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I placed an order 2 days ago for a birthday delivery and late afternoon, ON the day of delivery, I get a notification to say they cannot deliver today. When I called I got a string of apologies, which are of zero use to me, when I now have no time to arrange for anything else. Their excuse was that all the shops in the area have done their deliveries for the day and they'll include a note of apology with the delivery. How, with 2 days notice, was the order NOT placed in good time for delivery on the right day? And you have the balls to charge me a service fee for a service I didn't receive? Really??

I'm so pleased my mom wasted her birthday sitting at home waiting for a delivery that didn't come. And do NOT send me another e-mail saying 'Thank you for your business' because this company will not receive another damn penny from me. When they offered a partial refund I asked them to rather keep the refund and upgrade the flowers instead. Nope. Don't be ridiculous, that would involve customer service so why do that?

My folks used Teleflora to send me flowers for my retirement but they never arrived. Teleflora said they'd deliver the next morning to my house, they never arrived. I called them and didn't even receive an apology. My folks are canceling the order.

I ordered flowers from Teleflora for my wife for our anniversary the week prior, as I had to be out of town on that date. On the day of our anniversary I get an email late in the afternoon that I couldn't read immediately because I was working. When work was over I read it, only to find out that the flowers would not be delivered that day. No alternative solution, no apology. I called them, and after trying to make them realize how useless late anniversary flowers are, and having to escalate it, they offered what they thought was a generous 20% off. What a joke. Then I get the customer service survey email asking how "Keith" did, but the CS person was a woman. They obviously have a severely broken customer service model that needs overhauled, and obviously poor execution. They proved they can thoroughly ruin a special occasion for you and not feel bad about it. People need to understand the consequences of dealing with this company.

Ordered exotic arrangement flower delivery and my recipient got something I didn't order. It just slightly look like the order. It is very upsetting to order something and get a very cheap looking arrangement. And when I sent them the picture of what I ordered and received, customer service response is "We can substitute to similar if the exact flowers are not available. No refund or exchange." My intent of the complaint was not to get a refund... It was simply to express my experience. For almost $100 to get this?? Will never use their service again.

So I ordered flowers to be delivered on Sunday. I was home all day and received an email that my order was delivered. Went out my door and nothing was there. You did replace it. But what I received was horrible for $50. dollars - I daisies and 1 lily. REALLY!!! I could of done better going to Costco.

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There is no place to track an order online! Didn't come to mind even to check if Teleflora has an order tracking system because in our days it's available everywhere. Called customer service and they told me that they cannot check the order till tomorrow either due to the systems maintenance and delivery was scheduled today. With so many flower sites available, it's obvious that we won't use Teleflora ever again.

I ordered flowers on 8/25/16 to be delivered the next day to my wife's work. I made sure to leave her cell number on the order so they could contact her and have her come down to the desk to get them. I was so excited, since they were to congratulate her on her work assignment and I wanted her to have the experience of receiving the flowers in her office. They called her an hour before she would normally leave work, to tell her that they tried to deliver to the house but were turned away. (The address was for a commercial building, not a residence). My wife unknowingly, said it would be okay to deliver to her residence instead.

I called Teleflora and immediately asked them to cancel the order (being that it was a Friday and the surprise was blown). They said, "but your wife said it was okay to deliver elsewhere." I said "my wife didn't order the flowers, I did, and they were supposed to be able to be part of the experience at work where she could put them on her desk, and have her co-workers talk about it, but that experience is lost now, isn't it?" I haven't received a refund or cancellation confirmation yet, but Erica assured me it would happen. I am certainly disputing the charges with my CC if not. No thanks Teleflora. Never again.

I was disappointed with the product purchased at Teleflora and with their customer service. I bought a Money tree that seemed like a delicate product, but when it arrived it was a ugly tree that looked like a plant someone could pick up in a public park in NY... completely different than what I paid for. In the picture the container looked like a square wood and when we got it it was a cheap/horrible plastic... Their answer to my complaint: "I have reviewed the attached photo and the delivered item appears to be very similar and with acceptable substitutions." I highly recommend you to stay away from Teleflora! Their product's pictures are taken to cheat on customers and they provided a poor customer service response!

