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Bought $640 worth of 10 boxes of product (infant formula). Seller sent 10 boxes (40 cans). 3/10 boxes were incorrect flavor. I returned 3 boxes and the dishonest seller never refunded my $192 back. PayPal closed my dispute in favor of Seller with "item violates the PayPal acceptable use policy" without telling me what is it that I violated?... WTF?... Filed a credit card charged back with all of my documentations and got my credit back within 5 days. I shouldn't even wasted 1 month with PayPal resolution center and should just go directly to my credit card. Paypal protection is a joke.

If anyone for any reasons has you pay for anything via requesting money. And you pay with a PayPal balance, you are not covered in event of scam. PayPal only covers transactions paid with CC because they are paid back by CC company. Essentially they offer no coverage. We made a payment for a rental on PayPal. On move in date keys didn't work. Paypal said as long as the other party does not call or respond in 10 days we get money back.

5 days later the mystery Asian lady scammer calls them back do dispute charge back, 3-way call. Lady tells them we can come now, we have already drove 4 times to supposedly meet lady for keys. She never shows up, so we explain that the keys she gave don't work and other people live there and say they rent it. The rep says we need to drive 1.5 hrs again to go meet. Because we did not pay with a credit card no dispute is possible unless we work it out with scammer.

They let her keep the stolen money. We called police. Police told us that they cannot do anything because there is zero way to prove that that woman is the person who collected that payment online, and explained to us in depth, that PayPal is not a safe way to pay anything, that scammers and thieves know the policies so well they can open accounts with stolen id's and run dozens of scams for thousands without any interference from PayPal. And unfortunately, they cannot do anything about it. They told us they wish they could help, but unfortunately they cannot.

I had a charge on my account that wasnt supposed to be there and after weeks emailing paypal and calling a few times my claim keeps being closed and I'm told to contact the saleright. I've tried for weeks with no luck but they dont care I'm out money. They got their fee so that's all that matters. I had an business account but no its just a personal account because my bank is trying to help me now and I have to leave my account open until this is taken care of. I'll be glad when it's over and I can close my account and never use them again. I will only use square from now on for invoicing and paying. Beware of using PayPal. They are there to help you if there's a problem.

This company is absolutely unbelievable. They're not even going to send me a reply to my mails after one week. They have this new rule now that you can't get your money out from them unless you provide a bank account. All fine and dandy, except that bank has to be in US and I am not an US citizen. This is beyond stupid. Why allow me to make an account from Europe if you're not allowing me to withdraw my money? I've been trying to contact them on the matter, but they just don't seem to care. To top if off, after sending me some default email they had the audacity to send me an email where I should review their "performance for customer support". What customer support I might ask? There was absolutely none!!!

This company is an absolute and complete joke. Needless to say, I have made a refund with my money and moved on to another option. This is an unbelievably stupid and awkward way of doing business. Sorry PayPal management, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You don't care about me I will not care about you anymore. There were others before that were "too big to fall", but, as history noted, the bigger they were, the larger the noise when they hit the ground.

I used to think PayPal was a convenient way to pay for lots and lots of things and services online. I even had some recurring payments set up for things like Netflix etc. I have recently moved all of my recurring payments to my credit card and will NEVER use PayPal to pay for anything online unless there is no other choice. The reason is because a year ago I signed up for a software membership site. Apparently when I paid for the first year of membership through PayPal I agreed to a "payment agreement" with the merchant.

Yesterday they auto billed me for a one year renewal which I do not want because I'm not using their software anymore. The merchant refused to reverse the charge and I thought PayPal would be able to help me out. NO, they are on the side of the merchant by referencing the payment agreement, which I was completely unaware was set up. Or since it's been a year, I forgot if I did agree to that. Either way, it's something I don't want and the money was simply taken from my account and both the merchant and PayPal refuse to return it.

This is ROBBERY. At least if you use a credit card you have some recourse. If you are using PayPal, make sure you cancel any and all payment agreements that you have in your account or you run the risk of the merchants being able to take money from you whenever they like. These are set up automatically so make sure you don't have any set up.

