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VTech hack exposes personal data for 4.8 million kids, parents

Kids' birthdays and home addresses among the compromised data

VTech says the personal records of 4.8 million children and their parents have been breached by hackers. The data includes kids' birthdays and home address...


Cyber Monday safety tips

This is good advice to heed throughout the rest of the holiday shopping season

Shoppers who braved the malls on Black Friday might have risked some pushing and shoving but not a lot more.Those taking part in Cyber Monday run the r...


Applebee's nixes soda from kids' menu

It's the first family-diming restaurant to do so

Sorry, kids. Applebee's is removing soda from its children's menus, the first family-dining chain to do so, the non-profit Center for Science in the Public...


International flight snafus? You may be eligible for compensation

Code-sharing flights operated by UK and EU carriers offer higher consumer protection on U.S. flights

By now, most of the estimated 25 million passengers who flew somewhere over the Thanksgiving holiday should be back home, but some a...


Shipping deadlines especially important this year

This is when you have to get your packages to the Post Office, UPS, and FedEx

It's happening more every year. Shoppers are making fewer trips to the mall and buying more gifts online.In the preliminary numbers from Black Friday w...


Three startups that want to get millennials saving money

Financial planning help for a demographic often ignored by banks

Saving money can be difficult for people under 35. Often saddled with student loan debt, financial planning is a bigger hurdle to this cohort than others....


Suburbs becoming only affordable option for first time buyers

Record rents and rising interest rates and home prices will squeeze potential buyers

Two housing trends coincided in the wake of the financial crisis to change the demographic make-up of neighborhoods.Homes in urban areas lost much of t...


NYC requires warning logo on salty restaurant dishes

High salt intake is blamed for high blood pressure and heart disease

There was a time when you could do just about anything in New York City without anyone noticing or, frankly, giving a damn. Those day...


Li-Fi seen as eventual successor to W-Fi

It's 100 times faster but can't see through walls

The development of Wi-Fi -- wireless fidelity -- put a crimp in the ethernet business but allowed laptops and tablets to roam freely anywhere they could ge...


Plastic building materials make the “tiny” house energy efficient

Building materials industry may be embracing the tiny trend

As we have previously noted, “tiny” houses -- small dwellings often less than 200 square feet -- are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S.A tiny ho...


Amazon is now the top brand among moms

The age of e-commerce is here, and it's a force to be reckoned with

As a generation famous for their love of ease and convenience (lookin' at you, Millennials) begins their parenting journey, the era of online shopping has ...


Pending home sales show little change in October

But they did show another year-over-year increase

After two straight months of declines, pending home sales inched higher in October, as gains in the Northeast and West were offset by declines in the Midwe...


Couple entrusts their dog to film their wedding day

The results are as beautiful as they are unique

Hiring a close family friend to be your wedding videographer is a dream come true – someone you know, trust, and are happy to have around on the big day. O...


Blue Buffalo recalls Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews Bones

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Blue Buffalo Company is recalling one production lot of Cub Size Wilderness Wild Chews Bones. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. ...


Consumers disappoint retailers on Black Friday

Two-day sales tally may be less than last year

Despite the hype and doorbuster bargains, consumers were less inclined to jam into malls on Black Friday, according to a preliminary sales tally. They were...


Black Friday shoppers beware: thievery is pretty prominent on this retail "holiday"

Be sure that your items are safe before diving back into the shopping fray, or shop online to avoid the risk

Everyone is being swept up by the Black Friday craze this year; stores like Target and Walmart are boasting of strong sales numbers as we head into the wee...


Emails cast pall over Coke-funded research on obesity

Correspondences reveal that the company was much more involved with a scientific group that was doing the research

A few months ago, we reported on how Coca-Cola was responding to criticism of its research funding. Basically, the company had come under fire for bankroll...


Fewer Americans say they want to lose weight

Gallup finds more Americans are happy with their current weight

For the first time in at least 25 years, fewer than half of Americans say they want to lose weight, according to Gallup. Dur...


Failure to report to the CPSC costs Philips Lighting North America millions

The company did not report defective lamps

Philips Lighting North America of Somerset, N.J., will pay a $2 million civil penalty to the government, settling charges that it  knowingly failed to repo...


Most merchants still haven't adopted chip card technology

Holiday shoppers likely to encounter the old swipe card readers

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, retailers are braced for the heaviest shopping days of the year.However, the results of a recent 20...


Emphasis already shifting to Cyber Monday

Amazon will join Walmart in offering deals early

Make no mistake, there will be plenty of consumers jamming stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals. But the emphasis has already shifted to Cyber Mo...


Melatonin supplements face arsenic concerns

Take a closer look at what's inside the 30 best-selling melatonin products

It is estimated that 50-70 million American adults suffer from sleep disorders – a number so large as to warrant “public health problem” status in a statem...


Small businesses expect bump in sales

As the busiest shopping season of the year draws near, consider the little guys

Small Business Saturday is just around the corner, and for the first time in two years more small business owners are expecting a boost to their business' ...


Sharks more deadly than Black Friday, but it's close

And if the guy behind you in the check out line seems a little tipsy, he probably is

Anytime crowds head to stores in record number, anything can happen. Black Friday has its share of mayhem and mishaps.The website has co...


Boyle’s Famous Corned Beef recalls beef products

The products contain hydrolyzed wheat protein, an allergen not listed on the label

Boyle’s Famous Corned Beef of Kansas City, Mo., is recalling an undetermined amount of beef products. The products contain hydrolyzed wheat protein...


BRP recalls snowmobiles

Internal damage to the fuel hose can cause a leak

BRP U.S. of Sturtevant, Wis., is recalling about 2,800 Ski-Doo snowmobiles. Internal damage to the fuel hose can cause a leak, posing a fire hazard...


Weekend air travel forecast: crowds, long lines, full flights

Good news: gas prices down but bad news: highway death up

It almost seems unnecessary to say this, but it's shaping up to be a holiday travel season from ... well, you know. Crowds are bigger, security is tighter,...


Multi-state E. coli outbreak linked to Costco's chicken salad

Five people sent to the hospital

Federal and state health agencies are investigating a multi-state E. coli outbreak that has been linked to chicken salad sold at Costco.To date, incide...


Beware of pet shops offering puppies

Most dogs sold in stores come from puppy mills

Among all the concern about terrorists, refugees, and the like, there are people who have more local concerns, like the stores in their communities that se...


Feds further delay "quiet car" rule

Safety regulators want hybrids to make more noise

Electric and hybrid cars are very quiet, so much so that drivers sometimes wonder why their tires are making so much noise or why their watch is ticking so...


YouTube faces FTC complaints about advertising to kids

Its ad practices called "harmful, unethical, and irresponsible"

Two consumer groups have filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accusing Google of engaging in unfair and deceptive practices toward chi...


Three doggy health hazards to avoid on Thanksgiving

Because your pup would rather see its family than the vet

Any holiday centered around food is bound to be an exciting one for dogs. In addition to the extra sets of petting hands milling about the house, there is ...


Fewer homes on the market holding back sales

Economist concerned this supply-demand imbalance will hold back market

The air seems to be coming out of the housing market. While some individual markets are more active than others, nationally there is an unmistakable declin...


Personal income, spending inch higher in October

Jobless claims plunged last week

Your paycheck may have been a little fatter last month -- not a lot, but fatter nonetheless.According to the Bureau of Economic...


