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New USPS program lets you see your junk mail before you get it

“Real Mail Notification” is free to end users. But will marketers think it's worth paying for?

Here's a little-known fact about the U.S. Postal Service: Since 2001 it has participated in what's called the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program,...


Report makes argument for lifting ban on U.S. oil exports

Claims prices would drop 8 cents gallon

Consumers paying attention to the price of crude oil this spring may have wondered why gasoline prices were slow to fall while oil prices were plunging. ...


OwnStar lets hacker hijack General Motors vehicles equipped with OnStar

Mobile app exploit allows unauthorized remote control of locks and engines

Every computer, including those in modern automobiles, is vulnerable to malware. And every Internet connection, including those involving modern automobile...


Carhop customers may want to hop a little more slowly before driving off the lot

Buying an older used car is always a risky undertaking and shouldn't be done quickly

CarHop is a used-car dealer with locations all over the country, advertising low-priced cars and financing for,customers with bad credit. This may sound li...


Debit vs. credit cards to pay for a vacation

Both cards carry very different risks

The next three weeks will be prime vacation time in the U.S., when families hit the open road or head to the beach. It can be a dangerous time for consumer...


Google resists broadening "right to be forgotten"

Advertisers group backs Google, privacy advocates not so much

Not surprisingly, Google is resisting a demand that it broaden the "right to be forgotten" by censoring search results worldwide, saying that allowing one...


Special class of protein could provide treatment for type 1 diabetes

Scientists have uncovered more about the nature of immune cells while making the discovery

Scientists from Uppsala University have investigated the disease thoroughly, and believe that a certain protein found in the body could provide a cure....


For-profit Kaplan and Lincoln schools must pay $2.3 million to former students

Schools accused of luring students with unfair recruiting techniques and inflated job-placement rates

Two for-profit colleges in Massachusetts have agreed to pay a collective $2.3 million to hundreds of former students in order to settle allegations that th...


Computer platform provides more precise facial transplant

Doctors believe system could improve results and lower costs

The first successful face transplant was carried out in 2008. In the future, doctors say this delicate surgery will be improved through the use of an innov...


Inventory of homes for sale falls for fifth straight month

First-time buyers finding fewer homes to choose from

Talk about bad timing. For the first time since the financial crisis there has been a surge in first time homebuyers looking for homes. But according to re...


Diabetes-sniffing dogs didn't deliver, suit charges

Consumers paid up to $15,000 but got little or nothing

Some dogs just won't hunt. And a lawsuit in Texas says that includes the supposed low-blood-sugar alert dogs sold by Drey's Alert Dogs for as much as $15,0...


Mortgage company slammed for blocking consumers’ attempts to save their homes

Residential Credit Solutions will pay $1.5 million for wrongdoing

Imagine, if you will, a company blocking consumers’ attempts to save their homes from foreclosure. You don't really have to imagine that because it's exa...


Are your pets overweight because you're feeding them wrong?

Controlling portions and making an individual nutrition plan can go a long way to helping your pet slim down

You can’t really go into a grocery store anymore without seeing a magazine rack full of covers with weight loss tips on them. There is a good reason for th...


Greenland Trading recalls squab products

The products, imported from France, were not presented at the U.S. point of entry for inspection

Greenland Trading of Paterson, N.J., is recalling approximately 12,672 pounds of squab (domesticated pigeon). The products, imported from France, were not...


NVIDIA recalls tablet computers

The lithium-ion battery in the tablets can overheat

NVIDIA Corp., of Santa Clara, Calif., is recalling about 88,000 NVIDIA SHIELD tablet computers in the U.S. and Canada. The lithium-ion battery in the tabl...


Stork Craft recalls crib mattresses

The mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal mattress flammability standard

Stork Craft Manufacturing USA of Las Vegas, Nev., is recalling about 18,500 foam crib mattresses. The mattresses fail to meet the mandatory federal mattre...


Ford recalls vehicles with parking brake issue

The parking brake may not fully engage when applied

Ford Motor Company is recalling 7,165 model year 2015 Ford Taurus, Ford Flex, and Lincoln MKS vehicles manufactured May 4, 2015, to May 23, 2015; Lincoln M...


Doctors push to eliminate most child vaccination exemptions

Aging group urges greater vaccination effort for seniors

Most states require immunizations for children, but nearly all allow for exemptions. These range from religious and philosophical reasons to medical ones....


New drug inhibits body's ability to absorb fat

Researchers are hopeful that this can help reverse worldwide obesity trends

The obesity epidemic has become a global problem. Worldwide trends have gone steadily upward in the past few years; nearly 2 billion adults over the age of...


Businesses beware: Malware and invoice scam losses topped $1 billion in 18 months, and the pace is quickening

From a thief's perspective, business victims are far more lucrative than most individuals

If you pay any attention to any news stream, you'll see a near-constant flow of articles warning you about the latest scam to prey on unwary individual con...


Study finds consumer debt has grown since Great Recession

80% of consumers carry some form of debt

Debt was major factor in the collapse of the housing market and the resulting financial crisis. People paid too much for houses and, more importantly, borr...


Overcharging scandal hits Whole Foods in the pocketbook

Earnings miss expectations while organic group grumbles

When Whole Foods Markets reported its latest quarterly earnings this week, it missed hitting Wall Street expectations. Traders punished the stock, with the...


What ride-sharing drivers need to know about insurance

You may need to beef up your coverage

You've got a fairly new car and plenty of time on your hands. Why not pick up some extra cash being an Uber or Lyft driver?Before you sign up and start...


Economic growth snaps back

Jobless claims moved a bit higher last week

Everything you heard about economic growth during the first 3 months of the year -- forget it. As it issued the “advance” estimate of second quarter real ...


Medicare scammers banned from selling healthcare products

The scheme took money from seniors’ bank accounts

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reached settlements with a group of scammers who falsely promised consumers new Medicare cards in order to obtain th...


Ford F-150 crew cab pickup truck aces IIHS evaluations

But, the extended cab model struggled in the small overlap test

Call it a tale of 2 pickups. The 2015 F-150 crew cab, which Ford calls the SuperCrew, earned good ratings for occupant protection in all 5 Insurance Insti...


Hercules recalls All Trac A/T tires

The tires may experience a tread separation

Hercules Tire & Rubber Company is recalling 90,000 All Trac A/T tires, sizes 235/70R16 106T, 235/75R15 109T XL, 245/70R16 107T, 255/70R16 111T, 265/70R16 1...


Windows 10 automatically grants home wi-fi network access to your Outlook and Skype contacts

You have to change your network name if you want to opt out of this

Microsoft officially launched its new Windows 10 operating system last night, offering free upgrades to current Windows 7 and 8 users who make the switch w...


More evidence of Alzheimer's-diabetes link

Insulin resistance appears to be the common thread

Alzheimer’s and diabetes are two diseases that are becoming more and more widespread, even though they are very different from one another. Now however...


Food companies continue to provide “gluten-free” options

Creating a variety of products really helps boost profits

U.S. food companies have discovered that a guaranteed way to boost sales of a particular product is to make a gluten-free version of it. Consumers will sna...


School-aged kids can be prone to headaches

They can be triggered by various things, but there many ways that parents can help

The beginning of the school year can bring plenty of ailments that you didn’t see in your kids when they were on summer vacation. Anxiety, along with an in...


Rental housing harder to find in second quarter

Apartment vacancy rate lowest since 1989

Renters continued to get squeezed in the second quarter of the year as rents rose and the number of vacant apartments available for rent declined.A rep...


Survey finds consumers lax about washing hands after cracking eggs

Eggs are a prime source of Salmonella, making safe handling essential

You can't make an omelet without cracking eggs -- and you can't crack eggs safely unless you wash your hands with soap and water after doing so. But a new ...


Pending home sales post first decline in 6 months

Still, pending sales are close to a 9-year high

Pending home sales, it appears, have hit a summer slump. The National Association of Realtors reports that after 5 consecutive months of increases, the Pe...


A rise in mortgage applications

Applications for refinancings were on the rise

Mortgage applications were on the rise last week, helped along by an increase in refinancings. Data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly M...


Standing, as well as sitting, could be hazardous to your health

Study may be bad news for millions of retail workers

In recent years researchers have made a case that sitting for prolonged periods is harmful to your health. Some have claimed it is as dangerous as smoking....


MINI Coopers with side impact performance issues recalled

The vehicles do not meet the side impact performance requirements for the rear seat passengers

BMW of North America is recalling 30,456 model year 2014-2015 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2 Door vehicles and 2015 MINI John Cooper Works Hardtop...


Arctic Cat recalls off-highway utility vehicles

Fuel can leak from the fuel fitting at the throttle body

Arctic Cat is recalling about 2,700 Arctic Cat Prowler 500 HDX off-highway utility vehicles. Fuel can leak from the fuel fitting at the throttle body, pos...


Kia recalls Sorentos with seat belt issue

The front passenger may not be able to fasten the seat belt

Kia Motors America is recalling 2,587 model year 2016 Kia Sorentos manufactured October 23, 2014, to December 10, 2014. The vehicles have a front passeng...