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Paypal will violate their User Agreements, arbitrarily withhold your money, lie to you through customer service and leave you with no recourse. I have been an Ebay member since 2003, and have been using Paypal since 2011. I occasionally sell my extra camera equipment and have never had any issues or disputes selling anything. I recently sold three lenses at 500$, 200$ and 650$ and Paypal decided to withhold the funds on the 500$ and 600$ payments without notifying me which is against their legal agreement, Section 10.5 requiring a notification.

When I realized I could not get my funds, I checked their own website giving possible reasons for a hold. 1. New Seller 2. History of Disputes 3. Unusual activity or high risk item. I have been a Paypal customer for +5 years, and have not had any disputes. Camera lenses are not listed as their high risk item, and the average selling price of my sales is 200$. I called their customer service which aspires to be horrible.

Emailing them returns an automated response disregarding my questions. Replying to that email also gives a standardized reply without addressing my concerns. I then called, and the first person could not tell me why my funds were on hold or what I could do to prevent it from happening again. The second time I called, the person told me Ebay had requested a hold placed. After calling Ebay and finding out this was not true, I called Paypal back. I was told there was nothing I could do, no way to prevent it from happening in the future, and I just have to wait.

I have spent 3 hours with their customer service attempting to access my funds which were illegally held by Paypal. As a loyal customer of 5 years, all I can say is that I have never had a such a terrible experience with a company. Their customer service will do nothing to help you. If there was any viable alternative to using Paypal for Ebay sales, I would choose it immediately. For those who have a choice, do not use this company.

A buyer opened a claim for a handmade item that could take up to 3 months. Of course they didn't read the completing time so they opened a case, I rushed to ship the package out to find that the address/label had a error and the post office turned it to me. I reshipped the package that ended up being delivered to the exact address the buyer gave me. Since it was a new tracking number I couldn't update the tracking number on the website, I had to call. The first call I told the agent what happened and he said "Ok no problem, I'll put the new tracking here & have it closed in 24-28hrs". I then later got a email saying it was denied. So Im confused...

I waited the next day to call again about the case & spoke to some woman that told me it was denied because it was a different tracking number. I explain to her that I was told the original label had a error and the post office refunded me for the label so I reshipped it again. She tells me I need to go to the post office and get a letter claiming that they gave it back to me. I'm here like "??? Please connect me to someone else, because you aren't exactly helping me" So she connects me to the "Supervisor Manager" of Claims, his name is Ken.

I explained to him what happened and he basically told me he couldn't help me. Even though on the web screen it said "IF YOU HAVE ANY NEW INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CASE YOU CAN APPEAL THE DECISION" which is exactly what I called for & now they won't even stand by their own writing. A bunch of idiots that don't know to deal with anything. Everyone gives you a different answer and then someone tells you something completely different. PayPal has lost all my respect, I will never use their payment platform or card readers at pop-up shops ever again. I use Shopify or Square in the future.

I have been trying for 3 weeks to get a resolution as to why I cannot transfer funds to my paypal student accounts. I call the crappy customer service and I am put on hold for hours and no one returns to the phone. On one occasion, I was transferred a total of 8 times and all 8 time I received 8 different answers. I even emailed them, no response received. I am in the process of trying to find out who their competition is. They can't be any worse than this. It is unacceptable to treat customers this way, especially when you have all of their personal financial info. THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NONEXISTENT!! I AM ON HOLD AS I TYPE THIS AND HAVE BEEN FOR 30 MINUTES!!!

On June 6, 2016 I bought an item from eBay using Paypal, and it cost around 109,5 euro - and PayPal debited the same amount twice from my German bank account, whereas only one transaction showed up in my PayPal account. I phoned the PayPal service and they suggested I cancel the 2nd transaction with my German bank. And my bank proved there were two transactions with the same amount of different transaction numbers coming from PayPal. However, PayPal couldn't resolve this issue and blocked my account until I reported the unauthorized transaction and made several phone calls with PayPal again. And they said the issue seemed to be solved in the system and they couldn't do anything about it.

