredients. Just like 9Lives, Pedigree, Alpo and many others, this is TRASH. I don't think you would want to feed yourself euthanized house pets or a shelter animal. Do your research and realize that THIS IS KILLING ANIMALS. There's a reason that these brands are at the back of the pet store and that you can get away with buying 50 pounds of food for just maybe $20 and that is sick. Please, save your fur babies from eating this junk. Natural/organic pet food is expensive but vet bills are much more expensive.

I usually feed my small terrier mix another brand 2 days ago I ran out of food for her. So on my way home from work I stop my local store. They didn't have her usual. I end up buy Purina Puppy Chow a small box and has the best before May 2017 which is till next year. My son feed our dog in the morning and she didn't even come near the food. On the afternoon, I was gonna give her water. She never touch the food at all and notice a worm and I went outside and empty the box. It was full of worms. She vomit and look like she wasn't feeling ok. I threw away that nasty dog food. I went to the store and bought her usual food Pedigree for small dogs. She has ate some and looks better now. I do not recommend Purina Puppy Chow. I looked up online and they have history of this.

We have a Standard Schnauzer that is 5 years old and in good health. We started feeding him Purina Little Bites several months ago. We bought a new bag with the best by date of July 2017 and code # 601210841625L.06. We noticed that within a week he started having loose stools and by the next day he was vomiting yellowish vomit and a lot of bloody diarrhea. He was very lethargic and weak. We took him to the vet's office where he had blood tests with findings of dehydration and elevated liver enzymes. He was treated with IV fluids and two different IV antibiotics. The vet was shocked at how sick he was. He is now on the road to recovery and is doing very well. We are convinced that it was the Purina dog food that caused the problem. The vet recommended that we discard all the unused bag. We checked for recalls on the dog food but found none.

I purchased the 50 lb bag and there was an odor when I opened the bag. Being this is all I had to feed my three large dogs I fed them this. The first day one dog threw up everything and then another dog threw up watery yellow vomit. My other dog won't eat it anymore after the first bowl. I do plan on returning it to Walmart. The coding and expired date is: 0 17800 15810 7, Best by August 2017; 605460012334108. Hope this helps other pet owners. I have not found a recall on this product.

I have three dogs who all eat Purina ONE. I noticed when I purchased the last bag it was not the same color as before. All dogs after two days have been vomiting and have diarrhea. Disposed of that bag purchased another AND noticed the color changed? NO MORE PURINA FOR ME.

We used Purina briefly for our dog, Sadie. However, we noticed she didn't have the spring in her step anymore and her tummy started turning black. We immediately quit and switched her to Halo. What a difference! It's like we have a new dog and her tummy has turned back to white!

I used Purina Dog Chow for years when I had two collies. Both of them lived to be 14 years old. I highly recommend this dog food as it is the only dog food my dogs ate all those years. I have a cat now who only eats Purina One Cat Food. It is great food from a great company.

We always try to pick a quality dog food that is affordable. We have fed our dogs many brands, and out of the ones we have tried we always come back to Purina, because our pets love it.

Good medium grade food. Not top of the line but not low grade. Ok ingredients and doesn't break the bank, I trust Purina. My dogs enjoy it and it's available everywhere, it's like a lot of the medium foods... lots of fillers.

Purina Dog Chow kept my dog healthy and satisfied for a very long time. His vet always said he was as healthy as any dog could be. I would highly recommend Purina pet food products to everyone.

Of course, you must realize that anyone able to type out a review of their purchased dog food - is not themselves a dog! With that said, my dog seemingly loves her Purina Moist and Meaty Chopped Burger. The ingredients seem a bit scary but let's face it - it's dog food. Dogs do not have the daily allowance - vitamin and mineral option. They eat what we give them. Moist and Meaty has it all (all the vits and mins). Even the high fructose corn syrup - what dog doesn't love a coke with their meal? The pre-measured packets are a plus. My dog is 14 lbs. One packet a day works for her. Lulu is 9 years old and in perfect health. Thank you Purina!

Dogs are healthy and happy. No health issues.

