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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2017

220 Nordstrom Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

I ordered several sweaters on the website. After waiting 10 days, they finally shipped a partial order. After waiting TWO AND A HALF WEEKS, there was an item that still hadn't shipped that I had to call about several times. They finally just refunded my money with no explanation as to why the product never shipped!!! What a waste of time. Worst customer service ever. Returns to store are just as strange... They print out a return receipt with no dollar value on it so you have no idea as to how much you're being refunded! Bizarre!

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Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

I ordered $800 in merchandise from Nordstrom and made it my 10-point day. Hours later I got an email stating some of my order was canceled, which turned out to be my whole order! The email didn't give a reason, just a phone number for customer service to call. I called 3 separate times for 30 min each call, only to be finally told that they didn't like my delivery address. Funny, since my delivery address is my business address and I have gotten deliveries from Nordstrom before. So sad that this is what Nordstrom customer service has come to. I will not shop with Nordstrom again and I've been a customer for 30 years.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

I ordered a winter coat online it came in a very timely matter. However, not only was it the incorrect style coat, it was falling apart at the seams. The trim was also incorrect, and was very patchy. For a company like Nordstrom, this is completely unacceptable. How can your prices be astronomical and yet your quality be so degrading. I am deeply disappointed in this store and refuse to ever shop in stores or online again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2017
Get your popcorn ready. My recent experience with Nordstrom Rack online has been mind a bad way. I returned a $200 jacket because the color

was misrepresented in the product image. I returned it with their prepaid shipping label. While waiting, ordered another jacket hoping to get the right color this time. Well... Nordstrom Rack cancelled my 2nd order due to low supply & claimed to have issued me a refund. (Moments later I see that there are now 3 more jackets in stock... Ok weird).

I didn't get my refund. So I email customer service. Getting an auto reply that I'll hear back in 24 hrs. Didn't happen. Nordstrom Rack had $400 of my money...and I had nothing. I checked my return package. And within 9 days, there have been no updates after leaving my state... Had I known Nordstrom Rack's Smart Label service would be so sketchy, I would have paid for my own 3 day shipping. No clue where my return package is. 4 days after my last ignored message, I email them again. And guess what? They didn't reply to my second email either. I did however get the auto response, so I know they received my complaint. I've been in this mess for 2 weeks. What a horrible company. Once & if I ever see my $420, I will never shop with Nordstrom again. Disrespectful treatment of paying customers.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2017

I received an email with a flash sale for discounted pricing for an item that I wanted. When ordering the website was unable to complete the order. I contacted Nordstrom Rack via CHAT on the website, and CHAT was unable to complete the order. I was told to call Customer Service, who were also unable to take any form of payment by the phone. One wonders if the "Flash Sale" was simply a sham to draw those contacted via email into the site to buy something else, as when I wanted to purchase the item advertised, I was unable to actually purchase said item, as there was no manner for Nordstrom Rack Customer service to accept any sort of payment including credit card payment over the phone, when the website failed??? I complained and was answered that I would hear from Supervisor Nicole ** within the next 24 to 48 hours.

I never heard anything from Nicole **. I complained again and the answer was that I was to call Customer Service myself at Nordstrom Rack to find out the problem. Not on my time. I think this company is simply advertising loss leaders that are not actually for sale, as how is it that no one can help complete a sale at all, not any way, not any how? And then they just ignore those that complain. I have cancelled any further emails from this company and find this situation extremely disturbing.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I just opened the box for my order and saw that I was sent the wrong size. I ordered a size 4 but received a size 6.5. What's worse is size 4 is now sold out and I have been left with no shoes at all. As you can imagine, it's nearly impossible to find any shoes in my size, and after waiting several weeks for this item to be delivered I am beyond disheartened -- but more than that, I am shocked by the unpreparedness and indifference demonstrated by Nordstrom. After realizing a mistake had been made, I immediately called customer service so they could make it right.