After two months, on 20 Aug 2016, I got a phone call from Dublin asking me to pay the amount + their extra fee for a total of 112 euro. Sorry, I don't think it's worth my time dealing with this company again, so I just paid 112 euro and closed my PayPal account. 112 euro is not a big amount compared to the time I lost. The issue of duplicate transactions was a well-known bug (e.g. in Australia 2015). I was surprised a huge company like PayPal was unable to solve this issue. And their clients have to pay the price for their bugs. Sorry, it's unthinkable. I'd not recommend you use the service provided by this company.

Bought a computer online through PayPal. Paid PayPal $229 which they paid for the computer. I requested a cancellation of the deal which the supplier did promptly, and the supplier then sent the money back to PayPal who notified me I had the money in my PayPal account. Problem is, my PayPal account was frozen as I cancelled it long ago. They are the bottom of the barrel and not worthy to be in business. They refuse to discuss the matter. They are trying to verify who I am (my name, address, and credit card # were on the payment) and are now holding MY money!

Tried to send a payment to someone for $251.15, and for whatever reason I kept getting an error that said "Your recipient doesn't accept payments from this kind of card or bank. Choose another and try again." I knew the money was in my account, so I had no idea why it was declining my debit card... So it defaulted to using my bank account. Transfer sent, and then the seller realized it placed a hold on the money. Instantly she cancelled the transaction...

We figured all was in the clear, and I tried to send again. This time I tried to send $235.00 since she said she'd cover shipping for me. Once again it wouldn't use my debit card, so it defaulted to the bank account again, and again it had a wait time. She cancelled again. Both cancellations were within 24 hours of when the transfers were initiated.. Finally, I use my debit card to add a balance to my PayPal and send it to her that way. This goes through and she has funds instantly. I think I'm in the clear.

Nope! Today PayPal has taken $251.15 from my bank account... I call PayPal and am told there's nothing they can do about it. It will take 3-5 BUSINESS days for it to go back as a PayPal balance, and then another 3-5 BUSINESS days to transfer that balance back to my bank account! It's Friday... Yesterday was pay day. It's easily going to be the end of next week, if not the start of the week AFTER THAT before I see any of that money!

After the working transfer of $235.00 and paying all my bills, I only had about $275 left. That was my food budget. Now, with $251.15 gone, I have a food and gas budget (for a family of 4) of about $23... So THANKS PAYPAL! How about you come explain to my kids why we have no food and our vehicles won't move for the next week to week and a half! Thanks!

My dispute is with PayPal. May 25, 2016 I made a purchase for $71.85 using PayPal (credit). My account had a zero balance. The next statement I received was July 8, 2016 for $98.85. I thought this was a purchase, however it was the original amount I owed ($71.85) plus late fee and interest. There is nothing on the statement that says I have missed a payment and that a late fee is attached. I never received the original statement. I have all my PayPal payments and statements going back to 2012. I don't delete them. I never got the statement. I checked my trash file, I don't empty that either. I suppose it could have gone to the spam account, but then why do I have 3 1/2 years worth of PayPal email that did not?

I admit that this one payment got overlooked after I received the statement for $98.85. I only noticed that when I received a paper invoice for $135.85, which I paid immediately once I saw I had missed the payment date. My records will show I always pay on time, or well before. In looking up my account, I could not find a purchase for $98.85, and called PayPal as I thought my account had been hacked. That was when I found out that I was two months in arrears and not just a little over a month. Of course, as I had already paid the full amount, I had no recourse for recovering any of the $64.00 finance and fee charges. I have since lost faith in paperless statements and have changed that. Without proof it becomes a classic "he said, she said" argument. I say I never got the original statement, backed up by statements and payments all the way back to 2012, and the PayPal customer service people say it probably went to spam or "got lost on the internet".

Using PayPal is as good as using garbage!!! Their system is crappy and their call center staff are just dumb. I will never ever use it or advise anyone else to use this crap called PayPal. Just so everyone knows, if you have a PayPal account and you are changing countries, then you should create a new PayPal account and also sending money to PayPal account to bank in different country is impossible.

Made an eBay refund for $33.98 through PeePAL they have had my money since 8/12 and still haven't refunded eBay buyer. NON-Customer service said they hadn't gotten the money despite my Wells Fargo confirmation that they have been sitting on the money for 4 days already and intend to sit on it for at least 6 days.