I placed an order for an arrangement (1948 Ford Truck as the vase). After I placed the order, I realized I wanted to confirm that the vase would not be substituted but I was flexible on the flowers. I googled Teleflora to obtain a phone number and came along the reviews. My heart sunk when I read all the negative reviews and I was ready to cancel the order. As a matter of fact, when the gentleman answered the phone the first words out of my mouth was "I would like to cancel my order". I explained I read the reviews and I no longer wanted to keep the order as I feared what would show up. I happen to live in an area with pretty good flower shops and after speaking with him (he could not disclose which shop would be handling my order) but he placed me on hold and confirmed that the local flower shop had the vase I wanted and it was ready for delivery.

I didn't cancel the order because what really sold me was the vase. My husband received the flowers and sent me the picture. They were even more beautiful than I expected. I don't normally write reviews but with all the bad reviews Telefora has received, I felt compelled to do so. I know they contract the arrangements out to a local florist in your area and perhaps I was fortunate enough to have an amazing florist. Regardless, I received wonderful customer service and a beautiful arrangement.

Ordered Mother's Day flowers in May and as of August my card got used twice for other people's orders. They are not supposed to keep your credit info in their system. I have been getting jerked around by their sucky customer service reps. I was supposed to receive a fraud letter by email which never happened. I have been asking since the 15th. I wish I read reviews before I used this place. They suck and I am letting everyone know.

Terrible experience. My husband ordered a $130 premium flower arrangement and we got an arrangement with 3 lilies and 6 roses. I have included pictures for reference. Talk about false advertising. When I complained about the arrangement they offered me a 25% refund! While in the complaint process, the actual flower shop called me telling me that I had to give them a good review and tell them how beautiful their flowers were. So ridiculous. I could have gotten the same arrangement of flowers from Publix for $6.99. In addition to a ridiculously small flower arrangement, teleflora's customer service was terrible. Every email they sent to me was from a different customer service rep... a total of 4 of them. I do not know how this company is still in business!

I have ordered exotic arrangement for my cousin's wedding anniversary. What came in place was cute, but far from exotic. I understand it's hard to reproduce exact copy, so some deviation is expected, but what my recipient got had everything wrong - vase, set of flowers, color scheme...

I ordered flowers for a friend in north Carolina on a Saturday evening to have the flowers delivered for a Monday afternoon. I chose teleflora because the slogan proudly stated on the website banner "Next day and same day delivery available on all bouquets. After choosing a bouquet of daisies, I checked out without a problem and sent an email confirmation being told they would be delivered Monday. Monday at 3 am, I received an email saying that the bouquet could not be arranged for Monday and requested another date for delivery. I was given the choice of three dates, the following Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for delivery. I chose the following Tuesday.

That same Monday at 6 pm I received an email saying that the chosen bouquet could not be processed. I was directed to choose two new options, one, to have the florist arrange a new bouquet for delivery, or two, this option would not satisfy my needs. I chose the latter. I was not given any indication that a refund would be given or that anything would be done to compensate my frustrations. I waited a few minutes to see if I would receive an email explaining the teleflora policy on refunds, but received no new information. I called teleflora directly, the only saving grace of this story. Within 5 minutes I was speaking to a representative and the representative promptly awarded a refund with no questions or qualms. If it were not for the representative being friendly and helpful and prompt, this would have received one star. Very disappointed in the service. Would not use again.

I wish no stars was an option. I wanted to send an arrangement to a co-worker in another city, and thought Teleflora would be my best option as I wanted to make sure I could see what I was sending. I spent quite a bit of time on the website, looking at different arrangements, and deciding on size. The site allows you to select standard, deluxe, or premium, and the appearance of the arrangement changes as you change your selection. Obviously, the conclusion one would come to (and clearly Teleflora's intention) is that this would represent what you'd get. I understood that there may be some substitutions (i.e. pink instead of purple, carnations instead of alstroemeria, or so on).

