PhotoA number of recent surveys have found anxiety among Baby Boomers about retirement, primarily concerns about not having enough money.

The NHP Foundation, a not-for-profit provider of affordable housing, has drilled a little deeper into those concerns. It says a poll of Americans aged 55 and older found the cost of putting a roof over their heads is a major issue.

The survey found 30% of Boomers worry at least once a month that they won't be able to afford their home. About 42% of retired people in the survey say they worry about it at least once a day.

While Millennials are known to have housing anxiety, caught between high rent and rising home prices, Boomers were thought to be more housing secure. But it turns out many Boomers who don't worry about their own housing costs do worry about those of their adult children.

Multi-generational anxiety

"The anxiety is now multi-generational," said NHPF CEO Richard Burns. "So we are working today to increase our stock of affordable housing to ensure that this and future generations are able to afford desirable places to live."

Previous NHP surveys have uncovered other concerns about housing affordability. One discovered that up to 75% of the U.S. population is worried at any given moment about losing their home. One that focused exclusively on Millennials found 76% of the younger generation had made compromises to secure affordable housing.

"These findings underscore the urgency to make housing affordability solutions a priority in America, especially for those most vulnerable," said Ali Solis, President and CEO of MakeRoom, a national renter's advocacy group.

As you might expect, there are geographical differences in the level of housing worries. There is less concern in the Midwest, where real estate prices are lower. There's more concern in the South, where incomes are lower, and in the Northeast, where real estate is more expensive.

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