New home sales soar in October

It was another good quarter for home prices

While October may have been a disappointing month for sales of existing homes, it was a good one for sales of new single-fami...


Mortgage applications head downward

Contract interest rates were mostly higher

It has been a down week for mortgage applications.The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reports that its Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey shows the...


Toro TimeCutter riding mowers recalled

The mowers' fuel filters can become brittle and fractured

The Toro Company of Bloomington, Minn., is recalling about 9,000 2015 TimeCutter riding mowers in the U.S. and Canada. The fuel filters on the mowe...


Toy Story II: Toymakers strike back against Dangerous Toys list

Safety groups' annual listings get manufacturers' goat

Every year about this time, the non-profit consumer group U.S. PIRG casts a wary glance at the toys piled high on ...


Study: Crib bumpers killing babies and should be banned

Deaths have spiked in recent years as more parents use bumpers

Baby crib bumpers are killing babies. That's the conclusion of researchers who have documented 23 deaths caused by crib bumpers from 2006 through 2012, thr...


Audi details fix for 3.0-liter TDI diesels, awaits U.S. approval

Revised software will be installed as soon as regulators approve, carmaker vows

Audi is trying to move the "dirty diesel" scandal into the rear-view mirror. It is preparing to submit plans for revised emissions control software that it...


Twenty hot Black Friday deals on electronics

Record savings this year on HDTV sets

Electronic gadgets make up a big chunk of the average Christmas shopping list. Whether it's a new smartphone or a big screen TV, consumers seem to like gif...


Trouble brews for kombucha

Regulator says the tea violates US limits on alcohol content

Fermented tea drink Kombucha -- said to aid digestion and gut health -- has been shown to include higher than regulation levels of alcohol. At 0.5%, the pr...


Essential Republican leadership qualities: square jaw, deep voice

Study finds GOP voters like a manly candidate while Dems prefer a softer leader

It's widely thought that taller political candidates have an advantage over their shorter counterparts, although Jeb Bush has had occasion to question that...


Make your house a “safe house” for the holidays

A few fixes here and there can keep everyone healthy and happy

For many people, the arrival of the holiday season means increased numbers of people trooping through their homes.If you're among them, you'll want to ...


The best and worst gift cards to buy this season

Convenience and rewards help cards stand out

Gift cards are one of the most popular items to give and receive for the holidays. Easy to purchase, easy to travel with, and always appreciated -- they mo...


Consumer confidence takes it on the chin

Job market jitters get the blame

After posting a modest decline in October, the Conference Board's Consumer Confidence Index posted a substantial decline this month, dropping to 90.4 from ...


Home prices post across-the-board gains in September

Strength comes largely from the West

Home prices across the U.S. continued to rise in September, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices.Year-over-yearThe National Index, ...


Economic growth still limping along

But it's not as bad as first indicated

The Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has taken a second look at how the economy was doing during the summer. And while things are a ...


Exmark recalls Quest riding mowers

The mowers' fuel filters can become brittle and fractured

Exmark Manufacturing of Beatrice, Neb., is recalling about 500 2015 Quest riding mowers in the U.S. and Canada. The fuel filters on the mowers can ...


Five things shoppers should know before Black Friday

It may not be necessary to fight the crowds at the mall

This week is a make-or-break time for the nation's retailers. All are hoping to draw consumers to their Black Friday deals, at a time when consumers appear...


Chipotle-linked E. coli reported in three more states

CDC says common meal ingredient is the likely source

The E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants has widened to three additional states – New York, Minnesota, and Ohio.The Centers fo...


Ford scraps Takata airbag inflators

It joins Honda, Toyota, and Nissan in moving away from the troubled devices

Ford is taking evasive action, becoming the fourth automaker to scrap Takata airbag inflators. Honda, Toyota and Nissan did the same earlier, following a d...


Samsung offers free e-gift cards to consumers who sign up for Samsung Pay

Those who successfully sign up can register to claim a free $50 e-gift card to Best Buy

Mobile payment options may soon become a hotly contested domain for several different companies. Though it has somewhat stagnated since its initial success...


Highway bill a train wreck, safety advocates warn

Highway bill is a real turkey, safety advocates complain

For months, there've been fears that Congress would fail to pass a new highway spending bill. Now there are fears that it will pass a deeply flawed measure...


Stitch Fix now offers maternity clothing

It's convenient, but not for women on a tight budget

Popular online subscription and personal shopping service Stitch Fix recently welcomed a new addition: Stitch Fix Maternity.The site, which previously ...


Feds remind companies they need permission to debit consumer accounts

Companies must also stop debiting an account when the customer asks them to do so

There's nothing companies like more than automatically debiting your checking or credit/debit account each month. Automatic debits can also be convenient f...


Toy safety for the holidays -- and all days

Here are some tips for keeping your children safe

The holiday season can be stressful enough, so you don't need worrying about the toys you buy for your kids to add to it.Along those lines, there is so...


Etsy teams up with retailers in ‘Etsy Wholesale’ venture

Is the line between artisanal and mass produced blurring?

Imagine a world where “organic avocados” and a “quirky screenprinted dish towel” were on the same shopping list for the same store. Well, Etsy has done jus...


At Walmart, Cyber Monday will start Sunday night

Retailer says this will let consumers get their shopping done earlier so they can get a good night's sleep

In the huge hoopla over Black Friday, and which stores will and won't be open on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday has sort of been overlooked. After all, it almo...


Pfizer to merge with Allergan, move its HQ to Ireland

The "inversion" will save billions in taxes

Have you noticed that every merger lately creates the largest company of its kind in the world? The latest is Pfizer's $150 billion merger with Allergan. I...


Fewer New York shops ask for ID when selling cigarettes

Study finds compliance fall-off after tougher law goes into effect

In 2014 New York City enacted a law that raised the minimum age to buy cigarettes, from 18 to 21. The law was aimed at reducing smoking rates, especially a...


Disappointment and promise in search for MS cure

One Biogen experimental treatment falls short, another raises hope

Each year researchers make progress in finding new treatments for chronic diseases. In the battle against multiple sclerosis (MS), Biogen Idec has been par...


Tumbleweed rolls into the app store

The news just sort of blows by in bite-sized bits

You’d be more likely to spot a unicorn than a Millennial behind a newspaper. Let’s face it, if it’s not 140 characters or less, or sprinkled into a social ...


Dog barks too much? Try this

Ultrasonic device trains dogs to stop incessant barking, manufacturer claims

Dog owners who are tired of hearing about every squirrel Fido sees in the backyard may benefit from PetSafe’s Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent.The dev...


Existing-home sales tumble in October

Three of the four geographic regions posted declines

Sales of previously-owned homes fell in October even though mortgage interest rates were below 4% for a third straight month.The National Association o...


Time to plan for next year's health flexible spending arrangements

You may be able to carry over money

Not that you don't have enough to do with the holidays approaching, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is reminding those who are eligible that this is...


Nissan recalls 2015 Altimas and 2016 Maximas

The brakes may not function properly

Nissan North America is recalling 119 model year 2015 Altima and 2016 Maxima vehicles manufactured October 6, 2015, to October 7, 2015. The vehicle...


VW dirty diesel scandal expands to at least 85,000 more vehicles in U.S.

