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I ordered flowers for my sister's 50th birthday. Below is the image of what I ordered and what she received. I was embarrassed. There are no orange lilies. The flowers they did put in never opened. The balance of the flowers is non-existent. I had to call multiple times each time over 30 minutes with no resolution. Initially, someone was emailing me and telling me to attach images which I did and then he stopped emailing me. The 3rd time I called I was told a supervisor would call me back and no one called. The 4th time I called, the rep kept saying the designer followed the recipe. I said, "I would like a refund, I am not happy, you can see by the picture this is not a quality arrangement." He just kept arguing with me. I said what about your satisfaction guarantee and I was told the flowers were delivered on the 3rd and I didn't call until the 6th and you need to call within 24 hours.

Well, my sister was not home so she received them on Sunday the 4th and the 5th was Labor Day. I was offered a $20 store credit. I told the rep, "I don't want to do business with you again, why would I want a store credit. I will take a $20 refund." That is a compromise. He would not budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After she answered I was put on hold for another 15 minutes. At this point I had now been on the phone for 50 minutes counting. Alice ** the supervisor told me I needed to call in 24 hours or I couldn't receive a refund. They claim they are a local company, but they are not a local company. Alice proceed to insist the flower arrangement looked like the picture. Then she went on to say the flowers must not have opened because my sister didn't take care of them or water them! Unbelievable.

Please avoid this florist. I paid for a "deluxe" arrangement on Tuesday for a Saturday delivery. On Thursday I was contacted that they couldn't fulfill my order as requested but will substitute something equivalent. My mom sent a picture of the arrangement... three roses and some alstroemeria among baby's breath. I mean, really pitiful. For $71, extremely pitiful. Oh, and by the way, they were going to charge extra for delivering it before 1 pm on Saturday. I did not take that option, as any time on Saturday would have been fine. So they deliver it at 3 pm Friday.

Hmmm... did I need to pay extra to get it delivered on the actual day I requested? For understandable reasons, I have tried repeatedly to contact them to express my dissatisfaction, but all of a sudden there is no one to answer my calls. They are no longer on Google maps. Their number is no longer on my caller ID, even though they called me five times on Tuesday... in a row... after I dialed their number and then hung up, deciding to order online. I should have known then that this was a sketch business. Please do not make the same mistake I did. I only wish I could save more people from making the same mistake.

If you value your time and money do not do business with Avas Flowers. They advertise as a local flower shop but are far from it. I placed an order that was not delivered and I never received a phone call until the following day. Only to be offered an in store credit for future use. No thank you. I was told that myself and the recipient were contacted the day of delivery which was a straight out lie. Of course my phone records would prove that if they were to claim otherwise. After all the waiting, I was told by a manager he would issue a refund. Called back a day later and the system states it hasn't been issued. Such a waste of my time.

I wanted to send flowers to my father yesterday, it was his 90th birthday and he was in the hospital. I contacted Avas Flowers and placed an order with guaranteed same day delivery. I ordered him a plant and a box of chocolates. I placed the order at 1:13 pm. I was contacted later in the day, I think around 4 pm, and Avas told me they would not be able to delivery that day but would deliver the next day. I told them I wasn't happy with this because it was his birthday THAT day, not the next day and I didn't even know if he would still be in the hospital the next day. They told me they would check and get back with me. That raised flags right there, no doctor or hospital is going to release that information. Obviously they never got back with me but I contacted them several times and all they would do was apologize.

Get this, I couldn't get my money back because they don't refund money on same day delivery orders (this in spite of the fact that they didn't deliver)! So here it is today and I receive a text from them telling me the plant and chocolates had been delivered. My dad was at home by this time and I had provided Avas with his home address. I called and there was no delivery made to my dad, my stepmother even walked all the way around the house to see if they set it somewhere and it wasn't there. So I called them and it turns out they delivered it to the wrong address and tried to blame me for giving them the wrong address. They offered to redeliver but I would have to pay a second delivery fee. I told them I would not pay an extra delivery fee for their screwup and I asked to speak to a supervisor.

After being on hold for 15 or 20 minutes, the supervisor admits that someone wrote down the address wrong and they delivered to the wrong house. But the lady they delivered to was "nice" and they could give me her address and I could have my 90 year old father who just got out of the hospital go to her house and get them. I told them that wasn't acceptable, he was 90 years old and just got out of the hospital and her response was that if he was that old she was sure there was someone with him who could do it for him! Yeah, his wife is there but that isn't the point. I paid Avas to deliver HIM the flowers, not some stranger! What really got me was how little this woman cared, she acted like it was my fault this was an issue, not their fault because they screwed up.