It's been a long time since I had a dog but the last one thrived on Purina. At the time, there was very little choice as what to feed animals. So, Purina was the best bet for health, nutrition, well being and I believe still is.

I have been a dachshund owner for over 40 years with a few beagles and labradors sprinkled into the mix. I have fed primarily dry dog food, but also canned dog food.

It pretty good. Some foods are very expensive. This one is affordable. Other foods give my dogs gas. This one doesn't. Love it. A lot of people cannot afford those expensive foods that are suppose to be the best. Just because we can't afford the best and most expensive. Don't mean we don't care about our babies as much. Hate the commercials that try to say that.

I'm not sure if my dog likes this food or not. It is nutritionally good as far as I am concerned. He downs it with no problem. The one he really didn't like is the one that is made with vegetables.

I currently use Purina 1 dog food, having upgraded from Purina dog chow. I am very satisfied with the way our two adult dogs feed and digest this Purina 1 on a regular basis. The only other dog food I can say I have tried with positive experience is Science Diet. The extra cost is one limiting factor, although it takes less of this feed equal a ration of other dog food... and accessibility is another. It is not always available in the stores I shop at. I consider it a top dog food, and would use it more often if it were more available. I am certain other brands are available that are very good as well, but these two are the ones I stay with.

I have used Purina for the past 20 or so years and find that it works as well or better than the more expensive "designer" brands. We inherited a friend's dog a few year. Her owner used a mix of an expensive exclusive brand. Her coat was thin and she had a lot of gas. We switched her to Purina and her coat soon became thick and luxurious and the gas problem disappeared.

The kind I used most recently was the Senior 7+. I bought it because of the high fiber content that my 16-year-old SharPei/Boxer needed to help with firming up her stools. I had tried other high fiber foods but she didn't like the taste, so this one was next on the list to try. She liked it, so we went through several bags. Unfortunately she died a few months ago. The doc thought it was most likely cancer.

I have sick dogs and I wasn't sure what it was but the Golden Retriever is having major problems with itching, hair loss, bluish looking belly and chest, throwing up for a week with total distaste of his food. Absolutely not wanting to eat the food. He had been eating Purina for some time and so we bought the 50lb bag of Purina Dog Chow Complete. He doesn't want to eat it at all. I decided to research recalls but there is nothing. I read the reviews here and he is having the same symptoms. I'm taking the food back!! Something is going on and it should be recalled. I hope changing food will help him to heal and I won't need a vet. Poor Clifford... I hate that food we trust could make my loyal big guy hurt sooo much. I will share this with all my friends. Thank you for this message board and other reviewers. Sorry about your suffering and loss of furry family members.

Ok price but smells funny. At time it would have spiderwebs in the food and we also purchase Pedigree which would be old most of the time and we switched to Kirkland brand was much better.

I couldn't find the large dog breed Purina One dog food so I went with the Lamb and Rice Formula from Walmart... Bad bad move. My dogs have suffered with diarrhea, gas and the small one vomited just after eating it. I have had to clean up her messes from the middle of the night and now I get up with her every four hours (worse than my kids as babies!). Ugh. NEVER buying this brand again, it should be pulled off all shelves as I have read others who have had similar, word for word and worse experiences with this product. Shame on Purina for selling this.

My lab has been on Purina dog food (Bentiful) all his 10 years and my shepherd for 3 years. I have noticed these last 2 years, both dogs have severe anal problems (my lab has blood coming out) and I have to have my shepherd cleaned every month. I switched over to Purina one, and now both dogs are itching like crazy. My lab is starting to lose his hair on his chest. But no anal problem. I will not EVER use Purina products again.

I have a German Shepherd/hound dog. He is 3 years old. I started feeding him Purina dog chow about a month ago and he's shedding. Has been awful yet alone his attitude. He was very playful and now just lies around a lot. Instead of this dog food to give him all the nutrients he needs like they say? It's making him lose all his nutrients and his hair. I can rub him with my bare hand and chunks of hair come off. I am never feeding him Purina products!

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