They are just funneling money through SYNCHRONY FINANCIAL and making money on the stall... GREEDY HOGS!!! DO NOT USE PEEPAL UNLESS YOU TOO WANT TO GET SCREWED!!!

My account was "limited" recently just because of the fact that I entered the wrong date of birth unknowingly while signing up. How stupid is that? And on top of that instead helping me as a customer resolve this issue and provide me with options they instead they send me a very rude email telling me that they will continue to put my cards and account on hold until I contact their customer service to deal with this issue.

They are completely unprofessional and I do not tolerate business handling their users like this no matter how big of a company they are. I will no longer be using PayPal and I hope you don't as well unless you want to be treated poorly and use a company that should be working FOR you not AGAINST you. Absolutely absurd.

I paid for service through PayPal for the "Payment Protection on goods and services". I even clicked the little button to confirm this was for goods and services and needed protection before sending payment. When I called to make complaint that services were not done, others were partly done, additionally my home was damaged, and fixtures were stolen from property. The initial customer service representative (which I was later told by third customer service representative that she was the best, won awards, and "knows what she's talking about"), she assured me my claim was covered. I made claim she explained the process and said I'd be contacted for evidence if needed but only if a rebuttal was needed. I wasn't offered the opportunity to offer evidence, affidavit (as apparently he did), or rebuttal to what he said.

My case was closed 5 days early not in my favor. Stating goods as described. Although it was goods and services. When you're charged for things not done at all that's not correct. She told me worst case scenario is get money back for services not rendered. She suspected I'd get all money back. After it was closed (after 10pm when cannot call and talk to anyone) I called back next day asking what happened and why information was inaccurate and not descriptive. I was connected with a very rude and angry male who told me I wasn't entitled to any money back and Id never get any money back. He (at first refused to file appeal), he finally agreed to file appeal telling me I have no chance and cannot get my money back.

I asked why stating "I'm getting completely opposite information from two different people that have same job at same company. Is there misinformation she gave me or you're basing your conclusion on something else?" He yelled over me interrupting me multiple times. I said "I'm trying to understand. Can you please listen to my question and then respond. I'm not saying she's right or you are. I just want to know why I'm getting such a polar opposite information and reaction. Different people might have differing opinion or different point of view but to have opposite - this doesn't make sense." He continued interrupting me until he hung up on me. No callback.

Then I received an email a few minutes later that he had filed appeal and I had 3 days to respond online (even though I explained I do not have a "computer". Only mobile phone and tablet). I asked repeatedly if there was any other way to submit evidence as my case had been decided without evidence. The following day I went to Staples (as I told him I'd have to pay and rent a computer). I used the computer to log on site. I was able to see the person I made claim against had been able to submit all his "evidence" through email. I had a link to submit. I submitted some photos online then it said I couldn't submit anymore online and would have to fax with this specific fax cover sheet. I submitted 7 photos online then additionally 78 photos through fax (he could've emailed me the fax cover sheet). I spent over $100 using computer printing pictures and sending fax long distance.

After this I called following day as faxes hadn't been processed and weren't showing up. I spoke with a third customer service representative. Explained everything including two representatives telling me completely opposite things. She said the first woman who was pleasant and helpful and said I'd receive worst case partial payment (for undone work) and completion of job; was the number one customer service representative in her department and knew her stuff. Said she won awards and was the ideal person for me to talk to.

She reviewed account and filed complaint asking for review of second call representative and of team that had closed my case without following procedure including allowing both of us to submit evidence and affidavit of what happened. She said she was sorry for what I'd gone through and she recommended relaxing and I'd be contacted for my affidavit as he had been before they closed it. That even (again just after 10pm when no one is available to speak to on phone) my appeal was closed not in my favor again.

I have zero faith in PayPal as no one knows what is covered when it's their job to know and continually lied to mistreated and left out of the process. I used PayPal because of protection for goods and services. I will be closing my PayPal and EBay account after this is all over and never, ever use them again. I will try filing complaint through my credit card company and if need be through small claims court. PayPal and EBay are dead to me.

