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I told my Mom to take her dog to you and 13 hours after she did the little pup was died. What was up with that? Will never tell my friends or family to take their animals to you again. I am done with BANFIELD...

Banfield Pet Hospital is a joke and scam. They strongarm you into signing up for their "Wellness Plans" saying they will save you money over the regular services alone. What they don't tell you is that even at their discounted Wellness Plan rate their services are about twice as much as you'd pay somewhere else. Additionally, if you realize you're being scammed and try to cancel the plan, not only are you not going to get any money back, but they can turn around and claim you owe them money! The staff at the clinic I went to didn't appear to be very well-trained. The Banfield vet missed some basic health issues that my local vet caught. I wish I had read the reviews on this site before I ever brought my pet here.

I brought my 15 yrs old cat as I knew there was something wrong. They tested her & she has a thyroid problem. Gave me some medicine & convinced me I needed the health insurance plan. So I got it thinking, ok I pay every month & just pay less / a deductible when I take her there. The medicine did not work. The only other treatment was a $2000 procedure that may or may not work because the cat was old. I couldn't afford it. I did not want to an old cat through all that so I had to have her put to sleep. This all happened within a month. So then even though the cat was dead I had to pay the insurance for a year. Did you ever have any insurance that still had to be paid after there is no more patient? Wtf. A ripoff.

I took my 12 year old cat Maxwell to the Banfield location in Las Vegas 89148 for a check up and anal gland evacuation. The receptionist was a delight, I was so glad as we have recently relocated and needed a nearby Vet. It ended there, once we were in the exam room, Dr. ** spent about 3 minutes on his exam, told me he should have his teeth cleaned and the next 5 minutes selling me on the Wellness Plans. She asked no questions about his diet (he is a big one), or his bowel habits, which I thought was odd as she was going to evacuate his fecal glands. Just the options of the Wellness Plans. She then took him in the back for the evacuation. I had never heard him scream like that, he has had this done before. I had to go out front and could still hear him over all the other animals in the back room, it was awful.

When they brought him back to me he was hyperventilating and panting, the Vet Assistant even pointed it out to the Vet, who shrugged it off. I stayed in the room with him for 10 minutes waiting for his breathing to return to normal, no one ever came back in to check on us. There are sedation options come to find out. She had other things to do and just left and never gave us a second thought. Had I read the reviews prior I would have never ever gone there. Don't put you or your pet through it.

When my dog had a problem with something stuck in his throat I took him to Banfield Hospital and they said take him to an emergency clinic! Also, the lady was very rude! Why would I pay $42 a month for insurance that I can't use. If you buy this insurance you will be sorry, there are a lot of better companies out there.

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I made an appointment to have my beloved Jasper's teeth cleaned at the prompting of a customer service call from Banfield Pet Hospital located in the Petsmart of Snowden Square Columbia, MD. He was a stunningly beautiful Maine Coon "Tom" all black fur with the disposition of an angel. He was my best friend. I'm disabled from work and got him when I was waiting for my disability to be approved & to help me with the depression from my recent separation.

He was my joy. There were days when the only reason I got out of bed was to care for my Jasper. He will never be replaced. There was only one Jasper, now there's none! I didn't feed him or give him any water from midnight as I was told. Brought him in at the scheduled time. I filled out the paperwork, they took him before I could really say goodbye properly but I figured "oh it's ok. I'll be back in a few hours to get him." It was a routine teeth cleaning. Preventative care. I wanted to take good care of him so he would live many long happy years with me!!! That's all I wanted was for my cat to live and be healthy so he could enjoy every second of his life.

Two hours later he was dead. The report I got says that he was slightly dehydrated! Everyone knows you can not do surgery on a dehydrated animal. With not enough fluids they are depleted of electrolytes. Minerals. They are micro traces of metals: zinc, magnesium, copper, potassium in order for your heart to conduct a beat there must be an electrical current. For electrical current to take place you must have what?? Metal. No metal. No electricity. My cat should never have been in this situation. He was not "Wnl" within normal limits on his electrolyte levels. When a test falls outside of "Wnl" you don't do the surgery. They couldn't get an iv into him because he was dehydrated and they couldn't find a vein.

