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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

My issue is that I received an authorization payment from a buyer but I can't capture the funds. I called PayPal customer service and they transferred me twice to different department. First I was transferred to their Billing department then finally to their technical support. I was told by their technical support to contact the buyer directly due to the issue with the buyer's credit card. I am puzzled why PayPal allowed the authorization in the first place if there is a problem on the buyer's credit card. I was advised to let the buyer to contact PayPal to resolve the issue. I already emailed the buyer.

However, until now I haven't receive any reply from the buyer. This is the only transaction that I can't capture and worse is that the product that the buyer purchased is already in the buyer's possession. I called PayPal customer service again last night and they keep on insisting for me to contact the buyer where in no way that the buyer is cooperating. How can PayPal authorized a payment if there is a problem on the credit card? Yet they don't do anything on their part to resolve this issue. They let their customer do everything even if it's PayPal's fault why the authorization went through even if there is a problem on the buyer's credit card.

Thanks Paypal for closing my account, for NO reason, before I've even started to use it! You aren't REAL BANK, and you will fail at a point! SCAMMERS!!! LIARS!!! PAYPAL= liars, cheaters. They block your money without reason! After I gave ID, card proof of address, statement, card!!!

PayPal has become a disaster to me. My problems started when they requested me to verify my identity and my address. That was more than a month ago. I sent in my national ID and my bank statement (which has my address). They responded that they would review the documents within 2-3 days. More than a month later, I have not received any communication from them. A few days ago, I sent them a message only for them to reply with a generic message on the benefits of verification. Why would do this yet I sent in my documents a long time ago? I have also tried to talk with them via Twitter but they don't respond to messages. The problem is that I am from Kenya and they don't have an office where I can go to get help from.

Couple of days ago I did log in to my PayPal account and updated my password. I also mentioned that my CC info is outdated because I got a new card and since I didn’t have this information with me I decided to go today and update my info. I have a few listing on eBay and wanted to get this information ASAP. Well not with PayPal. On the log in they decided to verify me again. The first question was the last 4 digits of my account. Probably the airheads in San Jose have their accounts in their pockets, but that is not the case with me.

So I preferred another method which was phone #. Well another stone. They did not have my phone number. So after 25 minutes experimenting log in on MY account I decided to call. Obviously I got somebody overseas and with a little accent she starts verifying me. It took four tries to get my email spelled out. 10 minutes passed already. Finally after repeating 12 time the spelling of my name she GOT IT.

Waiting for the needed help, I start explaining that I have to update my account information. “No problem” I’m hearing on the other line. And here is the genius suggestion. She told me: "Since this banking account is inactive I’m going to close it and you can log in and start all over with the new banking information. This is the easiest way I can resolve your issue. Otherwise I have to transfer you to our security and they will ask you a LOT OF QUESTIONS.” With the understanding that she will close my banking account and I have just go back and set up my new account I agreed. Then she said: “OK, I DID CLOSE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT.”

I was stunned. I have my account for about 15 years and here you go just like that was closed from somebody who doesn’t understand the business, doesn’t value and respect customers and do whatever is easier to “RESOLVE” the problem. Then I asked for supervisor hoping that if somebody closes accounts this account goes to some kind of approval or monitoring process and then finally is closed. The manager introduce himself as “SASH”, but when I asked him to spell his name for me three times he finally spelled it “JOK”. Of course both names are scam. He is not probably the manager, he is the person seating next to the other representative.

After telling me that “it is very bad that your account is closed, but I can’t open it. You can go and start fresh.” Never expected that somebody from India is going to advise me one day to “start fresh”!!! You never know. Then I asked him to transfer me to talk with somebody from San Jose and he said that that he can’t. It is policy not to transfer! I’m wondering who these policies are serving??? Not me.

So to make the story shorter, I had my account closed just off the blue from the PayPal people. Then they asked me to open new account. Who is paying for that? Oh, I know the fees which are constantly increasing to cover maintenance cost increased from incredible incompetent people. I was done with them. I just put notes on all my eBay listings that I DO NOT USE PAY PAL SERVICES because I don’t trust them. So the buyers will be provided with account to deposit the funds or just come to my door and in old fashion way I’ll get the green. Bitcoin is the other option also mentioned. Personally, I’ll never use this SCAM PayPal again, EVER!!! I do not recommend this service to anybody. These days there are many services out there more efficient and more reliable.

We have been using PayPal to send thousands of dollars a month to our off-shore teams since 2006. We had a design company recently screw up after we fired them during the build stage of two websites. We send all docs, emails, evidence to PayPal and half of it never made it because their system doesn't allow for images so we'd get emails warning us about "attachments" - Come on! A company as large as this can't even get error emails correct - Elon ** - WTF!? Anyhow - Guess who PayPal sided with - yep - that POS India designer that jacked us - so FU PAYPAL! We will not be using them any longer - be warned - because they OUTSOURCE their Complaint Department to probably the same country that robbed us!

