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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I ordered a product from an eBay seller and paid through PayPal. When I received the product it was not as advertised and I used the RETURN LABEL the seller provided in the shipment and filled out the return/refund information on the website. When I contacted the seller to check the status of my refund, they knew nothing about it but said if I could provide return tracking information they would refund my purchase. I explained they would have that information because of the RETURN LABEL they provided. After further discussion, they said they deal with these kinds of issues all the time and would refund my money if I would register my email address with PayPal. I told them my email address was registered with PayPal. They responded that they could not find my address registered with PayPal, could not spend any more time on this, had "to move on", and would not respond to any more emails.

I then contacted eBay, who told me that we were outside their timeframe to deal with this and that I should contact PayPal. PayPal insisted that I provide return tracking information. I told them the seller would have that information because they provided a RETURN LABEL. Even so, PayPal says they are not able to refund my money because they are bound to the user agreement which states that I must provide return tracking information. I say that because the seller provided a RETURN LABEL, we are outside that agreement and PayPal is absolutely able to refund my money.

I have made this complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) who was not able to resolve this. I have also complained through the Better Business Bureau (BBB), San Jose, whose final review of this issue resulted in them stating the company had addressed all my issues but "the customer was still dissatisfied". Since that statement was made without PayPal ever addressing the issue of the seller providing a RETURN LABEL which would provide the tracking information that is required, it appears that BBB is lazy, incompetent, or more than likely getting a kickback from PayPal for every complaint they blow off and give a final review in PayPal's favor. In fact, the issue PayPal kept sticking to was how frustrating it must be to receive a product that was not what I expected it to be.

They never went beyond that to the issue of the seller's RETURN LABEL. So now, the seller has both the product and my money and I am out both. And both PayPal and eBay acknowledge that a crime such as a scam or fraud has occurred because PayPal suggested that I contact local law enforcement and eBay suggested I contact the FBI. Don't buy anything from telesalesUSA/**, AKA e_pier, and Alicia, Samaria, and Abigail. Don't ever use Paypal or eBay because they not only do not provide customer service, they support and are a part of this scam.

I'm very disappointed with PayPal and they should not be in business at all. I was reading all the negative reviews and my question is why they are still in business. They need to be heavily investigated. The situation that I'm in is that someone put funds into my PayPal account and I was not able to see it in my account nor withdraw it from my account. People meaning workers needed to get paid based on the funds that was sent to me and due to this, they was not able to get paid. I called their customer service only to be told that on their end they was having technical difficulties and I should see the funds in 24 hours. It's still not in my account and these funds was already taken from the bank account from the person who sent me this money.

If PayPal was having technical difficulties or if their system was down, the proper way to do business and keep their customers would be to send out an email to everyone who has PayPal or send a text or call or something so no transactions would be made. This is causing a lot of headaches and it's not fair. I'm still awaiting these funds so those who worked hard can get paid. PayPal isn't doing right by families who has to pay their own bills. Please investigate and shut down this organization. It's not helping. It's hurting.

They put my account on limit/restriction I send them their request documents and they said they couldn't verify my information. Yet a week earlier all my information was verified so when I tried to activate my business card my account got locked in. PLEASE people find another payment method paypal is awful and they get away with it because people still use them, find another payment those are the worst!!

As a seller you are vulnerable and at the mercy of the buyer. If a buyer requests a refund even without a reason they do not have to send proof or the item back. I had a horrible buyer that harassed me daily after I sold to him. I know better by this point and know I have to "kiss his butt". One day my fiance was hospitalized and I was unable to keep the buyer happy that day. He was nuts. He went to PayPal and told them "item was as described". He didn't even send a complete sentence. I reply the same day it happened with the real story and that I had all proof and copies of the messages that has been sent back and forth through eBay. Overnight they sided with him and took the $350. Which in turn was all I had and caused me to have to leave eBay all together because it broke me. 3 years of 250 listings 100% feedback lost and meant nothing to help my case. I have yet to find the amount of business elsewhere.

The whole experience also ripped my heart out. I send hello kits and donate money. I worked so hard to build what I had. Now my PayPal account is in collections. This isn't the first time this has happened to me but it was never for such a big amount. It is clear that PayPal doesn't even review the case at all. And I don't understand how they are allowed to get away with taking my money without demanding a return or even talking with me further. I did my part and everything that was asked. I contacted by email many times and they never responded to me.