I was a paramedic for 8 years. Nothing to do with cats but I know a little bit about resuscitation of a heart that fails. I know more than a little bit about the frailty of life. When in doubt, stop. The procedure should've been stopped immediately since it was an unnecessary surgery. It was for maintenance, not life threatening. Why didn't they call me and say he was too dehydrated. What's the big deal?? I told them I didn't work and I was available at any time don't rush... take your time. I couldn't have been more compliant or cordial. Now my precious baby boy is, dead!!! A ROUTINE DENTAL CLEANING AND MY CAT IS DEAD... but wait it gets better.

One of the vets there told me that they would have his ashes returned to me as a Courtesy!!? A courtesy? Is this the part where I say, "Thank you so much for paying for my cat's cremation"?? Because you will be waiting for hell to freeze over lady. Are you people kidding me?? As a courtesy you'll pay for his cremation? Go ** yourselves! HOW DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT?

I stayed up and cried holding my cat's favorite toys... You've not heard the last of me. You will remember my Jasper for the rest of your days because I am retaining legal counsel & will do everything in my power to make sure no one ever suffers through this again!!! No person should ever have to live through this nightmare. Jasper will never meow again... I just wanted to keep him healthy. Banfield was responsible for keeping him healthy. They failed miserably! You've been warned!! Don't do it!! If you love your pet, don't leave them with a Banfield vet!

In Nellis Blvd in Las Vegas the service in there is horrible. All of the hood rats that work there are unprofessional and they lied to me about the membership. They never gave me a brochure about the services and they told me to sign my payment and what I was really signing for was a new membership. Don't answer any questions to the doctors, they will call animal control for any reason. The doctor called animal control on me for not giving my dog a haircut. Oh and it's a nightmare to get a hold of any manager, they will say that they are never there and that they can't help anybody to fix any problem. I called corporate and they don't want to deal with it.

I took my dog for spay surgery to Banfield Pet Hospital in Clive Iowa. The surgery was done with all possible prior health investigations and my dog was in perfect healthy condition. Her condition deteriorated after the surgery as she developed hernia near surgery site. I was able to see the lump near surgery site and called several times but receptionist Nancy never allowed us to discuss with doctor and was very rude most of the time. I dropped in one day walking to hospital and Dr. Terri decided to have hernia surgery immediately as it was the complication arised out of recent spay surgery, another receptionist Angie was very helpful, my dog have now started bleeding from the hernia surgery very second day my dog was uneasy whole night and blood dripping.

Called Banfield again Nancy says doctors are on vacation and other doctors are too busy in surgeries to give you call back. If I could discuss problem with her!!! Moreover she said there are no notes found in their system that any such hernia surgery took place... Horrible!!! I am now forced to move to another vet to save my dog's life. The entire experience is horrifying unless you want your dog's health to deteriorate... Please don't you ever take your beloved pet to this place. This is my humble request. I am feeling so bad for ruining my sweet dog's life by taking to Banfield Pet Hospital.

Had to cancel service because I moved to a place Banfield does not service. Cancelling the contract early was a nightmare and they tried to send my account to collections even though I was sending them payments monthly. Would not do business with them again; especially given the unprofessional behavior of the agents over the phone.

My peek-a-poo became ill back in October of 2015 took her to Banfield and they diagnosed her with liver infection at the time. Put her on antibiotics for two weeks, cost me about $380.00. About a month later I had to take her back because there was blood in her pee. Now they said that she had a UTI - more money, more medication. Several months later yet another infection, this time they took x-rays and found a kidney stone. Put her on a special diet of some very expensive food, that did her no good.

They said she may need surgery to remove the stone if the diet did not help. The surgery they told me was going to cost about a $1000. I have been taking her back and forth for all of 2015, with each time it costing me in about $100 dollar or more for each visit. And did I mention that I had a wellness plan, what a waste. Finally I just got tired of dealing with them and my dog's health and took her somewhere else (a real vet) for a second opinion and found out that the infection that she had was not treated appropriately. So consequential she ended up having a kidney stone the size of a chicken egg. I ended up having the surgery to remove the stone for under $300. Banfield do not care anything about your pet. All they care about is your money and they also play on the fact that they know how much you love your pet, but I'm done they will never see another dollar of mine. I'm done.

