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I ordered flowers that was guaranteed the same day to my family in another state staying at a hotel. The order never arrived, they never contacted me to say it wasn't going to arrive and refused to refund my money since my family had already checked out by the time they called to say it was going to be delivered. Customer service was rude, kept me on hold and continued to offer credit that I constantly refused. I will never do business with these people again.

Tried sending an ill family members a flower arrangement to the Seattle area (very populated). The day for delivery did not happen and I received an email alerting me to the fact that it would need to be the next day. I contacted customer service and asked that since this was not being done on the day I requested could I be sent a confirmation when it does arrive. The next day came and no notifications! It is now the 3rd day beyond the date I requested and I just was told it would be delivered today due to trouble at their end finding a florist that could deliver to the address. Arrrrgggh. This is a populated suburb outside of Seattle, WA. I advised the customer service person that if my arrangement does NOT arrive today I will call and ask for a refund!

Terrible experience. Ordered a spray of flowers for $100 with an extra $10 for a banner for a funeral in another city. Obviously the florists didn't think we would be there but we were. The delivery was almost $20 when the funeral home was two blocks away. There was NO banner and the flowers were puny and wilted. When I called to complain I got customer service in India and I could barely understand them. The bottom line is that they only refunded the amount of the $10 banner that was missing, but nothing for the puny, wilted flowers. I will never use them again. Here's a tip... when ordering flowers in a city far away, look up a local florist in that town and skip the 1-800 guys. All they do is call a local florist and tack on a surcharge. Local florists will also take payment of a credit card over the phone and you get to talk to the people actually doing the work that way. You don't need the middleman!

I am incredibly unimpressed with this company. I just got off the phone with Jill, a manager with this company and though she apologized numerous times she could only provide me with a $7 refund for a failed delivery of my ordered flowers. I placed an order of flowers for my mother-in-law, who lives in a small town, on Friday for a Saturday delivery. As of Sunday night, she hadn't received them, so I contacted the company through their site and they emailed me back a canned email about how the flowers would be delivered the next day. Well it's Wednesday and the flowers still haven't been delivered!!

I called the company and Jill told me they couldn't find a florist shop to make the delivery until today. Yet they never contacted me to tell me any of this! And when I placed the order, it obviously had the address of delivery so they knew it was a small town and still took my money. I have never been so upset with a company before. I mean fortunately for me this was simply a "Thank you" arrangement, but still almost 5 DAYS late on the delivery?! What kind of company does that and then only gives you a $7 refund??? DO NOT USE THEM!!

Awful, terrible, disrespectful, shady, dishonorable, waste of money, scam. I've never gotten so mad at a company before - worst customer service ever! After spending $98 on a bouquet of flowers that Just Flowers ensured would arrive in time for a family member's funeral (we even paid the extra $ to make sure), they not only didn't arrive but arrived a whole day and a half late (to an empty venue). After spending almost 45 minutes on the phone with them saying they couldn't refund the money and all they could do was offer a $5 credit towards a future order (as if we'll ever use them again), they put me on hold and never came back. I have never taken the time to write a review before but this company is the absolute worst. Such a terrible company!!

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I ordered flowers for a sick co-worker on Sept 29th with a delivery date of Sept 30th. At 3:00 pm on Oct 3rd, I contacted customer service for a status update. First I was told the local florist attempted delivery but no one answered the door. Then after a long hold, I was told that the flowers are not in season. When I asked why I was not contacted about either, I was put on a long hold then the customer service rep Nikki just repeated what she originally said without answering my questions. I asked to have my order refunded but was told that is not an option since the order is out with the florist. I asked to speak to a manager and was placed on another long hold just to be told they were busy and would call me later today. The entire experience has been a beating. I strongly recommend not wasting your time and money with this company.

I placed an order on Thursday evening to have it delivered the next day... I received an email Friday afternoon telling me that they were for some unknown reason unable to deliver them on that day but were going to try to get them delivered the following next day. So Saturday morning I reply back to the email expressing my dissatisfaction of their service... And explained how this was the second time in a row that they failed to do as they promised to do.

Later in the afternoon I called their 1-800 number to find out if my flowers were delivered... And was told "NO" because of my earlier email they were holding up my order. And the lady on the other end of the phone kept trying to make it out as my fault stating because if I hadn't not sent them the email that they would have delivered the order. I think they had no intention of delivering the order and were going to deliver them the following Monday to begin with. This is the second out of three orders that they failed to deliver as promised and so I will never use them again and will either use FTD or Teleflora... Or just call the local florist direct.