The first option offered by the customer service rep was a refund. I found that odd since stores usually encourage exchanges because it's in their best interest to keep the sale. It wasn't until after I told her I wanted my size, not a refund, that she proceeded to look up available inventory in size 4. Of course, they were sold out. She also mentioned that the warehouse ships boxes WITHOUT opening them to see what's inside first. As a customer, I find that complete lack of quality control to be very worrying - they are just asking for a mistake to be made.

I've since done some research online and from what I see this is a reoccurring problem at Nordstrom. It seems this is due to careless packaging procedures plus a discrepancy in their computer system that screws up the UPC codes. What makes everything even more suspicious is that they don't offer exchanges, it's almost like this happens so much they have found a way to avoid giving their customers the product they ordered.

Given this information, WHY on earth should anyone trust ordering something off their website? For such a huge company, I'm surprised more people have not been warned, but that's definitely about to change. I've sent a media request to my local news station and am preparing to post to my large social media following. However, before I proceed with warning more people, I am waiting for a Manager's response because it would be unfair to speak poorly about a Brand without first giving them a real chance to fix the problem.

Now, please understand that a simple refund is not enough. I have put my trust and money into this company only to have seen my effort and time go completely to waste. I am currently without my money AND without the product. I think a store credit would be fair. This is reasonable considering this was an avoidable (and reoccurring) mistake made by their staff and the total cost of the purchase was almost $300. I will be following up with a phone call first thing in the morning to ensure this issue is rectified as soon as possible. I will post an update here to let you know the outcome.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

I purchased a pair of Paige Hoxton High Waisted Jeans. They sent me cut up Ralph Lauren Jeans. I called them and they said they would send me the correct jeans. I got the jeans several days later and thought they were the correct Paige Jeans. I gave these jeans as a gift for my sister's birthday. She tries them on and they were way too low cut and long. They were Paige Hoxton High Rise Jeans. I was so upset, she had to go out of her way and return them at the store. I will never buy online at Nordstrom and will probably never buy anything from the store. They should be embarrassed that their employees in the warehouse keep getting it wrong. They should hold them accountable. BTW the supervisor on the customer service said "Oh the UPC codes are messed up." That is not my fault. She said "Next time since you have gone through all this trouble, we will expedite your shipping." NO THANK YOU!!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Once again Nordstrom shipped a sweater with no paperwork at all, so no receipt or return label. After trying to contact them for 2 nights to return it, with over 30 min phone hold times & 2 chat attempts where they never even answered, I finally got a girl, Jenna who told me that just how their service works now, 30 min hold normal. Then put me on hold again to go check order where I'm now waiting over 20 more min & counting as I type this! What happened to a company that used to have great service? I'm a 25 yr long customer but this will my last try here as truly pathetic to see even Walmart now has MUCH better online service than Nordstrom!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I have had an ONGOING problem with returns. I have a chronic illness and have to use online ordering. Therefore, I do have to make a lot of returns. However, I retain ALL tracking information, take pictures of the shipping labels, per Nordstrom customer service advice, and keep my receipts from any mailing locations I visit. I know when an item is lost or stolen because normally, returns only take a certain number of days to process. So, I have ended up having to use my valuable time, even when I'm feeling poorly, to contact CS, sometimes multiple times to have issues resolved. I have had MANY problems with returns not being received or credited. Because the warehouse receives a lot of packages from me, they must look out for them and steal them before they're scanned. That's the only explanation, given that I have tracked everything it all shows delivery.

Recently, I had over $650 of merchandise stolen or lost at the Nordstrom warehouse and Nordstrom has put me under so much stress, that I thought I was going to have to visit the ER. There is a pair of very expensive shoes and 5 tops from 2 orders, that are not accounted for by Nordstrom. There was a jacket in question that I kept calling about and was being told, that according to my tracking number it had been received but I called 4 times because I never got the refund. I know for a fact that I provided the correct tracking number because I have a picture of the label with the order number handwritten on it. Somehow, I eventually got that refund but I called CS just to see if my theory was correct, that the warehouse did not have record of the correct tracking information and I was right. The tracking number they gave me for that returned item, was not the one that I used and I have a photo to prove it. This clearly supports my case.