We had a terrible experience back in July with an employee at Banfield, she was rude and beyond disrespectful to me regarding our bill when trying to make an appointment. Ms. Adrienne ** was contacted by the client advocate team in which I had called to put in a complaint about this mistreatment we received. She offered to make my dog's next appt. in August at a different location, free of charge, our office visit/wellness plan fee that day was waived and my dog's injection. The next month in September I went in for her monthly injection and the office tried to charge me for the "waived" office visit I had in August. They would not allow my dog to be seen without that payment. I tried immediately calling Ms. ** to clear up the confusion, I had to leave a voicemail. I had to pay that waived fee so my dog could get her injection. I continued to reach out to Ms. **.

The next day she called me and told me all has been done, she cannot help me. She would not even listen to me. She rudely dismissed me and my concerns. It baffled me as to her change of attitude and her reneged promise and agreement she made with me due to my unfortunate and upsetting July visit. My wellness plan also included drop off visits. On September 6th I went in to drop her off and they said the doctors were too busy, so I could stay and wait it out or leave and come back another day. I reported that as well as that was very unfair, and I pay for drop off visits, I went all the way there to be turned away? That complaint led Adrienne ** to remove me and my dog, and my family members as well, from the practice. She would not help me resolve the matter. I sent several emails and calls.

She went to a Mr. Ari **, DVM at the practice, and he signed papers as well in agreement to remove us, stating we weren't satisfied with Banfield and we complained more than once. I called him, and he as well stated he agreed with her, not even listening to me, the client. We had every right to put in a complaint to their client advocate team, that's why they're there. Again, he didn't care about me as a client, he immediately just agreed with the Ms. **, a field manager unwilling to help us at all, except to remove us. The new Banfield location we went to the staff were amazing to me, and she removed me and my family because we had concerns over our plan and mistreatment at our original location. She sent my dog's records and a letter certified mail. This makes no sense, where is the logic here, but it in my opinion, it strongly feels like discrimination, and I want to proceed with my rights to this situation with this company.

I'm asking for all of my wellness plan payments back as this has left me without a vet not to mention this mistreatment now of being kicked out of a vet's office because we had concerns/complaints about our plan and mistreatment there. This is an awful method of practice for a business, to say the least. There's a bit more detailed information that I will be putting on my complaint form, as well, as this is an overview of what has happened to me, I have her promise of waived fees on my voicemail, yet she still denies it.

I took my dog to Banfield Pet Hospital in Costa Mesa because she injured her foot. Unfortunately Dr. ** was the veterinarian working that day. According to Dr. **, if a pet doesn't have a blood test, she can't order an X-ray. Because my dog was under intense pain, she only gave her pain medication. Because my dog was taking ** for the inflammation, ** wanted to know if the ** was prescribed by them or somebody else. Because I asked for a written prescription for the pain medication, Dr. ** didn't like the idea and her assistant, John, was also giving me an attitude. My previous experience with Dr. ** was wonderful; he is very experienced and professional. Dr. ** orders a long list of tests, which will cost a fortune, just for a leg injury. According to **, a bunch of test for a leg injury will be justified just in case it is "cancer."

Banfield Pet Hospital is the worst!! I wish this had an option for negative 10 starts because that's what this place deserves. Please do not take your pets there. They almost killed my puppy by giving him double vaccines when I told them not to since he came to me up to date with all his shots. He just needed a puppy exam because I got him from the airport. I've told the lady "No vaccinations. Just need a puppy exam." She said "No problem. When do you want his vaccinations done." I said "When is the next available date." She said "Friday. Sept. 2nd." I said "Ok I'll take it since he would be 10 weeks at that time." Dr. Jamie ** DVM was his veterinarian. She signed & dated that she did not give any vaccinations to my puppy. She only gave him an exam like I asked. 5 days later he became very sick.

I called to have him go get checked & on 8/25 they told me he had pneumonia in both lungs & after paying $333.19. He had to be in the ICU for 2 days for double pneumonia in both lungs & also on medication for 2 weeks. Also the practice manager April ** did not want to talk to me about my puppy or what malpractice they did, only until I called the corporate office & talked to the people higher up. This place makes me sick! They wanted to blame the vaccination manufacturer & have them refund me my money I spent in 2 days while my puppy was in the ICU.

After canceling my wellness plan I got 8/12/16 I was told to pay $256.99. Now I've been told they don't have a cancellation fee & no one wants to give me my $256.99 back. I get the runaround over & over. Getting a call from April ** the practice manager with an attitude & telling me she will talk to whoever & see who told me I had to pay $256.99. I don't understand why she is a manager when she doesn't know anything what's going on. Nobody does that works there for that matter.

