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Today’s highly tech-dependent lifestyles have created an enormous need for professional tech support services. Filling this need gap neatly, iYogi helps consumers and small businesses get the most out of the technologies they use every day by removing the stress and frustration experienced by people when dealing with technical problems. iYogi also helps enterprises transform customer experiences and increase satisfaction and lifetime value by enabling them to offer high quality technical support services for out of scope issues.

On-demand remote tech support:
iYogi offers 24/7 expert tech support across a wide range of computing devices and software applications and platforms. Customers rely on iYogi for setup, installation, networking, diagnostics, repair, security, optimization, and usability assistance services for 500+ technologies including PCs, smartphones, servers, printers, and tablets. iYogi offers different subscription packages: single incident plans, an annual unlimited subscription plan, and even more comprehensive Digital Home Plans that ensure customers’ needs are met.

iYogi’s go to market is by providing tech support directly to customers through the Internet, or via partnerships with telecom service providers in different countries.

Awards and Recognition:
• Inc. Innovative 100 Award – 2013 Winner
• Red Herring Global 100
• Deloitte Technology Fast 50 - India 2010 Winner
• American Business Awards Finalist 2009

• Lead411 Hottest Companies in New York City

• BBB Accredited Business With A+ Rating
• CMMI Level 3
• ISMS ISO/IEC 27001:2013


Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I purchased 5 years of Tech Support from iYogi & then had to purchase "TechGenie" to get anti-virus protection. That cost me about $500.00 and then had to buy "Live Docs" to make the TechGenie work then, had to go to Windows 7, then Windows 8.1, etc. etc. to get their program to work. Then, I had to hold the phone for hours on end to get someone to help me with a problem. Then, I had to get callbacks weeks later to get someone to fix the problem (at "a higher level tech support"...whatever that means). NOW, iYogi has changed their hours from 24/7 to Monday through Friday from 5 am to 6 pm (my time, they give their time in PST), so due to my work, I can no longer contact them and they have all my money$$$!!!

UPDATED ON 09/20/2016: We tried to contact iYogi for a refund and found out they are now claiming to be "out-of-business". We also found out they are being sued by Washington State for "fraudulent" activities and claims. After losing a large amount of money, we now find out we cannot even contact them for a refund. We are told there are thousands of complaints on them all over America and the world. iYogi is located in Gurgaon, India & incorporated in the US. We started with them in 2012 which is about the same time they started their fraudulent activities. What we do not understand is how the BBB "Better Business Bureau" can give them an "A" rating when there are thousands of complaints being filed, as well as, a LAWSUIT by Washington State claiming fraudulent and illegal activities.

For example, we have learned that a Tech Support Company cannot sell more than a 36 month tech support plan, although, iYogi sold us a 5 (five) year plan for $379.99 in January 2015. Then, sold us 3 (Three) more years of "Tech Genie" for $159.99, although we already had it for 2 (two) more years. We have complained and complained to the Better Business Bureau in New York (where iYogi has an office for the US), however, still they are issuing an "A" rating to iYogi! Then, when we tried to file a refund claim we were attached to "TECH SUPPORT CLUB" (probably a name change by iYogi) who offered a 3 year support plan for $399.00! (These people must think that Americans are all stupid or have too much money or both!)

We are presently working with Tech To Us (an American (US) based tech support company) to clear up the problems caused by iYogi. ADVICE: Please DO NOT DEAL WITH iYogi now or ever. Don't even talk to them. Do not give them the time of day. Do not answer their calls. Do not respond to their emails. They are sharp, but we have learned not to be cut by them! Thank you.

If negative stars were possible that is where I would start. I started my subscription a couple of yeas ago and it seemed ok. I had Norton security but it seemed every few months the popups would reappear and iYogi knew to call. I renewed it 6 months ago and after about 3 months I had a virus pop up. I called them and they said they don't deal with that type of virus and I needed another company who could deal with the back door issues. I thought that was what I had paid them for. I watched the time before when they took over my computer and realized all they did was download free software off the internet to clean it.

I got a phone call again yesterday asking if it needed to be cleaned. It seemed like they were calling every couple of months. This time they said the software was discontinued and I was to get a refund. They wanted to clean up the computer first. I sat to watch what they were doing. My screen went blank and I thought they were rebooting, not so. They didn't want me to see what they were doing on the computer.