Because I keep all my tracking info and know which numbers correspond with which items, I was able to convey this to the warehouse. However, because the boxes are, evidently being stolen before they're scanned, the warehouse cannot locate the items or correlate the tracking numbers. So, in the past, because CS could see that the items were delivered, according to MY correct tracking numbers, I was given "COURTESY" refunds. I tried explaining to them during the recent incident, that it is not a "courtesy" if your warehouse is stealing my merchandise. All I need to do, as a customer, is pack up the items, mail them and retain my tracking information. Once the items are delivered to your warehouse, as verified by the USPS and Smartlabel tracking sites, that completes my obligation and, whether or not you can find the items, is not my problem. I deserve my refund.

Instead, I received a NASTY, ACCUSATORY email from Nordstrom CS, implying that I am trying to defraud THEM! This is outrageous! I have a chronic illness! Do they really believe that I have the time or energy to sit and print out labels, affix them to empty boxes, take multiple boxes to the post office, then spend hours on the phone with CS? The post office can verify the weights of the packages I've mailed. I have pictures of labels, I know what was in the boxes but the warehouse is giving false numbers that don't correlate with the right items, then saying that the items were never delivered, despite the fact that I have as many tracking numbers as I have boxes that were mailed back. I spent the better part of two days, coordinating all of my receipts, pictures and order numbers.

All of the Nordstrom employees are like robots, spitting back the same answers to me, which are completely illogical. They are insisting, that although, I have all the tracking information, which can be officially verified, they're insisting they're the wrong numbers and the merchandise isn't there. It's impossible that the tracking information is lying. I have every tracking number for every box I mailed in October. So, regardless of whether the numbers match, they have gotten all the returns! They refuse to comprehend and concede because they want to keep accusing me of fraud, when it is clearly a warehouse issue! My merchandise is being lost or stolen Nordstrom and you know it but want me as a scapegoat! It's no wonder your company is doing so poorly when your employees are stealing from you and you all have such comprehension problems!

I am out of $650 and I plan to return every last item that I have ever purchased from that company. I will NOT pay the salaries of any of the arrogant, ignorant, and insulting employees who I have dealt with over the past few weeks. My health is suffering because of this issue! This can happen to anyone but it's especially bad for other people like me, who are unable to get to a brick and mortar store to shop or make returns. This opens a door for countless disabled people to be taken advantage of by a large corporation without recourse. They can pull this anytime they want at the warehouse and the victim can do nothing about it.

I spend a LOT of extra time to meticulously catalog my returns, per Nordstrom's advice and this is the thanks I get for it. This is nothing but a scam and Nordstrom has not given me a penny that wasn't due me, according my records, as well the official records of a Federal institution, the USPS. Refunds are not a "courtesy" if the merchandise is being stolen at the warehouse. By mailing, saving tracking numbers, and tracking the deliveries to ensure they were received, I have fulfilled my obligation and deserve my money, regardless of their ineptitude and inability to keep track of incoming returns as well as their inability to correlate my tracking information to the proper merchandise.

I may be ill but I'm not mentally impaired, I know what I've mailed back and with what numbers. I would have gladly sent every number that I have for them to see for themselves that there is no possible way they didn't receive all the merchandise and simple math would have shown that there are outstanding boxes. What is the point of a tracking number and why did Nordstrom's own CS tell me to photograph the labels, if they're going to disregard them? I will be happy to provide all tracking information, as well as any other pertinent information but there is too much attach below. I would be happy to submit them by mail or as a large file.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

A Nordies I used to love shopping here, last year someone attempted to use my credit card to send themselves a bottle of expensive perfume. I alerted them to the issue, my card was refunded and the order canceled. Fast forward 1 year later and multiple of purchases later, my recent online purchases were canceled with no customer service contact... I called customer service only to be told, there is a charge associated with your online account that ended up being a charge off because of the attempted fraudulent charge. WTH?!?