I also had to pick up a paper from the vaccination manufacturer. I told the guy that was answering the phones "I have an envelope to pick up for Duke (my puppy's name) or for Monica (my name) that Sheila left for me to pick up & I know she left for the day." He said "Hmmm... hmmm... who are you here to see?" I said "No one, again I'm here for an envelope to pick up for Duke (my puppy's) or Monica (my name). Sheila left it for me. She just called me an hour ago." He then said "Ok hmmm just a minute." Then he walks away, goes in the back for 5-10 mins. Comes back & says "Hmmm you can hmmm come back tomorrow. Sheila didn't leave anything for duck."

I said "What?" I said "Duke. D-U-K-E not duck or for Monica & I'm not leaving until I get that paper! So you need to figure it out & find it." He said "Ok. Ok. Sorry but there's nothing here. She didn't tell me anything or leave anything." I said "Well she told me it would be at the front desk with you so you need to find it because I didn't come over here just to stand here for 30 mins. for a paper." He said "Oh is it for Duke?" As he hands me an envelope with Duke on it. I said "You're kidding me right? Is that what I said 30 mins. ago?" He said "Sorry about that".

I honestly don't know how people can be that dumb working with important information. I know a few people I talked to after everything that has happened to my puppy. Told me things that happened to their dogs like having a call saying their dog "jumped" off the table & broke his hip or rib & Banfield didn't want to take responsibility for their wrongdoing, it's always the dog's fault or someone else was at fault. I will never & I hope others will read this & never trust your pets with these people.

I have been taking my cat to Banfield Pet Hospital for over a year now in Jacksonville, FL. To be exact, she has been seen at the location in Oakleaf Town center (9515 Crosshill Blvd #113, Jacksonville, FL 3222). I took my cat recently for her yearly appointment (yearly shots, teeth cleaning, etc.) During the visit I spoke with the people who took care of my cat that day BEFORE I dropped off my cat and AFTER I picked her up.

I stated to them that I had plans on traveling with my cat and asked for any suggestions on what I can and should do to make the travel (flight) easier and LESS STRESSFUL for her. The vet suggested that I give my cat children's ** for the flight. I also asked for a health certificate to be completed. The vet stated that the ONLY vet approved to write health certificates in that location will be in the following week. He suggested that I bring my cat in the next few days so that they could "monitor" her while she is under ** to see how it works for her. Great. Moving on to the next visit:

I called BEFORE I arrived to verify the amount of ** that I should give my cat. The nurse assistant stated that if I wanted to bring her in and they will give her the dosage there. I dropped off my cat at 9:30AM. The nurse assistant spoke with me and stated that they will attempt to give her the dosage and if she becomes too aggressive that they will just contact me and have me pick her up so that I can try myself.

I called the office to check up on my cat around 3:00 PM. The receptionist said that the vet is in another room at the moment and to call back in about an hour. That sounded off to me, because they have never not given me an update before & I found it odd that my cat was only there to be "monitored". No work was being done on her whatsoever. I decided to show up and see what was going on. I arrived around 3:45 pm.

The receptionist walked back in the office to advise the nurse and vet that I arrived (I can see them clearly). The receptionist came back and told me that the vet said that they tried to give her the dosage at noon and at 3:30 pm but were unable to due to her being "difficult". The receptionist said that if I wanted to take her home and bring her back later to try again or reschedule.

At this point, I was extremely upset at the fact that it was now 4:00 pm and I NEVER received a follow up call to pick up my cat. I told her that I wanted to speak with the vet, she walked back inside to let the vet know. She then came back and told me that the vet was assistant another customer. I then looked through all the rooms to see if that was true & there was no other customer there at the time. Finally, the vet called me in a room and I expressed to her that the hospital's team themselves suggested that I bring my cat in to be monitored. That the idea for me doing that was to see if I can relieve stress on my cat for the day of travel. I told her that I was told that I would get a call after the FIRST ATTEMPT to give her the dosage and that if failed, I would be contacted to pick her up. However, that did not happen.

