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Environmental hazards of buying a foreclosure

Germs and toxins can lurk in long-vacant homes

In a last gasp, the housing crisis of 2008 is sending thousands of foreclosed homes onto the real estate market.These are not news cases of homeowners ...


Katrina's legacy felt in insurance coverage

At one point, State Farm pulled out of Mississippi

The 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is being observed in many ways, but for consumers the disaster's biggest impact has come in the area of insurance...


Unpopular Windows 10 privacy problems now available for Windows 7 and 8, too

You can either not-install the latest Windows 7 and 8 updates, or disable these features therein

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 operating system in late July, and critics soon responded by launching what's been a near-constant barrage of stories det...


Community colleges continue to shake up education

Study finds second tier status is undeserved

While policymakers have wrung their hands over the increasing cost of a college education, and students and families have been buried deeper in student loa...


California bill would outlaw drones over private property

Industry lobbyists say the measure would strangle a growing business

California yards and rooftops may soon be "no-fly zones." A bill awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown's signature would outlaw flying drones over private property.,...


Netflix ending relationship with major movie provider

Will focus instead on exclusive content

Netflix subscribers will notice that some recently released Hollywood blockbusters will disappear from the on-demand line-up soon.The company has annou...


Louisiana creates mobile pet shelters for disasters

The new shelters are fitted with cages of varying sizes, a cooling system, running water, and electricity

It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina, and some part s of New Orleans are still suffering from its impact. Looking back, some of the iconic images ...


UL says pest repeller poses shock hazard

Withdraws authorization to bear UL seal

In a brief announcement, UL, an independent safety science company, says the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, manufactured by Intellitec International Ltd., may p...


Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48 recalled

The products contain undeclared ingredients

The One Minute Miracle Inc. is recalling one lot each of Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48. Miracle Diet 30 contains undeclared phenolphthalein, phenol...


Swanson Meats recalls beef products

The products were formulated with soybean oil, MSG and papain, which were not listed on the labels

Swanson Meats of Minneapolis, Minn., is recalling approximately 20,063 pounds of beef products. The products were formulated with soybean oil, MSG, and p...


Kapowsin Meats expands recall of pork products

The products may be contaminated with Salmonella

Kapowsin Meats of Graham, Wash., is expanding an earlier recall of pork products to a total of 523,380 pounds of products. The products may be contamina...


California Qi Li’s Braised Chicken recalls duck products

The products contain soy and wheat, allergens not listed on the labels

California Qi Li’s Braised Chicken of Fremont, Calif., is recalling approximately 6,644 pounds of duck head and duck neck products. The products contain s...


Huffy recalls bicycles with front disc brakes

The front wheel can come to a sudden stop or separate from the bicycle

Huffy is recalling about 460 bicycles equipped with front disc brakes. An open quick release lever on the bicycle’s front wheel hub can come into contact ...


Novacare recalls dietary supplements

The products contain salicylic acid, making the supplements unapproved new drugs

Novacare of Murray, Utah is recalling all lots of the following dietary supplements: Thin & Slim,Fataway Ultimate Stack, ThermoFX, MaxOut Body, Metabolic A...


Suit charges asphyxiation danger in keyless ignitions

At least 13 deaths have been blamed on the devices

The "keyless" ignition is one of those supposed conveniences that comes with a lot of downsides, the most extreme being the risk of asphyxiation.At lea...


Traffic fatalities rise dramatically

Possible causes: more miles driven, distracted driving, faster cars

Anyone who drives regularly on I-95, I-5 or any of the other freeways in highly populous sections of the country can tell you that average speeds are highe...


D.C. appeals court lifts injunction against NSA bulk metadata collection

The NSA is free to collect such data until November, then the phone company will do it for them

An appeals court in Washington D.C. has lifted a previous injunction against the National Security Agency's bulk metadata collection program. This means th...


Ashley Madison's CEO resigns after hacking and data dumps

The company apparently intends to stay in business

This morning, more than a month after hackers first breached the database of the “adultery dating” website Ashley Madison, and a week after the first of se...


Fat deposits in the brain may be an Alzheimer's trigger

Discovery could provide a treatment breakthrough

Alzheimer's researchers at the University of Montreal Hospital have made an odd discovery. They believe it could unlock the secret to the age-related disea...


New malware-spreading campaign impersonates the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The website is legit, but electronicfrontierfoundation(dot)org is a dangerous malware source

Privacy fans beware: there's a new malware-spreading phishing scam that impersonates the Electronic Frontier Foundation, including a fake website that look...


What to make of Wall Street's wild week

Economist sees strong positives for economy, even as stock values slide

Granted, most consumers are not active investors in the stock market, so when the major averages rise and fall with whipsaw-like speed in the space of a fe...


RadioShack, New York reach agreement on unredeemed gift cards

The company's bankruptcy had put the cards' value in doubt

An agreement between RadioShack and New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman will preserve the value of many gift cards held by consumers nationwide....


Personal incomes and spending move higher in July

The savings rate posted a gain as well

American consumers were earning, spending and saving more money in July. Figures released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis show personal income rose $67...


FDA warns three cigarette companies about marketing claims

Agency exercises new tobacco powers for first time

ITG Brands LLC, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company Inc., and Sherman’s 1400 Broadway N.Y.C. Ltd. — three brands that describe their cigarettes on product lab...


Luxe app now finds a valet to drive you home

Parking app expands to provide someone to drive you and your car home after a night on the town

Uber is a convenient app to summon a ride. But what if you've had a few too many with friends and are concerned about getting your car home?The on-dema...


Study finds kids do better with a four-day school week

Cutting the week by one day could save money, improve student performance

You might think that taking an extra day off from school each week would hurt student performance, but a study finds that the opposite is the case.Rese...


Sid Wainer and Son recalls Jansal Valley raw macadamia nuts

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Sid Wainer and Son of New Bedford, Mass., is recalling Jansal Valley brand raw macadamia nuts. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella No illness...


General Mills recalls frozen Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans

The product may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

General Mills is recalling a limited quantity of frozen Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans One package of the product tested positive for Listeria monocytoge...


Preparing for disaster on a tight budget

Disaster prep is easy if you have lots of money. Here's some advice in case you don't

How can Americans lose water, electricity, or other vital utilities through no fault of their own? Let me count the ways: tornado, derecho, El Niño, nor'ea...


Brainless autoplay videos widen exposure to revenge killing

Social media users ambushed by grisly video of journalists' murders

The Internet is basically brainless. It has been built by thoughtless technocrats and heedless entrepreneurs who disdain the centuries-old notion that a hu...


Faking profiles, hacking competitors, DMCA abuse, and more: the Ashley Madison saga continues

The website still claims to offer “100% discreet service”

The fallout still hasn't settled from the hacking and subsequent data dump of the “adultery dating” website Ashley Madison, yet every new revelation makes ...


Are you addicted to your smartphone?

If you are, you are far from alone

Since cellphones, then smartphones, became ubiquitous in modern life, we have become highly dependent on them - not to make calls so much as connect to the...


Researchers find shopping at a farmers' market is a political act

Morality increasingly injected into food choices

You may think you stop at the farmers' market because the tomatoes are better. In reality, say University of Iowa researchers, your patronage of a farmers'...


Why you might not be saving what you should for retirement

Do you have a "live for today" mentality?

Charles Schwab commissioned a survey of consumers approaching retirement to gauge how they were saving and, if their saving fell short, the reasons for it....


Tesla's new Model S blows the doors off Consumer Reports' test

It's the second time a Tesla has gotten a perfect score

You might think of the Consumer Reports staff as a fairly stuffy group, the kind of people who read the minute specifications of every conceivable brand of...


Bad week for Tor: too anonymous for IBM, not anonymous enough for Agora

Depending who you ask, tracing locations over Tor is either too easy or too impossible

In a new threat intelligence report, IBM advised companies to stop using Tor anonymizing software and block it completely from their corporate networks, as...


Pending home sales rebound -- sort of -- in July

Inventory shortages could have an effect later on

After falling in June for the first time in 5 months, pending home sales are on the rise again -- although the increase was miniscule. The National Associ...