1. That was never a problem in the store after many expensive purchases and 2. As a million dollar corp how dare my account be flagged because someone else was fraudulent and the order wasn’t stopped although I alerted them to the issue within minutes of receiving a “order confirmation” email shipping to a bogus address. Boo-hoo, Nordies had to eat $200 because of lacking “loss-prevention” methods, I shouldn’t be penalized or my future orders be canceled and that reason they should’ve never been disclosed to me by customer service. Good for me the order was canceled, while the rep was doing “research” I also performed some research, found the item on Amazon and received the item in 2 days! Talk about sales loss... We have options and Amazon is gonna take even the best down! #teamamazon

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2017

In the last month I ordered boots from Nordstrom Rack that were damaged quality. The Musse and Cloud boots for $90 (not too cheap), had the inner sole glued in all rolled/bunched up in one boot and the other completely pulled out of the boot. The boots were cute, but receiving DAMAGED goods is truly disappointing. Unfortunately had to return these boots as they were unwearable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

I order most of my shoes online. They usually have a wide selection of shoes that I like, boots, pumps and sandals. Nordstrom prices are very good at the end of the season.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

You can't beat Nordstrom for customer service and superior products! I prefer to purchase my shoes from Nordstrom because I know I can return them if necessary without paying any shipping. Nordstrom is very fair and will match a price if they can and so shopping with them is a definite win-win! Love them!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

When it comes to reviews I am very naive and easily get burnt, but that was the past me as I thought. I’ve ordered a very expensive T-shirt from Nordstrom on October 1st along with two day shipping. Even though it’s now October 4th I still have yet to even receive a tracking number. It’s very disappointing because I work so hard for my money being as though I’m a college student and should not being spending an exceptional amount of money on a T shirt, but I did anyway and I guess now I’m feeling the burn. Hopefully I get my shipping at least waived. I’ve talked to an online customer service rep a couple hours ago and she said she will get back with me in no less than 24 hours. I just want it to be resolved or my money back.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

I ordered online for the very first time from Nordstrom Rack. I had to return every single item because they sent the wrong sizes. Not only do they not do exchanges, but once they received my returned items they had a delay and never bothered to tell me. I was never notified and they did not even bother to respond to my inquiries online. I had no idea what was happening with this order return. If they had just done an exchange it would have been so much simpler. But they don't do exchanges for whatever stupid reason and only do returns and refunds. So I'm looking for the refund back into my checking account. In the meantime they're having some stupid delay with the return process and don't even bother letting me know!!

I will never use this company again and I will make sure to let everyone know and will plaster as many negative reviews as I can wherever I can. Nordstrom Rack is completely unprofessional in the way they do business and I thought they were supposed to be different. There are other companies who handle their business a lot more professional and I will continue to do business with those companies.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

Nordstrom online service customer service is horrible. I ordered an item and sent it to friend, they never received it. We kept waiting for it to be shipped or her to acknowledge she received it. I called the Nordstrom online to see where the item was. The woman was very rude on the phone. They said the item was delivered and because I had not called within 30 of the order or ship date there is no refund. This was a gift. The only way to know that someone didn't receive a gift is if you ask them.

The woman on the phone said that it was delivered at her door. It could not be delivered at her door because at her complex they take it to the office and she is notified by text or email. Sound not honest. 30 day is not enough time. To not refund or resend the item is horrible customer service. The department store customer service is lacking and it is nothing what it used to be years ago. Nordstrom was the only one left with customer service in the past now it is just like the rest of the department store. Too bad.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

The current atmosphere at Nordstrom is apathetic! I wanted to exchange for store credit a pair of boots that were a gift from my sister-in-law. The boots were new and packaged in the box they came in. They would not give me credit or exchange the boots w/o a gift receipt. They were obviously from their store. This smacks of desperation on Nordstrom's behalf and I, for one, will have torn up my Nordstrom credit card and will no longer shop there.

