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Leroy of Loda, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been feeding my cat the 9Lives cat food because likes the can food, but he became sick. I thought to switch to a different brand and decided to go with EverPet cat food figuring that would help, but it didn't, so I took my cat to the vet and they had to keep him there for a while. A few days later there was no change. $200.00 later I decided to try to feed it to him through a feeder. He started looking better, but he was getting weaker. I took him back to the vet and $51.00 dollars later due to him needing vitamins and a stronger medication.

I went to buy more food and was told that there was a recall on the 9Lives cat food so I bought the EverPet food instead. I now discovered that there is a recall on the EverPet. WTH... This cat is really sick and if he doesn't improve, he may have to be euthanized, which is not where I want to go. I think these pet food co's need to pay the vet bill and hospital bills and should the case of euthanization be the only option, there should be a lawsuit.

Teresa of Bartlesville, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

In Dec. I got my 15 year old cat 9Lives, to give her a change. She got very sick! & has lost over 10 lb. 4 cans of your 9Lives may cost my cat her life. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY 9LIVES AGAIN. I was not planning on my furbaby getting sick off your food!

Shelley of King George, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

I'd have to say surprisingly my cats did not like the white fish which I thought was normal to maybe see white shards. But! They always loved super supper which had nothing residual until the past couple of months or so.:-( Thank God this thing has been recalled in my area of Virginia.

Janet of Colonial Beach, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

Last year a neighbor moved and left at least 5 cats. I have been feeding them. Most of them are feral and will eat anything. The weather has been cold and I wanted to increase their calories I have added canned food. I bought 9Lives this time and they won't touch it. Not one of them. What's going on?

Dianna of Jackson, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I usually buy Friskies canned food, but thought I would try the 12 pack of 9 lives canned food. My cat has started throwing up his food, and is crying because he is hungry but won't eat now. He never leaves any food on his plate but has been eating only half of the half can I give him. Am taking him to the vets Monday because of this recall as I think it is the food since it started about 3 or 4 days after giving him this food. The UPC numbers do not match but have a feeling it is still not good food. I have never had any problems with this cat and his eating until now. I am going to return the balance of the food even though these numbers are not on the recall list. I truly believe this is what is making him sick. I can't find my damned receipt from Meijers now. Don't care. I will throw away the 6 cans left. My cat is worth more than the money they cost. I still have the cans if you want them.

Updated on 01/10/2017: I actually called 9Lives and asked if they had expanded their recall. The woman said no and I told her about my cat throwing up after eating 9Lives and then he didn't want to eat again. He would try, then throw up and not go back to the food. This food was the chicken and also the Super Supper one. She asked me if I had taken him to a vet, which I was going to call them today until he acted better and kept the Friskies food down. I gave her the can number and she said that it wasn't in the list. I said, I know but maybe it should be? She said that she doubted it was the food and because I hadn't had a vet confirm that, it wasn't possible. I asked if it would be worth checking into to see if something was wrong and she pooh-poohed that.

I believe something is definitely wrong with the 12 pack of cans I bought. Every time I gave him 1/2 can it would come back up. This had never happened with 9Lives before. But to just being shut down as zero possibility sure isn't showing any kind of concern. Since I totally switched him back to Friskies, the vomiting has stopped but he is not totally back to himself yet. I was disappointed in the response I got from 9Lives - that nothing could be wrong just because I have a cat that was vomiting. She suggested that he ate something outdoors - wrong, he is totally an inside cat. She never asked my name, address or anything about me. I have saved the open can of food that I last gave him. Don't know if I can get it tested or not. Would like to put this on their site but can't find a Facebook site for them that lets messages be posted.

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Laura of Minneapolis, MN on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband used to buy 9Lives dry cat food. Our cat would go crazy. She would nonstop meow when my husband would get home from work, climb on furniture, try and get into our food. We thought since it's so cold out that she didn't like being cooped up in the house. (She loves being outdoors.) And our cat would inhale her food. Last week I bought Purina dry cat food. And we have seen a positive change. Queenie doesn't meow nonstop, and staying out of mischief. She now eats her food slowly. Please do not buy 9Lives cat food!

Lucy of Rome, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

We normally do not buy 9Lives for our two cats after being suspicious that the food was making them sick and the company never replied to our numerous emails, so we avoided this brand at all cost. 4 days ago we bought a pack of 24 cans to save some money since Christmas was stretching our budget thin. Today is day 3 of feeding our cats from this pack of cans. Both cats started vomiting until they have lost all stomach contents then continued to dry heave for over an hour. Our 8 year old cat now can't walk a straight line, is lethargic, has diarrhea and is mewing pitifully. Our 7 year old cat is also lethargic, has diarrhea and panting. When I manage to get them to take some water, they immediately vomit again.