I don't know what they did completely but now I have a virus and my computer wont even start. They have accessed my bank account numbers and passwords, credit card numbers, social security number and email and password. This email account contains passwords for all my other accounts. They also signed me up for a PayPal account then claimed the refund was there. It showed that I had $1,100 extra dollars in the account. They panicked and told me I had to wire it Western Union back to them right away from my credit card connected to the PayPal account (they knew it wasn't in my bank account since they already had all that information). I called PayPal and learned there was a zero balance on the account. I quickly unplugged the computer... it wouldn't let me shut it down.

So now I have frozen or changed all my accounts and passwords plus I a week when I can access my funds again. I get to fix all the bills that came due at the beginning of the month that are unable to be paid. This company is a complete sham. Even if the company is real, they are terrible at what they do if they have been hacked and all the personal information of their clients got out. Didn't we pay them to prevent it?

I am glad I looked at some of the reviews regarding iYogi. I had been a subscriber for at least the past 5 years. Until very recently, say within the last few months, things started to look suspicious. First I renewed for one year at $139 back in 2015, the subscription to run to April 2016. I got a phone call in March 2016 and I renewed for 1 year for $119.99. This subscription was to run until April of 2017. About 2 months ago, I received an e-mail from iYogi, stating that their tech hours of service changed. Could not get an answer to the telephone number on the e-mail and the chat was not functioning. I also heard that iYogi was involved in some sort of litigation. Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from someone claiming to be an iYogi tech. This person told me that I overpaid and I was due a refund of $119.99, which was actually refunded back to my credit card.

About 2 weeks ago, having thought that I overpaid, I called for tech service because my IE was not working. I was told that my subscription expired (total confusion). I told the tech about the conversation I had with another tech. This tech told me he would research the matter and call me back. Never did. In the meantime I looked at my records and could not find an additional payment, so I surmised that I only paid once, which would explain why I was told my subscription expired. No problem. I just started to look for another tech service. Yesterday and today I got a call from another tech (from iYogi?) telling that I was "due a refund" I did not have time to talk to him and I asked for a call back number which he did not give me.

The call came up on my cell phone as "No Caller ID". I became suspicious because normally when I get a call from iYogi, there is an "800" number that comes up on my caller ID. I then went online to my cell phone account to try to identify the number by date and time, and lo and behold, the number for yesterday came up as "999-999-9999" and today come up as "000-000-0000". VERY SUSPICIOUS. All I can say to everyone who reads this is BEWARE. THIS IS A SCAM. THE TECH WILL IN FACT GIVE YOU YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER WITH IYOGI, BUT DON'T BE FOOLED. I don't know how this person got my account number, and I am not giving him any info.

I have been with iYogi for several years with good experience. I signed a 2 or 3 yr contract with them and now they are nowhere to be reached needing help with my computer. I do get calls from other people from India but it all sounds fishy to me. (May not have been iYogi.) Once I bit and the person took over my computer and made things so small even with a magnifying glass would not be able to see the words and just left me like this with small words. So I did call iYogi and they fixed it for me and they warned me not to let anyone but iYogi to control my computer. Plus they told me iYogi does not call their customers. And now I am unable to reach them. I am not a happy trooper.

BE AWARE!!! Hackers call claiming they are from iYogi tech support refund department and want to give refund because company is out of business (it seems went out of business recently). They are trying hack to your computer!!!

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I've read several complaints about iYogi and will add to the long list by saying I've had the same experience. About four years ago, I was having problems with my Dell computer. After being informed the company no longer offered tech support, I was directed to contact iYogi, which, as others here have pointed out, is a paid tech support service. For the first couple of years, I had fairly good service, ie whenever I had an issue, I was able to contact them and get it resolved. However, when I needed help with an issue a few months ago, getting in contact with them was very difficult. It was as if they'd dropped off the Net. When I finally did find a toll-free number, I got a recorded message saying the company was closed for the weekend.

After several attempts to call on Monday, I finally got through to a person and after he finished his remote access tinkering and said the problem was fixed, to my anger I saw that it was not. A friend finally fixed it for me. Lately, I've been getting unsolicited calls claiming to come from iYogi and the callers claim a number of different reasons for the call; eg that my email has been hacked. I've cancelled the credit card that I paid my subscription with and when that service expires, I will not be renewing.