Crash test dog dummies reveal which carriers are safest

Putting safety first when purchasing a carrier is of the utmost importance

Crash tests are used throughout the automotive industry to ensure that drivers are protected if they have an accident. Although watching the crash test dum...


Privacy groups use faxes to fight cyber surveillance bill

Use circa-1984 technology to oppose Orwellian 1984-style surveillance

A coalition of privacy rights advocates and civil-liberties groups opposed to the proposed Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA, is urging Americ...


Still single? You're probably paying more for car insurance

Consumer group's study says even widows get socked with higher rates

Saving on car insurance is no reason to get married, but new research by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) shows that getting hitched will lower you...


How much pepper's in that little red and white can?

Class action suit says McCormick is misleading its customers

There's not as much pepper in those little red and white McCormick pepper cans as there used to be, the National Consumer League charges in a lawsuit.I...


Microsoft launching Windows 10 tonight

Though when the rollout will be complete remains anybody's guess

Only a handful of hours remain until midnight Eastern time (or 9 p.m. this evening in the Pacific time zone), the start of Microsoft's official roll-out of...


Businesses slow to embrace ride-sharing for travel needs

24% of surveyed companies don't pay for employees to use Uber or Lyft

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft may be insanely popular with large segments of the consumer population, but businesses appear far from willing to ...


A slide in consumer confidence

Job concerns is among the causes

After showing some improvement in June, The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index posted a decline in July. It now stands at 90.9 after rising to 99....


Increase in home prices continues in May

A slowdown in the rate of increase may be in the works

Home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basis in May, according to the S&...


eBay Now shuts down, becomes eBay Then

eBay dumping apps in quest to become more "inspirational"

Last week, eBay and PayPal split up, leaving eBay to make it on its own. In its first attempt to rejigger its services, eBay says it is past-tensing eBay N...


Scientists “edit” genes to fight deadly diseases

Genetically engineered T-cells may prove effective against cancer and HIV

Recent cancer research has focused on using the body's own T-cells to fight the disease, rather than introducing outside elements, like drugs, to attack it...


Google surrenders, won't require Google+ account anymore

Forcing Google+ sign-ups was part of an effort to overtake Facebook, Twitter

Google has conceded what everyone else already knew -- Google+ is sort of a big minus and is not going to knock Facebook and Twitter out of cyberspace. Goo...


Texas consumers carrying large credit card debt

San Antonio, Dallas and Houston are in the top 5

Texas' economy may be booming, but consumers in two of its leading cities lead the nation in credit card debt.When established a formul...


Volkswagen recalls Audi SQ5s

The vehicles could experience a loss of power steering assist

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 5,625 model year 2014-2015 Audi SQ5s manufactured May 22, 2013, to April 14, 2015. The electric power steering a...


Nature's Variety recalls Instinct Raw Chicken Formula for dogs

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Nature’s Variety is recalling its Instinct Raw Chicken Formula for dogs. The products may be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reporte...


UPPAbaby recalls strollers and RumbleSeats

The strollers’ and RumbleSeats’ bumper bar can pose a choking hazard

UPPAbaby of Hingham, Mass., is recalling about 79,000 UPPAbaby 2015 CRUZ , 2015 VISTA strollers and 2015 RumbleSeats in the U.S and Canada. The strollers’...


Stagefright security flaw leaves 95% of Android devices vulnerable to hackers

Android versions 2.2 and later are at risk

Early today, security researchers announced their discovery of six massive software vulnerabilities which leave up to 95% of all Google Android devices at ...


Three trends that could push gasoline prices lower

Falling oil prices, a weak Chinese economy, and a strong dollar could be great for motorists

Gasoline prices have begun to drift lower from their summer highs, with the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey showing the national average price has fallen more than 4...


6 things to do before you die

Looking out for your family and friends is more than a lifelong task

What to do before you die? That could turn into a pretty long list but we're actually thinking of some rather specific things you should do while alive so ...


AT&T completes DirecTV acquisition

The company is now the world's largest pay TV provider, among other things

It sort of got lost over the weekend but the long-anticipated $49 billion merger of AT&T and DirecTV was completed Friday, when the Federal Communications ...


New skin cancer drug wins approval of FDA

More than half of patients who tested the drug had their tumors shrink or disappear

Novartis Pharmaceuticals' new drug Odomzo has gotten a green light from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of locally advanced basal cell...


CDC: doctors write too many antibiotic prescriptions

Small group largely responsible for over-prescribing

Over time a wide range of bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi build up a resistance to antibiotic drugs, making these powerful medicines much less effec...


Things drivers do that drive other drivers crazy

Jackass Parking Chalk promoted to relieve parking rage

At a family gathering over the weekend, one of my cousins arrived a few hours late after driving from Lincoln, Neb. He was still seething at some of the dr...


Retailers should be careful when making personalized banner ads

They may either help or severely hurt the likelihood that their products will be bought

If you’re someone who regularly browses the internet, then you’ve more than likely run across pop-up and banner ads. More often than not they advertise pro...


Tips from the TSA on flying with your pet

Traveling with a pet can be stressful, but there are many ways that you can prepare

The summer travel season isn’t over quite yet, and you still might be looking to take some trips with your family and friends. You can’t always pick up and...


Kroger recalls four seasonings

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

The Kroger Co. is recalling Kroger Ground Cinnamon, Kroger Garlic Powder, Kroger Coarse Ground Black Pepper and Kroger Bac'n Buds sold in its retail stores...


Briggs & Stratton recalls Simplicity riding mowers and garden tractors

The chute deflector can fail to prevent projectiles from being expelled

Briggs & Stratton of Wauwatosa, Wis., is recalling about 2,800 Simplicity riding mowers, garden tractors and mower decks. The chute deflector can fail to ...


Polaris recalls Youth RZR recreational off-highway vehicles

The vehicle’s fuel pump can leak, posing a fire hazard

Polaris Industries of Medina, Minn., is recalling about 4,300 Polaris Youth RZR recreational off-highway vehicles. The vehicle’s fuel pump can leak, posin...


Chrysler recalls Ram trucks with air bag issue

The side impact sensor calibrations may be overly sensitive resulting in unexpected air bag deployment

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 667,406 model year 2013-2015 Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks manufactured June 20, 2012, to January 26, 2015. The side...


Bravo Chicken pet foods recalled

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Bravo Pet Foods of Manchester, Conn., is recalling select lots of Bravo Chicken pet foods for dogs and cats. The products may be contaminated with Salmone...


Brown Packing recalls veal products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli

Brown Packing Company of South Holland, Ill., is recalling an undetermined amount of beef (veal) trimmings. The products may be contaminated with E. coli...


Over 1 million Ram trucks recalled

An electrical short could cause driver's frontal air bag to deploy unexpectedly

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 1,060,531 model year 2012-2014 Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500 trucks manufactured January 18, 2011, to October 7, ...


Researchers develop new technologies in hopes of preventing rhino poaching

Cameras, GPS trackers, and heart-rate monitors will alert security teams to possible poaching activity

Rhino poaching has become more widespread in recent years, and it is pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Poachers target these animals because...


Recall issues to cost Fiat Chrysler up to $105 million

The company finally admits it violated the Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Fiat Chrysler has agreed to pay a $105 million fine, clean up its recall procedures and buy ...


Alzheimer's conference produces cautious optimism

Researchers present results of drug and non-drug intervention

The Alzheimer's Association International Conference, an annual event held in Washington, DC, is usually marked by cautious optimism as pharmaceutical comp...


Fiat Chrysler recalls vehicles to fix hackable software exploit

Researchers earlier demonstrated that affected cars could be taken over by hackers

FCA US LLA -- Chrysler, in other words -- is recalling about 1.4 million vehicles to fix a flaw in their Uconnect softeware that makes it possible for hack...


IKEA offers free wall-anchoring repair kit for chests and dressers

Two children have died in tip-over incidents

IKEA North America of Conshohocken, Pa., and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are implementing a repair program that includes a free wall anch...


Mitsubishi closing U.S. plant but will continue selling cars here

U.S. sales are up but the Russian recession has cut overall sales

2016 Mitsubishi Sport Mitsubishi says it is closing its only U.S. plant in Normal, Ill., cutting its production because of slow sales in Russia and el...


LG to pay $1.8 million for failing to report dehumidifier defects

The appliance maker was charged with failure to report a defect

LG Electronics will pay a maximum $1,825,000 civil penalty, settling charges by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff charges that the firm k...


New home sales fall to lowest level in 8 months

Prices were lower as well

June was not a good month for firms hoping to sell new single-family homes. Figures released jointly by the Census Bureau and the Department of Housing an...


Anthem buying Cigna in $54 billion deal

Aetna and Humana announced a similar deal a few weeks ago

If you've been trying to decide between a health insurance policy from Anthem or Cigna, you can stop worrying about it. Anthem is buying Cigna for $54 bill...


FTC wants to learn more about lead generation

Information-rich websites may be getting rich off your information

You may not know what lead generation is, which can be part of the problem. In brief, it's one of the most lucrative forms of Internet advertising, produci...


The most and least dangerous jobs

There's a big difference between a first responder and an accountant

People usually choose career paths for financial or personal fulfillment reasons. Sometimes, personal safety enters into the equation as well.What are ...