I transferred funds to my bank account. After almost a week, they said it was rejected. No reasons why. I was charged about $6 for the error that I dont know about. I said "it's fine". I registered another one, making sure everything is perfect since I dont want to be charged another $6. Same thing happened again. That's almost $12 wasted in PayPal. I tried calling them but said my number was not registered. It is registered, probably not validated so I tried validating it. I did not get any code until the code expired. I tried email, but answers doesnt match my concern. I email again. I was told to check the website and create a new ticket. I just want my $12 back and I can go elsewhere.

THE MAKING. USE YOUR GIFT CARDS YOURSELF WITH VENDORS. Very frustrated with PayPal announcing they completely honor gift cards. I had one for $100 and tried to use it on a purchase for $172 WRONGLY thinking logically that the card would have the $100 value deducted and then PayPal would deduct remainder from my backup account which had plenty of funding to cover.

8 days later no product shipped so checked my acct and payment cancelled... WRONG WRONG WRONG. Stupid me for not knowing PayPal would try to deduct full amount and then cancel the transaction completely and not notify me of a problem. After three calls to them (and first one where they blamed vendor), I told they have a hierarchy so I can only charge amounts UNDER the gift card value. Give me a break. Don't have time to penny by penny try to use my gift card in full.

Don't waste your time registering gift cards on PayPal. Chances are you will lose some of it and if a few million people have to leave a dollar on each card. It's quite the take for PayPal. Rip off. PS. Also now I can't use the gift card for 10 days because PayPal tried to take more than what was on the card. Lost my product deal and will pay $60 MORE NOW for same items. Thanks for nothing, PayPal.

I had my PayPal account for 6 years with few problems. My husband's card was linked to my account and I had zero issues with using it go buy various items and services through PayPal. Well, a few days ago I used an Uber, with his account as a primary account and another low account that I had not yet deposited funds, but when I went to check my accounts, his hadn't been touched. But my secondary was overdrawn almost $50! I tried to remove all my info because I did not trust the company at this point, but they didn't allow me because they were putting the same charge through to my other accounts!

I called Chase to have it disputed, which they graciously handled. PayPal's customer service was terrible, when I explained that I wanted to close my account out of frustration, the rep was a rude douchebag and told me that ,"the card wasn't mine". I told him that it was my husband's and that I've never had problems before, to which he spoke over me rudely and said ,"sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't." I reiterated that I wanted my account closed, and he hung up on me. I'm through with this company, they went downhill. If you don't want Opie mishandling your funds and bank account, STAY AWAY.

I have been doing business with PayPal for a while and they have frequently limited my account without explanation and have closed it without warning. They held the funds for 180 days. My business came to an abrupt stop. I am informing merchants of these faulty business practices to help keep their business in good standing and to avoid using PayPal.

I normally usually only use paypal to buy items however for the first time sold an item that cost me double of what I sold it for for starters plus have used my own money to send it thinking there would be no problems. Was in touch with the buyer who said they had sent the money through paypal on Saturday 29th July which was on a weekend. It had not shown up in my paypal till Monday 1st of August the day I sent it to her. I'm actually fuming right now wondering what can I do because sorry but I don't have any faith in paypal fixing this problem let alone listening to me because they have sent me an email with links that went NOWHERE and they make it hard to contact them however I will attempt tomorrow to ring. Not confident in them answering. It seems its too late. They have already reversed the payment that was pending and meant for me because apparently I had some dash case against me to do with this. WHAT???

I sent the item packaged up nicely even printed off the paypal receipt and sent that the same day. I actually could see the money pending in my paypal account and I sent the buyer the tracking number. She got that and thanked me and it was tracked to her home town. Said it was delivered within that week Friday 5th August 2016 according to the tracking, I then sent paypal what I had to for this apparent case in evidence which was evidence of the tracking number and a receipt thinking that was all they needed cause they had not ask me for anything else so I was awaiting the money to be credited to my account. Just thought I would hop on and have look to see if anything had changed and BOOM the money has been reversed back to the buyer. I have nothing. She has a beautiful dress. FREE???