I told the vet that instead of lowering the stress level for my cat, it increased. My cat was there for more than 5 hours for absolutely NO REASON. All that time could have been avoided had I been contacted at noon after their first attempt. (That's if they even tried). For more than 5 hours my cat was not only stressed, had not eaten or had water. All of that was expressed to the vet. She only apologized and said that I could reschedule. Due to this experience, I will be canceling my health plan with them and finding another vet clinic to take my cat from now on. I would not recommend Veterinarian: FALLIN **.

Our experience with Banfield, more than 3 years started good. We couldn't get into our vet's office when our dog was very ill with a vomiting, and they were able to see her, and help us. Over the last two years - their lack of response for needing an appointment - you can't get one sometimes for 3 to 4 days. Problem # 1. I have been sent to collections for nonpayment. I have tried to get the corporate office to work with me, but they have gone completely silent when I ask for documentation of what is being charged and what has been paid. We have 2 current animals, and 2 animals we no longer have. We can't see the information online, and the first person I spoke to at their corporate office couldn't see this either. So how can I owe money if they can't see what I owe I ask?

I have emailed - again trying to get some information. I rec'd one email back - with charges for one of the animals... I have made payments, but they can't show me what has been applied and how. Then they refuse to answer any more emails and insist we call. My husband spent more than an hour calling various #s they have given them, and still not able to resolve. I emailed again, and they refuse to send me documentation and insist we call again. I even stopped by the vet's office to see if they could help. They can't see the information either. I would be happy to pay - I have paid the other two - but since learned we are paying for a preventative heartworm med - they all had a severe reaction to, and they only carry that heartworm, and one other one.

I have to order heartworm meds from PetMeds - and they approve it. Yet - I am being still charged for two of these animals. And the one they sent me to collections for - which I repeatedly asked for documentation on - was being charged too - and it's too bad for me, because they refuse to take it off the bill. One of the DRs was also very rough with one of our dogs... Caused part of her rectal tissue to come out. But could I get her in to see the DR immediately? NO... So I don't think it is a good idea to have them spay or neuter our animals, because if there are complications there may not be availability to see a DR immediately. Yet they will not allow me to reduce my plan to just the basic. Will not go back to Banfield. These animals - are our children. I wouldn't take my child to someone I don't trust, and I surely am not taking my pet's back!!!

My 6mo old dog had been neutered at the local vet. Over the weekend, we started noticing that he was swelling more than we anticipated and decided to take him to Banfield to get checked on - just out of concern and Banfield was the only place still open. We arrived 45 minutes before they were supposed to close (WITH AN APPOINTMENT), and they considered not taking us in because they were getting ready to close. So, right away they were unprofessional. After the front desk figured out that we could be seen, we had a very quick wait time and went back to a room. We showed the "vet" (I say "vet" because I'm not sure we saw a trained professional) the swelling around his scrotum and penis and she said they would check it out more. They took his temperature and while that was happening they were joking about lube as they inserted the thermometer into my dog's anus! Unprofessional again.

Then, they decided they would test for anemia to see if the swelling was internal bleeding - or so they said. The tech went out to find what they needed to do the test. She returns and both of the people we were working with had no idea where the tools and materials they were wanting to use were located. How do you not know where your resources are in a vet's office? Unprofessional strike 3 already. They finally do the test and take blood. Too bad they had to try three different spots on my dog with a needle to finally hit a vein - trauma for the young puppy.

They said they would have the results in about 15 minutes - so we wait. After about 15 minutes the girls return and tell us the tests were fine and that Reggie was fine. The swelling was still "normal" and we could just ice it and he will return to normal. We paid, left, and still felt uneasy. Since we didn't trust their verdict, we went to another vet the next day (Sunday, so an emergency 24hr vet), just to get a second opinion. They were IMMEDIATELY concerned with the swelling our puppy had. Right away they figured it was an infection and basically laughed at the test Banfield ran to check what was wrong the night before.

They run their own tests and come back to us letting us know that if we had come in any later that our puppy might not have been very well off. He had a massive infection and abscess that looked the same as it did the night before. It was rapidly spreading and the people at Banfield had no idea what was wrong with our dog. Had we listened to their "medical advice", we would be sitting here with a dead puppy and a broken heart. If you care about your animal, never take it to Banfield - pay the extra to go to a real vet and have your pet properly taken care of.