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I recently sold a phone on eBay and the payment was made through PayPal. The same day I sold the item I received a notification of payment on the website as well as in my email from an approved payment. Next thing I know the notification is gone and there is no sign of my transaction. So I immediately send emails to the company and I have called the customer service department over 6 times in the past two week. Half the time there is no response or they have me on hold until they hang up. I have repeatedly restated my case over and over again and they rudely and blatantly dismiss me and hang up. I sent the product off and have all of my information needed and I'm protect by the seller guidelines.

I did everything in my power and thought I could trust this company. However after 30 days still no money and no response from PayPal. I'm out of not only a brand new Samsung Galaxy s6 but also $360.00. I have decided to file a complaint to the BBC and now I'm icing this review on Consumer Affairs to let people know PayPal cannot be trusted they will let you be scammed. They have done nothing but given me a runaround!

We run an active ebay business. Paypal is our banking solution. We recently went overseas and DID not realize that we needed to tell them. They requested our corporate information and invoices so our account would be put on hold. They received everything they asked for in their requested time frame. They still put my account on hold. And with an active ebay account they are holding over $25,000 and counting. We have business loans to pay, ebay fees to pay as well as our bills.

Pre-approved payments: on July 10th I discovered purely by chance, that PayPal is allowing merchants to set up pre-approved payment plans on your account under the guise of subscriptions, automatically billed payments, installment plan payments without my consent! I spent hours on the phone with customer lie service on both parties involved, namely HSN and PayPal and both refused to take responsibility for doing this. The PayPal supervisor rep said that even if I used my credit card as payment, these merchants open these accounts in case you buy from them online in the future, as in a Pay Now button.

I see an illegal trend here as I went down the list of corporations such as Click Bank, Sears Holding Corporation, Instant Checkmate, etc., companies I don't remember even dealing with! PayPal would not allow me to 'Cancel' these accounts, just labeled them as 'Inactive'. I see a trend here and recommend every PayPal user go through the difficult maneuvers required to check your payments page by clicking on the 'Gear' icon for profile and clicking Payments and under Manage Payments, click Pre-approved Payments. Thank you and buyer beware!

I've been using this company for 10 years. In the last year they decided to change their website, which has caused major issues for many merchants such as lost sales, deposits not showing in account, not being able to log into our account for no reason, spending countless hours on the phone with technical support in order to fix these issues... And never once were we offered a discount or a refund for the poor service. Bitgold is coming out with a similar service, will be moving my business with them!

I am just writing this in the hope that it may help someone else in the future or for those that believe that having a PayPal account protects you from online fraud and scammers. I purchased an advanced online gaming account for a game called Black Desert Online from EpicNPC which is a hosting website for gamers wanting to sell and buy their game accounts.

Anyhow I was looking through the seller advertisements and found a game account I was interested in. I contacted the seller and we negotiated a price for the game account which would also include the games dedicated e-mail address and everything for $260 USD. We made all our communications through Skype and I organised with him to make payment and he was to send all game and e-mail account details through Skype once he received payment.

Anyhow, I made payment to the seller through PayPal believing this to be a simple transaction with confidence believing that PayPal provided protection for buyer and seller (which was the main reason I joined PayPal). Anyhow once I made payment and the seller received payment, he sent me a false gaming account details (no e-mail account) and logged off Skype and deleted me from the Skype contact list. After testing the game login and finding it to be false, I immediately contacted both PayPal and EpicNPC to notify them I had been scammed thinking I had protection from PayPal.

Originally I put in the PayPal dispute under 'did not receive the item', (1) because I did not receive a working game account and (2) because I did not receive the e-mail account that was supposed to come with the game. During the dispute investigation I wanted to provide PayPal with more information they could use for their investigation but I had no way of doing as there was no e-mail and sections within PayPal disputes (active buttons) for uploading evidence. (You have to wait for someone to request this information but no one ever asked me for anything). I must say at this time also that PayPal only has restricted (word count numbered) ability for you to provide your evidence. I was not able to upload all the evidence I wanted to provide them to help them with their investigation despite trying to send it by e-mail they would not accept it.

At the same time I contacted EpicNPC and opened a dispute with the seller for EpicNPC to investigate our transaction. This was a different experience as I was able to provide them with all the evidence in relation to our transactions providing Skype log history screenshots, chat logs and proof of payment between the seller and myself. To cut a long story short PayPal found in favor of the seller because he provided me fake game account details. Didn't matter that the information was fake just that it was provided to me made it sufficient for him to win this case.

I then appealed this decision thinking that I can try a different route of appeal using the 'item not as described' thinking I must win this as the game account was not working and part of the transaction was to include the games dedicated e-mail account ownership, which I did not receive and was easily proved in the Skype chat logs. So I opened up an appeal with PayPal for this case. Meanwhile everything was being investigated on the EpicNPC website. After reviewing all the information we provided, the website investigators found that the seller was fraudulent not providing me with a working game account while taking my money and banned him from their website.