Amendment would ban super-long trucks ... for now

Pending measure would allow trucks to have two 33-foot trailers

A new highway funding bill has been slowly creeping through Congress, its progress partly slowed by legislators tacking on a wide range of amendments, some...


Sex sells? Not really, researchers say

You are probably more likely to respond to a bland, G-rated ad

Some commercials try to push the envelope in search of “edginess.” In 2014, Capital One briefly aired a commercial with spokesman Samuel L. Jackson using a...


Akttive High Performance Fat Burner Gold capsules recalled

The product contains ingredients that make it an unapproved new drug

Life & More is recalling 783 bottles of Akttive High Performance Fat Burner Gold capsules weight loss supplements. The product contains Sibutramine, desm...


Husqvarna recalls lawn and garden tillers

The tiller may unintentionally move forward or backward

Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products of Charlotte, N.C., is recalling about 24,000 lawn and garden tillers. The tiller’s transmission shift rod and clip ca...


Teavana recalls glass pitchers

The pitchers can break or leak

Teavana of Seattle, Wash., is recalling about 56,800 Tristan glass pitchers in the U.S. and Canada. The pitchers can break or leak, posing laceration and/...


Geography plays a role in early cancer diagnosis

A state's regulatory policies can be a matter of life and death, study finds

Whether or not someone survives cancer often depends on when the disease is diagnosed. If it is caught early then the odds are better, but a late-stage dia...


Microsoft now honors Bing revenge porn takedown requests; deletes images from OneDrive and Xbox Live

Also offers new webpage to make reporting easier

Microsoft has added itself to the list of tech companies cracking down on revenge porn. In a blog post yesterday evening, Chief Online Safety Officer Jacqu...


The new workday doesn't last from 9 to 5

Technology allows us to work from anywhere, so we do

It used to be that just doctors were on call 24 hours a day. Now, it seems that we all are.Employment site CareerBuilder decided to look at how America...


Congress may let the mailman bring you a beer

Proposed legislation would legalize mail delivery of alcohol

UPS will bring a case of wine right to your doorstep, assuming you're 21. So will FedEx. But not the U.S. Postal Service. Since 1909, USPS has been prohibi...


Discover Bank rapped for illegal student loan servicing practices

The bank's actions will cost it $18.5 million

Discover Bank and its affiliates are under fire from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for illegal private student loan servicing practices. ...


House prices continue to edge upward

Still, the Federal Housing Finance Agency monthly House Price Index is below its peak

House prices in the U.S., as measured by the Federal Housing Finance Agency's (FHFA) monthly House Price Index (HPI) rose in May. The 0.4% advance, on a s...


Retailers ratchet back their economic forecast

A steady increase in sales is still being projected

Looks like this year won't be quite as good for retailers as they expected. The National Retail Federation (NRF) says unexpected slow growth recorded duri...


Gallup digs deep to identify gluten avoiders

Who are these people who are determined to avoid gluten?

Who are all these people who are trying to avoid gluten in their food? They may not be the usual suspects -- you know, th...


More research suggests bystanders can save lives with CPR

It's another reason to learn the procedure

You're waiting at a bus stop when the person standing next to clutches his chest and keels over.What do you do? If you have been trained in CPR and adm...


Initial jobless claims fall to 42-year low

Leading economic indicators posted their third advance in a row

Fewer people, it would appear, lost their jobs last week. The Labor Department (DOL) reports first time applications for state jobless benefits fell by 26...


Robotic hotels may become standard in the not-too-distant future

The first robotic hotel has already opened in Japan and boasts a 5-star rating

Technology is creeping its way into every facet of our lives. Smart phones, smart cars, and even smart houses demonstrate how the global community is commi...


Dodge Journey vehicles recalled

The engine cover may detach from the engine and contact the exhaust manifold

Chrysler (FCA US) is recalling 144,416 model year 2011-2015 Dodge Journey vehicles manufactured July 19, 2010, to May 26, 2015 and equipped with 2.4L engin...


Ronan Bistro chairs recalled

The rear metal legs can bend unexpectedly

Cost Plus Management Services of Oakland, Calif., is recalling about 9,200 Ronan Bistro chairs. The rear metal legs can bend unexpectedly and cause the ch...


How to maximize the return on your college investment

5 simple strategies to get more bang for your higher education buck

College is a lot more competitive and incredibly more expensive for the current generation than when Baby Boomers went off to change the world. Now, Boo...


Justice Department OKs AT&T-DirecTV lash-up

The FCC is expected to do the same, making it a done deal

AT&T's proposed $48 billion acquisition of DirecTV cleared two hurdles yesterday, as the Justice Department and the Federal Communications Commission gave ...


Altering molecules that control motivation, pleasure, and reward can help those suffering from depression

Researchers have found that increasing cAMP levels in the brain may change our behavioral response to stressors

Overcoming depression can be a major challenge for people who experience it every day. There are currently over 120 million people who suffer from it world...


Experian faces class-action suit over selling data to identity thieves

Plaintiffs want to force Experian to notify victims and make restitution

It's been almost two years since word first leaked out that the massive data broker Experian had, through a subsidiary known as Court Ventures, allowed a V...


Home sales, prices on the rise in June

The national median sales price is at an all-time high

Sales of previously-owned homes rose last month to their highest pace in over 8 years as the median sales price hit a record high. The National Associatio...


Compulsive drinking: It may be in your genes

New research could lead to treatments

Results of a recent animal study funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism suggest that carrying a gene variant that affects the rel...


States urge phone companies to offer call-blocking technology to fight robo-calls

New federal rules now allow telecom companies to offer the technology

The attorneys general of 45 states are urging the five major telephone companies to offer their customers call-blocking technology to assist them in avoidi...


Study finds e-cigarettes may be as addictive as "real" ones

Nicotine in e-cigs is as addictive other forms of the chemical, researchers say

Electronic cigarettes or "e-cigs" have been touted as a safer tool smokers can use to wean themselves off of traditional cigarettes. But is that really tru...


Home sales outpacing supply

The balance of power is tipping to sellers

Home sales are rising, which is good news for the housing market. But the downside to that good news is a shrinking inventory.As homes disappear from t...


10 comfortable new cars under $30,000

Kelley Blue Book singles out cars with the best rides and legroom

Consumers choose a car for many different reasons. Safety and fuel economy are two very good ones; price is another.But what about how comfortable it i...


Kitchen remodel? IKEA may not be the answer

Consumers find big box stores don't make the best home improvement contractors

We've always thought of IKEA as sort Walmart with meatballs -- a cavernous warehouse store where the prices are relatively low, with customer service to ma...


Many cities may force you to spend half your income in rent

Be sure to shop around and be careful where you settle down

Renting used to be the easier way to have a home without all of the expenses tied to it. Things have changed quite a bit since the renting market went thro...


Little change in demand for mortgages

Refinance activity was off

Not much movement last week in the mortgage business. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey, mortgage...


FTC: Lifelock violates earlier deceptive claims settlement

A federal court is asked to order Lifelock to make refunds to affected customers

The Federal Trade Commission is charging that Lifelock has violated a 2010 settlement in which it agreed to stop making deceptive claims about its identity...


Osamu Corporation recalls frozen tuna products from distributors

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Osamu Corporation of Gardena, Calif., is recalling all of its frozen tuna (loin, saku, chunk, slice, and ground market forms) sourced from one processing p...


The Natural Dog Company recalls Tremenda Sticks pet chews

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

The Natural Dog Company of Windsor, Colo., is recalling 12-oz bags of 12-inch Tremenda Sticks pet chews. The products may be contaminated with Salmonella....


Osamu Corporation recalls frozen yellow fin tuna chunk meat

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Osamu Corporation of Gardena, Calif., is recalling frozen yellow fin tuna chunk meat (Lot #68568) sold to AFC Corporation of Rancho Dominquez, Calif., so...

More lifts off, promising to change online retail

Wall Street appears skeptical that it's about to dethrone Amazon

After weeks of hype, ecommerce site went live early Tuesday, promising the lowest prices on things you buy every day, like toothpaste and shampoo....


Sunburn tattoos: a really bad idea

Temporary tattoos can have permanent consequences

Dermatologists are alarmed by a new fad that they say is jeopardizing health. It's called sunburn tattooing, and doctors say there is nothing “cool” about...


Tougher consumer protection rules for military members adopted today

The new rule closes loopholes in previous versions of the Military Lending Act

The Defense Department today closed loopholes to protect U.S. men and women in uniform from predatory lending practices, adopting the final version of the...


Lawsuit: Seattle residents think mandatory composting belongs in the garbage

There's no means of defending yourself from accusations of wrongdoing, either

Eight Seattle residents, backed by the Pacific Legal Foundation, have jointly filed suit against the city, saying that “Seattle is violating the Washington...


Summer has become a season when kids pack on the pounds

Making sure they stay active throughout the season is extremely important

In years gone by, summer was a season for youthful activity. Kids played outdoors all day – swimming, playing baseball and kicking the can after dinner....


Making things easier for disabled consumers

Massachusetts reportedly probes ride-sharing services track record

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the rights of the disabled by requiring public facilities to make provisions for people using wheelchair...