In regards to claim, I wish to file an appeal on the outcome of the claim. Claim state that I claim 179 usd but in claim description I did not claim that but I claimed 135.19 usd in the detailed description of my claim, which are the cost after an watchmaker assessed the damage. I only claimed for the repairs on item 135.19 usd far less than the 179usd PayPal said I claim... And I ask PayPal to send a link to upload pics of damage parts, but PayPal didn't respond to my message, I know PayPal said in its blog there is an upload button but I found none and Paypal did send me a link when I request it in the past. As can be seen the process was not fair and even though I complained in the message centre the full complaint were not considered and neither the fairness of the outcome. I did say and still say that I want to keep the item and let it be repair without sending it up and down from Russia.

As could be seen at the long wait for my item I waited 50 days, which if send up and down for repairs can be 100 days of waiting and I still will incur the cost. I don't wish to return the item since it is not damaged beyond repair. Therefore I ask for PayPal to reevaluate the situation on the description of claim I send in and secondly on the unfair outcome in not taking the whole situation into account. If you still wish me to go the extra mile to make the appeal more formal please send me a link to appeal, since I asked over and over again for such link - more than 7 times, please look into the messages I send after the unfair outcome - but got instead an message back from someone who clearly didn't took the time of reading the essence and the request in my complaint. The PayPal blog also complain that there is no link on the PayPal site for an appeal even though PayPal alleged so.

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I spent over an hour trying to talk to a competent human being that was actually listening to me and using their brain to respond instead of reading a teleprompter. That was a fail. I spoke to several reps all of whom were idiots. One asked me if I was racist. lmao I just want to link my debit card account so I can make a payment on my PayPal connect card. I've been trying to do this for 3 months and every month I call and no one can find my account or help me. They keep transferring me to Synchrony Bank and they can't help me. So they transfer me back to PayPal cs. Idiots! They outsource these jobs to some third world country and pay these idiots who barely speak English $5/week ultimately taking away jobs from competent jobs.

Isn't that the whole point of capitalism? The best most qualified person gets the job or money??? Oh but with PayPal a multi billion corporation who outsources everything so they don't pay American people or American taxes and in return provide awful service. I am done with PayPal and the few hundred dollars that I owe them they can sue me for all I care. I have tried for 3 months to pay the damn account off and they won't let me so what am I suppose to do??? I can't talk to anyone who has a brain or knows English and will not allow me to add my checking account to make a damn payment. I am done with this company and their awful customer service. Elon Musk and Peter Thiel are prob ashamed of what the idiotic CEO has done with the company.

The worst experience ever! STAY AWAY FROM PAYPAL! They are still in business only because of all the interest they earn holding our money. We have 5 payments showing COMPLETED on their end, but more than a week later these funds are still not in our account. The phone number on their website is only contactable Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm, while all other banks have a phone number you can contact from 7 am to 10 pm including Saturdays for emergencies! We will cancel our account with them as soon as the funds are received and will DEFINITELY not be dealing with them anymore! Very bad experience. Deal with PayPal at your own risk!

My account with them is all screwed up. They have taken money from my account but claim I have not confirmed my banking account. I have tried to get to a person to person help but I don't think they have a customer service department. JUST PAGES AND PAGES OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS TO OTHER PEOPLES PROBLEMS. I'm out $78.99 for a Roku 3 that was never shipped. NGUYEN ** is ahead $78.99 for dealing with a dysfunctional company being Paypal. With a pal like PayPal who needs friends?

PayPal recently charged me TWELVE TIMES for a single Google Play purchase. When I contacted them about it, every single person I spoke to was rude, unhelpful, and refused to admit even after getting Google on the phone with them that it was a PayPal error. Only after three days of calls and dealing with the rudest customer service representatives I have EVER dealt with did I get to some sort of "conclusion".

PayPal has the habit of withholding money I receive. When I contact them to let them know that I'm unable to transfer the money I received through them to my bank account they tell me that their Engineers are working on the problem. It seems fishy that they have no problem receiving the payment into their account yet transferring the money out is an issue. How is it possible that the issue is always in their favor? I think that they are scam artists who embezzle our money so they can invest it for their benefit. They should not be withholding our money. There is no excuse for that. Something isn't right with this company and I will look for other means to send and receive funds in the future.

I apologize for the length of my rant, but I want to convey all the facts pertinent to my complaint, in the hope that it will help others avoid losing money as a result of PayPal's sneaky, and in my opinion, unethical practices regarding their Pay After Delivery service. The reason for my score of 2 stars instead of 1 star is that I like the IDEA of having a service like PayPal, and I've been fortunate in that I have for the most part not had many problems in my dealings with them since 2003. That said, their customer service in my experience is truly awful, and every time I've needed to deal with them has been a colossal pain in the neck.