3.0-liter diesels in VW, Audio and Porsche models also used illegal "defeat devices"

A Porsche Cayenne dieselLike a cloud of billowing smoke, the Volkswagen dirty diesel scandal just keeps expanding. The Environmental Protection Agenc...


This Apple feature could give you a huge bill at the end of the month

Wi-Fi Assist kicks in when your signal is spotty, but it uses your cellular data to do so

You would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated following of smartphone users than those that buy Apple iPhones. Whether on the news or in person, we've...


Should you buy or should you rent?

Zillow launches a new calculator to help answer the question

Unless you inherited the family homestead, there is probably a monthly cost to putting a roof over your head. You either pay rent to a landlord or pay a mo...


Judge refuses to toss Trump students' suit against Trump University

Trump said any misrepresentation came from Trump University, not from him personally

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a class action suit that claims Donald Trump's Trump University ran seminars that were little more than infomercials...


Gluten-free food products reportedly getting tastier

Manufacturers have been motivated by a big increase in demand

Gluten-free diets are recommended for people with celiac disease, a condition that makes it hard for them to digest the protein found in many grains.Tr...


FCC expands hearing aid compatibility rules for wireless devices

Rules expanded to cover Wi-Fi and LTE calling

What with rock concerts, earbuds, traffic noise, and smartphones constantly plastered to our heads, it's not surprising that hearing problems are becoming ...


Thanksgiving troubles -- who needs them?

Here's a sure-fire way to keep dinner guests healthy and happy

The last thing you want to do (probably) when you have friends and family over for Thanksgiving dinner is send them home sick.The best way to keep ever...


Lawsuit charges e-cigarettes contain cancer-causing chemicals

Companies fail to warn of the chemicals as required by California law, suit alleges

A non-profit group has filed lawsuits against e-cigarette manufacturers, claiming they failed to warn consumers about two cancer-causing chemicals and the...


Erasing an ex-partner from your Facebook life

New tools designed to spare users those awkward moments

In the old Soviet Union, when a party official ran afoul of the Politburo and party doctrine, any public reference to him in official media or historical r...


Online lender rapped for allegedly deceiving borrowers

Integrity Advance is accused of misrepresenting the cost of loans

Online lender, Integrity Advance, LLC, and its CEO, James R. Carnes, have run afoul of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).According to the...


Behind on your taxes? You may lose your passport

Congress tightens the screws on taxpayers

Congress can't agree on much, but it seems to agree that being delinquent in paying your income tax -- or being behind in wading through the paperwork -- i...


Consumers going deeper into debt

New York Fed report shows most borrowing for houses and cars

U.S. consumers continue to run up household debt across nearly all sectors, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.The New...


How to get top Black Friday deals without the crowds

Some great deals are online if you know where to look

Each year it seems less necessary to battle the crowds in order to snag a deal on Black Friday. And data suggests consumers are growing a little weary of t...


Toyota recalls vehicles with braking issue

The vehicles may brake unexpectedly

Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing is recalling 30,812 model year 2013-2015 Avalon and Avalon Hybrid vehicles manufactured October 19, 2012 to Octobe...


Fit Firm and Fabulous recalls Ultimate Herbal Slimcaps

The product contains sibutramine, which is not listed on the label

Fit Firm and Fabulous is recalling Ultimate Herbal Slimcap capsules. The product contains sibutramine, which is not listed on the label. It makes U...


Hyundai recalls Sonatas with brake light issue

The stop lamp switch plunger may remain extended when the brake pedal is released

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 304,900 model year 2011-2012 Sonatas manufactured December 11, 2009 to June 30, 2011. The brake pedal stopper pa...


FTC loses cybersecurity case against medical lab

Judge finds no evidence anyone was harmed, questions credibility of witness

The Federal Trade Commission routinely holds companies responsible for data breaches that exp...


Bill passes Senate that would stop companies from blocking negative reviews

The Consumer Review Freedom Act would ban gag clauses nationwide

One of the first things that many consumers do when they want to buy an item or use a service is to check its reviews online. You can usually count on othe...


FDA approves GMO salmon

The modified salmon grow faster and eat less

The first genetically modified salmon will be swimming your way shortly. The Food and Drug Administration has approved AquaBounty Technologies’ application...


Pandora buys Rdio as music sphere gets more crowded

But don't worry. The "future of music" is secure, Pandora CEO pledges

There are lots of streaming music and on-demand music services out there -- maybe a few too many. Pandora is doing its part to rearrange the clutter, annou...


Should you have prescription drug coverage?

You should, if you think there's a chance you'll get cancer

Not everyone chooses to have health insurance coverage that pays some of the cost of prescription medication.While health insurance policies sold in th...


Rx for older adults: walk faster, longer

Study finds walking can reduce risk of heart disease in seniors by 50% or more

Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to improve your health? Start walking, then start walking farther and then, finally, start walking faster.In a nut...


AMA panel urges ban on direct-to-consumer prescription drug ads

Doctors say consumers demand these drugs, driving up prices

It's hard to watch an hour of network television without seeing at least one commercial for a prescription medication.The images on the screen may show...


Where to get cash for unwanted gift cards

Companies will buy them, but not at face value

Chances are you'll receive one or more gift cards this holiday season. If you receive more than you need, or for stores that don't interest you, there are...


November's 10 best new car deals

Kelley Blue Book predicts these deals will continue to drive car sales higher

The holiday car commercials have begun again, enticing consumers to think big when buying Christmas presents for that special someone.And in fact, sale...


The do's and dont's of choosing a tax preparer

You have to be careful; after all, it's YOUR money

It's almost the holiday season, and that means you'll soon be receiving your federal tax forms for the 2015 tax year.Is this the year you finally decid...


Are waiters unhappy if you don't order enough food?

Yes, because the smaller your bill, the smaller their tip

Consumers who frequent restaurants on a regular basis may be familiar with the “waiter sigh.” Or the “waitress frown.”They tend to appear when an order...


Initial jobless claims down moderately

Analysts say substantial job creation should continue

The unemployment line was a little shorter last week.The Department of Labor (DOL) reports first-time applications for state unemployment benefits drop...


Consumers beware: health data collected by apps and personal devices are not covered by privacy laws

The loophole results from new technologies not being included in an older law

New technologies are constantly making it easier for the average consumer to track and manage their own health. There are numerous apps, tests, and devices...


New York raises the ante against DraftKings and FanDuel

Attorney general seeks preliminary injunction, shutting them down

A day after a New York judge refused a bid by Fanduel and DraftKings to slap a temporary restraining order on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, ...


More Corinthian College students eligible for debt relief

Joint investigation by feds and California finds more evidence that placement rates were misrepresented

More former Corinthian College students may be eligible for debt relief following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education and California Attor...


Donuts to your door? Dunkin' starts delivery & mobile ordering tests

Why walk all the way across the street? Let the donuts come to you

It's never safe to draw assumptions, but, generally speaking, dedicated donut munchers are not diehard exercise fanatics. So it may come as good news to le...


'Tis the season for scams

The end of the year can have its own special dangers for consumers

The end of the year seems to always bring the scammers out of the woodwork. Maybe because it's the holiday season, they feel the pressure to increase their...