I HAD my security with iYogi for the past 9 years and all of a sudden I'm getting these calls that I have a virus on my computer that they need to reinstall new software call "Krypton" to fix the problems. He said that I had had porno on my computer! This problem needed to be fixed right away! It was hard for me to believe because I'm not on my computer very much and I don't search these kind of websites but he insisted that I need take care of it. These people don't take "NO" for an answer. They wanted to charge me $750 to install! I told them that I could not afford that so he said $450. He was very demanding that I give him my personal checking account # so that he could deduct it from it, of course I said no!

After doing some investigating on my own, I was told that this is a scam because they checked my computer and there was no such thing. I called them and said that I wanted to cancel and I wanted a refund and they gave me a hard time and said that I agreed to it and they will sue me for the balance. They agreed to give me $250 back but with an argument! Now I am getting harassing calls from 337-232-5702 that he wants his "** money and that I am a **". He hopes that I get daggers and knives shoved in me! They call all hours of the day and night and they have to be from India (because of the accent) and the phone number is listed under C & B Arceneaux, C & B Enterprises. I call the iYogi numbers that I used previously and they are disconnected.

I was an iYogi customer for almost 1 yr. They were very helpful with several set up issues with my Macbook Air. However, I tried to contact them over the last 3 months unsuccessfully. The phone numbers that are listed there go to a voice prompt and you get put on hold but no one ever comes to the phone. Please be careful regarding this company. I don't know what happened but I think now it's a scam.

I cannot get a hold of them to get my computer repaired, they don't answer any more. I wasted 634$ dollars for the 5 year plan plus the "upgrades scams"... New faster routers and auxiliary 5 gig hard drive. I didn't need and sent back. They don't even answer the online chat any more. We have been scammed.

I purchased iYogi proprietary antivirus Tech Genie and they sold me Outlook and a 3 year computer technical service contract for a total of $490.00 in July 2014. iYogi began calling me daily to fix my computer even though I wasn't having a problem. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I have deleted all iYogi products from my computer and have purchased Avast computer products to replace iYogi. iYogi still calls me everyday.

As most other reviewers are stating, these people are nothing more than scammers. They sell you a product, give you a year of good service then convince you to do a 3 or so year contract then suddenly you start receiving harassing phone calls from them stating you have all these serious viruses on your computer and they attempt to sell you additional THOUSANDS of dollars in additional software that is REQUIRED to prevent the hacking. Conversations with them included: demanded to know exactly where my husband was at that minute, how many girls do I have, their ages, what my age is - totally unprofessional and unjustified. Would get upset when I told them it's none of their business. These people are totally SCAMMERS and don't even deserve 1/2 of a star! STAY AWAY!!

I purchased iYogi proprietary antivirus Tech Genie and they sold me Outlook and a 3 year computer technical service contract for a total of $759.00 in May 2015. In Jan. 2016, iYogi began calling me daily to fix my computer even though I wasn't having a problem. I filed a complaint with the BBB in June 2016. I have deleted all iYogi products from my computer and have purchased Avast computer products to replace iYogi. iYogi still calls me everyday.

When I purchased my first laptop Feb., 2015, I needed tech support, as I am not computer savvy. iYogi's toll-free tel # appeared, so I gave them a call, and felt confident to sign up for a 1-year paid membership. They were very good for the most part; but after my 1-year subscription was about to expire, they talked me into signing up for a 3-year membership at a discounted rate.

Since signing up/paying for this, I kept receiving numerous phone calls from all over the USA, all claiming to be iYogi tech support/customer svc reps. Every time I spoke with someone, they seemed to be trying to sell me "another" protection type program. Their 24/7 Tech Support became almost impossible to reach them; so I tried the on-live support, which worked only sometimes.

Recently, I kept receiving a phone call from a caller from the State of CA, claiming to be an iYogi billing/refund rep, who said that iYogi business had "crashed", and that he was calling to issue me a refund. Feeling that this may be a scam, I told this caller that I would be available to speak with him on another day (when I would be home and have access to my computer). Luckily before then, I was able to email the billing/refund dept., where an iYogi rep called me, where I recognized the iYogi tel # on my caller ID.