I'm currently having issues with Pay After Delivery, which is a service I like having as a safeguard when dealing with merchants that are new to me. I have been a heavy, frequent user of PayPal for nearly 14 years. Never ONCE has PayPal not received their money from me, on time and with no trouble. I've been using PAD for some time now, also with no problems.

But then about a month ago, I paid for something which was supposed to be PAD. PAD shows up automatically as my default payment option -- I don't actively or purposely CHOOSE to use PAD at each point of sale. Despite the Order Page clearly stating that the funding would be PAD, and despite the fact that I didn't see ANYWHERE on the Order Page where I could CHOOSE to use it or not, PayPal took the funds out of my bank account immediately instead of 2 weeks later.

Alarmed by this, I called PayPal. The agent I spoke with had no idea why this had happened. She never once mentioned there being a PAD limit. I believe she told me the exact opposite, that there was NO limit, except the one saying you can't spend more than $10,000 in a single transaction. She told me it was too late to do anything in the way of changing my funding source after the transaction had been processed, but she told me she was filling out a ticket or a report to give to PayPal's technical support team so they could investigate what had gone wrong in my account. I never heard back further about this. I continued to use PAD, quite often, and had no more problems with it.

Then, yesterday, I paid for 3 separate eBay transactions, with PAD as the funding source for each. I took screenshots of each Order Page before I hit "Place Order," something I've been doing since my first failed PAD transaction several weeks ago. I've made dozens of purchases since that incident a month ago, nearly all of them with PAD.

With everyone, 2 weeks went by just as expected, and then the money was successfully taken out of my bank account as planned. But when I checked my PayPal Summary today, I discovered that all 3 of my most recent transactions had NOT gone through as PAD, but each had been taken out immediately from my bank account. As recorded in my screenshots, I was not informed that I had hit a PAD limit, nor was I given any option to change my funding source and pay immediately (I nearly always use the mobile app on my iPad). I received NO emails explaining that I had hit a limit. So, back to the phone to discuss the issue with PayPal.

I was on the phone 2 HOURS and 14 minutes. The first agent made me explain every detail of my problem, checked my account and verified that it was in good standing, and finally decided that I needed to be transferred to the Dispute Dept. The Dispute agent made me explain every detail of my problem, told me that I shouldn't have been transferred to her department, but then revealed that PayPal's system will not allow more than a certain number of PAD's at any given time.

When I asked what the Magic Number of allowed transactions was, she told me that she didn't know, and that no one at PayPal knew either. The computer is in charge of this, and apparently the number varies from one PayPal user to the next. I had 20 transactions, totaling $1,268.55, but she insisted that the dollar amount was NOT the determining factor, the number of transactions was. One is due to be paid today, two will be paid the day after tomorrow, and another one is due the day after that. Unfortunately for me, although I had a handful of purchases ranging from about $50 to $200, which has been the normal pattern for me for 13 1/2 years, I very recently bought a large number of used sewing patterns on eBay, all from different sellers. These did not contribute much to the total dollar amount that I have outstanding, as each pattern cost between about $3 to $6, but they DID push the total number of transactions up.

Apparently PayPal's sneaky computer, or system, is not capable of considering subtleties or areas of gray, or mitigating facts, such as the very low dollar amount of each transaction or the fact that 4 much higher value transactions were due to be paid imminently. When I expressed my displeasure about me not being able to know the Magic Number that alarms PayPal's computer, the Dispute agent decided that I needed to be transferred to a supervisor.

The next agent made me explain, again, in excruciating detail, my problem. After much discussion, (which included her suggestion that I ask my sellers to cancel my orders and issue me refunds, despite the fact that I had explained that everything had already shipped, including one from France, so she wanted me to write an email IN FRENCH explaining my cockamamie request), with her actually agreeing with me that what PayPal had done was not very nice and not very fair, she put me BACK on hold (I spent an enormous amount of time on hold in between my encounters with different agents) so she could check something.

After being on hold for quite some time, there was ringing, and someone at EBAY answered. That this happened puzzled both me AND him, especially since I thought eBay and PayPal had parted company and are no longer connected to one another in the way they used to be. Then HE made me explain to HIM every detail of my problem, only to ultimately do what I had asked him to do in the beginning, which was to transfer me back to PayPal.

After being on hold another LONG time, I found myself not connected with the supervisor who was checking something for me, but rather back at square one, talking to yet another general, low level Customer Service agent. SHE made me explain every detail of my problem, AGAIN, before telling me that the name of the supervisor meant nothing to her, and she had no idea how to find her. What is the point of making sure you have the name of the person helping you in case you get disconnected if no one at PayPal can locate another person anyway?