I tried to contact PayPal via e-mail to give them the EpicNPC links of the investigation findings via e-mail thinking this has to help with the PayPal investigation and was told by someone they will pass on the information to the investigators. Around 3 hours later I received an e-mail from PayPal saying that the case has been investigated and found in favor of the seller.

You decide for yourself if PayPal is safe to use and protects honest buyers and sellers as claimed. I no longer believe that PayPal is safe for online transactions and they do not protect the honest buyer or seller. From my experience anyway is that it only protects those wanting to steal from others and practice fraud. Wish everyone the best and be careful as unfortunately there is many dishonest people wanting to steal your money and there is no protection from PayPal for honest consumers.

I recently sold a gaming console on Ebay and as everyone knows, good ol PayPal is the preferred method of currency exchange on Ebay. They put a hold on my money that lasted over a week past when the gentleman received his merchandise. Mind you that my feedback score with Ebay is perfect. So I wind up in the hole on the front end because of shipping, this guy actually receives his merchandise and has it for a week and then on the back end I get my money. That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in my life. I'm going to try that at my local Walmart or the mall and see if I can enjoy my merchandise for a week and then pay. If I can help it, I'll never use PayPal again as long as I live.

I went to send my friend/landlord my rent check through PayPal. This was on the 5th of the month. PayPal said he wouldn't receive it until the 23rd of the month. I walked away to call my landlord and see what he wanted to do. Came back and went back, entered his email, entered the amount and clicked continue to go back to the page where it said how long before he would receive it and BOOM it put the transaction through. I called my landlord and he IMMEDIATELY canceled the payment request. Lo and behold PayPal waited 3 days to take the money out of my account. Now they need 5 days to "verify the request" and 5 days to return the money, which can take up to 21 days according to their customer service recording.

I called in and they said there was nothing to be done. The request was automatic, even though it was cancelled literally immediately. There is no need for 15 days minimum for a transaction that was cancelled to resolve, there is no company in the world that takes that long to get money worked around and it's not for security reasons I can tell you that. Once it leaves my account there is no security needed. That opening has already been guarded or exploited. Seriously, PayPal has gone downhill since Elon Musk sold. USE DWOLLA INSTEAD. Way better!

Trustly via PayPal is hell of a "company" which did not add money to my Paypal account even after two days, even when it should be INSTANT in a HEARTBEAT top up add money. No, it is not. Instead I had to go to my bank for details and resend to paypal customer-NON-care and wait and wait and wait. So, closing my Paypal account after 14 years of use. I can pay and hold money elsewhere, no problem. Also, they require my banking details, aka login and password, which is illegal to ask and also give, for OBVIOUS reasons. So, it's an epic fail for Paypal and trustly. I hope they lose a lot of customers, while they take such a crap NON-care about them. Bye.

I've been a PayPal member for over 10 years. In late March of this year, I received a notice that my bank had rejected a payment. I contacted my bank, which had never even received the request from PayPal. I have always had sufficient funds in my account. After hours on the phone, it was determined this was a PayPal bug. PayPal reps told me to delete my bank account, only use my debit card, etc., all of which I did. They even refunded me $100 after one of their glitches occurred. The "payment reject" issue kept on occurring. Now, for no reason at all (except perhaps multiple BBB complaints), they've permanently limited my account and claim I need a subpoena to find out why.

Rude agent name Jeremy from consumers department/resolution center. He treated me with closing my account and said I was a crook. After 3 days my account got suspended and is on hold for 90 days, now I can't sell my items on eBay. I have to look for Merchant Inc for a better service, which I was told PayPal does not operate like a banking system. Now I found out how bad they are once I start reading all the reviews in here.

Trying to resolve a negative balance with my account by directing my sales to the account but they won't allow it, they want the entire amount! It's not like I have access to the account, any funds going to the account automatically clears the negative, it's ridiculous. They want me to resolve the negative balance but on the other hand don't want to accept the payments. How do they expect to resolve the balance?

Last June 2015 eBay billed my PayPal account for items listed. The invoice was rejected by PayPal and I got an immediate email from eBay. I thought this was strange because I knew there were enough funds in my account to cover the invoice. Most funds from previous sales had been released into my account. I went online and there was in fact more than enough money in my PayPal account to cover the invoice. I again authorized payment to eBay. It was again rejected for lack of funds. At this point I called PayPal and spoke to "Kenneth" who thought this was strange too. Together we were looking at my account and he asked me to authorize another eBay payment which I did. It was again rejected. By now my balance had dropped $80 or so dollars (probably PayPal fees). He then called eBay with me on a 3 way call. eBay stated the funds were NOT in the account and their invoice was rejected by PayPal.