We went over my membership account, where I am to be issued a partial refund (fair enough); BUT: He never mentioned anything about deleting/removing the iYogi program from my computer. Since then, I noticed that the caller from CA has been trying to call me several times. What a shame, as my first year's experience with iYogi was so good. I guess they were just "too good to be true". I am anxiously awaiting my refund credited to my major credit card.

I have been dealing with iYogi for several years now. I bought my computer from them. At first things seem to be ok. Lately, however, my computer began to have some problems. iYogi's tech support did nothing to resolve these issues. Recently, I attempted to contact iYogi. It was as if they dropped off the map. I was completely unable to contact them. I paid a great deal of money for their tech support. Now it is completely impossible to even contact this company. iYogi also pressured to purchase software that I most likely did not need. iYogi cannot be reached via phone or email.

These people are absolutely the worst people of life. They harass and repeatedly call you while not having an account with them. They are rude and disrespectful and constantly sarcastic and nasty. They call me anywhere from 3-6 times a day and do not have a telephone number to speak to a representative.

I signed up for 3 years of service from iYogi to support for my computer needs. First, I thought they were helpful since they said that my computer has a virus and they easily eliminated it after they scan it. Next, they call me telling me that my system is badly attacked by a virus and I need to install a software that can prevent it. I bought the program and just lately they told me again that my network is been hacked from Nigeria and I need to buy another program to fix it. I told them that I am feed up and I am cancelling my subscription. They hang up on me and after few minutes I got a call with these numbers +1 (202) 847-2728 and +1 (202) 370-6713 from Washington DC with an Indian accent threatening me that they will sue me for I have a discrepancy with my IRS tax obligation. I was so upset and block these numbers from my contact. They keep on calling but I am not answering these crooks. Do not believe them. They are fraud and cheaters.

I have paid 3 year subscription. I can't get any help from them. Every telephone number iYogi has I tried but no help. The telephone line gets disconnected after on hold for a minute. It seems iYogi is not servicing any client.

On my desktop computer support dock gave a error message. I have tried unsuccessfully to get help. When I get support tech goes to restore, computer takes forever, hence I lose tech. I have tried and tried to get this rectified to no avail. I installed support dock, I need an access code and that only, but tech keeps going to restart, and I lose the connection. I am totally irritated with iYogi support.

I have been using this company for support for several years now. They have always been terrific UNTIL THIS YEAR!!! NOW -- IF I should be lucky enough to get a support tech online or on the phone, they TRY AND SELL ME ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE!!! The first time it made sense and I bought it. The second time I was incredibly hesitant and told them so. They convinced me the "OTHER" new software would not work properly without purchasing the NEW software and I bought it. It is NOT working and I can reach NO one on any phone number I have for them. The phone has either been disconnected (no longer in service) or a busy signal.

I have used them for several years and was happy the first year. After that every time I spoke with them they would try to up sell something. I recently renewed and I received a call to scan and check my computer. They told me I had been hacked and then that I would have to pay $599 to receive firewall protection. I hung up, removed their programs from my machine and reactivated McAfee. I'll just eat what I paid to iYogi and consider it a lesson learned. It does not appear anyone trying to get a refund has had any luck anyway.

I was a customer for 5 years and always got great service. Slow, but they'd fix the problem. I bought a 5-year contract with them. Now they've taken my money and won't fix my computer. I call and spend hours on the phone. They never help me and end up hanging up on me eventually. I don't want their help anymore... but I do want my five-year contract money back that I paid for a service they won't provide. If there is a lawsuit or something I can do to get refund, I would like to join.

I was a customer for 5 years and always got great service. Slow, but they'd fix the problem. I bought a 5 year contract with them. Now they've taken my money and won't fix my computer. I call and spend hours on the phone. They never help me and end up hanging up on me eventually. I don't want their help anymore... but I do want my hundreds of dollars back that I paid for a service they won't provide. If there is a lawsuit or something I can do to get refund, I would like to join.