So this new agent repeated the fact that there exists a Magic, Secret Number that ONLY the computer knows, and it's not sharing. She told me I would not be able to know in advance of a purchase whether or not PAD would be permitted. She tried to suggest that I was mistaken -- that surely I'd been given a choice at Check-Out between paying immediately or using PAD. Then she tried to suggest that my Order Page surely had NOT offered PAD, because the computer knew I had reached my Magic Limit. She had to concede that wasn't the case when I told her I had screenshots verifying what I was saying. Although, again, what is the POINT of having screenshot proof if PayPal refuses to honor what I view as terms of a contract that I agreed to at the time of purchase?

I asked this agent this question, as I had previously asked the Elusive Missing Supervisor. This latest agent then directed me to the following statement found in the Terms and Conditions that she pointed out, rather too triumphantly in my opinion, that I had agreed to when I first started using PAD, and which she strongly insinuated, repeatedly, that I had failed to read: "PayPal has the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to terminate, cancel, suspend or modify the PAD payment option, qualifications or eligibility for PAD, or any buyer's ability to use PAD."

The agent said, repeatedly, in a Gotcha sort of way, that the key phrase was "AT ANY TIME," which, according to her, included in the middle of a transaction, and PayPal did NOT have to reveal this to me before I made a payment or placed an order. My take on "PayPal has the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, to terminate, cancel, suspend or modify the PAD payment option, qualifications or eligibility for PAD, or any buyer's ability to use PAD," was that PayPal was reserving the right to modify their terms, to which I don't object, and they were stating that they reserved the right to reverse their offer to allow the use of PAD to PayPal users who proved to be deadbeats.

It never would have occurred to me that they meant they could say one thing at the time of purchase and then do something entirely different, without informing their customer, and without explanation. This strikes me as bordering on fraudulent and, if not that, at the very least grossly misleading and downright sneaky. I did not need to pay the 3 eBay sellers as soon as I did. Had I known about this limit in advance of my payments, I could have easily waited the couple of days it would have taken for some of my older transactions to be concluded.

I find PayPal's arrogant choice to flag their customers' transactions as "unsafe" in such sweeping terms, not taking into account a customer's excellent track record with them, and their naked greed in pushing the use of PAD, which benefits them by forcing users of the program to have money taken out of their bank accounts rather than being able to use credit cards, which cost PayPal fees and which allow unsatisfied PayPal users the option of chargebacks, absolutely appalling. Their surreptitious manner of dealing with rather arbitrarily chosen perceived risk I am certain must have caused many customers to have incurred bank fees, which PayPal has no intention of reimbursing. They are almost in one sense a sort of Monopoly.

If there is a viable competitor of PayPal, it is not widely known and I imagine would have a tough time competing with the behemoth that is PayPal. And PayPal has somehow persuaded eBay to encourage sellers to only accept PayPal payments. There was a time when almost all, if not all, sellers on eBay would accept checks or money orders as payment.

My main complaint, however, is the flippant way this last agent kept repeating to me, "I'm sorry that you (meaning of course me) neglected to read this part of the PAD agreement." Not, "I'm sorry this happened," or, "I apologize for us acting weaselly," but insinuating that this was completely my fault, after I have been an excellent customer of theirs for almost 14 years, spending many, many tens of thousands of dollars using PayPal, which I'm sure has rewarded them handsomely, and which apparently doesn't matter much to them.

It says to avoid accrued interest to pay by certain day, how those the worked? When I pay one of my big purchase right after and notice it wasn't apply to it, I ask them about it, still paying high interest on my big purchases.

I set up a PayPal account last year with the hopes of using it eventually with eBay. I only used it for the first (and last) time a couple of weeks ago when I made my first sale on Ebay. I thought it was great! Now that the buyer of a $400 set of golf binoculars (that I sold for $150) has taken me for a ride, have I discovered what a hack operation this joke is. I was an easy target for this scumbag on Ebay I admit because for some reason I still think there might be an honest person out there.

He paid with an echeck originally and the next day, the payment showed cancelled. I asked him about it and he commented that this happened to him before and what a "nightmare" it was. He offered to pay me directly through paypal instead of ebay and I fell for it. He paid this time and it went straight in, he was even nice enough to stiff me on the shipping charges. That should have tipped me off, but I shipped it anyway because he said it would save me on the seller fees.

Now a few days later, I get an email from a dispute on Paypal. Not one peep from this scammer until then. I had proof and plenty of evidence proving it worked before I sent it... Heck I only used it a couple times. I called paypal the moment he got rude with me in email accusing me of trying to "make a quick buck". They told me to send the information and I did. I sent it all, pictures, videos... emails, everything! I get a response this morning that they have sided with that jerk. They will let me know when he returns it to me... I'm guessing it will be a different set all together or they will now be broken. Never again, bunch of crooks! I'm better off giving my credit card to a 13 year old.