Kenneth then said he needed to speak with his manager. After a considerable wait he came back on the line and said they needed to do more investigation and he would be in contact with me. Two months or so went by and I did not hear from him. I called PayPal and it turned out I once again and by chance had Kenneth on the phone. After being a little vague about the issue he finally admitted he was the one who originally tried to help me. He again put me on a lengthy hold to speak to his supervisor and came back with, "We need to do more investigating. And I'll call you back." Again I heard nothing. A week or so prior to Christmas (about 3 months later) and knowing I would be having my 6 month no payment/no interest coming due, I called them back. I spoke to a different person this time who acted vague and I could already see where this was going.

I asked him if I could speak to Kenneth. He said he didn't know who Kenneth was. After a lot of assistance, he finally found him in the company directory. I asked him if he could drop him an email, asking him to contact me. He did just that and I ended the call. I still have not heard from anyone at PayPal. I received a couple of invoices since with "no payment required" and I responded to them with, "I would be having a payment coming due and if you wanted some money you need to call me and address my missing $80."

I haven't heard anything from PayPal. I have not made any payments and they continued to charge interest and late fees which have now ballooned the balance to almost double. I now have a collection agency calling me twice a day. I responded to the last PayPal invoice with "I will see you in small claims court because that is where this is obviously going." I also told them I would be contacting eBay to let them know what has happened and close my eBay account as well, since I can't sell anything there without PayPal brokering the transaction.

Ah, this is gonna feel good. I've been wanting to let people know about their scam tactics for a while. They have become something of a monopoly for online shopping, out of control and taking advantage of their power and taking advantage of consumers. I will list my concerns below...

1) PayPal makes a practice of "limiting" accounts rather than closing them. Although for all intents and purposes the account cannot be used by the customer, so it's basically closed, but PayPal calls it "limited". This allows them to count the account as an active and open account. This growing company can then report the number of active accounts it has, while still including the "closed" accounts because they are considered, "limited (still open). Also, limited accounts are not even able to be closed by the customer. They are forced to stay open. This makes the company look like it's bursting with growth. If this is not correct, please, by all means explain.

2) If you can't prove your identity, they keep the money? So, I know you're thinking, if some customer can't prove their identity, they are cheating too and don't deserve the money. This is absolutely wrong, here's why... PayPal allows customers so sign up with any name they want (such as a nickname, etc). Then, PayPal allows transactions to take place, even for months. These transactions may be perfectly legitimate and successful and everything is going along nicely, until one day PayPal freezes/locks/limits the account because of a "transaction threshold" or the need to satisfy "government regulations" or whatever other reason they give. Then, you upload the requested documents and they don't match the "nickname" used when opening the account. All of a sudden, you can't get your money because you can't prove who you are. All the while, there were no problems or chargebacks or anything else wrong with your transactions.

This is all actual experience and not hypothetical. I've used eBay since the money order days back in 1997 then used PayPal when that became available. But, no Paypal, no Ebay, no a lot of other things online too. So, back to the facts, PayPal said the identity confirmation failed because the documents don't match the account name. "Duh." They sent a message with 2 possible solutions: Option 1: Send in some document with the same name. (Since it's a nickname, don't have it.) Option 2: Send an email to their compliance department asking them to change the name on the account to match the documents. (Easy enough! I chose Option 2.)

However, even though it was the option suggested by PayPal (and lead me to believe they would change it) they did not. Instead they sent another message that said, "We've reviewed your message and think that we'd be better able to answer your questions with a telephone call." (Uhm, I had no questions. I merely requested a name change per their email to me.) (PayPal was already in possession of the 2 documents they requested when they said they would change the name on the account, so the documents should've been sufficient to get it done.)

PayPal acknowledges that people will use nicknames because they have an area on the website to request a name change. One option is for people who get married, etc. The other option is for people who used the wrong name at sign up, i.e. a nickname (their exact language). So, if this is not allowed, then it shouldn't be allowed. PayPal errs by luring people to sign up too easily and transact financial business with none of the required documents required during sign up, which causes a lot of problems for the customer later on. (Again trying to pad/increase company growth numbers.) Honestly, it creates a bad working environment for the PP staff also who are forced to deal with rightfully angry customers. Then, when it's all said and done, if PayPal deems you've failed their identity requirements, they've created a massive customer service problem by keeping the account "limited" and not letting the customer get his/her money.

This obviously makes people really angry. Then everybody spreads bad news and negativity about PayPal. Does this serve the company's interest? Was the "easy signup" worth it? They've obviously got the numbers on that risk/reward paradigm and I assume they've concluded it's beneficial to them. But it's still wrong, shady and unethical toward the consumer. Does this help them to be successful in the future if they are causing all this animosity towards themselves by being too easy to lure people to sign up, a percentage of which make mistakes that could be avoided if the proper documents were required during the registration process? What kind of leadership allows this? It's madness.

They can still be successful in the future though because they basically have a monopoly and a dangerously exclusive stranglehold on online financial transactions at the moment. eBay is the largest and they only accept PayPal. If you're looking for alternatives to eBay, there are some out there, but almost all of them still use PayPal. Where's the alternative to PayPal? There really aren't any.