Nation's economy showing strength

Jobless claims on the decline

The government has taken a second look at how the economy was doing in the April – June period, and it appears we're in better shape than we thought. Acco...


Walmart builds holiday promotions around Star Wars

Retailer also getting an early start on its layaway program

After rang the pre-holiday cash register in a big way with his July 15 Prime Day sales promotion, it isn't surprising competitors are coming up ...


Organic cigarettes are still deadly, antismoking groups argue

They want the FDA to crack down on ads for Natural American Spirit

Slap an "organic" label on something and it's likely to sell better, even if it costs more. But what if the product is something that's inherently harmful?...


IIHS rates cars with automatic braking capability

Of the 19 tested, 14 received a superior rating

Driverless cars!! What a concept -- someday in the future. But vehicles that can brake without driver intervention if a crash is imminent are already on th...


Trek Recalls Superfly bicycles

The seatpost can crack and break

Trek Bicycle Corporation of Waterloo, Wis., is recalling about 330 Trek 9.8 Superfly FS SL, X1 and XT bicycles. The seatpost can crack and break, posing a...


Federal-state gaps add to doubt about car safety inspection programs

States want federal auto safety regulators to be more forthcoming; consumers want lower fees

The federal government and its myriad agencies aren't always the best at communicating with their counterparts in the states, and the National Highway Traf...


Oh wait, omega 3 supplements may not slow cognitive decline

Then again, they might, but an NIH study didn't establish that link

Consumers can be excused if they're frustrated by all the competing studies. This thing is good for you, one study declares. Not it's not, declares another...


Study: kids are tossing, not eating, healthier lunches

Researchers gather photographic evidence

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink -- or so the old saying goes. That wisdom might also apply to school children required under law...


Illinois to allow electronic monitoring in nursing homes

State has received thousands of complaints from nursing home residents and their families

Stories of neglect and abuse of nursing home residents have become so common in recent years that Illinois has passed a law that allows families to install...


Late August gas prices the cheapest since 2004

But not if you live in the west or upper Midwest

When it comes to U.S. gasoline prices, it's a tale of two countries. Consumers are enjoying a national average price of $2.57 a gallon – the lowest for lat...


Scientists predict that the coming El Niño will last through the winter

Make sure your home is prepared

Weather forecasters are saying that the big one is on the way. A strong El Niño is expected to be hitting its peak in late fall or early winter. ...


Feds shut down Vemma Nutrition

The alleged pyramid scheme lured college students as salespeople

Want to make up to $50,000 a week selling sports drinks? That was the promise made to college students and other young adults by Vemma Nutrition, a multile...


OXYwater promoters sentenced for wire fraud, money laundering

Investors thought they were getting a piece of a successful sport-drink business

It sounded like a good deal at the time. Investors who bought into OXYwater thought they were getting a piece of a successful and fast-growing company that...


Just Mayo just isn't, FDA decrees

Hampton Foods advised it is violating food labeling laws

You can't make an omlette -- or mayonnaise -- without breaking eggs. Acting on that premise, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says Just Mayo isn't ma...


Uber, Lyft cleared for take-offs from LAX

Taxi industry howls but city officials cave to consumer demands

It used to be said of New York that those who "made it" there could make it anywhere. The same might be said of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), th...


Mortgage applications showed little movement 08/21/15

The tiny increase was the result of an increase in government purchase loans

Mortgage applications showed little movement during he week ending August 21, Data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applicati...


Kraft Heinz Foods recalls turkey bacon products

The products may spoil before the “Best When Used By” date

Kraft Heinz Foods Company of Newberry, S.C., is recalling approximately 2,068,467 pounds of turkey bacon products. The products may spoil before the “Best...


Lincoln MKT Town Cars recalled

The vehicles are missing a row of seating

Ford Motor Company is recalling 265 model year 2015 Lincoln MKT Town Cars equipped with the livery package manufactured February 4, 2015, to June 23, 2015....


Scag Power Equipment recalls lawn mowers

The gas tank can leak

Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Maryville, of Maryville, Wisc., is recalling about 4,400 Scag Liberty-Z zero-turn lawn mowers. The gas t...


The market is crazy! Is my retirement account safe?

It may be a bumpy ride for a while but most advisers say hold tight

The stock market is snapping back Tuesday after three days of heavy selling and plunging share prices. Consumers who aren't active traders but have the bul...


Court ruling against Wyndham puts corporate cybersecurity under FTC authority

FTC says Wyndham hotels' privacy policies “misrepresented” actual company security measures

Where news headlines are concerned, “Hackers breach corporate security, steal massive amounts of confidential customer data” has been depressingly commonpl...


Scientists learning how to reprogram cancer cells

Mayo Clinic researchers say they may be able to "turn off" cancer

Cancer researchers have begun to approach the deadly disease in a completely different way. As a result, they are making huge strides toward finding a cure...


Adulterers file suit against Ashley Madison

John Doe files a class action suit seeking compensation from cheaters' website

You could see this coming -- angry adulterers are lining up to sue Ashley Madison, the dating site for married people looking for hook-up partners. There's...


Honda Pilot aces safety test

Midsize SUV does very well in difficult small front overlap test

The Honda Pilot has always enjoyed a good safety reputation, and the latest safety tests from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has done no...


Report: time for new pacifier safety standards

Choking and laceration hazards make pacifiers inherently dangerous

A report on pacifier safety suggets it may be time for federal safety regulators to take a new look at the risks posed by the devices, which have a tendenc...


Geico to pay $6 million to California for "misleading, discriminatory" quotes

The state took issue with Geico's online premium quoting system

Geico has agreed to pay $6 million dollars and implement several changes to its business practices, as part of a settlement with the California Department ...


Zillow: home values slip first time in four years

Analysts say market is getting back to normal

For economists worrying that home prices were rising too far, too fast – here's some good news. Real estate market site Zillow reports that the average hom...


A surge in consumer confidence

The jobs outlook appears more upbeat

Consumers are feeling a whole lot better about the economy than they did in July. The Conference Board reports its Consumer Confidence Index, which which ...


New home sales jump in July

Prices were on the rise as well

After falling in June to their lowest rate in eight months -- the first decline in three months -- sales of new single-family homes rebounded in July. Th...


The climb continues for home prices

Cities in the west continue to lead the way

Home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months during June, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller Home P...


Checks in the mail to purchasers of bogus childhood speech disorder treatments

The dietary supplements, Speak and Speak Smooth, were deceptively marketed

Refund checks are being mailed to consumers who lost money buying dietary supplements, Speak and Speak Smooth, which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sa...


GM recalls Chevy Impalas

The front passenger air bag may deploy with a child seat in the front passenger seat

General Motors is recalling 5,493 model year 2014-2015 Chevrolet Impalas manufactured April 15, 2013, to June 19, 2015, equipped with front vented-heated p...


Chrysler is recalling 5,485 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos

There could be a change in ride height, loss of rear end stability and reduced braking capabilities

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 5,485 model year 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos manufactured June 12, 2015, to June 20, 2015. The vehicl...


Are economic warning signs flashing “recession?”

Consumer activity in the next few weeks may provide a clue

Last week's stock market carnage has Wall Street traders – as well as millions of consumers with retirement accounts in mutual funds – a bit nervous. The s...


Ashley Madison offers $377,000 bounty to catch hackers

Meanwhile, at least two suicides are believed related to last week's data dump

If you know who is behind The Impact Team, the hacker or hackers who broke into the adultery-dating website Ashley Madison last month and dumped the data o...


UVA hackers probably interested in school's Chinese or government connections

Two specific employees had their emails targeted

A couple of weeks ago, the University of Virginia had to temporarily shut down its computer network after an attack by hackers believed to operate out of C...


Expensive add-ons can push up the price of a new car

Saying no can keep your monthly payment more affordable

Each month new car sales go up - and each month it seems the transaction cost of a new car purchase also rises.Kelley Blue Book tracks prices each mont...