I placed this order on Sept 27th, 2016 to JUSTFLOWERS.COM 213-867-0630 and paid $4.99 extra for their so call speedy service! The reason I am very upset they were supposed to send these flowers to my brother's girlfriend for her birthday on Sept 28-2016 at 1:00pm. At about 3:30ish I notice I haven't heard from the birthday girl. So I called JustFlowers to find out the status! I got even more upset because their customer service rep ALAN could only tell me is that they could not find anyone to deliver in that area and they were still working on it!! Well there is a hour difference where the flowers were to be sent in Fredrick CO... So it was already almost the end of the day there! I never received a courtesy call to let me know that they were not able complete this delivery! I asked him to PLEASE LET ME TALK TO THE SUPERVISOR and I wasn't going to hang up till I spoke to him/her!

I was tired of explaining to different reps every time I called back, so I asked him to put me on hold till I get to talk to the supervisor!! Finally 1 HOUR LATER they transferred me over to JILL the supervisor! To my surprise while I was on hold JILL THE SUPERVISOR called Lillian (the birthday girl) while I was on hold to apologize to her, and that my brother FYI who is very ill lying in a hospital was trying to send her flowers but they were not going to be able that day!!! WHAT A EMBARRASSMENT!!! JILL said she can sent her flowers the next day with a apology letter to her!! Well needless to say one day too late. Lilian (the birthday girl) told JILL not send the flowers. It will be too late and because now she will not be able to ENJOY THEM by then! Because she will be flying to California to be with my sick brother on Friday!!!

The next day I called to speak with the MANAGER TERESA to make sure they canceled that order and I wanted a full refund. She is the most RUDEST PERSON!!! First of all I shouldn't be the one to call them. They should have call me! At least to apologize!!! TERESA starts to tell me that they can still deliver the flower today and they will give me a discount of 15$. I told her that doesn't even cover the taxes... Her birthday was yesterday not today!! I told her they are false advertisement because it says you guarantee your service. They are fraud. She goes on to tell me so if FEDEX is late delivery would they also be fraud! I told her first of all I work with FedEx all the time and for her information FedEx has a service for their customer can track item online and they also always give me a courtesy call if there is a prob.

I feel that she was very inconsiderate to my feeling that I was trying to please my very sick brother's wishing to send his girlfriend flowers for her birthday! So I hope you understand my frustration. I did make sure I wrote to the BBB, Yelp, Facebook and all other social media about this really bad service and bad experience! So the customer can BE AWARE! They are better off cutting the middle man (JUSTFLOWERS) out and just going direct with the supplier! I have shopped online for many many years and this has been the worse experience I ever had!!!

Called to place order for flowers for friend's birthday. Wanted to deal directly with LOCAL florist. Asked order taker if she was actually in the florist shop in Sebastian, Fl to which she replied "Yes" (First lie). Then proceeded to place order. Was quoted a price to which I agreed. Immediately after placing order went online and saw offer of $20 discount if order placed within a time limit (my order complied). Within 10 minutes of placing order called back, spoke to same person who took the order and was told discount was already included in price quoted - contrary to pricing I saw online (second lie).

After 10-15 minutes of arguing with order taker I told her I wanted to cancel as I felt their company's business practices were not the kind I preferred to do business with. Cancellation was refused - asked for supervisor - after holding on the phone for 36 minutes a different female got on the phone and I asked her where she and order taker were located and she said Los Angeles. Explained my situation and the fact that I wanted to cancel the order as while I was holding I had spoken to cc company and was informed that I could dispute the charge.

Supervisor, after 15 minutes of heated argument and her being extremely rude said I could not cancel the order as it had already been distributed. She did finally say that she could give me a $15 discount to which I replied that after what I had been through with her and her order taker that all I wanted was the order cancelled. I told her that unless the order was cancelled I certainly was not going to give my business to a company of her ilk. I then sent an e-mail to the service company as listed on their website explaining the whole problem and advising that I was NOT going to pay for flowers if delivered.

Two days later I called cc company again to see if charge had arrived and SURPRISE!!! It had BUT was $25 more than I had been quoted. This company will NEVER get any business from me or anyone else I can contact in reference to this horrible experience. I will take whatever steps necessary to avoid paying and getting the charge disallowed. I ultimately found a local florist IN Sebastian and ordered flowers for friend's birthday which were delivered beautiful and on time. I wish I had read some of the reviews before I even called them. Lesson learned!!!

My order (Sept 17) was to be delivered Sunday, Sep 18th. It was postponed it til Monday. I WAS NOT NOTIFIED. A $10.00 discount was offered on ordering. No code was displayed. Annoying but I proceeded. After order was completed window with the code appeared. Called same day, could only leave a message --- my call was not returned. Called Mon to be told that a $5.00 discount applied to the amount of my order which I don't believe was noted on the website. Supposedly my account will be adjusted eventually --- believe it when I see it.