MassGen takes top spot in U.S. News hospital rankings

Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, UCLA round out the top spots

Massachusetts General Hospital takes top spot in this year's U.S. News & World Report Best Hospitals rankings, which highlight hospitals that are exception...


Marijuana use is on the rise for teenagers; cigarette and alcohol use remains stable or in decline

Researchers predict that marijuana use may overtake all other substance abuse cases for teens in the next few years

Substance abuse can be pervasive at all ages, but a recent study conducted by researchers at Penn State shows that marijuana use is rising amongst teenager...


NY sues "shameful" Children's Leukemia Foundation

Organization raised millions to help sick children but pocketed the money, state charges

For years, the National Children's Leukemia Foundation (NCLF) has claimed to be a charitable operation that operated a bone marrow registry and fulfilled t...


Colorado sues retailers targeting military families

USA Discounters was earlier sued by federal consumer protection officials

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman has sued a group of retailers who sell to military families, charging that they have repeatedly violated Color...


Military lenders cautioned against illegal military allotment practices

New Defense Department rules are now in effect

Companies that sell retail goods to military servicemembers are receiving letters from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) advising them to rev...


Huxtable’s Kitchen recalls salad products

The products may contain nitrites, allergens not listed on the label

Huxtable’s Kitchen of Fife, Wash., is recalling approximately 778 pounds of salad products. The bacon in the products may contain nitrites, allergens not ...


Adultery-dating website AshleyMadison hacked

Information that was supposed to have been deleted is allegedly still available

Here's some good news for divorce lawyers, though probably bad news for anyone else involved: this weekend, hackers broke into the adultery-dating website ...


When to cash out and sell your house

It isn't a move to make without a lot of careful thought

It has been six years since the housing bust, and home prices are starting to recover - though more so in some areas than others. This is prompting home-ow...


Take the sting out of your summer by learning to manage and avoid bugs

Bugs can be annoying, but many of them can also cause serious harm to your health

You may love summer, but you probably don’t love that it always comes with a lot of bugs. They make you itch and scratch, and if you’re allergic to some of...


Probiotics have best health benefits when consumed from dairy products

Research shows that probiotic dairy products deliver better health benefits than supplements or other probiotic-rich food products

Probiotics have been getting a lot of attention lately for their ability to aid digestion. They come in a variety of different forms, but a recent study sh...


Cost of treating Baby Boomers with Alzheimer's set to surge

Alzheimer's Association to highlight promising research this week

It has long been assumed that the combination of Alzheimer's disease and an aging Baby Boom generation will spell trouble. A recent study that was submitte...


Starbucks plans move into low-income areas

Executives hope that the move will promote local job growth

A new expansion plan by Starbucks will see the company setting up stores in low-income areas. Starbucks will be placing 15 new stores in minority neighborh...


Researchers say consumers would prefer to buy U.S. meat

Repealing country of origin label law, they say, hurts U.S. producers and consumers

American meat processors were never fully enthusiastic about the Country of Origin Labeling law (COOL), and when the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled i...


Research fails to find link between prolonged sitting and a poor diet

Prolonged sitting may not be good for you but it doesn't mean you engage in other unhealthy behavior

It's been said that “sitting is the new smoking” – that sedentary behavior that is becoming more common in American life is taking a toll on public health,...


FTC cracks down on Your Yellow Book

Victims received invoices for yellow pages listings they never consented to

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that it will be mailing out 3,133 checks with a combined worth of over $87,000. These checks will go to consum...


National Taxpayer Advocate: It was generally a successful tax filing season

It was the best of years; it was the worst of years

In her statutorily mandated mid-year report to Congress, National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson says the IRS ran a generally successful filing season un...


Olympus recalls digital point-and-shoot camera

An improperly installed part poses an electric shock risk

Olympus America of Center Valley, Pa., is recalling about 1,200 Olympus VG 170 digital cameras An improperly installed part can touch the camera’s circuit...


Bexco recalls DaVinci brand cribs

A baby can become trapped in the crib

Bexco Enterprises of Montebello, Calif., is recalling about 11,700 DaVinci cribs in the U.S and Canada. A metal bracket that connects the mattress support...


Boeing: Lithium batteries an "unacceptable fire hazard" in cargo holds

The warning is expected to be heeded by most of the world's airlines

It's lithium ion batteries that power the iPhones, iPads and other iStuff that have come to be regarded as the essentials of l...


Finding a brick and mortar bank may be getting harder

Banks are closing branches because they don't think they need them

Bank of America's (BOA) announcement this week that it would close some more of its branches underscores a new reality for the banking industry -- consumer...


Self-driving Google car gets rear-ended; minor injuries reported

It took Google 16 days to get around to mentioning it

Google may be applying the "right to be forgotten" to its own activities. The company revealed in a blog post yesterday that one of its self-driving cars w...


Customer card data compromised at CVSphoto

Pharmacy chain takes down photo website and replaces it with a warning

The pharmacy chain CVS took down its CVS Photo website today and replaced it with a warning that “customer credit card information collected by the indepen...


Senate committee rejects rental of recalled cars

Instead, it adopts a bill that outlaws such rentals

A Senate committee has rejected a,measure that would have allowed car dealers and rental companies to rent,recalled cars to consumers. Instead, the committ...


UCLA Health System reports data breach, millions affected

Two months late, the 4.5 million affected patients are finally notified

UCLA Health is the latest healthcare organization to be hit by a data breach. The Los Angeles hospital and healthcare network says it discovered on May 5 t...


Senators introduce legislation to crack down on phone scams

Right now, caller ID is too easy for scam artists to fool

Even though there are plenty of email and Internet-based scams out there, plenty of scam artists still use old-fashioned telephones to ensnare their victim...


Philadelphia woman sues Comcast, alleging 9 months of robocalls for paid-off bill

Total damages could reach $900,000 under federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The lawsuit, available in .pdf form here, alleges that “Beginning in late September 2014, and continuing through June 2015, Defendant.....


No raise lately? You aren't alone

Compensation data firm says wages were stagnant in the second quarter

In its monthly employment report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) provides a snapshot of what people who have non-farm jobs are earning, and whether i...


Vending machine scam victimized hundreds

Two salesmen sentenced to prison, fined millions

Two salesmen have been sentenced to prison for their part in a vending machine scam -- and we are not talking about a machine that takes your dollar but do...


Obese individuals face huge odds in returning to normal weight

British researchers conclude current weight loss programs aren't working

Common sense would tell you that it would be hard to attain a normal weight once you are obese. Researchers at King's College in London have figured out ju...


The economy: Consumer prices and new home construction on the rise in June

Higher gasoline and food costs pushed the CPI higher

The cost of living moved moderately higher in June, with gasoline, food and shelter prices all contributing to the increase. According to the Bureau of La...


Sausage Factory recalls sausage products

Some packages may not bear the USDA mark of inspection

The Sausage Factory of Carson City, Nev., is recalling approximately 5,960 pounds of sausage products. Although produced under USDA inspection, some packa...


Pedal axle extenders recalled

The extenders can break and the rider can lose control

Specialized Bicycle Components of Morgan Hill, Calif., is recalling about 6,680 pedal axle extenders in the U.S. and Canada. The extenders can break and t...


Ferrari recalls vehicles with air bag issue

The driver side air bag module may have been improperly assembled

Ferrari North America is recalling 814 model year 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale, 458 Speciale A, California T, FF, F12 Berlinetta, and ...


Aspen Foods recalls frozen, raw, stuffed & breaded chicken products

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis

Aspen Foods of Chicago, Ill., is recalling approximately 1,978,680 pounds of frozen, raw, stuffed and breaded chicken products. The products may be contam...


What your phone says about your state of mind

Researchers say they can gauge your depression by your smartphone use

You can put on a brave face for family and friends, but your phone knows. It can tell when you're depressed, according to researchers at Northwestern Medic...


Amazon records “record sales” on Prime Day

Says sales beat its best Black Friday ever

It might have been dismissed as a marketing gimmick, wrapped in a lot of hype, but when the cash register receipts were recorded, says Wednesday...


Cars, credit cards, U.S. national security: everything is hackable now

Maybe try securing the vault BEFORE storing all your valuables in it?

Here are two unavoidable facts of modern life: every computerized device is vulnerable to malware, and anything connected to the Internet can be hacked. In...


Honda's long airbag nightmare may not be over

The company says it used some of the ARC airbags now being investigated

For Honda, the long airbag nightmare just keeps getting worse. The Japanese automaker has already recalled 20 million cars made with Takata airbags, blamed...


Predicting who will get Alzheimer's disease

Researchers say they are getting better at it

There is no conclusive test that can predict who will develop Alzheimer's disease as they age. However, it is information doctors would like to know, since...


Selling your house? Don't forget to disclose where the bones are buried

States have very different disclosure laws that you need to follow

If you’re looking to sell your house, you can expect to be filling out a lot of disclosure forms in the near future depending on where you live. Each state...


Bed bug reports are costly for hotels

When consumers find bed bugs and tell the world, it hurts

Once banished to oblivion, bed bugs have been making quite a comeback in the U.S. since 2004. When you ask the Centers for Disease Control and Preventio...