Vizio's Smart TVs are too nosy, class action claims

Company charged with using "invasive software tracking" to collect information about consumers

You've heard of being too smart for your own good. That's basically the charge being leveled against Vizio Smart TVs by Palma Reed, the lead plaintiff in a...


Sour note: music pirate gets three-year prison sentence

RockDizMusic was the second-largest music piracy site, testimony indicated

The song was sweet for awhile there. Rocky Ouprasith was rockin' the web with his site, a music piracy website and cyberlocker that let co...


FTC adopts new rule to ban payment methods used by scam artists

It will be harder for scammers to dip into your bank account

Scam artists are fond of using payment methods that let them get their hands on your money quickly, irretrievably, and with few traces. The Federal Trade C...


Smart cup tells you when you've had enough

Water glass considers personal factors to keep user hydrated

To stay adequately hydrated, most health providers suggest drinking eight cups of water each day.But if that one-size-fits-all approach to water consum...

More to start holiday deals this weekend

But consumers should be mindful of shipping costs when shopping online is another retailer that isn't waiting for Black Friday to start its deals. The company says the deals start Friday, November 20 and will run fo...


New home construction down sharply in October

Permits for construction in the months head, though, were higher

Ground-breaking for new homes fell in October to their lowest level in seven months.Figures released jointly by the Census Bureau and the Department of...


Mortgage applications post a gain

Contract interest rates were mostly higher

In a week that included an adjustment for the Veterans Day holiday, mortgage applications were headed higher.According to the Mortgage Bankers Associat...


Kona Wo bicycles recalled

The bicycle fork can crack or break

Kona Bicycle Company of Ferndale, Wash., is recalling about 530 Kona Wo bicycles. The bicycle fork can crack or break, posing a fall hazard. ...


Tyson Foods recalls chicken wings

The product has an “off odor” scent and may be adulterated

Tyson Foods of Pine Bluff, Ark., is recalling approximately 52,486 pounds of chicken wings. The product has an “off odor” scent and may be adultera...


REI recalls outdoor rocker chairs

The chair can tip backward while rocking

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), of Kent, Wash., is recalling about 30,500 evrgrn campfire rocker chairs. The chair can tip backward while rockin...


American Airlines changes frequent flier program to reward dollars spent

The change benefits business travelers, hurts occasional pleasure fliers

American Airlines, newly merged with US Airways, is changing its frequent flier program to reward dollars spent instead of miles flown. The change benefits...


Cage-free eggs might become golden eggs

Fast food demand could be a bonanza for producers

This week Taco Bell became the latest fast food chain to pledge to use only cage-free eggs in its food products, joining the likes of McDonald's, Panera Br...


CIA chief: Paris attacks should be a wake-up call

Encrypting private communications helps terrorists, Brennan argues

Tourists outside Notre Dame Cathedral prior to the Paris attacks (Staff photo)For years, privacy advocates, technology giants, and some consumers hav...


GM Aveo gets zero stars in Latin American crash test

U.S. safety advocates say there should be no "double standard" in auto safety

The little Chevrolet Aveo is the best-selling car in Mexico, but a Latin American auto safety group says it may also be the most dangerous. The Aveo recent...


Delta customers will no longer be able to count larger pets as checked baggage

Affected consumers will need to pay more and be careful with planning and booking flights

For many people, taking a trip with your whole family means bringing beloved pets as well. Up until now, Delta had allowed larger animals to be flown as ch...


VW dealers' latest problem: not enough cars

Diesels disgraced but sales of gas-powered VWs are surging

A 2015 Tiguan (Photo: VW)When it broke a few months ago, VW's "dirty diesel" scandal was seen as a disaster that would cause consumers to shun Volksw...


FAA warns of drone registration scam

An official registration program isn't even set up yet

Photo: FAAScam artists sometimes get ahead of themselves. Take the ones claiming they can help you register your drone.While it's true that the F...


Isis Pharmaceuticals may change its name

Paris attacks may have been the last straw

Talk about your public relations nightmare. The name of your company, which has proudly adorned your letterhead for a quarter-century, suddenly is the name...


Papa John's franchisee pleads guilty to wage theft

Owner must pay $280,000 in fines and faces jailtime

The owner of nine Papa John's franchises located in New York City is looking at jail time and a hefty fine for not paying his employees according to minimu...


Lumber Liquidators adopts new safety standards for vinyl flooring

The policy is aimed to weed out chemicals found in reprocessed plastic

Lumber Liquidators has committed to a new policy intended to block chemicals found in reprocessed plastic from its flooring products. The policy requires t...


FanDuel, DraftKings strike out in New York court

Attorney general's cease and desist order stands, at least for now

If you were a betting sort, you might have put your money on the daily fantasy sports (DFS) giants FanDuel and DraftKings to roll over New York Attorney Ge...


A November dip in builder confidence

Nobody's panicking, though

There seems to be a bit of concern among builders in the market for newly constructed single-family homes.The National Association of Home Builders (NA...


Consumer prices inch upward in October

Prices were subdued across the board

The cost of living rose in October, but it's nothing to get excited about.Figures released by the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS...


PNY recalls portable lithium polymer battery packs

Batteries can overheat and vent flames

PNY Technologies of Parsippany, N.J., is recalling about 56,800 portable lithium polymer battery packs in the U.S. and Canada. Batteries can overhe...


BMW recalls vehicles with child restraint anchor issue

The child seat may not fully engage both lower anchors

BMW of North America is recalling 7,162 model year 2016 528i, 528i xDrive, 535i, 535i xDrive, 535d xDrive, M5, 550i, 550i xDrive and 535d sedans. T...


Homestat Farm recalls organic steel cut oats & chia product

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Homestat Farm of Dublin, Ohio, is recalling some of its 42-oz. packages of Organic Steel Cut Oats & Chia with Flax And Rye Flakes. The product may ...


T-Mobile's Binge On plan has a downside

The plan isn't exactly in keeping with Net Neutrality principles

T-Mobile made a lot of noise last week with its announcement of "Binge On," a promotion that will let customers watch as many movies as they want on some s...


For-profit education company pays $95.5 million settlement

The settlement dismisses claims of illegal recruiting and consumer fraud

The Department of Justice announced today that they have finally reached a settlement with Education Management Corporation (EDMC) for charges of illegal r...


AAA: Cheap gasoline will get even cheaper

Auto club predicts national average price below $2 a gallon by Christmas Day

It was just a little more than a year ago when oil prices collapsed, dragging gasoline prices lower as well. While consumers have held their breath, waitin...


Government finalizes proposal of food safety rules

Regulations set safety standards for domestic and foreign produce producers

In 2011, Congress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), giving the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) broad authority to regulate the food suppl...


Electronics firm is speeding up battery charging times

Reportedly restores 48% of capacity in just five minutes

The battery in your smartphone may have the annoying habit of running down at the most inopportune times. That means taking time out to connect it to a cha...


Marriott buying Starwood, creating world's biggest hotel chain

Why should airlines and telecom companies be the only ones to consolidate?

The name of the game these days is consolidation -- merger, in other words. And in that vein, Marriott International says it will snap up Starwood Hotels &...


Too much screen gazing can make you sick

It's not good for your eyes and it can trigger motion sickness

We appreciate you reading this article, but for your eyes' sake you might consider taking a short break when you're finished.That's because there's gro...