My beloved 16 yr old Maltese is in stage two kidney disease. I wanted to get a second opinion from elsewhere. Taking my dog to this sorry clinic was the biggest mistake I ever made. The so called veterinarian who couldn't even read lab results, prescribed wrong medications, ordered unnecessary lab tests. Yep, that is what my local Las Vegas veterinarian did to me. After spending over 300 dollars on urine test, and wrong medication (they refused to give me a refund) I am now out of 300 dollars.

The doctor could not answer any of my questions concerning her condition - her immediate answer was, "I have to call specialist to find out what's going on with your dog." Just imagine you are sick and you go to your doctor, and the doctor is completely clueless! And they have the nerve to charge you for "consultation" fee. I have heard Banfield likes to hire young, inexperienced vets. Anyone who is crazy enough to bring their pets to Banfield deserves what they get. They are expensive and clueless. Avoid Banfield like plague!

Our dog had been a patient at Banfield since she was 8 wks old until we had to put her down at 10 yrs old. I do not entirely blame the vets for her demise as Banfield themselves. We live in a resort area and for over a year the Banfield had one vet. We have lots of snowbirds and vacationers, so this is crazy. When we tried to get our little girl dog in to see vet, we had to wait 3 days. By the time they did see her, she was very sick and wouldn't eat or drink. They have her antibiotics and she started feeling better after about a week.

She lost about 2 lbs by that time. I was giving her water with syringe. She recovered somewhat. This happened in October. By March, she was in kidney failure, early stages. Changed her food and said there was nothing more than could do. By May, she was sick again. Finally they did an xray to discover what they thought was cancer. Finally did an ultrasound and decided it was her gallbladder. At this point, we went to local vet hospital and she had emergency surgery. Gallbladder had grown to 8 times its size.

No wonder she wasn't feeling well. Banfield vets really dropped the ball. After surgery and 4 ivs of electrolytes, she had 3 great weeks of life. Kidneys failed again and she was in so much pain that we finally had to let her go to rainbow bridge to wait for us. Since then, we have a new puppy and have NO INTENTION of taking her to Banfield. I cannot even go to PetSmart anymore. Unfortunately, we had recommended Banfield to friends with new puppy 3 yrs ago and feel very bad. We have warned them numerous times to be very proactive in her care and understand numbers when she has blood tests etc. Praying that they listen.

I took my geriatric dog to Banfield pet Hospital Jacksonville Fl to have her teeth cleaned. She is older so I asked to have NO vaccines administered. I had a conversation with the tech saying no vaccines. She asked about rabies and I told her she had a 3 year last year. She told me we give them another Rabies Vaccine anyway. So again so no Rabies Vaccine and no other vaccines. All Vaccines were administered!

When I woke up I could tell one of my dogs was not feeling well. You could actually see the pain in her eyes along with tears. When she started walking she held her head down and was limping on her front leg. I called the Banfield Hospital that I normally use and explained what was going on and that I wanted to bring her in right away to be seen. They said the Vet was in surgery and wouldn't be see her till 3 pm. This was 11 am in the morning when I called, which meant she would be in pain for at least another 4 hours. They told me I could drop her off and she could be seen by a vet tech and then by the vet between 3 and 4. But I would need to be back by 6 to pick her up. I had already heard some horror stories about Banfield and knew better to leave her there. I promptly told them to forget it and I hung up. They immediately called back and left a message saying the exact same thing I had already heard during the initial phone call.

I picked up my little girl and took her to a VCA hospital here in Atlanta. Although they are a company I could tell they had high standards and well trained staff. As soon as I walked in carrying her they immediately asked what was wrong. My information was taken very quickly and within minutes I was in a room. A vet tech soon followed for vitals and soon after she left a real Veterinarian walked in and gave her one of the most comprehensive exams I'd ever witnessed. She was with us for almost 30 minutes. She was brought fresh drinking water. Turns out she had a pinched nerve in her neck causing muscle spasms and pain in her leg. She was given an NSAID and muscles relaxers. I explained to them how Banfield treated us and they were nothing but professional and had no comment.

Every time I went to Banfield we were never treated with care. But at VCA (Pets are people too) everyone there showed care and true concern for my dog. Compared to some of the other horror stories I've read about Banfield I was very lucky. The other downside is that I tried to cancel my wellness plan and I'm mid year in and would have to pay out $180 per dog to get out of the Banfield Cult. Although I don't feel I owe them anything I will pay it but one thing for sure I will never go into another Banfield or Petsmart...