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

I'm a male shopper first time purchasing on NordsTrash website for my gf's bday. I placed my order online at 12:01PM but found a better product and price at a different company so I promptly began my order cancellation process. I looked up my email order confirmation but scrolling back and forth in hope of finding a link/button to cancel with no avail. The confirmation only showed an (failed attempt) customer service toll free number.

At 12:46PM, upon connected to that number an automated greeting stating that "online order will be processed in 2-3 days"; therefore, I was still feeling confident the 45 minutes time lapse at ordering should allow me to cancel with no issue. I was completely wrong - the customer service stated that I had JUST missed the deadline to cancel my order. The only way at this point is to return my order at the store. I was in disbelief since ordering online is the main purpose of avoiding the store and to save TIME.

Soon after the call with CSR, I contacted my credit card company and it was confirmed that no charged have been made on my account. With that information, I contacted the Nordstrom customer service number again and actually got the same CSR from my prior call (is this home-base business?!). I relay the message that since there is no charge on the credit card, no shipping/tracking number, and no further update in my email then why is there an issue on cancellation. Her explanation is "our system sucks and we are not Amazon." I hope consumers find this page and this message. You are better off shopping at thousands of other more competent business operators. Even those Chinese eBay vendors have better customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

I ordered boots from Nordstrom (very expensive boots) that I needed delivered before I move to another state. Initially it stated it would be delivered the Saturday before I moved which was perfect. I just checked if the box was delivered and it stated it would be delivered this Tuesday (the day I'm moving) so of course I won't be there to accept the package, such an inconvenience for me and this is not the first time this happens. Extremely poor customer service. Really upsetting knowing I paid for shipping. Totally unacceptable. And of course nobody ever takes responsibility.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

Okay, I made a purchase on Aug 13, and it was canceled with no notification! I have been waiting for 10 days until my aunt ask where is her boot, (yes I purchased a $279 boot for her from Nordstrom rack online). NO ONE told me my order was canceled through email or text! They have my email address, is that simple for them to send me an email because of their problem to cancel my order! They send thousands of commercial email ALL DAY! Could you please at least send a notification to a customer who already spends $10000+ purchase items from you!!!

AND they told me they cancel the order because the shipping address is an international shipping company that is why they can't shipping to that address, then I provide them another one, they still said no!!!! THEY TOLD ME THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF ADDRESS THAT I CAN PUT IN!!! WTF!!! They want me to do some research about the shipping address before I spend my money on them. I purchase some items from other website and they always ship my package on time. There is no value customer experience for this company. Avoid to shopping from this company! Find some place better, NM, MACY'S, Saks are all better than this ** company!

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

I have bought from Nordstrom one time in the past with no problem, but this time had a horrible experience. I ordered Brazil Riders women's brown flip flops size 8 and was sent men's size 8 Riders flip flops. So I contacted Nordstrom immediately and told them I was sent the wrong shoes. I told them it was a men's pair and gave them the model number. They insisted that model was what I ordered and so it wasn't their mistake and I would have to pay the shipping to return it. Then I told them their description said "women's" and thankfully I had a copy of that description in my email order confirmation, so finally the woman who was very uncooperative gave in after I threatened to contest the charges, call UPS and have them come back and pick up/refuse the package, write a bad review, and never buy from them again.