I pointed out to her that I was looking at my email to her with my dad's home address and it was the correct address, not the one they delivered to and she got angry and said, "Yeah, I told you, we dropped the ball but you could just go get them." "No, I can't, I'm 50 miles away and I don't even have a driver's license." And if that wasn't enough, they still haven't delivered the plant. They say tomorrow...

Extremely upset!! They never delivered flowers to a special 21st birthday party & never received call or notification that they were not delivering. Found out after I asked if she liked the flowers ordered for her.

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I placed an order online on Sept 10,2016 for a SAME DAY DELIVERY. I then received a confirmation of my order through email that it will send on Saturday Sept 10 by 7 pm. By 4:30 pm I called to reconfirm if it will be send out by 7 pm, shockingly I was told by two different employees and a manager at three different calls I made that my order will not send out on the same day on Sept 10 instead will send out on Monday Sept 12. I then requested to cancel my order but again was told by all these three different employees they are not able to cancel my order and insist to send it out on Monday. So I then told the manager that I will call my Bank to dispute this charge.

After long hours of all the arguments I received an email that the flower was sent. So I called my friend to verify it, my friend was surprised to hear from me because the card that I have to pay $2 for (must include in the order) was NO NAME and no message! She did receive the flower but was completely different than what I ordered online from the picture shown. Bottom line this company AVAS FLOWER is a BIG SCAM! Please save your money to buy it from grocery store. Please refer to picture attached.

I ordered flowers for a sick friend in the hospital on a Friday to be delivered same day as advertised on Avas website. Later that same day I received an email from Avas explaining the delivery wasn't made but they promised to deliver the following day. I contacted my friend 4 days later to ask if she liked the flowers I sent. She told me she never received any flowers!!! If I hadn't contacted her to ask I would never had known they were never delivered. BUT Avas took my money just the same. I would call that "swindle"!! I contacted Avas and I was put on hold many times. I insisted on a refund. They wanted to give me a 10 percent discount on the flowers they would send to my friend. Asked my other option - store credit!!

Are you kidding!!! I will never ever do business with Avas again. It was my first time using them and the last. I only wish I had read the reviews beforehand. I am hoping I see a refund in the days ahead. If someone does use Avas I would advise you to follow up with the recipient to be sure the flowers arrived! Or you'll be in the same situation! Whether it's $25.00 or 100.00 we all work hard for our money. I wonder how many other customers got swindled!!!

This is the biggest CON artist operation I have ever seen. Order at 10 that morning and needed to happen that day. Calls me at 3:30, says "isn't going to happen." Talk to a manager and he says "well it's out for delivery," but isn't going to make it today??? Bunch of foreigners running a racket. I said, "well, just give me a refund." I should've got it local and then wouldn't give me a refund just in store credit!!! DO NO BUSINESS WITH!!!

As a owner of a flower shop I have to say all the things I have to say about Avas are not good! If you want to order flowers order directly from a shop not from wire services. Why because they take most of your money that you give them and then they send it to a shop with less then what you have paid and expect us to fill the order for what you have paid if we ask for money they don't want to give any more now understand you have paid for it they just keep most of it. Avas flowers want the customer to think it’s the florist messing up but really they do not know what they are doing. I would not even giving them a 1 star but had to. Remember order direct from a florist in the area not from Avas flowers.

I ordered a simple floral bouquet in a simple white coffee mug. My friend's dog companion of 14 years passed and I thought the simpler the better. When It arrived, the white mug had been replaced with a bright yellow happy "Smiley Face" mug. HAPPY!!! She sent me a picture and I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do. I complained thru e-mail to supervisor and such but the apology just did not seem to be enough. The reason for the flowers was SYMPATHY. Plain and simple. My note was a condolence and said nothing happy anywhere it. Where did they misread THAT... or maybe their staff doesn't read English. I am not happy and will Never use them again... EVER. Seems they delivered Order number ** HAPPY MUG.

Run. Do not order from Avas Flowers. Horrible experience!! My sick father never got his basket I ordered for him & a refund has yet to be received. These people are awful to deal with!!! They hang up on you when you call them. They told me they attempted to deliver the basket I ordered but, no one was home. The delivery address is a hospital rehab... open 24-7. Really upsetting. Hopefully this post will save someone the aggravation I have been put through.