Asked Several times to for credit number, and including my husband so both of us were sure gave the correct charge info... Then told they missed numbers... Then called 5x day of delivery to specify they would not leave on porch unless paid another 10.00. Very unusual because the floral company is a local florist in the Rumson/Fair Haven area and probably knows to leave. Just forewarning. Specify they are to leave. They won't ask. And will charge extra. And won't deliver unless you have time to address their delivery process issues. Charging leaving and not responsible if they die... Seriously. Will call local next time - bad business practice.

This company is 100% a scam and full of dirty liars. I've been on the phone with them daily listening to lies about "not being able to reach the flower shoppe I chose." I reached out to the flower shop myself and they said they received no such order or any phone calls. I called Justflowers again to double check we had the correct flower shoppe and we did. Justflowers has been constantly lying to me about contacting my flower shop and just pocketed my money for a good time. I keep calling Justflowers but it's gotten to the point where they disconnect me anytime I re-explain my situation and ask to speak with a manager. Anyone who has a sense please do yourself a favor and do not give any money to this company. You will not see it back, as they do not do refunds of any kind, and you will NEVER see your flowers.

I ordered flowers for our anniversary and delivery was guaranteed between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM. By 6:00 PM the order had still not arrived. When I called Customer Service they stated the florist was stuck in traffic. However, the florist called me while I was still on the line and said they had not received the order until an hour ago, and they would not be able to deliver today, but promised it would be here the next morning. So I was lied to. A day later and three more calls to JustFlowers I still do not have the flowers. This was the worse experience I have ever had with a florist and I recommend you not use JustFlowers for anything.

I ordered the flowers online and paid the $4.95 to have them delivered before 1:00 the next day. The patient went home at 4:30 and the flowers had never been delivered. I had a very long wait on hold. I was so unhappy with customer service. I canceled the order but was told I will have to talk to someone about it the next day. I had better get a full refund. I called a real florist and ordered the flowers.

Ordered a flower arrangement for a funeral. First tried placing the order online and laboriously went through the entire ordering process and then typed in the promo code at checkout for a promised 10% discount and then I noticed the discount was never applied. I then opted for online chat with a live operator who then asked for my phone number. They promptly called me back and I had to go through the entire ordering process again with the operator as they reassured me they would make it worth my while for an additional 5% discount. I also paid the extra 5 bucks express service to make sure the arrangement arrived at the funeral home on time.

Day of funeral no flowers. I called Justflowers.com and after a long long hold time explained the situation. They told me that since it was Labor Day they were unable to locate a florist that could make the delivery... but they never called me to inform of such! The operator told me a manager would call me back ASAP. After another half hour went by I called again and had to explain the situation all over again with yet another female operator. She had the nerve to suggest I give them another address to where they would send the flowers later in the day. When I said no way as the funeral was nearly over she started to say they could offer me a 15% discount and I nearly lost my mind. She then relented and offered a refund. How this company remains in business is beyond me. Avoid this company like the plague. Absolute nightmare.

I ordered an $80.00 bouquet from a customer service person. I showed her 2 pictures from their website and was very specific on what I wanted in the order, combining the 2 bouquets and upgrading the price to accommodate. The arrangement was to be all white -- no green -- with white roses, white lilies, and Queen Anne's lace, and 2-4 baby pink roses. I asked for a call if the florist could not meet this order. They received a tall vase full of green leather fern, 8 pink roses, and 2 stems of white lilies, look comparative to any $35.00 arrangement on their website. I spoke to 2 customer service people and a manager who just kept saying that they sometimes have to substitute. I can't believe this place is in business.

Ordered flowers for a birthday which never arrived nor the following day. Voice mails left on my phone were cut off not leaving any return phone numbers. Calling on 800 number was extremely long wait times. By the time I talked with a representative it was though they were mechanical and reading from a script. I requested the order to be cancelled and my cc reimbursed which should be a simple procedure but was put on hold again for over 5 minutes. They also wanted me to keep the money on account for a future order. Really?! So I can go thru this again? It appears by the number of complaints listed here my complaint is not unusual. I would strongly suggest finding another vendor.

Ordered flowers for brother's birthday. Did not get delivered and now will not cancel and give refund. They called my brother and confirmed address and time and still did delivered. Have called three times and told I would get callback and this never happened. It is suppose to be referred to general manager and they will call back so we will see. BEWARE. Suggest use another company.