After a positive experience with 2 different Banfield's I took my cat to the location in Addison, TX. I just signed him up for a wellness plan and the DR said he needed a dental. My cat stopped eating and I had him back in for observation and called nearly every day for two weeks. Then the DR says the cat has thyroid issues and give him meds and "wait and see" for two weeks. I grow more concerned daily because my cat is not eating and Dr. dumb dumb doesn't listen to me and my concerns. I take my precious boy to another location only to find out he's in renal failure. They work on him for a few days and then 3 weeks after that damn dental that he probably should have never had at his age I have to have him put down. I was heartbroken - and still have to have lost my precious cat of 10 years due to -- in my opinion -- the incompetency of this so-called DR. Banfield said they'd look into it but so far no one has called me back.

We've been getting all of our pet care from our local Banfield Pet Hospital for the last four years. It was a franchise owned by a very good and competent vet who took exquisite care of Boots, Ruby and Maxie. The corporation that franchises the hospitals has been buying our all of the franchisees. Since April they have had a complete turnover of staff. None of the vets has more than a year or two experience. They sold me a tick and flea treatment called First Shield. We applied it to Maxie (our 92 lb. German Shepherd Dog) and she collapsed within two hours. About $800 later and a trip to the Emergency Department at Memphis Veterinary Specialist in Memphis we got her back on her feet.

Last week we allowed Banfield to remove a small cyst from her back paw. They sent her home with an undressed wound, no antibiotics, and a cone way too small for a dog her size. Within two days the wound was infected and when I called to come in to see a vet they said they couldn't see me until the next day. They started her on antibiotics but it was too late. By yesterday it was in really bad shape. Today I got her into a new practice with a very good vet who now has her on an excellent treatment plan and hopefully Maxie will be back to full health in 2 to 3 weeks. And of course it is going to be expensive. So two recommendations; never take a pet to Banfield and never use a product called First Shield.

We enrolled our bulldog in the best yearly plan at Banfield in TN and paid it in advance; later on we had to take him for evaluation and they said he was fine, only inflamed prostate that by neutering him would get solved so we had our Max neutered and he got worst. Vet at Banfield said they could do nothing else and to take him to an emergency clinic where they found Max had stones on his urethra that was causing his illness so they had to try 2 different procedures before having to go to plan C which was opening a new way for him to urinate; a $3600 +bill!

Next visit, 7 months later, was for his physical and teeth cleaning, covered by the plan. Lab results were excellent according to the Vet that delivered us Max after that day, but 10 days later Max started bleeding profusely through the new opening for his urination, and as it was after hours we took him to the Emergency Care Clinic once again, where they found he had a serious infection which is now being controlled with antibiotics; BUT we were asked what antibiotic Max had been given prior to his dental cleaning, we called Banfield to ask and were told NONE and if the infection meant we needed to put Max to sleep. So, we have cancelled our plan with those pirates, not a penny was returned although there are still 4 months of coverage, and I recommend whomever reads this to PLEASE FIND A LOCAL VETERINARIAN and look for a plan that refunds you a portion of your expenses BUT NEVER CONSIDER BANFIELD IF YOU LOVE YOUR PET.

I took my cat to Banfield because they sent me a "Welcome to the neighborhood" card for a free exam. My cat had stopped eating over the course of about 2.5 weeks. They told me he needed to have his teeth cleaned, that his teeth were so bad that he had roots that were showing in his mouth and hanging down so far you could get a toothpick through the "Y" of the root where it is attached to the tooth. They told me more than likely he'd need more than 1 tooth extracted. Well, he failed his blood test so they wouldn't do the cleaning but said he'd need the IV fluid therapy for the kidney disease he had. At $350 or so a pop. They said after that they'd redo his blood work to see if he was healthy enough to undergo the anesthesia for the teeth cleaning and extractions.

When I balked about the cost of the IV therapy, they said a subcutaneous fluid could be given that would be "a little less than that." No other advice or anything else about what to do for him not eating. I picked him up and took him straight to his regular vet (should have not worried about saving that $63!!!, who checked my pet - he didn't have any abscessed teeth, no roots showing, nothing to indicate he'd even need to undergo anesthesia for a cleaning! He gave my cat subcutaneous fluids ($50!! not $250!) said he wasn't near critical enough for IV therapy, and gave him an anti-nausea medication and when I got my cat home he ate more in 2 hours than he had in the previous week. When Banfield called to check on my cat, I told them he never had roots exposed like they told me he did and she said, "That's good." Wow. Never, ever, EVER again.