Then, after all this, you go and try to open a "new" account, with name being exactly correct and all documents in hand ready to prove it. Please note: It's never been determined or suggested that I ever did anything wrong with the original "limited" account, just unable to verify (or change) the identity. Then during the signup process, signup fails and I'm not able to create a new account because...error, "Account address already exists." So, basically, there is already an account registered to the address, the limited one which cannot be verified to their satisfaction, and after going through the steps to create a new account, properly, I cannot because of the existing account. So, even though I've never done wrong, I cannot have a PP account anymore, for the rest of my life. I'm done?

Let's also remember that PP has collected fees and made money on the transactions in the "account they consider rogue". (Unable to verify identity.) So this company has profited from the "lure of the easy signup". In the end the consumer loses his/her money, but PayPal keeps their haul? Yep. Does PayPal earn some interest on all the money it holds? Yep. According to an article I read about a successful British businessman (Huel food company) who had about 50,000 GBP held by PP, when he asked about interest on his money they held, PP replied, "We won't pay interest because it's, "e-money." (Not real money?)

They're also so big, they play an international shell game: Regulations are different in every country and "when in Rome" PayPal does as the Romans. They don't (maybe can't) offer a consistent operating policy that is the same everywhere. They have different terms and conditions for different countries. But what's more, is when PayPal gets in trouble for a business practice in one country, it changes its rules for that country only and continues to operate the same in the other jurisdictions that haven't taken them to court yet.

I read somewhere that a user reported if you fail the identity check you have to wait 180 days for them to release the money. This is false. If someone fails the identity check and PayPal keeps the account limited, (because they think you are not the account owner), do you really think they're going to let you take money out of the account? Of course not. So, seemingly, they'd keep it and the money they made off the transactions too.

PayPal also makes a practice of holding the carrot in front of your face: PayPal will and does limit accounts at its own discretion. (It's in their terms and conditions somewhere. It's like 100 pages long so I don't remember which chapter it's in let alone which page. LOL.) They do it for a variety of reasons. One internet search will reveal just the "tip of the iceberg" of the different reasons people have been told their accounts were limited/frozen. (A spike in sales, chargebacks, complaints, too many transactions, high-value transactions, risky transactions, risky goods, risky country, short account history, a relationship with someone else whose account had a problem, and many many more. Basically, if you use PayPal, then you're a suspect...eventually.)

The carrot is your money. They know you want your money, and they allow you to build up a balance. Then, when the timing is right (or wrong depending on if you're PayPal or the consumer) they limit your account and request more information. Everything was fine and suddenly they need more information? Also, they are very sneaky in the way they do that. They will state something like: "Hi there!" :) "We need just a little information from you..." then, you upload EXACTLY what they requested, usually 2 pieces of identity like an ID, passport, bank statement, utility bill, etc. Then...that wasn't good enough either!! (Yes, I mean what I said. They requested 2 pieces of info, and the exact clear, legible and accurate 2 pieces of info were uploaded) and they came back with, "You're almost done. We need just a little more information from you." OMG!!

So, they were not even upfront the first go round of asking for identity documents. If they wanted more than 2, they should have asked for more than 2. They keep trying to accumulate and hoard any and all identity documents they can get (or that we're willing to let them have) to get our $150.00 in the account. They dangle your money in front of you and say, "To get your money... Give us this," so you give. Then they say, "Give us this", and you give. And they say, "Just give us a little more," and you give... Where does it end? The reason is this: PayPal knows people don't like giving out their personally identifying information. Everybody is aware of identity theft and the almost monthly news reports of one company after another that had a security breach and lost customers' sensitive identification documents to hackers.

If PP requested all this information upfront during registration, some people would walk away. So the easiest way for PayPal to get your identification is to trade it for your money which they're holding ransom. They're essentially buying your sensitive identification documents from you with your own money!! Which they are also making interest from and using for their day to day operations. Slick! They eventually will ask for your social security number if you're American and probably run credit checks. Of course they don't do this for people in other countries, without social security cards and credit check companies. If I was a hacker, the best place to steal identities from would be a company that has it all... Like PP.

Do you trust them? Do you trust each employee at each workstation in front of every computer who has access to your account and ID? PayPal has offices in different countries around the world, employees in different countries, paid less than in the USA and in countries with very little or at the very least less enforcement of identity theft than in the US. Should we be skeptical about giving them our information? I think so. But they know that. That's why they must hold our money to force us to give them what they want.

So you give all the information and maybe they remove the limitations and maybe not. There is no guarantee that even when you do exactly what they ask, that they do what they say they will do. In the end, they have your money and your identity. Once they have all your identity, it's pretty much certain that you cannot open an new account either as they will already have everything and you won't be able to verify a new account.