Then she replied "no need for the hassle, I will send you a pre-paid postage label." They were definitely not concerned about customer satisfaction first, and made no offer of sending me the correct shoes I wanted that I ordered and paid for. They also told me it could be 2-3 weeks before I get a refund after the shoes are returned, so they hold your money a ridiculous amount of time while trying to avoid taking any responsibility for their mistake. I will likely not be shopping at Nordstrom again. I can't risk this inconvenient type of time-consuming screw-up happening again where I don't have my money nor my product and have to deal with poor customer service, and it appears it happens a lot based on all the other similar negative reviews on the Consumer Reports web site.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

Placed a order, it was under a $100 so I hit total to see what the shipping would be. The total came up with free shipping (was surprised but pleased). I placed order and then it asked if I wanted to use my card on file. I hit yes. Order was placed. Total of order was given. Imagine my surprise when the next day I received a confirmation notice with a different total, they had added on shipping afterwards. I called customer service and spoke to a nice man that gave me my shipping back. This is my second order with Nordstrom Rack. The first one they screwed up so bad that I ended up canceling it and had to go to corporate to get my money back. I will not be ordering from them again to poorly run site.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2017

I notice the UGG boots called Constantine which are listed in their anniversary sale is mixed up with their Naiyah boot by UGGs. I ordered the Constantine boot, which arrived within 4 days. I was getting ready to send another item back and noticed that the order form stated I had the Naiyah boot and charge me $119.90 for them. I called customer service and told them that my style of boot was on the box label with a picture with the Naiyah name. I told the service rep that the catalog showed different. The Constantine is rear tying boot while the Naiyah has side ties.

I wonder how many other people have been wrongly sent the wrong boot. Service rep had me on hold for awhile then came back and wanted me to send my box and boots back, even though they are the boots I wanted. She claimed Quality control needs to see the labeling mishap. Ok not sending anything until I receive the right boot (again). I recalled do to online the boots are also called by different names then the catalog items, of course this rep knows nothing either. Places me on 15 minute hold comes back and states the catalog mistaken both boots and switched the names. The store also has them called the names per catalog. The sales rep goes from clueless to all knowing after I point out the mistake.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 19, 2017

Like many other posters here, I've unfortunately had an awful experience with the customer service department, particularly in the beauty section. I purchased an item and then noticed it was way cheaper at another store, so I looked at their price matching policy that's posted online, and that made it seem like they would be able to price match. However, upon contacting them, tongue gave me different information than what's publicly posted online, they're going off of a completely different policy than what customers see, which isn't fair. I've asked several times to see in writing what they're telling me, since I want to make sure that they're providing me legitimate information, it seems like they're just lying so they don't have to pay the difference.

Every time I ask to see proof, that question is completely avoided. I'm not sure how many times I'll have to ask before I finally get someone that understands English and is able to actually read and respond to that request. I had a great experience with the customer service department 2 years ago, which is why I'm so disappointed now, seems like it's the polar opposite of what servicing the customer should be. I actually full time in Customer Service myself, so I know how hard it can be sometimes, however I've never in my life encountered such rude, uncaring, and non-willing to help people. I wish I could rate 0 stars instead, since they don't even deserve one. Hiding information from the customers is very bad business practice. I will be taking all future purchases elsewhere, and will be regularly telling people to not shop at Nordstrom.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: June 29, 2017

Nordstrom is one or shall I say was one of my favorite stores up until recently. Lately they've been making a ton of mistakes on my order. A few weeks ago something wasn't in a box that I ordered. And a few weeks before that I kept ordering a cross body bag and a different bag kept arriving. Turns out they had the wrong picture posted. They didn't do anything for all of that inconvenience. Today they sent me the wrong item. I called customer service because I was wondering how am I suppose to return a dress that I don't have a receipt for because they gave me something else. The unhelpful person on the phone put notes on the account and said when I go to return the dress they will see that he wrote a note. He didn't even offer to help me get the dress that I actually ordered. If I wanted to get JC Penney customer service I would shop at JC Penney.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2017

Nordstrom used to be the best in the business when it comes to customer service, but over the last few years things have been going south at my once - favorite store. I recently had a package go missing -- a box that was on record as delivered by UPS. I assume that it was taken from my front gate. I got the shipment replaced (minus the generous gift-with-purchase that was the reason I originally placed the order... which didn't seem right to me), but as punishment for asking I had to endure getting chastised and almost threatened in an email from the Nordstrom department that handles lost and stolen merchandise. I really got slapped around. The writer toted up all of the lost packages I have ever reported (I have had the same Nordstrom account for 28 years, and have lived in my current home for 20 years), and assigned a dollar value to them. She then strongly suggested that I request all future deliveries to be signature required.