I purchased a piece of jewelry listed as 14k solid gold with natural, genuine tanzanite and diamonds after emailing the seller to verify the gold was 14k solid (not plated) and the stones were genuine, untreated and not created in a lab. The ring came. It was stamped 14k but it felt like plastic. The ring looked fake so I took it to my jeweler who is a certified gemologist. She took photos and appraised the ring as worthless junk (not the term). She said that although the seller had stamped 14k on it, it was not gold at all and the stones were glass. I scanned the report and sent it to Paypal (as requested).

The seller offered a small amount of my money back but I wanted a full refund. Then the seller wanted me to return the item but would not pay for the shipping. I returned the item when Paypal told me to. I provided a scan of the tracking slip and received a confirmation email. I waited and waited, calling every week, to check on the status of my refund. Each week I was told they were waiting for confirmation by the seller that they had received it. I spoke with them last week and pointed out that since the seller was willing to cheat customers by selling fake jewelry, why are we expecting them to be honest about receiving them item back.

Today I received an email saying my case was closed because the tracking number was invalid and no refund would be given!! This is the first time in several weeks of calls I have heard anything like this, plus they got the tracking slip emailed to them! The buyer's guarantee is as fake as the jewelry Paypal continues to let this thief sell. What can I do to call attention to this?

My son and I have PayPal accounts, we have used them frequently. When my son set up account he listed his birthdate and his credit card. He has a job that pays him via PayPal. He never had a issue until tried transfer funds. He and I called and spoke to Mike. Mike wanted him to send his government ID via email. He stated when we said we didn't feel comfortable with that, he said bc he wasn't 18 that he would not return for 180 days. We demanded supervisor, spoke Travis ** who stated he won't get money until 18. I asked if I could go on account to help him get paid through job he's been doing. He stated no. My son was upset, as I. He works hard and never was told. He explained he had purchased many things before and no issue.

I asked for corporate number and he couldn't provide, just address. My son demanded they send his pay back to employer. Finally after all this they did. They put him through so much unnecessary stress that I had to write this. His account is locked now. I hope someone steps in to this and addresses this. If it was that much of a issue why different through two different people that we spoke to. Why couldn't they put his earnings on mine? Why try and keep it. Very concerned about this company. Thank you for your time!

PayPal must be shut down and put out of business. Look at all the pain and suffering they are causing. They have millions of negative reviews. They just shut my online business down that I had for years and years because I was becoming too successful. They're going down. We must work together to put them out of business completely.

Please beware of using PayPal. I have insight to know this is a horrible company. When PayPal first started they cared about their customers and employees. They were a wonderful company. Not anymore. Try to use another way of paying for your items. Please do not pay for items such as rental, boats, cars and so on. Use your credit card or other means to protect yourself. You will be sent to an overseas call center and will not find resolution. Please beware of this company.

We have 2 accounts with paypal under the same last name and bank account. They used the second account as an excuse to hold cash deposits for 3 weeks or more before they release it to us. We've been doing business with them for over 10 years with NO PROBLEMS WITH OUR BUYERS, EVER! They say that the new account (only open for about 3 months) has this HOLD on the cash because it is new. It is not new. It is attached to an account that has established a perfect rating in regards to customer payments and refunds. We think paypal needs to be SUED again. (They've already been involved in multiple lawsuits and 'class action 'lawsuits. Look it up.)

First of all don't be confused with the 3 stars. I would give the company -3 if I didn't get an angel from the Paypal Chandler AZ to help me. Anyhow, I use Paypal to make purchases online. I also occasionally sell on Ebay. Recently I had a balance in my Paypal from selling a few of my items and decided to shop with it on line. Well Paypal took my balance as well as charged my debit card. I noticed the following day and contacted Paypal. I spoke to a rep from another country that interrupted me and told me to call the vendor to get my money back. So I contacted the vendor (the online store). They explained there is only one invoice number so they received one payment and redirected me to Paypal. Again another hard to understand rep cut me off, asked me the same questions and again blamed the vendor.

So I called the vendor again. This time the vendor had me read the transaction numbers which were two different one but on invoice number, so we called Paypal on 3 way.... Got a 3rd outsourced rep that cut off me and the vendor and argued with both of us. I had to go to work so the gal from the online store said she would write an e-mail to her manager to contact Paypal explaining they only received one payment and to refund my money. After work I decided to call Paypal again but this time I Googled the number to the US location in Chandler AZ near my home to help me.