Spotify introduces, then backs away from, new privacy policy

The phrase “online privacy” gets more oxymoronic every day

Over the weekend, the music-streaming service Spotify introduced – and then hastily clarified – a new privacy policy which critics largely interpreted as “...

More founder pleads guilty to copyright infringement

The site sold millions of copies of copyrighted recordings

File photoYes, you really can get in big trouble by stealing copyrighted music, as Rocky P. Ouprasith, the founder of has learned....


Parents claim to find shards of glass in Huggies baby wipes

Company claims that the particles are just fibers

A baby’s skin is probably one of the softest things you can touch, but it is also extremely sensitive as well. So sensitive, in fact, that parents started ...


GM fixes total ignition-switch deaths at 124

Millions of cars were recalled because of the defective switches

A final tally of deaths and injuries linked to General Motors' faulty ignition switches finds 124 deaths and 275 injuries, 17...


Feds probe Jeep roll-aways

Cars allegedly roll away after being left in Park

Federal safety investigators are looking into reports that 2014 and 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2014 Dodge Durango vehicles can roll away after their tran...


Chrysler recalls Ram 4500 and 5500 pickup trucks

The vehicles could experience reduction of suspension stability control

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 199 model year 2015 Ram 4500, and 5500 pickup trucks manufactured January 30, 2015, to February 6, 2015. The vehicles ...


GM recalls Cadillac ATS vehicles

The vehicles' roof panel could close automatically when the non-recessed switches are pressed

General Motors is recalling 63,665 model year 2013-2016 Cadillac ATS vehicles manufactured April 25, 2012, to June 25, 2015. The vehicles' roof panel cou...


Chrysler is recalling 8 model year 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles

Certain electrical components may experience intermittent power failures

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 77,834 model year 2015 Chrysler 200s manufactured January 7, 2014, to September 23, 2014. The vehicles may have a Powe...


Volvo XC90 vehicles recalled

The third row seating side curtain air bags may not inflate fully

Volvo Cars of N.A. is recalling 3,911 model year 2016 Volvo XC90 vehicles manufactured January 27, 2015, to July 10, 2015. The third row seating side cur...


Chetak New York recalls Deep Coriander Powder

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Chetak New York of Edison, N.J., is recalling 300 jars of Deep Coriander Powder. The product may be contaminated with Salmonel...


General Motors recalls Chevrolet Cobalts

An electrical short could disable the driver side curtain air bag

General Motors is recalling 59,474 model year 2010 Chevrolet Cobalts manufactured January 4, 2010, to June 23, 2010. The vehicles may be equipped with an...


Study: black borrowers pay more for mortgages

Reserchers find African Americans' rate is .29% higher

If African-Americans applying for a mortgage sometimes feel they aren't getting the best deal, they may be right, says Ping Cheng, a professor of finance a...


Dermatologists call attention to unnecessary procedures

It's part of an effort to bring down medical costs

Unnecessary medical tests and procedures can be profit centers for healthcare providers, but they drive up the overall cost of health care.In recent mo...


Cities, states look longingly at the digital world, hoping to tax it

There just aren't enough taxes on virtual services to keep the beast fed

You're sitting there watching "Orange is the New Black" on your iPad or maybe your LCD screen that's connected to your Roku box. You're happy. Netflix is h...


College spending comes under scrutiny

Legislators in Illinois follow the money

Students, parents, and public policymakers who are alarmed at the skyrocketing costs of college tuition are beginning to look a little closer at how colleg...


Risky eye care behaviors common among contact lens wearers

Many seek care for potentially preventable eye problems

Do you wear contact lenses? If so you have a lot of company. Some 41 million people in this country wear contacts -- and nearly all of them may be engaging...


Super lice may be coming to a town near you

Researchers have found a more resistant strain of these pests in 25 states

When kids head back to school, you can be assured that they will bring home colds and other illnesses at some time during the year. One particularly nasty ...


Minnesota ER doctors clash with state over insurance policies

Physicians say insurance should pay based on symptoms, not final diagnosis

When should someone go to the emergency room (ER) to seek treatment? It seems a simple question, but the answer appears to be in dispute in Minnesota, wher...


Back-to-school also means back-to-school lunches

We have some food-safety tips for parents and caregivers

The beginning of a new school year means lots of things: back to the books, back shuttling students to and from extracurricular activities and, in many cas...


Department of Education wants “clearer, more comprehensive” debt forgiveneess for future students of fraudulent schools

But will this help students of now-defunct Cornthian Colleges?

In early June, a month after the Corinthian Colleges chain of for-profit schools ended years of legal battles (including charges of fraudulent lending, ill...


New app creates customized radio news content

It's a news version of Pandora

Pandora was one of the first music apps to allow you to create your own radio station, simply by selecting an artist, song or genre of music. It has had ma...


Annual drunken driving campaign begins

10,000 law enforcement agencies will be involved in the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" crackdown

If you plan on knocking back a few before you get behind the wheel, you'd best be prepared to pay the price. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administr...


Discover unseats AmEx in J.D. Power ratings

Rewards and benefits most important to consumers, survey indicates

Discover has unseated American Express to take top place in the J.D. Power,2015 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, with survey respondents citing rewards...


Honda HR-V vehicles recalled

The vehicles may be missing the required tire placard indicating "Tire and Loading Information."

American Honda Motor Co. is recalling 11,511 model year 2016 HR-V vehicles manufactured January 12, 2015, to May 20, 2015. The vehicles may be missing th...


New retirees may be better off renting

It's a way to test drive your new lifestyle

Most of the time the debate over whether to buy or rent a home takes place among Millennials.The younger generation was slow to embrace homeownership i...


United Nations “concerned” over AT&T allowing NSA to spy on diplomats

Also: the U.N. will soon be accepting bids for a new communications contractor

In a masterpiece of understatement, the Associated Press reported that the United Nations has “expressed concern” over recent revelations that AT&T (the U....


Increase in foreclosure activity has silver lining

Banks are beefing up depleted inventory of homes for sale

There were 124,910 foreclosure filings in the U.S. last month, a sharp 7% rise from June and a 14% surge from July 2014.What's going on? Is the housing...


Senators urge recall of all Takata airbags

The move follows the explosion of an airbag in a 2015 Volkswagen

Another chapter in the Takata airbag scandal opened yesterday with the revelation that an airbag in a 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan had exploded after the car hit...


Used car prices on the rise

Consumers are buying later model vehicles with more bells and whistles

Inflation may be tame, but some things do cost more, including used cars. Automotive website reports used car prices in the U.S. rose 7.6% in t...


Coke responds to criticism of its obesity research funding

Company CEO vows more transparency

Coca-cola took a lot of heat when it was revealed that it bankrolled studies that showed obesity was largely the result of sedentary lifestyles and not ove...


Are sports really worth it for your kids?

Knowing who your child is as an individual can help you make your decision

Although school may only just be starting in certain areas of the country, extracurricular sport activities may already be well underway in your area. If y...


Back-to-school shoppers take their time

Sales tax holidays may be playing a role

They aren't exactly breaking down the doors to get their kids the stuff they need for school. According to the National Retail Federation's (NRF) latest B...


Hospital mergers are driving up costs, researchers say

When competition is reduced, consumers pay more

Wall Street mergers have become commonplace in the last two decades as everything from airlines to hotel chains have consolidated. Researchers at Johns ...


How clean is that triple-washed spinach?

Not very, researchers find. The rough surface of the spinach leaf protects bacteria

Ever wonder about those packs of "pre-washed" and "tripled-washed" salads? What does it mean to say a pack of spinach, for example, has been triple-washed....


Mortgage interest rates edge upward

Lower rates are having an impact on the housing market

Mortgage interest rates, as measured by 2 key institutions moved higher in the week ending August 20, with Freddie Mac's calculation showing the benchmark...


Leading Economic Index posts first decline in 5 months

A drop in housing permits was among the culprits

After posting 4 months of strong gains, The Conference Board's Leading Economic Index (LEI) moved lower in July. The decline of 0.2% followed advances of ...


