Some negative effects of fiberglass in mattresses continue to be reported

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Consequences could lead to lawsuits on behalf of the affected consumers

Are you sleeping on fiberglass? Probably. Many mattresses manufactured in the U.S. contain fiberglass because the material can hinder a fire from spreading.

The issue arises when that fiberglass gets loose. Perhaps the more important question is, has any fiberglass in your mattress caused health or other problems?

Some mattress manufacturers are being called into question, facing complaints about fiberglass coming out of some mattresses, releasing hazardous glass fibers, and because of those issues, are potentially facing legal claims.

The manufacturers ConsumerAffairs found as having related fiberglass issues – specifically those that came about because consumers weren’t given adequate warning as to the dangers posed by removing the mattress cover – included Zinus and several other brands. 

Bloody noses, rashes, and more

In the case of Ashley Furniture, an incident reported with suggested that the outer cover had a zipper that allowed access, and there was a lack of adequate warning of the potential danger on the outer tag. Seeing the zipper, the customer believed the outer cover was removable. She then washed it and did not realize until later that fiberglass had spread through her home and children's s bedroom. 

“Fiberglass on all of our clothing, couches, washer, dryer, carpet, it's everywhere,” the consumer complained. “My home insurance has denied my claim, so I'm having to pay everything out of pocket. My kids have been referred to see lung specialists and eye doctors since they have been in contact with the fibers since 2019. We itch constantly, eye irritation, bloody noses. Not to mention I'm pregnant and dealing with this 10 weeks from having my baby.”

According to another report in the Los Angeles Times, a Zinus mattress leaked fiberglass inside the box, causing one family health issues such as skin and respiratory tract irritation and environmental contamination, not to mention incurring a cost of more than $20,000 to try and remediate the situation.

Zinus told ConsumerAffairs that it believes there are “serious misperceptions” about the type of mattress materials it uses to both comply with fire regulations and protect the customer –  incorrect understandings that have been “subject to false and misleading advertising.” It also notes that none of its mattresses have been recalled, something that a search at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website confirms.

“Zinus provides quality products to our customers, and we take all customer feedback very seriously. Please note that the type of material that we use is standard in the mattress industry. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that this type of material is ‘not considered hazardous’ and various regulatory agencies and authoritative scientific bodies have concluded that exposure to this type of material does not pose a risk of chronic health effects,” the company told ConsumerAffairs.

“All Zinus product owners should refer to the FAQ page on our company website, which addresses many common questions, including proper care and handling of mattress covers.”

Will this lead to a lawsuit investigation?

Consumers who have experienced consequences related to fiberglass in mattresses may qualify to participate in a fiberglass mattress lawsuit investigation, according to TopClassActionLawsuits. When it comes to fiberglass exposure, similar health effects can reportedly include eye redness and irritation of the nose, throat, and stomach.

ConsumerAffairs found no specific determination of what claimants could receive as compensation in this matter, but reports that, if successful, a class action lawsuit related to the potentially harmful effects of fiberglass mattresses could provide consumers with money back for the costs associated with:

  • Cleanup and remediation

  • The replacement of contaminated items, including furniture, clothing, etc.

  • The loss of items deemed to be indispensable

  • Pet boarding services

  • Alternate housing (hotel stays, temporary apartment living, etc.)

  • Lost time at work

  • Emotional stress

  • Mental health services

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