I opted for the Make a Wish - Deluxe arrangement, pictured on the left below. I thought it was a beautiful arrangement, appeared to have a healthy ~30 blooms. Given that it was primarily mums, asters, and carnations, I thought the $43 price tag made sense. I got the arrangement on the right. A total of 16 blooms, generously counting given that they are mostly cluster flowers. 16.

Extremely disappointed, I contacted Teleflora customer service. I included pictures, screenshots of what I saw when I selected the different price levels, and even highlighted the total # of blooms in their pictures. Given my earlier statement of wishing I could give them 0 stars, I imagine you can anticipate the response. I will never again use Teleflora.

I ordered an arrangement for my Mom's 60th birthday. WOW - what I ordered and what arrived was so disappointing! I contacted them and shared photos of what was ordered and what was delivered - and they said it was acceptable. RIGHT - needless to say I will never order from them again. I do understand that materials may vary from each location - but REALLY - this arrangement is a bit lacking for the price that I paid! At least it was delivered on time. Teleflora is not willing to compensate for this lackluster arrangement. Stay clear of Teleflora!!!

I ordered a sympathy plant for my Sister in law for her mother's passing. Originally it was suppose to be delivered same day. After confirmation I was informed by email that the plant was not available for delivery in her area on that day and to pick another arrangement OR change delivery date. I chose to postpone the date to the next day (the day of the celebration of life). I received a confirmation email for the new date. Nothing was delivered!! I tried to call but they were closed.

So I sent an email and the next morning I receive a new email stating they were sorry but the plant wasn't available! Only after I contacted them. I was told they put my order on hold. Furious that they didn't contact me sooner I laid into the rep in the phone who wanted to send a nice cut flower arrangement (sight unseen and cut flowers) for a 30% refund. I explained that I wouldn't trust them to deliver a dandelion *** and demanded a full refund. I was told that would occur but still no email to confirm as of yet. Do yourself a favor and avoid Teleflora they are the worst. My mistake was not seeing all the poor reviews before my order.

Ordered flowers for my daughter for after her surgery today. Man what a disappointment!! Ordered the "arrive in style" only they arrived in dismay! $80 for the flowers and delivery only to see that the arrangement was fall apart and was not even the correct colors! I ordered the premium so the vase would be full and beautiful for my baby girl to have something pretty in her room with her while recovering. The flowers ended up in the trash! I wish I would have got better pics of the pedals that were falling off and the stems that were snapped. The flowers were supposed to be "rose pink" roses and white lilies. However I got white roses with red tips, carnations, some other flowers and maybe 4 lilies that were not even bloomed yet. The vase was scarce to say the least.

I Sat on hold with CS at Teleflora for 15 mins before they even picked up the phone. Then I got "I can give you 40% off your next order." Well I will NEVER use that, so that was not good. I finally got the supervisor who said that they would be glad to fully refund my money... I just needed my daughter (remember, fresh out of surgery) to go into her dumpster to get the flowers out and set them on her doorstep so the florist could come and pick them up. I told her no way in hell was anyone ESPECIALLY my daughter, climbing into the DUMPSTER to get broken and messed up flowers. I would "settle" with giving me the money back for the "arrangement" (if that is what you want to call it) and the $16.99 delivery fee, I would be fine with paying (cause they did deliver, unfortunately they delivered crappy arrangements).

This was after they were just left on the porch and no one was notified that they were there, did not get a confirmation until HOURS after they were discovered on the porch by someone who came to see my daughter, falling apart AND not what I ordered. I got the charges of the flowers refunded! Just took some not so happy customer chewing some people out. I hate these kinds of customer service! Call lasted 35 mins and 24 seconds. I was on hold for well over 25 of those mins!

On Thursday I ordered an expensive bouquet of flowers on Teleflora. I chose delivery on Friday. It was imperative that the flowers be delivered on Friday. It was explained on the site that I would receive confirmation that the flowers were delivered. What they didn't explain that you might have to wait for a week until you received that confirmation. By that time, of course, the occasion would have passed and you are left wondering if the delivery occurred. When I contacted Teleflora customer service via chat they attempted to circumvent/re-route me to email. They assured me that I would receive an email confirmation as soon as I received it which, of course, is double-talk.