I wish I had read the reviews. I ordered flowers online after they assured me that they were local. When they sent the verification text, I noticed that they spelled our city incorrectly. WOW. Not local. I then read the reviews - apparently poor quality and bad business practices. I wanted to support a local business. I called and asked them to cancel my order 20 minutes after I had made the order.

Flowers were scheduled to be sent the next day. Rep told me that they had a policy - no refunds made in first 24 hours. WHAT??! She told me I would have to call back tomorrow. I said - "but the order will have been shipped tomorrow and it will be too late to cancel". She said "I'm sorry that is our policy." I then asked her what would happen if I called back tomorrow and the order had already gone. And she said - then no refund. WHAT A SHAM. Put them out of business. Sleazy Sleazy Sleazy. I had to call my bank and have this handled. This is a fraudulent company. POS operation. Steer clear, folks.

Found this florist when I looked online for a LOCAL florist in McKinney Texas. They presented themselves as local in their online ad. They are in NEW JERSEY. Unless you live in Mahwah, NJ, they are NOT local. BEWARE!!! I chose a flower arrangement from a picture on THEIR website and ordered. They advertised "No Delivery Charge" on their website. However, when I placed the order they added a hefty $13+ "processing" charge. It seemed very deceptive to me. That should have been my first clue. Not an up front and honest company.

When my friend in the hospital received the floral arrangement I sent her, she emailed me pictures. What she received looked nothing like the picture I ordered from; different vase, different height of the arrangement, not the same colors I ordered and not the same flowers in the picture. I was totally disappointed. I called the company and was offered a $20.00 credit with their company. So, in order to use the credit I would have to order from them again. Why would I even consider doing that? I wouldn't ever order from them again.

They told me that they have a policy that they can make changes with anything in their online pictures and the customer has to accept that. Then, why have pictures in the first place if they change what you order? I will never order again from this deceptive company and want to let anyone who is considering an order know what it's like doing business with Avas Flowers. My experience was TERRIBLE!!! Don't let this happen to you.

BEWARE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Wow, wish I would have found this site before ordering from Avas Flowers. Family funeral in another state and needed to order flowers. I googled a florist for the city the funeral home was located and Avas came up. Even RAY the person I spoke to said they were in the city. Ordered the PREMIUM arrangement and was assured it would look like the arrangement.

A family member took a picture of it and I was so embarrassed of what was delivered. Not only was it dinky and a lot of empty areas where flowers should be it did not even have a shape to it. NOT EVEN REMOTELY LIKE THE PHOTO!!! Was suppose to be ALL WHITE and had a few white roses (in the photo) they substituted yellow carnations and the there was a big GAP where the white bow should have been. NO BOW, just a hole!!! When I emailed to complain they stood by the arrangement they sent even calling it "my beautiful arrangement". Copied their policy as they did with other people who had the same problem and said they stood by their arrangement!!! So so upset by this and can get no satisfaction from them. I wish there was some other location I could complain to as this company should not be allowed to stay in business!!!

My husband order a bouquet that was to be delivered to me at work. He gave specific instructions that the delivery had to occur before 4:30 pm as it was a business. Avas advertised same day delivery and told my husband the flowers would be delivered between 10 am and 4 pm that same day. The flowers did not arrive. The next day my husband checked the order status and was told the arrangement would be "redelivered ". We tried to contact customer service by phone and discovered that you do not have the opportunity to speak with a live person when you call. Rather you must make an appointment to receive a return call which was scheduled for 7 pm that evening.

The bouquet finally arrived at 4:20 pm that afternoon and they were not quality flowers. I sent an email to Avas to report the poor quality and received an apology and was told the local florist would be contacted to determine a "resolution". That was three days ago and I have yet to hear the resolution. My husband never received a call from customer service during his appointment that was scheduled. I highly recommend others to shop elsewhere. Avas cannot meet the commitments they make for same day delivery, quality flowers, 24 hour customer service and customer satisfaction guarantee. A local florist may be more expensive, but it is worth the extra cost to avoid the disappointment and frustration.