People say, "This can't be true, I'm sure they're regulated." Ha ha ha. It's all true and there are others out there with the same experiences. Regulated? I've heard that PayPal is not really regulated. Or certainly not like a normal bank, even though they operate like one in many ways concerning the consumers using it. Peter Thiel, a founder said that PayPal is not a bank because it doesn't participate in fractional reserve banking. Okay, whatever. Actually, banks don't do any of this stuff PayPal does. I've never had a bank limit my account at random, or for any reason at their discretion, etc.

According to Wikipedia: In 2015, in a still developing process, 150,000 Spanish card holders had their funds frozen in an apparent fraud case involving a PayPal service provider, Younique Money, which was the de facto administrator of the cards. Previously, PayPal had charged €15 to all its card users without authorization (150,000 users). As of March 2015 most funds have not been returned

PayPal charged a 15 Euro fee to all users without their consent? And, as of March 2015 funds hadn't been returned? OMG. So, PayPal isn't regulated as a bank in the USA but is regulated as a bank in some other countries. And, although they claim they are not regulated or shouldn't be regulated because of the "fractional reserve banking thing" (which to me is only one function of a bank, not a defining one) PayPal has no problem limiting accounts for what it says are, "Government Regulations". Ha ha! It's been a long story. What do you think now?

PayPal has helped a customer win a fraudulent chargeback. We are a small travel agency that offers cruise to the Galapagos Islands. We sold a cruise (7 people) + flights and more. Totalling around $16,000USD. The customer received all services and was extremely happy with our service (all this documentation + flight tickets + cruise voucher of services + emails sent to PayPal). I personally wrote to the customer to receive feedback on the cruise and she explained that on one day the cruise had to refuel and they lost a few hours of activities and wanted a refund. I told her that I would write the service provider (cruise) about this and try to get her a refund. The cruise operator offered a $150USD per person refund, then a $200USD per person refund (almost entire cost per day).

Then I get a notification from PayPal that she has claimed a chargeback as "Item not received" and requested a refund for over half the cost of the cruise for 7 people ($6,600USD). We are an agency and only gain a 10% commission - only on the cruise and in this case much less as we offered all discounts possible. At this point I sent over 15 documents to PayPal with all possible documentation and call as well when they explained I have sent everything and that I will get my money back, and that they are fighting for me. I also wrote to the passenger and she explained that she feels sorry and never wanted me to get in the middle of this (lie). After a week's time I get a notification that she received the total for the chargeback and $6,600 from my money (not the cruise company money) was deducted from my account.

The customer managed to get (fraudulently) over a 50% refund for a couple of hours of a problem on a cruise I sold with a 40% discount. I sent all documentation that she received all services, was 100% happy with our service plus all policies that explain that itineraries are subject to change and much more. I want to know why PayPal helps this modus operandi way of traveling. And how I can fight to get my money back. It is impossible as a service provider to have seller protection, as we do not ship products.

I have been a PayPal user for several years now and enjoyed the convenience of using this form of payment. Any disputes were resolved with good results, but recently when I tried to use the new Refund Shipping program I was met with nothing but a bunch of red tape. I signed up for the Return Shipping Refund Program and when it came time to use it I could never find the way to make a claim.

I called PayPal and was put on hold forever. So I gave up. I tried several more times and was finally able to get to the page where I could file a claim to begin processing the refund for my shipping on a recent purchase that I returned. I provided the necessary documentation and then kept getting emails from Telus International, the company that processes the refund claims, informing me the information I provide was not what was needed, although I did provide what the PayPal website said I needed to provide.

When I finally got them the information they "wanted" they contacted me again and said the info was too blurry. I kept saying I was sending what they wanted and they kept replying that it was blurry and I only had 7 days to give them what they wanted in the format they wanted it or the claim would be "definitively" closed. They wanted my original PayPal receipt for the purchase with the date of the purchase form the PayPal website. I gave them that and then Telus International said there was no purchase date on it.

Well, duh, yes there is. So after hours and hours and emails after emails I called PayPal to close my account. I was told that I couldn't close it at that point and to wait 3 - 5 business days and try again. So I waited over 5 business days and went online to close my account and was still not allowed to, which required another call.

I was finally able to close my account but not without a great deal of trouble. I then tried to close out my husband's PayPal account online only to find that his account could not be closed without calling PayPal. What's up with that??? On one of my calls to PayPal I was asked to identify myself by answering several "security" questions but not the questions I had selected as prompted on my profile. I was asked four questions to which I answered all questions correctly and the woman said that I answered several questions incorrectly and so they could not access my account to help me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained to her that I had answered all the questions correctly and I asked her where did they get these questions and the supposed answers. The PayPal manager said the questions were provided by the government, excuse me???

Then the government has the wrong information about me and why are they getting questions from the government to secure my identity? That's why I set up the questions in my profile to ascertain my identity. All attempts to send an email to PayPal about my issues with them were met with no way to contact them. The only way is to call customer service and their customer service is downright terrible. Many of their reps speak with heavy accents and it is very hard to understand them. No one in customer service knows anything about the PayPal programs and so they have to transfer your call to other departments who in turn don't know the answer which then requires more transfers only to end the call with your issue not being resolved.