I ordered flowers for a funeral. I provided the correct address for the funeral home. Their policy is to contact the funeral home and confirm the information. They were given the wrong address (in a different city) and the flowers were not delivered. They offered several resolutions–one of which was to have a grieving family member drive then pick up the flowers. That is absurd! I had to tell them no several times. I have been dealing with them for 5 days and they refuse to offer a refund.

Like everyone else. I wish I had read this site before ordering from JustFlowers. I ordered Roses to be delivered to my wife's office. I did this on the day prior to our anniversary. I paid the additional $4.99 to make sure they arrived before 1pm. I did this because she leaves at 4 on Thursdays, and doesn't return until Monday. 1pm came, and went NO FLOWERS. I began contacting customer service at 2 pm. Who claimed they would contact the florist, and call me back. I am now on hold for the 4th time, and have yet to get a callback. What really gets my goat is, they keep asking me at the end of the call, "Is there anything else I can help you with?" First rule of business is, don't ask is if there something else you can help with, if you haven't helped with anything. BEWARE OF JUSTFLOWERS. THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY!!!

Order a plant for my daughter's father-in-law's' funeral. They were never received. I have been getting the runaround for 4 days. Bottom line they were delivered, nothing more they can do. You can't even call local florist to see if they delivered to wrong chapel. Called Funeral home that handled the arrangements. Funeral home said florist should have signature on file. Called CS back and they put me on hold once again. Florist not answering call at 3:00 pm CST. This place is a joke. Should have read reviews first.

**BUYER BEWARE!** I specifically requested "NO PURPLE". What did I get? Purple! The manager Teresa was very accusatory. It became a game of "he said, she said" between myself and the local flower shop. They offered a $10 credit. I just laughed! My order was over $100. The arrangement looked NOTHING like what was pictured on their website. They said they don't guarantee complete accuracy. They need to say..."we will give you what we decide to give you". The website showed many BLUE irises in the arrangement. What was delivered was ONLY 4 PURPLE IRIS! I even sent photos of the flowers and she still said they are blue! I showed them to many friends. All agreed definitely purple! See for yourself!

I ordered a plant from them to be delivered on a specific date. They sent a confirmation via email and then day of delivery called to say that the plant was going to be four days late. 1.5 hours of sitting on the phone with them, they said that they would deliver the plant. Upon arrival the $67 money tree was something left in a dark corner with a few leaves on it. I sent an email with a picture of the plant and a description of what happened. They called me back stating that they cannot replace the plant or refund my money. The only thing they can do is to refund $7. No re-delivery, no full refund. Order from anybody else and save yourself the aggravation and embarrassment.

Order flowers for next day delivery. The next day received a call informing me that they couldn't deliver the arrangement I ordered and wanted to substitute carnations for sunflowers. I said, "no I would like to either reorder another arrangement that you have online." Then I was informed that the florist would make the options for me. So I went to cancel the order, which apparently you have to have a supervisor do. I'm still waiting for a call from a supervisor to cancel my order. Was on the phone for 30 minutes. Complete waste of time, energy and money. Next time will seek out a real local florist to speak to.

I ordered 2 dozen daisies and was told it would be delivered by 6PM. When I checked I was told (not called) that they wouldn't come until the next day. I tried to cancel because I was having a party that night that I ordered them specifically for but was denied. Ok, when the flowers arrived the next day they had 3, 3 big daisies and a bunch of cheap filler. I called was offered $5 off, then the next email $10 off.

If you order 2 dozen roses is it ok to get 3? Because the florist they contacted did not have them? Wow. How hard is it in Southern Ca to order daisies? Daisies??! After talking to various people who bare spoke English I gave up. I wish I would have read these reviews!! By the way the last offer was $20 credit. I probably could have pushed it but really didn't want to deal with it anymore. By the way I rarely post review unless the service is spectacular or incredible bad.

Placed an order on July 17, 2016 for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. They said they would be delivered between 9 am - 6pm. By 6pm the flowers hadn't arrived. Call the company and they kept making excuse after excuse. Maybe they came and no one was home or maybe they're on the porch. And the best one yet, it's a gated community. All false!! They just hadn't delivered them. Then was told they'd have to call and see what happened. Then when I asked for my money back, they said, "Oh, we can't give refunds". But you guarantee on time delivery? False!!! My parents were leaving for dinner at 6:30pm. The flowers came at 6:27pm. Never again! I'm passing the word to every person I know. Never order from Justflowers.com, it's a waste!!

If I could give this place "0" stars I would. I ordered a BIG bouquet for almost $80 filled with yellow roses for my grandmother who has terminal cancer. Not only were the flowers late, they called me and demanded more money so they could ship them to the correct address. I refused to give them more money and demanded a refund, no refund was issued but they took off the extra charge. When these flowers arrived they were pretty but the bouquet was probably the smallest bouquet I have ever bought and THERE WERE NO YELLOW ROSES, which is the ONLY reason I bought this specific bouquet.