I ordered 24 roses to go to a funeral wake service. They probably didn't think I would be there because when saw the condition of the roses, I was shocked. They were all brown edged, the leaves were all wilted, and they didn't even take the time to put a few baby's breath or green leaves in between the roses. I was never so embarrassed! I called Avas Flowers and complained. First they wanted to send a new batch of roses to the funeral parlor... no way, I said, the wake was over. I wanted my money back. They would only refund me 3/4 of the money I spent on the flowers. If you're smart, don't order from them. They really didn't seem to care about the customer or the embarrassment. I will never order from them again!!!

Beware!!! This company is an absolute JOKE!!! They are not a local florist as the customer rep told me so. Placing an order was a breeze and can always be connected however if there is ANY issues or problems. GOOD LUCK!!! The automated service sucks, their reps do not help, and most importantly your order WILL NOT get there in time NO MATTER how much you pay! This company is just horrendous, absolute TRASH. DO NOT BUY THEM FROM EVER!!! I regret using this company so much.

I placed an order on their website at 1:20 PM. When the confirmation came I noticed another charge. I called to modify the order within 5 min of the order or 1:25 PM. The agent told me that I could not as the local florist received the order and it was on the truck for delivery. He told me he actually called the florist. How can a florist receive an order, put it together and on a delivery truck in 5 min. Impossible. I asked to speak to a manager and he hung up. I tried calling 3 times to them to talk about this error and no answer. I called my credit card company to cancel. This company has deceptive practices with customers and not very bright customer agents.

Bad customer service. Very disappointed with the “pink bouquet". The one on the picture is light pink/white, gives an illusion of a ball of flowers. Local distributor didn’t have most of the flowers and substituted everything but lilies (which were still closed and green). The roses were already old and almost losing leaves. Also round green leaves with white edges were replaced with dark green pointy ones, small yellow filling flowers were replaced with big red ones, pink filling flowers were replaced with dark blue/purple ones. They added a purple ribbon which wasn’t on the picture. Overall it looked like a bush of green filling leaves with purple and red cheap flowers, nothing like the picture.

We contacted customer service and they took two days to email the substitution policy (which they forgot to attach) and to tell us that the bouquet is meeting all policy requirements. They didn’t offer to correct it. I am not going to use Avas Flowers services ever again. Instead of nice gesture for our friends, I felt embarrassed by the product which was delivered.

I called and ordered flowers to be sent to the funeral home for calling hours for a friend's 4 year old granddaughter. I was charged $177.89. I didn't see the flowers at the funeral home but thought that maybe I missed them. I received a call tonight (the day after the funeral) from Avas flowers saying that they needed an alternate address where they can send the flowers. The flowers were not ever sent to the funeral home. I explained to the woman that we do not want the flowers sent to their house. She told me that the funeral home told her (at Avas flowers) that this was better because most of the flowers just get thrown out. We know that the flowers go to the burial site which is what we wanted and what we paid for. I have tried calling them back 4 times and cannot get through to speak to a person. I will never use Avas again and hope that I am able to stop payment tomorrow because the flowers were not delivered.

I ordered a bouquet of flowers for my sister. The picture on the internet showed a lush, full bouquet with about 30 flowers evident from one angle, so presumably there would be 60 flowers if I could see the entire bouquet. My sister was delivered a pathetic arrangement with 14 flowers total and the charge was $61.93! I could have gotten those flowers at the grocery store for $6.00. Avas Flowers sent me an e-mail asking for feedback. I gave them feedback the same day and they never contacted me to make it right. I called their number and it took me 17 minutes before I was connected to a person. He was not willing to refund my money so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I spoke to a supervisor named Hector **.

He said the order was "filled to the recipe" and that the photo on the internet "is a stock photo and you can't expect to receive what is shown on the internet". Excuse me, isn't that what the photos are there for? I asked for my money back and all he would offer me was a 10% refund. I have now called my credit card company and have filed a dispute with Avas Flowers. The recording says they are a local, family owned company. Do not believe it! They are a national company who defrauds customers all over the US (as evidence by the various reviews). They do not care about customer service. This has been a terrible experience.

I order for a customer whose brother had passed away and he wanted to spend $100.00 not including delivery. The guy I spoke with promised it would be plenty and promised a great job. I don't know if they didn't think that the one it was for would go to the funeral or what but he did and they sent a SMALL vase of flowers! My customer was so embarrassed. When I tried to get the flower shop to make it right they said that the florist would cooperate with them and I need to send a picture. Well they were supposed to send me a picture of what they did and of course they didn't. But I didn't have one either. Just knew that my customer was so embarrassed that what was sent was so small when he spent so much! They won't make it right. That is the worst flower shop I have ever dealt with. I would not recommend them to anyone!

