Target the first retailer to offer a $25 Thanksgiving dinner

Add in more, like Caesar salad and wine, for $5

At a time when every dollar counts, Target is the third of the major retailers to make Thanksgiving 2023 as good of a bargain as there can be. For under $25, consumers can put together a customized Thanksgiving feast for four at the retailer – one that includes turkey at less than $1 per pound, and an assortment of sides and desserts for under $5. 

"We know our guests are looking for incredible value and ease as they get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones," said Rick Gomez, chief food & beverage officer, Target.

How you can build your $25 cart

Target’s Thanksgiving options include these seven items:

  • Good & Gather Premium Basted Young Turkey (Frozen) – 10 lb.

  • Good & Gather Russet Potatoes – 5 lb.

  • Good & Gather Cut Green Beans – 14.5 oz.

  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup – 22 oz.

  • Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce – 14 oz.

  • Stove Top Turkey Stuffing Mix – 6 oz.

  • Heinz HomeStyle Roasted Turkey Gravy – 12 oz.

And if you’re hosting a larger feast, you can simply double this list to serve eight guests, triple it to serve 12, etc. 

If you want to start with that $25 base, Target also offers lots of additional foods and ingredients so you can round out your Thanksgiving meal your way, but still at a budget price with these options:

  • Turkey for less than $1 per pound
  • Sides for under $5: Caesar salad, seasoned sweet potato and vegetables, lemon basil rice, and macaroni and cheese
  • Dessert for under $5: Favorite Day apple crisp ice cream, pumpkin spice soft sandwich cookies or mini pecan pies
  • Adult beverages at $5: California Roots cabernet sauvignon red wine and chardonnay white wine, plus Marks & Spencer bellante prosecco and bellante prosecco rosé, all for $5 each

A couple of notes on prices: Prices are pre-tax. Offer not valid in Alaska or Hawaii. Target says that anyone who gets Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, can also use that payment method to pay for their Thanksgiving meal.

Technology’s upgraded role

Technology is playing an upgraded role this year, too. Target says consumers can pick and choose their $25 cart online at and just click “add to cart” on the things they want. Another plus that the company is pushing is its same-day Drive Up and delivery options.

"We can reach 80% of Americans with Same-Day Delivery. That means you can get groceries, kitchenware from our new brand, Figmint, decor to get your home ready to host — all of it, and more, at great prices and delivered right to your door in as soon as an hour," Gomez said.

The home delivery service requires a $35 order minimum, and deliveries are free for Shipt members or $9.99 per order for customers without a Shipt membership. 

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