A commonly used drug could be used to treat arthritis

Initial findings show that lithium chloride helps slow degrading cartilage

Aches and pains are bound to develop in each of us as we age, but some people have a harder time with them than others. Arthritis can be agonizing for thos...


Builder confidence on the rise

It's at the highest level in more than 9 years

You could be seeing a lot more new home construction in the months ahead. Builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family hit a level of 6...


Scientist: Monotonous diets contribute to disease, obesity

A healthy diet is one that includes many different types of food

It has often been said that “you are what you eat.” Mark Heiman, vice president and chief scientific officer at MicroBiome Therapeutics, believes that whol...


General Motors recalls Chevrolet Cruzes and Volts

The tie rod could separate from the steering gear

General Motors is recalling 10 model year 2014-2015 Chevrolet Cruzes manufactured November 8, 2013, to March 12, 2015, and 2015 Chevrolet Volts manufacture...


Murry’s recalls chicken product

The product tested positive for Staphylococcal enterotoxin

Murry’s, Inc., of Lebanon, Pa., is recalling approximately 20,232 pounds of gluten-free breaded chicken nugget product. The product tested positive for S...


Honda Pilots recalled

The third row seatbelt may be trapped between the rear seat and the rear sideliner

Honda is recalling 1,358 model year 2016 Pilots manufactured May 4, 2015, to June 5, 2015. Due to an assembly issue, the third row seatbelt may be trappe...


Nissan recalls Versa Sedans, Cubes and Jukes

The engine start/stop button may stick

Nissan North America is recalling 14,595 model year 2014 Versa Sedan vehicles manufactured July 16, 2013, to January 29, 2014; 2013-2014 Cube vehicles manu...


Chevrolet Sparks and Sonics recalled

The warning chimes may not function properly

General Motors is recalling 45,785 model year 2014-2015 Chevrolet Sparks manufactured April 30, 2014, to May 20, 2015, and 2015 Chevrolet Sonics manufactur...


Amazon vs. Walmart: stakes are bigger than just a day of sales

Retailers may be trying to win consumers over for the long haul

Amazon and Walmart are going at it today in a battle of high-profile sales, trying to win over consumers who don't normally go on a shopping spree in the m...


Updated ransomware threats: TeslaCrypt 2.0, child-pornography blackmail and fake-cop warnings

Ransomware attacks increase in frequency and intensity

Earlier this year, the California-based cybersecurity firm Bromium issued a warning about a then-new strain of ransomware called TeslaCrypt, which primaril...


Consumers enjoying lowest summer gas prices since 2009

So far, refineries are keeping up with demand -- except in California

Don't mention this to consumers in California, but the U.S. is enjoying the lowest summer gasoline prices in years.While Los Angeles area motorists are...


Today's adolescents are less likely to classify themselves as overweight or obese

Making sure that teens are clear about their weight status is the first step to getting healthier.

Recognizing that you are overweight is usually the first step to getting healthier. Unfortunately, this admission is not always the easiest to make. A new ...


Computer hacking forum Darkode dismantled

U.S. and 20 other countries charge defendants in computer fraud conspiracy

The term "rogues gallery" can refer to Superman's enemies, a police collection of mugshots or an out-of-the way spot where pickpockets and other criminals ...


Algae, quinoa, and pulses are great alternative sources of protein

Each food comes in a variety of different forms and can provide consumers with a healthy food alternative

Protein is an essential part of every person’s diet. While most of us get this vital nutrient through eating meat, vegetarians and vegans have to acquire i...


Parents see college costs becoming “unaffordable”

New York Fed report explores possible link between student loans and higher tuition

For most college students, parents are a major partner. They help shape college choices, career paths, and are likely to help foot the education bill. So w...


Wellness programs effective at uncovering chronic conditions

Many people learn they have diabetes or high blood pressure through screenings at work

Corporate wellness programs are usually valued for keeping people healthy. The idea being, if someone stays in good shape, sees a doctor regularly, and eat...


Mortgage applications on the decline

Contract interest rates were mixed

In calculations that included and adjustment for the Independence Day holiday, mortgage applications decreased 1.9% percent in the week ending July 10, acc...


Producer prices continue to rise

It's the second straight gain in wholesale inflation

Producer prices for final demand (PPI), the cost of goods and services one step shy of the consumer level, were up in June for the second month in a row. ...


Subaru recalls Impreza 4-Door and Station Wagon vehicless

The front passenger air bag may not deploy in some circumstances

Subaru of America is recalling 32,400 2012 model year Subaru Impreza 4-Door and Station Wagon vehicles (except WRX/STI models) manufactured April 21, 2011,...


Acura MDX and MDX AWD vehicles recalled

The vehicle could lose its air conditioning compressor clutch

Honda is recalling 106,439 model year 2014-2015 Acura MDX and MDX AWD vehicles manufactured April 23,2013, to December 16, 2014. The vehicles' air condit...


Toyota recalls Prius v hybrids

The vehicles have a software glitch

Toyota Motor Sales USA is recalling approximately 109,000 Model Year 2012-2014 Prius v hybrid. The software settings for the motor/generator control ECU ...


Feds begin probe of second airbag manufacturer

Investigators looking into two incidents similar to Takata's rupturing inflators

Hot on the heels of recalls of millions of cars equipped with Takata airbags, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun a...


Firefox blocks Adobe Flash from updates, while Facebook says Flash needs to die

Who actually DOES like Flash? Your guess is as good as ours

This has been a spectacularly bad week for Adobe Flash or fans thereof – over the past several days, many previously unknown security flaws have been uncov...


Lifting of Iranian sanctions will add to world oil glut

But it might not make much difference in the price of gasoline

The agreement announced Tuesday between six world powers and Iran, to slow that country's nuclear program, will result in the lifting of economic sanctions...


Online travel sites leery of new airline policies

Trade group claims airlines are trying to limit consumer access to information

It turns out there are a number of interested parties following the Justice Department's investigation into possible collusion among U.S. airlines.In p...


Tommy John surgeries are increasing among young pitchers

But the surgeries could be ending potential baseball careers before they start

Professional baseball pitchers put an incredible amount of strain on their bodies in order to perform well in their sport. Being able to throw the ball 90-...


Google accidentally releases European “right to be forgotten” data

Most takedown requests involve personal information; almost half have been honored

Google accidentally revealed more than it intended to in its latest transparency report. The Guardian reported today that it discovered “new data hidden in...


Shark researchers offer some tips for staying safe

Researchers say we can coexist with predators; fishermen are not so sure

It might have been enough that this year marked the the 40th anniversary of the movie “Jaws”, but then there was a rash of shark attacks along North Caroli...


Differences between immune cells could help heal or hurt your heart

Researchers have discovered that some immune cells heal your heart and others cause inflammation

A healthy immune system is important to maintaining overall health, but sometimes it can also cause problems in the body instead of helping you heal. Resea...


New drug approved for schizophrenia treatment

Rexulti also got the green light to treat major depressive disorder

Rexulti (brexpiprazole) tablets have won approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat adults with schizophrenia and as an add-on treatme...


Foreclosure rate continues to fall

The rate of seriously delinquent loans is at a 7-year low

The foreclosure inventory plummeted 27.4% in May while completed foreclosures were down by 19.2% from the same time a year ago, according to the CoreLogic ...


Retail sales slip in June

The decline is the first in three months

Retail sales fell in June after rising for 2 consecutive months Figures released by the Census Bureau show sales, adjusted for seasonal variation and holi...


Hyundai recalls Sonatas with seat belt issue

The front passenger may be unable to fasten the seat belt

Hyundai Motor America is recalling 128,804 model year 2015 Sonatas manufactured April 25, 2014, to December 4, 2014. The front passenger seat belt's buck...


“I and love and you” recalls beef gullet strips

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

NatPets, doing business as "I and love and you," of Boulder, Colo., is recalling 1,299 cases of cow-boom! strips -- beef gullet. The product may be contam...


Chevy Caprices and Pontiac G8s recalled

The driver seat and the front passenger seat occupants may not be properly restrained in the event of a crash

General Motors is recalling 47,042 model year 2011-2013 Chevrolet Caprice vehicles manufactured October 15, 2010, to October 22, 2013, and 2008-2009 Pontia...


Proposed highway bill would allow renting recalled cars

It's described as a "pro-consumer" measure

Photo © Robert Wilson -- FotoliaShould rental car fleets have to perform safety recalls on the cars they rent to customers? Sen. John Thune thinks it...


Athlete-athlete collisions are leading cause of concussions for high school soccer players

Practicing proper techniques for heading the ball and avoiding unnecessary collisions are key to avoiding injury

Soccer has been growing in popularity in the U.S. for many years. Hundreds of thousands of school-aged athletes participate at varying levels of competitio...


It's on! Walmart responds to Amazon's Prime Day

Retailers clash over who can offer best mid-summer savings

By declaring Wednesday, July 15 “Prime Day,” has unleashed the competitive juices of American capitalism. Walmart, America's largest retailer...


Corinthian Colleges debt collection suspended until November

The feds backed this company for years. Who will ultimately foot the bills for it?