What air travelers find most annoying about fellow passengers

Invasions of limited personal space top the list

There are plenty of unpleasant things about air travel. Many of them have to do with how commercial aviation operates these days. You just have to read our...


Housing affordability slips in third quarter

California leads the way in lack of affordability

Rising home prices and interest rates produced a slight decline in housing affordability in the third quarter according to the National Association of Home...


Ford recalls Mustangs with seat belt issue

The front and rear seat belts and child seat tether anchors may be damaged

Ford Motor Company is recalling 1,900 model year 2016 Ford Mustangs manufactured September 26, 2015, to October 1, 2015. The front and rear seat be...


Under fire, daily fantasy sports continue on

Meanwhile, a lawmaker wants to probe sports leagues' ties to the industry

Despite New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's declaration this week that daily fantasy sports (DFS) is illegal gambling, millions of consumers will...


"Spear phishing" attacks exploit consumers' email habits

Phishing victims exceeded the U.S. population last year

Here's a number that might take a second or two to digest: in 2014 there were about 400 million successful cyber-attacks in the U.S.That's more than th...


Google self-driving car gets pulled over for driving too slowly

Project members say that the prototypes cannot exceed 25 mph due to "safety reasons"

There has been a lot of press over the past year about the advent of self-driving cars. While many drivers feel uneasy about giving up control of their veh...


Holiday shoppers aren't waiting until Black Friday

Surveys show many consumers have already started on their shopping

Black Friday has always been considered the official launch of the holiday shopping season, but there are signs that it's changing.The National Retail ...


Made-in-China Buick headed for America

It will be the first Chinese-made Big 3 light vehicle to be sold in the U.S.

Are you one of those people who buys "American" cars in hopes of supporting U.S. workers and the domestic economy? If so, you may want to take a careful lo...


Pilot says Allegiant fired him for putting safety first

The pilot returned to the airport after acrid smoke filled the cabin

A former Allegiant Air pilot says he was sued for putting his passengers' safety first. In a lawsuit, Jason Kinzer says he had 141 passengers and four crew...


Court shuts down tech support scam blamed for $17 million in consumer losses

The scammers allegedly claimed to represent Microsoft, Apple and other major companies

The feds, working with Pennsylvania and Connecticut state officials, have tracked down a band of alleged tech support scammers who allegedly robbed consume...


More than a third of U.S. adults are obese

But latest CDC data shows youth obesity has leveled off

Obesity in America is becoming more common, especially among the aging population.In its latest Data Brief, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent...


Green features may add value to a home when it's time to sell

Solar panels that generate electricity could increase the selling price

Real estate professionals will tell you that some home improvements will add value to your home. Others, not so much.For years it was an article of fai...


Wholesale prices continue their decline

Retail sales rose -- but not by much

Wholesale prices -- officially known as the Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand -- dropped a seasonally adjusted 0.4% i...


The nation's airlines step it up a notch

On-time performance in September was up from the previous year and month-over-month

If you traveled by air during September, there's a good chance you got to your destination when you were supposed to.The Department of Transportation’s...


STIHL recalls lawn and landscaping equipment

The gasoline tank vent can become dislodged and cause fuel to leak

STIHL Inc., of Virginia Beach, Va., is recalling about 156,000 gas-powered edgers, trimmer/brushcutters, pole pruners and KombiMotors in the U.S. and Canad...


VW “cheating” software may be legal in Europe

Automaker might avoid some of the heaviest sanctions

In the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accused Volkswagen of violating the law when it was discovered that software in some diesel cars man...


Feds look to ban smoking in public housing across the country

The goal is to improve air quality and reduce effects of secondhand smoke

Smoking is at its lowest point in the U.S. since the 1960s – which is something that anti-smoking advocates can be very happy about. However, that doesn't ...


VW grants amnesty to employees with knowledge of cheating practices

They better come forward quickly though -- it only extends until the end of November.

With all of the controversy surrounding Volkswagen and their emissions scandals, the company has decided to extend a period of amnesty to all of its employ...


KFC to test home delivery in California

Will use DoorDash to make the deliveries

Pizza restaurants deliver to your door. So do many Chinese restaurants. Now, KFC is getting in on the convenience-food market by announcing a partnership w...


Child care centers urged to offer more outdoor play

Attacking obesity might really be as simple as child's play

Concerns about childhood obesity usually come down to questions of diet and exercise. In recent months, health experts have placed the greater emphasis on ...


Walmart to offer Black Friday deals online

Joins other major retailers in opening stores Thanksgiving Day

Walmart's Black Friday ad has leaked, and surprising no one, it shows the nation's largest retailer will join other heavyweights Target, Toys R Us, and Bes...


Why shopping in a department store might yield better deals

Brick and mortar retailers under more pressure to cut prices

It's no secret that more consumer shopping has moved to the Internet. But if you plan to do most of your holiday shopping online this year, you may be miss...


Jobless claims hold steady

Job openings were little-changed in September

The number of workers filing for first-time state unemployment benefits is holding its own.The Department of Labor (...


Deadline for required retirement plan distributions approaches

In most cases you have to receive a payment by the end of the year

If you were born before July 1, 1945, the clock is ticking. Well, that way too, but we're talking about Uncle Sam's clock here.In this case, you genera...


Inaffit recalls Natureal capsules

The product contains the banned substance, sibutramine

Inaffit, LLC is recalling all lots of Natureal light green and dark green capsules. The product contains sibutramine, an appetite suppressant that ...


Zenobia Company recalls Ground Flax Seed Meal

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Zenobia Company of Yonkers, N.Y., is recalling Ground Flax Seed Meal. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella No illnesses have bee...


New York classifies daily fantasy sports as illegal gambling

Move may lead to regulation of massive new industry

Just like Nevada, the state of New York has found daily fantasy sports (DFS) to be illegal gambling and ordered a halt within the state.But unlike Neva...


Pressure builds on for-profit colleges targeting veterans

Four Democrats back bill to limit federal money

Four members of the U.S. Senate, all Democrats, are backing legislation that would further limit the amount of revenue for-profit schools can get from fede...


Just how effective are values-related boycotts?

Thanks to social media, they may look bigger than they are

The Facebook flare-up over Starbucks' Christmas holiday cups, which were devoid of any Christmas symbolism, drives home a recent trend of consumers picking...


Google Chrome updates to cease for Windows XP and other older operating systems

Because older OS's don't get support from makers, they are at greater risk of contracting viruses and malware

Despite the release of newer operating systems, like Microsoft's Windows 10, there is a still a dedicated following of tech users who prefer older systems ...


Uber and Lyft to donate thousands of free rides to veterans

The move is meant to provide reliable transportation to jobs, interviews, and employment opportunities

With today's celebration of Veterans Day, it is important to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country. While many soldiers fight...


Rethinking safe blood pressure levels (again)

New study urges lower targets for seniors

While not exactly controversial, what your blood pressure should be has become a topic of debate within the medical community.It started in 2013, when ...


Feds move to block United-Delta gate swaps in NYC area

The swaps would make United impregnable at Newark airport, Justice Department charges

United and Delta airlines have been hoping their plan to swap slots at Newark Liberty International Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport will fly, but the J...


Indictments unsealed in largest-ever financial hacking

Defendants raided financial institutions, news publishers, ran illicit Bitcoin site, feds charge

The Justice Department has unsealed indictments against several defendants in what's being called the largest theft of customer data from a U.S. financial ...