The rep Kelly not only let me tell the whole story and took the time to look over the situation but she said she would get to the bottom of everything and resolve it. Well 10 minutes later I have my money back! Thank you Kelly!!! You deserve 5 stars and are the reason I gave 3 rather than 1, 1 because you can't give 0. Paypal get it together! Stop outsourcing for one, and just because you're such a large company doesn't mean customer service should be crap. There will be a competitor that will come into the market, and provide better customer services and your high and mighty company will no longer exist, kinda like AT&T.

On Aug 27, 2016, I sent money to my daughter for my granddaughters through PayPal. In the memo, I put "for Isis and Alayah. Let me know if this is better than sending check". I received an e-mail shortly afterwards stating that my payment was pending. They said a temporary hold had been placed on it in order to comply with Government Regulations. They said that they were required to view certain transactions. I called them about 3 times to see what was going on because I have been with them for 8 years and never had anything happen like this before. I tried to cancel transaction so I could send money another way, because my granddaughter needed it right away and they said I could not. I seriously thought someone had hacked my account so I changed my password.

I did not think much more about it after that until last night when I received an e-mail asking me to please explain who or what is Isis for. I could not believe it. I immediately called my daughter and told her what happened. She said my granddaughter Isis has been getting picked on by kids as well as teachers because of her name and that when asked what her name is she gives her middle name. I tried to forward the e-mail PayPal sent me to her and it came back as undeliverable. This morning after being up all night paranoid. I call my daughter again and she said her account had been flagged.

I am a 100% permanent and totaled disabled Gulf War veteran and I cannot believe this. PayPal is monitoring people's account. My husband had to come home early today. I am hyperventilating as I write this. To know that someone is watching you, listening to you is too much. I have Bipolar with psychosis and anxiety. As requested I emailed PayPal last night. Once I got the email and told them that Isis is my granddaughter. I fax them this morning and told them the same thing. I have not heard from them. I did call them and told them to take this off my account. They told me it was unfortunate that I had a granddaughter by the name of Isis.

I have used PayPal since it started offering services. I used it primarily for eBay purchases. Years later I started using their service to pay small recurring online bills for various web services. Last month I look at my bank account and see charges from PayPal amounting to just under $500. I called PayPal and was assured that everything would be fixed. After talking to them I filed a dispute online for these mystery charges. I also phoned my bank and informed them of my issue. The bank immediately returned my funds and I felt relieved that this was all over. 2 weeks later PayPal collections calls me to collect a negative balance on my account. I spoke to them about the fact that the charges were some sort of fraud. Again, they seemed sympathetic and said they would get it fixed.

2 weeks after that (which is today) I get a call from a third party collection company who are wanting to receive payment for my negative balance. Again, I tell them what happened and they are seemingly sympathetic. So I call back to PayPal and this time I am furious. The rep offers to resubmit a claim request for me. I tell him that I am done. I can't afford for anything to go into the collections and affect my credit rating. His response is that if I pay the amount owed, that I am admitting that the charges were mine. And I start to get really upset.

As of now, I either pay for someone's fraud or I pay dearly with my credit score. PayPal was born at a time when banks took months to take action against fraud... a time when we couldn't use our credit/debit cards easily or safely. PayPal is a service that circumvents standard fraud protection practices and is no more than a safe haven for people to commit crime while residing under the protection of these jokers. After so many years of use with no issues, I now have had to fully migrate away from PayPal's criminal safe haven. Anyone who uses their service will eventually get screwed... It's not an IF, it's a WHEN. And when it happens to you, you will find out how empty their stated protection services are. Take a stand. One customer at a time until the world knows the real truth. PayPal is a SCAM.

I have been using PayPal and eBay for a few years now. This is the email I got last night: "Between June 16 and August 5, 2016, PayPal unintentionally posted 1 credit(s) totaling 149.99 USD to your credit or debit card. We need to correct this error by debiting 149.99 USD from your PayPal account on September 2. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this situation may cause. Our teams are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds available on September 2 to avoid incurring a negative PayPal account balance. If your account balance becomes negative, you can log in to your PayPal account and, next to your displayed balance, select Resolve Your Negative Balance."

Umm wait... So I have to pay for your company's mistake that never occurred? Absolutely not. NO! No, that is not alright and you should be sorry! I live off of SSI on 700$ a month! I would notice if there was an extra 150$ deposited in my account from anyone. There was no 149.99 deposited to my debit card over that period of time and I can prove it. Notice the email does not say which card it was... That is because this never happened. This is criminal behavior on PayPal's side and I won't do business with them or eBay anymore. This is fraud and it stinks. I'm done with them and suggest others do the same. Bankers are the biggest criminals on the planet right now and this is flagrant ** of the first order!