Since today is a Sunday and New Year's day, the only vet open is the more expensive emergency offices. Since we have blown our budget on Christmas, we have no money for even our non-emergency vet and no one has money to loan us thanks also to their Christmas spending. I am devastated and afraid for the lives of our cats! Buyer beware!!! This food will at the very least make your cats very sick!

Sara of Miamisburg, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

My furbabies are both 14 years old and usually have ate 9Lives dry food most of their lives. Started giving them 9Lives canned food and Oreo started throwing up then Fee Fee had a stroke!! First thought it might have something to do with moving instead of food (they're not used to going out or being in a different place). Then DG was out of dry food so I got them canned food again and that same week Fee Fee had her second stroke.:'( Never thought it was the canned food since they've ate 9Lives dry food most of their lives. Gave it to them Christmas Eve and my baby girl had ANOTHER stroke and went blind out of nowhere, and Oreo threw up all day. :'( Vet said it might be the food and sure enough. /3 Terrified after reading these comments that I might lose my furbabies. Don't feed your pets the canned food EVER!!!

Jaunita of Camden, AR on
Satisfaction Rating

My cats are finicky eaters. 9Lives has a variety of flavors. The price is reasonable. These are the most important reasons for me in buying this product. I have four cats. I feed them wet and dry food.

Gloriacina of Gray, Louisiana on
Satisfaction Rating

My cat loves the taste of the food. I'm only buying this food right now because it's the only food so far I found he's not getting an allergic reaction to. I'm just not happy with the ingredients because the first ingredient is corn. I do supplement a can of wet food with actual chunks of meat once a week.

Noemi of San Juan, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

They died. I had 10 cats and four of them died within one week. I am so sad. Just writing this makes me wanna cry. My dog got to eat some of the food as well and she was hidden for one week underneath the car. She just would not come out. I forced her to drink milk so she could get better. Luckily, she is not running around happy but there is nothing I can do that can bring my cats back. It is not the first time that I get a bad bag of 9Lives Cat Food.

Dave of Columbia, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

When my wife bought a case of 40 9Lives canned food can to save money, we are cat lovers over 40 years, few days we noticed 4 cats vomiting and diarrhea. One of our cat loves to eat any chickens even McDonald chicken nuggets. That 9Lives can (chicken), she did not eat it. I wonder it was not real chicken? Also I notice they were not playful. Keep vomiting and diarrhea. We were done with that canned food and returned them and bought other different brands. Now they are back to old ways. I even emailed my messages to 9Lives company. I have not heard from them. The canned food should be recalled. What shame to keep selling them and getting sick! I wonder the canned cans were manufactured in China?

JM of Williamsburgh, VA on
Satisfaction Rating

My 16 year old cat doesn't like dry food any more so she has been getting cans, Friskies most of the time. I ran out and got two cans of 9Lives from my neighbor, who told me it was on sale (4 cans for a dollar), so I got a bunch yesterday. This is the 2nd day that she eats a can, and she is going crazy. She is meowing/screaming loud, pacing around, restless, begging for more food but then stops eating, maybe not really knowing what she wants - restless. Now I am scared, and all those cans are going back to the store tomorrow.

Fanny of Selkirk, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

Opened a new 3.15 pound bag of cat food that I bought last week and in the top of the bag was an off tan color, about 18 inch piece of a fabric like substance. How does something like that pass through the inspection line? It is definitely some piece of a machine, used to seal the bag or part of that process. Time to change the food our cats are fed.

Zuset of Ap, Other on
Satisfaction Rating

My cat was very healthy. He is 6 years old. I live in Seoul and normally we feed him with Fancy cat food. This band was sold out at the supermarket so we decided give a try to 9Lives Cat Food (can). My cat started have bumps over his lip and nose. We thought were allergy or something dirty that he touched. But not. Now looking feedbacks and comments from others customer I realize is the cat food. We take him to Vet and they give a strong medication for fungus. We applied and the bumps disappear. One week later he started again the same condition. He starting losing his hair near his lips and is black. I do not know how this cat food is in store. Please keep away from this brand. Is poisoned and terrible.