Consumer group charges loophole allows continued payday lending in Ohio

Current law is supposed to cap rates at 28% APR

Like a number of states, Ohio passed a law in 2005 to rein in payday loans. Since then, the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL) reports payday lenders hav...


U.S. foreclosures post year-over-year decline

Mortgages in serious delinquency also were lower

Foreclosures of homes across the nation continued to tail off during September.According to CoreLogic, a property information, analytics, and data-enab...


Boulder Natural Meats recalls beef, pork and poultry products

The products were missing the ingredients statement and some contain milk, an allergen not listed on the label

Boulder Natural Meats of Denver, Colo., is recalling approximately 3,607 pounds of beef, pork and poultry products. The products were missing the i...


U.S. senators seek guidance to make sure that Takata is held responsible for its actions

Fines and loss of business partners may cause the company to go bankrupt, leaving many consumers in the lurch

Takata Corporation, the infamous Japanese auto parts maker, has really gone through the wringer in the last couple of weeks. After neglecting to disclose t...


Best Buy, Toys-R-Us announce Black Friday plans

Both retailers will open their doors Thanksgiving Day

Consumers are beginning to get a better idea of the holiday bargains that will be available, as two more major retailers have revealed Black Friday plans....


Target reveals more Black Friday plans

Retailer will open at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving Day

Many retailers have decided to remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, but Target is not one of them.Target has announced more of its Black Friday plans, wh...


Vizio Smart TVs charged with collecting even more data than most

Collecting consumer data through their home network allows company to sell marketable data to third parties

Consumers who watch television regularly are more than familiar with the concept of advertising. Companies pay a lot of money to make sure viewers know abo...


Sony makes it official: Betamax is dead

Electronics maker will stop producing the cassettes next year

Sony has made a stunning announcement. Beginning in 2016, it will no longer make Betamax cassettes for video cassette recorders (VCR) and cameras.Stunn...


All of a sudden, consumers are borrowing more

Non-revolving debt hit record levels in September

The financial crisis of 2008 threw millions out of work and deepened the recession. As a result, consumers who were able to not only limited their new debt...


Report sees low gasoline prices for years to come

International Energy Agency predicts it will take more than four years for oil to reach $80 a barrel

Consumers are accustomed to having low prices for a while, only to see them suddenly move higher. It's happened with gasoline a number of times in the past...


Starbucks caught up in another cup-related controversy

Some Christians denounce a lack of snowflakes and reindeer on holiday cups

The holiday season approaches and Starbucks has rolled out bright red cups, adorned only with the Starbucks logo, in celebration.There's nothing to att...


IIHS booster seat ratings hold good news for parents

Twenty of 23 seats earn the highest safety rating

Back in 2008, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety began rating boosters seats -- and the results were disappointing to say the least: Most models fa...


Cloverdale Foods Company recalls beef and pork product

The product was incorrectly labeled as beef frankfurters and contains milk, an allergen not listed on the label

Cloverdale Foods Company of Mandan, N.D., is recalling approximately 5,208 pounds of beef and pork jalapeno cheddar bratwurst product. The product ...


Maple Leaf Foods recalls boneless pork products

The products were not presented at the U.S. point of entry for inspection

Maple Leaf Foods of Manitoba, Canada, is recalling approximately 4,030 pounds of boneless pork shoulders products. The products were not presented ...


World Variety Produce recalls Italian Pine Nuts

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

World Variety Produce of Los Angeles, Calif., is recalling two- and three-oz. Containers of Italian Pine Nuts. The products may be contaminated wit...


Nissan recalls vehicles with OCS issue

The occupant classification system may incorrectly classify the front passenger seat as empty

Nissan North America is recalling 919 model year 2013-2015 Altima and Pathfinder vehicles, 2013-2014 Nissan Sentra vehicles, 2013 Infiniti JX35 vehicles, 2...


Athens Foods recalls beef product

The product contains soy, an allergen not listed on the label

Athens Foods of Cleveland, Ohio, is recalling approximately 168 pounds of beef product. The product contains soy, an allergen not listed on the label The...


VW offers $1,000 payments to diesel owners

Executives hope this "Goodwill Package" will be step towards rebuilding consumer trust

After being involved in two emissions scandals, repairing relations with customers may very well be a long and grueling process for Volkswagen. While the f...


Nissan becomes third major car maker to cut ties with Takata

Company says they are committed to putting customer safety first

The troubles for Takata seem to keep piling up -- another major car maker decided to cut ties with the airbag distributor over the weekend. This time it wa...


Study suggests weight-loss surgery effective for adolescents

Subjects lost an average of 90 pounds three years after surgery

Bariatric surgery, a procedure to reduce the size of the stomach, has become safer and more effective since it was introduced.Recent studies have shown...


Survey finds gift cards getting more consumer-friendly

Fees are going down while protections are going up

Gift cards have always had issues, but they continue to be popular -- and not only among those who give them but those who receive them as well.Let's f...


Dogs in cars -- fun but dangerous

Group tries to formulate safety standards for containment devices

Most dogs love to ride in cars and it's a common sight to see canine ears flapping out the window or a pooch perched on the driver's lap of a car rolling d...


FCC turns aside pleas that it enforce "Do Not Track" requests against web giants

The agency said it has no authority over Google, Facebook, and other websites and apps

The Federal Communications Commission has advised privacy seekers to look elsewhere in their quest for someone to enforce "Do Not Track" rules against Goog...


It looks like a lot fewer stores will open Thanksgiving Day

Retailers appear to have reversed the recent trend

More retailers are jumping on the bandwagon of restoring Thanksgiving Day as a time for food, family, and football – not trips to the mall.Last year, a...


Data suggests it's easier now to get a mortgage

But minorities still lag behind white consumers when it comes to getting money to purchase a home

In the wake of the housing melt-down, mortgage lenders clamped down on underwriting standards.Before, almost anyone could qualify for a mortgage. After...


When it comes to smartphones, consumers still prefer iPhones

But Android remains the most popular operating system

Consumers buy more iPhones than any other mobile device, but Google's Android operating system maintains a slim lead over Apple's iOS.Those are the fin...


Confidence in the senior housing market continues to grow

Analysts are bullish on prospects for more growth

There's been another quarter of increased builder confidence in the single-family 55+ housing market -- the sixth in a row.The National Association of ...


GM recalls various compressed natural gas vehicles

The text of the CNG fuel-only label is smaller than the required size

General Motors is recalling 1,808 model year 2013-2014 Chevrolet Silverado HD, Chevrolet Express, and GMC Sierra HD vehicles, and model year 2013 GMC Savan...


Honda Fit vehicles with LX trim recalled

The rear grab handle brackets may puncture the side curtain air bags

American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 25,367 model year 2015-2016 Fit vehicles with LX trim manufactured April 11, 2014, to July 02, 2015 and not equipped ...


VW rumored to offer cash cards to customers Monday

The company is trying to buy back some of the goodwill its dirty diesel scandal blew out the tailpipe

An automotive magazine reports that Volkswagen will shower diesel owners with money Monday as part of its effort to win back some of the goodwill sqsuander...


Android adware getting more dangerous

Security firm warns new generation of malware almost impossible to remove

When you download a popular app to your Android smartphone, make sure you know the source.Lookout, a mobile security firm, has found widespread example...