I sold an item via eBay using PayPal. The customer was not happy with the item. She contacted me via PayPal and wanted a refund. I replied (through PayPal) that I would return her money once I received the returned item. I contacted her through my personal email and gave her my phone number if she wanted to discuss. She filed a PayPal dispute, saying she would not return my item until she got her money back - $225.00 not including postage. I contacted PayPal. They advised me to refund, and they would see to it that she returned the merchandise and if anything was out of order (merchandise was not in the condition I sent it), they would revoke her refund. I refunded her money via PayPal. I never got the merchandise back.

I contacted PayPal AGAIN (one hour phone call) and opened a dispute. They ruled in favor of the customer, saying I refunded her money. Yes, I did - upon THEIR advisement. I am left with no recourse - I have paid my PayPal off and never intend to use it again. After reading these reviews, I am so sorry I trusted them at their word. They lie. Their phone correspondents try to smooth things over by making empty promises. I was told a REFUND would be coming my way if she did not return the merchandise. By TWO different people via PayPal phone conversations. Never again.

Bought $640 worth of 10 boxes of product (infant formula). Seller sent 10 boxes (40 cans). 3/10 boxes were incorrect flavor. I returned 3 boxes and the dishonest seller never refunded my $192 back. PayPal closed my dispute in favor of Seller with "item violates the PayPal acceptable use policy" without telling me what is it that I violated?... WTF?... Filed a credit card charged back with all of my documentations and got my credit back within 5 days. I shouldn't even wasted 1 month with PayPal resolution center and should just go directly to my credit card. Paypal protection is a joke.

If anyone for any reasons has you pay for anything via requesting money. And you pay with a PayPal balance, you are not covered in event of scam. PayPal only covers transactions paid with CC because they are paid back by CC company. Essentially they offer no coverage. We made a payment for a rental on PayPal. On move in date keys didn't work. Paypal said as long as the other party does not call or respond in 10 days we get money back.

5 days later the mystery Asian lady scammer calls them back do dispute charge back, 3-way call. Lady tells them we can come now, we have already drove 4 times to supposedly meet lady for keys. She never shows up, so we explain that the keys she gave don't work and other people live there and say they rent it. The rep says we need to drive 1.5 hrs again to go meet. Because we did not pay with a credit card no dispute is possible unless we work it out with scammer.

They let her keep the stolen money. We called police. Police told us that they cannot do anything because there is zero way to prove that that woman is the person who collected that payment online, and explained to us in depth, that PayPal is not a safe way to pay anything, that scammers and thieves know the policies so well they can open accounts with stolen id's and run dozens of scams for thousands without any interference from PayPal. And unfortunately, they cannot do anything about it. They told us they wish they could help, but unfortunately they cannot.

I had a charge on my account that wasnt supposed to be there and after weeks emailing paypal and calling a few times my claim keeps being closed and I'm told to contact the saleright. I've tried for weeks with no luck but they dont care I'm out money. They got their fee so that's all that matters. I had an business account but no its just a personal account because my bank is trying to help me now and I have to leave my account open until this is taken care of. I'll be glad when it's over and I can close my account and never use them again. I will only use square from now on for invoicing and paying. Beware of using PayPal. They are there to help you if there's a problem.

This company is absolutely unbelievable. They're not even going to send me a reply to my mails after one week. They have this new rule now that you can't get your money out from them unless you provide a bank account. All fine and dandy, except that bank has to be in US and I am not an US citizen. This is beyond stupid. Why allow me to make an account from Europe if you're not allowing me to withdraw my money? I've been trying to contact them on the matter, but they just don't seem to care. To top if off, after sending me some default email they had the audacity to send me an email where I should review their "performance for customer support". What customer support I might ask? There was absolutely none!!!

This company is an absolute and complete joke. Needless to say, I have made a refund with my money and moved on to another option. This is an unbelievably stupid and awkward way of doing business. Sorry PayPal management, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't care about me I will not care about you anymore. There were others before that were "too big to fall", but, as history noted, the bigger they were, the larger the noise when they hit the ground.

I used to think PayPal was a convenient way to pay for lots and lots of things and services online. I even had some recurring payments set up for things like Netflix etc. I have recently moved all of my recurring payments to my credit card and will NEVER use PayPal to pay for anything online unless there is no other choice. The reason is because a year ago I signed up for a software membership site. Apparently when I paid for the first year of membership through PayPal I agreed to a "payment agreement" with the merchant.