The clear implication of her threatening words was that I must be scamming the store. Really? That's how you treat a customer of almost 30 years? I know that a few years ago Nordstrom was victimized by a criminal ring running a scam involving merchandise ordered through a cash-back portal, which was returned to Nordstrom after buyers got the cash-back payments. I think that there was some false reporting of lost goods in that criminal case, as well. I assume that's why Nordstrom no longer does cash-back through Ebates.

But should your response to being duped be to treat all customers as suspicious? No. I was so annoyed after that email that I immediately returned several purchases to Nordstrom. Adding to my frustration with the store is their rapid decline in quality assurance. I have received too many items in shopworn condition, and clothing so carelessly packaged that it has to be cleaned and pressed before wear.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 2, 2017

I purchased a watch and other items from Nordstrom; however, the watch shipped separately and arrived earlier than the other items. Upon opening the poorly packaged box, I noticed the security sensor was still attached to the watch band. The watch is useless with the sensor on it. I used the Nordstrom chat feature and was told that although they are very sorry for the inconvenience and understand that they "truly let (me) down", my only options were to ship the package back to them or go to a store to have it removed. Both of these options involve extra time and money. They are not reasonable solutions without compensation. When I asked for compensation (either a partial refund or future discount), they said they do not believe compensation would satisfy me. I'm not even sure what that means. Of course it would have satisfied me. It's literally the only thing that would have satisfied me.

What doesn't satisfy me is a company making an error, which made the product I paid for useless, and then asking me to take additional time and money to correct it for them without compensation. I am not a Nordstrom employee. I do not work for them. Why would I do this? I would have understood if I received this terrible response from a newly-trained customer service rep (Jessica **), but I also received the same response from a manager (Tonya **). Nordstrom used to be the gold standard for customer service but those days are over. I have spent a significant amount of money at Nordstrom over my life but I will never shop there again.

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Original review: May 31, 2017

I had a gift card which was obtained because I had often shopped at a Nordstrom location in White Plains and sometimes would treat myself to a gift card that I could use on the online store. Please note from my experience that you should NEVER ask Nordstrom to pay you back in-store credit with the idea of purchasing only through them. Just get everything back in cash or back on your credit card. With the Nordstrom gift card I went ahead and ordered a pair of shoes online. When they arrived I didn't like them and decided I would return them and use the store credit to get a handbag that I liked instead which would have required much more than was on the gift card, but was very much to my taste. I waited to purchase the handbag until the refund was reapplied to my card but after waiting and waiting the card remained empty.

Annoyed that I would have to take time out to contact Nordstrom about it to find out what was going on, I went on chat with them and was subsequently informed that they had shipped a new gift card to me. However I never received anything. This is when I found out they decided to automatically ship it to the BILLING ADDRESS rather than where you're supposed to ship things - The shipping address. I now understood why I never received it. The billing address they had on file was for an old company address on our company credit card which was no longer in use. We have since moved the company to another building, but even when our employees were there we still NEVER ONCE shipped anything to that address. It was just the billing address on the company card.

Why they would send anything to a billing address is beyond me - Especially since a gift card has no billing address attached to it. That's why I used the gift card and not the old credit card. So the representative informs me that they will send a new gift card to the place where companies are supposed to ship things - The shipping address. Great. I wait and still receive nothing. What's going on. I am annoyed that I once again have to take time out of my day to contact them. I am now told that the previous representative should have reached out to me but didn't and should have told me that apparently when Nordstrom messed up and sent the gift card to the old billing address, someone there accepted the delivery and used the card for themselves. Ok... what does that have to do with me? I mean you guys messed up and sent it to the wrong address.