A of Pok, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

My experience is the worst. I had two cats that were 100% healthy eat this crap and became ill. My kitten died first, he was only 6 weeks old and a week exactly later my female cat age 12 yrs of age died as well. Each showing signs of lethargy and vomiting. I have never used 9Lives and never will. I'm disgusted and deeply depressed to have lost my babies. No money or apologies can make up for the mourning of my 4 year old with autism. She expresses herself by drawing pictures of them.

Mary of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I had bought a bag of 9Lives daily essentials last month. I started to notice he was losing his hair and wasn't gaining weight and now his right eye is bothering him. It's running and he can't open it all the way. I looked at his cat food and the bottom was nothing but big clumps of food and is completely covered in hairy mold. What can I do. I stopped giving it to immediately and started something new. Cat food companies should not be able to do this!

Valerie of Bamberg, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

Over the past week, I noticed that my cat who is about 8 years old has been throwing up or leaving runny stools in different parts of the house. He has also been lethargic and not his usual playful self. I had added 9 lives to his diet. This is the first time he's eaten 9Lives because he has been eating Fancy Feast (which can be pretty costly). But I bought the 9Lives because I thought I could save a few pennies. I didn't know why he was doing this -- I am still keeping him under watch. Whoever is reading this -- please do not buy this product. It will put your cat in ill health and possibly high vet bills if the cat doesn't get better. If my cat survives this storm, it will be Fancy Feast from now on!!!

Sal of Eugene, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

My orange tabby had 1/8 of the can 9 Lives Canned Tuna/Chicken this morning and within the hour, did not feel well - not his usual self. Checked out this blog and found similar comments. You need to check this batch... Purchased at Fred Meyer in late April.

Jojo of Gloversville, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I recently adopted my kitty cat from a lady who fosters cats and adopted them out. She has always given them 9Lives. I gave him 9Lives when I first adopted him and he was fine. Now, he is getting VERY sick, throwing up EVERY TIME I give him his food. I stopped it and I have been just giving him meat and veggies and he is fine. He has been eating ALL day without any problems. I am glad I stopped feeding him the product when I did. The organic brands are pricey, but they are worth it and I guess I am going to have to start buying TRUSTED, organic brands and maybe I may have to just put my kitty on a paleo diet since none of these brands care about kitties producing a CHEAP POISON for money.

Richard of North Reading, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I had an appointment at the vet for my buddy, Gus literally the day after he passed away. 12 more hours and he may have made it. I know everyone thinks their pet is the coolest, but Gussy boy was one of a kind. A sweet, loving and hilarious soul who packed a ton of laughs and life into his short 3 years. Was never a cat guy, but loved Gus since I saw him under a porch as a tiny nugget and would bring him haddock.

One morning found that baby alone next to his Ma's dead body and HAD to take him in. He was too little to make a go of it alone, and was too curious to leave. He would often take baby steps right toward traffic to investigate the noise. Lol. Glad I found him coz he was so smart and different than any cat I had ever encountered. He ALWAYS wanted to be part of things and in the mix. Really outgoing. Always wanted to play and would literally stand on his hind legs and reach up to you until you picked him up. Would even follow you from room to room, doing that "pick me up" dance and yelling until you did and paid him some attention. So cool and adorable.

I can't bring myself to get into the gory details, but after seeing the myriad of others' horrifyingly similar problems, symptoms, ends etc. I know that this poison in a can killed my little bro. The only time I ever fed it to him, he was dead days later. He had never been sick before that. Was up to date on all vaccinations, fixed and regularly checked. Whoever at 9Lives is responsible, I wish you all the worst possible and an end in which you die screaming! Rot and burn for poisoning and ending a sweet innocent life and for making me the one who fed him the poison, when he trusted me to care for him. I hate the 9Lives corporation! Please AVOID THIS DEADLY POISON at all COSTS!!! ** YOU MORRIS! YOU POSTERBOY OF MURDERERS!!! I hope if anyone is reading this that it isn't too late to save your furball. Best of luck and best wishes!

Erica of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

I would NOT say it if I had any doubts! FAIR WARNING: Super Supper & Chicken/Tuna 9Lives DOES make your cat ill! I gave it to my cats against my better judgement, and 7 out of my 9 cats were vomiting for 3 or more days all day long! It's working its way out of their systems and their vomiting is almost done with I hope, but we are still on watch. 2 cats have vomited today. If you remember hearing anything about this kind of **, well, it is true! There have been no other changes to my babies' diets except the Super Supper & Chicken/Tuna by 9Lives! It breaks your heart when you can't get them the vet care they need in a case like this. Thankfully they seem to be okay now. Save yourself but most of all your sweet baby the pain!

