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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about 9Lives?
    • 4,466,033 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Aug. 17, 2021

    I normally feed my cat special kitty can cat food. I broke my ankle and had to go to Family Dollar for cat food.. I got 9 Lives can.. A few minutes after she ate it she was throwing up and then had diarrhea.. Don't buy this cat food.

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    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2020

    I always buy 9 Lives Meaty Pate with Real Tuna and Shrimp. It is bought as somewhat of a special treat food for my 2 cats. They love love it. Or at least they did until this afternoon. I opened a can from a new delivery and it just wasn't the same at all!!!! I gave it to them, maybe I am wrong, and the 2 of them didn't even come near the bowls. It's still sitting there. I know know that this is not the same product. What can I do?? I am so mad. I bought a lot from Chewy. How can I return heavy amounts of food. I really need an answer. Maybe they mislabeled the cans. HELP.

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    Reviewed Aug. 23, 2020

    My cat is a beautiful healthy indoor 9 year old who has never been sick! My cat was HEALTHY AND FINE in the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds leading up to eating that poison of a can this company calls "food." I bought a can for my cat because the shop I was in didn't have his regular cans. I thought why not, he's had the 9Lives dry food plenty of times. When his 9pm dinner time (Wednesday.) approached I gave him quarter a can and let him be. 15 minutes later I came back to pick his bowl up and found him laying there with vomit surrounding him. His head was wobbly, his eyes were going back and forth. He got up and couldn't walk straight. He was stumbling and falling over himself like he was drunk.

    Later on he was still dizzy and I laid him down so he could rest. The next morning (Thursday.) when I woke up at 8:30am he was still incredibly dizzy and his eyes could not keep still. He couldn't walk and was still throwing up. I called the vet and could take him the following day. The entire day he was dizzy and lethargic and eyes still going back and forth. Stumbling over himself and falling.

    The next day (Friday.) I took him to his 12pm appointment. The vet said if it's poison he would like to give fluids to flush it out his system. The entire day onwards my cat was lethargic and resting. He didn't get up for 20 hours. As soon as hour 21 came, (Saturday morning.) he opened his eyes, peed out all the fluids all over himself and got up. Later on that night he licked one small bit of different can food. Still dizzy.

    Fast forward to the next day, (Sunday. Now, as I write this.) he has finally drank water on his own, he ate some food and has clear eyes and is acting like himself, he does not have shaking eyes but he is still wobbly and falling over as he walks and stumbling over himself like he's drunk. He cannot walk in a straight line and he needs me to help guide him as he walks to the litter box and I have to hold his left side as he drinks so he doesn't fall over. We'll see how he goes as far as his balance is concerned. I wonder if he'll get over it or if it's permanent damage. Seriously, DO NOT buy this can food! It's straight poison!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 5, 2020

    Normally, I feed my cat Friskies, but I found Tuna & Egg by 9 Lives and thought my cat might like it. I gave it to her, and she started vomiting shortly after. She has started itching all over and has sores on her skin. She is just not herself. I decided to look on the Internet to see if other people had this experience with 9 Lives. My heart is broken. So many cats have been sick and suffered due to this food. I called my cats vet, but they can’t get her in until the end of the month. I’m so scared. I don’t want my cat to die. Something is wrong with this food and this should be stopped.


    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2020

    I'm am surprised to read that some folks cats will eat this because my cats over the years have all refused to touch it. They simply sniff and walk away. Something is definitely wrong with this company's cat food and seems they are out to kill rather than help cats with their food. Please avoid at all costs. Friskies is the best affordable option.

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    Reviewed June 24, 2020

    My cat is 13 years old and has never had any health issues. After eating food from this bag of Plus Care cat food, she’s lost weight due to not eating, been lethargic, and hiding from us. I noticed moths in the airtight container in which we keep the food. Even after getting rid of them all, when we would close the container and open it the next day, tons of moths would fly out. I’m confident they were in the food all along. I guess that’s why my cat won’t eat it and why, when she’s starving and finally does, it makes her sick. I’m an angered pet owner!!!

    Reviewed June 12, 2020

    I currently have 3 cats, 20+, 18 and 13 years old. They have all been fed 9Lives dry & pate foods their whole lives. The only other dry food they will eat is Dad's. They choose to go hungry instead. They grudgingly will also eat Friskies pate, but only if 9Lives is not forthcoming. They believe in 9Lives, so I do also.