Purchased a contract in October 2015 for 5 years ABSOLUTE service for devices (stated in confirmation email). I paid $479 for this service. The work on the first computer was excellent, but took several hours. Called them in February 2016 for support on a different device. They ran all the scans, etc., but told me my current contract didn't cover the issue because it was a "network issue". Charged me an additional $299 to fix it. When I got the confirmation email about the second contract, it was word for word what the first one said. So, I called back, and talked with a supervisor who agreed that I should not have been charged a second time. HOWEVER, since they were tech support, they did not have the software required to issue a refund. They offered to connect me to customer service... which was answered by another tech person who gave me the same story.

Over the next few weeks, I called multiple times using the customer service number I had been given. Each time after being on hold for lengthy periods of time, I was told "this is technical support and I do not have the software to issue a refund". After two weeks of multiple calls to Customer Service which ALWAYS went to a tech support who couldn't help me (literally spent hours on hold) and emails that were never answered, I decided to file a dispute with my credit card company. I was unable to recover the first contract price, but was credited for the additional $299 by my credit card company. I NEVER received any further information or response from iYogi. Until... around the first of June they started calling me every day twice a day asking me to allow them to do a "free check-up" on my computer. Unfortunately, I allowed them to start the process (they said it would take 20 minutes) and they would call me back.

About 1 1/2 hours later (I sat in front of the computer to watch what they were doing) I got the call back. The guy told me my computer was "badly infected" although the results of the scan showed that there was nothing on the computer. In the background they had loaded a flash player specific to Explorer during the "free check-up" (dated and timed during the time they were running the scan - I use Google Chrome), and the guy started flashing porn shots and a log of when someone had supposedly used my computer onto my screen to try to convince me that someone other than myself had been on my computer (never happens) and was infected.

He was literally yelling at me and trying to convince me to buy another "subscription" to eliminate the multiple viruses on my machine because this was a "network issue". I finished the call. This is such a sham, hoax, whatever you want to call it... STAY AWAY!! Unfortunately, it took me too long and a couple bad choices to finally learn my lesson.

We had tried reaching this company for 4 days, since we had a service contract with them. This morning we received a call from someone saying they were from iYogi. Since we had emailed them we were not suspicious. He started looking at the computer and said, "OMG. You must change your banking password immediately". I said, "You will see my password", and he assured me he would only see the dots. I have since found out NOT TRUE. I changed the password while he was on my computer remotely. Fortunately, I went to another laptop and changed it again. Warren (the name he used) then said I needed to pay $747 and when we refused he lock our computer so we couldn't get on. I called him back and he said its locked because my husband wouldn't pay the money. We have had someone working on the computer for 5 hours now to get it to work. BEWARE, THEY ARE FRAUDS.

Always seemed to end up with more problems then fixes every time they worked on my computers. They would contact me saying I needed to fix a problem, then I would spend half my time arguing with them about not wanted to buy something they kept pushing me to buy. When I finally dropped service, they refunded about 1/5 of payment. Technicians were hard to understand and some of them very short and I had to repeat problem over and over. Several time transferred to a senior technicians because spent a long time working with someone that could not even solve the problem.

Paid for PC protection for my laptop and no service was given. They want another 179.00 on top of the service I already paid for. This happens every time I need to use them. This co. is a fraud. Cant even get in contact with them to correct any problems. Had to change my Bank info so they wont take monies off my card!

Recently renewed my subscription to iYogi computer tech services. It appears that they have gone out of business. Phone number does not work and no response to my online request for service.

I subscribed with iYogi for a lifetime subscription. They reconfigured my computer. Subsequently I bought MS office and ended up paying for a computer. The computer never came and on a sweep of my computer they deleted my spouses Quicken files. I still can't get in contact as their numbers go to messaging and email a web addresses go around the block. The computer was a Lenovo ThinkCentre ** (so they say). I have since deleted their files from my computer. My validation code was **.

My iYogi desktop no longer works on my 3 computers. I have a 3-year subscription. Like so many, I have tried to contact via live chat, email, phone, etc. and have received no response. I have tried to reactivate my account but it says my activation code is invalid. How are we going to get a refund from these people and does this mean our computers are now vulnerable until we pay for another service?

I have spent money on three different occasions to solve problems... I am now very suspicious of the legitimacy of this company. I can no longer connect via web or phone & have numerous connectivity problems to the point that I rarely use the desktop and laptop that have iYogi software. My last service was a disaster and I cannot access any accept of logins that previously existed on my computers.