Yesterday they auto billed me for a one year renewal which I do not want because I'm not using their software anymore. The merchant refused to reverse the charge and I thought PayPal would be able to help me out. NO, they are on the side of the merchant by referencing the payment agreement, which I was completely unaware was set up. Or since it's been a year, I forgot if I did agree to that. Either way, it's something I don't want and the money was simply taken from my account and both the merchant and PayPal refuse to return it.

This is ROBBERY. At least if you use a credit card you have some recourse. If you are using PayPal, make sure you cancel any and all payment agreements that you have in your account or you run the risk of the merchants being able to take money from you whenever they like. These are set up automatically so make sure you don't have any set up.

Paypal will violate their User Agreements, arbitrarily withhold your money, lie to you through customer service and leave you with no recourse. I have been an Ebay member since 2003, and have been using Paypal since 2011. I occasionally sell my extra camera equipment and have never had any issues or disputes selling anything. I recently sold three lenses at 500$, 200$ and 650$ and Paypal decided to withhold the funds on the 500$ and 600$ payments without notifying me which is against their legal agreement, Section 10.5 requiring a notification.

When I realized I could not get my funds, I checked their own website giving possible reasons for a hold. 1. New Seller 2. History of Disputes 3. Unusual activity or high risk item. I have been a Paypal customer for +5 years, and have not had any disputes. Camera lenses are not listed as their high risk item, and the average selling price of my sales is 200$. I called their customer service which aspires to be horrible.

Emailing them returns an automated response disregarding my questions. Replying to that email also gives a standardized reply without addressing my concerns. I then called, and the first person could not tell me why my funds were on hold or what I could do to prevent it from happening again. The second time I called, the person told me Ebay had requested a hold placed. After calling Ebay and finding out this was not true, I called Paypal back. I was told there was nothing I could do, no way to prevent it from happening in the future, and I just have to wait.

I have spent 3 hours with their customer service attempting to access my funds which were illegally held by Paypal. As a loyal customer of 5 years, all I can say is that I have never had a such a terrible experience with a company. Their customer service will do nothing to help you. If there was any viable alternative to using Paypal for Ebay sales, I would choose it immediately. For those who have a choice, do not use this company.

A buyer opened a claim for a handmade item that could take up to 3 months. Of course they didn't read the completing time so they opened a case, I rushed to ship the package out to find that the address/label had a error and the post office turned it to me. I reshipped the package that ended up being delivered to the exact address the buyer gave me. Since it was a new tracking number I couldn't update the tracking number on the website, I had to call. The first call I told the agent what happened and he said "Ok no problem, I'll put the new tracking here & have it closed in 24-28hrs". I then later got a email saying it was denied. So Im confused...

I waited the next day to call again about the case & spoke to some woman that told me it was denied because it was a different tracking number. I explain to her that I was told the original label had a error and the post office refunded me for the label so I reshipped it again. She tells me I need to go to the post office and get a letter claiming that they gave it back to me. I'm here like "??? Please connect me to someone else, because you aren't exactly helping me" So she connects me to the "Supervisor Manager" of Claims, his name is Ken.

I explained to him what happened and he basically told me he couldn't help me. Even though on the web screen it said "IF YOU HAVE ANY NEW INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CASE YOU CAN APPEAL THE DECISION" which is exactly what I called for & now they won't even stand by their own writing. A bunch of idiots that don't know to deal with anything. Everyone gives you a different answer and then someone tells you something completely different. PayPal has lost all my respect, I will never use their payment platform or card readers at pop-up shops ever again. I use Shopify or Square in the future.

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PayPal was founded in 1998, and eBay acquired it in 2002. The company now has nearly 200 million active customers, and in 2015 the company hosted approximately 4.9 billion transactions. Customers in more than 200 countries can use the company’s services and hold money in their accounts in 25 different currencies. Consumers can use the service to transfer money to other individuals, pay bills, make online purchases, make donations and obtain financing.

  • Online payments: Consumers can use PayPal to check out on millions of websites. Those who are uncomfortable putting their credit card information on lots of different sites can pay with PayPal, ensuring their information is stored with a single company.
  • Credit: PayPal Credit is the company’s financing option, which lets customers have flexible payment options. It can be used online, in stores and even to send money to someone else. Availability is subject to credit approval.
  • App: Using the PayPal app, customers can make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores with their PayPal account, send money from their mobile device and check out with PayPal when shopping on their device. The app is available for Apple, Android and Microsoft devices.
  • Recurring payments: Consumers can use their PayPal account to set up recurring payments for subscriptions for a variety of services, including Spotify, Netflix, Angie’s List,, and more.
  • Fees: Customers do not pay fees when they make a purchase with their PayPal account. When consumers send money to another individual’s PayPal account and use money already in their PayPal account or in a bank account linked to their PayPal account, there is no fee.
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