    Reviewed April 30, 2020

    Please Don't feed your animals 9Lives canned food. It made both my cats repeatedly regurgitate, they've been throwing up all over the house right after eating this. I only bought one 12 pack. They always are Friskies before and I thought I would try 9 Lives because it too was inexpensive. I just switched back, I hope my cats recover from this, so far had to clean up 5 throw ups. This has Never happened before and my cats are only 3 and 4 yrs. old.

    Reviewed April 29, 2020

    This food is dangerous & ended up in tragically making one of our cats to pass away. Ever since switching to this food he got sick and today he died. I want to warn all cat owners. Please be careful if you purchase this!

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    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed March 6, 2020

    Usually my cat eats either Iams or Purina's Urinary Tract Health hard food. We couldn't really afford those options starting late 2019, maybe early 2020, so we started getting less expensive bags & experimented with the different options & seeing what he seemed to like best. Once we tried the 9 Lives Indoor Formula. Not long after, my cat started getting sick. We were moving at the time, so at first I thought maybe the stress was getting to him, or his age (8 years), or a toothache, or such. I then got him wet food and kept him on that for a few days, slowly introducing the hard food back in. The problem, repeated, but it was a small bag, so we were quickly out of it. My friend mentioned her cat being allergic to a dye that some foods had in them. So I thought it was that. She gave me some food to get me through another week or so. Then, my boyfriend accidentally bought the same kind of food AGAIN!

    A couple days later, the problem started again! So I went out & got him something different & more soft food to wash him out quickly. He was fine after that. This last bag another friend bought for me & it is the 9 Lives for senior cats, and after just one meal, he started acting funny again. I just put a small bit more in his bowl, but after reading what everyone else is saying, I will be picking it back up as soon as I am finished here & we will NEVER be purchasing ANYTHING from this company EVER AGAIN!!!

    I no longer trust this company. They need to be sued. They need to be shut down for not even trying to hear their customers out. If the owner(s) own any animals, they should be ripped away from them & given to other families but be told they were put down, they should have to sit down and eat a 7 course meal with servings consisting only of products offered by 9 Lives, & they should be viewed as criminals if they are knowingly or negligently allowing animals to suffer--any regular person out here in the real world caught being cruel to animals is punished criminally. How is this any different!?

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 5, 2020

    45 years I used 9 Lives Cat Food, not no more. They must have changed the formula. Even the dog turned his head away from the can. I called Heart Pet Foods & asked what was going on. THEY hung up on me. Pate is ** in a can. I had cats get sick. Now I know why. Recall your so-called 9 lives. They will lose the other 8 live if they eat heart pet food. The message is a clear. Recall your can pet food. The dry 16 lbs is fine. ROBERT **. MEATY PATE HEART CUTS TENDER MORSELS AND THE NEW PROTEIN PLUS I TRIED THEM ALL. A CAN OF PET FOOD SHOULD NOT STINK STANK STUNK GOODBYE.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2020

    I have had 3 cats. I always fed them 9 Lives Daily Essentials. They would refuse anything else. In September I had to put my female cat to sleep after she got very sick from an unknown illness. She had horrible breath and would regurgitate after eating within minutes. Her weight diminished quickly and she gave up eating altogether.

    A month or two later my male cat was showing similar symptoms and I was worried that something in my house such as my water was maybe the cause. I had extensive bloodwork done and tests done but everything was negative. I was given pills for nausea but they don't work for him. He goes back to the vet this week for another check up because he is still vomiting and losing weight. Tonight I watched my 4 year old healthy cat vomit immediately after eating the 9 lives daily essentials which I would have never thought would be the cause since I have been using it for the last 9 years. Something has happened and this food needs to be recalled. After reading the comments here, I am sure this is the cause of my cats death and the others getting sick.

    Reviewed Dec. 24, 2019

    Do not buy 9Lives for your cat. I bought the 9Lives protein plus dry food for my cat and soon after my cat started throwing up and he got very fatigue. Well he died today which is Christmas Eve because of the 9Lives food. This all happened within 36 hours. This food is poison!!! So heartbroken.