Good news for former students of Corinthian Colleges, the now-defunct chain of for-profit schools that operated under the names Everest, WyoTech and Heald:...


Online tools to take some guesswork out of homebuying

Online listing site teams with airbnb to let consumers "try before they buy"

Airbnb is a lodging app for travelers, but in a partnership with real estate site, it's moving into the real estate marketing space with a promo...


Why flying will never be as comfortable as it is now

Airlines have a new way to cram even more people aboard flights

Photo © kasto - FotoliaThe future, when we are teleported great distances or fly around like the Jetsons, cannot get here soon enough.But until t...


Don't cuddle with your chickens!

Human salmonella outbreak blamed on pet chicks, ducklings

Everyone loves animals these days but cuddling up with baby chicks and ducklings isn't a great idea. It's being blamed for a major salmonella outbreak that...


Some crayons harbor asbestos and can pose a danger

Researchers have found that many crayons have asbestos in them, which could lead to a litany of medical problems for those who are exposed to them

Crayons: they make the color of the rainbow and you can make anything you want with them. They are the secret element in making a child’s world come to lif...


SkyWest Airlines facing $1.2 million in FAA penalties

The carrier allegedly operated aircraft not in compliance with federal regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing penalties totaling $1.23 million against SkyWest Airlines for 2 separate cases of regulation violati...


Could wind farms be hazardous to your health?

Low-frequency sounds could cause problems, German study finds

Some people think high-voltage power lines cause cancer while others are convinced that wi-fi is a threat to human health. Others worry about cell phones. ...


Carnivore Meat Company recalls raw pet treats

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Carnivore Meat Company is recalling select products and lots of Carnivore Vital Essentials pet foods. The products may be contaminated with Listeria monoc...


Maya Overseas Foods recalls Cashew Split

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Maya Overseas Foods of Maspeth, N.Y,, is recalling approximately 8000 lbs. of Cashew Split. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses...


Dodge Challengers with air bag issue recalled

The front air bag inflator could rupture

Chrysler (FCA US) is recalling 88,346 model year 2008-2010 Dodge Challengers manufactured September 19, 2007, to October 29, 2010. The dual-stage driver ...


Gourmet Culinary Solutions recalls turkey sausage product

The product may contain pieces of a conveyor belt inside the packaging

Gourmet Culinary Solutions of Statham, Ga., is recalling approximately 495 pounds of turkey sausage product that is part of a frozen entree that also conta...


GM recalls vehicles with power liftgate option

The power liftgate struts may prematurely wear and the open liftgate may suddenly fall

General Motors is recalling 686,287 model year 2008-2012 Buick Enclaves manufactured January 3, 2007, to February 29, 2012; 2009-2012 Chevrolet Traverses m...


Study links some antidepressants to birth defects

But no link was found to Zoloft, the most widely used drug

Doctors have long suspected that there is some causal relationship between a pregnant woman's use of a class of antidepressants known as SSRIs (selective s...


Gasoline prices surging in California

Analyst predicts pump prices could quickly rise by up to 50 cents a gallon

Gasoline prices always tend to be higher on the West Coast, but motorists in California are almost dizzy because of how prices have jumped in the last coup...


Takata to air bag victims: drop dead

Tells senator a victims' fund is "not currently required"

At least 8 deaths and scores of injuries have been attributed to faulty inflators in Takata airbags, prompting the recall of millions of vehicles worldwide...


OPM director out as feds admit hackers stole data on 22 million holders of security clearances

If you, your roommate or your spouse applied for a clearance since 2000, your data is probably compromised

Archuleta (OPM Photo) Office of Personnel Management Director Katherine Archuleta quit today amid widespread criticism of her office’s handling of a m...


Hack attack: Latest payment card breach hits two dozen zoos across the country

Malware infected point-of-sale systems for over three months

Bad news for fans of zoos – it looks like hackers managed to breach the payment card point-of-sale (POS) systems operated by Service Systems Associates, wh...


Government strengthens warning on NSAIDs

Ingredient in popular pain killers, used regularly, increases heart risks

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are very effective pain relievers, providing relief from headache, backache, and arthritis. People with high ...


Feds file complaint against Iowa Select Herbs over adulterated or misbranded dietary supplements

Herbal extracts allegedly claimed to fix everything from cancer and diabetes to multiple viral diseases

The Justice Department has filed a civil complaint against the dietary supplement company Iowa Select Herbs LLC, along with its president and a co-owner, “...


Study: Those who abuse drugs are much more likely to abuse prescription pain relievers

Emergency room treatments for abuse cases have risen by 183% in recent years

People who abuse illegal drugs and/or prescription medications are much more likely to abuse prescription pain relievers; that is what researchers from the...


P&G unloading a batch of cosmetics brands in deal with Coty

Coty will be the new world leader in fragrances; P&G keeping toilet paper and diaper brands

The cosmetics business isn't what it used to be, at least not for Procter & Gamble, which is unloading 43 of its beauty product brands to Coty Inc. for abo...


European Union accuses MasterCard of gouging tourists

The card giant's "artificially high" interbank fees are being investigated

The European Union's quibbles with Google are well-known and now it's taking on another symbol of American domination -- MasterCard. EU regulators say the...


Initial jobless claims shoot upward

It’s the highest total since early this year

More workers were standing in line to file first-time applications for state jobless benefits last week than at any time since February. The Labor Departm...


General Motors recalls Hummer H3 and H3T vehicles

The connector module that controls the blower motor speed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system may overheat

General Motors is recalling 164,933 model year 2006-2010 Hummer H3 vehicles manufactured February 5, 2005, to May 24, 2010, and 2009-2010 Hummer H3T vehicl...


Ohlins front forks for Motocross bikes recalled

The front fork can break or detach, posing a crash hazard

The front fork can break or detach, posing a crash hazard. No incidents or injuries have been reported. This recall involves Ohlins RXF 48 mm front bike f...


Having a baby? It pays to shop around

Costs for an uncomplicated delivery vary widely

If you're expecting a new arrival in your family, you'll no doubt be shopping around for the best price on a crib, car seat and other necessities. A new st...


Federal marriage benefits being extended to same-sex couples nationwide

Programs for veterans, elderly, and disabled consumers were previously restricted in some states

On June 26, the Supreme Court of the United States declared that the Constitution guaranteed a nationwide right to same-sex marriage and today, Attorney Ge...


Apple Watch sales drop by as much as 90%

Still a bestseller by smartwatch standards, but that's not saying much

Is the Apple Watch destined to be the next big iFlop? According to a report by California-based market researchers Slice Intelligence, Apple Watch sales ha...


Facebook rolls out new “See First” controls

Currently available only on iProducts; rolling out to all platforms eventually

Facebook has introduced a new tool called "See First" that's supposed to let you prioritize who and what you see in your Feed – and also what you don't. ...


More public venues to consider selfie-stick bans

Others will follow Disney's lead, expert predicts

The selfie phenomenon, which involves taking a self portrait with your smartphone camera, has spawned a product – the selfie stick. The monopole allows ...


Fashionable high heels may carry a health price

Study finds prolonged use can cause ankle injury

Women who wear high heeled shoes for long periods of time may be compromising their health. That's more or less been a consensus view for years, but a new ...


Autonomous taxis: cost-effective and great for the environment

The advent of self-driving vehicles could mean big savings for consumers and great environmental benefits

Self-driving electric cars have been drawing a lot of attention in recent months as the next step in transportation. There is a lot of testing left to be d...


Palm Springs starts testing marijuana next week to ensure purity, potency

The California resort city is thought to be the first in the country to provide protection for marijuana consumers

Now that marijuana is sort of legal in some cities and states, there's growing pressure on local regulators to make sure the stuff that's being sold is saf...


Making exercise a part of your daily routine may be easier than you think

Utilizing cues you experience throughout the day can help form healthy habits

Building the motivation to exercise can be very challenging for many people. Although we all would like to have the drive to get up and become active, some...


General Mills to join other companies in using eggs from cage-free hens

The company has pledged to use "100 percent cage-free eggs" across all brands in the U.S.

General Mills has established a new policy entitled the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. Basically, it’s a set of principles that monitors.....


Study: Older drivers involved in 14 million accidents in last 12 months

On the road, old drivers and young drivers don't mix

If you want to start an argument at Thanksgiving dinner, suggest that older drivers might not be the safest out there. Seniors usually take offense at such...


For social workers, religion is the elephant in the room

Religion and spirituality can be helpful but are seldom discussed

There may have been a time when people talked openly about religion but never mentioned sex or politics in polite company. Then again, maybe not. But today...


Just how financially solvent is your state?

Analysis shows none are in great shape

The Greek financial crisis has focused attention on sovereign debt and the fact that it's not just businesses that can go bankrupt – so can governments....


Arthur Schuman recalls grated Parmesan cheese

The product may contain egg, an allergen not listed on the label

Arthur Schuman Inc. of Fairfield, N.J., is recalling 30,200 lbs. of Bella Rosa Grated Parmesan Cheese. The product may contain egg, an allergen not listed ...