Prescription drug price hikes get attention of Senate

A special committee has asked four pharmaceutical companies for information about dramatic price increases

Doctors have been complaining loudly about the dramatic price increases that have recently been applied to many prescription drugs. Pharmaceutical investor...


Cox fined for getting hacked

Six million subscribers' private data was accessed by hackers

Businesses are supposed to protect the confidential information they collect from customers. A breach of Cox Communications' data system in 2014 exposed th...


Air travel expected to rise 3% during Thanksgiving holiday

Airlines are adding seats to handle the extra passengers

Consumers will be on the move this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, resulting in a significant rise in air travel, according to Airlines for America (A4A), an...


AARP wants to know where candidates stand on Social Security

This year's crop of candidates don't like being pinned down

The presidential race has taken an odd turn lately, with candidates demanding the press stop asking them embarassing questions. AARP is trying to get thing...


New data sends mixed signals for the housing market

More people should be able to afford houses but there are fewer homes for first-time buyers

The surprisingly-solid gain in jobs in October's employment report sent a very strong signal.No, not that the economy is improving – which it appears t...


Feds approve new treatment for HIV

There are some caveats, though

Adults and pediatric patients 12 years of age and older have a new option for treatment of HIV-1 infection.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a...


Court keeps Sprint's WiMax network alive, for now

Proposed shut-down would have ended Internet service for under-served subscribers

A Massachusetts Superior Court judge has granted a preliminary injunction that has effectively stopped Sprint from turning off an aging WiMax network provi...


Government rolls out “starter” retirement savings plan

After pilot program, government's myRA savings plan offered to all taxpayers

As we reported back in June, research shows half of older Americans have no retirement savings.Other research documents the difficulty young consumers ...


Toyota follows Honda, says it will dump Takata as an airbag supplier

Other automakers are considering their options

Just days after Honda dumped Takata, Toyota is doing the same. Toyota President Akio Toyoda said the move was intended to "ensure the safety and confidence...


Jobs, jobs and more jobs

Hiring rises, unemployment rate falls in October

The pace of job creation shot higher last month, as the unemployment rate edged lower.Figures released by the Department of Labor (DOL) show the econom...


Home prices post year-over-year and month-over-month gains in September

Analysts see the trend continuing

The increase in home prices is continuing into the autumn months.The CoreLogic Home Price Index (HPI) shows home prices -- including distressed sales -...


E. coli outbreak linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill

43 locations shut down after 39 people were found to be infected

An outbreak of E. coli in the metropolitan areas of Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon have affected 39 people to date. The sickness has been traced ...


Study questions benefit of breastfeeding in preventing allergies, asthma

It's still recommended but its role in preventing allergies may have been overstated

Pregnant women and new mothers are routinely urged to breastfeed their babies, partly because it's thought to reduce the risk of allergic rhinitis (hay fev...


Feds, states crack down on abusive debt collectors

Harassing phone calls, false threats of litigation among the allegations

The Federal Trade Commission and a number of other law enforcement agencies have taken action against 30 debt coll...


Applying tattoos is big business. So is removing them

Consumers spend an estimated $3 billion a year getting or removing body art

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., is a company that provides independent market research on a wide range of U.S. industries. It's always looking for trends – w...


Target closing 13 stores

Result of "seeing several years of decreasing profitability.”

Target is closing 13 stores in 11 states, as the retailer readjusts it footprint. Employees were notified on Monday that the stores will close January 30, ...


Study urges closer attention to prescription drug side effects

Researchers also worry about the amount of painkillers and tranquilizers being prescribed

Politicians have focused lately on the cost of prescription drugs, zeroing in on older drugs whose prices may surge for no apparent reason.While consum...


Report: avoided airline accidents breed complacency

Researchers say there's a downside to happy endings

On January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia Airport and struck a flock of geese as the plane gained altitude, causing both engines t...


U.S. job cuts taper off in October

The oil patch continues to take the brunt of the terminations

The nation's employers announced that they were cutting fewer jobs in October than they did during the previous month.Acc...


Services sector growth expands

Fourteen industries reported improvement

There was a pickup in the pace of growth in the non-manufacturing -- or services -- sector of the economy last month.The Manufacturing Institute for Su...


All American Meats recalls ground beef products

The products may be adulterated with E. coli O157:H7

All American Meats of Omaha, Neb., is recalling approximately 167,427 pounds of ground beef products. The products may be adulterated with E. coli O157:H7...


National Video Supply recalls sexual enhancement supplement

The product contains active pharmaceutical ingredients not listed on the label

National Video Supply of Santa Clarita, Calif., is recalling RHINO 7 3000 Platinum Capsules. The product contains active pharmaceutical ingredients not li...


Joseph Epstein Food Enterprises recalls turkey meatball product

The product is not gluten-free as stated on the label

Joseph Epstein Food Enterprises of East Rutherford, N.J., is recalling approximately 190 pounds of turkey meatball product. The label declares the product...


VW recalls various vehicles with braking issue

The vehicle could suffer a loss of brake assist

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 91,867 model year 2015-2016 Jetta, Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Passat, Golf/GTI and Golf SportWagen vehicles. Th...


Senators rap "meager" Takata fine, call for stronger action

Consumers are also angry over perceived delays and inaction

Federal safety regulators announced with great fanfare yesterday that they were fining airbag maker Takata up to $200 million, but today Sens. Richard Blum...


VW says 800,000 cars under-reported CO2 emissions

German carmaker's woes continue

Still reeling from its diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen has a new problem. About 800,000 of its vehicles understated CO2 emissions during tests.In ...


Honda dumps Takata, says it manipulated test data

After six deaths and millions of recalls, the decision doesn't seem too surprising

Millions of cars have been recalled, at least six people have been killed, hundreds have been injured and Takata has been fined up to $200 million because ...


Warning: popular sugar substitute is toxic to dogs

Xylitol is used in sugar-free gum, candies, chewable vitamins and other everyday products

The sugar substitute xylitol has been growing in popularity in recent years and is widely used in chewing gum, candy, chewable vitamins, and other products...


Hyundai plans a luxury brand, the Genesis

It's Hyundai's answer to Toyota's Lexus and Nissan's Infiniti. And maybe VW's Audi and Porsche

Toyota has Lexus and Nissan has Infiniti. And perhaps more significantly, Volkswagen has Audi and Porsche. And now Hyundai will have its own luxury brand -...


Could using psychoactive drugs cure laziness and make you healthier?

One expert believes they have the potential to make exercise easier

Motivating yourself to take part in regular exercise can be difficult at times, and for some people it is nearly impossible. One endurance expert from the ...


What self-employed Baby Boomers want from the next President

Survey finds healthcare concerns top the list

With a presidential election a year away, pollsters are busy quizzing different segments of the population about the candidates they like and their hot but...


Consumers buying more cars, paying more and going deeper in debt

Big segment of the economy is dependent on consumers being able to make the monthly payments

Economists have wondered in recent months where consumers were spending the money they were saving on gasoline prices.The answer appears to be at car d...


Microsoft limits unlimited One Drive storage

Company says too many subscribers backed up too much stuff

One of the perks of subscribing to Microsoft's Office 365 is always having an up-to-date version of the software.Another is the unlimited cloud storage...