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2019

    I was given some of this cat food by a friend, and I fed it to my cat for 3 days, he began to violently vomit and had severe diarrhea. After 3 days I stopped feeding my cat the food. He did not get better, he began to scream for food all the time, as if he was starving. For 3 weeks he continued to vomit a couple times a day and the diarrhea continued. It was so horrible, it literally smelled up the whole house when he went poo. He lost a ton of weight, and started to poo outside his box. Just an awful experience. I tried everything. I put him on a boiled chicken diet, gave him probioticcs, gave him chicken broth via a syringe to keep him hydrated.

    Finally he was put on antibiotics, he seems to be after 3 days on antis getting better, he had his first solid poo in 3 weeks and his diarrhea is intermittent. This all started with 9 Lives cat food. I researched and there is a recall but there is something really wrong with this food besides what they claim in the recall. I mean very wrong. Do not feed this food to your animal. We almost ended his life. The experience was so horrible, we wanted to end his suffering. He's still not out of the woods yet, but we are seeing some improvement, time will tell. I will NEVER feed any animal this food. NEVER.

    Reviewed Nov. 16, 2019

    My dad bought the 9 Lives dry food. My cat ate it and now we are at the vet because his colon is inflamed. We are looking at $1500 - $3000 worth of vet bills. He was fine before we started feeding him this, one day on it and now he is at the vet. DO NOT FEED THIS TO YOUR PETS!

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2019

    If you love your cat do not feed them any 9lives products. When I adopted a recuse 9lives was the first food I tried. She immediately started throwing up but I had been told the other cats were pushing her away at feeding time so I assumed it was because she learned if she could eat fast enough she'd at least get something. I bought her a slow feed bowl and she still continued to throw up. Changed the food and she stopped. I accidentally ran out of cat food and realized I had a sample bag figuring it would get me through the night. Lo and behold 5 mins after eating the 9 lives she started throwing up. Looking at all the other reviews I'm not sure how this brand hasn't been pulled from the shelves. Moral of the story is don't feed it to your cats.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2019

    My cat ate 9Lives Homestyle Classics case the pate. Made her start throwing up and diarrhea! If you have this issue call 188 496-4837. The Hearty Cuts she didn't throw up or diarrhea! Bought it at BJ's! So call 9lives!

    Reviewed Sept. 11, 2019

    This only got 1 star 'cause I had to pick something in order to post! I beg of you if you feed your pets this stop immediately! I have fed my cats 9Lives wet food for years. Recently my cats have gotten sick and then my dog ate it and also is sick. 2 of my 3 cats have died after eating it and my dog is looking like she may not make it even after hundreds of dollars of vet bills. This needs to be recalled before any other pets suffer!

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2019

    My cat loves 9Lives canned pate. Recently she licks the juice and that's it. This has been going on for a month now and I kept smelling this awful smell around my pet feeding area and I thought maybe someone had an accident until I picked up the food bowl that had the pate canned food in it. I about gagged because it looked muddy and smelled like feces. I have written 9Lives and asked if their recipe has changed because it's wasted money. I wouldn't even feed it to strays. It smells that bad.


    Reviewed Aug. 12, 2019

    I rescued a cat about 3 months ago and she refused to eat hard food so I finally gave up trying to get her to eat it. I bought several cases of 9Lives...various flavors. On Monday night she ate half of a can then ate another half of a can the next day (two separate cans but same flavor). By that night at 11pm she was so sick. She was puking and had diarrhea so bad. By 5 am Wednesday she passed away. She was a very healthy cat before the 9Lives food. She had been to the vet and was in perfect health. I am devastated. My son is devastated. I hope something is done with this company. There are too many bad reviews for someone not to do something!

    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2019

    My cats have eaten 9Lives canned food for a few years. I just received an new order of food and every time my cats eat the Super Supper flavor they get sick. I split a can between 2 cats at night and in the morning I wake up to find sick cats. They've puked up a small amount of food but a lot of spots of just liquid on the floor & bed & furniture. Both cats are lethargic and have thick drool coming out of their mouths. I fed them the Super Supper Friday night & they were sick Saturday morning. Fed them it again on Monday night & they were sick Tuesday morning. Fed them it again Thursday night and woke up this morning to sick cats. It's definitely the food that's making them sick.