Continental recalls ContiProContact tires

The tires may experience tread separation

​Continental is recalling approximately 3,800 Continental ContiProContact P205/65 R15 95T XL passenger vehicle tires produced in February 2015 and sold in ...


Chrysler recalls Jeep Cherokees with Power Liftgate option

Water may enter the Power Liftgate Control Module and cause a high resistance short circuit

Chrysler (FCA US) is recalling 99,436 model year 2014-2015 Jeep Cherokee vehicles manufactured January 4, 2013, to February 18, 2015 and equipped with a Po...


Cord blood banking offers lifelong potential health benefits to infants

Blood saved today can be used throughout your child's lifetime to fight disease

A few years ago, you couldn't go a day without hearing someone arguing about stem cells. But that argument revolved around using other people's stem cells ...


Researchers report progress toward universal flu vaccine

Success would mean a big drop in flu cases each year

Every year health officials roll the dice when they assemble the annual flu vaccine. The vaccine is engineered to protect against the strains of flu most l...


Technical glitch halts trading on New York Stock Exchange

Exchange says outage due to internal technical problem

Around 11:30 a.m. ET Wednesday, trading was halted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) because of what the NYSE has called “an internal technical problem...


Can a search engine be guilty of sex discrimination?

Study finds ads for high-paying jobs shown a lot more often to men

Prejudice is a human trait in which different types of people are treated differently. There have been countless laws and amendments to the Constitution to...


United Airlines flights resume after being grounded

FAA cited an "automation issue" in its ground stop order

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered all United Airlines flights grounded worldwide because of what the FAA called an "automation issue."The...


Time Warner Cable must pay $229,500 to a woman it wouldn't stop robocalling

153 unwanted calls in less than a year, at $1,500 apiece

On Tuesday, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that Time Warner Cable must pay $229,500 to a Texas woman who received 153 automated calls on her cell phone...


Uber leaving Broward County, Florida at the end of July

Ride-sharing app says new regulations are too “onerous”; Broward's mayor calls the move “disappointing”

The popular ride-sharing app Uber announced this week that it will cease operations in Broward County, Florida, at the end of the month, saying that the co...


Chase slapped for selling zombie debt, illegally robo-signing court documents

The bogus debt sales led to collection efforts against consumers

JPMorgan Chase faces more than $200 million in penalties and refund payments for selling "zombie debts" and illegally robo-signing court documents as a res...


Summer tasks for taking care of your lawn and garden

The summer months can be brutal, but your lawn and garden still need plenty of attention to thrive

Springtime is always full of promise. You can enjoy the bright, sunny days with nothing but a light jacket on to keep you comfortable. Then summer comes al...


IRS offers summertime tax tips

The tips cover a broad range of topics

Nothing better to do this summer? The IRS is offering tax tips to help you get a jump start on this year’s taxes. The agency says more than 660,000 subscri...


Carnival to set sail for Cuba next year

Its new "fathom" line will also be cruising to the Dominican Republic

The MV Adonia (Photo credit: Carnival) For decades, Cubans chafing under the Castro regime set sail for the United States. Now that relations between ...


Amazon Prime takes on Black Friday in July

But Black Friday deals site issues challenge of its own

Black Friday has the reputation – undeservedly so – for having the lowest prices of the year on the things consumers seem to want most.So when you are ...


Virgin America deploys upgraded in-flight WiFi system

New hybrid system to provide seamless, high-speed coverage on long flights

Comedian Louis C.K. does a funny bit about a guy on an airplane upset about the quality of the on-board Internet service, not the least bit impressed that ...


Mortgage Applications bounce back

Contract interest rates headed lower

Mortgage applications have regained nearly all the ground they gave up in late June. Data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage ap...


A tough month for take-offs

Airline passengers suffered through several hours of delays

If you were in a hurry to get out of Texas by air during May, there’s a good chance you were frustrated. Airlines reported 14 tarmac delays of more than t...


Bassett & Walker International recalls beef products

The products were not presented at the U.S. point of entry for inspection

Bassett & Walker International of Toronto, Canada, is recalling approximately 1,540 pounds of beef lip products produced in Australia. The products were n...


Privacy group asks FTC to bring Europe's “Right to be Forgotten” to the U.S.

Consumer Watchdog complains over Google's different policies in E.U. and U.S.

The advocacy group Consumer Watchdog today filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, saying that Google's failure to offer U.S. users the same “...


Why food costs could be headed even higher

Food manufacturers are facing growing problems getting their products to market

In the government's most recent Consumer Price Index (CPA), the index for food consumed at home was up 0.6% over the last 12 months. Four of the 6 major gr...


EPIC establishes Martin H. Bosworth Advocacy Fund

The fund will support efforts to protect American consumers' privacy rights

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) today announced the establishment of the Martin H. Bosworth Memorial Advocacy Fund, made possible by an in...


Jobseekers beware: don't fall prey to this advance fee scam

Real financial jobs let you use your employer's corporate bank account to pay company bills, never your own

If you're looking for work in this economy you know you must be careful, because there exist plenty of scammers, thieves, and con artists using fake job of...


Airlines' service, competition under the microscope in probe

Justice Department suspects 4 major carriers have engaged in collusion

Plenty of people have come to the defense of U.S. airlines after it was disclosed last week that American, United, Delta, and Southwest are targets of a Ju...


New smartphone users say that the devices can be detrimental to the learning process

A study conducted with college students show that smartphones can be very distracting and detract from academic growth

Smart phones have made staying connected and accessing information easier than ever before, but are they causing too many distractions for people going thr...


Feds charge Lifewatch, Inc., with running "free medical alert" scam

Robocalls allegedly promise a free medical alert system that is anything but free

The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General are charging a New York company, Lifewatch, with using illegal and deceptive robocalls to tri...


Student loan servicers denying military consumers' rights, report finds

Interest rate caps and deferments not being processed properly

American servicemen and women dealing with student loan servicers continue to be denied the rights and protections guaranteed to them under the Servicememb...


Massive payday loan fraud scheme halted

The defendants are banned from consumer lending industry

The operators of a payday lending scheme that allegedly bilked millions of dollars from consumers have been put out of business. According to the Federal...


The rise in home prices shows no signs of abating

May marked the 39th straight month of gains

Be it ever so humble or not, the price of a home was up once again on both a year-over-year and month -over-month basis. CoreLogic reports its Home Price ...


Mayo Clinic: 1 in 4 one-time painkiller prescriptions become long term

Patients at risk of dependency urged to avoid opioid drugs

Drugs prescribed by doctors to relieve pain often end up becoming the object of abuse as users quickly become addicted. It is estimated that between 26....


Fake service dog registration becomes a crime in Florida

A new law will punish those who misrepresent their pets as service animals and businesses who refuse service to people with service animals

A new law that has been passed in Florida will make it much harder for people to get away with having their dogs falsely registered as “service dogs”. Busi...


A plateau in job openings

There wasn't much change between April and May

The number of job openings held fairly steady during May. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were roughly 5.4 million on the la...


Want a promotion at work? Shape up!

A new survey says you may be the reason it isn't happening

What kind of employee are you? Slacker? Tardy? Slovenly? A freak? Or, do you come in early and leave late, hit every deadline and loved by your clients? ...


Volkswagen recalls Passats with braking issue

The brake line at the left rear wheel area may not have been properly tightened

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 62 model year 2015 Passat manufactured May 18, 2015, to May 21, 2015. The brake line at the left rear wheel area...


Stella & Chewy's recalls dog and cat food products

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Stella & Chewy's is recalling some of its dog and cat food products. The recall was prompted by a positive test confirming Listeria monocytogenes in Chew...


Food industry already moving past trans fats

But industry expert says consumers should closely read labels over next three years

Last month's announcement from federal regulators that they are ending the use of trans fats in food products brought a cheer from health advocates. But ho...


Your smartphone suffers in hot weather too

Excessive heat can damage electronics and cause the battery to run down faster

During the dog days of summer we're constantly warned about leaving children and pets in hot cars and staying hydrated when spending time outdoors.We d...


Is Amazon using false information to censor book reviews?

Amazon knows your buying habits, but that doesn't mean they know who your friends are, too

It's an unavoidable fact of modern life that online companies know a lot about your online activity – buy stuff on Amazon, and of course that means Amazon ...


Take precautions before hiking with your dog

There are many things you should be aware of before taking your dog for a walk, run, or hike

Would you climb Mt. Everest if you weren’t in shape? How about taking a long run if the temperature and humidity were high? It probably wouldn’t be a good ...


Hotel guests: be on guard for the “front desk scam”

The front desk will not call your room to ask for credit card information

If you're planning a hotel stay this vacation season (or for business travel), remember that it puts you at risk of what might be called the “front desk sc...


Economy's services sector shows continued growth

It's the 65th straight month of expansion

It wasn't by much, but economic activity in the non-manufacturing, or services sector, of the economy posted its 65th consecutive month of growth in June. ...


Two-Dollar deal approved but 330 stores will be sold off

Dollar Tree is acquiring most Family Dollar stores

Dollar stores are big business, and discount retailers Dollar Tree and Family Dollar will be even bigger now that the Federal Trade Commission has approved...