Springstone Financial to pay for using deceptive health-care credit enrollment tactics

Consumers were lied to about terms of deferred-interest financing for dental work

Springstone Financial has been ordered to provide $700,000 in relief to victims of what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) calls “deceptive cr...


Trump-Carson: the anti-politician ticket

Don't laugh. It's all the buzz in political circles today

You read it here first: Trump and Carson. Inside-the-Beltway tongues are wagging at news that operatives of the Trump campaign have been seen huddling with...


Several police dogs die in recent months from being left in hot patrol cars

These are grim reminders that you should never leave your dog in the car

Every major news outlet has done a story on not keeping your pets in the car when it’s hot outside. It doesn’t matter if you keep the windows rolled up or ...


Madewell recalls women’s sandals

The metal shank can dislodge and break through bottom of the outsole

Madewell of New York, N.Y., is recalling about 51,000 pair of women's sandals in the U.S. and Canada. The metal shank can dislodge and break through botto...


Scientists: exercise doesn't help you lose weight

But don't take that as an excuse to camp out on the sofa

See all those people sweating in the health club? All that exercise is certainly good for their cardiovascular systems and overall health, but is it helpin...


British study: e-cigs 95% less harmful than cigarettes

Brits worry too many smokers don't recognize e-cigs' benefits

Great Britain and the United States haven't always seen eye-to-eye. The latest example: e-cigarettes. Politicians and public health authorities in the U.S....


Hackers release data stolen from Ashley Madison adultery-dating website

The data dump appears real but the data might be fake; Ashley Madison never verified member registration emails

A month after the adultery-dating website (registered motto: “Life is short. Have an affair.®”) admitted that hackers had managed to brea...


GOP candidate Scott Walker unveils health care plan

Plan would provide premium subsidies based on age, not income

As anyone who has followed national politics the last six years knows, Republicans have a rather strong dislike for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwis...


Coffee and cranberries may fight colon cancer

Two independent studies conclude food properties could be powerful weapons

Two new studies suggest that a common food and common beverage could be powerful tools to fight colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in ...


FDA approves "pink Viagra" to boost female libido

Whether women are pining for more sex remains to be seen

It may make you faint and could even put you to sleep or make you nauseous but the Food and Drug Administration has approved the so-called "pink Viagra," a...


Target and Visa settle 2013 card breach for $67 million

The company has yet to settle with MasterCard, though

It's been almost two years now since news first broke that hackers had managed to steal up to 40 million customer credit and debit card numbers from Target...


Pharmaceutical giant settles marketing charges with 48 states

Amgen agrees to pay $71 million and reform its marketing practices

Drug company Amgen will pay $71 million to 48 states and the District of Columbia to settle charges that state it broke the law when it promoted biologic m...


Parents and Students: Don't forget college tax credits

You may be surprised by the amount for which you qualify

With young adults heading off -- or back -- to college, this is a good time for parents and students to see if they will qualify for either of 2 college ta...


Volkswagen latest to face Takata airbag probe

A Takata airbag in a 2015 Tiguan ruptured in June

Millions of cars have been recalled because they contain the Takata airbags that can rupture and spew sharp pieces of metal into the passenger compartment....


CPI barely budges in July

Both food and energy costs were on the rise

There was inflation in July, but you had to look around for it. According to the Labor Department, (DOL), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose a tiny 0.1% ...


Mortgage applications rise on the strength of refinancings

Lower interest rates were behind the increase

A surge in refinancings last week helped push applications for mortgages higher. The Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Sur...


Audi plans all-electric SUV and announces pricing for A3 plug-in hybrid

The e-tron quattro is targeted at Tesla's forthcoming SUV

The Audi e-tron quattro concept carTired of being left in the dust by Tesla in the electric-car derby, Audi is fighting back. The German carmaker...


Stars Mix n’Match Chairs recalled

The chair legs can break, posing a fall hazard

Tvilum and Copenhagen Imports of Phoenix, Ariz., are recalling about 530 Stars Mix n’Match Chairs. The chair legs can break, posing a fall hazard for any...


Rite Aid recalls outdoor dining sets

The chair arms and legs can bend and cause the user to fall

Rite Aid of Camp Hill, Pa., is recalling about 13,000 outdoor dining sets. The chair arms and legs can bend and cause the user to fall, posing a risk of i...


How Siri saved a life

Trapped and injured teen summons helper by butt-dialing

Let's acknowledge up front that this story is an Apple publicist's dream. A young iPhone owner is looking death in the face until Siri – the disembodied an...


Smart City fined $750,000 for illegally blocking personal Wi-Fi at meeting halls and convention centers

Company to pay $750K in government fines; $0 in customer refunds

Today the Federal Communications Commission levied a $750,000 fine against Smart City Holdings, LLC (also known as Smart City Networks), for blocking peopl...


Pork pushers challenged over "Other White Meat" slogan

You won't hear the Presidential candidates arguing about this in Iowa

Walk down any office building hallway in Washington and you will agree that there is truly an organization for everything -- peanuts, pearls and especially...


Domestic air fares head higher in the first quarter

That doesn't even count things like baggage and pillow fees

Getting from here to there cost you more in the first 3 months of this year. The Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)...


Three sources of water damage inside your home

Sewer backups, leaking washing machine hoses and water heater failures can cause major damage

Most homeowners are worried about flooding from outside -- a heavy rain that floods your basement or damage from an overflowing river or stream.But the...


Student sues school alleging damage from wi-fi transmissions

There's little agreement about whether wi-fi sensitivity is real, however

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome is well-known to viewers of the AMC series "Better Call Saul," in which the main character's brother believes he ...


Mobile app that blocks illegal robocalls wins FTC cash prize

“Billions of unwanted robocalls” could be blocked

Builders of a mobile app that blocks and forwards robocalls to a crowd-sourced honeypot are the big winners in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Robocalls...


Court shuts down Cold Begone supplements manufacturer

Iowa Select Herbs made unsubstantiated claims, didn't use proper quality control, feds charged

Besides pork, corn and early Presidential primaries, Iowa has been a producer of dietary supplements but one major supplier has been sh...


New home construction inches upward in July

Permits for future construction was another story

Construction of privately-owned housing rose in July for a second straight month. According to figures released jointly by the Census Bureau and the Depar...


FAA proposes civil penalty against Southwest Airlines

A Boeing 737 apparently was not in compliance with federal regs

Southwest Airlines is in trouble with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The agency is proposing a $325,000 civil penalty against the Dallas-based...


Varying costs may make having a pet very expensive

The social status of pets is on the rise, and many U.S. cities are catering to the needs of pet owners

The importance that families place on pets is increasing as time goes on. Pet owners across the country consider their pets as members of the family; they ...


There is no place like home for Millennials

Statistics show that more Millennials are choosing to live at home with their parents

Here’s a question for those of you who may have older children: how many times have you told them that they can always come back home? Well, this well-know...


Givaudan Flavors recalls beef tallow products

The products were not presented at the U.S. point of entry for inspection

Givaudan Flavors Corporation of Florence, Ky., is recalling approximately 3,950 pounds of beef tallow products produced in Australia. The products were no...


AT&T helped NSA spy on United Nations, foreign emails and 1.1 billion US phone calls per day

Company's cooperation with spy agency stands out even by dismal post-9/11 privacy standards

This has been an especially rough summer for the poor devils working in AT&T's public relations department (to say nothing of the poor devils who are actua...


Percentage of income needed to pay rent at all-time high

Real estate site Zillow calls current rents "crazy"

Rents have been going up for some time now, but real estate marketplace site Zillow reports the increases lately have gotten “crazy.”While mortgages re...


Oil prices fall but gasoline prices rise

Drivers in the upper Midwest see a surge

Motorists in California and the upper Midwest must be wondering what's up with gasoline prices. While oil prices are plunging and much of the rest of the c...


Résumé blunders and how to avoid them

For starters, don't address your cover letter to "Hey you"

The first step to landing a good job is crafting a résumé that puts your career in the best possible light. Whether it's your first job or an attempt to ad...