    Reviewed July 5, 2019

    My daughters friend brought over 9Lives Meaty Pate. She thought her cat had an allergy to something in it because it made the cat sick. Fed it to my two cats this morning. In about two hours both cats were vomiting and had diarrhea. The one cat seemed to recover after flushing out her system, but my other cat started drooling and became very weak. Just get back from urgent care where they gave her fluids, nausea medication, and antibiotics. They said her inability to stand and partially paralyzed front leg is not a normal dehydration symptom. She potentially consumed a food borne neuro toxin. Don’t know at this point if she will recover or if the damage is permanent. 9Lives Meaty Pate is POISONOUS.


    Reviewed June 26, 2019

    I think my daughter's cat and dog have died from 9Lives. My daughter bought a bag at Walmart. The cat died the next day. Then months later the dog got in the bag and ate almost all the bag and starting throwing up. He is dead. I have cried and cried. I love this animals. I prayed for them everyday. This hurts my heart so bad.

    Reviewed June 7, 2019

    My cats are finicky and won't eat anything else. They also get 9Lives dry food in the afternoon. If I buy any other kind They will not eat. They love the food they get.

    Reviewed May 8, 2019

    My cats' been recently getting sick from 9Lives. I have never had a problem before until recently. All three of my indoor cats has vomited every time they eat. Recall your food. You are making cats sick and from the reviews I am not the only one having problems. I have recently switched brands and not one cat has vomited. I would have gave you no stars but I had to give at least one. Do not feed your cats this poison.

    Reviewed March 22, 2019

    I have stopped buying your wet food, because the plastic wraps are VERY EXCESSIVE and wasteful. Eliminate the plastic, and I will start buying again. It's takes a thousand years to get rid of many plastics too. Duh!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 9, 2019

    I found a nickel sized of what looks like charcoal or a rock in 3 cans out of a 4 pack. I didn't get any response from them after contacting them. I will no longer buy any of their products. I'm disappointed and angry!!

    Reviewed Dec. 14, 2018

    I was shopping at Publix about a month ago and came across 9Lives wet cat food on sale and decided to stock up. Our family was adopted by a stray about a year ago and figured he’d enjoy some wet food for a change. A few weeks ago I noticed he was acting a little strange but didn’t think much of it. He’s now having trouble sitting up and he’s doing a weird thing with his neck. He is acting totally lost, circling around and around. A few days ago I was on Publix website and noticed a recall due to low levels of thiamine. All the symptoms fit and I’m livid at this company. After doing a lot of research I’m realizing what garbage I’ve been feeding this poor cat and that they are still selling it recall after recall. Shame on 9Lives!!!


    Reviewed Nov. 23, 2018

    I recently bought 9Lives for my 2 year old female cat since it looked to be a better affordable buy. Day 1. After eating we noticed her throwing up. We didn’t link it to the food until my dog got into her cat food and he started throwing up too. Day 2. We continued to give her the food because we weren’t sure if it was really the food doing this to her or maybe it was something her and my dog got into the day before without us noticing since they are little menaces together, but again she was throwing up again after eating the food. I did a little research on 9Lives daily essentials and found that the reviews were all a little scary and changed her food immediately. She has been doing much better since.

    Reviewed Oct. 21, 2018

    My beautiful feline daughter loved 9lives at one point. I would get this brand at the dollar store to supplement her other food. Here and there I noticed globs of hairballs she would purge up but thought nothing of it. Then a month ago, she started retching. She coughed up 2 hairballs and then just started vomiting up foamy saliva. It did not stop and I had to take her to the ER. It was 4 visits all together in one week because the local vet did not want to help us so my poor baby had to go 4X to the damn ER! Her retching did not stop and she also had stopped eating. I was beyond hysterical. The Xrays and blood work was fine.

    The sonogram showed she had a mild thickening of intestine and it could be anything. It was recommended we do a food trial. The problem still continued and I cried and cried feeling helpless. She would not even go into her room where her food was. She refused to eat! We gave her an appetite stimulant and gave her some milk that seemed to help. We also got a box full of Meow Mix and she ate that like she had not eaten in years! Now I am reading the reviews of 9lives and I am shocked and yet now I have some closure about the problem. I will NEVER purchase that poison again!

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