If I hadn't paid approximately $140US for the flowers I probably wouldn't care but I wanted to at least confirm that they were delivered. Having not heard anything from the intended recipient I was not confident that the deadline had been met. When I contacted the chat line I started chatting with a person named Cody who was obviously skilled in diplomacy but had to resort to inane double-talk rather than doing anything constructive to confirm delivery. Giving me the Florist's name or phone number would have solved the problem; I could have solved the problem myself... but he refused to do it. Eventually he/she just terminated the chat. It turns out that the florist to whom the order was delegated never even tried to deliver the order. The new Customer Service Rep described it as an oversight. This was exactly what I suspected but was blocked from confirming it. Thankfully they offered a refund... in 10 days.

Is it really this hard to get responsive customer service? How is making people spend an hour on a chat that goes nowhere and exasperates them a good business policy? Sheesh. I ordered breakfast at a restaurant the other day. The toast was burnt. Had Teleflora been handling things I guess I would have had to contact a customer service rep on a chatline, who then would assure me that the problem would be solved at their earliest convenience, and that another customer representative would be contacting me via email in the next 24-48 hours to discuss a solution. I'm glad Teleflora wasn't handling the toast incident. As it happened, I just took the burnt toast back to the guy behind the counter and he brought me some new toast. Perhaps there's a lesson here for corporate America.

When my friend sent me a pic of the flowers I sent her I was shocked. See picture "1st". Attached is a copy of a picture of Cotton Candy - what I ordered. See "ordered". I called and told Teleflora how upset I was. After a 48 minute conversation they said they would have the florist pick up the flowers and have a different florist create and deliver the flowers. See picture "2nd" = Still not close to Cotton Candy! And the original florist called my friend and told her that he had delivered the flowers and used the 'recipe'. How dare he call the recipient of the flowers and argue with her! TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. Will NEVER use Teleflora again, ever!!!

I paid to have flowers get to location early only to find out it maybe a day after the event I sent them for. I had to fight to get a riding and was made to feel like it was my issue. Shop local. It's always best. Local business care about its clients. Teleflora only wants your money and could careless about you.

NEVER use Teleflora. They use bad florists, their customer service is AWFUL!!! I ordered funeral flowers on 3/16/16, the order delivered was devastatingly bad. I called for a full refund and wanted the figurine (which was ordered originally) to be sent to me for the family since the figurine in the arrangement was also wrong. I was told by Teleflora they were sending it out to me right away! On May 23rd, I called them back to notify them I still had not received my figurine. I have been on hold with Teleflora for 43:05 minutes as of right now. I have been told the figurine was sent out from their warehouse in Minnesota on 5/23 and was expected to take 6 weeks to be delivered to me in Missouri. I'm waiting to hear what excuse the 2nd manager tells me. Do not use Teleflora!!!

I placed an order a week ago and what was delivered didn't even compare to what was ordered. This is unacceptable. WILL NEVER ORDER FLOWERS FROM HERE AGAIN. I SHOULD BE ALLOWED A FULL REFUND.

I bought yesterday the Teleflora's Polka a Dots and Posies - Premium (Product ID T52-3C). And my wife received this for her birthday. I know that not to expect exactly like the picture, but this is too much. I want my money back. She NEVER received the balloon!

After placing an order THREE times with Teleflora, I still ended up with no birthday gift for my loved one. I was never advised that the order will not come. The first order was attempted online. It failed to go through, so I then placed the order over the phone and was told to expect a confirmation email. The confirmation never came, so I then emailed Teleflora asking for an explanation. Only then I was replied to (via email) with the explanation that the order could not go through because items had been 'black listed' from a previous 'fraudulent' order. I then called in for them to explain what that meant and was told to contact my bank/credit card company, which I did. I was assured by my financial institution that everything was fine with my card and that the payment did go through, but it was then credited back to my card a few hours later.