What can I do?? I thought paypal looked after both the buyers and sellers safe and secure. I never signed up this. I'm sure if the lady didnt get the dress she would of let me know because the communication was good. I did email her and ask her to confirm if she did or not on Sunday and she has not replied so I'm gathering she has it because she would be contacting me otherwise asking where it is so maybe a bit of dishonesty on her part. Not sure. All I know as a seller this time I have not been looked after and out of pocket and paypal had the ultimate control over that transaction and no real explanation why to me. Furthermore I sold this item on gumtree and stated there was no refund on the item, also that's where the option was to sell the item through paypal. Obviously a dumb move.

First and last time using PayPal to receive payments for my business. I received a 2500 payment from my customer and PayPal put a 21-day hold on the funds without any type of notice until after my client paid! Called customer service and was told by the first person there is nothing they could do, yet they give me the ability to online to request an increase, so this tells me she was clearly lying intentionally, or has no idea how her company works. From there I was put on hold for 60 minutes and eventually hung up.

After calling back the next person got me to a supervisor right away. The supervisor gave me a number to the department that makes decisions on holds. That number was also answered by rude and uninformed people. One person actually told me she was the supervisor and refused to transfer me then eventually transferred me to website support after I told her I do not need web support! I finally reached a reasonable person, not a supervisor, but she was willing to send my client a refund so I could charge through my normal method thus completely avoiding PayPal altogether! I will not use PayPal for any reason in the future. Rude customer service, poor policy, plenty of better options for accepting payments! I strongly advise to not use PayPal unless you want them running your business and holding your cash until they say it's ok for you to have it.

Turns out Paypal never charged me for the original transaction and they nor I realized it, which is why the other company's refund was never refunded to me by Paypal.

Original Review

I was authorized a $66.00 refund from through PayPal. Two months later, PayPal still haven't refunded my money. They keep bouncing me back to Ancestry and Ancestry keeps saying they authorized it 2 months ago through PayPal. PayPal dropped the ball but they won't admit it. I email them using their online form, then I immediately receive a form email saying I have to respond to that email with the information all over again. Then I get responses in the message center on their site from various people claiming that I have to give them more and more numbers of this and that and they send me back to Ancestry!!

I have been a customer in good standing 100% with Paypal for over 11 years. Every time I sell something over $100 Paypal holds the funds for over 15 days till the customer receives it and writes a positive review. So not only do I get stuck paying eBay their fees right away and Paypal their fees but I have to pay out of my funds for shipping. None of the money made from the item sold goes towards this right away, it all comes out of my pocket in the hopes the customer is fast at responding and ok with what they ordered. If they are not I'm out all of this money plus I have to refund the amount of the money of the item. This is a ** process for customers that have proven to be 100% great customers and that Paypal knows they are going to get their money from because they have all of their banking information.

I get this excuse every time I call about why they are holding the funds and they tell me it's their process and only happens every few transactions like a random thing. **. It is a bunch of crap and happens every time I sell something of a value of more than $100 so BEWARE!!!! Don't sell on eBay with Paypal with anything that is more than that amount, hoping to get funds right away be prepared to wait weeks even if you have been selling and have had an account for 11 years.

On Aug. 9, 2016 my wife tried to pay a plumber from our checking account, however the charge would not go through, so I went online to our bank account and found a charge by PayPal E-check for $798. We don't have and never had a PayPal account. I called PayPal immediately to find out who charged us. The customer service agent would not help us. I asked to speak with a manager. He said no manager was available today, so I asked to speak with somebody higher up. He said there was nobody available. My wife called our bank. They will get it straightened. The person she was talking to told her that PayPal has the worst security and customer service of just about any company that they have had this type of problem.

PAYPAL IS A SCAM; they're holding 170$ of my money because my debit card was lost/stolen; their "limitations" departments is absolutely horrible; their supervisors can't even do anything. I've done it before!! Ha. Guess I'll just have to call when a stupid ** isn't working on the phones; like I took that money out of my bank and they can't give it to me for 180 days?! That's 6 months!? That's highway robbery to a T literally on a highway and they just robbed me of my 170 balance at PayPal; so DON'T USE THEM. THEY GET YOUR INFO THEN THEY SHARE IT.

Only time I got my identity stolen was when I put my bank info into PayPal business; BAD IDEA. They steal your money little by little with stupid fees and taxes; like to death; I didn't even buy anything yet there was a charge from PayPal. Moral of this story: PAYPAL not eBay; SUCKS #PayPal #YOUARE**WORTHLESS #ILost10yearsOFMYLIFE**ONTHEPHONE #WITHACCENTED**.