Pace of job creation slips in October

Goods-producing employment had its best month since January

Employment in the private sector rose in October, but the pace of job creation was down a bit from September. According to the ADP National Employment Rep...


Mortgage applications post slight decline

Contract interest rates were mostly higher

Mortgage applications posted their second consecutive decline last week. Figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Application...


Pelmen Foods recalls beef, chicken and pork products

The products were not presented at the U.S. point of entry for inspection

Pelmen Foods of Ontario, Canada, is recalling approximately 332 pounds of beef, chicken and pork dumpling products. The products were not presented at the...


Mercedes-Benz recalls vehicles with air bag issue

The air bag control unit may corrode and cause the control unit to malfunction

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) is recalling 126,260 model year 2008-2009 C300 Sedan, C300 4Matic, C63 AMG, and C350 vehicles, and 2010 GLK350 and GLK350 4Matic ...


Honda recalls Pilot 2WD and 4WD vehicles

Safety system warning lights may malfunction

American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 35,406 model year 2016 Honda Pilot 2WD vehicles manufactured May 4, 2015, to September 8, 2015, and 2016 Pilot 4WD ve...


Takata fined $200 million, ordered to phase out troublesome airbag component

Safety regulators order faster, prioritized action to get defective airbags off the road

Airbag manufacturer Takata has been hit with a $200 million fine, the largest civil penalty in the history of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administr...


Volkswagen denies latest diesel cheating charge

But industry analysts say the carmaker has dug itself a deeper hole

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) charge that Volkswagen's diesel cheating scandal is more widespread than originally reported brought shock from...


Middle-aged whites dying at an increasing rate

Suicide, alcoholism, and drug abuse may be the results of economic dislocation

By some measures, life has been getting better for ethnic minorities, gays, ...


FCC slams Hilton, Baltimore Convention Center for blocking consumers' Wi-Fi hotspots

The commission's message: it's illegal to block personal Wi-Fi communications

The Federal Communications Commission is serving notice that it's serious about not allowing hotels and convention centers to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots...


New chip cards prove to be bonanza for scammers

Fraudsters pretend to be from credit card companies, seeking personal data

The credit card industry in the U.S. has moved to the EMV chip card system used by the rest of the world because it is said to be more secure against fraud...


Airbnb, American Express announce points-sharing deal

Amex points also usable on Uber

American Express took a hit earlier this year when Costco ended the companies' exclusive relationship, but it's been making up for it through deals with fa...


Calorie labels on menus found to have little effect

Study finds orders pretty much the same, in spite of information

The lesson seems to be pretty clear; you can tell people how many calories are in the fast food they're ordering but it doesn't make them order any less of...


Study finds for-profit degree no better than a community college certificate

The findings reinforce advice that spending more at a for-profit school doesn't pay off

You read it everywhere: advice to prospective college students that they look first to public community colleges rather than for-profit schools, which can ...


Kids, not pets, draw the most complaints at hotels

Expedia survey delves into what ticks off travelers

More and more hotels these days are “pet friendly,” meaning they allow dogs and cats to stay in-room with their owners.Remarkably, the presence of pets...


Honda recalls CR-Vs

The driver's front air bag inflator could rupture

American Honda Motor Company is recalling 515 model year 2016 CR-Vs manufactured October 12, 2015, to October 19, 2015. The metal housing surrounding the...


WeThePeople BMX bicycles and cranksets recalled

The left end of the bicycle crankset spindle can break

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) of Bloomington, Minn., is recalling about 110 WeThePeople Envy BMX bicycles and about 210 Eclat Aeon cranksets in the U.S. a...


Chrysler recalls model year 2016 Ram 1500 trucks

The vehicles may be missing a heat shield for the spare tire

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 253 model year 2016 Ram 1500 trucks with a 5.7L engine and dual exhaust manufactured August 3, 2015, to August 10, 2015....


EPA: More VW diesels have "defeat device" software

Violations found in VW, Audi and Porsche models with 3.0-liter engines

It's not just the 2.0-liter Volkswagen TDI diesel engines that use illegal software to fool emission checks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said ...


Bernie Sanders identifies a special interest group: marijuana users

Public opinion is changing rapidly on the question of legalizing pot

Jobs, the economy, immigration, defense, LGBT rights, abortion -- these are certainly important issues, but there's one the presiden...


Why all consumers should place a freeze on their credit

Consumer group says purchasing credit monitoring provides little protection

Nearly every time there is a high-profile data breach, the compromised organization responds by providing victims with credit monitoring for a one or two-y...


Chase will pay $50 million to consumers for debt collection abuses

Wrongdoing included obtaining default judgments against active-duty military

JPMorgan Chase will pay $100 million to settle allegations that it committed debt-collection abuses against tens of thousands of its credit card holders, C...


Negative stigmas can make quitting harder for smokers

A new study shows that negative social pressure can make smokers defensive, angry, and less likely to quit

Common conceptions about smoking have changed drastically over the years. Many Americans may remember old Westerns and other films where the machismo star ...


Cox loses set-top box class action in Oklahoma

Regulators have been studying rules in order to weaken cable operators' control over consumer choice

The cable TV set-top box is increasingly a target of everyone from streaming video providers to federal regulators, not to mention agrieved consumers. Ther...


Amazon launches Black Friday Deals Store

Online retailer predicts low-cost gadgets and wearables will be big this season has taken additional steps to gear up for the holiday shopping season, launching a Black Friday Deals Store and unveiling its Electronics Holida...


Study finds severe acne treatment needs improving

Physicians over-prescribe antibiotics, researchers contend

Teenagers – and many adults – fight outbreaks of acne, many of which can be severe.A study of how these severe cases are treated has found plenty of ro...


E. coli outbreak may be linked to Chipotle restaurants in two states

Popular chain closes restaurants in affected areas as a precaution

Chipotle Mexican Grill has closed some restaurants in Washington and Oregon as health authorities investigate an E. coli outbreak.According to the U.S....


Manufacturing expansion continues

Most sectors, however report contraction

The manufacturing sector of the U.S. economy expanded in October for the 34th month in a row, with the overall economy growing for the 77th consecutive mo...


Helados La Tapatia recalls various products containing allergens

The products contain wheat, almond, egg and soy, allergens not listed on the label

Helados La Tapatia of Fresno, Calif., is recalling 13 milk based ice cream products manufactured from October 8, 2015, through October 16, 2015; and its ...


Chrysler recalls Jeep Cherokees with air conditioning issue

The vehicles may have a misrouted air conditioning suction/discharge hose

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 75,574 model year 2015 Jeep Cherokee vehicles manufactured October 1, 2014, to June 18, 2015. The affected vehicles ma...


Hyundai recalls Sonatas with braking issue

The Antilock Braking System warning light may malfunction

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 64,744 model year 2015-2016 Sonatas manufactured May 28, 2014, to August 21, 2015. The vehicles are equipped with an A...


Dodge Journey vehicles recalled

A water leak could disable the vehicle's Anti-lock Brake and/or the Electronic Stability Control systems

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 275,614 model year 2012-2015 Dodge Journey vehicles manufactured April 21, 2012, to April 14, 2015. Water may enter th...


Concierge medicine may make it harder to see a doctor

More practices are charging a retainer in order to be a patient

While millions more people now have access to health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, it might not make it any easier to see a doctor.Some thin...