The worst ordeal I have ever been through! Ordered flowers for a birthday and they were never deliver. When I call to cancel the order I still get charge a service fee... It's ** ridiculous.

WARNING. Do not do business with this company, did not deliver item ordered for funeral. When I called they offered a refund MINUS a $13.95 service fee!! SERVICE Fee for something NOT delivered!! I have contacted my Credit Card Company!

I recently sent a fruit basket to my daughter. The representative asked me if I wanted to send balloons with the order and I agreed. When my daughter received the basket, I asked if she received any balloons and she said "no". I called Avas Flowers to check this at 10 and 11 AM this morning. I explained that the balloons were not received and he said he would have to check with the "designer" and truck delivery. I explained that I wished credit for the balloons and he told me someone would get back to me. I also asked to the cost of the balloons as it wasn't detailed on my invoice. All I saw was a total. The rep told me that they found that detailing the costs often "confused" customers. It is 5 PM and no call back. I thought was ordering from a local florist not a national chain or I would have ordered elsewhere.

Sent orchid plant to a family member three months ago and plant is still blooming. She sent photo and insisted I tell her where it came from so she could use them in the future. Only online flower site I will use in the future.

I purchased 2 dozen roses that were to have Baby's Breath and ferns plus red ribbons. I also bought 3 roses for her grand baby that should have been the same but with an 18 inch teddy bear. This cost me $175.00 bucks. The flowers were awful. No Baby's Breath, no ferns, no red ribbons, no teddy bear. I was plainly robbed, ripped off big time. I called right off and with no help from Avas at all. I have my bank Wells Fargo and I filed a claim on Avasflowers.com. Warning do not buy from them. They are huge rip off company with no morals no values at all. Low life thieves are what they are period. Warning to all... do not buy anything from them...

The worst ordeal I have ever been through! Ordered flowers for my mother-in-law's birthday on the 25th, same day delivery. They were not delivered. I called the next morning twice. They were informed that this delivery was to a doctor's office that had a closing time. I was told that the delivery guy was given a 2 hour warning and to cancel delivery. I would be given a call back within 2 hours and get a full refund. No return call. I was then told that no refund could be given because the delivery was made. Funny, the recipient never received them. After the 7th call, and many attempts to give me a credit (ha!) I was finally granted permission to speak to a supervisor who (says) she is putting my money back on my cc. Advertisements state this is a family owned and operated company, but the customer service rep told me it was a corporation. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR FLOWER DELIVERY NEEDS!

I ordered the following: 1 teddy bear, 1 rose, 2 red balloons, message card. What the recipient got was: 1 teddy bear that looked completely different from the picture, 1 rose (the only good thing), 1 yellow and ugly balloon, 1 poorly handwritten (!!) card. Apart from this horrible quality, the delivery was late by 1 day for no reason. I ordered all of this the morning BEFORE the day of the intended delivery and they still messed up. I also got a false delivery confirmation... So overall, this company failed in fulfilling any of their purpose. I actually checked this page before ordering, but looked past the negative reviews putting them off as single cases or exceptions. Now, after having made the experience, I realize how much Avas Flowers sucks. I can only say: The negative reviews are true and you are very likely to experience something similar! DO NOT ORDER AT AVAS FLOWERS.

I called Avas Flowers because the ad on Google said it was "local" in Las Cruces, NM. The person taking my order was hard to understand, with lots of background noise. I went through with placing the order, then got a voicemail message that they couldn't deliver to New Mexico State University because if it was for a student, she could be in class and couldn't receive them. This, after I had given them the information that the office was in Goddard Hall and the room number for a Dean. I called back and the person who answered was impossible. I cancelled the order--he left me on hold while he talked to a supervisor, came back and refused to cancel the order.

I told him I definitely wanted to cancel the order and that I would contact the credit card company to refuse the charge. He would not stop talking and telling me that they could not cancel the order until I hung up the phone. I placed an order with Friendly Flowers, a real local florist and the recipient received two bouquets of flowers--so Avas did not cancel. I will notify the credit card company and they will be aware not to accept charges from them, regardless of the person who places the order. That was the worst experience I have ever had ordering anything. DON'T USE AVAS --it is only a call center and they try to tack on additional charges for a card & bow. Rude and incompetent!!!

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