Flights return to normal after 400 weekend cancellations

Chaos traced to air traffic control computer upgrade in Virginia

It was a nightmare weekend for air travelers, as an air traffic control automation problem in the East shut down flights and had a ripple effect of delayin...


Builder confidence at highest point in nearly 10 years in August

The “gradual strengthening” continues

Another increase this month for builder confidence in the market for newly built, single-family homes. in August rose one point to a level of 61 on The...


Feds probe Ford headlight failures ... again

Headlights fail without warning in some models, consumers complain

Federal safety regulators have opened a second investigation into headlight failures in 2003-2005 Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis sedans....


Pleasant House Bakery recalls steak and chicken products

The products were not inspected and contain allergens

Pleasant House Bakery of Chicago, Ill., is recalling an undetermined amount of steak and chicken pie products. The products, distributed without the bene...


Nissan Maximas with possible fuel tank issue recalled

Fuel may leak from the tank during a crash

Nissan North America is recalling 5,458 model year 2016 Nissan Maximas manufactured March 19, 2015, to June 2, 2015. Due to an improperly installed o-rin...


AT&T showed "extreme willingness" to help NSA spy on Americans, report alleges

More than its competitors, AT&T said to be an eager participant in government spying

AT&T outshone its competitor Verizon in at least one area in recent years -- it bent over backwards to help the National Security Agency (NSA) spy on Ameri...


10 best new car deals in August

Kelley Blue Book rates the best leases, incentives, and financing

August is typically a good month to buy a new car. Manufacturers are rolling out the next model year in full force and dealers come up with all sorts of in...


Think gas prices are low? Maybe they should be lower

Falling oil prices have not directly translated to lower gas prices in the U.S.

The tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is coming up at the end of this month, truly one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. It was also 10 ...


When to buy travel insurance and when to skip it

Read the fine print before making a decision

Chances are you can't buy an airline ticket or book a cruise without being asked if you'd like to buy some travel insurance too.If you're the kind of c...


FTC tries to define "unfair competition"

A new statement of principles was adopted without public input, critics note

The Federal Trade Commission has been around since 1914. One of its primary duties is to police "unfair" competition, even though no one seems to know exac...


Feds approve two new endoscopic obesity treatments

Treatment provide similar result as bariatric surgery

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved two new endoscopic bariatric therapy techniques that may make this anti-obesity procedure more accessib...


School-aged kids are being overloaded with homework

Researchers suggest that this negatively impacts students and their families

The back-to-school season is already well underway, with some children already back in the classroom and others counting down the final days until they hav...


FTC silences "Mole Detective" app claims

The widely-advertised app can't detect moles

We may have finally heard the last of the "Mole Detective." The Federal Trade Commission has wound up its action against promoters of an app that claimed i...


Costa Rica scam artist sentenced to prison

Twelve defendants charged in business opportunity scam

It seemed like a good deal at the time, but consumers who lost more than $6.4 million in a Costa Rica business opportunity scam probably wish they'd taken ...


Wholesale prices rise again

Falling food and energy costs helped keep a lid on the increase

The Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand -- wholesale prices in plain English -- rose in July for a third straight month. According to the Labor De...


Volkswagen recalls various vehicles with possible airbag issue

A loss of electrical connection to the driver's front airbag is possible

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 420,000 model year 2010-2014 Volkswagen CC, Passat, and Tiguan; 2010-2013 Eos and Jetta; 2011-2014 Golf and GTI; a...


American SportWorks recalls four-wheel off-road utility vehicles

The throttle can fail to return to idle causing the rider to lose control

American SportWorks (ASW) of Roseland, La., is recalling about 3,500 off road utility vehicles. The throttle can fail to return to idle causing the rider ...


How much is too much?

Consumers agree on the need for higher minimum wage -- but how high?

Consumers agree on the need for higher minimum wage -- but how high? A new Harris Poll finds a large majority of those asked (72%) think the current fede...


Britax recalls Advocate ClickTight, Boulevard ClickTight and Marathon ClickTight child seats

The harness adjuster button may stick in the harness release position

Britax Child Safety is recalling 213,753 Advocate ClickTight child seats, model numbers E9LT95Q, E9LT95Z, E9LT95N, and E1A025Q; Boulevard ClickTight child ...


Kapowsin Meats recalls pork product

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Kapowsin Meats of Graham, Wash., is recalling approximately 116,262 pounds of whole hogs. The hogs may be contaminated with Salmonella. The whole hogs of...


Are cable TV's days numbered?

Maybe not, but cable companies will have to quickly evolve

DirecTV filed form 10-Q with the SEC, reporting among other things, that it suffered a net loss of 133,000 subscribers in the second quarter....


Pay off your debt by tackling smaller loans first

Researchers have found that paying back smaller loans may give you the motivation to pay off the bigger ones

Being in debt has become a way of life for many people. Car loans, mortgages, and student loans can really start to add up after a while, and it may seem t...


Playing Tetris for a few minutes a day could help you kick an addiction

Researchers have found that playing the game can help block cravings for a variety of vices

Children of the 80s and 90s all remember the explosion in popularity of video games during the time period. It was not uncommon to grow up with a Gameboy c...


Samsung jumps into the mobile payments business

Samsung Pay launches in the U.S. next month

Not to be outdone by its rival Apple, Samsung has announced that Samsung Pay will be available to U.S. consumers starting next month.The service began...


Bail denied for Uber driver and middle school teacher accused of raping a passenger

Meanwhile, Uber faces a $1 million lawsuit from another alleged victim in Texas

Three different Uber drivers in three days made headlines this week for alleged sexual assaults against their passengers.On Monday, a part-time Uber dr...


America's 10 hottest ZIP codes for housing

They're livable, affordable, and only one is on the coast

In the 1990s, 90210 was the hot ZIP code, dripping with Beverly Hills glamour. But when it comes to 2015 real estate, there are many more communities drawi...


America has a growing appetite for burgers

High beef prices and health concerns aren't hurting sales

Despite recent trends toward healthier foods, U.S. consumers still love hamburgers. A large beef patty piled high with garnish and condiments has never fal...


Pilots reporting more drone sightings; FAA warns of severe penalties

Pilots report sighting the drones as high as 10,000 feet

Drone sightings by pilots are increasing dramatically and so, says the Federal Aviation Administration, is the safety hazard the unmanned aircraft pose....


FDA sick of Kim Kardashian's claims for morning-sickness drug

The celeb's social media postings claim the drug she's promoting is without risk

Whatever it is that has made Kim Kardashian famous, it's not her medical expertise and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would like for her to st...


Buying a home got a bit tougher in the second quarter

Rising home values are affecting affordability

Consumers hoping to buy a home in the April – June quarter of this year may have found it a little tougher. The National Association of Home Builders http...


Retail sales resume climb after 1-month pause

Initial jobless applications were up again

Helped by an increase in auto and parts sales, overall retail sales posted a modest gain in July. Figures released by the Census Bureau, adjusted for seas...


Global oil glut predicted to continue through next year

Fastest demand growth in 5 years hasn't put a dent in the supply

No matter how much oil the world seems to consume lately, there's always a lot more to take its place. That trend will continue well into 2016, according t...


Renters beware: vacation and residential-rental scams are on the rise

Don't lose your deposit fees to a rental fraudster, in person or online

America's population is constantly churning, with people moving in and out of various places every month of the year. But such moves are most common throug...


Researchers develop a better flu vaccine

Creating stronger and weaker versions will allow them to more safely treat infants and the elderly

With fall and winter just around the corner, the annual flu season will soon be upon us as well. Up to 20 percent of U.S. residents get the flu every year,...


FCC levies record-breaking fine for unwanted advertising robocalls

Travel Club Marketing made 185 robocalls to over 142 consumers, most of whom were on the Do Not Call Registry

The Federal Communications Commission has levied the single highest robocalling fine in its history: $2.96 million against Travel Club Marketing, Inc., a F...


Bluetooth gadget keeps tabs on things you lose

Device placed on keys or in wallet syncs up with your smartphone

Smartphones fill more and more functions in modern life, including a truly important one for people prone to misplacing their keys or their wallet.Trac...