When I had a credit card that was no longer active I could not delete it from my account profile. Again, I was met with a bunch of red tape and hoops to jump through to get this card removed from my profile and in the end I was never able to delete it from my profile. I will never use PayPal again nor will I recommend it to anyone. PayPal needs a major overhaul!!!

PayPal's activity reporting is dismal. They have transactions that mathematically do not make sense. Recently I notice a charge that appeared both on my "cash" account and my third party credit card. When I questioned this apparent double billing I merely got a reply saying there was no problem with the transaction and my double billing claim was denied. When I wrote them back with copies of my account activity, my correspondence with the vendor and my credit card statement, I again got a reply that there was no issue with the account and my claim was denied.

In total frustration I turned to the back up Visa credit card fraud protection department. They put me in telephone contact with PayPal Disputes section. The women there informed me that the questionable charge was an unrelated chargeback. There was absolutely nothing in the activity statement to indicate this. The whole process was a frustrating total waste of time. I wish there was an alternative to PayPal.

I decided to use PayPal Credit Card service and it was a huge mistake. I had the option of using my local bank credit card machine service for a 3% charge per transaction but PayPal had the same service for 2.7% fee so I decided to use them since I had already had a account with them but this has become a nightmare. PayPal have been holding my funds for 3 months already even after I send them proof that my business is a legit business, I send the license, federal tax id, local permits everything I have that show that I'm real, but I had been waiting for them to review this and it seen they are understaff to take care of this so call reviews and every time I call I get the same excuse, that is been review and that it can take 30 to 45 days before someone will get to it but the 30 to 45 days have come and gone and I will don't have access to my money.

I and I'm sure many other consumers have to pay the consequence of they not having enough personnel to review whatever it is they have to review in a fair timely manner or they just want to keep the funds for them self if people like myself gets tire and frustrated of waiting and calling and I mention this because they already collected their fees and just have the remaining of my fund hostage. It is unfair that a multi-million dollar company treat the people that got them where they at and made them all this money like this. I will be looking for help in any way I can to make sure this don't happen to anyone else so DO NOT use PayPal credit card service, pay the extra .3% and got with a bank that will show that they care about you and save yourself some time and headaches.

Paypal makes excuses to pay out!... While having already charged the vendor. Not only that, the 'after 90 days' or 25 minimum trustworthy transactions, to be paid upfront, is circumvented. I can't count how many times I had to call them. Most of the time the nearly always foreign or Asian reps were understanding and polite. I'll give them that much. After all, I am being truthful in my PayPal and eBay complaints. No reasoning on my part broke through. Not even that I once had a former PayPal profile, am licensed, had legitimate listings, yadda. I've broken contact with both these big boys. "I've shipped the said item and expect to be paid." You should too. I will not use any venue that has PayPal as the only overhead. No way. They've lost my own trust.

I have had a PayPal buyer's account for several years. I recall having PayPal in 2008 so opened it before that. I took them on trust as a great big company and despite seeing the seemingly senseless words "CURRENCY CONVERSION" against some transactions assumed it was something honest. I had a buyer's account with a direct debit set up connecting my Natwest checking account to PayPal. Except for the rare vendor's refund, or sale, which would credit my account, most of my PayPal transactions have been payments made with PayPal. Each purchase shows as two records in the PayPal statement. If an item cost £3 PayPal would have the 1st record as withdrawal of £3 from my bank account followed by the next record. In 2016 I paid a domains' registrar UnitedRegistrar with PayPal, and they had a warning put up that PayPal was asking customers for double payment, and to disregard fake non-payment warnings.

Then exactly that happened to me. To cut a long story short this led to my downloading PayPal statements starting 1 Jan 2014 which was the most they would let me download and looking more closely at the arithmetic on the statements. I found they cant do simple arithmetic, creating small errors in my favor and much larger ones in their own favor. What PayPal has done repeatedly is to debit from my bank account £30-50 at a time and explain that as "CURRENCY CONVERSION DEBIT INTO BRITISH POUNDS". I have none but British pounds. This is nonsense and the amount they debit should be equal to what they pay the vendor or there should be some explanation for what happened to the funds PayPal debited from my bank account. I have been under pressure recently and had not expected such a big company to cheat. They denied they can see my statements, and have blocked me from logging in recently.

I have also written to PayPal recently with statements I downloaded &printed on 29.04.2016 and simultaneously posted a copy to the Financial Ombudsman. But in Britain such services have become less friendly than before and I am not sure they will help. Meanwhile PayPal do not seem to answer when I phone 0800 358 7911 and after 1-2 hours waiting I hang up.