I called to complain and they had told me that they tried calling me saying that they were out of stock for yellow roses, which was a lie. They also tried making it better by saying that they would credit my credit card 5 dollars (which I have never seen) and give me a $10 coupon which I will never use. I never received a call from them saying any such thing. They only called to demand more money out of me. I have never been so disappointed by a flower place in my life. I could get better service going to my nearest grocery store.

After reading the other reviews I totally can relate. Monday June 20, approximately 10:00 a.m. Order flowers with a "Guaranteed delivery by 6:00 p.m. that day to the Hyatt in Washington DC. Called at 4:00 p.m. for confirmation was told they can't confirm until the day after. Talked to significant other that night, no flowers. Tuesday June 21, Call Just flowers. Get some young, barely able to speak clearly rep who apologizes for the "error". But then tells me the flowers will be delivered today.

I explained that the person has checked out so I would just like a refund. I was informed that the flowers were already out for delivery and since they were it is too late for a refund. I explained again that no one will be there to receive them as she was on her way to Phoenix. Well, she said we can just simply send her flowers to Phoenix. I asked, "I thought they were already out for delivery in DC and there is no way to stop them so how is it that you can send her flowers in Phoenix?" I was told, "That is no problem." I then said, "No thanks I will just take a refund." I was told, "That was not possible, it is against the policy." So "Ok" I said, "Call her and get her information." They did, but she instructed them to just wait until Monday June 27th and send them to her office in Chicago. They said, "no problem."

Monday June 27th, you guessed it, no ** flowers. Tuesday June 28th call again. I get the same canned responses at first. "We apologize, can't refund. It's against policy." - blah blah blah. Then, after 5 minutes she says out of the blue that the flowers were delivered to the hotel in DC on Tuesday June 21st!!! Really? So I say, "You delivered flowers to the hotel where no one was staying at, after you were supposed to send them to Chicago, and you expect me to pay for them?" She said, "Yes" and for the 50th time "we apologize". I basically told her to f off and I contacted my credit card company and filed a dispute.

Wednesday June 29th If you can believe it I get a call from a "manager". She proceeds to say after reviewing my "case" that the reason the flowers never got delivered on Monday the 20th is that I ordered them too late in the day. (10:00 a.m CST) I reminded her they were guaranteed for 6:00 p.m and no one even bothered to call and let me know if there was a problem so I want a refund. This "manager" spewed the exact same line I have heard countless times before. "We apologize", "it's policy", etc. I will be contacting the BBB on this scam operation. That is all they are.

JustFlowers.com... Just don't order! I ordered flowers for my daughter's birthday. The flowers/plants were to be delivered May 27th with a couple of balloons. The delivery never happened. Given the fact that it was Memorial day weekend I did not contact them until Tuesday the 31st. When I spoke to them on the 31st they apologized and I was informed that they would need to do a "slight substitution". I agreed but specifically asked if there would be blue flowers in the arrangement. The representative assured me that there would be some blue flowers and that the arrangement would be delivered that day May 31st. I called my daughter the night of June 1st to see how she liked the flowers/plant. She never got the flowers! I spoke to someone else on June 2nd and again she apologized and said she would send the flower/plants that day.

My daughter finally got some flowers. Not what I ordered but cut flowers that were yellow and pink. I sent a complaint letter to them letting them know how I felt. I got a phone call from a JustFlowers.com representative. The representative offered to call my daughter and apologize for the late delivery and to explain to my daughter what I wanted/intended to send her (what I actually ordered). What a joke! JustFlowers.com admits that I didn't get what I paid for and yet refuses to refund my money. I filed a complaint with the BBB and we were unable to reach an agreement because I wanted my money back. JustFlowers.com is allowed to send whatever they want whenever they want and the consumer just needs pay. I have requested that someone audit JustFlowers.com and see how many times their "slight substitutions" are for cheaper less expensive flowers!

I ordered flowers to be delivered on Thursday for my anniversary. Thursday came and received no delivery. You no call no email, not even a courtesy. I called the company to find out what was going on. The representative I spoke with informed me the flower shop they used had contacted them. They were unable to deliver it on the time and day as guaranteed. It is today Friday. My anniversary was Thursday and ruined all the special surprises I had planned for my wife. I specifically chose justflowers.com for their guarantee of delivery. They didn't even contact me or refund me or show any concern. This is the second time they've done this. This place should be called justfailure.com. Guaranteed to fail.

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