Well, apparently Nordstrom doesn't care at all that they messed up and sent it to the old billing address rather than the shipping address. Nordstrom doesn't care at all that they never informed me of them sending it to that address. (They send you an email saying that "Your order is on the way" to inform you of your refund being delivered, but since this was NOT AN ORDER I MADE and was just a gift card they decided to send me I didn't realize this email was about a gift card being sent to me.) Nordstrom doesn't care at all that their negligence caused them to give my money to some stranger. Nordstrom doesn't care at all that they had already told me I would get the refund and then never informed me that they changed their mind about that completely. Despite all their negligences they still expected ME to pay the price and told me that they would not give me my refund back after all.

And the cherry on top of this egregious cake is that when I expressed my very understandable displeasure at this, the representative who went by "Chris **" not only did not apologize for how I had been treated throughout, but he actually had the audacity to say "I'm sorry you feel that way"... as if it wasn't their behavior that was the problem, but that my feelings on the matter were the problem. "Excuse me?" I responded.

Since we have a house in White Plains and an apartment in Manhattan I have shopped through Nordstrom - primarily via their White Plains store for over a decade and once in a while ordered things online when we wanted things shipped to Manhattan. I have spent well over 20K in their store over the years which anyone who looked at my handbags can attest to. And yet, for a measly $85 of a refund that is owed me and they refuse to hand back to me they have forever lost me as a customer. Even Macy's treats their customers with more respect than this. And by the looks of the faces of people I tell about my experience this it seems Nordstrom may have lost more than me as a customer. One thing's for sure - At the very least no one I know will ever seek out a Nordstrom gift card again.

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Original review: May 23, 2017

I normally go to the Nordstrom Rack in Westbury. This is the first time I shopped here. I found out that they have a lot in my size. I bought a shirt, tie and a socks. I was expecting that my trip to the cashier would be a breeze since I was the third person in line. It took 45 minutes for the whole payment process since there were only two cashiers. I noticed that I was overcharged on my shirt that I bought. I was expecting to pay $23.44 but my bill showed $ 49.47. I realized that if I have to go back and complain that I would have to get in line; and the line was getting longer every minute. Luckily, the cashier entertained my complaint. The shirt had two tags. She honored the higher tag price. Since I was so disappointed, I just returned all what I bought and vowed not to return to the same establishment ever again.

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Original review: May 8, 2017

I am writing to you to express my extreme disappointment with the "Made To Measure" suit I was refunded today at the Cherry Hill, NJ store. Back in mid-February I was fitted for the suit and told it would be ready way before my wedding date of 5/20/17. After Nordstrom forgot to call to say it had arrived, I tried on the suit last Saturday, April 29th for the first time, nearly 12 weeks later. That day, I could barely get the pants over my legs and expressed my concern to both the sales staff, Sean, and tailor. After saying it would not be a problem, I went in today, 5/8 and the pants were once again way too tight. I am reaching out to you because this is unacceptable service and now I am scrambling to get a suit in less than 2 weeks for my wedding. I have been a long time customer @ Nordstrom, but with this experience I will never shop at Nordstrom again. For $2000.00 I expected much more from the service at Nordstrom.

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Nordstrom, Inc. started as a small shoe store in Seattle in 1901. The company now has brick-and-mortar stores throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Selection: Consumers can find a wide variety of brands, styles and size options on the Nordstrom website. The website lists women’s sizes 4.5 to 13 and has a “4 and smaller” category as well as a “14 and above” category.

  • Individualized returns: Nordstrom does not have an official return policy. Instead, the company works with individual customers to make sure they are satisfied.

  • Videos: The Nordstrom website includes informative videos to help customers make a selection or care for their shoe purchases. They have videos for fitting shoes and boots and for cleaning suede and leather shoes.

  • POP-IN: Each month, the Nordstrom site features a POP-IN shop with clothes, accessories and shoes from a special designer. Customers looking for unique pieces can watch for these special events.

  • Best for: The Nordstrom website carries shoes for adults and children and is best for bust adults, professionals, fashion lovers and hard-to-fit individuals.

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