Alphabets wonder why Google chose to use their name

Is it really so hard to come up with something unique?

An Alphabet brand chairBack when Google was founded in 1998, its name was unique and clever. When it founded its parent corporation this week it name...


North Carolina shrimp processor fined for mislabeling imported shrimp as domestic

25,000 pounds of imported farm-raised shrimp was falsely labeled as wild-caught domestic

Shrimp can come from all kinds of places, and many consumers are rather picky about their shrimp. They look for wild-caught U.S.-caught shrimp, for example...


Price of wind energy at an all-time low

But most consumers have seen electric rates rise this year

The price of oil isn't the only energy source that's going down. A new Department of Energy report, prepared by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ...


Too much of the “Southern diet” can kill you, researchers warn

Researchers urge cutting back on the fried foods and sweet tea

Different parts of the country have food favorites that are closely associated with their geography. The Southwest has Tex-Mex. The urban Northeast has hug...


OK to eat lots of red meat and butter? Maybe but then again ...

Study suggests saturated fat may not be as harmful as once believed

A new study that's getting a lot of attention finds that saturated fat, like that found in red meat and dairy products, may not kill you after all, althoug...


Simple changes in pet food could help reduce obesity, study concludes

Varying the size of maize and sorghum nuggets affects digestibility

Take a good look at your dog or cat. What do you see? A lean, fit creature ready to take whatever comes its way? Probably not. The Association for Pet Obes...


Consumer complaints about airline service on the rise

Air travelers also found themselves stuck on the ground longer than they liked

People traveling by air were an unhappy bunch during the first 6 months of the year. According to the latest Department of Transportation (DOT) Air Travel...


Fewer job openings in June

The rate of those leaving jobs held steady

The number of job openings on the last business day of June down a little in June 5.2 million versus 5.4 million the month before. The bureau of Bureau o...


Little change in mortgage applications last week

Contract interest rates were mostly flat

Mortgage applications barely budged in the week ending August 7. Data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey sh...


Breezer Downtown bicycles recalled

The bicycle pedal can separate from the spindle (axle) during use

Advanced Sports International is recalling about 1,700 Breezer Downtown bicycles. The bicycle pedal can separate from the spindle (axle) during use and ca...


More Good Seed soybean sprouts & mung bean sprouts recalled

The products may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes

Good Seed of Springfield, Va., is once again recalling packages of soybean sprouts and mung bean sprouts. The products may be contaminated with Listeria ...


Google gets a new parent

Don't worry, there'll still be plenty of search and Gmail ads to look at

As one observer put it, Google has birthed its parent company. Known as Alphabet, the parent company will do what parents have always done -- try to keep t...


Tech firm loses $47 million to business email compromise scam

In today's world, the anti-scam rule “Don't call me, I'll call you” is more important than ever

At the end of July we warned you that, according to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3, a type of fraud called the “Business Email Compromis...


Hybrid owners: enjoy it while you can

California joins states considering a per-mile car tax to replace gas tax

Fess up, hybrid owners. You know this deal's too good to last. Drivers of hybrid and all-electric cars have been basi...


Clinton proposes $350 billion plan to reduce college costs

Money would be given to states that increased support for public colleges

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has proposed a $350 billion education program aimed at lowering tuition at 4-year public colleges and unive...


Insurance dongle security hole let hackers remotely cut a Corvette's brakes

But almost any make and model of car is vulnerable

It's common knowledge nowadays that any computer can be hacked, and any wireless connection can be compromised. In other words, any “smart” device is vulne...


American Express adds Apple Pay for corporate cards

Company was among the first to accept it for consumer cards

American Express says it is the first major corporate card portfolio that has been activated for Apple Pay, allowing business members to pay on the go usin...


Regardless of age, all consumers trying to spend less

eBay survey finds young consumers among the most frugal

The economy recovered from the Great Recession in June 2009, but since then, growth has been slow and anemic.One reason for that could be that after th...


A simple microchip can prevent losing your pet forever

The microchip makes it possible to identify and return lost pets

Does your dog or cat have a microchip? Microchips are tiny transponders, about the size of a grain of rice, that are implanted in your pet between the shou...


Completed foreclosures continue to fall in June

The foreclosure inventory is down nearly 70% from its 2011 peak

Foreclosures were on the decline again in June, according to the CoreLogic National Foreclosure Report. The provider of property information, analytics a...


Bogus credit repair scheme operators settle FTC charges

The scammers are accused of preying upon Spanish-speaking consumers

The operators of a bogus credit repair scheme that allegedly tricked Spanish-speaking consumers into paying thousands of dollars each to supposedly improve...


Early to rise just doesn't cut it for students, study says

Most U.S. middle and high schools start the school day too early

Is your middle or high school-aged child getting enough sleep? Not according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). T...


Northwest Farm Food Cooperative recalls frozen raw cat food

The product may be contaminated with Salmonella

Northwest Farm Food Cooperative of Burlington, Wash., is recalling frozen raw cat food. The product may be contaminated with Salmonella. No pet or consum...


Discount Tire recalls light truck replacement tires

The tire tread may separate and cause rapid air pressure loss

Discount Tire is recalling 79,513 Pathfinder SAT LT245/75R17E1 121R W tires manufactured September 16, 2013, to May 19, 2015; Pathfinder SAT LT265/75R16E1 ...


Chinese hackers compromise private email accounts of high-ranking U.S. officials

Security breach dates back to at least April 2010, and is still ongoing

Once again, hackers with suspected foreign-government connections (Chinese, this time) have managed to break into and read the emails of top U.S. governmen...


Hearing loss can affect mental state

Hearing-impaired psychologist says too many people delay getting hearing aids

When do you finally decide to turn to technology to help you hear better? If you are like most consumers, not until you are 70 years old.The question c...


Verizon Wireless phasing out phone subsidies

New subscribers will have to pay full retail price

Cellphones – even before they were smartphones – have always been a pricey consumer purchase. That's why carriers have always “subsidized” the cost of a ph...


Target phasing out unnecessary gender signs from its stores

No more “boys' toys” and “girls' toys”; just “kids' toys”

Target kicked off the weekend on Friday by updating its corporate blog to announce that over the next few months, it would move away from gender-specific s...


It's getting more dangerous to travel on foot

States propose ways to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents

Walkable neighborhoods are in demand, the real estate industry tells us. Millennials, especially, want to live in neighborhoods that are within easy walkin...


Start getting your garden ready for the fall planting season

Planting cool season crops should produce a great harvest before the winter months

The daytime can be brutal during this time of the year. Humidity levels usually peak this month, and the temperatures can often be unbearable during the da...


Builder optimism about the 55+ housing market remains solid

The condo sector is showing real strength

Even with a slight decline, builder confidence in the single-family 55+ housing market remains in positive territory. The National Association of Home Bui...


Neighbor wasting water? Turn 'em in

California uses I Spy technique to make water-wasters dry up

Big Brother may not be watching all the time but your neighbors are. And in California, it's neighbor against neighbor w...


Officials warn of Papal scams

The Pontiff's visit is generating a host of new scams

Consumer protection officials in the Philadelphia area are warning of a host of new Papal scams. No, not Paypal scams, those have been around forever -- th...


Dependence on bodybuilding supplements compared to eating disorder

Researchers say marketers target male insecurities

Illegal anabolic steroids are not the only way men have tried to get a bodybuilding advantage. Most men are now well aware of the hazards those drugs can c...


Sexting may be more common than you think

It may also be more beneficial than you think

Sexting may be a lot more common than you think, but it may also be more beneficial than commonly thought,,according to research presented at the American ...


Kaboom Action Strips and Lida Daidaihua recalled

The products contain undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredients

Blue Square Market of North Huntingdon, Pa., is recalling Kaboom Actions Strip 12 Pack, which is marketed for what the firm calls “men’s vitality,” and LiD...