They owe me several 100 pounds from Jan 2014 and I am sure they have been stealing since I opened the account. I am usually meticulous and hate being ripped off. I am very unhappy with my life and people treat me very cruelly in the UK. I am not an animal besides quite educated. I find people become even more unkind once I say I am not treated well in the UK. It feels like a woman prison and I have been ripped off more than once. Is there anyone in the UK or outside who can comment on this scam or have any suggestions? I feel if I could scrutinize my older statements- I know I had PayPal in 2008 and earlier- I fancy PayPal would truthfully owe me £1000. I am willing to send in copies of my statements with analysis.

For my last transaction that I ended up returning via eBay and bought through Paypal, I was charged over $2.00 in illegal fees for something I returned. Called Paypal and was advised incorrectly. Had to call multiple times. Now I'm at the point where they claim the transactions of fees have been reversed, but they do not list this in your account records that there is any sign of reversal. This is only 1 transaction that I returned the product and Paypal made over $2.00 for nothing. DO THE MATH.

Really bad all sided to a timeframe rather than the product malfunctioning in a few months. I filed with all the proper channels and still it went sided to the seller for timeframe rules rather on a new item sold. Where is the Paypal buyer protection. Is one sided read on... The process and service from Paypal lacks verification of merchant/seller under Paypal for defective product. Error is where a seller is classified as a merchant. Who initially does not take payment from a buyer. A merchant is the one taking the payment who should be more responsible in securing a warranty/guarantee on an item that is backed by the purchaser in a longer period of time.

In this case I went through ebay resolution. Where it went to Paypal resolution. Where it went to credit Paypal resolution to find that merchant is Paypal credit. Who they claim to have a private investor and not a bank. Who I still owe on their 6 months promotion on a defective new item sold through No verification of the product offered at all from Paypal, Just days on seller timeframe for resolutions is given. They don't seem to care on buyer's product sold after those given days. Seller, Ebay, Paypal, Paypal credit, says NO product malfunctioning time, even if the item is new. In which I'm yet to pay for this defective item in not even 90 days. In which seller, ebay, Paypal, Paypal credit failed me as an ebay 100% feedback buyer and seller today. In verifying that product failed to work, after sellers given time. Nobody of this companies cared to verify this new item sold and failed to work in less a few month.

Today is the 84 day and when I filed initially was on May 24,2016. Where I was pushed through resolutions centers. Today is June 14,2016. I post this ordeal with today's different outcome of ebay and Paypal horrible buyer protection service. It made me feel like they washed their hands with the timeframe from purchase, rather than the verification of the new item sold for proof of malfunctioning. Seller laugh at this in using timeframe to not exchange or refund new item sold too.

I've had a PayPal account for several years and have always loved the ease with which one can make a purchase. However, a purchase for $15.28 recently showed up on my account. PayPal website tells you to contact the seller; however, the site wouldn't open. Trying to find out from PayPal what it was that I had allegedly purchased was a nightmare. All I got were 'canned' replies. Eventually, after several attempts and hours of frustration, I gave up in disgust and closed my account. I know $15.28 isn't much to be concerned about, but if it had been $15,000 I'm sure I would have gotten the same runaround, and I'm just not willing to take a chance. At least with using Visa or MasterCard, I can instantly get a real person on the phone who will help me resolve my problem.

I shopped numerous times for years with PayPal but when I try to return some of the items purchased online, PayPal keeps rejecting the refund. I had to call PayPal waiting for a long time to speak with a representative. The only answer I got is I need to talk to the customer service of the company that I purchased the items. Of course the customer service refused to give the refund in cash but with their gift card which is sold with 20-30% discount online. Biggest mistake I've ever made with online shopping! You should never use PayPal when you purchase something costs more than $50 if you know there is a chance to return it in store to save your return shipping fee. Bigger shopping malls like Macy's will give you the refund in your credit card - taking a long time, but smaller ones like Hollister will never do that service. I will also have to leave a complaint for Hollister for their ridiculous service.

I have had multiple fraudulent charge backs and disputes as a seller. PayPal will side against you and steal your money, even if you provide compelling evidence. Paypal is a failure of a company.

I want my money released immediately and transferred to my bank account. I no longer intend to use eBay/PayPal because they are rip off artist using my money so they can draw interest. PayPal will not release my funds. They have put limitations on my funds for 180 days. I have sent emails with no response. They stole $751.00 from me. I have sold items on eBay and PayPal will not give me my money. I have called them repeatedly, wrote email messages with no response. I am a senior citizen and when I call them they come up with a different excuse every time or different reason as to why they will not release my funds of $751.00.

I had to spend money out of my pocket for shipping the items. I am having major health issues (which included a major heart attack) and have no money. My water and electric bill have been cut off because I had to pay all the shipping expecting to receive my money in time to pay the bills. Now they have put a 180-day hold on an 86-year-old woman. I had a death in the family and was unable to attend the out of town funeral for my sister because I had no money due to PayPal not giving me my money. This is a scam. There are thousands of complaints on PayPal. They need to be put out of business for trying to play GOD with everyone's money.