In May I created a PayPal Business Account using the generic templates to complete all necessary information. I then received a request for additional information which was provided the day after the request even though it was considered irrelevant for the type of business I operate. To cut a really long story short it is now 8 August some 70+ days later and still I don't have a verified account. I have called and emailed many times with the consultant apologising for the delay but still not offering any solutions. It is very poor form and I have 70 days of being unable to simplify my customer's transactions and therefore losing some in the mean time who are shy of putting money directly into an account. Lift your game PayPal. This is day 1 of me getting louder and louder until you resolve this issue.

I don't know how paypal is allowed to do business!! They have to be the worst COMPANY AROUND. I use to buy and sell on ebay for years. Had a paypal acct. Never no problems till one day they decided they wanted everyone to have a bank acct. I didn't want a bank acct. No need for one. I get social security and everything is paid off my debit card!! But paypal forced the issue and if you didn't get one you couldn't buy or sell. So I opened acct at bank. But on my paypal acct it was linked to my debit card. I called paypal and explained that I would not keep any money in that bank acct. So ebay sends me their monthly bill. And I go to my paypal acct and pay it. I set and watched paypal take the money out of my acct.

So now about 2 weeks go by and my bank is calling me saying I am 90$ overdraw. I ask "how can that be. I don't use it." They said paypal tried 3 times that morning to withdraw 28$ that I already paid 2 weeks back so I called paypal and they told me "no" - that it was put on pay later. I explained "no" - that I seen them take the money out of my acct and I never wanted pay later!!! And I explained that they tried 3 times in 1 morning to withdraw 28$ from my bank acct that I never gave permission to and told them not to try no more - that I don't keep money there. I was told they wouldn't. So now the 28$ that I already paid has become 90. I owe my bank because they charge 30$ every time paypal tried to withdraw.

So next morning my bank calls again and you guessed it PayPal tried to withdraw 28$ 3 times again after they were told not to!! Mess with that acct so now my 28$ that I all paid has became 180$ so I called paypal again and explained why they try to withdraw when told not to. I really got no answer on that other than I owed 28$. I told them "check their records. They would see I paid it." So some girl I couldn't understand was rude and said I must pay the 28$. I ask who was going pay the 180$ that they ran up. She said I had to so I ask to speak with someone higher. One of their reps came on and said she would check it. So 10 minutes go by on phone and she returns and says "yes" she found it and would take care of it. But I had pay the 180$. I told her that they had to - that they weren't suppose to mess with that acct. She told me she would forward it to someone and I would get email on their decision.

Well next morning comes and guess what. Paypal tried 3 more times to withdraw 28$ but this time my bank was aware of it and I wasn't charged 90$ more. So finally what I had to do was pay my bank 180$, close the acct and paypal sends me email saying my acct is suspended because I closed my bank acct. At this point I told paypal where to put their acct and close it. I was told they would not so I pay the 28$. I won't and as I look at it they owe me 180$.

I returned a few items back to company in China and followed their shipping instructions. When the package couldn't be tracked due to it have to go through US customs the seller said they have so many returns - they couldn't locate mine. I know the package left for China on may 28th so I know they have it. The Paypal resolution center gave me the run around for months asking me the same questions over and over again. I followed the seller's return instructions so if they can't find the package that was sent to the address they gave me it's not my fault. Paypal was very unprofessional dealing with me and all they accomplished was letting a company in China keep a disabled Americans money.

Wow these people are cold hearted. Had a medical condition in october of 2015 which made me not able to do eBay and I had a 0 balance. Then while I was sick someone made a claim on my paypal for around 370.00 and they paid them because I did not respond well. I could not. Well I called paypal and ask if they could activate my account so I could pay them by selling on ebay and the first 370.00 I made would pay them back. Then some 30 year old collections guy named Matt said they could not do anything for me. You would think they would do that so they get paid. Was on the phone with him for 36 min and still all I got is our policy is they cannot do anything for me. So people do not get sick when using PayPal. They do not care about their customers.