I been to Banfield Short Pump, Glen Allen at 5 pm today on 08/12/16. It was 5 pm 100% when my cat was crying to leave home. After so much trouble driving there and manager refused to take care of my cat. No reason given. Very hateful. These staff/manager has no heart towards animals and I am not sure how he became manager. I will not even hire him to clean my toilet bowl.

Do not sign up for this plan. I thought it was a good deal. A year later we did not need the adult plan. The cost to cancel was $151 because we visited the Vet the day after the plan expired and this was after paying $89 during that same visit. I was on the phone almost an hour trying to get them to cancel my plan. First on hold for 30 minutes then another 30 minutes to get the plan cancelled. They kept trying to convince me to stay. I was happy with the vet but so not worth the cost you end up paying. Very disappointed with Banfield and their services!!!

We had our dog on the wellness program for 2 years and it's a complete waste of money. Now that I'm trying to cancel the plan they're trying to charge me additional fees. Until I pay the fees I can't get out of the plan. We were new dog owners so thought the plan made sense. But every time we brought our dog in they added extra "necessary" services (e.g., they had to express her anal glands every time, even though she showed absolutely no signs of needing it done. Literally 2 weeks after we had it done once we brought her in for a follow-up and they claimed she needed it again!).

She swallowed chicken bones once and we brought her in to get checked out - they "observed" her for 8 hours, x-rayed her once and gave her something to coat her stomach - then charged over $900!. Most frustrating part is that now that we're trying to cancel the plan they claim to have sent us flea & tick medication via US mail and need $54 payment for that. We never received the medication - and we don't even use the brand that they claim they sent. We've been buying flea meds through Amazon for the whole 2 years, never through Banfield. I've spoken with a customer service rep and a supervisor. Both claim they can't resolve the issue, and also can't send me an email confirming what they've told me. They'll just keep charging me until we pay $54 for something we never received.

I've had a pet plan since February 2016 and decided I'd like to cancel my plan because every time I take my dog to Banfield it doesn't fix anything. All that happens is she gets so stressed she starts pooping blood (stress colitis). So its a huge waste of money for me! The gentlemen I spoke with wouldn't work with me at all! I understand I signed up for the plan, but I cant bear to watch my pup suffer like that. She feels terrible, EVERY TIME we go there, and I feel that instead of worrying about taking my money every month, they should have worked with me, just a little.

They don't know who is their manager or supervisor!! Don't give you sick appointment!! Tell you to take to Oradell pet hospital. If we have to take there then we would get their insurance!!

I took my 41/2 lb. Chihuahua to Banfield because he was not feeling well. Elvis was 7 yrs.old and had never been sick before. I was told Elvis had a heart murmur and that they needed to do some x-rays and blood work. They told me "This would cost 780.00 but if you sign up for our plan it will only cost you 125.00. But wait we will give him his shots too." So I left my poor baby with them and what they did I will never know. They called me to pick him up about an 1 1/2 hrs later. When I got there they brought Elvis to me and the first thing I said is "What is wrong with him?" He was acting so strange I started to leave and went back and said "Are you sure he is OK?" They said "Yes it's just the medications. He will be fine."

As the evening went on Elvis got worse. His little heart was beating so hard and he just looked at me like "What is happening to me?" I kept holding him and telling him "It's OK. You're fine baby. You just need to calm down. I love you Elvis." I realized this is not fine and I called an emergency Vet. They told me to bring him in right away. I was taking him there and he started vomiting and his little body just went limp in my arms. I tried CPR but he was just gone. I found out the next day that they should of never given my poor little baby his shots while he was sick.That is what killed my best friend. How do they not know that?

I went in to their office the following day to ask them why and to get my money back. I told them I wanted my money back because I didn't want to feel like I paid them to kill my dog. That is exactly what happened and they refused to give it back to me. I want to file a class action suit against them. I made that promise to my Elvis when I buried him way before his time because of their neglect. Elvis I am so sorry my baby. I love you and miss you and I am so lost without you. RIP my little man.

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