Real Foods of Seattle recalls salad kits

The products may contain peanuts, an allergen not listed on the label

Real Foods of Seattle of Kent, Wash., is recalling 29 cases of Harvest Slaw Kit and 13 cases of Broccoli Salad Kit. The products may contain peanuts, an a...


Victor’s Market recalls chicken products

The products were slaughtered under religious exemption which was not declared on the product label

Victor’s Market Company of Hawthorne, Calif., is recalling approximately 7,368 pounds of chicken products. The products were slaughtered under religious ...


10 now dead in New York's Legionnaires' Disease outbreak

State helping city in effort to trace the source of the outbreak

Unless you live in New York City, the recent outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease may have escaped your notice. People of a certain age may not even know what...


Clinton Campaign promises sharp focus on student loan debt

Major policy proposal expected Monday in New Hampshire

The issue of America's vast student loan debt is likely to get a lot of attention during the 2016 presidential campaign....


New Masque Attack leaves iPhone users at risk of malicious apps

It looks and acts like the official app for Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp — but it's not

Apple phone owners beware: a particularly nasty phishing-scam variant researchers call “Masque Attack” can trick unwitting users into installing malicious ...


Hackers can steal fingerprint data from your Android devices

Remote theft is possible without the owners' knowledge

At the Black Hat USA conference earlier this week, researchers from the FireEye cybersecurity firm revealed newly discovered ways hackers could attack Andr...


Get ready, another allergy season is coming up

Allergist offers some tips for coping with fall allergies

The spring allergy season was one of the worst in recent memory and now the early fall hay fever season is dead ahead.If there seems there is no relief...


Common pesticide may be more toxic to spiders than first thought, and why it matters

Canadian researchers say exposure makes spider a less reliable guard against pests

Most agricultural producers use pesticides to protect their crops, but Canadian researchers have raised an alarm. At least one of these pesticides in use a...


Firefox users: Update Firefox now!

Patch released for serious vulnerability discovered "in the wild"

Mozilla has released a security patch for the Firefox browser after a  serious vulnerability was discovered "in the wild.""A Firefox user informed us t...


The old IRS dogs are back with some new tricks

The IRS says scammers, armed with new variations, are on the prowl

Yet another warning from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that tax scammers have an ever-evolving array of deceitful tactics to con people. These schemes...


Solid job growth in July

Unemployment among teens posted a big drop

More people -- 215,000 -- found work in July, even as the unemployment rate held steady at 5.3%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job ga...


Changes to Prius c minicar earn TOP SAFETY PICK award

The vehicle now has an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test

Toyota made a midyear change to the Toyota Prius c that took it from a poor to an acceptable rating in the small overlap front crash test. That was enough ...


Large U.S. businesses are beginning to provide increased leave time for new parents

Companies like Microsoft, Netflix, and Virgin Group have all announced new policies

The initial time period after having a baby is one of the most stressful and important times for new families. Physical and mental recuperation are very im...


Electronic mortgage closings seen benefiting consumers

Consumers reported greater understanding, efficiency, and feelings of empowerment

If you're in the process of buying or selling a home, you might want to give some thought to an electronic closing or eClosing. The Consumer Financial Pr...


Privacy groups offer “Do Not Track” compromise; will online advertisers and publishers accept it?

Tracking and data-mining might prove too profitable for publishers to willingly abandon

To be tracked, or not to be tracked? That is the question which privacy and advertising groups have debated since the Internet went public.This week, t...


Surprise! Millennials driving the housing market

"Renting generation" turns conventional wisdom about housing market upside down

It's funny how quickly conventional wisdom about Millennials and the real estate market can change. In the wake of the Recession, it seemed no one under 30...


Study finds dementia now starts much earlier

Researchers place much of the blame on "modern life"

Doctors in the UK treating cognitive decline recently made a startling discovery: their patients are getting younger. Alzheimer's disease and other type...


Small businesses not yet ready for new secure card payment system

Wells Fargo survey finds just 31% have installed new EMV chip card readers

October 1 is an important date for businesses that accept credit cards. That's when a new rule takes effect, shifting the liability for fraudulent credit c...


Dallas doctors using fat-eating drug on double chins

But it hasn't been approved for use on other areas of the body

Plastic surgeons have wasted no time in putting a newly-approved "fat eating" drug to work. The drug, called deoxycholic acid or Kybella, physically destro...


Senate report addresses airline fee transparency

Passengers being "nickel-and-dimed to death," report makes recommendations

Trying to pin down an airline fare is tougher than ever. Between fuel surcharges, checked bag charges, "enhanced" seat charges, change and cancellation pen...


Senate bill would raise gas tax 4 cents per year for 4 years

The measure would extend some tax credits to make up for the higher gas tax

He doesn't have many supporters for the measure, either in Congress or out, but Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) is pushing for four years of four-cent gas tax hik...


Study looks for ways to reduce melamine exposure

The chemical is used in plates and bowls, possibly leading to human ingestion

Melamine plates and bowls are handy, inexpensive and nearly impossible to break, which is good for families with kids, dogs and clumsy adults.But studi...


Hackers hit Tesla, bring the targeted car to an abrupt halt

A Jeep was hacked a few weeks ago as hackers take aim at rolling computers

A generation or two ago, young guys liked to mess around with cars, trying to make them faster, louder and generally more disreputable. Then computers came...


U.S. workforce takes heaviest hit since 2011

Employers cut more than 105,000 last month

Employers cut jobs in July at a clip not seen in nearly four years. Outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas says 105,696 workers were droppe...


Mahina Mele Farms recalls macadamia nut products

The products are contaminated with Salmonella

Mahina Mele Farms is recalling its macadamia nut products after FDA testing found Salmonella in them. No illnesses have been reported in connection with t...


The MIND diet may be huge with aging Boomers

Eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones may ward off dementia

With the huge Baby Boom population getting older, its members are naturally drawn to products that promote youth and vitality and slow physical and cogniti...


Globalstar GPS satellite signals: easy to hack, impossible to patch?

Unencrypted tracking transmissions can be read or altered

With the Black Hat USA conference ongoing in Las Vegas this week, there's been an equally ongoing supply of new cybersecurity threats and exploitable vulne...


How transparent are those credit card offers?

Study gives Capital One high marks but finds credit unions fall short

If you're like most consumers you probably receive plenty of credit card offers in the mail. If you're satisfied with the cards you have, you probably neve...


Selective eating in children could be an indicator of serious mental conditions

Researchers have found that picky eaters could suffer from increased anxiety and depression

Being a picky eater is something that comes naturally to many children. Most kids may avoid eating their broccoli or Brussels sprouts, but being too picky ...


Health officials renew warning of drug-resistant germs

CDC says these super germs kill 23,000 people in the U.S. each year

Until the 1940s and the development of antibiotic drugs, bacteria often killed people who became infected. Now, scientists say we have used so many antibio...


Offshore payday lender hit with CFPB lawsuit

The NDG Enterprise allegedly collected money illegally

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is suing the NDG Enterprise, a complex web of commonly controlled companies, for allegedly collecting money...


Another solid month for the services sector of the economy

July marked the 66th consecutive month of growth

Activity in the non-manufacturing, or services sector, of the economy grew in July for the 66th month in a row. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM)...


Job creation continues in July, but at a slower pace

ADP says the number of new jobs fell below the 200,000 mark

While private sector employment continued to grow last month, the rate increase was slower than in the two previous months. According to the ADP National E...


FCC is asked to end mass retention of telephone calling records

The practice is "outdated and ineffective," groups argue

There was a massive outcry when the National Security Agency's telephone surveillance activities came to light. But relatively unnoticed is a Federal Commu...


Kellogg's will stop using artificial colors and flavors in its breakfast cereals

All Kellogg's American products should be free of synthetic colors and flavors by 2018

Add Kellogg Co. to the ever-growing list of American food producers who, in 2015, announced plans to stop using artificial colorings and flavorings in its ...


Pugnacious new consumer organization vows to fight the big bad guys

Allied Progress says it will expose the men behind the curtain

Sometimes it takes a new kid on the block to shake things up. That seems to be what Karl Frisch has in mind for his new organization, Allied Progress. ...