I then phoned Teleflora again and told them everything is fine and would like to place the order again later on. I managed to 'successfully' place the order a third time online and received a confirmation of the order. I thought all was well and that my gift was on its way. It was at the end of the day when no flowers came that I phoned Teleflora again inquiring about my order (utterly embarrassed that my loved one never received his gift). It was only then I was told that the payment was not authorized.

I still could not understand what was going on, but my biggest problem with Teleflora is that on three occasions, they failed to let me know that there was something wrong. They still cannot tell me what the real problem is. I am presently using the very same card to pay for all my purchases successfully. During the last phone call I had with a Teleflora CSR, I was assured that they will phone me back to explain what transpired. I'm still waiting on that call.

The website is setup to accept flowers orders for the next day. This is what I did. I ordered flowers for a Sunday delivery... only to find out that they don't have a Sunday florist and can't deliver my order until Monday. What a RIP OFF!!! I would have gone to another site if I knew they would accept the order and then not deliver. Changing the website or finding a local florist to fill the orders requested is the way of not getting so many poor reviews!!! Mount Prospect, IL.

Placed order for 5/27 delivery. I received an email from Teleflora on 5/27 stating the "delivery had been made & signed for by recipient". A blatant lie. The florist had called recipient BEFORE making delivery & was told NOT to deliver since recipient was out of state. Recipient stated SHE would PICK UP the flower on her 5/31 return. Upon arriving home 5/31 recipient found a soggy box full of dead flowers, so she called the florist & talked to the same person, who stated he had "made an executive decision to go ahead & deliver the flowers anyway". Since the neighbors were also not at home, the flower we just left on the porch. He then told the recipient the following:

A) "What do you want me to do about it. The flowers would be dead by now, even if you had been at home."
B) "This order was only $19.99 so what do you expect?" Another lie about the cost.

C) "They have already been paid for, so there is nothing you can do about it." He then hung up on the caller.

Complained to Teleflora who offered a 35% refund. We have demanded & expect a 100% refund for product & service NOT provided. Would NEVER use Teleflora again. Smells of consumer rip-off.

I wish I would have read the reviews for Teleflora before I started using them. I have sent quite a few arrangements to clients who were probably were too kind to say anything negative about the arrangements. I sent my Mom flowers for Mother's day and came over a couple of days later. So disappointing! Little arrangement (paid more for med. size) the flowers were mostly dead, topped off with the most pitiful bow ever! Called and was put on hold for 20 min., then hung up on. Called back, another 20-minute hold before I spoke to a representative. They told me no refund because I failed to send back the flowers. Sure would be nice if companies cared about their customers.

I sent flowers 6 days prior to Mother's Day to make sure my mother would receive them. The order came in (dead flowers). Teleflora picked them up on my request and was going to make a new one. Two days later still no flowers. I called the company that picked them up and they said... "Oh, they cancelled your order, you should had called us direct and there would had been no issues 'cause Teleflora is awful". I called Teleflora again and supposedly they were going to get a new company out, well at this point it's Saturday. Sunday at 1pm I get a call from new company and they said they are too busy. They could not deliver but could deliver on Wednesday! 3 days after Mother's Day... I was very upset since. Also we were dealing with my mother getting cancer testing during that same week. This was suppose to be a picker upper... DIDN'T HAPPEN.

What I purchased not even close to what was delivered! The picture bouquet in yellow is what I ordered. The other picture is what was delivered??? VERY upset! Not even close!!!

I ordered flowers to be delivered on May 6, 2016 but the flowers were not delivered until May 7, 2016. By that time, the occasion had passed, which was very disappointing and embarrassing. I asked Teleflora about the issue and they offered a discount promotion code for my "next order." I told them I had no intention of using their services again, and suggested they refund my order, since they did not deliver as promised. They issued a 50% refund and indicated that in order to provide a full refund, I would have to provide the floral arrangement. By the time this process had played out, the arrangement was long dead and discarded. Teleflora insisted that they needed the arrangement to provide a full refund. I asked why this was necessary and no one could answer that question. I will never use this company again. Terrible service and ridiculous policies.

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