Feds take action against unapproved ear drops

FDA finds ear drops with unapproved active ingredients are being prescribed to children

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wages a never-ending war against drugs that consumers sometimes buy on the online black market, due to shortage...


All-cash buyers leaving housing market

Investors are being replaced by first-time homebuyers

Since the housing bust gathered momentum in early 2009, buyers paying cash instead of taking out a mortgage have made up a bigger share on each month's hom...


Ford recalls Focus, C-MAX and Escape vehicles

The engine may to continue to run with the ignition key in the “off” position

Ford Motor Company recalling approximately 433,000 model year 2015 Focus vehicles from June 17, 2014, through June 12, 2015; 2015 C-MAX vehicles built from...


Lombardi Brothers Meats recalls steak and ground beef products

The products may be contaminated with E. coli O157:H7

Lombardi Brothers Meats of Denver, Colo., is recalling approximately 26,975 pounds of tenderized steak and ground beef products. The products may be conta...


Barber Foods recalls Kiev stuffed chicken product

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella Enteritidis

Barber Foods of a Portland, Maine, is recalling approximately 58,320 pounds of frozen, raw stuffed chicken product. The product may be contaminated with S...


Ford recalls Escape and Transit Connect vehicles

Specific warning chimes, messages and warning lights may not function

Ford Motor Company is recalling 182,520 model year 2014-2015 Ford Escape vehicles manufactured May 19, 2014, to February 6, 2015, and Transit Connect vehic...


Natural Grocers recalls Caribbean Nut & Fruit Mix

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets of Lakewood, Colo., is recalling one lot of Natural Grocers brand Caribbean Nut & Fruit Mix. The product may be conta...


Fiat Chrysler waits to learn its fate after hearing before safety regulators

The company faces up to $800 million in fines and could be ordered to buy back some vehicles

FCA is accused of botching 23 safety recalls and being slow to recognize and report safety defects to NHTSA, as federal law requires....


The 4th came early this year

Americans take an extra day to celebrate their independence

Some years July 4 falls on a weekday, making it hard for working families to take in a night of fireworks and make it work the next morning. But this year,...


There's a lot more to a recall than just sending a letter

Consumers frequently complain recall repairs are never carried out and no explanation is ever given

Steven got a recall notice for his Ram truck, warning that the electrical connectors on the diesel fuel heater could malfunction, possibly causing a fire. ...


Smarter traffic signals could make your commute a little easier

Researchers are working to reduce the stops you have to make

Many things may contribute to road rage, but there can be little doubt that traffic signals that are not synchronized are among them.According to the U...


Study: kill switches reduced smartphone thefts almost 33% in one year

Also, California's mandatory kill-switch law comes into effect today

Last August, California became the second U.S. state (after Minnesota) to pass a law mandating that all smartphones sold in the state come equipped with a ...


"Artificial Pancreas" could help those suffering with Type 1 diabetes

Implanting the device could help monitor blood glucose levels and release insulin when needed

Many recent advances in treating diabetes have focused on making the disease more manageable by allowing those affected to measure their glucose levels mor...


Salmonella infection rates increase during extreme weather events

Researchers have tied infection rates to extreme heat and precipitation events in Maryland's coastal region

Researchers from the University of Maryland School of Public Health have found that extreme weather conditions increase the risk of contracting a Salmonell...


Trump must disclose profits from Trump University, court rules

Racketeering lawsuit charges Trump defrauded students

A federal judge has ruled that GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump must disclose how much money he made from Trump University as part of a racketeering l...


PayPal backs down from mandatory-robocalls policy

New policy would have started this week, under PayPal's original plan

PayPal users will be glad to know that this week, the company backed down from its controversial plan to bombard customers' phones with unwanted spam text ...


Feds sue to block Electrolux purchase of GE's appliance business

Electrolux already owns Frigidaire; GE acquisition would be anticompetitive, suit argues

Electrolux has already swept up Frigidaire and Tappan and is now closing in on General Electric's appliance business. But the Justice Department wants to p...


Computers are learning how to interpret your emotions

Now your clueless friend will know when you're being sarcastic

Some people try to convey emotions in their texts with punctuation, all-caps or emoticons. Soon they may not need to. Eden Saig, a computer science stud...


Whole Foods admits to overcharging NYC customers

Mea culpa delivered via YouTube video

After vigorously denying charges that it mis-weighed some fresh food products in its New York City stores, Whole Foods Markets has done an abrupt about-fac...


Report finds parents clueless about teens' risky driving

Allstate Foundation survey also finds teens learn some risky driving behaviors from their parents



Manufacturing on the move again

New orders, production, employment and inventories grew in June

The manufacturing sector of the economy continues to barrel along. According to the latest Manufacturing Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Report On B...


Prescriptions for antipsychotic medications has increased in children

Researchers have found that many antipsychotic medications are being prescribed to treat off-label symptoms

According to the latest research, young people are being prescribed antipsychotic medications more and more in the early stages of their lives. A combinati...


United Airlines invests $30 million in biofuels

The transition will allow the airline company to reduce their emissions

This summer, United Airlines is flying high with a new type of fuel. They are going to be using fuel that is made from farm animal manure and fats. The eff...


Keeping disease and pests out of your garden

Here are some helpful tips on how to make sure you keep your garden healthy

We’re getting to the part of summer where many of your plants should have sprouted up. The heat and humidity are keeping things moist and the conditions ar...


The new jobs were there in June, but not as many as in May

Initial jobless claims are on the rise

Led by gains in professional and business services, health care, retail trade, the economy created another 223,000 jobs during June. At the same time, the ...


Nissan recalls Rogue Select vehicles

The vehicles have incorrect tire size information on the tire labels

Nissan North America is recalling certain model year 2015 Rogue Select vehicles manufactured November 17, 2014, to December 12, 2014 and equipped with seve...


Teardowns, a trend from the housing boom, are back

Big cities seeing uptick of new homes built in old neighborhoods

A decade ago, when the housing boom pushed home prices up 15% a year in some markets, “teardowns” were a controversial phenomenon. The practice involved...


Obama Administration shuts down cash flow to for-profit schools

New rule cuts off funding to schools whose students do poorly in the job market

The Obama Administration today puts its foot down on the metaphorical hose through which federal funds flow to for-profit colleges, likely leading to anoth...


Consumers shopping online more but buying less

Could we be seeing "reverse showrooming?"

Online shopping was supposed to be the death of brick-and-mortar retail. When consumers could find what they want online, comparing prices from dozens of d...


Studying sialic acid in the brain could explain the nature of brain disorders

A study on mice shows that changes to sialic acid in the brain can cause neurological disorders

Neurological disorders can result from a number of different problems in a person’s body. Genetic mutations and injury are just a couple, but scientists ha...


Hackers may have stolen customer payment card data at Trump hotels

Unconfirmed security breach may date back to February 2015

It looks like customers of Trump Hotel Properties might be the latest victims of hackers who were able to steal credit card and other information from the ...


Study shows that many Virtual Private Networks leak user information

Despite being designed to protect user anonymity, many VPNs are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Keeping your personal information safe when using the internet is extremely important. People have their identities stolen every day, and much of that is m...


"Beach Body Ready" ad banned in Britain

It's not offensive, it's just misleading, ad standards group finds

A U.K. advertising standards body has banned the "Beach Body Ready" ad that has had Britons -- well, some Britons anyway -- fuming. The ad shows a very sle...


Want to lose weight? Go vegan

Study confirms vegan and vegetarian diets' weight-loss benefits

Tofu, otherwise known as bean curd, may not be your idea of an ideal lunch but if you're looking to lose weight, a new study finds that a vegan diet produc...


Job cuts surge in June

The midyear total is the highest in 5 years

Employers announced plans to reduce payrolls by 44,842 workers during June, an increase of about 10% from May. The cut total is 43% higher than June 2014, ...


Another month -- the third in a row -- of 200k+ job creation

Once again, small businesses took the lead

For the third time in as many months, the U.S. economy has created more than 200,000 private sector jobs. According to the ADP National Employment Report,...


Limited on space? Try pallet gardening

Pallet gardening is a great way to save space and still get all of the varieties of plants that you want.

There are so many different types of containers to plant in. If you are looking to start your garden now and grow as many things as you can in a short time...


Pet fish help teens manage type 1 diabetes

By associating their own medical care with daily pet care, teens were able to improve their glycemic levels

Diabetes can be a difficult disease to manage for anyone, but for teenagers it presents a whole new set of challenges. Luckily, researchers from UT Southwe...


Applications for mortgages continue to bounce around

Contract interest rates have hit their highest levels in more than 8 months

Up, down, up, down as volatility in the mortgager application business continues to be volatile. After rising last week, applications posted a decline, di...


SRViper snowmobiles recalled

The brakes may fail, posing a risk of injury or death

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., of Cypress, Calif., is recalling about 200 Yamaha SRViper snowmobiles. The brake line and its components can come in con...


Nissan Muranos recalled

The solenoid valves of the Anti-Lock Braking System actuators may be contaminated

Nissan North America is recalling 9,614 model year 2015 Muranos manufactured December 4, 2014, to March 17, 2015. These vehicles are equipped with Anti-L...