More kids, more viruses, study finds

Utah researchers find risk of infection rises with each added child

A bundle of joy quickly becomes a bundle of pestilence so it stands to reason that big families would have more viruses floating around. And that is exactl...


Teaching your dogs to swim: safety always comes first

There are many ways you can help your dogs overcome anxiety about going in the water

Even though school has started for many of the Western states, the temperatures outside still say that it’s summer. August is typically a humid and hot mon...


Job insecurity characterizes the new working world

This is not only affecting our professional lives, but our family relationships as well

After World War II, the goal of every head of household was to find a good job that they could keep until they retired. At that time, they would be able to...


Mortgage applications post third straight advance

Contract interest rates were at their lowest levels more than 2 months

Another rise in applications for mortgages this past week -- the third in as many weeks. The Mortgage Bankers Association’s (MBA) weekly survey shows appl...


Manhattan Group recalls children’s elephant activity toys

The wooden ring can break into small pieces

Manhattan Group of Minneapolis, Minn., is recalling about 2,800 My Snuggly Ellie Activity toys. The wooden ring can break into small pieces, posing a chok...


John Deere recalls riding lawn tractors

The brake arm can fail, posing a crash hazard

Deere & Company of Moline, Ill., is recalling about 2,070 John Deere lawn tractors. The brake arm can fail, posing a crash hazard that could result in ser...


Consumers renew their love affair with trucks, SUVs

July vehicle sales show the impact of falling gasoline prices

The new vehicle sales figures for July suggests that there is no economic slowdown when it comes to buying a new car or truck. It also shows the impact of ...


New firmware worm is the first capable of remotely attacking Macs

Macs used to be safer than PCs. Not anymore

A new proof-of-concept discovery by security researchers brings an end to the old conventional wisdom that Apple computers are generally safer than PCs....


No injuries in the latest Jumpin' Jeep escapade

Not all the incidents of apparent unintended acceleration have ended so luckily

Scene of the latest jumpin' Jeep episode FCA US LLC -- a/k/a Chrysler -- fervently denies its older Jeep Grand Cherokees are prone to unpredictable bo...


Epson releasing printer with two years of ink

EcoTank series costs more but has no cartridges

Consumers often express frustration with color printers. Not only do the replacement ink cartridges cost an arm and a leg, but they never seem to last that...


Study suggests NCAA should act to prevent college football head injuries

Better equipment could reduce severity of impacts, Virginia researchers find

The NCAA has lagged the National Football League in enacting rules to limit head injuries, and a new study from the University of Virginia School of Medici...


Housing market sends mixed signals in July sees strongest action at the low end

The conventional wisdom is that the housing market has turned a pretty significant corner with an influx of first-time buyers hoping to transition from bei...


Gas prices at lowest point since 2009

Refineries back on line, crude oil still cheap. It adds up to a bargain for consumers

It doesn't get much cheaper than this. American drivers are paying the lowest average price for gas for this date since 2009. The current national average ...


FDA alert advises hospitals and med centers stop using hacker-vulnerable networked IV pumps

Hackers could conceivably seize remote access to alter or stop IV drug doses

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an alert advising hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical care centers to stop using the Symbiq Infusi...


It's becoming more affordable to rent than buy

RealtyTrac finds rising home prices tipping the balance toward renting

With historically low interest rates and affordable home prices, matched by skyrocketing rents, many consumers have discovered they could save money by pur...


Home prices post 40th consecutive monthly gain

CoreLogic reports a 6.5% year-over-year advance in June

Home prices continued to rise in June on both a year-over-year and month-over-month basis. CoreLogic reports its Home Price Index (HPI), which track home ...


Exercise in youth helps maintain health later in life

Study documents benefits of exercise by adolescent women

Exercise is good for you ... now and forever. So says a new study by investigators at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Shanghai Cancer Institut...


Airlines, showing solidarity with Cecil the Lion, ban big-game shipments

Of course, most carriers don't fly to Africa but it's the thought that counts

You might call it a variation of the "butterfly effect." But in this case, it's not a butterfly flapping its wings that's causing a hurricane halfway aroun...


Cilantro suspected in Cyclosporiasis outbreak

Bitter-tasting produce can cause a very unpleasant intestinal infection

Unless you're a real foodie, chances are you hadn't even heard of cilantro until a few years ago, when it seemed to burst onto the scene from wherever new ...


Audi Q3 earns IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK award

The small SUV received good crashworthiness ratings

A strong showing for the 2016 Audi Q3 in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) c...


Land O’Frost recalls sausage product

The product contains pork which is not listed on the label

Land O’Frost of Lansing, Ill., is recalling approximately 17 pounds of summer sausage product. The product contains pork which is not declared on the prod...


Consumers expected to trim back-to-school spending

National Retail Federation survey suggests less spending on electronics this year

For retailers, the month of August has become almost as important as December when it comes to profits. As kids prepare to head back to school, parents spe...


Baby Boomers cautioned on overexposure to stocks

Fidelity says those approaching retirement need to reduce risk

With retirement looming, Baby Boomers are being warned that they may have too much money invested in the stock market.In its second quarter analysis of...


Ransomware alert: ignore emails offering a “Windows 10 upgrade”

Microsoft is not installing upgrades through email

Last week Microsoft launched its Windows 10 operating system, and within two days scammers started taking advantage of that by trying to plant malware on y...


Evidence mounts that the anemic economy is running out of gas

Consumers still appear to be under stress

Even as the Federal Reserve pondered when and whether to raise interest rates – they've been at 0% for 6 years – there was more evidence the economy is far...


Are mobile devices ruining your eyes?

Near-sightedness is spreading and all those iDevices may be to blame

Abraham Lincoln studied law by the light of the fireplace, legend has it. If he had gone to law school today, he might have wound up being severely near-si...


AARP wants older drivers to get a lift with Uber

Why should younger drivers make all the money anyway?

Why should younger drivers have all the fun -- and make all the money? You might normally think of an Uber or Lyft driver as a Millennial trying to make a ...


Personal incomes, spending on the rise in June

Consumers also tucked away more money in their savings accounts

Both personal incomes and spending rose in June, adding to the gains they registered a month earlier. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports personal inc...


AT&T launches DirecTV bundle

Company promotes wireless and satellite TV services on one bill

Bundles aren't exactly a new thing. Cable TV providers often bundle TV, Internet, and telephone services.But AT&T claims to have broken new ground by b...


Feds close Wisconsin supplement manufacturers

Companies have to get permission to resume operations

The U.S. Justice Department has charged three Wisconsin dietary supplement manufacturers with misbranding their products and not complyiing with federal go...


Discovery of new marker for basal-like breast cancer could speed diagnosis, treatment

Researchers hope that their findings could benefit people with other forms of cancer as well

There may be new hope for people suffering with breast cancer. Researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine and University of Cyprus are curre...


Feds warn of possible Salmonella contamination in pork

Of particular concern are whole pigs used for pig roasts

If you plan on attending a pig roast any time soon, be careful what you eat. The Agriculture Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has iss...


Chrysler recalls Dodge Chargers

The side air bag inflatable curtains and seat air bags may unexpectedly deploy

Chrysler (FCA US LLC) is recalling 284,153 model year 2011-2014 Dodge Chargers manufactured May 6, 2010, to June 5, 2014. The side impact sensor calibrat...


Good Food Made Simple recalls turkey and pork products

The products were returned from Canada and were not presented for U.S. returned export inspection

Good Food Made Simple of Wellesley, Mass., is recalling approximately 3,574 pounds of previously exported turkey sausag...


Nissan recalls Rogues, Sentras and Versa Notes

The driver side front and rear doors may not fully latch

Nissan North America is recalling 6,595 model year 2015 Nissan Rogue vehicles manufactured June 9, 2015, to June 10, 2015; and 2015 Nissan Sentra and Versa...


Select varieties of Kraft Singles products recalled

A thin strip of the individual packaging film may remain adhered to the product

The Kraft Heinz Company is recalling select code dates and manufacturing codes of Kraft Singles individuall...