Sandy of Mt Pleasant, SC on
Satisfaction Rating

I bought a 4 pk of 9Lives chicken/tuna. Took home to feed 6 kittens from 2 separate litters. Within a day 5 of those 6 kittens were dead. Within A few hours of feeding them they would let out a painful scream and act like they were paralyzed from the neck down and Within no time they were gone. I am completely freaked out by this. I thought at the beginning "oh my, what have I done wrong" but after thinking again in the years we have been doing feline rescue never has this ever happened. I have more than enough experience caring for animals and have to convince myself this is not my fault.

Not sure why the 6th one survived the night other than I went and got another brand. She has since eaten twice and still alive. I could understand if they were all from 1 litter and would think maybe their mom passed something on but these were separate litters eating the same food. It's the only explanation we have. Going to see if we can find a place that will test the remaining cans out of the 4 pack to see if tainted with something. At this point not another one of my cats will be fed 9Lives ever and we have a LOT that come through here.

Brian of Tellico Plains, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

Our cat normally loves wet food, including 9Lives. He used to be a street cat, so he's pretty smart about what he eats. He's happy with wet or dry food, but always eats the wet food first...until now. Something has gone seriously wrong with 9lives, and our cat won't even touch it. Fortunately, since we feed him dry food as well, he had another for option, and didn't starve or have to eat it out of desperation. Avoid 9Lives, at least until they sort this out but this issue doesn't speak well for their practices and if your cat refuses it, or pukes, you're not alone.

Steve of Lubbock, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

9 Lives Meaty Pate with Real Chicken & Tuna. Can was purchased undamaged. Best by 12 29 18. 5363BC D1TCK0245. BEST BY 12 29 18. 5363BC D1TCK0246. Contents had mold growing in at least 3 spots towards the center NOT along the sides of the can. The largest spot was about quarter sized and the other two were about dime sized. I carefully reinspected the can for signs of post packing damage and none are visible. Contamination must have occurred prior to canning. None of the other cans that I have with the same numbers have the same problem. I thought you should know.

sue of Brunswick, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

We have been using 9Lives for over 20 years feeding all kinds of cats. Inside cats, outside cats, to include feral cats. Recently, NONE of the cats now will even touch the food. So what is in it, they know that I do not? They were eating it, began throwing up EACH day whenever they ate it. Now, they just eat the dry food which is NOT 9Lives. So, we give up, trying all the flavors=the same result. Going to another brand!

Michelle of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

This would have to be one of the worst brands of cat food to buy. I bought a small bag from walmart and within a day or 2 I noticed my 6 month old cat's mouth was completely swollen and red and only getting worse. My 11 year old cat who normally eats a lot and isn't picky was also eating much less than usual. At first I wasn't sure what was causing the inflammation and figured it had to be the food since it was the food since it was the only change in our home. After thoroughly cleaning their bowls out and replacing it with their usual brands I noticed my oldest cat was eating normally again and the inflammation starting to improve. I will never buy this brand again and highly recommend anyone that cares about their pets to not buy this product at all.

Jonyque of East Elmhurst, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

I got a deal on 9Lives at my local grocery store and figured my cat would like it. When I opened up the can I could see red congealed stuff at the top but I thought nothing of it even though it did smell a little less appetizing than her regular Friskies. She didn't even touch the stuff and an hour later the stuff dried up and clumped in her food dish and I could see what looked like (and after further investigation) actually was little flecks of clear hard plastic. I immediately called the number on the can and filed a complaint with the company. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR CAT.

Angela of Nicholasville, KY on
Satisfaction Rating

What is going on with 9Lives cat food?! My cat throws it up when I feed it to him. I've tried giving him a different flavor of it and the same thing happens. I have to wonder what is really in this cat food. I've read reviews on here that says a lot of other people have had problems with it when feeding their cats also. Is this made in China and shipped here?

Jessica of Sublette, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

I feed my cats 9lives daily essentials and they have both ended up getting stones in their bladder which causes them to be unable to urinate and causes bladder to explode. My vet told me it's caused from bad food. ONE OF MY CATS HAVE DIED. MY OTHER IS ON THE VERGE OF DYING!! I cannot afford another $300 vet bill, let alone the one I'm still trying to pay on. My cats are like my babies and I hate to see them in this pain! I feel horrible for them and I miss my Knight every day. Now I'm about to lose Tiger too!!! 9lives was a company I thought I could trust. I will make sure to never use your products again. It's a shame that my cats had years left to live and fell ill due to horrible food products!!! This is my exact comment I mailed the company

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